Urotsukidoji. Megumi Amano - A Night to Forget

BY : Nickamano
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Megumi Amano and Akemi Ito in – A Night to forget. 
By Nickamano.

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The trio of lean and angry fifteen-year olds had skipped their high-school entrance exam cram-school class for the fifth time running. They were hanging out beneath the glaring fluorescent illumination of a street-corner grocery store watching passers-by, who generally rushed past and avoided making eye contact. Apparently, they knew trouble when they saw it. And the trio were certainly looking for trouble. Or as they saw it – fun. 

Ikegami, Harada and Nojima were all class mates. They all wore school uniforms, but they weren’t their own, Meishin Junior High didn’t have a uniform policy, they had procured traditional High School style high-collared navy jackets that they chose to use as a kind of gang colour. They were also hopefully a disguise. If people recognised them, it would the uniform they would recognise and go looking in the wrong school for them. Their hair was punk styled, a bleached mohawk for Ikegami, greased up strawberry blonde porcupine quills for Harada and a shaved skull with a long brow-covering fringe for Nojima, apparently styled after the character of Daigoro from Lone Wolf and Cub.

They were standing there, drinking cans of vodka from a vending machine when they noticed a girl from their school. Akemi Ito. She was wearing a green mini dress with yellow detailing on the short sleeves and hem of the skirt barely covered her ass. Nojima, stared at her. His two friends had been uncharacteristically quiet the last day or two but they were staring too, the three of them perving openly over the hottest girl in their year.

Her shapely, coltish legs were bare and slipped into little cutesy white and green ankle-socks and then little white, flat heeled strappy shoes that had little green cartoon frogs printed on the uppers. More interestingly though were her sweet tits, a reasonable handful, snuggly contained in the taut, fitted and elasticated fabric of the mini-dress and they quivered erotically as she strolled along the street, seemingly oblivious to the stares.

It was almost as good was the way the hem of Ito’s skirt, which was flared and pleated, gripped the shapely upper curves of her firm, pert ass and hips and seemed to bounce enticingly with each step, just ahead of the bounce of her tits, threating to whip upwards at any moment and flash her no-doubt firm, creamy backside to everyone watching her. And there were quite a few people watching her, passers-by, salarymen, shop keepers, school lads their own age, even a few women threw her aggrieved or lusty glances.

She wasn’t just tits and ass, and a sporty healthiness though, she was also drop-dead gorgeous. Recognised by all the students as the hottest girl in her year, given a little subjective leeway of course, until a few weeks earlier she had been the hottest girl in the whole school at least until that new kid from Osaka had turned up. She was only a second-grader by all accounts but, damn, she knocked Ito off the top spot even before she had stepped through Meishin’s front gates.

Ito was extremely pretty, with a soft, smooth face, big, lush, expressive brown eyes, a soft kindness to her blushing features. She had soft, chestnut wavy hair that she, more often than not - as she did at this moment - had pulled into two bunches on either side of her head, with a centre parting and a little play at a fringe. The bunches bounced in time with her stride - hair, tits and skirt each adding their own independent animations to her walking pace and the tightening and relaxing of the muscles of her smooth, creamy and definitely athletic legs. 

The three lads stared at her, getting hornier and harder with each pubescent, bouncy step. They exchanged conspiratorial glances and grins and then pushed themselves into action and crossed the street to follow her.


The third grade of Meishin Junior High School was getting tough, it was approaching the High School entrance exams and the class load and expectations weighed heavily on the third graders. However, Akemi Ito was an above average student and the evening cram-school classes that her boyfriend Tatsuo Nagumo was being made to attend were unnecessary for her.

It was almost eight in the evening and Akemi had decided to slip out of her home and surprise Tatsuo by meeting him outside the cram-school building and walk home with him.

She spotted the little playful kitten on the opposite side of the road walking along a little shrub-planted central reservation divide, it seemed to be going her way and coincidentally keeping pace with her. Akemi smiled, watching the kitten out of the corner of her eye. Suddenly the skinny little grey and black feline leapt off the brick divide and darted straight into the flow of traffic. Abruptly fearful, it darted left and right zipping beneath one car and then darting between the next two in the split-second of opportunity it found. And before Akemi knew it the kitten was leaping from the kerb up into her arms. She hugged the soft, shivering ball of silky fur in her arms and smiled, purring softly to the little terrified animal.

