Evangelion Microchips Pt 1

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Evangelion Microchips Part 1

Day 17, Pt. 1:

Misato was late coming home, there had been additional reports to file.

She could hear the arguing while still in the elevator. Shinji and Asuka were going at it.


“Stupid, stupid little bitches,” she muttered to herself. There was a buzzing at the back of her skull and she briefly rubbed the back of her neck. “Ignore the buzzing” came the thought, so she did.

She entered the apartment, removed her shoes. It felt good to be out of her heels.

The teenaged girl and boy stood red faced, inches apart. Murder was in the air. Misato could feel the anger flowing off of Asuka in waves. He was in defensive mode. So angry he didn’t know whether to spit or cry. Briefly she wondered what it was about this time, spilled shampoo? Unwashed clothes? Too much coffee?

Or just the fact that they were just two dumb hormonal kids who had the ‘hots’ for each other and didn’t know what to do about it. “Discipline” she muttered.

It didn’t matter.

Asuka stormed off to her room cursing in three languages as she nearly tore the sliding bedroom door off its track. Shinji was grinding his teeth; he retreated to his room and would be sulking in a moment.

Neither one had acknowledged Misato’s presence. Neither gave her the respect she deserved.

That wouldn’t do. That wouldn’t do at all.

She went to Shinji’s room, entered without knocking. That wasn’t the way things were supposed to be done. A polite knock, wait for a response, then slide the door open. Wait to be acknowledged. But that didn’t occur to Misato any more. She entered Shinji’s room as if it was her right.

The buzzing in her head said it was.

The room was still filled with boxes marked with warnings “Asuka’s Property – Private” or “Do Not Touch”. Misato knew why the boxes were still here after several weeks. Asuka didn’t even open them for anything. They were there to establish her dominance over Shinji. “That is going to stop,” Misato said to herself. Tomorrow was trash day. “Too bad, Asuka!”

Shinji was lying face down on his bed with his SDAT. He had retreated into himself. Misato didn’t stop to speak, she grabbed him by the back of the collar and flung him out of bed. He didn’t resist. He slowly got to his feet.

Misato glared at him, eyes flashing. Buzzing.

Shinji started to speak or tried to. No words came. He looked at Misato for a moment, but then couldn’t meet her eyes. He cleared his throat “Ah, Misa…”

The backhanded slap cracked across his cheek like a rifle shot! He nearly fell, stunned by the force of the blow and the suddenness.

He opened his mouth again and a second slap across the other cheek echoed through the room.

Shinji was no lightweight. Not anymore. Although he was still rather thin, he had been getting unarmed combat training from experts, part of his Eva training.

Maybe he was surprised, off balance by Misato’s first blow. Or maybe the unnoticed buzzing in his head prevented him from ducking or turning, at least attempting to block her second blow. The second blow was completely avoidable. But he stood there and let it happen.

He licked at a drop of blood that had appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Misato should have been aghast by what she had done, it should have never occurred to her in the first place. Now she should be hysterical, begging for forgiveness. But that didn’t occur to her…

Never entered her mind. Buzzing.

She felt… pleased. Everything was as it should be, or that’s what the buzzing seemed to say. It was a ‘teaching moment’, instructional for the boy.

“Follow me,” she said. “Hold your head up” and left his room, knowing he would follow. He had been given an order.

The buzzing in the back of Shinji’s skull give him no choice.


Misato saw that Asuka had half torn her bedroom door off its track. Asuka probably would demand Shinji fix it. “Well, too bad!” Misato muttered as she kicked the door completely off, destroying the treads. “If you don’t want privacy anymore, you don’t get any.”

Asuka shot to her feet, completely surprised. She had changed into her usual “I’m at home, leave me the fuck alone outfit”. Gym shorts, tank top, no bra. The outfit screamed “I’m a tease” and “Look at me!” Her facial expression was “Don’t you dare look at me.”

