The Adventure of Kharm

BY : Goddragon99
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Disclaimer: I don't own Highschool dxd, RWBY, Digimon, Bleach, Pokemon, or any anime, games, and manga related stuff on this story. This is smut/lemon story is only for fun and entertainmant for reader. I don't make money with this story.

It was a very quiet morning today as the sun was shining and birds were singing and the sound of a yawn was heard within the home of our main protagonist... a young boy at the age of 18 who was waking up from his sleep as he gets up from his bed and make his way to bathroom and washes his face, brushed his teeth and takes a shower as he was preparing his day.

He was going to be an adventure and make a name for himself as being a monster girl tamer, He has the ability to control any monster girl by dominating them through sex, after dominated that said monster girl they will obey his every commands as their master, but bad side for being a monster girl tamer that if that said monster girl manage to turn the table and dominated him, his ability will turn against him and he will become their slave.

After finish showering and gets changed and puts on his good tight thong undies which show off his amazing package.

He packs his supplies of travelling equipment and sets off on the road to become a know adventure and make a name for himself by earning some experience and try to take down the dark queen.

At this very moment our brave protagonist was on the road as he looks on the map as he walking to check where his first stop should be...but sincerely he hears a swooping sound as he looks back and up in the sky he sees something a bit not too well on account of the sun shinning in his eyes. He soos get a better look at what ot was up in the air... it's was a futa harpy.

Kharm was shocked at how fast that harpy was coming as he tried to gey out of the way but there no time as he was forced down after the said harpy landed hard on him and shoved her large futa cock deep down his throat as he struggled to free herself from her.

Kharm: Gah... Get you... Dick... Out of...My... Mouth.

The Harpy didn't say anything and just ignored him as she just keeps on face fucking his mouth hard and deep and as for Kharm he was starting to give in to his lustful side as his inner lust voice was speaking to him in his mind.

Kharm: (still sucking cock) no I don't... This is wrong and disgusting... But feels... So good.

As this goes on Kharm slowly started to give into lust and he started to suck the Harpy cock eagerly and willingly as he gets more intimate.

The harpy squeals in bliss as it tilts its head back with a dumb pervy grin on her face ehes rolled on the back of the head and tong sticking out to the side as she was now going at full force and face fucking Kharm like crazy.. Its went on for almost an hour or so until the harpy takes one last thurst and shoots a massive thick hot load of hot cum  down Kharm's throat and Kharm swallows it all down to the last drop. Not letting any of it go to waste... But the harpy was still rock hard. As she forced Kharm to lay face forward into the dirt ass up she pulls off his panty's and the harpy floats up a bit and grabs Kharm by his ass with her talon feet and crouched down a bit as she forced her cock inside his ass and starged to fuck him hard and deep.

Kharm: Ahh... Please stop!

The harpy still ignores Kharm words and just keeps on going at his ass pounding it hard as Kharm he could feel the harpy's balls were slapping hard against her ass.

Kharm: Ahh...ohh god this feels so good!

Once Kharm had said that he looks back and sees tne harpy had a smile on her face as she started to go faster and faster until the harpy then grips on his ass with her talons as shoved her cock deep inside him and shoots a thick hot load deep inside him as Kharm feels the hot jizz goes deep inside him as he could feel his stomach swell up like a balloon as he lets out a powerful and loud moan. 

Kharm: Ahhhhhhh.. Yes oh god

The harpy then slowly pulls out of him as hot jizz oozed out of his ass and he trembles a bit.

As Kharm lays there tired as hell and soaked in sweat and Jizz the harpy turns around and was about to fly off but then she felt something or someone grab her wings and something enter her ass hole as she looks back and see it was Kharm with sadistic pervy look.

Kharm: Where do you think you going... You fucked me but now I will fuck

As Kharm said that he then shoves his cock inside of the harpy and the said harpy moans in pleasure as Kharm trusted deep inside of her.

It went on like this for quite some time as he keeps on thrusting until finally he cum's inisde her as he pulls back and cum oozes out.

Kharm then falls back tired as hell as he fall a sleep on the road.

After an hour later, Kharm wake up from his sleep and see that the harpy was all snuggled up with him as he use his power to absorbed the harpy into his body and gains their abilities. After that he resume his journey.

After few hour of walking down the road, Kharm suddenly block by a ice wall as he turn his head towards the caster.

The caster was a woman, she was 5'5 feet tall with long smooth black hair reaching her waist, two big deep red eyes and large breasts.

Kharm: Who are you?

