May gets Blackmailed

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May gets Blackmailed

Ash and Brock sat in front of each other at the local Pokémon center. Ash looked behind him towards May and her little brother Max who were talking to their father Norman and mother Caroline on the telephone. He then looked back at Brock.

“We have to do it tonight” he said to his friend who was now traveling with Ash through his third region adventure.

Brock smiled “I already talked with Nurse Joy, there is one empty room tonight at the Pokémon center, so we can use it”

“Perfect” said Ash with an evil smile

2 weeks ago

“The winner of the first round is May and her Beautifly” said the announcer as the Pokémon of May’s opponent was unable to continue the battle.

“Yay! I won a battle” shouted May as Beautifly flew over and landed on her head. The crowd watching the Pokémon contest cheered and May smiled and waved at them all before heading back stage to wait for the next round.

“Now that the first round is over, let’s see who will battle with who in round 2” said the announcer. Everyone watched the screens placed throughout the contest hall. The four pictures came up on the screen. May, Ash Brock and Max all gasped as they saw that May was against her greatest rival Drew.

“This is awful” said Max “how will May be able to beat Drew, he’s very strong”

“I’ll go check on her” said Ash, as he got up and ran towards the backstage area. He was able to enter with no problem because he was a friend of May. When he got backstage, he started to look for May. He took a look in one of the waiting rooms, but it was empty, he was about to move on when he heard voices inside.

Ash went inside of the waiting room, there were chairs and couches for the people who were part of the Pokémon contest to sit and watch the show while they waited for their turn, but it was empty now since only four of them remained. The voices were coming from deeper in the room, where there were a series of lockers. The lockers were used to store all your personal items during a contest like your bag and pokeballs. Many people who took part in contest also changed into beautiful outfits to impress the judges and some also wore sexy outfits to get the judges hard and earn extra points that way.

Ash walked into the locker area and took a peek in one of the rows. May was there talking with Drew.

“You’ll never be able to beat me” he told her with his arms crossed “you should just give up now”

May sighed “I know that Drew, you’re a really powerful trainer. Next to you I suck” May said to him

“At least you know it” Drew said with a smile

“I need to ask you a favor Drew” said May “Can you throw the match on purpose and let me win?”

Drew looked at her for a moment and started to laugh “Why on earth would I do that? I want to win a ribbon today”

May took a deep breath “Last night I talked with my dad and he isn’t happy with my choice for taking part in Pokémon contest, he claims it’s not real Pokémon battles. If I could make it to the finals and win my first contest, I could prove him wrong. I know he and my mom are watching on TV right now, please Drew do this for me and I’ll do anything you want”

Drew said nothing for a while and looked at her “I understand how you feel” he said afterwards “My dad was the same when I told him”

May’s eyes lit up “Does this mean you’ll help me?” she asked hopeful

“But you have to do something for me first” Drew told her

“Of course” said May “Anything you want”

Drew pulled down his pants and took his cock out, it was clear that he was already hard. May wasn’t sure if it was because he was thinking of her in the nude or if Pokémon battles just turned Drew on.

May looked at Drew and his hard penis.

“Get on your knees and suck it” Drew told her like if it was really obvious.

May took several steps back and looked at him horrified. “Are you out of your mind Drew, I am not giving you a blowjob”

From where he was watching Ash smiled, May was doing the right thing. It was wrong of her asking Drew to throw the match, but if she would actually suck his dick so she could get a win over him in the contest, it would show Ash that she didn’t believe in herself and her Pokémon, that she had more faith in her mouth than in her partner.

Drew crossed his arms “You said you would do anything I wanted and I want a blowjob” said Drew “This is the only way May or else I’ll beat you so badly in round 2 and daddy won’t like how badly his little girl gets beaten”

May took a deep breath and got on her knees “Fine Drew, you win, I’ll suck your cock, but you promise that I’ll let me win the match?”

“Of course” said Drew

May took hold on his hard member and started to stroke it and brought her lips to it planting a kiss on Drew’s penis. She started to lick his cock and then took it in her mouth. May blew Drew until they heard the announcer on the screen in the locker room saying that a man called Robert won his battle.

“Hurry May, we have to go on stage soon” said Drew

May increased her sucking speed and soon Drew ejaculated inside of her mouth, May swallowed his seed. Drew thanked her for her service and pulled up his pants and walked away. Ash saw Drew coming and quickly hid in the locker row next to them so he won’t get caught. He was disappointed in May’s actions that she would do that to win a ribbon; she should have faith in her Pokémon and win a ribbon with skill.