That was Asuka! “She doesn’t know what she wants,” Misato thought.

But Misato knew what she wants… and what she really needed.

Misato was going to make sure she got it!

She grabbed at Asuka who only resisted for a moment. Asuka was also a trained fighter, though not as lethal as Misato. She had been training since early childhood. She was young, strong and had amazing reflexes. It just never occurred to her to raise her hands to the woman. There was a buzzing in the girl’s head that told her not to resist. For a moment, she wondered… then forgot, as instructed.

Misato left the room. The two followed her, oddly submissive, almost marching together in step behind the Captain.

They followed Misato to the kitchen. “Asuka, cook dinner.”

Asuka began to whine, she didn’t know how to cook, Shinji should do it, a dozen excuses and then suddenly stopped as Misato turned to her. The older woman took a book down from a shelf and slammed it on the counter. It was basic cookbook, dusty (she had always intended to read it herself, but never had). Asuka turned to object and the Captain slammed her face down onto the top of the book, nearly breaking her nose.

No other words were necessary.

Misato signaled Shinji to follow. She went to her room.

“Miss Misato, I could do it, I usually…” he stopped talking, seeing that an order had been given. He knew it wasn’t his place to object to orders… Her orders.

Her room was more of a sty than usual, beer cans and laundry in piles. Her futon half folded, kicked to the side rather than put away.

She stood leaning against the closet door, studying him. He stood in front her, looking down at his feet. Unable to face her. “I told you to hold your head up.” Then, there was a buzzing and he came to attention.

“That’s better,” she thought. “Respectful. Awaiting orders.”

“Clean up this mess,” she said.

He looked around. It never occurred to him to wonder why he should be doing this. But his orders were clear. He began to clean.

Misato watched him for a moment. She approved. She knew what he needed as well. Some discipline, some aggressiveness. He needs to grow a backbone. And as a good officer, she knew how to instill that in her subordinates.

He needed to be broken down first, so she could build him back up.

She picked up a half empty beer can. Took a sip and poured the rest of the contents on the floor at her feet.

“Clean up this mess, too.” She said quietly.

It didn’t occur to him not to obey her. He looked around for something to wipe up the beer with. He would go for a mop. “Stop.” She said and he halted. “Use your shirt.” He resisted for a moment. Then another. Another. “Your shirt or your tongue. Doesn’t matter to me as long you begin now. NOW MISTER!” He began to unbutton his school shirt.

“We need to work on that,” the buzzing in Misato’s head said. “Orders need to be obeyed without delay.”

While he was on the floor, mopping up the mess with his shirt, Misato turned and opened the closet door. She removed her dress and hung it up. Her blouse was thrown onto the laundry pile for Shinji to straighten out later. Panties and bra followed. He kept glancing up nervously. He had seen her naked before, well, momentary flashes, glimpses of skin which embarrassed him. It happens when you live together in an apartment. But nothing like this. Her behind was smooth, fleshy, dimpled and he could easily see the cleft of her sex, thick thatch dark blue-black hair.

He thought that for her to do this so casually in front of him, he must be beneath contempt.

She turned, naked and studied him. He turned away, but his eyes kept turning back, then away. Then back. To her heavy breasts. To her pussy. Then away. Trembling. Her nipples were dark and pointy.

“Yes,” she thought. “He needs to be more aggressive.”

“Stop. Look at me.”

He was on his knees, his eyes on hers, not daring to look elsewhere. He was sweating.”

She sighed. She knew what he needed. She knew what Asuka needed. “Why did I wait so long? Well, time to start.”

The buzzing in her head agreed.

She pulled on her shortest pair of cut-offs. And a t-shirt. No panties or bra.

Shinji continued to kneel at her feet. He hadn’t moved.

“Follow me,” she ordered. She knew he would. The mess could wait.

