Evangelion Microchips Pt 2

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Evangelion Microchips Part 2

Day 20, 21 & 22

Day 20:

Another Angel appeared. Shinji and Asuka defeated it in 20 minutes, moderate damage to the outskirts of Tokyo 3 (mostly due to the JSSDF interference). The Angel was captured largely intact. Ayanami deployed as backup. Not needed.

Rei had been spared the chip by order of Gendo. “Always his little favorite,” Ritsuko knew. There was a story there, she’d find out in time. She had someone looking into it… Didn’t really matter, Rei was the perfect fourth for the team anyway. Always cooperative, compliant… she may not have the highest synch rate, but she was an adequate fighter. And the chips were ineffective on more than three people.

Asuka was first to be debriefed and first to return home. She was already in the kitchen, chopping scallions when Shinji returned. She looked up nervously. He shook his head and ‘Tsked’ seeing the bandages on her fingers. For someone so proficient with a prog knife, she was clumsy in the kitchen. But seeing her naked wearing only an apron left him willing to forgive a lot.

She blushed, unused to her third day of enforced nudity at home. But she had been ordered. She was allowed to wear the apron when cooking. That was all.

He wanted to touch her. He wanted to do a lot of things to her, but he was under orders not to. It was a test. Another test of his discipline. He would not fail it. He would not fail the Captain.

Asuka smiled and blushed as he entered the kitchen and elbowed her aside. “Too much aka miso.”  He hated it when she made the soup too spicy, but Misato preferred it that way. Still… Asuka was getting better preparing food.

He wondered if she was going to be a good fuck. “Probably not,” he chuckled. Asuka looked at him. He waved her off. “Nothing, nothing…”

He hadn’t masturbated since that night and he was getting anxious, itchy. Misato had made him promises.

He thought back to his debriefing. His reaction time, leadership had been nearly perfect. Asuka had hesitated at least three times while following Misato’s orders then his own. They were mostly momentary things and had not affected the outcome seriously. An additional tower had been damaged and it had added five minutes to the battle. Shinji’s Eva had taken some additional damage due to her resistance to his orders.

She would come around.

He looked forward to Misato’s reaction.

“Yes, she would cum around.”

Shinji looked at the fish, checked the vegetables. Asuka bit her lip waiting for his comments. He nodded. Shinji raised his hand, gently cupped her cheek.  This motion should have incited violence in the girl. Her usual response to being touched. She always responded to gentleness with aggression. But it didn’t occur to her this time. Buzzing.

Shinji took a moment to check his calendar. He and Asuka had Synch tests day after tomorrow. He was looking forward to it. Not sure why… they were long boring sessions that he mostly slept through. But he felt better after them. He knew he had always had a lot of unresolved anxiety, but it seemed to be less of a problem after the tests. Absently, he scratched the back of his neck for a moment.

“Yes,” he thought. “Asuka would cum around.” He looked forward to it.

Asuka moved to the rice cooker for a moment. Barefoot, naked except for the apron that covered so little. “Fucking tease!” Shinji thought. Little bumps where her nipples pressed against the stiff fabric.

Stiff fabric.


They were both still virgins.

One of them shy, afraid, trying to seem worldly and knowledgeable. Experienced. Scared to death of what was coming. “Still just a fucking tease.”

The other was stiff. Hard. Aching. Aching so much. Patience slipping… Slipping. Sensing the fear. Slipping. Aching. Hard.

Misato came home. Some nice words for Shinji. He smiled, ducked his head shyly, but wasn’t fooling anyone. He ate praise like candy. He sat at the kitchen table, popped open a couple of beers, one for the Captain, one for himself. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Asuka. Smirking. Knowing what was coming.

Misato finished her beer in a couple of swallows, crushed the can and threw it on the floor. Asuka who was carrying in the food, put the plates down and rushed to pick up the can. The Captain kicked it away before the redhead could pick it up. No words were spoken. Misato stared at her. Asuka stood, looked at Shinji… the Captain… then removed the apron. She had forgotten. The apron was only permitted while she was in the kitchen cooking.

She was sweating. Her skin was clammy. She would never get used to it. Naked, vulnerable. She started to serve the others. Then took a plate for herself, began to sit.

The Captain spoke her first words to the girl. “No. No. Not at the table.”

Asuka looked up.

“I don’t like repeating myself. You don’t get to sit at the table. Not until you learn some discipline. Don’t look at Ikari!” although her voice was calm, her hand hit the table like a rifle shot!