  “Poor little baby, well, we’d better stay close together until there’s somewhere safe to put you down, maybe the park… That isn’t too far away…”

And just as quickly it had leapt free of her embrace and hit the ground, darting up the street and disappearing down an alleyway up ahead on the left. With a gasp, Akemi launched herself after it, thinking only of the kitten being killed beneath a passing car.


With growing excitement, Nojima watched Ito slip into the alley which he knew to be a dead end, badly lit and more than likely deserted. The homeless didn’t bother with it, there was more cover and warmth and company in the parks and underpasses. It was the perfect place for a bit of fun with the hot little bitch. His friends seemed to have the same idea as they were the first ones across the street, darting between cars to get to the other side as quickly as they could. Nojima had to hurry to catch up.

It was dim in the alley, street-light illumination barely stretching far enough to provide shapes, and a hint of colour though without any real detail unless you were within a couple of feet.

The left side of the alley had once been a series of little stalls but they had all been closed down and now metal shuttered doors were padlocked in place, a few light-up advertising panels still remained but none were illuminated. The right side was just non-descript rears of stores. A few had painted signs saying things like ‘no parking’ and ‘fire door’. One or two even had signs identifying the store, but they were faded and barely readable in the gloom. 

A skyscraper towered erect over the opposite end of the alleyway but most of its windows were dark, either covered or with no lights on. A few of the roof-level windowpanes throwing reflected neon down into the alley and picking out highlights some of which revealed the six-foot steel wire fence that blocked the end of the alley. Other than those features there was only Ito, and now the three boys. 

Nojima could see the dim outline of the girl ahead of the three of them snooping around some bins. A n alluring pale shape full of the promise of fun-to-be-had. He could hear her calling softly.

  “Here… puss-puss-puss…” 

Ikegami issued an almost perfect spoof ‘meow’, that got Ito’s attention, spun her around revealing a bright, sweet, innocent smile that just as quickly diminished into a more rightful pout of shock, suspicion and fear when she saw the three lads approaching her, blocking off the only way out of the alley.


The manga artist knew the girl was on his balcony again. She was perched on the two-inch wide safety railing. Five floors up, looking down into the street below. The way she was sitting was on the verge of superhuman, her sense of balance appeared to be of Olympic standard. Those long, long immaculate legs, encased in bubble-gum pink hold-up stockings, were dangling loosely into the night-time breeze, little pink strappy pumps hanging from her dainty toes.

He didn’t know her name or her age. Although she was small and slender with a taut and athletic figure, she did sport enticing curves too. He had only seen her face once, it had been the face of an angel and she looked around fourteen. Except for that singular glimpse of her eyes, which had revealed at least in the second he had with them, a stark vigour and coolness of vast experience in her bright crystal-blue, a wizened look that defied the rest of her young-teen appearance.

The first time he had seen her she had just been sitting there. He had never seen her taking up the position, never worked out how she got there in the first place and that first time even before his hand had closed on the door to the balcony she had disappeared. 

Again and again, every time he had approached the balcony door or even tried to speak to her, the girl had just stepped off the balcony and disappeared into the night. However, she would always reappear after an hour, sometimes after a few minutes, but never longer than a day. After the fifth time he ‘scared her off’ the manga artist learned his lesson and did the only thing he could. He sketched her from his drawing board.

He drew her over and over again, uncontrollably, obsessively, until he had scores of drawings, hundreds. He drew full lengths and details, the sliver of the side of her lovely face, taking hours trying to capture the perfection of her unblemished creamy, almost golden skin. The wildness of her loose and pretty elven-cut hair that looked blue in the night-time illumination. He tried to capture her delicate fingers, and the way the gold bracelets threw glowing reflections onto her skin, which seemed to simultaneously absorb and reflect the colour. He even sketched her other jewellery, the little teardrop earrings with the little radiant ruby centre piece. 

