The Adventure of Kharm

BY : Goddragon99
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It was a very quiet morning today as the sun was shining and birds were singing and the sound of a yawn was heard within the home of our main protagonist... a young boy at the age of 18 who was waking up from his sleep as he gets up from his bed and make his way to bathroom and washes his face, brushed his teeth and takes a shower as he was preparing his day.

He was going to be an adventure and make a name for himself as being a monster girl tamer, He has the ability to control any monster girl by dominating them through sex, after dominated that said monster girl they will obey his every commands as their master, but bad side for being a monster girl tamer that if that said monster girl manage to turn the table and dominated him, his ability will turn against him and he will become their slave.

After finish showering and gets changed and puts on his good tight thong undies which show off his amazing package.

He packs his supplies of travelling equipment and sets off on the road to become a know adventure and make a name for himself by earning some experience and try to take down the dark queen.

At this very moment our brave protagonist was on the road as he looks on the map as he walking to check where his first stop should be...but sincerely he hears a swooping sound as he looks back and up in the sky he sees something a bit not too well on account of the sun shinning in his eyes. He soos get a better look at what ot was up in the air... it's was a futa harpy.

Kharm was shocked at how fast that harpy was coming as he tried to gey out of the way but there no time as he was forced down after the said harpy landed hard on him and shoved her large futa cock deep down his throat as he struggled to free herself from her.

Kharm: Gah... Get you... Dick... Out of...My... Mouth.

The Harpy didn't say anything and just ignored him as she just keeps on face fucking his mouth hard and deep and as for Kharm he was starting to give in to his lustful side as his inner lust voice was speaking to him in his mind.

Kharm: (still sucking cock) no I don't... This is wrong and disgusting... But feels... So good.

As this goes on Kharm slowly started to give into lust and he started to suck the Harpy cock eagerly and willingly as he gets more intimate.

The harpy squeals in bliss as it tilts its head back with a dumb pervy grin on her face ehes rolled on the back of the head and tong sticking out to the side as she was now going at full force and face fucking Kharm like crazy.. Its went on for almost an hour or so until the harpy takes one last thurst and shoots a massive thick hot load of hot cum  down Kharm's throat and Kharm swallows it all down to the last drop. Not letting any of it go to waste... But the harpy was still rock hard. As she forced Kharm to lay face forward into the dirt ass up she pulls off his panty's and the harpy floats up a bit and grabs Kharm by his ass with her talon feet and crouched down a bit as she forced her cock inside his ass and starged to fuck him hard and deep.

Kharm: Ahh... Please stop!

The harpy still ignores Kharm words and just keeps on going at his ass pounding it hard as Kharm he could feel the harpy's balls were slapping hard against her ass.

Kharm: Ahh...ohh god this feels so good!

Once Kharm had said that he looks back and sees tne harpy had a smile on her face as she started to go faster and faster until the harpy then grips on his ass with her talons as shoved her cock deep inside him and shoots a thick hot load deep inside him as Kharm feels the hot jizz goes deep inside him as he could feel his stomach swell up like a balloon as he lets out a powerful and loud moan. 

Kharm: Ahhhhhhh.. Yes oh god

The harpy then slowly pulls out of him as hot jizz oozed out of his ass and he trembles a bit.

As Kharm lays there tired as hell and soaked in sweat and Jizz the harpy turns around and was about to fly off but then she felt something or someone grab her wings and something enter her ass hole as she looks back and see it was Kharm with sadistic pervy look.

Kharm: Where do you think you going... You fucked me but now I will fuck

As Kharm said that he then shoves his cock inside of the harpy and the said harpy moans in pleasure as Kharm trusted deep inside of her.

It went on like this for quite some time as he keeps on thrusting until finally he cum's inisde her as he pulls back and cum oozes out.

Kharm then falls back tired as hell as he fall a sleep on the road.


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Mage/Monster Girl Tamer

Unique Characteristics: Purple eyes, wears a greek style tunic, sandals and have a thick ten-inch dick with medium balls.

Personality: Cheerful, Carefree, Lustful, quite dominant towards monster girls, but submissive if monster girls dominated him.

Skills: Able to use attack spells of various elements and can heal allies instantly. She is also efficient in crafting elixirs for various purposes. 

Equipment: A long staff with a clear crystal at the top and hidden dagger.

Keiko Tachibana

Full name: Keiko Tachibana
Species: Kamaitachi (sickle weasel), a yokai
Age: 835
Height: 7' 3'' barefoot, 7' 6'' in her standard heels
Profession: independent demon hunter

This stunning, towering beauty has travelled all over the world, simultaneously protecting it from supernatural threats and enjoying in simple pleasures of life, mingling among mortals. Beneath her flirtratious, playful and mischievous personality is a fierce, powerful warrior feared among those who seek to harm the innocent.

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