They went back to the kitchen. Asuka was struggling with a dozen pots and pans. Her fingers were bloody and hastily attached band-aids hung from several. Her hair was a frazzled, sweaty mess. She was so angry and frustrated she could barely contain herself.

Misato stood and watched her. Shinji did not move, waiting for instructions. Being watched made Asuka even more nervous.

“Stop! Shinji, show her what she’s doing wrong.”

For a moment Asuka wondered why Shinji had no shirt… and smelled of beer… then the buzzing and she thought of it no more. She watched him turn down the heat on the stove, stir something onto the vegetables, cook the rice, rewash the bloodied salad.

“You don’t need me here” and began to walk away in a huff. She turned and said “I told you all along that Shin… OW!!!? .

Misato grabbed her ear lobe. She squealed until the Captain shushed her. Misato shook her a little, like a doll. She looked at Misato wide eyed as she squeezed her fragile lobe so hard her earing bent and began to cut the delicate skin as she dragged her back to the kitchen.

The pain must have been intense. She bled freely from the lobe, Misato must have ripped the pierced hole open. Asuka was on her knees, Misato yanked her back to her feet by her hair.

“Tomorrow Shinji will give you cooking lessons. You will watch him carefully. You will do as he tells you, clear? I said, ‘CLEAR’?” Asuka began to nod.

“I asked you a question, stupid.” Blood was still dripping from the damaged earlobe. Asuka said, “Yes… Yes, clear.” Asuka could see that wasn’t a good enough answer. “Ma’am! Yes ma’am. Clear ma’am!”

Misato looked at her for a second. “Shinji, put sone ice on her earlobe. The first aid kits under the bathroom sink.” Then, “Don’t let her get any more blood on my floor. Then the two of you call me when dinner is ready.”


Dinner was mostly quiet. Misato asked the two teens about their day, their grades, their plans and expectations. She almost never inquired about their school work before and if Asuka and Shinji were surprised they gave no signs. They answered Misato’s questions fully.

“Shinji, help Asuka clear the table. You can help with the dishes, but Asuka, you are to clean the kitchen, you made the mess.” Misato did not expect any objections and received none.

“After dinner you are to go into Shinji’s room and remove any personal possessions you left there. Shinji, if there are any boxes belonging to Asuka, any clothing or other items left tonight, you are to take them down to the incinerator and burn them tomorrow morning. Am I clear?”

“Yes ma’am”, came the two voices, but not simultaneously. Misato saw a hint of rebellion in the younger girl’s eyes. She ignored it… for now.

“Good, when you are done Shinji, please return to my room. Asuka, when you are done in the kitchen and removing your possessions, go to your room and wait there until you are called.” She stood up, unsurprised when the two teens also stood at attention until she left.

Reentering her room, Misato looked at her clock, wondering how long it would take Shinji to return. She smiled.

He was back in under five minutes.


Day 3:

Shinji and Asuka floated in their LCL tubes, drowsing lightly. Another synch test, third this week. Day 3. Misato sat on the chair next to Ritsuko’s workstation, drinking coffee, chatting with the scientist as she tapped at her keyboard. Boring, boring, boring.

Ritsuko let out a snort. “Late night?”

Misato yawned, “Another late night, you mean.”

“Look, nothing’s going to be happening here needing your attention for a couple of hours, why don’t you go into my office and take a nap. I’ll call you if anything comes up.

“I don’t know… I…” her eyes closed and Maya quickly grabbed the drugged coffee cup out of her hand. She efficiently crossed the Captain’s arms and strapped them to her sides as Dr. Akagi produced a spray injector and anaesthetized her. They wrestled the limp form face down onto a gurney.

Shinji and Asuka slept deeply, a greenish narcotic tint had suffused the LCL as robot arms placed additional sensors around their heads. Small plugs on the back of their heads were removed and remotely connected.

A similar small section of Misato’s skull was removed and replaced with a plug embedded with chips. It matched the ones already implanted in the two teenagers on Day 1. An artificial cap with matching hair plugs covered the surgery invisibly.

