Evangelion Microchips Pt 3

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Evangelion Microchips Pt 3

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Day 30: Morning. Another Angel.

Defeated in 34 minutes, moderate damage to its cranium, captured 70% intact.

Tokyo 3: Three factory blocks destroyed; three others moderately damaged. All within acceptable parameters for combat.

It was a successful operation, though a little protracted.  Captain Misato’s tactical assessment and battle plan was efficiently carried out by Lead Combat Specialist, Pilot-Lieutenant Ikari. Support Specialist, Pilot-Private Soryu stepped in to defend Lieutenant Ikari and took moderate damage to her Eva’s chest plate and left leg. Pilot-Sergeant Ayanami assisted in a support role when Unit 2 went down.

The combat team received little praise. There was no need for it, Misato’s team had carried out their duties with a high degree of professionalism. That’s what they were there for. NERV was already working on damage assessment and repair. Ayanami assisting with cleanup.


Dr. Akagi’s Microchip program was considered a success. No further manipulation of the team was required by NERV. Higher ups ordered the Microchip Program to continue to passively monitor the combat team. No new programing was to be scheduled… which in “NERV Speak” translates to “Budget Reduction.”

But that wasn’t good enough for Dr. Akagi. There was so much more Ritsuko could do. She’d find the money.

“Yes.” There was so much more that could be… would be… done.”


Day 30: Afternoon

As a reward for outstanding marksmanship on the Day 27’s training exercise, Asuka had been granted a reward, a boon. She was now allowed to wear panties at home. Apron in the kitchen, panties everywhere else, provisionally.



Asuka lay on the floor, under her bed where the mattress deadened the sound. Pillow held over her head covering her ears. It helped a little. But she could still hear them.


The sound of bed springs being stressed. Bodies, the soft wet slapping together of sweat moistened flesh. Thighs and arms, breasts and groins.

Floorboards creaking.

Laughter, screams of passion.

His voice.

Her voice.

Asuka could hear it all, the only door in the apartment was to Misato’s room. It was usually left open. Like now.

It made the girl sick. Just the thought of them doing… doing that… made her ill. Her stomach rumbled, she wanted to vomit but resisted as best she could. She was forbidden from using the bathroom without his permission. Without one of them to witness her shame.

“How could they do that? How could anyone do that?” she asked herself for the millionth time. Disgust rolled over her in waves. Only animals could enjoy that. S-E-X was the ultimate “four letter word”. It meant foulness, degradation. Survival of the species could hang itself if it depended on sex. At least that’s what Asuka thought. And that wasn’t something new. She had always felt that way.

Trembling in the darkness, elite Eva pilot Asuka Langley Sohryu waited for what would inevitably come next. She hoped that they would sleep now. Exhaustion might take them. But it rarely did. “They are animals… sick, sick animals.”

How much shame and humiliation could one person endure?

There were two voices, his panting orgasm, her wail of pleasure. They harmonized, simultaneous orgasms. Third time tonight. Asuka held her breath.

“Girl? GIRL?!? Are you deaf? Get in here!”

Asuka ran to the kitchen, pan of warm water, clean towels, couple of cans of beer. It took a few minutes. The shouting from the bedroom got louder. The thought of disobeying the Lieutenant never occurred to her. It couldn’t.

Asuka entered the bedroom. She swallowed her gorge. Now would not be the time to give into the sickness she felt. The heavy scent of sweat and sex did nothing to help.

Misato sat up in bed, puffing on a cigar, head thrown back, eyes heavily lidded. Asuka approached the naked woman and began to wash her cum stained body. Her armpits. Lifting her heavy sweat soaked breasts to wash the slick skin beneath. Misato smiled and blew smoke in her face. The Captain looked pleased, sated for the moment.

Shinji lay on his side, head propped up on his arm and watched the young red head. Smirking, he looked at his Captain for permission, she nodded as he reached over and tugged on Misato’s fat brown engorged nipple. Asuka looked away.

Misato, snapping her fingers, “Girl. Girl? I’m talking to you… Stop looking at the Lieutenant’s cock. It needs a rest, it’s been a ‘busy boy’.”

She hadn’t been looking at Shinji’s cock, she did everything she could to ignore it. To ignore him.

Misato blew out a smoke ring and then gestured to her pussy with the cigar. “Down there, Private.” The heavy blue-black hair was matted with cum, the thick dark lips glistened as cum continued to drip, drip, drip onto the horribly stained sheets. “Take care of that. And smile!”

It was more of a rictus than a smile, but Misato approved as Asuka rinsed out a cloth and approached.

“Ma’am. Is that really the best she can do?” Shinji asked.

“Good thinking, Lieutenant.” Then, “Put the wash cloth down, girl. Now get in there and clean me. Give it a spit shine!”