May got back to her feet and looked at herself in the locker room mirror, there was some cum left on her lips and she used her tongue to scoop it up and swallow it before her battle, the battle she knew she would win. Deep inside however she felt awful that she sucked so much that she had to suck Drew’s dick just to win and make her father pound of her.

Ash returned to his seat. May and Drew came out on stage and 5 minutes later the battle was over and May was eliminated by Drew and his powerful Pokémon.

May went over to see him backstage after the battle.

“What the fuck Drew, you say that if I gave you that blowjob that you would throw the match, you promised me”

“I changed my mind during the battle. If I would throw the match it won’t be fair to my Pokémon for all the hard work it did during the contest and it won’t be fair if you move on to the final round when you clearly suck” he said to her “But thanks for the blow” he added in as he walked away to get ready for his last battle.

That night Ash had trouble to sleep, all he could think about was May sucking Drew’s dick and he wanted to know how it felt like for a woman to suck your penis. He asked Brock about it, but soon found out that Brock never got a woman to suck his penis, they made a plan that they would blackmail May into sucking their cocks one night at a Pokémon center.

Present moment

Tonight was finally the night that Ash and Brock were finally going to tell May that they knew her secret and she would have to service them with her hot mouth if she wanted them to keep quiet about what she did to Drew.

That night Ash and Brock waited until May and Max had fallen asleep. They got out of bed; Brock wore a green t-shirt and shorts while Ash wore a black t-shirt and his jeans. Brock slowly opened the door to the room the group shared and headed down the hall to where the empty room was located. Ash headed to the bed where May was sleeping and slowly shook her awake.

“Is it morning already?” she asked in a dry tone

“No” Ash told her “I have to show you something May”

“Show me tomorrow Ash, I need my beauty rest” she said as she placed her head back on her pillow.

“This is very important May, you’ll want to see and hear this” Ash told her

“Okay fine” said May, better that she hear this now and Ash will leave her alone and she could get some sleep she had to train very hard to beat Drew the next time she would see him for what he did to her.

“Follow me” Ash told her “I don’t want to wake Max and Pikachu”

May followed Ash into the hallway of the Pokémon center; she wore a yellow top and matching yellow shorts for bed. The halls were empty and it was a little scary, she was used of seeing the Pokémon center full of trainers and Pokémon alike.

May followed Ash to a room, the door was open and he allowed her to enter. Once inside Ash closed the door behind them and May was surprised that Brock was already in the room waiting for them.

“What is going on boys?” May asked placing her hands on her hips

“We know” said Brock

“About what?” May asked

“I saw you” said Ash

“Doing what?” May asked again

“Sucking Drew’s dick” Ash said to her

May’s face got bright red, she thought that nobody saw her and knew about that. “H…how?” was all that came out of her mouth, even if there were so many things she wanted to say to Ash.

“I went to see you that day and I saw everything” said Ash

“I…I did a mistake” said May, her face still red

“It’s very simple” said Ash “Brock and I want the same treatment you gave to Drew. If you suck our dicks we’ll keep quiet, if you refuse then we’ll tell Norman and Caroline about your actions when we see them the next time. Anyways Norman will believe me because he likes me more than his real son and Caroline will believe Brock because they had an affair before he joined us in the forest”

May looked at Brock “You slept with my mother!”

“Norman was in the gym all day battling some guy called Paul from Sinnoh and she was lonely and turned on, so I delivered” Brock said “Best fuck of my life, your mom is so sexy May. I want to see how you are compared to her.”

“I am not sleeping with you two” said May “But I’ll blow you both so you won’t tell my parents the mistake I made”

“That works for us” said Ash as he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. Brock also worked on his shorts. May looked at the two monsters in front of her. It was clear that they were both turned on; they must have been thinking of her wet hot mouth on their rods for several hours at the length they were at, unless they were that big all the time and May doubted that that was true.

“I’m so excited” said Ash

“Me too” Brock told him

May took a deep breath, after she blew Drew and he betrayed her she told herself that she would never take a dick in her mouth again because it was gross and tasted very bad, she also told herself that men couldn’t be trusted and she would never take this kind of deal again, but this was Ash and Brock and she was sure they would keep their end of the deal and not tell her parents. May’s heart was racing, she always had a small crush on Ash since she met him for the first time, now she was going to suck his dick, maybe this would turn into a relationship for her and him, but she didn’t want Brock to be the third wheel in their love affair.

May got on her knees and looked at the two cocks’ in front of her. She took one in each of her hands and started to stroke them. Both Ash and Brock moaned.