He grew obsessed specifically with the curve of her thigh and the perfect orbs of her tight, firm buttocks that, unbelievably, barely seemed to flatten under her weight of the dull metal of the balcony railing. Beneath the thin fabric of her dark pink microskirt her bottom looked as if it had been sculpted by a master. It was simple perfection, well beyond anything a lowly manga artist could effectively capture. In his own repeated attempts, the artist began to wonder if even the likes of Da Vinci or Michelangelo could have done justice to the girl’s immaculate figure.

However, there was even something otherworldly about her that the artist refused to accept, deciding his eyes were playing tricks on him somehow. There was something about the girl that made her seem somehow separate, for want of a better word. Something about the way the lighting, whether natural or artificial, interacted with her and not only with her flesh and hair but also with her clothes. She seemed somehow as though she was always lit under perfect lighting conditions, as though from a magazine cover, like a fashion model. Except there she was right in front of you, practically close enough to touch and lit by all the same light sources - the moon defused by the rain clouds above her, the streetlights far below her, his own apartment’s harsh spot-lighting. And yet everything about her was perfect. The way her smooth, flawless almost iridescent skin glowed, the colours of her clothing and their textures all popped inexplicably and the sheer vitality and glistening living-light from her beautiful eyes was indescribable, as though someone was standing beside her with one of those photographer’s beauty dishes or soft-boxes. It was both heart-breaking and unnerving at the same time. It made the girl appear somehow unreal and reminded the manga artist of bad green-screen work in a low budget movie when the characters don’t quite match up with the background and the lighting on them doesn’t quite reflect reality, making them seem somehow separate from their environment.

And yet there she was, only a metre or two away from him sitting on his balcony railing, as real as anything else in this world.

And then in one heart-stopping moment of what he could only - and lamely - describe as some kind of ‘sensual transcendence’, the girl half-turned her head to look back at him, gave him an undeniably lascivious little half-smile and winked at him. And then she slid off the fifth-floor balcony again, disappearing into the night. 


Akemi Ito trembled inside the tight triangular cage of the three boys surrounding her. She knew them from a couple of her classes, but it was dark and she hadn’t seen who grabbed her where, once they’d came at her. One of them had her arms pinned behind her back. She knew Ikegami, obviously, as he was standing eye to eye with her and had a palm clamped over her mouth and the other just as tightly locked around the back of her neck, holding her head brutally tight and barely allowing her to breathe. The third, Harada or Nojima - she wasn’t sure, was kneeling down with his hands under her skirt, already tugging her simple white panties down her thighs.

Ikegami, and whoever was behind her were both extremely strong, the hand clamping her mouth was so tight and pressed up hard against her nose that she was barely sucking in enough air, her head swam and she felt constantly dizzy. The hands holding her wrists against the small of her back were like steel manacles, she could practically feel her wrist bones crunching beneath the vice grip. There was absolutely no way to get free and no way to call for help. 

Not that she would even bother to call for help. She would run at the first opportunity of course, but calling for help in mid-town Tokyo, in the evening when everyone was in such a rush to get home from work and have their evening meals with their families, there was as much chance of someone coming to her aid as Tatsuo having the sex appeal of someone like Ozaki. 

She spotted the unpleasant stray thought and cursed herself for her lack of loyalty to Tatsuo. She loved her boyfriend, he had come to her aid when no one else had and rescued her, showing the depth of his personality beneath the weedy little sex-obsessed loser everyone saw when they looked at him.

But she knew him now, knew the boy he was beneath the rather uninspiring outward appearance. She just wished that inward strength and loyalty and devotion to her was represented a little more in his physical appearance too. Like most of the girls in her year Norikazu Ozaki was the yard stick, physically the kind of boyfriend to aspire toward. He was tall and gorgeous, a successful jock with a great body and just oozed confidence and sex appeal. Though Akemi had dated him a couple of times and found him wanting. 