Asuka stood there trembling, dreading what was coming next.”

Shinji, “Are you stupid, girl? Do what the Captain says! Now, bitch”

Asuka felt an irresistible internal force throw herself down on the bed. Her face inches from the Captain’s dirty cunt. She had no control of her body when given a direct order in that tone of voice. She was physically, mentally, psychologically incapable of forming the thought to disobey. Without thinking, her tongue snaked out and began to lick the matted blue-black pubes. The smell and taste were overpowering. She retched, but continued to lick.

Shinji laughed, looking at Misato as they heard rumbling from Asuka’s stomach.

Shinji grabbed the back of her head, forcing her face into the slick pubic mound. “Get in there and clean her properly, stupid.”

Asuka’s mouth locked onto the dripping cunt. She began to suck the foul cum, Shinji’s and Miasto’s spew deep into her mouth. She gagged, but swallowed. She choked, but continued to suck the juices from the Captain’s pussy, as if her life depended on it.

Maybe it did.

Misato felt more than just the thrill of the unwilling girl eating her out while her lover looked on. Misato had had female lovers before, but she was hetero and no woman (or in this case, girl) could ever do for her what a man (or now, a teenage boy) could do… But there was something different. Misato could feel Asuka’s pain and humiliation, a tingling from the roots of her hair down to the tips of her toes.

Somehow, something inside Misato had changed. Shinji was holding Asuka’s head, fists tangled in her hair, grinding her face into the Captain’s needy cunt. He pulled her head back to allow her to breathe for a moment. As a spike of shame ran through the girl, an electric wave ran from Misato’s scalp down to every part of her body. She felt Asuka’s shame and her toes clenched.

 Misato had never felt so alive!

Misato didn’t know why she felt this way, but she didn’t question it either. She just knew it was good…

Shinji was in tune with Misato’s feelings. He was the ultimate lover for her. When she felt good, he felt a tingling answer in his balls and new strength in his cock. A warm breath of pleasure suffered his body. He hungered for that feeling, whatever he did to please her, pleased him.

Misato offered her half-lit cigar to Shinji. He puffed on it a few times, bringing it back to life, forming a thick band of ash which he flicked into Asuka’s sweaty face before passing the stogie back to the Captain. He knew Misato was done with her; he could feel it.

Sound like a rifle shot, a loud crack as he slapped the red head’s ass. Yanking the panty up into the ultimate girl wedgie, pussy and ass split by the silky fabric, she screamed. The fabric ripped inside of her. There was some blood.

Shinji, “That’s enough. Go make us something to eat.” Misato smiled approval as she stretched. “Good, the Lieutenant is beginning to anticipate my needs. That going to make us an even more effective team.”

Asuka stood by the bed for a moment, trying to suppress the overwhelming urge to obey and run to the kitchen. “What is it Private?” he asked. “Sir! I… I need… please!” Asuka was nearly doubled over in pain, one arm across her stomach, rumbling which could be clearly heard by the other two.

Misato looked at her as cigar ashes began to fall from her red hair. “Very well, Lieutenant, please accompany the Private.” Misato didn’t need to include additional instructions. Shinji would know what to do.

Asuka wanted to run, she had nearly vomited before she left Misato’s bedroom, but Shinji blocked her way. He insisted she straighten up and walk slowly. He had her halt by the bathroom door and counted out loud, slowly “One-Two-Three-Four” then released her. She made it to the bowl before hurling the contents of her stomach. She continued to retch. Dry heaves. Suddenly there was something warm and wet splashing the left side of her face, the cheek. Shinji was pissing, pissing on her. On her face! On her hair!!! She reflexively tried to jump away, but again he blocked her. Held her wet face inches from the mixture of vomit, bile and piss.

“You were four seconds late in coming to defend me today. You hesitated in combat… FOUR-FUCKING-SECONDS!”

Then, “Do you know how long four seconds are, you useless cunt? DO YOU?”

Panting, voice cracking, “Yes. Yes, I do. Sorry, sir… It was only four seconds, you weren’t…”

He pushed her face first into the disgusting bowl. She squirmed but could not break his grip. “ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR.” He let her go. “That’s how long Four-Fucking-Seconds are. Do you understand, bitch?”

She began to dry heave again. He waited. When she stopped, he said, “I want you to count FOUR-FUCKING-SECONDS… when I tell you.”

She could barely open her stinging eyes, waiting for the command. His command.

He pushed her face back in the toilet. “Now, begin to count…” And waited as she struggled not to drown and count out loud under water… under vomit… under bile… and under piss… “ONE-TWO…”


Misato stretched out on her filthy bed. She was going to get up then she heard the Lieutenant begin counting for some reason. “ONE-TWO-THREE…” and the waves began washing over her.