Akane: My name is Akane Amamiya, I'm a ice witch and I am here to take to my mistress and become her slave.

Kharm: Never!

He uses Harpy's abilities to grow wings on his back as he flew up in the air with new wings.

Akane: Hey! Come back down here!

She started firing a ice spears at him, but Kharm keeps dodging. Then he drop down in like drop bomb and kick her in the head as she fell down the ground.

Akane: Ahhh!

Kharm landed in front of her and put his hand on her head as he casted his mind control power over her mind and saw she was trying to fight his control. But she was soon waning in her attempts to avoid the inevitable. After a few minutes he managed to subdue her completely and put her under his control.

-Hotel Room-

He took Akane into a hotel so he can fuck her with nobody stopping him!

Kharm  reached up to the girl's top and quickly ripped it off her body leaving her in her black bra. Soon that went away as well with her large breasts on display for him. Next her skirt and panties were ripped away leaving her only in her socks and shoes but he soon vanished them with a swipe of his hand.

Seeing she was naked in front of him he could only lick his lips at the sight of such a busty young woman with a fine shaped ass and the fact she was shaved was a bonus. He didn't care one way or the other but honestly if it was too much than he would ask them to shave it down or off.

Seeing she was waiting for an order Kharm sat in her office chair and motioned for her to come over to him. Doing this she waited in front of him until he reached up and grabbed her enormous breasts and started fondling them. Bouncing them in his hand for a bit he started to notice while huge they were soft and very light. He just rubbed on them causing the girl in front of him to moan out with pleasure.

But this led to him finding her even better when he moved his head in and started sucking on her breasts causing the moans to get louder than they were before. Kharm finally arrived at where he felt the tit was hard and pointy showing her excitement in this contrast of how the world works for her.

Upon finishing his sucking he then pulled her up to where she was dangling her pussy in the air where he dived his head between her legs eating her out. She collapsed on the desk and was rithering with pleasure. Akane couldn't believe this was happening to her but her master had wanted this so she would comply his request. Soon his tongue dug deeper into her and started rotating around inside of her causing a sharp orgasm to hit. This caused her to release all of her juices onto his face while he continued to lap up the juices and digging deeper into her moist pussy.

Kharm finished his second round with her and then stood up while moving her chair into position for him to enjoy this next step.

Kharm: Bitch get over here and suck my cock.

He had his robe disappear and reveal his large 12-inch cock with it being wide too. The problem was that Akane was not sure how to approach something this massive. She had only seen stuff like this in her hidden manga collection and some porn she explored with on the sites in the past. Sometimes overhearing some members of her father's harem talking about their sex life was something that not only intrigued her but scared her in a sense of seeing them with her own father. But she was confident that her father was nothing compared to her master who showed that he was confident in demanding something from her.

Kharm watched as she kneeled before him and started to kiss the top of his cock causing small amount of pleasure to run through his body. Then he felt her start licking it slowly and sensually. It was like she was trying to enjoy her favorite ice cream pop and was trying to make it as slow as possible. He was just enjoying the view considering her breasts were bouncing every time she dipped her head further and further down on his cock. Soon she was licking his whole cock from his large head to the bottom of his shaft with great enthusiasm.

He soon motioned her to move her head to the head again and said.

Kharm: I said suck, not lick. So get to it stupid bitch.

She smiled

Akane: Of course master.

With that she slowly wrapped her mouth around his cock and quickly engulfed the head with ease. But she started focusing on moving her head farther and farther down on his cock. It was a struggle not just because she was a virgin but also because she was trying to suck on a dick that was massive. Bigger than any hotdog she had ever seen along with being wider than what she thought was possible.

After taking the whole thing into her mouth she felt her master's hand reach behind her head and pushed her head deeper on his cock. This caused her to gag from the massive meat in her mouth nearly cutting off her airwaves. But she quickly adjusted to the situation and started taking the whole thing deeper and deeper into her mouth. Luckily she felt him slam her head down one more time,

Kharm: Cumming bitch.

Doing this she felt his seed going down her throat, nearly flooding her throat with how much was coming out.

Seeing he was done cumming into her he quickly pulled her up by her long crimson hair and laid her out flat on the desk in front of him. He positioned his cock and then with a mighty thrust busted her hymen and reached the deepest parts of her pussy. Doing this, Akane started screaming from the pain while having her tits pushed up to his face to try to tempt him in a sense. So going by the motion Kharm lowered his head and quickly took one of her tits into his mouth and started sucking on it. Seeing she was calm now and the blood was done coming out he started to slowly move in and out of her pussy. She was begging for him to continue and this caused her to moan loudly of the cock penetrating her womb.

