The Inucbus of Multiverse

BY : Goddragon99
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In the endless void, a lost soul floating in the endless black void with no way out until a bright light blinded his vision. After the light died down, he saw a 20ft tall lady in front of him.

The woman’s body was impossibly curvy with pure white skin that was whiter than the moon in the night sky, a pair of gigantic S-Cup breasts that looked ready to spill out of her clothes with even the slightest of movements, along with having a pair of wide, childbearing hips and a matching massive pillow ass. Her eyes were completely gold which shines a radiant beauty, and her hair was a blue color and flowing in a nonexistent wind while glowing brightly as if it was blessed by the stars. She also had a pair of large wings that were twice her size with five feathers being much longer than the rest, and on the feathers were glowing ancient languages from a long-forgotten time. Her attire was a glistening dark-blue robe with glittering lights flickering and falling from her being, sliver bracelets and anklets adored her body with symbols of moon into them with a matching belt around her waist, and a pair of ancient knee-high gladiator sandals adorned her feet.

?: ‘Holy shit she’s gorgeous!’

Goddess: Hello, little soul welcome to the void.

Her voice was soft, sweet, and beautiful.

?:Hel-lo Who are you?

I respond with hesitation.

Luna: My true name is beyond any understanding, so just me Luna.

She responded with a smile.

Luna: Ok, young soul, I'm going to tell you exactly what was happening. I will send you to another universe, one in which angels, fallen angels, devils, and other unnatural beings exist as a universe you known as Highschool Dxd.

?: Highschool Dxd? The anime/manga about a dumb pervert guy with a overpower sacred gear who want to be the harem king!

Luna: Yes, darling!

?: I see, but can I ask why?

Luna: Well my dear, me and my sister Celestia have a challenge to choose our champion and they will fight each other.

?: Really?

Luna: Yeah, after 1000 years you will be sent to fight to my sister's champion. Which you will fight to the death. Also, you will travel to other universes to claim women for your harem. Any questions?

She asked the soul.

?: Yeah, will I see you again? The soul asked the goddess. Aw, are you getting attached to me already? Anyway, yes, we’ll meet whenever near future. Also I grants few wishes before you go!

I see only darkness in my new mother's womb?

?: 'Is this the feeling when your mother's womb?'

And then he sees light, a very bright light, then he feels as if he is getting pushed out of his mother's womb. He then heard screams of agony than sounded like a man and a woman screaming together.

Then he finally gets pushed out, there he see two figure. The woman is Venelana Bael and the Man is Zeoticus Gremory.

Venelana: Finally, done with it!!!

Zeoticus: Y-yes finally done with it.

His hand was crushes because his wife was squeezing his hand while giving born.

?: *opens eyes*

Venelana: Look, he's opening his eyes!

Zeoticus just keeps on crying both joy and pain.

Venelana: Dear Lucifer, his eyes are beautiful.

And then the door slams wide open revealing a red headed boy like in his mid 20s. That person is Sirzech Gremory first child of the two couple.

Sirzech: Where is he where is he!

Sirzech then see his father in the corner with broken hands crying in the corner of the room. Sirzech just sweat drops then he saw his mother holding a baby with red hair and blue eyes.

Sirzechs: *Whispering* He is the most cutest thing I've ever seen.

Venelana:*Whispering* Yes he is the cutest isn't he.

Then a maid with sliver hair came in, it was Grayfia, Sirzechs' wife.

Grayfia: *Whispering* Yes, he indeed is cute, but what willl be his name Mrs. Gremory?

Venelana: Reed... Reed Gremory will be his name.

Sirzech: Welcome to the real world brother.

Reed: Mo-mo-mo

The four, with Zeoticus finished his crying, are just surprised and Vene said something no one ever thought she would say near a baby no less

Vene: Come on you can do it, if you do it I will punch a Motherfucker.


Vene: Yes *punches her husband in the face*

Zeo (Zeoticus) just falls to the ground unconscious and the other two are just dumbfounded of what just happened.

The baby then giggles as if he understood what had happened.

Everyone in the room, except a certain unconscious red-head, was surprised that he is able to understand the joke.


