Uchiha's rise

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He finally made it.

Finally, he is the only Uchiha who is still alive. The only one of his clan. There was a strange feeling in his heart. That was his only goal for over a decade and now he has done it.

But it didn't feel as good as he would have thought. After killing his big brother Itachi, Sasuke actually thought that he was the only one left in his clan, but then he met this unknown masked man. He called himself Madara Uchiha.

After the masked man told him all about his brother's fate and suggested that he join the Akatsuki, Sasuke realized something.

Itachi never wanted him bad. Itachi loved him. And Itachi must have thought it necessary to keep his little brother away from this man.

Sasuke's heart broke. If Itachi just wanted to protect him then he won't allow himself to be in danger. So Sasuke killed the man in an unexpected moment.

He was surprised himself because he actually thought that this Madara Uchiha was stronger, but that wasn't that important anymore. What was more important was what to do now.

He has now achieved his only goal.  Killing his big brother. But he has now achieved that. Perhaps he could take revenge for his brother in Konohagakure village? Yes. Yes, that would be a possibility.

Although it wouldn't be such a good idea after all, because his bigger brother's goal was to protect the village, although he was clearly being exploited by them. Sasuke couldn't understand it, but he didn't really need that either.

OK. So he could cross out this possibility. But what then?

When he had no other idea, he sighed and laid back on the bed to rest first.  Team Taka should be here soon... I'll think about it later. I'll take a rest now...

That was his last thought before he fell asleep.


"I see..."

Team Taka and Sasuke were sitting in the room and Sasuke told them everything that just happened.

"So you killed your brother..." Juugo stated.

"Ha! I didn't think you could really kill him." Suigetsu chuckled.

"Heh?! It was obvious that Sasuke would win!" Karin growled and then turned to Sasuke, leaving Suigetsu with an annoyed face. "Are you sure you're okay, Sasuke~? You want me to help you?"


Karin dropped her head and stayed quiet.  Suigetsu just smirked at her.

"Still..." Juugo began. "It's pretty crazy to think that now you're the last Uchiha, don't you guys think so?"

Everyone except Sasuke nodded.

"You should start getting a bigger family again soon, ne Sasuke?" Suigetsu asked with a grin. The Uchiha boy stayed silent.

Karin only thought about her future with Sasuke that even a little drool came out of the corner of her mouth.

Sasuke thought about Suigetsu's words.  He was right. It is time to rebuild his family.

A certain thought came to Sasuke, his face got thoughtful. The idea was logical, but...

With his idea in mind, he stayed quietly in his seat, ignored the others and waited for the evening.


The boys and Karin have just separated and moved to other rooms because Karin was afraid that Suigetsu would do something while she was sleeping.

But when the boys stood in their room, Sasuke stopped.

"Juugo. I have to go somewhere else. Don't expect me to come here today."

"Hey, I'm also here guys-"

"Okay, Sasuke. Be safe."

Sasuke turned around. "Yeah... I will be," he said before he disappeared into the darkness of the corridor.

"Hey, Juugo? What's wrong with him?"

"I do not know."


The Uchiha boy opened the door of the room in which Karin has settled without knocking. Karin winced and wanted to start screaming, but stayed quiet as she saw who entered the room. Her cheeks turned red.

"S- Sasuke! What are you doing here?! Do you... Wait. Are you finally confessing your love for me? Or-" Before she could annoy him any further, Sasuke interrupted her. "I have to talk with you."

She nodded shyly to him and the two sat down on the bed that was in the room. The atmosphere was pretty uncomfortable, but Sasuke had to pull this off.

Karin played with her hair while giving him flirty looks. Sasuke just sat there and wondered how he should do it now. He'd never had sex in his life, he hadn't even flirted with a woman. So how is he supposed to do that now?

Although... she is Karin. She will agree to everything I say.

He turned a little in her direction and looked into her eyes. "I want you to bear my children."

Karin frozed. Her eyes widened and she just stared at him with her mouth open.

"Y- W- W- I m- mean-"

"You understood what I said." He got up and looked down at her. "And that wasn't a question, but an order."

He was pretty cold towards her, but that was exactly what was hot about him. She loved it and it hasn't even started.

Her heart beat faster than she looked into the cold eyes that looked down at her, from him. His look only said: 'Start now.'

She slowly pulled down his black pants and then the next surprise came to her.

Sasuke watched her red face turn even redder when she saw his penis. And now she was just staring at it. What's wrong with her?

Karin knew it. His cock was perfect as was the rest of him. She had to guess, she'd say it was 8 inches long. And he wasn't even erected yet. And it was as thick as her forearm! She didn't even know if it would fit into her.

With one hand she gave him a few thrusts and could directly hear faint moans from him. His moans were music to her ears and she loved it.

Then she grabbed his base with both hands and was about to bend over with her face forward, but was then stopped.


She stopped and glanced to his face which was still cold but now also confused.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

Now she was confused too. "I... wanted to suck your dick?"

"What..." he whispered. "My dick isn't an ice cream..."

Karin would have laughed if Sasuke wouldn't have looked so serious. Didn't he really know what a blowjob was? Then she'd have to teach him.

"Don't worry, Sasuke. I promise you it will be fine." she gave him a perverse grin and he was afraid that she was up to something bad, but nodded anyway.

Karin looked again at the magnificent specimen that was still waiting for her.

She gave the head a lick to make the cock erected, but nothing happened. Karin was angry. Was she really that unattractive?! Well, wait... I have already experienced this moment in 100 dreams and prepared myself. This is going to be the best time of your life, Sasuke.

