Urotsukidoji - Megumi's Introduction

BY : Nickamano
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Megumi Amano’s Introduction. Extended – Rewrite.
By: Nickamano.

Disclaimer:  I do not own Urotsukidoji or its characters myself and make no money from the writing of the fan fiction story. Toshio Maeda is the creator and copyright owner of the Urotsukidoji manga and all its characters. While West Cape Corp / Phoenix Entertainment owns the copyright to the Anime series from which these scenes and characters originate.
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Part One - A Pre-emptive Introduction.
Chapter 1 - Lead up.
  “She's your sister?” Sniggered Tatsuo Nagumo, with barely concealed excitement.

Nagumo sat in the afternoon sun along with Akemi Ito, his brand new and long admired girlfriend, generally regarded as the prettiest girl - not only in his year, but in the entire school, no less. They were sitting in a corner of the garden area of their Meishin Junior High-School, beneath a ‘centrepiece’ cherry tree enjoying the afternoon sun, only a few minutes after the end-of-school bell.

Leaning against the science block wall near the young teenage lovers was Amano Jyaku - the new transfer student. Who seemed to have, in some way, attached himself to Nagumo. At least that was the way Akemi saw it. The boy though their own age seemed different, in some ways more mature and more knowledgeable. He was a straight ‘A’ student, though history seemed to be his best subject. However, he was also laconic, cocky, stand-offish, averse to authority and school rules, and arrogant.

And now Akemi and Nagumo were having to try and get their heads around the idea that is boy was possibly not quite Human.

Akemi couldn’t fathom it, she tried to think of what he could be if not human…. An alien? A demon of some kind? She thought of Close Encounters of the Third Kind - that her father had forced her to watch, or the anime Devilman - that a previous boyfriend had introduced her to. Neither had appealed to her but they were her only real introductions to those subjects. And yet Amano didn’t seem to fit into either source. It didn’t feel right. He was certainly a cocky little bastard and as much of a pervert as all the other boys their age seemed to be - to a boy they oozed horniness, like someone flicked a switch around the age of twelve. Yet somehow Amano was still attractive even though he was small and bulky, rather than the tall and supremely handsome athleticism of a boy like Ozaki. Amano’s confidence emanated from him and certainly made him attention grabbing.

And then there was Amano's newly introduced companion. Undoubtedly an alien, in fact not a long way from the creatures from dad’s Spielberg film. A small charcoal grey humanoid alien-like creature, who was called simply Kuroko. Right now, the little alien creature was sitting on Amano’s shoulder, watching Nagumo who was still annoyingly sniggering, and had failed to notice Akemi's annoyed glare. 

That girl from last night… the way Nagumo had reacted to her appearance and her forwardness, when she and Nagumo had been doing… That. Akemi had wept and run off, embarrassed and feeling betrayed and cheated. And he hadn’t even run after her!

Nagumo had met the scintillating sky-blue haired girl that previous evening. Though she'd caused him huge and embarrassing problems from the start.

He'd been enjoying his first official date with Akemi, the long-term love of his life. He had pined for her from afar, for literal years. And now through exceptional circumstances he still couldn’t quite fathom, he had managed to get her interested in him.

He had taken her to Shiba park, one of the local Tokyo parks near the harbour, looking across the harbour itself towards the huge and brightly illuminated Ferris wheel tourist attraction.

Smiling that lovely bashful smile of hers, Akemi had dragged Nagumo, more than willingly of course, into a secluded spot. He wasn’t sure if she had known about it beforehand but it was a very pretty locale, a little concealing enclosure of bushes and shrubs with a pristine blanket of grass, in the part of Shiba park that wasn't far from the Eiffel-like Tokyo Tower.

That coy smile enticing him, Akemi had slid down onto the hidden grass clearing, a distant street light providing a touch of illumination and the second Nagumo had sat down beside her, she had slid a delicate little hand around the back of his neck and kissed him. Their first real kiss. His first kiss ever.

It had accelerated immediately. Akemi, though certainly not having any kind of a slutty reputation, was by no means untouched. She had been dating boys with an increasingly grown up context for the last eighteen months, according to school rumour. And Nagumo wouldn’t have been surprised if she admitted to him that she was not a virgin. The question never came up of course, but she maintained an allure of superiority, experience and maturity compared to him, a boy with a man’s libido and absolutely no self-control.

The second their lips came together and she ‘adulterized’ the kiss by parting her lips and slipping her tongue into his mouth. Nagumo immediately felt it was authorisation, even expectation, to sexualise their embrace. In his mind she would be expecting it due to prior relationships and of course, his own hormones were demanding complete satisfaction.  

Part of his mind was momentarily concerned that this behaviour was not normal. Only yesterday, she had been sexually assaulted by Miss Togami, their English teacher. Surely, she couldn’t be over that already, and surely that suggested he was taking advantage of her confusion and possibly even mental impairment following that assault.

At the same time, his hard, throbbing dick was slapping that liberalist bullshit down hard. It was insistent in its needs. Psychology be damned, his dick was about to get action from the hottest piece of ass in school and he wasn’t about to interfere with that by thinking about what might be best for her, rather than him.