Kharm: This is amazing, you are so tight even by virgin status.

Akane: Thank you master.

Kharm: I think I found my favorite bitch, make sure to please me and I will return the favor down the line got it?

Akane: Of course master. My body, mind, and soul belong to you. Your dick is the only thing that matters to me anymore. I promise all my virginities and the womb where your child will be born to you.

Kharm quickly increased the pace of his thrusts slamming into her to get deeper and deeper. Her moans were getting louder and louder to the point one good thrust could make her scream. She was feeling her insides trying to clench tightly on the cock that was going in and out of her womb. But she was more enjoying the fact that this was something she would have from now on.

Seeing that she was flushed Kharm decided to make her more active in this session by sitting up in the chair bringing her with him. Her face was in front of his own and her tits were bouncing every time she took a breath.

Kharm: Work those hips slut.

He smacked her on the ass making her start bouncing on his pelvis like he was a trampoline. She moaned from the full feeling she had and was struggling to deal with the cock puncturing her stomach every time she came down. However, she soon felt him tighten his grip on her ass and then bring her down even harder than before. She felt his cock now coming up and slamming into her as she was coming down. This stimulation was becoming too much for the virgin that she finally let go,

Akane: I'm cumming!

Her body released on his cock and she collapsed to his chest. But he was still thrusting into her with reckless abandonment.

Kharm: I didn't tell you to cum bitch.

Akane: I'm sorry master. I will do better next time.

Kharm: Damn straight you will, until I cum you don't cum got it?

Akane: Of course master.

She kissed him, it was not a passionate kiss more of her sticking her tongue in his mouth. He returned the kiss but kept his grip on her before sending his cock deeper into her pussy. She was moaning being more sensitive from the previous fucking and she felt more of his cock getting deeper into her. In the kiss she felt herself losing and finally submitting to him and letting his tongue explore her mouth more than his own. He was enjoying it immensely and was making sure she knew her place in life that was beneath him.

Finally he felt his end coming and then he roared,

Kharm: I'm cumming!

His sperm started filling her stomach to the point that she was bloating up from the cum filling her body.

Akane moaned from being filled for the first time and wanting more of his cock at this point. He took his cock out of her pussy and aimed it at her asshole,

Kharm: Two down, two more to go. I expect you to enjoy this immensely along with me having a nice tit fuck later on."

Akane: Of course master.

Kharm then brought her ass down on his cock and it went deep into her ass. She screamed from how tight she felt compared to when he did it in her pussy.

He bounced her on his cock for a small bit before laying her out on the desk with her breasts sticking over the edge of the ledge. Doing this he brought her arms back and started thrusting deep into her ass. She screamed from this, begging him to keep going but also wanting mercy from this brutal punishment. Sadly, he was not feeling merciful considering she was the one getting off first while he was getting off second. This led to him focusing more on his own release in her ass instead of her release. Letting go of her arms he wrapped his hands around her long hair and brought her back even more than before. Causing her tits to jut out from their usual position and this was causing her back to arc.

Within a few minutes of this brutal her hair was released and he grabbed her breasts and was squeezing them and messing with her nipples.

Kharm: You like this don't you? Being dominated by a real man with a real cock for you to enjoy?

Akane: Yes!

Kharm: Do you want to bear my children?

Akane: Yes master! Fill me up, force your children into my womb, my body demands that it bear any children you want from us!

Kharm smirked and brought her head back while the thrusting is going on and kissed her for a second.

Kharm: Good girl, because from now I expect you to obey my every command no matter what got it?

 Akane's eyes were devoid of emotions or passion and she was nodding her head. After all, her master wanted her to do this so who was she to deny him? Any child she bears from him will be something great instead of what that puny Dark Queen could ever have. He would deal with her later either by having fear put into her or killing her later on. Either way she was sure, no matter what she would no longer be a problem.

Finally he slammed into her a few more times and then cummed into her ass. She moaned before taking his cock out of her pussy, seeing it was still hard, got on her knees and started tit fucking him on the spot.

Kharm rubbed her head as if she was a good pet.

Kharm: Good girl.

She smiled before taking his cock into her mouth.



Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Mage/Monster Girl Tamer

Unique Characteristics: Purple eyes, wears a greek style tunic, sandals and have a thick ten-inch dick with medium balls.

