A different kind of magic

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Chaos magic swirled around him its endless current rushing against the wizened old man's face. While he'd taken every precaution in making it this far his plan was finally reaching the final steps which meant he needed to be careful. Smiling as he ran fingers over the spine of an frayed old book that had lead every decision until this point he could feel power radiating from it. Grabbing the book he flipped open to its final page and began reciting the ancient spell contained on its pages.


“Stop right there it's illegal to use forbidden magic so casually.” A voice that made him curse the very gods for letting that idiot get involved. Glancing backwards he could make out the pink hair of the fire dragon slayer knowing his appearance could ruin his entire plan. Moving just slightly it was enough to make sure his would be opponent's attack missed him although it singed a bit of the older mage's hair. Reminding himself that it was important that elements of utter chaos like the mage opposing him were removed from the new world he sighed.


“Natsu you're too late but don't worry in my new world the guild you love so much is going to reign supreme.” Kandorius explained as the man growled in reply. Shooting another fireball at the mage casting his spell the silver haired caster merely flicked a wrist causing a portal to swallow his attack. Roaring as he charged at the dangerous mage he began swinging at the chaos mage each attack being countered by his own magic. Countering yet another blow he was about to question if the fire eater really believed his new world posed such a threat when a flash of light made him jump backwards.


“Good timing now lets finish this guy off.” Natsu growled as the man sighed looking at the new arrival. Beautiful red hair covered the look of pure rage inside her eyes that would've made any other spell caster's blood run cold. Gazing upon her outfit which seemed to be metallic yet angelic it came as no surprise the girl was considered beautiful in every part of their world. Reaching down she picked up her sword which moments early had landed where the mage had been standing he could feel his own excitement growing.


“Erza Scarlet soon it will be your pleasure to fight at my side not against me.” Kandorius explained as the woman gave him a look that made it clear she'd do no such thing. Gripping her blade she rushed at the mage surprised when her blade clanged against some unseen wall. Chuckling at her defiance the mage knew it was just a matter of time before his spell was completed and when that happened any defiance she felt would disappear. Swinging her blade down yet again it merely hit another wall though it was in a different position as the silver haired mage smiled at her.


“We'll never stop fighting against creeps like you that seem magic as nothing more than a plaything.” Natsu growled as the silver haired mage looked at him with contempt in his eyes. Why did this idiot keep opening his mouth just to utter such predictable drivel that meant absolutely nothing. Gripping his spell book he knew it was just a matter of keeping them busy for just another couple of minutes until his spell was complete. After that it would be up to both himself and the mages of an entirely new world to decide if they would repeat their mistake or walk a different path.


“Does the idea of giving up a world of chaos and strife for peace really scare you that badly?” Kandorius questioned before holding his palm up to block yet another fireball. Suddenly the red haired girl was right next to him sword inches from the mage's throat making him a little nervous. Watching as the blade passed through his neck he couldn't help smiling as the figure disappeared into mist and they were both left stunned. Moments later he reappeared on the wall opposite of his attackers knowing his spells would cost him dearly but it was necessary.


“I doubt your idea of peace is something anyone would desire old man.” Natsu growled as the young man rushed at him yet again fists blazing with fire. Making another portal open it contained rain drenched forests and the young man tried but failed to stop before reaching it and falling into it's open maw. Growling at being tricked into attacking the older mage he sighed before using his palm to close the portal sealing his enemy within it. Directing his attention back to his other enemy the older mage couldn't believe she'd put up this much of a fight just to protect an utterly flawed world.


“Seems your friend won't be joining us in the new world although perhaps it's better that way.” Kandorius explained as the young woman growled at his words. Gripping her blade tight enough she might break the hilt it was clear the girl wasn't going to back down just because of him sealing the pink haired trouble maker inside a portal. Rushing at him with fire in her eyes the older mage was having to cast portals one after each other just to keep her attacks from reaching him. After what felt like an eternity they were both exhausted and panting before the young woman rose to her feet and looked him dead in the eye.


“Considering how much power those spells use and how frequently you've been casting them it's clear you won't be joining us in this new world either.” Erza replied as the older mage laughed at her comment. Despite her reputation as the most dangerous wizard in their entire kingdom she was quite intelligent as well making it clear the girl wasn't to be underestimated. While he'd never intended on making it to his new world along side her the older mage needed to make it seem like he was doing this for himself. Grabbing his spell book he could already feel the very essence of their world slowly being peeled away to make room for his new one.


“I will not be joining you but this new world is everything ours should have been.” Kandorius replied as the older mage felt what little remained of his strength drifting away. Realizing that it was her chance to strike the red haired woman rushed forward expecting to be met with another portal but instead her blade pierced flesh. As the older mage's cloak fell away to reveal her attack was successful leaving a deep gash on his stomach. Giving her a smile the older mage reached out giving his book a final surge of magic before the old man fell onto his knees.


“All this effort and you won't even be joining us at least tell me what drove you to such efforts?” Erza questioned as the old man looked up at her with nothing but happiness in his eyes. Gripping her sword the woman contemplated swinging it before remembering that he was always looking at that book. Rushing over to it she grabbed it looking for any way to undo his spell but after reading every page she realized it was pointless. Suddenly a picture fell out revealing the old mage but during his youth standing next to a beautiful dark haired woman carrying a baby in her arms.


“My wife and child died when mages attacked our village leaving me alone broken inside without anyone to guide me.” Kandorius explained as the young woman looked at him in disbelief. All of these dangerous spells that were now ravaging his body and talk of a new world just to regain what he'd lost. Suddenly the girl felt an odd mixture of both rage at the older mage for using cursed magic but deep inside part of her understood. Gripping her blade the woman strode over to him and raised her blade waiting for some kind of apology.