Finally they are done with the baby thing, Zeo wake up, Reed is now sleeping and everyone is preparing to go home when one of the nurse that had helped Vene in giving birth, came back and told Vene that she has another baby in her.

The moment the nurse said that the happy living eyes of Vene turned to that of when you have been tortured for years. She told Sirzechs and Grayfia to go back to the Gremory mansion. They did what she said and went back with the baby in hand to put him back at his crib on the mansion. She then looked at Zeo with the most innocent smile ever, seeing this Zeo became scared again for his now-fixed hande, and tries to run away when Vene rapidly catched his hands and rold him to sit down and deal with it again, and again the same thing bad happened, they both screamed extremely loud rivalling the sound of the loudest horn in the world.


We see Vene with a new red-head baby girl and Zeo at the corner crying for how his hands has broke twice that day. Sirzech and Grayfia then came back with the news that Reed is now safe and sound in the mansion with the maids taking care of him, when they saw Vene holding another baby and Zeo crying in the corner with a new pair of broken handw, they knew what had happened... again. Vene named her Rias, Zeo finally got his hands back brand-new again, then they finally pack their things up and went back home.

-10 years later-

It's been 10 years after Reed's birth to the world od Dxd, and it was both boring and fun, he has a new 'sister', Rias,  and since her birth, Reed's 'father and brother' has been giving her everything that she wants, from toys to other things that she should not have had as a CHILD, while yes Reed is also treated like this, both his 'father and brother' limits him to how much he can get, but when it comes to HER, it's unlimited with their excuse that She is the heiress.

Back to Reed, he has a well-toned body that can make girls blush (Non-perverted), or a nosebleed (Perverted). Reed is also very well-mannered, which makes both their parents and sibling, exception of Rias, very surprised. Well, as you now know he is 10 and Rias is 7, and since Rias is the heiress and always getting everything that she wants. Rias had a crush on her own brother, no one knows this except for Reed himself due to her sometime looking at him and blushing then by now Reed.


(3rd POV)

Reed is now going to Beelzebub to get his new evil piecew, of course he saw excited, but at the same time also annoyed since his 'sister' won't stop pestering him about her trying to be his queen.

Back to Reed, he came inside Beelzebub's office and greetee Beelzebub.

Reed: Hello Uncle Bee, how are you.

Beelzebub's eye twitched while both his parents and sibiling, you know which one, laughed at his nickname Reed has given to Beelzebub.

Beelzebub: I told you once I told you twice, do not call me Bee, it's Beezlebub not Bee.

Reed: Meh, whatever you say Uncle Bee.

Beelzebub: *groans* Anyways back to topic, it's time for you to get your pieces.

Reed smiles.

Beelzebub then hand over a box to Dream, he opens it then he found what every normal chess setups has, 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, and 8 pawns.

Beelzebub told Reed how to absorb the king piece, and then Dream did. Once the king piece went in him, Reed's body shined and then the King piece went out as it crack, then it completely shattered and the king piece was now a bright crimson king piece with a crown that has different colored gems, purple, blue, green, red, orangemm yellow.

The world family was looking at Reed with awe and fear, while Reed feels himself more powerful than before.

While he was adjusting his powers, Beelzebub took the box of chess pieces and went wide-eyed, again.

In there was 4 mutated queen pieces, 8 mutated knights, 8 mutated rooks, 8 mutated bishops, and 32 mutated pawns.


Name: Reed Gremory

Race: Incubus/Devil


-Supernatural Strength 

-Supernatural Agility

-Supernatural Endurance

-Superhuman Intelligence

-Shapeshifting/Body Manipulation

-Race Changes (Become any other race he wanted)

-Dream Manipulation

-Mind Control/ Mind Manipulation

-Age Manipulation 

-Slave Mark (Turn any female into a Succubus)

-Energy Adsorption 

-Plunder (The ability to steal power and ability of fallen/defeat enemies)


-Presence Concealment

-Tendril Creation

-Cloning (The Ability to clone himself or other  people whatever he want)

-Power of Destruction

-Worlds/Timeline Jump



-Devil Sword Spada

-Devil Sword Dante


-Gate of Babylon


-Become the most strongest and powerful being in multiverse

-Have the largest harem in the multiverse

-Defeat Celestia's champion and enslave the two goddess of the multiverse

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