So, they had immediately started playing with each other in the dim moonlight, their apparently mutual unadulterated teenage desires getting the better of them. 

Nagumo had had a high sex drive since he'd turned eleven when puberty had seized him, and since then had masturbated two- or three-times a day, mostly over Akemi. So, this was quite literally a dream-come-true.

Akemi’s reality was that she had been affected by the semen deposits from Miss Togami, who had turned into a monster then assaulted and triple-penetration-raped her in the school Nurse's office only a day before. 

Before that time, she hadn't been very highly sexed, she'd masturbated a couple of times for experimentation purposes, though it hadn't really done anything for her. And she'd fooled around with boyfriends on dates, too. Given a few blow-jobs and hand-jobs, let them fondle and suck on her boobs but it had been more for their benefit than hers. It was what she felt had been expected of her in relationships and so she'd gone along with it. She had discovered afterwards, once the shock of going along with it had worn off, that she hadn’t actually felt much different, hadn’t felt cheapened or dirty and she’d made her boyfriend’s happy, so… So what? 

However, since the English teacher Ms. Togami had accosted her in the corridor and led her into the Nurse's office, before magically shedding Akemi’s vermilion coloured gym leotard and then pinning her to the examining bunk, before turning into a demon and pounding her every orifice, mercilessly with all its vile, bloated, fleshy tentacles, something had changed. 

The shame of how that brutal and horrifying assault had made her feel had stayed with her, tearing at her insides. The humiliation and self-loathing – which at least partially related to just how much pleasure she had experienced during that sordid, demonic, multiple abuse, and that she was unable to come to terms with that undeniable reality. She had been raped in the most horrific way, and she had enjoyed it.

Nagumo had saved her from it, though for the life of her, she couldn't work out how and felt far too ashamed and embarrassed to risk reliving the experience by asking him for specifics. 

However, since the moment she had experienced that monster’s scalding hot cum creaming into her mouth and her pussy and up her bottom - the impossible masses of it that the thing had deposited into her orifices - she'd felt this continual, unassailable tingle in her loins. A tingle she hadn’t been able to abort or ignore or satisfy. 

She'd spent most of that horrible night masturbating, even as she wept with shame and hatred of what she was doing. Even though she was still sore and even worse - inordinately disturbed by constant and gut-wrenching flashbacks, she hadn’t been able to help herself. 

It had occurred again as her alarm had awoken her for school the next morning and she had masturbated three times, giving herself three powerful orgasms before school. And then again, during school in the toilet stalls, masturbating with her fingers and just about anything else she could stuff inside her sopping vagina, trying desperately to curb the hated and distracting feelings inside her. 

She had felt that Nagumo would be her only chance. Sure, he had a reputation as a perverse little weasel and loser, though she had always tried to keep her head above the cruel gossips and show kindness to everyone as best she could. His reputation was far too cemented to not take seriously and she knew that going out with him would invariably look bad on her. 

Still, something within her was informing her that she required male company. She could have invited any number of boys out with her, better choices than Nagumo, however this way she would be killing two birds with one stone. She absolutely needed to thank him for what he did to save her from the demon, whatever that had been. And maybe to have someone with that shared experience would be beneficial for her, in the longer term someone she could talk  to about it and trust they would believe her. Plus he was male and he obviously found her attractive so… Why not?

And once she'd met up with Nagumo and they'd headed out on their date, the annoying tingle she had managed to temporarily abate with her fingers just before meeting him had quickly been growing to unbearable levels. So, she had relented to her own inner voice, into doing the only thing she could think of to lower her sexual temperature. She had grabbed him and dragged him behind her into the shadowy seclusion of the undergrowth.

Stuffing his tongue as far into her hot mouth as he could, Nagumo had immediately hitched up Akemi's sailor-suit style top, revealing her pretty and very perky B-cup breasts. Matching his immediacy and enjoying the particularly cool and vanilla ice-cream flavour of his lips and tongue, she rubbed deliberately and with firmness at his already bulging crotch through his tented and grass-stained jeans.

Akemi was rather surprised at just how big he felt beneath her delicate, cool fingers. She'd expected his cock to be a little weedier, a reflection of the rest of him she supposed - skinny, short and stubby, all in all rather pathetic to look at.

However, like Nagumo himself, Akemi was discovering hidden depths. His hardness, caused by his desire for her specifically, was actually making her mouth water and no boy had ever done that before, however cute or athletic he had been.

Not even Norikazu Ozaki, who was the school stud. Though, she'd ever really liked him herself, he had always come across as full of himself, though they had been on two dates. 

That had been more for show than anything. Everyone had expected it - like the Prom King and Queen getting together - so they had agreed to give it a try. However, he had talked about himself all night, and then bullishly tried to get into her panties. When she had rebuked him, to be fair, he had taken it in his stride, merely shrugging his shoulders and grinning before walking off. She had heard that he’d ended up fucking some senior girl within a half hour of leaving her in the middle of their date. Though at least he hadn’t spread around lies about her being either a total whore or a frigid loser.