It wasn’t sex. It wasn’t remotely like anything she had ever felt before. Sex was great, sex was wonderful with the right person and 15-year-old Ikari was definitely the “right person” for her. He had learned to play her body like his beloved cello. In fact, he now knew her body better than she did. Always finding new ways to excite her. To tuner her up…

But whatever he was doing with Asuka was different than sex. Different sensations. Different parts of her body stimulated in new ways. Where a sexual orgasm blanked out her mind, making her focus on feeling, this sharpened her mind. Somehow different pleasure centers erupted when Asuka was humiliated by Shinji.

And when she was both sexually stimulated and Asuka was in distress…? “Oh, Kami. Ohhhh, mother fucking Kami!”

But what was happening now, whatever the counting meant… Misato’s toes clenched so hard she thought she might break them.

Meanwhile, Shinji stared down at the disgusting mess at his feet that once had been elite pilot Asuka Langley Soryu. She coughed up, mostly water… and something else…

“Get cleaned up and get us something to eat.” He prodded her with his toe. She began to crawl to the tub.

“Pathetic,” he muttered. Then he smiled as he left the bathroom, feeling the pleasure washing over his Captain.


Day 30: Late Night

Dr. Akagi sat in her private office and considered the young naked woman at her feet. Privately, she called Maya her “Portable Conscience”. That’s what she was, because sometimes she needed a conscience… because she didn’t have one of her own.

Ritsuko was a genius by every measure and test that could be applied. In some ways she surpassed her own mother, but her talents lay in a different direction. Where Naoko Akagi was able to see new things, create things no one had ever seen before, Ritsuko’s talent was to take an existing idea and bend it, reshape, develop it in ways the original idea holder never imagined.

People considered Ritsuko to be less of an independent thinker than her mother. It bothered her; she didn’t have the respect that automatically came to her mother. Her mother… her obstacle.

The fact that Ritsuko both loved and despised her mother had little to do with it, she felt.

Anyway… the rules of society didn’t much apply to Ritsuko Akagi. The smaller minds, lesser talents that surrounded her were annoyances.

Ritsuko swam dangerous waters. The smaller minds and lesser talents in her way were sharks, NERV bureaucrats, SELEE despots, UN Commissions (Human Rights, Child Protection, yada-yada-yada) all conspired to take her down, to stop her work. To chew her to pieces.

She sighed as Maya continued to use her delicate tongue on sole of her foot, between her toes. So relaxing. She ran her fingers through the young woman’s hair, feeling the small surgical scars she had put there.

“It used to be so easy,” she reflected. When all she needed to do to remove an obstacle was to make a suggestion to an Ayanami clone. Her mother’s death had been so satisfying and assured her quick promotion in GEHERN. No one had even questioned her back then, when it was so obvious what had happened. “Not like today… with everyone trying to interfere in her work.”

The rules and norms that applied to ‘lesser humans’ shouldn’t apply to her. Morality, decency, ethics were just words. She had no conscience. Didn’t need one. She had Maya for that.

Maya was a socially conscious, upright, moral, do-gooder. She was not shy expressing her opinion of her mentor’s work and the moral implications thereof. She could also see the potential consequences and dangers Ritsuko might face if not stopped. More than once Ritsuko had listened to the young woman at her feet and avoided the sharks.

And Maya desperately loved Dr. Akagi. She had no choice. She had a chip.

Since Ritsuko had no conscience, she listened to Maya. Absorbed what the woman had to say. Considered her options and alternatives and then ignored 85% of what she said. Erased it from Maya’s mind. It’s good to have a morality that was 85% erasable.

For example. Maya was disgusted by the concept of Microchipping, just on general principles. “Inhuman and inhumane.” Of course, it never occurred to the young woman that she herself had been chipped since the age of 12 when her own genius was first identified by the Marduke Institute and brought to Ritsuko’s attention for special consideration. Training. And she was cute!

“Please Dr. Akagi, stop the experiment now, Misato’s combat team is nearly at ideal status and will reach optimal effectiveness without additional interference.” – part of the 85% erased.

“Dr. Akagi, have you considered the potential loss of effectiveness if the experiment continues? Unintended side effects and consequences? At the very least there will be diminishing returns…” Ritsuko considered these things, thought about them. Held further discussions with Maya… then – part of the 85% erased.

“Doctor, we need funds to maintain the clean room and operating theater, but if you put it through within the current budget, someone at SELEE Office Of Management & Budget will realize that we have not discontinued the Microchipping Program. Wouldn’t it be better to access the Special Budget under Prototype Management?” – Bing! 15%. Thank you, Maya!

That’s why she kept Maya around. That and her foot fetish… and Maya sounded so sweet when she screamed!

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