Tatsuo Nagumo was almost the exact opposite, short, weedy, not altogether unattractive but he was introverted and clumsy and embarrassing, with no social skills whatsoever. But, saying all that, Akemi couldn’t deny and refused to underestimate his heroism and kindness and devotion to her. She knew he would never cheat on her, well, it was what she chose to believe at least, though she absolutely knew that he would crawl over broken glass for her, unlike most boys when push came to shove.

  “Let him have his turn first, he will be much easier to satisfy than us.”

It was the lad behind her who had spoken and incidentally yanked her back to reality, revealing his identity as Harada.

  “Well, you two have turned into a couple of arrogant pricks, but I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.” Nojima grunted, slightly miffed by his friends’ attitude toward him.

He lifted Ito’s ankles one at a time to slip her panties off her feet and pocketed the skimpy cotton garment before sliding his hands back up her warm, smooth thighs again.

  “You’ve taken dick before I’m guessing?” Nojima asked the ensnared girl.

Akemi didn’t reply, and not because of the hand stopping her from vocalising sounds.

  “She’s taken something before.” Ikegami confirmed. “We can smell it on her… Slutty little bitch.”

  “Bet she fucking loved it too.” Harada laughed.

  “They always do…” Ikegami laughed.

  “Ooookay guys, whatever…” Nojima muttered to himself.

Nojima’s hands slid up over her firmly muscled thighs until questing fingertips met the softness of her pubis, the skimpy patch of soft, light brown pubic hair and the hot swell of her vulva.

Akemi would have let out a gasp if she had been able. Instead she quivered head to foot and her knees buckled. Harada threw an arm under her bust and kept a tight grip on her to stop her from collapsing to the ground between them.

  “Pussy’s nice and warm, feels to me like it’s ready for dick.” Nojima moaned.

His fingers were all over her most intimate areas now, two saliva-wet digits furiously thrusting into her pussy, while his thumb stroked across her clit. His other hand was around the back, still beneath her skirt, now squeezing at her perky athletic buttocks.

  “Hurry up then.” Harada grunted back at him. “We’re getting impatient.”

  “Fuck you. I wanna taste first. And I wanna see her tits. So why don’t you two get to stripping her, while I eat this pussy?”

Akemi felt the grip on her wrists change and built herself up to struggle free and run the second she felt she had a chance. However, Harada made sure that chance never arrived. He got both hands onto her wrists again and maintained his controlling grip, just smoothly lifted and swung her arms up until they were at full stretch over her head, pointing to the black, cloudy sky. 

Then Ikegami took over, releasing his grip from her mouth and the back of her neck in order to take hold of the hemline of her mini-dress. He proceeded to peel it off her in one fast, smooth motion, Harada helping get it off over her incapacitated hands, then dropped the inside-out garment onto the ground off to one side. Harada switched his own grip of Ito’s wrists to one handed while he flicked open the bra hooks of the meagre white garment with his other hand, then whipped it off her and cast it aside as well. She was manually gagged again by Ikegami as soon as the job was complete. 

Apart from skimpy shoes and white cotton socks, Akemi was completely naked. The lads looked up and down her pale, creamy shivering flesh and licked their lips wantonly, while Nojima’s hands were going ten-to-the-dozen between her trembling thighs.

Akemi herself maintained her virginity, at least in her head. She hadn’t gone that far with Tatsuo yet, though it seemed an activity that wasn’t far off. They both seemed constantly horny in each other’s presence and spent as much of their alone time with their hands inside each other’s clothing and their mouths busy either sucking or French kissing. Tatsuo had given Akemi as many orgasms with his mouth on her clit and his fingers in her pussy as she had swallowed his cum by sucking it straight out of his heavy balls. 

Nojima, still frigging her pussy with two fingers, had lampreyed his mouth over her clit and was flicking his tongue back and forth over it, pausing every few moments to suck at her pussy tunnel or suck at his fingers, tasting her, sampling her aroma. His other hand was still fondling her butt, squeezing one buttock and then the other, sliding his fingers into the warm crevice between and disgustingly stroking her anus.