“Seems that while your actions were unforgivable there was some humanity guiding your actions.” Erza grumbled as the older mage laughed at her comments. While she'd never full understand what it meant to lose a child there was a part of her that felt genuine remorse at the pain he'd experienced. Raising her sword into the sky it was clear the mage didn't have anything left in order to protect himself. Mere inches from removing the older mage's head the blade stopped as the woman looked into his eyes realizing that his actions might change everything about her own life.


“Don't worry you'll still have magic and even that fool you battled alongside though in my new world only those with hearts of both understanding and compassion will possess it.” Kandorius explained as the woman gave him a confused look. Maybe one day she'd understand what he meant but right now it didn't matter since in the new world she'd be unable to remember battling him. Nodding that it was okay she brought the sword down cleaving his body in twain before looking back at the picture of his family. Knowing that it was useless to fight back any longer she grabbed the photo and held onto it knowing that only darkness awaited her.


“Maybe we'll all find peace in your new world.” Erza whispered silently waiting for the endless darkness to claim her body. Much as she wanted to believe it wouldn't be painful she knew better than most powerful magic like his punished everyone involved. Before she could even reach for her blade pain filled the young woman's body making it clear she'd been right in her assessment. Waiting for the long endless night that would doubtlessly consume her she was instead greeted by the sound of tweeting birds.


Gazing out at the endless fields laying in front of her eyes she couldn't believe it was real. Watching as the birds flew around overhead singing their beautiful melodies the girl couldn't help feeling like something was different. Glancing down at her own body she noticed that instead of armor she was dressed in common villager attire. Dismissing the idea of wearing armor as some kind of weird dream she looked out at the fields before something glimmering caught her eye and she pivoted on her feet directing what had felt like a sword in front of her.


“Easy there killer if you damage this pretty face of mine the girls will be crying for weeks.” A young man with black hair and golden eyes chuckled as the girl looked at him in shock. While she'd known him ever since they were kids something about him seemed different although his usual bad jokes were in tact. Nodding that he was right she dropped the wooden branch she'd practiced with several times every day before looking at him. Maybe it was just her imagination but there was something about his eyes which seemed to be drawing her attention into the golden orbs.


“Micolash didn't you say that collecting firewood shouldn't be a difficult task?” Erza questioned as the young man sighed in defeat before putting several pieces of firewood at the young woman's beautiful feet. Strange that part of her couldn't even remember what her feet looked like without armor over them but she reminded herself that it was just a weird dream. Considering their village was just about middle of nowhere as you could get the young woman had never even worn armor. Motioning for her traveling companion to sit down on the ground beside her the young man nodded before dropping onto his back laying down next to her in the grass.


“Old man Jenkins needed help and you know how difficult it's been since his wife passed.” Micolash explained as the red head nodded despite her frustrated sigh. Knowing the old man he'd probably asked her friend to run all kinds of errands for him which because of his good heart the young man had done without complaint. Glancing down at the stick inside her right hand the woman couldn't help feeling like it had been a sword at one point. Surely it was just her imagination because it wasn't like sticks could be sword or vice versa even if the person holding it was accomplished in magic.


“Mico is there some reason different kinds of armor were occupying my thoughts?” Erza questioned as the young man laughed at her question making her blush. Moving swiftly up onto his feet the young man held out his palm waiting for her to grab it and pull her onto the young woman's feet. Grabbing onto his shoulder the young woman found herself inches from his lips and wondered if they'd ever kissed before tonight. After what felt like an eternity of just staring at each other there was a loud horn which cut through any feelings they might have been experiencing.


“Come on that's dinner and it makes sense you'd be thinking about weapons given you're learning reequip magic.” Micolash replied as the young woman gave him a confused look. Sure it made perfect since and sounded right but what reason did she have for learning reequip magic. Assuming their village came under siege the elders would handle it with their own forms of magic which meant learning such magic while interesting could be pointless. Grabbing the young woman's hand the slightly older boy pulled her towards an nearby house where the young man's mother sat waiting for them.


“Goodness both of you are covered in grass and twigs did you stop for a little roll in the hay.” A beautiful woman with dark brown hair and green eyes questioned as her son blushed. Unsure if it was a joke or they had really done that before her ideas were stopped as his mother burst out laughing. Giving her a tongue lashing regarding how it wasn't right to go around saying things like that in front of a beautiful young lady the red head blushed at his comment. Why did it make her feel strange being called beautiful when they'd been friends long enough that she was aware of the young man's handsome features.


“We're both studying for the entrance courses required to become students of fairy tail remember?” Micolash explained as the young woman nodded that he was right. Considering it was the elite school were only the best mages from each village could dream of getting accepted it was an impressive goal to be sure. Walking into the kitchen she found herself overwhelmed by the wonderful smell of his favorite meal. Grabbing herself a bowl she poured the wonderful stew onto it before sitting at their dinning table and reaching for a pair of silverware.


“Seems you'll be needing to learn the recipe dear it's only natural a woman learns her future lover's preferences.” Micholash's mother explained before the young man blushed at her comment making the older woman laugh yet again. Blushing at the comment a little herself the young woman couldn't help imagining the young man and her locked in an passionate embrace. After several minutes of bright red faces both of the aspiring mages began eating their meal knowing tomorrow was an important day. While she couldn't help feeling like something was different the young woman decided it was better if she focused on the present as his mother's jokes continued leaving both mages redder than whatever dish she'd made for them.



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