Roses have Thorns

BY : Cheekestlemur
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Rido never enjoyed it when he had to hold a ball, the guests would always overstay their welcome. Women would try to seduce him no matter how much he ignored it. His family would be present for this one too. As much as he didn't want them around, he would lose the women to his nephew, at least he hoped so. 

He was sat in his study when there was a knock at the door. He called for them to enter, only looking up from his papers when he heard the door open. He smiled when he saw her. 

A girl wearing a Bordeaux off the shoulder dress that at the front on reached her knees but at the back only just hovered above the floor. The front had silver floral designs sewn into it. She smiled and gave him a quick twirl. The back showed the dress had a built in corset, showing off her figure. A majestic and simple silver and diamond choker necklace with matching earrings set off the look perfectly. Her long bronze curly hair had been left down but the strands that would normally fall forward had been pulled back and styled into a bow. It looked like her hair had been put into a half up, half down style. He smiled at her beauty, he was glad she hadn't tried to hide it under layers of makeup. She went with a light shade of purple for her eyeshadow and used black eyeliner to make her brandy coloured eyes stand out more. Her cheeks with a light pink blush applied to them and her lips had a simple light rose lip gloss covering them. Her nails had been painted a matching colour of purple to her dress. Her feet were in simple black sandal heels. He didn't fail to notice her toes were also painted to match the dress. She had a silver clutch back decorated with small purple gems, its only job was to house her lip gloss. 

Rido stood up, already wearing his black suit. He walked over to her and bent down to kiss her only to have her small hand stop him. He looked at her confused, she had never denied him before. 

"You'll ruin my lip gloss." She told him and Rido chuckled and took her arm in his. 

"You are the image of beauty." He told her and watched her blush at his words. 

"Shall we make our entrance, many of the guests are here now and your family is waiting to make their entrance." She told him stilling blushing. He sighed and nodded. 

"Ok but Ran you are not to leave my side." He told her and she nodded in agreement. 

"I would never do such a thing, I don't want those women all over you." She teased him with a giggle as they left his study. 

They walked up to the entrance to the ball. Rido looked over and saw his family waiting for him. 

"Rido what took you so long?!" Juri huffed displeased. "You've kept us and the guests waiting." She scolded him. Rido ignored her and pulled Ran closer to him. 

"Who's the girl Rido?" Haruka inquired as Rido was about to push the curtain back. 

"My escort for the night." Rido answered without looking back. Ran looked down, she hated it when he wouldn't tell people who she really was. She was his lover and keeper of his heart like he was to her. She hated feeling like a secret. Rido always told her it was about protecting her until he was ready to marry her. She knew the commitment was a big deal to him after having his heart broken by Juri when they were younger. 

Rido stepped out into the ballroom with Ran close beside him. They stood tall and proud as they walked down the red velvet carpeted stairs. Ran could feel everyone's eyes on her. Rido had told her it would be the first time he would be entering with women on his arm. She could feel the cold glares of the single woman in the room but she wouldn't let her nerves show. 

The ballroom was breathtaking. The dark oak wood floor had been polished till shined, two large, gold framed mirrors hung on opposite walls, making the room look bigger. The walls were painted with golds and creams, creating a regal and rich feel. Large tiered and angelically crafted crystal chandeliers hung down from the ceiling, filling the room with light. The ceiling itself had been painted with unimaginable detail of flowers, and animals. Tall sash windows, some reaching the floor, clearly to be used as a door to get onto the balcony outside. Waiters gracefully weave through the crowds to serve drinks and food. She had never seen a ball as grand as this. 

Once they had made their entrance, the royal family followed behind them. Everyone bowed and curtseyed. 

"Would you like a drink Ran?" Rido asked her softly. She nodded and tried hard not to fidget every time she reserved a harsh glare. Rido left her side to get them both a drink. 