There was just something about Tatsuo and herself, something about their relationship, something about compatibility. Tatsuo had jokingly referred to it more than once as destiny. But the few times they had been close to his cock entering anywhere other than her mouth, they had been interrupted by people or time. She was under no illusions however, that opportunity to have enough uninterrupted private time together was the only reason they hadn’t gone all the way already. As for the incident with Ms Togami in the Nurse’s Office, that simply didn’t count. And the less she thought about that, the less that mattered. The less she dwelt on it, the better. 

Ikegami released his hands from her mouth and the back of her head and cupped her breasts, squeezing them and tweaking her nipples that had hardened in the cold evening air. His eyes were burning coals as he stared at her naked rack, riding high and proud on her slender chest.

Finally ungagged, Akemi couldn’t help but voice her pleas and protests, even though her inner voice told her it would be useless.

  “Wait… Don’t… Stop it! Please!” She moaned.

  “Why would we?” Harada muttered nonchalantly, his voice was throaty and guttural. 

Nojima laughed at his friend’s comment before going back to sucking pussy. She was dripping now and that sweet warm fluid, a hint of sugar and a hint of spice was like nectar on his lapping tongue.

  “Please don’t do this… You all know I have a boyfriend…”

  “You think we wanna date you?!” Nojima retorted, more annoyed now. “We just wanna fuck!”

The teenager seemed disgusted by Akemi’s pleas, annoyed that she thought she could talk her way out of taking their abuses. But she had to do something.

Nojima was through with fingering and sucking on the hot girl’s pussy. He wanted his dick in her and he wasn’t going to put it off any longer. He looked around quickly and spotted a few discarded alley restaurant seats, little square stools with vinyl padding half protected under a sheet of torn blue tarpaulin, alongside a number of stacked up empty bottle crates.

  “Right, get her up and laid out on those seats.”

  “Please, you can’t… Please just let me go.”

Harada scuttled over and shoved and kicked the makeshift platform away from the wall into a more accessible position, leaving the tarpaulin in place, while Ikegami and Nojima lifted Akemi and hoisted her onto it on her back. 

Akemi didn’t struggle, just wept and complained. Maybe she was resigned to her situation, maybe she felt cooperating would produce quicker and less painful results than putting up a fight. 

  “I don’t want this!”

  “It’s happening, Ito. Get used to it.”

It was all the same to Nojima, he was going to fuck her and dump his load up her. Whether he would have to hurt her to get it done or whether she was just going to lie there and take it, like a robot or blow up doll was neither here nor there as far as he was concerned. 

Harada grabbed her by the wrists and pinned them straight once again at full lock over her head. Nojima slapped her naked thighs apart and positioned himself firmly between them, his hips keeping her legs spread, while Ikegami stood at the side of her a watchful and commanding presence, full of unspoken threat and barely stoppered aggression.   

  “But… I’m… It’s not fair…” She wept. “…Tatsuo…”

Nojima had had enough he grabbed her by the throat, tight and constricting as he flattened himself against her nose to nose, in her face; intimidating and spitting vitriol and spittle.

  “Nagumo’s a fucking loser! And you’ve passed over better men for a piece of shit. That’s not fair!” The teenage aggressor snarled, venting over an apparent injustice. “…So, you’re gonna spend some time making it up to a few of us. And you should be thankful there’re only us three, half the fucking year have wanted to get their hands on you and all of ‘em are better than that piece of shit you’re seeing.”


  “Not another fucking word or you’ll really fucking regret it!”

That shut Akemi up. Her eyes bulged in shock and fear and tears flowed but her lips mashed tight together letting nothing pass them but throaty whimpers that, no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t subdue.

Nojima unzipped his pants and pulled his under wear to the side to free his erection. Akemi looked down herself and saw the thick heavy baton of offensive flesh. She knew it was no larger than Tatsuo’s which was barely average from what she understood. A little short of six inches, and only as thick as a handbag deodorant. But looking down at it, framed by the smooth curves of her bare, creamy thighs, Nojima’s erection looked huge and monstrous, like a cyclopic alien thing poised to attack. 

