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After the next chapter, the real story begins


--------------------The Dead King ---------------------------


     Long ago in an old medieval castle that appears to be hundreds of years old, if one was there they would be able to hear the screams of pain, agony, and horror as two young men were fighting to the death for the enjoyment of their new king who appears to be in his early  20s with black hair that hung loosely on his head with a crown in gold and had many exotic gems on it. He wore an outlandish robe that was a royal purple with stains of other people's blood on it. Under the robe, he was shirtless exposing his chest as if to say try to kill me. He had multiple scars on it from battle and assassination attempts that failed. He wore a bloodstain pendant that was the shape of a lion’s head. Most likely from the now-dead king who he just murdered. He sat upon a throne made of solid gold and silver. With eyes as black as the night sky and hardness from years of blood-shed. He would every so often turn his attention to the former queen of his new kingdom as they chained her to a wall while stripping any clothes she wore. The only thing on her was a black leather collar with the engraving of “King  …..’s Bitch” and a small log of wood stuck up her ass. She was going to the winner of the death battle happening a few meters from her. The winner would have one hour to do anything he desires to her except for killing. It would happen in the same place as the death battle after the new king had his way with her, of course.


----------------------------------------------On the battlefield----------------------------------------------------------


     Two young men in damaged armor stood 3ft apart from each other. Both having the same goal of killing the other and then fucking that bitch of a queen in front of everyone. In a time not too long ago they were brothers who would have never thought to kill each other, especially not for some bitch that would have been fucked by the man sitting on the throne. That was at a different time. Now if they don’t, not only would he kill them both, but he would have destroyed the kingdom. So here they were and here only one would be. As they got in their stance with their sword in hand. They waited for ‘him’ to say to start. In the corner of their eyes, they saw him rise from his throne, and with the aid of the night light from the moon. They got a real good look at the man who killed their king. His skin so pale, he looked like he would just fall over and die.

He raises his hand and says the words that would seal one of their fate. Begin, was the word cause them to rush each other with their blades held above their heads. In an instance, a lot happened, the new king was audibly laughing while the match ended. In an instance, a life was taken while another survived. On the ground lay the head of one man, a knight of the former king, and the brother of the victor of this deathmatch. In an instant, it was over. The man felt nothing when the new king took the former queen to a dungeon where he would do whatever he wanted to her, after which he would be allowed the same but in front of everyone.


-------------------------------------------------In the dungeon----------------------------------------------------------


     After the deathmatch was finished, and the victor was determined, the new king walked toward an old dark dungeon with the former queen on her knees behind him with guards who swore loyalty to the new king. As they entered one of the many cells, the former queen’s hands were bound behind her back. The guards then leave the cell guarding the outside.


-----------------------------------------------------Sex Scene------------------------------------------------------------


     As they stood in the middle of the medium-size cell, the new king looked toward the former queen now his slave, who stood as stiff as a statue, as if she was afraid if she breathed he would eat her alive or kill her on the spot. He walks toward her, slowly, deliberately, to increase her fear of him. Within seconds he was in front of her. His hand reached toward her breast as she tried to back away. Doing so only backed her against a wall. Seeing her reaction, the new king slaps her across the face then grabs her by the throat and pushes it against the wall, making it hard for her to breathe. As he does this, he moves his head towards her ear and whispers with a hard rough voice, don’t you ever defile me, you worthless bitch. With saying that, he tosses her on a bed that would normally only be big enough for one person. He had some servants replace it with a bigger bed. As she laid on the hard old bed, the new king removed his clothing starting with his robe which he tossed on the floor along with his pants that were silk pants purple in color. Once done, he looks toward her with a hunger that could only be described as animal-like. He got to the side of the bed when turn toward her. “Get up and get down on your knees,” he demanded her, which she quickly did. Once on her knees, she took a hold of his 7-inch dick as gently as she could and rubbed it up and down. As she attended to his member, he looked down on her as if she was his property, which to him she was. No one was going to stop him either. As he looked upon her, he examined her body, which was as natural as they came. with large breasts that had not let sagged. Her hips were wide while her waist was thin along with thick thighs and legs that went on for miles she was quite the sight. 


     As he was examining her she tried to please him so he wouldn’t end her life. After stroking him for a few minutes, she placed soft kisses along the shaft until she got to his balls. She sucked on his balls, which were bigger than any she had ever seen, and the smell was musty, most likely from the battle against her late husband. After she had been sucking on his balls for a while he told her to move on with it. She went to the head of the penis and opened her mouth as wide as she could and took his member halfway. At this point, she felt rough hands grab her long silky brown hair and push her mouth farther down the new king’s dick. She began choking with tears in her eyes, fearing this would be the way she would die. After a few minutes, she was released, which resulted in her coughing into her hand and a red face. The new king got on top of her and aligned his dick to her womb, which led to him forcing it in. She felt pain in something this massive going into her, but after a few strokes, it became less painful and far more pleasant. It was unnatural.


      After only 10 minutes she became addicted to it, it was as if his cock claimed ownership over her and she was ok with it, begging for him to continue if he ever stopped.