“Caroline started the love making the same way” said Brock

May looked up at him “Please don’t talk about being with my mother at a time like this”

“Tell me more about it later” said Ash

“Deal partner” Brock said to him

May brought her lips over to Ash’s member and kissed the tip of his penis. Ash moaned at the feeling which made May feel good about herself. She opened her mouth and took Ash inside of her as she started to move her head back and forth along his length loving the moans that escaped his mouth as her tongue rolled over him. Her hand that held Brock’s cock was still stroking him making him feel good.

“My turn May” Brock urged her to switch.

May pulled away from Ash’s cock leaving it covered in her thick drool, right away she moved her head over and took Brock’s large cock in her mouth and started to perform to him what she had done to Ash and Drew before. Brock moaned loudly as May took him inside of her and moved quickly over his length, her tongue rolling over his penis and making him feel amazing. Her hand wrapped around Ash’s wet member and she started to stroke him again which kept him hard.

“This is so fucking amazing” said Ash

“Tell me about it” said Brock

“I wish May will agree to do this with us more often” Ash said

“Me too, but it would be even better if it was Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny or Caroline in my case” Brock told him

All this cock that she was stroking and sucking was really turning May on, it wasn’t this way with Drew but maybe that was because they had a time limit or maybe this time it was hotter because there was double cock and she had feelings for Ash, even if he was clueless about what she felt for him. May worked on Brock for a little longer and then returned to work on Ash’s cock.

“Yes May” shouted Ash as he took a handful of her brown hair in his hands. It turned May on so much, in fact she was so turned on she wanted to go further than just using her mouth.

May pulled away from Ash, wrapping her hand around him and stroking both him and Brock as she looked up at them with her brown eyes. “I want more” she said

“We can deliver that” Brock said to her, he helped May to her feet and motioned her towards the bed in the empty room. May walked towards it, pulling her shorts down to her knees. As Brock and Ash got fully out of their pants and took off their shirts. May got on the bed on her hands and knees as Brock got behind her.

“I can’t wait to see this” said Ash

“Are you ready?” Brock asked May

“I guess” she told him.

Brock slipped his cock into her tight ass. May almost screamed so loud that she would have woken the entire Pokémon center, but she bit her lip before she made a sound.

“That’s a tight fit” puffed Brock as he started to move in her rear end.

“It hurts a lot Brock” said May as tears started to form near her eyes

“Don’t worry, your mother said the same thing when I took her anal virginity” Brock told her

“Please shut up” said May

Ash walked forward holding his cock; he brought it close to May’s mouth.

“Hey May, while Brock is doing you do you mind sucking my penis again, it felt very good before” he said to her

“Alright Ash, I’ll try” she told him truthfully, but it was hard to think straight with Brock banging the shit out of her ass.

Ash guided his cock over to her throat and went inside. May felt the heat return to her as her lips wrapped around Ash’s thick member. Her tongue took control and rolled over his manhood. Ash started to thrust into her mouth in the same way that Brock was doing to her butt. She was so turned on, heat filled her body and she moaned as she felt a crushing orgasm take control of her body.

“That felt amazing May” Ash said to her as she moaned around his cock. May slowly opened her eyes and looked up at the man that she was in love with. He taught her many things about Pokémon and she would like to learn more and be with him forever. She closed her eyes as he continued to pump into her hot mouth and May moaned around him again which earned her more moans from Ash’s mouth, he was so cute when he moaned that way. She hear him letting out moans like that in his sleep one night, now she had to wonder, was he having a sexy dream about her?

“I’m getting close…I think” said Ash

“You’ll know when you’re ready to cum” Brock told him

“I feel like I’m about to blow up” Ash told him

“Alright you’re ready”

“Is it alright if I cum in your mouth May?” Ash asked her

May couldn’t answer no matter how hard she tried. She wasn’t too keen on taking semen down her throat, but for Ash she could do anything. She would do it for him.

“Fuck thunder shock now!” Ash said as he shot his head back and shot his load of jizz into May’s throat. He held her head in place so she couldn’t pull away. May swallowed his load as he pulled out of her mouth, she opened her mouth and some of the leftover jizz spilled out of her.

May’s head fell to the mattress as she continued to moan from Brock’s big dick. She wanted to tell Ash how great he tasted and that she would like to suck him again in the future, but the words couldn’t form in her head. Her eyes were fixed on Ash, his cock still hard and in his hands, the same hands he used on his pokeballs every day, he had two sets on pokeballs, the ones with his Pokémon inside and the ones he was using now.

May panted like a Poochyena in heat as she felt another orgasm crash through her body. Brock closed his eyes and started to pant as well telling May that he was close to his limit.