So, this weedy loser Nagumo was having a more enticing effect on her than any boy she had dated before and voicing her pleasure and excitement, she groaned a long, breathy exhalation as he gently scooped her firm, hot breasts out of her favourite lacy bra and drew his mouth from hers so he could lock his lips to one of her exposed nipples which had been stiffened by her own illicit excitement, as well as the cool night air. He locked his soft lips tight against her pleasure-puckered areola and sucked wetly on the succulent bud of firm pink flesh, dabbing at the suction-tripped nipple with the firm tip of his cold tongue, Making Akemi twitch and shiver. In turn she wrapped one arm around his back and continued to stroke and caress his increasingly impressive erection with the other.

Nagumo’s hands rubbed at her bare thighs, up and down, delighting in the smooth warmth of her athletic legs, his fingers sweeping upward and deliberately slipping beneath her short, pleated skirt. And one hand would occasionally slide around the back of her waist and onward to cup and stroke the soft surface of the flesh of her firm and taut bottom, flipping up the short skirt to get his hand under it.

However, he had still seemed a little too shy or uncertain of himself to go directly for her vagina, and Akemi wanted her tunnel penetrated and her engorged, pulsing clitoris rubbed, she needed it.

Once again, and for countless times since the incident in the Nurses’ office, Akemi’s vagina, the inner muscle walls of her ass and throughout her breasts and nipples were all consumed by an infuriating and insistent fiery tingling. Her whole body seemed to pulse with it, like an un-scratchable itch or cramps you couldn’t seem to alleviate. The throbbing heat throughout her crotch and breasts was growing more agitated and infuriatingly aggressive by the second. 

What had Miss Togami done to her? That vile experience had of course horrified and disgusted her, that went without saying. And yet since she had been saved, Akemi had found herself to be more sexually invigorated and excited than ever before. And, if forced, she would have to admit to herself that it had given her pleasures beyond any other experience in her admittedly thin sexual past. 

The memories, not really of the physical assaults themselves, but of the sensations she had experienced at the hands of that monster constantly burned her and were etched into her dreams. Sleeping and waking. The incessant compulsion to masturbate had not been something she'd experienced before and she hadn't known how to deal with it. Though just about immediately she'd given herself over to it. And, however humiliating it made her feel, it did relieve the tingling, if only for an hour or so. But she had noticed, that the more she tried to alleviate her needs with her fingers, the less the joyous and explosive climaxes she gave herself seemed to calm the fire within her loins. It was as though she had developed a tolerance. She needed a bigger fix, and it felt as though a boy’s cock would be the particular injection she would require. 

Ms. Togami's attack had changed her somehow, and she felt, permanently. She felt alive, awake, aware, as though for the first time. Experiencing a new sense of the world, a new and powerful interest in the opposite sex and the pleasures that could represent. She felt alert and feeling almost perpetually horny. She felt grown up.

Akemi suddenly grabbed Nagumo's hand in her own, urgently and stuffed it down the front of her lacy cotton panties. She actively controlled his actions, firmly and hurriedly, putting his fingers where she'd wanted them, rubbing his middle finger in fast little circles across and around the flesh hood over her clitoris, the way she liked it the best. While Nagumo, getting more and more excited, had dipped a couple of fingers with some difficulty, because he was struggling under her controlling grip, between her swollen, slick labia and into her tiny little vaginal mouth.

Akemi had been hot and surprisingly wet inside. Warmer and more well lubricated than he had expected her to feel. To him she felt, even seemed almost feverish, if a girl's vagina could present such symptoms. All in all, he'd been far from disappointed with his first experience of masturbating a girl. Although Akemi's uncharacteristic, insistent taking over and running the show, did make him feel slightly belittled and intimidated. Though he realised that was down to him not wanting to get it wrong or disappoint her.

Akemi’s moaning and panting built up in both volume and intensity, which Nagumo also found a little intimidating, even embarrassing, as though she wasn’t under his control. She was an independent person with her own feelings and not intent on him and his.

Finally, she had released his hand and let him play with her vagina as he wished. She'd wrapped an arm around him and drew him tight against her, side by side, pressing his cheek against hers while they watched in awed eroticism at his shifting hand that was firmly beneath the cotton of her pale blue panties, two fingers sliding in and out of the entrance to her vagina while the pad of his thumb pressed and rubbed deliciously above the hood covering her clitoris.

Her thighs gave little responsive quivers, the tendons and muscles in the upper halves of her luscious legs tensing and straining while she panted and whimpered with, Nagumo thought, more and more desperation. Her hips started to rock and jerk, her ass coming up off her heels, tensing and almost writhing against him. She felt deliciously warm and sweaty. He just wished she was still rubbing his cock because it had felt fantastic. Though saying that, if she had gone on for much longer, she would he brought him off and he would have emptied his balls right into his underpants. And how humiliating would that have been?

Akemi felt the tingles from his hardworking fingers jolting her deliciously and yet she needed more. His fingers weren’t enough. She decided, then and there, that she was going to give him her virginity. Right here and now, she was going to open his pants and get his cock out and she was going to make him put it inside her. Let him go at it and give her the good screwing she knew he wanted. She knew it was the only thing this time that would satisfy her need. 

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