The first command implanted was to ‘Ignore Any Discomfort’. Misato wouldn’t notice a thing that had been done to her. If she did, she would ignore it, forget it, as instructed.

The three implants were synchronized.


NERV needed to build a better combat team. Misato was a tactical genius, but her emotions made her unstable, unreliable. In pressure situations she handled herself well, but control and coordination of her subordinates suffered. She demanded control of her team who were unable, unwilling to be controlled. She also had problems recognizing when the Eva pilots needed to fight independently of her commands.

Shinji alternated between passiveness and aggressiveness. Always being at one extreme or the other. In combat, when he needed to be a leader he regressed into utter dependency. Or he went berserk. Neither was conducive to effective combat.

Asuka was aggressive to the point of recklessness. Unable to work with others, unable to care about others. She might get the job done by herself, but there were costly consequences.

They had the skills; they had the training. Poor team coordination. They were a mess.

NERV needed a combat team able to harness their skills effectively. Shinji couldn’t step up to lead. Misato refused to relinquish control and Asuka wouldn’t submit.

As in so many instances, Dr. Naoko Akagi’s legacies came to the rescue. She had pioneered the use of microchips to alter biochemical and emotional response patterns. Her daughter Ritsuko had furthered her research, actually being able to harness together the thoughts and emotions (and therefore actions) of up to three people at a time. Another of Ritsuko’s contributions was that the test subjects had no idea they were being manipulated and therefore did not resist the programming.

Naoko had been stymied by the effects on the libido, the subjects became sexually aggressive or submissive and ultimately, she had discontinued the experiments.

 Ritsuko saw no problem with side effects. It didn’t matter to her how the chips may affect people as long as the desired effects were achieved.

Ritsuko did not spend a lot of time being concerned for other people. For people in general.

Maya Ibuki had been against this procedure from the start. ‘Free Will’ was something precious to her. Implanting chips in people, using drug implants was morally repugnant. Although their combined combat effectiveness might improve markedly, she started to grow concerned about where this procedure was heading… and side effects. She voiced her concerns, that was part of her job and her input was valuable… but there seemed to be a buzzing at the back of her skull. She rubbed the back of her neck absentmindedly for a moment.

Ritsuko had mild sociopathic tendencies. She was aware of them, sometimes she needed to hear and understand what normal people thought… in case she had to defend her experiments. She listened to Maya’s concerns and had already rejected them; besides, side effects were minimal. The advantages would outweigh the objections.

Maya was useful in many ways.

Side effects. So… if Maya Ibuki needed to become sexually fixated on her control figure, so be it. If the combat team became hyper-sexualized towards each other, then that could be used to strengthen the bond between them.


Misato, Shinji and Asuka would later have no idea how many hours passed. That was OK, they didn’t question it either. To them, it would be just another long, boring day.

Dr. Akagi & Maya began additional work on Shinji. Nothing inspires confidence (or arrogance) in the male libido like a big, swinging dick. Kaji might have been pleased (or horrified) to learn that he was the model for Shinji’s plus size enhancement. Actually, Shinji bypassed the original by about 30% in the end. Hormonal, endocrinal readjustment could have made Dr. Akagi a fortune in black market penis enhancement trade… except that it would only work on boys still going through puberty.

Oh well.

Asuka had already been given an implant to prevent pregnancy. This was upgraded to permanent sterilization. No one asked her if she ever wanted children. Right now, she would have answered “Fuck no, never!” But she was 14 and her might change her mind someday. Wouldn’t matter now. Some of her aggressiveness would be channeled into her sexuality. A balance would be struck… eventually.

Misato had been sterilized by GHERN as a teenager. She had been pregnant with her father’s child at the time of the Katsuragi Expedition. Although the fetus later tested as normal, Misato had been closer to the Giant Of Light and effects of Second Impact than any living human being. GHERAN was taking no chances with her ever producing a child.

