Izo's birthday night

BY : Fushio_Didi
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Izo was slightly drunk, as he went towards his room, the party that had been hold for him, as it was his birthday, was slowly coming to an end. Most were too drunk to notice that the man of the day was heading to had already gone to bed or passed out. His eyes scouted around, searching for two people, but neither was to be seen.

A small disappointed look was in his eyes, as he got closer to his room. His best friend and his loved was no where t be seen and he wanted to say god night to them. He wanted to cuddle up with his loved all night, kiss him and thank him for everything he'd done for him today.

As he rounded the corner tothe hall his rom was located, he saw Marco leaning against the wall, across his room. The disappointment turned into a smile. Maybe his lover had been to drunk and Marco had brought him to Izo's room, so Izo could sleep next to him at least.

"Ther eyou are. I've been looking for you." Izo's voice was slight slured, but only few could actually tell. Marco was one of them, of course. The Phoenix smiled and moved from the wall, closing the gap between him and Izo.

"I'm sorry, yoi." He gently placed a hand on Izo's cheek. "I had to leave to prepare your last birthday gift. It's in your room and I hope you'll like it, yoi." He tiptoed and gave Izo a kiss on the cheek. "Good night, brother. Have fun, yoi~" Marco singsonged and left.

Izo blinked a little confused, wondering what gift Marco had for him that he couldn't have giving him before. "Good night to you too, Marco." Izo smiled, deciding to just go in and find out what Marco had been talking about. He opened his door and the first thing that caught his eyes was his lover on the bed, tied up and gagged. The smile on Izo's face grew, as he closed and locked the door behind him.

"My, my. What a wonderful gift." He purred, slowly sobbering up at the sight of Thatch on his bed, naked, tied up and aroused. The hard member of Thatch was standing proudly and Izo could tell how aroused his lover was, by the needy look in Thatch's eyes. Slowly Izo undressed, eyes never really leaving his lover. He took in every inch of Thatch's body.

It was arousing to see his lover like this. Arms above his head, tied to the ring that was above the bed. His legs was tied to the poles at the end of the bed and Izo's smile turnedinto a smirk, seeing that Thatch had a cock ring on. Oh what a delightful niht he was going to have.

Ignoring the muffled whimpers, Izo took his time getting ready for bed. He didn't want to smear make-up all over his sheet, just because he couldn't resit jumping his lover. As he'd removed the make-up, he gave Thatch a sensual stripping show, earning more muffled noises.

"Now what should I start with?" He purred, as he walked to the bed. Licking his lips, he mused over all the ideas he had. So many options here. He could tease Thatch with a feather or take off the gag and fuck his mouth. Maybe he should spank Thatch? Or kiss every inch of his skin. Izo could also slowly ride Thatch or give him a blowjob. As said, so many ideas and options on how Izo could use his lover.

Smirking, he crawled onto the bed and seated himself on Thatch's stomach, his ass softly pressed against the hard cock. "Remind me to thank Marco for this too, my love." His voise was husky, lust now evident in his tone. He leaned forward, took off the gag and kissed Thatch deeply, hands roaming Thatch's body. His actions was rewarded with a deep moan, vibrating into the mouth of Izo, who hummed pleased. A needy and tied up lover was definitely a gift he didn't want anyone else to see.

Lips parted and Izo looked into the brown hues of his lover. Maybe tonight was the time for much teasing. Alcohol and slight tiredness could wear both out, before they had reach climax. It was fine, Izo could tease his lover more another time. He could start off by tying Thatch up himself then.

"I want you, love. Now." Izo's voice was both sensual and demanding. Thatch maoned softly at the words and bulked his hips a little, making Izo smirk. It seemed Izo wasn't the only one who was needy and just wanted to fuck.

"Use me, love. Do whatever you want." Thatch held Izo's gaze and the lust, trust and love in those brown hues, made Izo shiver lightly. He had the most amazing boyfriend. Leaning down, Izo kissed him again, more passionately and needy. His tongue found Thatch's and they danced liked they always did, making both more aroused and needy.

Without looking or letting go off Thatch's lips, Izo reached out for the lube on the night table. He'd noticed how it lied there, ready and within reach. Thatch and Marco had thought of everything, it seemed. Once he had in his hand, he let go off Thatch's lips. Without words, he opened the lube and rose from Thatch's stomach. Looking at Thatch, he started to prep himself. Slender digit was covered in lube and then slid inside of his ass.

Thatch watched hungrily how Izo made himself ready for his cock. It was always so darn arousing and sexy to watch. He wished he could do it though, but this was also good. A whimper left him, as Izo took his darn time and Thatch knew he did so to tease him somewhat.

Three slender digits were now inside of Izo and he slowly fucked himself, preparing his hole for the big and pulsing cock of Thatch. A deep moan left him, thinking of how good it would feel to have that cock inside of him. He pushed his fingers as much inside of himself as he could a few time, before sliding out.

Turning around, he looked at Thatch's hard cock, who was leaking pre-cum. A hum left Izo, as he leaned down, letting Thatch see his prepared ass, while Izo licked off the pre-cum. He was rewarded with the most lustful moan yet. Smiling, his slender digits took off the cock ring, before lubing the cock.

Soft moans left Thatch, the sensation of Izo's fingers was sending waves of pleasure through him. Izo smiled, loving how he could bring forth such noises from th eman he loved. Deciding to bea good boyfriend, Izo turned around again, held Thatch's gaze, before lowering himself down on the cock. A deep groan left Thatch, which was mixed with the pleased moan leaving Izo's lips.