-----------------------------------------------------Sex scene end------------------------------------------------- 

-----------------------------------------------------------The Void--------------------------------------------------------


   Right when he was going to claim this bitch for the second time, he only saw darkness. He thought perhaps someone killed him when he was detracted, but it didn’t matter now. What mattered was figuring out where he was. He saw nothing, nor could he hear, smell, or hell move. 


    As he floated in the endless void, he saw a bright light that blinded his nonexistent eyes. After the light died down, he saw a tall tan woman standing at 6ft with huge breasts at no less than f cup. Her thighs are as big as tree trunks and legs that go on for miles. Her ass was massive. She had a thin stomach with wide hips and a middle size waist. She looked at him with her bright green eyes that when looked at for a long time can drive one crazy. She had long flowing black hair that seemed to have a mind of its own. She spoke with a honeyed voice. So little black soul welcome to the void. How was the trip? Her voice was soft, which caught me more off guard than I already was. “Tri-trip?” I respond with hesitation. Oh, what is this? Shy are we.  The way she spoke was getting underneath the soul’s nonexisting skin. Who the fuck are you and where am I! I demand answers! With a roll of eyes, she explained the void and why he was here. Ok, enough playing around, allow me to introduce myself.  My true name is beyond any understanding, so just me master ok. She responded with a smile. Such a claim insulted the soul. He calls no one master. He is king ‘……….’ ruler of the north. The mysterious woman felt his anger and simply laughed at the small soul. He swore to himself he would put this bitch in her place. Which she ignored. Ok, little soul, I'm going to tell you exactly what was happening. To keep it short, I will send you to another universe, one in which angels, fallen angels, devils, and other unnatural beings exist. You’ll be put in the body of one 10-year-old Riser Phenex. I’ll also be giving you other abilities which you can figure out yourself. After 2 thousand years you will be sent to fight the soul of light. Which you will fight to the death. Also, you will travel to other universes to claim women for your harem. Questions? She asked the soul. Yeah, will I see you again? The soul asked the goddess. Aw, are you getting attached to me already? Do you want to be my little bitch? I can treat you like how you treated that woman? The goddess states in a playful tone. Just answer the damn question! The soul angrily said. Fine, you're no fun, you know that? Anyway, yes, we’ll meet whenever you go to sleep and want to.  And like that, the soul was engulfed in a black bean.


----------------------------------Phenex Resident, Riser (10) room, Morning time--------------------------


    I awoke to the sound of knocking on a door with a girl calling for someone named Riser-sama. What is sama? I wouldn’t know, but it sounds dumb. When I looked around the room, I was at the only word I thought was red. It is a beautiful room with a white floor that has black lines going through it horizontally and vertically creating squares. The walls are adorned with white at the base and top. There is a desk with an uh….  I’m not sure what it is. Seen nothing like it. They're a lot of crap here I’ve never seen. I can’t remember anything except the void and that bitch. Well, it is not important right now I just need to….. Riser felt very weak and almost fell over but caught him just in time. As he caught himself he inspected his hand and well, it was smaller than he thought it would be. After a few seconds it hit him, he was put in the body of a 10-year-old. I heard that damn knocking again and that damn brat calling my name. Fuck me. Not literally. 


   As I went to the door to open it, I finally got a look at the one who was knocking on my damn door. It was a girl around my age, maybe older. She had long purple hair that was in a ponytail, along with purple eyes. She wore a simple maid outfit. When she saw me open the door, she immediately bowed to me. “Good morning Riser-sama, lady Phenex told me to get you up for breakfast.” She had an adorable voice. Ok, tell mother I will be down soon. With that, I went to the bathroom to get ready.


     The bathroom was similar in design to my room. With a bath, toilet, shower, and sink, also there was a huge hot tube. It could fit about 20 people. Why would a child need something like that?


---------------------------------------------------8 years later---------------------------------------------------------


     So a lot happened. I have a thing called a peerage which can have a max of 15 members. I already completed it. The member I had at 10 was that Yubelluna girl. She developed very well having a very curvy body with huge breasts (E cup) and a huge ass. She is 5ft,10 inches tall. She now wore a dress with a navy blue tunic top with gold accents and a pale blue skirt with open sides, black shoes, and overmatching thigh-high stockings with garter belts. (her canon outfit). What the bitch from the void said was true: I’m able to travel to other universes, I also can go to other worlds like the human world. Where I discovered one of those special abilities, the void bitch mentioned. I don’t know what to call it, but I can take the memories and abilities from other people if I’m stronger than them. So over the years, while training my abilities, I would every week go kill someone from anywhere and steal their power and memory. From doing this I gain a lot of knowledge and even more abilities like scarce gears. I also have access to charka I gain while in this universe where everyone is a ninja. I went around using the memory of a dumb ass who in my world tried to stab me.it seems this world is fictional and from a story called Naruto. I took note of the women I wanted and went on to search for them. (note: as I said in the author’s note just go to the link to see the girls. It should be noted as well the pics are just for their bodies and not their clothes.) 