Some psychological adjustments were part of the programming. All three of them had deep issues of dependency with their parents. Shinji and Misato with their fathers. Asuka with her mother. These were altered.  And they had abandonment issues. Well, those feelings would be redirected as well.

 All-in-all, Dr. Akagi felt things were going very well.

She maintained a small room at HQ for evenings when she couldn’t return to her apartment. She looked at Lt. Ibuki and licked her lips. Poor little lesbian, hopelessly in love with her mentor. But knew that a love match with her boss was out of the question. She had too much respect for her sempai to hope for a physical relationship.

Ritsuko laughed to herself, thinking of all the things she would do to little Maya and have Maya do to her. Maya would never remember any of it in the morning. She might be a mass of bruises, barely able to walk… but she’d ignore it, never notice it. As the buzzing instructed.


Day 17, Pt. 2:

Shinji knocked on Misato’s door and waited for permission to enter. She was sitting backwards on a chair, smoking a small cigar. The cigar was something new. Shinji started to think about the ways the Captain had changed recently, but there was a warning buzzing so he stopped.

He glanced around and continued cleaning. She instructed him to unfold the futon, but change the linens. The rest of the room quickly fell into place.

He was about to leave, thought for a moment and then turned to her. Her eyes were focused on him, smoke escaping between her lips. “May I go ma’am?” He was standing at attention. “Good,” she thought.

“No, not yet.” She left him standing and studied him through hooded eyes for nearly a minute. A long minute.

“Sit down Shinji” There were no other chairs in the room and it would have been disrespectful to sit on her futon. He squatted on the floor and looked up at her. “Move closer,” she said. “Closer.” He sidled up to within inches of her legs.

She continued to smoke. And stare. Starring into his eyes. At first he flinched. Then stared back and became lost in her gaze. It wasn’t hypnosis. But maybe something deeper.

“Shinji, I want you tell me the truth. If I wasn’t home right now, what would you be doing?”

“Watching TV with Asuka… I guess.”

“That all?”

“Maybe reading? Listening to music? I don’t know. In my room.”

“You spend a lot of time in your room. Alone” She stretched out her leg, resting her bare foot gently between his legs. Flexing her toes gently on his crotch.”

He stiffened… in more ways than one. He didn’t dare move.

She pressed her foot down. “What else would you be doing… in your room.” She smiled; it was not a pleasant smile. “After what you saw in here today, if you were all alone… in your room… after seeing me naked.” She pressed her bare foot down harder on his bulge. “What would you be doing?”

She watched him struggle. He couldn’t say it.

“Tell me.” An order.

Shame suffused his face, he wanted to turn away, but he had been given an order.

“You know… jer… mas. God Misato, I’d master…”

“You’d jerk off, right?”

He shook his head, then hung it in shame.

“You don’t have any other sexual outlet, do you? Two women in the house, one is too old for you and the other acts like she despises you. So, you jerk off.”

He was nearly in tears, nodded.

“Break him down and build him up” the buzzing said.

“How often.”

“Please Misato… please…” he begged.

“I asked you a question.” She pressed her foot down harder. She could feel his growing erection. A bit surprised, he was bigger than she had thought.

He couldn’t disobey. He couldn’t turn away.

She tapped the ashes into the ash tray, her foot lessened the pressure on his crotch. “Don’t make me repeat myself.”

“Two, sometimes three…” he was panting. “A week. No privacy.”

She took a puff. Considered for a moment, then blew out a smoke ring.

“I see.” She considered that for a moment. “Stand up Shinji.”

He did, slowly. “Take off your pants. Don’t’ turn away. Did I tell you to turn away?” she demanded.

“No ma’am”

“The underwear too.”

“Whoa,” Misato thought. She had seen him naked before. This wasn’t how she remembered him. “Talk about a growth spurt!” She didn’t let her reaction show on her face. “With a dick like that he should be arrogant as hell! He should be walking around here swinging that monster like a club.”