Asuka moved to her plate to the floor and sank down next to it.

She was learning the price of disobedience. Not obeying orders.

Misato and Shinji began a pleasant dinner. Reviewing the days events. Talking about upcoming plans. Laughing. Joking. Sharing. They began discussing Asuka as if she wasn’t there. Her faults, her habits. Her shortcomings. Her conceitedness. Her personality. Misato told Shinji some of Asuka’s secrets, her background, her family. They laughed.

Someplace in the depth of Asuka’s mind, rebellion at her treatment broke out.


“How dare they…”


“I will kill…”


She rubbed the back of neck and ate her dinner. Naked. Ashamed. Believing in the justice of her punishment.

She politely called up to the Captain, waited to be recognized. Asked to be excused. Took her plate to the kitchen, kept her head down. Returned and asked permission to use the bathroom. This was part of her punishment. Misato nodded and looked at Shinji. He complained good naturedly that he wasn’t done yet. Misato shrugged and Shinji resumed eating while Asuka stood and waited. Stood at attention. Head high, eyes, straight. Even her breasts, her nipples seemed to stand at attention. The Captain smiled and also resumed her meal.

Fifteen minutes.

Half an hour.

Three quarters…

Asuka naked, trembling slightly, waiting for permission. The need to pee became overwhelming. When Shinji stood up and stretched, she nearly broke into a run but was blocked by him. He instructed the girl to get them more beer and resume her wait.

Another few minutes passed. “OK stupid, let’s go.” Shinji said impatiently.

She still wanted to run, to slam the door shut, but she couldn’t. The bathroom door was always to remain open, except when Misato was in there. That was OK. It may have bothered Shinji a little at first. But not anymore. In fact, Shinji got a thrill out of it. Sometimes Misato would walk by while he was “doing his business.” She’d call out, make a joke or something. Sometimes she would go in… then close the door…

Asuka was disgusted… but he was the Captain’s favorite. He always obeyed her orders. He looked forward to her orders now.

Asuka didn’t know why she couldn’t obey. It was tearing her up.

She got to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and prayed he would go away… her prayers went unanswered. The pressure on her bladder was intense. She had tried to go while in school and at NERV, but something stopped her. Buzzing. She was only allowed to go here and when given permission… and he was there.

Shinji leaned against the doorway, watching her. Watching.

Everything shut down for Asuka. She had to pee!!! “Please, please just leave… I… I can’t. PLEASE! I CAN’T…”

Shinji just stood there for a moment.

“Well, if you can’t, you can’t!” He stepped in front of the girl and pulled down his zipper. His cock was huge, the shaft leapt out at her like a Jack-In-The-Box. Like a spring-loaded snake in a can of fake nuts.

She wanted to stand and run. Buzzing. She didn’t

She wanted to turn her head away. Buzzing. She couldn’t.

Shinji waived his dick in front of her face, huge, hypnotic. He smiled as she blanched. She looked like she might vomit.

He held his cock then pointed it downwards. For a moment, nothing. Then a swift yellow stream. Asuka moaned. He peed between her legs. She gagged. He began to play the stream, small movements towards one of her thighs then the other. She shrieked.

As he began to run out, he bobbled his cock up and down and soaked her pussy. The sound of his peeing in the water, the warm stream on her labia ripped her control from her… she couldn’t hold it a moment more, their piss now joining before emptying in the bowl.

She was crying. He watched her stream until she finished.

Shinji was shaking his dick up and down in her face, not caring where the foul stray drops went… in her eyes, on her cheek, her lips…

He began stroking the crying girl’s hair, shushing her like comforting a crying child. All the time wiping his cock in her flowing red curls. “Isn’t it time you got with the program, stupid?”

He tucked his cock back in his pants, went to the sink and washed his hands, then wiped them dry in her hair.

“Finish up you two and meet me in the living room,” came Misato’s voice.

He left her alone.

Almost broken.

Day 21:

Kaji was unsure why he had made an appointment to meet Ritsuko in her lab. 'Ritsu' was an old friend and his eventual assignment to NERV had owed a little something to her patronage. But he wasn't in her chain of command and his usual briefings when he was stationed in Tokyo III came from Gendo or Fuyutsuki. Still, it was on his calendar and they were old friends... maybe more than that at one time, long ago.

Kaji mused, thinking about the brief but intense affair they had had back in college. he had never been serious about Ritsuko and hadn't thought she was serious about him. There had been a weekend... well, the details were fuzzy, but afterwards he was sure they had parted as friends. And Misato never found out.