Thatch's cock was so big and hard, it felt like it was going to rip Izo's walls apart and Izo loved that feeling. Pain mixed with pure lust and desire, was the best feeling in the world and it always made Izo feel alive.

After a few seconds, in which Izo adjusted to the hard cock, he started to move his hips, slowly moving up and down the cock. Thatch watched the pleased. needy and lustful expression on Izo's face. To know that it was his cock giving his lover that expression, was arousing him more. Thatch had never known how aroused he could get or how far an orgasm could take him, until he and Izo started to date. Both had pushed their limits and knowledge to the point where both could turn completely blank from an orgasm and it was the best.

Izo moaned softly, his pace slowly picking up, the more the need inside of him grew. He loved the feeling of Thatch's cock sliding in and out of him. Brown hues looked down, finding other pair of brown hues and held the gaze. Slender hands was placed on Thatch's broad chest, as Izo found a comfortable and stable position to be in.

Without taking his gaze from Thatch, Izo picke dup the speed, but also adjusted his position a little, until Thatch's cock hit that special spot. A deep moan left Izo and he started to get rougher, hitting the psot every time his ass slammed down. Soon the room was a mixture of Izo's moand, Thatch's groans and the sound of flesh hitting flesh.

"Thatch~~" Izo moaned. His cock was leaking a lt of pre-cum and his climax was getting closer. He could hear that Thatch wasn't close, but it didn't matter. Izo wouldn't mind another position after cumming once.

"Cum for me Izo. Show me how good it feels to use me." Thatch purred, loving how his lover just used him like this. He couldn't do anything, besides having a rock hard cock that Izo could ride. And boy did he use him.

Izo moaned more and more, the words of Thatch helping him to get closer. A few hard thrust and he came, seed spilling over both of them and Thatch's name leaving Izo's lips. With eyes closed, Izo saton top of Thatch, panting and enjoying the afterglow. He hadn't been aware how arousing he'd been, seeing his lover spread out like this for him.

After a little time, he opened his eyes and looked into Thatch's eyes. The cook's hard cock was stillpulsing inside of Izo and it drew out another moan from the gorgeous man aboe the cook.

Izo leaned forward and kissed Thatch, before moving from his cock. "Fuck me, love. Like I love to be fucked. Hard and rough." His fingers went to untie Thatch's hands, before he moved to untie his legs. The desire and need to be fucked into the mattress, made him workfaston those robes. Withing no time,Thatch was free.

Grabbing a towel, Izo placed it beneath him, as he got onto all fours, ass high. Thatch rubbed his wrists, helping his blood circulation, as he went behind his lover. Gosh he loved it when Izo wasthis needy for his cock. Aligning his cockagainst Izo's opening,he slid the tip inside, while his hands grabbed the ass of his lover.

Before Izo could even beg, Thatch slammed his hips forward, his cock pushed roughly inside of his lover. Without missing a beat, Thatch started a rough pace, nails digging into Izo's soft skin. Izo's mind went blank for a few seconds, the pleasure was overtaking his body.

"Yes. Yes. Yes." Izo purred into the pillow, as he let Thatch desiced the speed and roughness. Slamming into him and hitting the special spot every time, made Izo's cock hard again in no time. "Fuck me. Harder." He begged, hand grabbing the pillows.

Smiling, Thatch obeyed, loving to hear Izo's needy moans. He groaned and panted heavily, the speed and roughness hard to keep up with, but for his lover he would do his best. It also drew him closer to his own climax. He could hear that Izo was close again, this roughness and hitting the spotdead on everytime, was always a win for a quick and intense orgasm.

"Cum with me." Thatch managed to purr, his nails digging harder into the soft flesh of Izo's ass, as he thrusted as hard and rough ashe could. It didn't take long before both reached their climax, the name of their lover spilling from their lips. Thatch gave a few hard thrust, as he spilled his seed deep into Izo's ass, before slowing down and coming to a halt. Izo had cum over the towel, not much, as he'd already cum once.

Heavy pants filled the room, both just enjoying the afterglow. Thatch's eyes caressed Izo's form, while his nails let go of their grab on the ass.

"I hope you like the end of your birthday, love." Thatch spoke first, before sliding out of Izo and flopped down on the bed, lying on his side and watching Izo, who threw the towel on the floor, before lying down, facing Thatch. A pleased and happy smile was on Izo's lips.

"Oh I did more than like it. I loved and enjoyed it. Thank you." Izo leaned forward and kissed Thatch softly. "Stay for the night. I want to feel your heat all night long." They didn't share rooms yet, nor did they often sleep next to each other. Both had their own rhythm and sleep schedule, but tonight that schedule didn't exist.

Thatch smiled and pulled the blanket over them. "I didn't plan on leaving." He reached out for Izo,who happily turned around and spooned with Thatch. Even if he was taller than the cook, Izo loved being the little spoon.

"Next time, I'll tease you and then fuck you." Izo yawned, eyes closing. Thatch chuckled and placed a kiss in Izo's head. "You do that, love. I love feeling you inside of me to. Good night, sweet dreams and sleep tight. I love you."

Izo smiled. "I love you too. Sweet dreams to you too, love." His voice slowly faded, as sleep took over him. It had been an amazing birthday and with a happy ending.

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