Shinji had been average for his age, average height, a bit on the thin side. Well, kids after Second Impact were smaller on average. It had to do with nutrition, their parents had known hunger. Food was only recently becoming plentiful and varied again.

And Shinji was a little smaller in other ways. Not deformed, no one laughed at him in the gym showers. He didn’t have the smallest cock in his class (“Thank God!” School was bad enough without getting that kind of rep!). 4 ½ inches soft. 5 plus, hard. It wasn’t much of a ‘plus’. Not a monster like Toji, who was easily eight inches, hard and soft, rain or shine.

But, although he was still the same height and weight as before… well, he could wrap both hands around it now! More than double in size. Maybe it came from being an Eva pilot. He really couldn’t ask anyone at NERV about it.

But if this big, sensitive dick came from being a pilot, then it was the best thing NERV had given him… next to the two bitches.

His cock was big and fat and needed a lot of attention, which he was happy to give it.


“I want you to jerk off. I want you to jerk off now, Shinji.” She blew smoke in his face. Rested her chin on her fist on the back of the chair.

He turned away, he couldn’t do it. He would run, run naked from her room. Buzzing.

She waited. He turned back. His cock was hard, it stood out like a spike, he wrapped one hand around it as he used to before it had grown so large recently. It took both hands now.

“Turn back around so I can watch.” Then, “Do I scare you, little Shinji? Are you afraid of me, little boy?”

He continued to stroke himself. He couldn’t help it. She had told him to. “Yes ma’am.”

“Does Asuka scare you? She could see the pre-cum forming on the tip of his huge pink cockhead.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Don’t stop. But don’t cum yet. Not till I give you permission. And I didn’t tell you to slow down either, did I?

“I can’t…I… I’m gonna…”

“Maybe I should call Asuka in here. Let her see what you’re really like.” His eyes went wide in terror.

Before he could beg for mercy, she continued.  “Shinji, your cock is mine to control. Do you understand me? Like every other part of your body, it belongs to me. Everything you do with it, mine to control. Shake your head if you understand.”

Then, “You can cum now.” It was like a fire hose. Misato had seen a lot of men cum in her life, but nothing like this. She blew out a long puff of smoke. “Wow, Ikari shoots! He scores!”

Then, “Now clean it up.”

Shinji was weeping as he put his clothes back on. “Stop crying or I will call Asuka in.”

He wiped his eyes. She was about to dismiss him when she said. “You are not to cum again unless you have my permission. I will tell you when and where. Understood, mister?”

Shinji nodded, not daring to speak.

Misato got up, patted the boy on the cheek. “Don’t look so glum, you’re going to get to use that monster a lot. I promise you!” Then, “Tell Asuka to meet me in the bathroom in five minutes. Finish whatever she was doing, then go to your room. That’s all!”

She reached down and pressed the erection straining against his pants, then leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. He tasted cigars, coffee and wet tongue. She broke off the kiss. “Whew! Not too bad, but you can do better.” She swatted him on the ass as he left her room.

Shinji followed instructions. It felt good to do as she instructed. There was a smooth humming in his head. He liked it. His cock was aching, pressing against his underwear. It was a good feeling, a good ache. All he wanted to do was go this room and jerk off. But didn’t have permission.

Asuka had cleaned out some of the boxes. Shinji would take the rest to the incinerator in the morning. He hoped Asuka would scream. He wanted her to.

Maybe she’d try to stop him. He hoped so. He imagined her on her knees with a black eye, maybe a little blood leaking from her nose. He could do it, he thought. “If she tries to stop me from following my orders…”


Misato ran the bath. In future that would be Asuka’s job, but the Captain recognized the need to start slowly. Breaking Asuka would be different than breaking Shinji.

She was looking forward to it… beginning tonight.


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