Echoes of Destiny

BY : Andromeda_Nova
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Hypnos's P.O.V.

I'm watching as my beloved Francesca sleeps with a content look on her face. I can't believe how demanding my beloved has been for eight months when it came to food or clothing. I did ask Griffon Minos if Felicity was demanding when she was pregnant with Thea. Minos shook his head no, and he continued to play with Thea.


My twin brother, Thanatos, has been mocking me about my mortal lover and the little brat that'll be born soon enough. I glared at my brother whenever he mocked Francesca and me. I knew my brother was jealous of my love life.


Francesca heard my brother calling our unborn child a spawn, and mind you, and I never thought my beloved would have such nerve. Still, my love slapped Thanatos across his face twice and scolded him in such a way that Thanatos apologies to my dear, and he even apologized to our unborn child.

I'm smiling.

My brother helped me with decorating the nursery according to Cesca's specifications. I could tell my brother would enjoy his new role as an uncle and perhaps a godparent. I know Cesca had asked Kagaho to be our unborn child's godparent and Kagaho accepted. I suspect he was in love with Francesca, but my love only sees him as a brother.

I'm smiling.

I laid down beside my love holding her in my arms, listening to her breath. I fell asleep.

November 9~ Francesca Goes Into Labor~ 4:30 AM.

Francesca moaned in pain, which had me up and alerted. The midwife came running in with Thanatos in tow.

My brother took one look at my face and dragged me out of the room.

I could hear my beloved groans of pain.

November 9~ Arrival of Baby Shiloh~ 4:50 AM

I rushed in with my brother in tow because the mid-wife told us Francesca was fading fast. I gathered my love in my arms and held her.

"Hypnos, I named our daughter Shiloh, our treasure. Please love, do not blame our treasure for this because it isn't her fault."

Soon after this, my beauty passed away. I covered Cesca with a clean blanket, and I walked into the nursery to find Lord Hades and his queen looking at Shiloh, who had fussed a little. Thanatos leaned down to kiss my Shiloh.

I couldn't believe how gentle my brother is being with my Treasure. I think Thanatos woke up my daughter because he stood up with Shiloh in his arms with my daughter having a handful of his hair and tugged on it.

I had to turn my head, trying not to laugh.

I'm guessing my daughter heard everything my brother was saying from the womb and decided to punish my brother in her way. I could listen to Queen Persephone trying to appease my daughter while King Hades is laughing out loud.

I came over to my practical brother, begging my Treasure to stop pulling his hair, but I couldn't help myself and laugh. My brother glares at me, and my daughter yanks his hair. I could see the death glare my daughter was giving my brother. Shiloh's a mirror image of her grand-uncle Hakurei.

Oh dear me, what have my beloved and I unleashed upon the world?

I came over to my brother, and I whispered to my daughter in a soft voice,

"Daddy's little Treasure, please let go of your uncle's hair because he loves you more than his life, and he's very sorry for calling you a spawn, right Thanatos?"

"I do indeed, my bad kitty, please forgive me," Thanatos said, smiling at my daughter.

My daughter released my brother's hair and gurgled at him happily.

My treasure looked like both myself and Francesca. But I fear my daughter is like her grand-uncle Hakurei in personality.


I witnessed all of Shiloh's first.

It was her second birthday when Athena appeared while Shiloh was playing with her five-year-old cousin Thea with Thanatos. Athena threw my daughter into the pathway of the gods and sent my daughter through time and space.

Athena disappeared soon after her horrid crime.

Athena went back to her reincarnation self. I was so angry. I went looking for my daughter with my brother and Thea in tow.

Eleven years had passed, I have finally found my daughter.

To Be Continued!

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