She knew it was her anxiety painting the false picture, but even telling herself that his was no larger than Tatsuo’s cock, made no difference to the fear and panic that gripped her. And then it slid out of sight as Nojima angled it down against her pussy entrance. She tensed involuntarily, wanting to struggle against the coming invasion, wanting to break free and run. She even tested the grip on her arms as subtly as she could but there was no chance, the grip on her wrists was utterly unbreakable.

And then it was too late, the hot thick head of Nojima’s erection was spreading her pussy lips apart and pressuring the entrance to her vagina.

Nojima pushed and pushed hard, marvelling at how tight she was, at how it almost seemed like her pussy was contracting in order to keep him out. Straining and growling through gritted teeth he managed to force the head of his cock past her lips but it really felt like a fist had hold of his cock and was squeezing with all its might.

  “Jesus! Damn, she’s tight! I can hardly get it in!” He complained.

When he started to push again, digging his fingers cruelly into the tops of Ito’s thighs for purchase and control, he started to feel the burning sensation surrounding his half-embedded phallus. It wasn’t a frictional burning either, it was a searing heat - harsh and sharp, closer to an electric shock or an exposed flame. Like white hot needles being inserted into his foreskin and bloated crown. 

Raw lust drove him to persevere, but the harder he pushed and the deeper he tried to penetrate her, the hotter and more painful her pussy seemed to grow. It soon became too uncomfortable to carry on and, with an annoyed and pained growl, he yanked his cock out of her and gazed down at it. Big and hard as he had ever seen it and visibly throbbing with a fast-pulmonary pulse, it was slick with her sweet fragrant juices and there didn’t seem to be any burns or blistering or marks on it, but Nojima was almost certain he saw a tiny wisp of steam coming from her tight, soaked little pussy mouth. 

  “Fuck this, I’m not giving in! I’ll just stick it in her other hole!”

His oath was spat with venom, frustration and determination and a need for a victory further fuelling his cruel lust. He was not about to be outdone. He was not having this taken away from him. If she wanted to give him a hard time, if she wanted to make it difficult for him, then he’d fucking well make it goddamned difficult for her too!

He grabbed her ankles and bent them up, past him, bending her double and casting annoyed looks at his too oddly silent companions until they seemed to pick up on what he wanted of them, then they each took a wrist and an ankle apiece, Harada and Ikegami standing side by side above her head.

The lifting of her legs lifted her ass and exposed her tiny pink anal star for Nojima’s cock. It was perfectly placed, aiming his warhead would be a cinch now.

  “Right, this is more like it! This is gonna be great! Ass fucking Akemi Ito. Of all the girls in school, no body deserves it in the ass more!”

  “So, hurry up and get it fucked. Then it’ll be our turn!” Harada snarled, his voice deep, harsh and rasping.

Nojima ignored his aggressive and impatient friend and gripped his cock tightly, positioning it against Ito’s pretty star-shaped entrance and asserted pressure.

  “Please… Please… No! Don’t! I mean I’ve… I’ve never…!!”

  “So what?!” Nojima grunted with obvious amusement. “First time for everything!” 

He pressed left hand into her buttock, digging his thumb and fingers fiercely into her taut muscle, dragging her cheeks apart while his right hand continued to guide his erect crown, pressuring her sphincter mouth. Trying to force it to open with constant, inexorable pressure.

The thin buffer of slick, creamy skin between Akemi’s pussy lips and anus bulged under pressure and Nojima’s phallic crown flared with the straining pressure of the weight behind the shaft and the struggling of her sphincter muscles trying to stop him from entering her.

Akemi let out a desperate wailing moan and tried to struggle against the insistent pushing at the entrance to her bottom but she was held fast, gripped tight and unable to free herself. Inwardly she screamed out for Tatsuo to come to her rescue, like he had the last time in the Nurse’s office at school. Outwardly all she could do was cry and beg.

  “Please. Let me go! Just let me go... Please. I’m begging you! I can’t take this…. I don’t want it… Please!!”

  “Shut up and take it!” Nojima grunted in reply, pushing harder than ever.