----------------------------Flashback 6 years ago( Riser’s age 12) phenex Resident ----------------------


      let’s go yubelluna a young boy in a white dress shirt with black pants said to a slightly older girl who wore a white sundress with white shoes. They were both getting ready to travel to the human world with the blessing of Riser’s father as he saw no reason to get on his bad side. 


      As they approached the teleportation circle which is an orange circle with the head of a phoenix in the center surrounded by a bunch of symbols I didn’t know. As we stood on the circle to be taken to the human’s world I felt a small pain in my head, which Yubelluna notice. Master are you ok, are you sick we can go to the human’s world at later date. She said all of this in a single breath with a worried look upon her face. I told her it was fine and that we would still be going. Finally, after about 10 minutes of back and forth with Yubelluna, she concedes, and the teleportation circle activates, and in a flash of orange light, they were gone.


 --------------------- Forest outside of Konohagakure (Riser’s age 12)----------------------------------------


     In a forest, a bright orange light appears from what seems like nowhere. As the light finally died down two figures are in its place. Those two being Riser Phenex and Yubelluna. Master where are we? Ask a confused Yubelluna as she turns her head to look around. I’m not sure Yubelluna why don’t you fly up past the tree to see if you can see any civilization. Riser told Yubelluna as he also turns his head around to see if he could figure out where they were. Yubelluna flew up toward the trees as her master told her to and saw that a few miles away was a fairly big village. As she came down to inform Riser of her founding a person came through the clearing and with this guy came 20 others.


        They surrendered the two mysterious figures with their weapon drawn. As Riser saw them he made no attempt to show his reaction. He walks toward the crowd and asks what the issue was. The supposed leader of the group came forward and drew his blade that was sheath behind his back, he pointed it at Riser and ask him why he was near Konohagakure. Riser looked the man in his eyes which caused him another headache that the group notice. What wrong with him? Asked one of the other men in the group. As the group approached Riser and Yubelluna. Riser told Yubelluna to turn around and not to turn back until he said to Which confused her but she complied nonetheless. 


      Once Riser was sure Yubelluna was not looking he opened his eyes which cause the group to stop. Riser confuses as to why they stop decide to ask some questions. Who are you people? The leader with a blank look to his eyes responds. We are Konohagakure’s shinobi master. Master? Riser thought to himself. Ok, why are you after us? Once again the believe leader responded in the same manner as before. We saw a beam of light in the distance from the village and decide to investigate it. Hmmm, ok I understand now. State Riser with a sparkle in his eyes. He pointed to them and state decide among yourself to fight me to death. Riser said with no fear. Yubelluna upon hearing this turns toward Riser with shock in her eyes from hearing what he just said.


    The group still all had blank looks in their eyes. As they looked around to decide who would fight. When the leader of the group walks toward Riser in response. See who would fight him Riser raises one of his fingers to chest level of the man. A circle appears under him, with a single word from Riser. Flare Riser said as the man burst into flames. The other didn’t react to the death of their leader and stood waiting for their master’s next order. 


    Riser seeing this decided to use his absorb ability on the rest of the group. He learns of their history and of charka, which he now had. Yubelluna for the first time in her life of knowing Riser felt fear. He heartless killed all those men, not only that but he took control of them made them slaves. What if he does that to her? All that was left of those men were the clothes on their back. Riser took their clothes and using magic send them to his room. Riser and Yubelluna finally took to the sky to claim one Tsunade Senju.


---------------------------------------------  Konohagakure’s gates --------------------------------------------------


       Upon seeing the gates of Konohagakure’s gates, Riser decided to fly down when he was 200 feet away from the gates with Yubelluna in toll. After landing they began to walk toward the gate where they were questioned by the guards. With Riser’s new ability they simply went through as tho, they were civilians of Konohagakure. 


---------------------------------------------------- Konohagakure ------------------------------------------------------


Riser decided to ask around for a girl name Tsunade Senju which send them to a park where a group of kids was surrounding two others who were playing cards. As Riser approach the group he saw the girl he was looking for. She was a teen around the age of 14. She had blonde hair in a high ponytail and wore a light green tunic with a dark blue cloth wrap around her waist. She had red arm bracers on and a fishnet shirt on under her tunic. She also had honey-brown eyes. She was gambling and what the look on her face she was losing badly. He simply decided to watch the match.


      It took only a few minutes for her to lose to the point she had to stop, Otherwise, she would have been gambling away her possession. Once the group of kids left, Riser decided he didn’t want to try to win his peerage loyalty. So when he when up to talk to Tsunade he activated his eyes and made her his servant. She would still behave as normal except she would do anything for him.


   With that, they left after Riser absorb everyone in the village.


--------------------------------------------- Back to Riser being 18 Years old -------------------------------------


    That pretty much how it when with everyone else as well. I could go to a different period of the other universes as well. I also would leave no impact on them by doing this. The other universes would simply reset and it would be like I was never there.


-------------------------------------------------- Next the first peerage battle----------------------------------------

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