“This is it. I’m cumming Caroline!” he said to her

“But Caroline is my mother!” May shouted

Brock screamed loudly as he came into May’s tight ass. May screamed too as she received his healthy load of jizz. Brock pulled out of May and sat on the bed, May was out of breath after the intense fucking she went thought.

“I think this was a successful night” Ash told Brock

“It was indeed” the former gym leader agreed.

Suddenly the door opened wide and Nurse Joy ran into the room. “I heard screaming…” she stopped as she saw Brock and Ash naked and May on the bed with her shorts off with cum leaking from her hot bare ass.

“Nurse Joy, don’t get the wrong idea, but I’m in love with you” said Brock, he ran over to her side “I was thinking of you while I was doing May in her ass”

“I thought you were thinking of her mom” Ash said

Brock looked back at Ash “You know nothing”

“Anyways Nurse Joy, we are good as you can see. Just a few trainers having fun during the night” Ash told her

“I see” she said

“Do you want to join us?” Brock asked

“I shouldn’t” said Joy, she started to blush as she spoke “What if trainers arrive with fainted Pokémon?”

“Not many trainers walk around at midnight” said Ash

“Your right and I haven’t gotten laid in five years” said Joy

“Then it’s lucky you heard us and came looking” said Ash, he walked over to Joy and started to grope her large breast through her dress “I wanted to do this on a Nurse Joy for a really long time”

“Hey, no fair Ash. I wanted her first” said Brock

“I get to do her ass” said Ash “you just did May”

“That sounds fair” said Joy

“Okay, but I get to do you afterwards….right?” asked Brock

“Of course stud” said Joy

Joy went over to the bed on the other side of the room, she pulled her dress up and Ash helped slip her thong off. He handed it over to Brock who started to smell it like if it was a rose. Joy bent over the bed and Ash slipped into her ass and started to go at it. Ash felt happiness flood him as he went deep inside of Joy and the moans that escaped her mouth as her ass was fucked turned him on as well.

Brock didn’t want to be out of the action. He looked back at May who was resting on the other bed; he could go and fuck her by himself. He would have fun and so would May, but it looked like she was unconscious at the moment, so she won’t even remember or get in the mood which won’t be very fun for him. If she wasn’t unconscious, she was on the verge, it would take a minute or two before she fell down with his large member. Nurse Joy on the other hand was a fresh woman and by the time they were done with her, May would be ready for the second intense round of the evening.

Brock got on the bed and positioned himself so his cock was in Joy’s face, when she saw him she smiled and opened her mouth to take him inside of her. Brock and Joy moaned as he felt her warm mouth around him and she felt his hot dick inside of her.

“Man, this is amazing” said Ash

“I told you” said Brock “I can also tell you that Nurse Joy is more skilled at sucking cock than May is”

“I hope so” said Ash “Nurse Joy is like what 26 years old and May is only 18”

“Actually Nurse Joy is 24” said Brock

“Like I really care right now” said Ash as he started to thrust faster into Joy’s fine ass, he was well aware that his release was coming soon, but he didn’t want it to end, her buns felt just too good as he fucked her again and again.

Joy moaned her approval of Ash’s cock around Brock’s member. Brock placed a hand on her pink head and started to slowly move deep in her mouth, which caused Joy to moan again.

“This is so fucking hot, I finally get to bang Nurse Joy in the mouth” Brock said as he closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling of the Pokémon nurse giving him some head.

“Yeah” said Ash “I don’t think many Pokémon masters got to do Nurse Joy in the ass”

Brock laughed “It will take you over 25 years before you become a Pokémon master Ash, you suck”

“I’ll show you and that asshole Norman” said Ash as he increased his speed inside of Joy. Joy moaned around Brock again.

“Fuck, I’m so close” said Brock

“Me too” said Ash “Any second now”

I want it so badly Nurse Joy said in her head Give me that Pokémon master seed in my ass and give me that Pokémon breeder seed in my mouth. I want to taste the cum on my lips.

Both Ash and Brock moaned out as they had their second release of the evening. As Ash filled up Joy’s butt with his jizz, Brock unloaded his semen inside of her hot mouth. Ash pulled out of her and sat at the floor, watching his cum drip from her butt. Brock carefully pulled out of her mouth, watching Joy show him her filled mouth of his cum before she swallowed it all at once. She then inched closer and pressed her mouth to his lips. He didn’t care if she had his jizz on her tongue a moment ago, it was his lifelong dream to kiss Nurse Joy and now his tongue and hers were like one. He won’t have to bang lonely mothers of various trainers who were on a journey anymore.