Gritting his teeth, growling in the back of his throat, with exertion-flushed cheeks and beads of sweat bristling his broad brow, he ground his fat cock head against her tiny ass hole harder and harder. He hawked and spat, adding a bit of extra lubrication to the hot junction between their bodies, using his thumb to scoop and smear the warm bubbly fluid around where his cock head and her anal mouth were so forcedly in contact.

Nojima groaned as he put more and more pressure and force behind his penetration attempt and all at once he felt the beginnings of a victory. There was an audible squelch, a hint of motion, a heated frictional suggestion of the girl’s hot anus giving way. With more and more exertion and sweat, he pushed harder still. 

Akemi let out a squeal of pain, humiliation and defeat. As all of a sudden, her anus opened up and Nojima’s dick slid abruptly inside. The anal mouth immediately clamped tight again but it was already too late, his cock head was on the wrong side of that tight ring of her sphincter muscle and there was no ejecting him now.

He gritted his teeth and pushed again, this time the penetration was easier. Her ass hole still gripped him like a desperate fist and his embedded cock pulsed hotly from the rising temperature of her anal tract but his insistent pressure secured more ground, an inch at a time and before long he was halfway inside and thoroughly enjoying both the sensation and the appearance of the hottest girl in his year spread out beneath him on her back and cringing with tear-wet eyes as his fat, turgid erection pushed deeper and deeper into her aggressively cinching ass. 

One more hearty shove had him totally bottomed out, his dick all the way inside her furnace-hot rectum and his balls crushed against the inner curves of her lovely, up lifted backside.

Akemi arched back under the boy’s restraining grip and wailed out her pain and despair. She threw her head back and her cute chestnut bunches shook along with the rest of her agonised body. Her guts churned, her ass hole seared, screaming in protest. And her legs, doubled back so her knees framed her face, ached with the strain and pressure.

And that was only the physical side, the emotional suffering was ten times worse, her helplessness, the force used, and that they were ignoring her lack of consent, her sense of betrayal, her shame and even her guilt - that other lads were taking her in ways Tatsuo had not sampled yet, ways she would have wanted him to enjoy when she felt ready. The wanton lack of concern for her consent, her enjoyment, her feelings screamed at her. And then Nojima started to thrust and the pain of that thick battering ram of solid heat pummelling her like a mad thing or a medieval torture device, took over all other considerations.

She found her attention momentarily taken by her thoughts of Tatsuo, picturing his room, them lying together on his bed with his stereo playing pop music to conceal their moans as they hungrily tongue kissed, or the wet gurgling and sucking sounds as Akemi gave him a blowjob. However, in the next instant, even that was whipped away by the teenage boy’s hot hardness that had begun to viciously pummel her insides, battering her white-hot guts with insurmountable horny aggression.  And almost it felt like it was killing her.

Nojima was going at it like a man possessed. The simple visual recognition that he had his erection stuffed up the one-and-only Akemi Ito’s tight little ass, was blowing his mind. The same ass all the boys stared at during gym class where she practiced her gymnastics while they played basketball, or tried to. And all thought of tempering his performance or trying to pace himself had gone out of the window. There was nothing in his awareness except the indecent amount of sexual thrill caused by his gut-wrenching thrusting into the girl’s sexy little ass hole. He wanted it to go on and on, wanted more and more, but he couldn’t control himself, couldn’t stop himself, couldn’t do anything except rape her little ass into oblivion, even if that oblivion lasted only a few short minutes.

Still unrelentingly slamming his aching hard cock into that tiny gripping tunnel, Nojima realised he had had his eyes screwed shut and he opened them wide, silently berating himself for missing out on the visual splendour of him sodomising Akemi Ito. So he stared down at her naked, creamy young flesh. Stared at her perky breasts, rolling and dancing all over her slim chest in time to his savage thrusts; noted the hardness of her delicately pink nipples, the deep flush of hot pink that was dashed across her lovely face and the glistening wetness of her beautiful big, tearful eyes. He also noticed how upraised and exposed her pussy was, it was right above his cock and inches from his tight gripping hands, which had been clamped onto her firm athletic buttocks.