Kaji entered the lab, surprised that Maya was there, it was supposed to be a confidential meeting. Still, she was "Such a cute little package." Shame she didn't swing his way. He enjoyed teasing the little lesbian. He would never touch her. She turned the deepest shade of red when embarrassed. It was amusing that she didn't realize her sexual orientation was so obvious to one and all. She genuinely thought it was a secret. As far as he knew she hadn't ever taken a lover of either sex! "How deluded was she?"

He wondered if she would be a good fuck. "Probably not!"

Anyway, the three sat together, Maya brought out a small recorder. Kaji's hand shot out to wrestle it from her. As a Special Investigator, no record should be... Then there was a buzzing in the back of his head.

Ritsuko began to ask questions. of course, he told her everything he had been looking into, everything he had discovered. Things he wasn't supposed to admit to... Orders.

The debriefing took about an hour. Ritsuko gave him orders to delete or alter certain things he had learned about her activities... then to forget them. She also instructed him to check on certain theories she had about Gendo and SEELE. She ordered him to hold off informing his contacts in the Japanese government about his investigations into the Marduk Institute. There might be some danger here for him if his handlers found out. He was a 'big boy', he would just have to take care of himself.

Business concluded, "The next part would be fun," she thought.

"Kaji, dear. I want you to take off your clothes." He smiled at her. Ritsuko looked at the smirk on his face, he was "so arrogrant!" "Not for me," she laughed. "Well, maybe later. But for now, there's a nervous little virgin sitting over there. I want you to fuck her, fuck her silly. Take that big dick of yours and smack her with it till she screams. Then I want you to fuck her over."

Maya was aghast. Panic stricken, she stood and nearly tripped over her chair, betrayed by the woman she loved more than life itself. She tried to flee but couldn't unlock the lab door. It was a simple four digit code. But there was a buzzing... she couldn't remember!

Laughter, a man's mockery. A woman's cruelty.

Then there were hands reaching for her. Thrown to the floor. Sound of clothes tearing. Screaming... she recognized the voice, it was hers. Eventually there was a buzzing.

Relief! Everything was OK! Better than OK. Everything was fine. She closed her eyes and listened to the buzzing. 

Ritsuko enjoyed the little show, but her puppets hadn't staged it for her amusement, or not just for her amusement. Everything was recorded, not on tape, not on video... on microchip. The experiences as they happened. Everything he did to her, everything he felt while he did it - recorded. A learning tool.


Day 22: 

Maya was absent, attending some sort of family function and would be gone a few days. Misato had studied Maya's dossier and although she knew the bridge bunny had been orphaned in Second Impact, it did not occur to her to question it. Buzzing.

Shinji and Asuka drowsed in their tubes. Misato was soon unconscious on the gurney.

Misato had been complaining that Shinji still wasn't aggressive enough. Probably because he was still a virgin and too timid to do anything about it.

Kaji had been programmed years before to be an animal. A brutal, sexual monster on demand. It was buried deep inside of him, only brought out when needed. For example, to interrogate a woman... or a man. Then it was buried again. He didn't even know that was inside of him.

"Poor, sweet Kaji," Ritsuko laughed. "He puts up a sexually aggressive front so everyone would see what a sweet guy he ''really was" underneath. And of course underneath he really was monster inside. And he doesn't know it!" It was funny. Of course, since it was Ritsuko who had created his entire personality... well it was even funnier!

Ritsuko hadn't loaded Kaji's entire experience into Shinji. She took some of Kaji's arrogance, his aggressive sexuality and the feelings he had while dicking down Maya and fed it Shinji via Misato. Not the rage, not the brutality... well, not most of it. She didn't need him to be a monster, only needed him to be sexually experienced and agressive enough to break Asuka.

No, she didn't want Shinji to be a total monster, an animal... a rapist. Or at least, not yet.

Once he broke Asuka, Misato could begin to build her back up again. And as far as the little redheaded bitch was concerned, "Everything was going to be OK. Better than OK, everything would be fine!"

She would obey Shinji instinctively in all things and he was already imprinted on Misato.

It would be a "Sweet little family!" 

Besides, if Kaji wasn't available (he traveled a lot), then Shinji could certainly be programmed to provide all the entertainment Misato and Ritsuko could ask for. After all, he was younger, had more stamina and a much bigger dick than Kaji, along with all his sexual aggressiveness and total subservience. 

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