Personality: Cheerful, Carefree, Lustful, quite dominant towards monster girls, but submissive if monster girls dominated him.

Skills: Able to use attack spells of various elements and can heal allies instantly. She is also efficient in crafting elixirs for various purposes. 

Equipment: A long staff with a clear crystal at the top and hidden dagger.

Keiko Tachibana

Full name: Keiko Tachibana
Species: Kamaitachi (sickle weasel), a yokai
Age: 835
Height: 7' 3'' barefoot, 7' 6'' in her standard heels
Profession: independent demon hunter

This stunning, towering beauty has travelled all over the world, simultaneously protecting it from supernatural threats and enjoying in simple pleasures of life, mingling among mortals. Beneath her flirtratious, playful and mischievous personality is a fierce, powerful warrior feared among those who seek to harm the innocent.


Full name: May Sa Michener
Species: Anthro Mightena
Age: 25
Height: 100' barefoot, 115' her platform heels
Profession: Samurai 

This stunning, towering beauty samurai has travelled all over the world, simultaneously protecting it from deadly threats and enjoying in simple pleasures of life. Beneath her flirtratious, playful and mischievous personality is a fierce, powerful warrior feared among those who seek to harm the innocent.

Reed is lying on his bed with Hestia hugging him filled with affection. Thanks by having sex with Hestia his power has increased to reaching low ultimate class. Then Reed started about what is he going to do next, then it's beat him, why stop with human, nekomata or goddess when you can have sex with other race like kitsune, elf, centaur, etc.

He got out of bed and decided to go Kuroinu to capture a certain dark elf.

-Kuroinu World-

Reed teleported inside the dark elf queen's castle and knock her out and take her to his hidden hideout. 

Olga was a dark room while unconscious and being held by chains on her wrists above her head....soon Reed is going to have fun with Olga.

Reed stand across of Olga and watched his future slave unconscious and about to be raped. Seeing a wonderful vision of helpless Olga, Reed made a sadistic smile on their faces and soon after Olga began to regain her consciousness.

Olga: Where......where am I? What is this place? 

She wondered a little groggy and meaningless.

Reed: You are in my hideout my future slave and soon this will be your home too. 

He speaks with a evil grin.

Olga then regained all her senses and tried to move her arms but it was not possible because they were chained above her head, Olga's look before confused was full of hatred, she turned her gaze to Reed and then shouted.

Olga: Who are you calling your filthy human "Future slave"?! I swear I'll kill you! 

She shouted struggling in the chains. Reed just smiled and saw Olga try to get out of her chains while cursing and threatening him, an Olga personality was exactly as it should be, her hatred for humans and her strong personality was well on display and this made only Reed get even more excited.

Reed then walked towards Olga, held her mouth with his hands and with a evil grin and said.

Reed: You have a sharp tongue my future slave, maybe I should give you a harder treatment than I planned. 

He spoke while taking his erect cock out of his pants.

Seeing the size of Reed's cock her confident look disappeared and in place was a frightened and afraid look.

Olga: You wouldn't dare do that! 

She screamed in anger and fear.

Reed saw the great Queen of the dark elves Olga practically begging him for mercy and this was very pleasurable, he decide how he would start with her.

Reed took his right hand to Olga's panties and soon after took his left hand to Olga's chest, Reed then looked into Olga's eyes who was frightened and angry and with a quick movement tore her panties and that her breasts showed her. Olga turned their faces with shame and Reed lickes his lips while watching Olga's naked body.

Olga: You are garbage...No! You are worse than garbage! 

She said turning her face with hatred.

Reed smiled and slapped Olga in the face with his right hand, Olga got confused and Reed with a serious look said while positioning his cock at the entrance of Olga's pussy.

Reed: From now on, you will call me Master you bitch!

Olga widened her eyes and Reed held her waist and finally penetrated Olga's virgin pussy. Olga writhe in pain as Reed took his cock to the deepest parts of her ex-virgin pussy, Olga's gaze was turned and tears fell from her eyes.

Olga: Please ...*sniff*...get it out of me ...*sniff*..,it hurts. -

She said while almost crying.

Reed: My slave..... after I break up with you, will beg me not to take my cock out of you. 

He said starting to move.

Reed's movements were rough and fast, Olga's tits moved up and down with Reed's thrusts, Olga turned her face and closed her eyes watering while feeling her pussy raped.

Reed seeing that olga was ignoring him, so he held her ass hard....

And held her face with her left hand and forced a kiss on her mouth, her tongues curled up and exchanged saliva while Olga's sweet and soft lips were violated.