All of a sudden she tried to get as much as possible in her mouth, but in the end, she only got a little less than half in. More was not possible.

Sasuke was shocked. What was that feeling? He gritted his teeth and looked at the girl who was sucking his dick. It felt like his cock was in honey.

Her head moved up and down and he could feel her wagging her tongue. He didn't think it would feel so good.

She knew she was doing a good job when she heard his little moans.  Understandably, since she couldn't breathe with her mouth, she breathed with her nose and smelled his dick. Did he use perfume or why did he smell so good?

Ahh... finally my dream has come true.  She thought dreamily as she took Sasuke's fat balls in her hand and massaged them, only to hear a moan.  Sasuke finally realized that he loves me.  We will love each forever and nothing can p-

Suddenly Sasuke grabbed the back of her head and forced her to take his cock even further.

It was so sudden for Karin that she began to cough uncontrollably. Slowly she needed air again, but the way the Uchiha boy fucked her mouth, it didn't look like he wanted to stop. And she really didn't want that either.

His balls slapped every time against her chin when he thrusted into her mouth.

"Fuckinggg bitch!" he groaned as he could feel his dick twitching inside of her mouth.

When she could feel his cum filling her mouth, she thought she would go crazy.  Even his sperm was perfect! How can that be?!

But after about 20 seconds she noticed that he didn't stop coming. And slowly nothing fit in her mouth anymore, so she pulled herself out of his grip and freed herself.

But she wasn't spared from his cum. He came all over her face, she was lucky that she still had glasses on because otherwise she probably couldn't see anything.

When he was finally done, he dismissed a groan. "Shit..."

That was probably the best feeling he ever experienced.

The same goes for Karin. She tried his cum and could tell it was better than any food she'd ever eaten.

She took a towel from the bedside table and wiped her face. Sasuke also sprayed her T-shirt on, but she'll have to take it off anyway...

Karin looked back at Sasuke and a grin came to her lips when she saw his lustful look. And his cock was still as hard as before; as if nothing happened.

That wasn’t nearly everything, Karin. Your grin will be gone in a moment... thought Sasuke.

"Lay down."

Seductively, she wanted to take off her pants, but she was stopped by him when he suddenly pushed her onto the bed. A shriek came from her mouth. He put her feets on his shoulders and looked at her.

"I said lay down." He said in a cold voice and then gripped her pants. He tore her pants and then her underpants. Karin lost her self-confidence and hid her pussy.

"S- Sasuke! Wait, I thought that we-"

"I don't care what you think. And don't you call me by my name again."

Karin's eyes widened. What's wrong with him? Why is he acting like this? It's scary... and most of all, sexy.

She just got wetter.

"I understand... master." she whispered, hungry for his cock. Did he use a genjutsu on her or why did she suddenly felt so horny?

Sasuke smirked. "Good. Take your hands off there then." She did as he ordered. The Uchiha gave a chuckle when he saw her pussy.

"Why are you so wet?"

Slowly it started to hurt for Karin. She couldn't wait anymore. "Sasuke... Please fuck me!"

And that was exactly what he did then.  First, he positioned his penis on her core. Then his head penetrated her pussy and Karin could already feel the pain.

Then with a push, Sasuke pierced her virginity. He knew it would hurt her, but she was his slave. So he could do anything he wanted with her.

The pain was unbearable and Karin did not expect that he would sink into her so quickly, but the pleasure was just too great. His cock stretched her whole pussy and no part of his cock has not touched a place inside of her. She wondered how his cock would fit into her at all, but apparently it could-

Karin suddenly screamed louder when she could feel him hit her G-spot's.  "Aahh Sasuke! Yes yes yes! Right there! Yeah ohhh Sasuke!"

The readhead gripped the blanket and let her head fall backwards. She opened one of her eyes and looked at the dick which was going in and out of her pussy. Then she looked at Sasuke. His eyes looked angry but he looked like he was also feeling good.

When Karin's moaning began to annoy him, Sasuke got a plan. He took her ass in his hands and picked her up so he could get further in her. He also increased his space.

And Karin actually stopped moaning, but she started to scream, and then he could feel her coming on his dick.

"Massssterrrr! It's too muccch! I can't take it anymore!" But he didn't stop. He fucked her so hard that she cummed again. And again. And again.

"Fucking bitch! Take this!" Sasuke growled and released his Uchiha seed as much as he could. When she felt the first load, her eyes rolled back that far into her head. And when he started to shoot into her womb it was too much.

She passed out.

Sasuke noticed that, but he still didn't stop coming into her. He didn't know how much time had passed, he probably assumed 2 minutes, before he stopped coming. When he was finished and he was certain that he might still get something out of it, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and looked at his work.

Cum was starting to leak out of her pussy and her face seemed pleased, almost shocked from the pleasure. It was a good feeling to see what he could do to women. But he was still unsatisfied with the amount of his cum. He's sure if he gets more experience he will cum even more, and can make sure to impregnates the women he fucks.  Although he thinks that Karin is very likely to be pregnant now but better safe than not. And above all, it's a better feeling.

Karin is probably never going to be the same girl as before. She's going to be addicted to his dick. Sasuke smirked.  She will probably need that too because she will be his breeding slave for the rest of her life.

With a good feeling and looking forward to the future, he left the room.  What he didn't know was that he didn't even begin to know the real joy of fucking.


"Hey Suigetsu... I think they're finished..."

"I didn't hear anything... I didn't hear anything... I didn't hear..."

Unfortunately, the two of them couldn't sleep as well as their two cronies for the rest of the night.

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