bitter toilet

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Disclaimer: Utapri/Uta no Prince Sama, Camus, Ren Jinguji, and the other characters belong to Broccoli and King Records. I don't profit nor am I gaining anything from this, I literally wrote this so I wouldn't feel sad for once.

"Ren, come here." Camus commanded his boyfriend with a stern voice. The orange-haired man's response was walking over and stand in front of the aristocrat.

"You are only allowed to drink coffee for today." Camus flatly said out. Ren's eyes widened in surprise, what the hell is the Baron thinking? "I allow you to add anything to it, be it sugar or creamer, but it has to be coffee."

"May I ask, Baron? What is this for?" the Jinguji had to speak up, he needed to know what was his boyfriend's motives were.

The platinum blond man turned sharply towards his boyfriend but softened his gaze before explaining something that made Ren question his lover’s idea but got him excited.


Ren took another sip of his coffee. The bitter aftertaste of the brew he chose wasn't really up to his taste, but orders are orders. He mentally jotted down on what could be improved upon. Masato took a glance at his roommate and hesitated if he wanted to point out that Ren was on his 3rd cup of coffee that afternoon. The orange-haired man noticed his roommate's gaze and flatly said, "Baron asked me to do a favour, that's all to it."

Masato turned back to the pile of belongings that were in neat boxes. A small part of him regrets giving Ren up to that aristocrat, but Masato had to remind himself that he had Tokiya, who loved him more than Ren could. The blue-haired man placed in the bedsheets into a box. As he ran his fingers on the texture of the cloth, a small memory came up. It was a night where Masato had a long make-out session with Ren while grinding their hard-ons together, he remembered that they were competing after the orange-haired man playfully joked that Masato could cum from kisses alone.

“You’re spacing out again, Hijirikawa. Do you need help?” Ren’s voice cut through Masato’s thoughts.

“It’s okay. I was busy reminiscing.” the pianist shook his head as he taped up the box’s opening.

Suddenly, Ren’s bladder felt full and needed to pee. He excused himself and quickly went out of the room to call Camus.

“Hey... I’m ready,”

“Good. Come to my dorm room.” Ren could hear Camus getting up from his chair and doing preparations.


In breakneck speed, the orange-haired man arrived at Camus’s dorm room and headed for the toilet. He sees the blond aristocrat on his knees, hands behind his back. He was still in his button-up workshirt and around his neck was a signboard on a rope that said ‘Ren’s personal toilet’. Camus’s mouth was agape, awaiting Ren’s warm piss.

Jinguji’s last thread of common sense snapped as he unzipped his pants and eased his dick out of his boxers. He immediately relieved himself and pissed onto Camus’s tongue, allowing the aristocrat to pool the pee into the back of his throat and enjoying the warmth and sensation of it. The distinct smell and taste of the strong-tasting coffee excited Camus even further. The blond baron deliberately let a few droplets fall out of his mouth and onto his shirt, before swallowing Ren’s liquid waste. Ren took notice of this insolent action and gently threaded his hands through Camus’s blond locks.

“Aah~ you shouldn’t have wasted that~” was what Camus last heard before Ren shoves his full girth into his personal toilet’s mouth. The blond instinctively tried to fight back, but Ren’s grip on his scalp was enough to remind him that this was part of his own plan of this humiliation play. The orange-haired man kept ruthlessly thrusting into Camus’s throat, eager to reach his own climax. The blond man felt tears stinging from the sides of his eyes and tried to voice something out. His voiced was muffled out by the cock in his throat and it only sends vibrations down Ren’s shaft. The orange-haired felt like he unlocked a new excitement he never felt before and kept on thrusting.

“Baron, I’m gonna-!” Ren gritted through his teeth before shoving his cock into Camus’s throat and climaxing. Ren pulled out from Camus’s throat to let some of his semen to land onto his lover’s tongue, and he removed his softening dick out to see his messy work of art that he had done to the aristocrat.

Ren shoved his thumbs into the sides of Camus’s mouth, forcing it open. The orange-haired man’s semen was thick and sour, but Camus let it swirl around on his tongue for a few moments to savour the taste and to give Ren a show, before swallowing it in one gulp.

“Are you okay, Baron...?” the orange-haired man’s gaze shifted from playing pretend dominant and softened to the usual Ren that Camus knows. He helped Camus got up from his knees and took off his clothes, preparing for a shower together.

“Yes, you did your best at being dominant one,” Camus took off the signboard around his neck and placed it onto the sink. Ren was blushing a little bit the rare compliment that his lover gave, he tried to be more assertive in the play that Camus wanted to try, but it turned out well.



“After this, we are heading for the pharmacy.”

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