Reed kept kissing Olga for a long time, her strokes in Olga's pussy every minute got faster and the taste of Olga's mouth became more and more irresistible, Reed could kiss her forever more when he goes something squirting from Olga's pussy and her body squirms he separated from the lips of the dark elf and then stared at her, Olga's face was with an expression of anger, disgust and also shame and only by these signs did he already know what had happened ....she had come.

Reed: More you and a whore really don't and? She's being raped right now and she's still just came. 

He said slapping Olga's ass.

Olga turned her face with contempt.

Olga: Shut up .... aahhhh.... human .... aaaaghhh ..... FILTHY! 

She said amid moans of anger.

Reed was about to cum and he would ensure that Olga receives and everything in her womb, he then grabbed Olga's waist very hard and increased the speed of his thrusts, Olga felt that Reed's penis would cum inside her and began to try to push him out with her legs.

Olga: Don't dare go-Aaaaaaaaaahhhh. 

Before Olga finished talking, Reed had come inside her.

Reed took her penis out of Olga's pussy and saw his semen do from inside her, Olga was powerless, her look was broken and her breathing was heavy.

Olga: 'At least it's over now'

She said in her thoughts.

Reed: Now......let's go to the second round!

Olga looked at Reed and saw his erect cock ready to rape her again, Olga there seeing this image of terror despaired.


She screamed terrified.

Reed went to Olga, raised her chin and said near her lips.

Reed: Transform you and my slave. 

Soon after pulled Olga for another kiss.

And now there was doubt......Reed know what to do next?

Reed started to clones himself and gives rise to at least 7 clones.

Olga seeing all 7 clones of Reed with their sticks erect, is in complete shock and frightened, her body trembles and her legs begin to close, Reed seeing a great opportunity to decide to release Olga, she falls to the ground and sees the 7 clones of Reed approaching her slowly, Olga turns desperately and tries to run, another clone of Reed appears right in her and holds in front of Olga's head trying to make her suck on his cock, Olga holds the parts of the Reed clone and tries to resist more the clone of Reed keeps pushing her head nonstop every second Olga gets closer and closer to the clone's cock.

Clone 1: Come on my bitch, I guarantee you'll like the taste of my dick. 

The clone pushing Olga's head speaks.

Olga: No! Stop! 

She screams still resisting.

Clone 2: Let me help you a little. 

A clone behind Olga talks by lifting Olga's leg and penetrating her pussy.

The surprise clone stocking in her pussy makes Olga open her mouth to moan and also made her lose her options, or clone in front of her seeing it puts her erect cock inside Olga's mouth and starts fucking her throat while a clone fucks her pussy and the remaining clone masturbate.

Clone 1: Don't even think about biting your whore. 

The clone who had his cock in her mouth Olga talks.

Clone 2: More than hot pussy you have my slave, is your ass too and so tight? 

The clone fucking Olga's pussy speaks Taking her finger up Olga's ass and penetrating his index fingers into Olga's anus.

Olga was now having her mouth and pussy being raped while her anus was penetrated by a finger.

Clone 1: I'm cumming ....Aghh.... see if it swallows everything! 

Said the clone fucking Olga's mouth.

Clone 2: I'm also cumming, I'll give you a very hot milk in your womb! -Said the clone fucking her pussy taking his finger in Olga's anus and holding her two arms.

The clones then came one after the other, first it was the ones who were masturbating seeing Olga being fucked, the cum of the 5 clones dirty Olga's whole body leaving her white, soon after it was the clone in her mouth and finally the clone in her pussy, in the end the two take their penis out of Olga's mouth and pussy and bathed her in semen.

Olga was now lying on the semi-conscious floor and with her body covered in cum, semen came out of her pussy and Reed seeing these wonderful vision asked.

Reed: What do you want now my slave?

Even though she was an extremely powerful and feared Queen, after having her body desecrated so many times, Olga ended up submit to him.

She took her right hand to her pussy leaking semen, took some cum with her hand and took it to her mouth, where she delighted in the taste of Reed' fucking. The other Reed clones then disappear and leave only one watching Olga feed on semen from her pussy.

Reed had gotten another girl for his harem, Olga was now in his power. Reed snaps his fingers clean up her body, then he took Olga in his arms, and watched the face of his new slave, Olga looked back with shame and before she could say anything, Reed kneaded his lips against Olga's, she allowed and turned her arms around Reed's neck, as the two went to his room for more fun time.

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