He reached across and stroked her puffy, pink labia, the swollen cowl of dark pink flesh covering her engorged clit and the tiny little succulent and glistening hole that was her pussy. He pressed a finger to the hole and pushed the tip inside but was instantly greeted with an insurmountable barrier of tightness and insane heat. Compared to how hot and tight her pussy felt under his probing finger, Ito’s butt hole was an ice-cold gaping chasm.

  “Bitch needs to see a fucking doctor.” Nojima grunted to his companions, still trying to press his fingertip into her. “Think she must have VD or something.”

  “That isn’t for you so don’t even bother…” Harada grunted in a deep gravelly voice. “…Others have tried before and failed.”

  “Exactly. Leave that for us.” Ikegami added, his voice just as deep and rasping. “Just fuck her ass, get off up it, and then hand her over.”

  “Alright, whatever. Weirdoes…” Nojima muttered.

He gave up trying to finger her pussy and instead reached up to cup and fondle her pretty teenage tits while he hammered and battering her scalding anus with his aching, raging and uncomfortably raw erection.

He was close. He accelerated his ass raping pace until he felt almost numb and the sweat was flicking off him in little sprays onto Akemi’s quivering flesh. Nojima knew he was seconds away from dumping his load up her but the silent minority part of him that want to slow the pace and enjoy the sensations for longer was drowned out by the insistent majority who was unable to do anything but fuck his way up the crest of his climax and then empty his balls into her lovely little ass.

His brutal thrusts increased in speed and ferocity battering her burning, stretched anal tunnel. While his hands released her sore, mauled breasts and gripped a tight hold of her luscious backside once again. 

His eyes feasted on her creamy flesh, the rhythmic shaking of her perky teenage tits, that almost matched the bounce of her soft brown bunches, shaking and quivering on either side of her head. And the sweet torturous expression on her lovely face. That pain and shame so close to sexual pleasure that a little imagination could replace one for the other. Nojima’s panting breaths turned raspy and guttural.

  “Please… Please, no more… No… No more…” She moaned, her voice barely a whimper and raw from her sobbing and pleading.

The teenagers all ignored her.

  “I’m there! I’m… Take it Ito! Take it all up your entitled little butt!”

Nojima came and it was like an explosion, like a bomb going off. He howled, grinding against her and enjoying the four heavy spurts off his hot jizz belching into her succulent, peachy ass. But it all ended far too abruptly. 

Akemi cringed, as the warm spunk sprayed deep into her pained body, it arched against this latest invasion, though the hands gripping her gave her no quarter. She uttered a whimpering sound which quailed and then turned into something like a gagging, heaving reaction, as if the spunk coating her guts physically nauseated her. 

The abrupt blasts, felt almost like a relief for Nojima, as his balls emptied. And that sudden pressure throughout his hot raw erection expelled itself all at once up the hot girl’s beautiful, ravaged butt. He thrust and ground his hips on her juicy buttocks, trying to get the most pleasure out of his dwindling climax as he could.

But it all ended far too abruptly - as an arm lashed out, swinging like a baseball bat in a tornado. It caught him in the chest and throat and launched him across the width of the alley. He was slammed hard against one wall eight or ten feet away. His spine and ribs crushed by the enormous impact. His head slumped, chin swinging down loosely to meet his crushed clavicle and ribs. His heart, lungs, throat, airway and carotid artery had all been obliterated by the initial impact but when his head dropped forward after hitting the wall, it separated his spinal cord from the brain stem and killed him. 

The image his eyes collected in another part of his brain was still trying to make sense of who’s arm that was. It was too long, the cloth covering it - male high-school jacket fabric had been torn apart, seams shredded, cloth torn asunder. The flesh beneath was human looking but mottled, as if bruised or left in water to bloat. And it was far too big and thick to be normal. The forearm looked as big as a Sumo wrestler’s thigh. 

The last sound his brain recognised was male laughter and horrified female screaming. But the male laughter, two distinct and different voices, was too deep and guttural and bestial to be normal.  

But by then it had ended for Nojima. His hearing failed and his eyesight saw only blackness, and then his oxygen-starved brain died as well.

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