“That was amazing Joy” said Brock as they parted

“It ain’t over yet” Joy said to him as she stood and unzipped the back of her nurse uniform and let it fall to the floor. Brock looked at her huge tits as she climbed onto the bed with him; she got on top of Brock and took his cock in her hand and coming down on him. Joy moaned as she felt his thick cock inside of her pussy. “Yes, Brock…I need this so badly”

“I’m happy to deliver” Brock told her

Ash just watched as Joy rode Brock. He didn’t want to join in because he knew how much Brock was in love with Nurse Joy, but he also wanted some action. He was just about to start masturbating when he heard a voice behind him.

“Ash…please fuck me”

Ah turned to see that May was sitting on the bed that she was on before. He thought that she was out cold, but maybe she was just resting after the intense fuck session she went through. Ash didn’t have to think twice, May wanted to have sex with him and he wasn’t going to deny her that pleasure. He quickly went over to the bed and got on and then got on top of May and slipped into her pussy. He went hard and fast, he needed to satisfy his sex craving.

“Ash, you’re amazing!” May shouted as she wrapped her hands around his neck as he made love to her.

“Just shut up and let me enjoy this” he told her, he kissed her in order to keep her quiet, but he also did it because he was starting to fall for her, too bad her father Norman hated his guts for some reason, maybe it was because he saw how skilled Ash was with his Pokémon and knew he would lose to him someday in the near future.

May was so happy when Ash kissed her. She had been into him for a long time now and the thing she regretted the most in her life were A) giving Drew a blowjob but in the end it allowed her and Ash to have sex, so was it really a bad mistake and B) not telling Ash how she felt about him from the moment she started to get interested. She knew her father hated Ash and she also knew why, Norman knew the way his daughter felt towards Ash and he had the feeling that his little girl would lose her virginity to that man and he was right in a matter of speaking. She lost her oral virginity to her rival Drew and lost her anal virginity to her friend Brock, but Ash would always have her pussy.

“I can’t hold on for much longer” he said to her

“Already tired huh” said May

“This is my third load tonight” he said to her

Meanwhile Brock placed his hands on Joy’s perfect hips as she moved on his hard member. He moved his head up and licked around her nipples which caused her to moan, he loved the sound of her moaning when they made love. He hoped that she would call the other Joy’s around the Pokémon world and tell them how wonderful Brock was in and out of the sheets.

“Are you almost there Brock?” she asked

“A few more minutes” he told her

“Okay because I really have to get back to work and check the injured Pokémon” she told him

“I’ll make it quick” he said, he held on tight and started to thrust up inside of her. Joy placed her hands on the wall nearby and rocked her hips along with Brock. She panted and moaned as she felt Brock go deep in her pussy. The last time she had wild sex like this was when she just started at this Pokémon center and a young professor called Birch stopped by and they had a one-night stand, it was the best night of her life, until tonight with Brock and Ash.

“JOY!” Brock screamed as he had his final release. Joy accepted his seed inside of her womb, well aware that this might cause her to give birth to a little Joy in nine months’ time.

Joy collapsed on Brock’s hard body after he gave her the night of her life.

“I finally got to do Nurse Joy” Brock said more to himself than to her or Ash.

“Yeah and I won’t be the last Joy you bang, I’m sure my cousins would be interested to hear about what you have in between your legs and I bet they would be interested in fucking you too” the nurse said

“I could sure get used to banging Nurse Joy’s” said Brock

“I know you will” she said as she got off the bed and collected her uniform from the floor “I have to go back to work now, maybe you can meet me in the morning and we can have a quickie before you leave”

Across the room, Ash was at the edge of his line now. He took several thrust inside of May and kissed her hard and moaned into her mouth as he flooded her womb with his warm seed. May moaned back as she felt the wetness enter her body. Ash stayed inside of her and didn’t move at all, the only part of him that moved was his tongue inside of her mouth. Slowly he moved his lips away from hers, while they stuck their tongues out and made them touch. Then slowly, very slowly Ash pulled out of her pussy.

“Ash” May said in a low voice. Ash looked at her “I never told you this, but…I’m in love with you”

Ash smiled “I know” he told her “Why do you think I wanted this so badly?” with that he put his hands up her yellow shirt and groped her fine breast a bit. May leaned back against the wall of the room and started to moan as Ash touched her breast. He was the first man to touch her that way and she was happy that there were some things they could still share together that would be her first.

She was hoping he would play with her some more but he stopped suddenly, “Why did you stop?” she asked him confused

“It’s late” he told her “we need to get some rest; we’ll continue this tomorrow night in the woods”

May’s heart skipped a beat; she couldn’t wait until tomorrow night.

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