Kaname spotted the girl that Rido was with earlier on her own. Why would his uncle leave such a dazzling creature on her own? He smirked to himself, maybe he could get her to be his escort instead. He walked over to her with grace. 

"Your majesty." She spoke and curtseyed. He bowed his head slightly, taking her hand and bringing it up to his lips. His lips brushed against her knuckles causing to blush. He slowly released her hand. 

"You obviously know my name but do I have the pleasure of knowing yours?" Kaname asked in a silky baritone voice. 

"Ran Ikeda, your majesty." She spoke softly, nervous she was going to mess up in front of him. 

"Please call me Kaname." He told her with a small smile. She nodded and blushed again. "I must say you look exquisite this evening." 

"You look rather dashing yourself Kaname-sama." She said blushing even darker. 

"Just Kaname, Ran. Please." He told her once more. 

"I'm sorry Kaname." She apologised looking down at her hands. 

"Much better." He gave her another small smile. 

Rido watched her waiting for him as he picked up their drinks. When he looked away for a moment, he found that Kaname had appeared and was talking to her. He could feel his blood boil. He picked up the drinks and stormed over to them. 

"Ran, here you are." Rido spoke up to get their attention. He gave her the glass and glared at Kaname. "Can I help you, nephew?" He asked trying to keep his voice even so that Ran wouldn't fuss. 

"No, I was simply complimenting Ran, uncle. She is quite alluring this evening." Kaname answered. 

"Well, carry on your small talk with others. I'm sure your parents will want you to marry soon." Rido said. "Go find yourself a bride." He ordered. 

"I'm sure I will." Kaname said as he looked Ran up and down. "It was a pleasure to meet such a lovely young women." He added as his kissed the back of her hand again before walking away. 

"Stay clear of Kaname." Rido warned her and she nodded. She didn't like the way that Kaname looked at her. It scared her. It was like a wolf eyeing up its prey. 

An hour later, Ran was starting to get bored. Rido had to quickly deal with an issue in the kitchens. They were somehow running out of blood tablets, more likely they had forgotten to check the cellar again. Rido always ordered too much in, he'd rather spend half the price on blood tablets than on blood. He never liked spending money on others. 

"I see you have been left unattended again." Ran jumped as a deep voice spoke in her ear. She turned around to see Kaname. 

"Oh Kaname, you gave me a fright." She told him with her hand over her heart. 

"My apologises." He said with a small smile. "How about a dance to make up for my scaring you." He offered while holding out his hand for her. Rido's warning echoed in her head but she could deny the Prince of Vampires a dance. She nodded and took his hand. She hoped Rido wouldn't be too angry with her. 

Kaname led her to where everyone was dancing. His hand rested on her waist, pulling her closer to him while his other hand held onto hers. Her free hand rested on his shoulder. She was shocked when he had pulled her closer to him, they were almost touching. She blushed and looked at everything but him as they started to dance. 

"I am very surprised to see that you're not married." Kaname abruptly stated. She was a very beautiful and a pureblood. He was surprised that Rido hadn't already snapped her up. May be Ran's parents had denied Rido or where trying to find someone suitable for her. Kaname wondered if he could put his name forward for Ran's hand in marriage, after he got to know her enough. 

"Well, I have no family left and because of that, I'm not expected to do anything. Therefore, I wish to marry someone I love rather than for politics." She explained feeling stupid. Kaname looked at her thoughtfully. Well, that put a things in a spin. He would have to convince Ran that he would be the love of her life. But he was curious as to why she was hanging around with Rido. 

"I agree that you should marry because of love, however, there are so few purebloods like yourself and me." He told her. "It would be a shame to lose your beautiful line if you weren't to marry a pureblood." He summed up. Ran looked down ashamed, she would tell him that she and Rido were very much in love but she knew Rido wouldn't like it. "But I won't stop you from following your heart." He told her after a short silence. She gave him a small smile. Kaname seemed a lot nicer than Rido had made out. 

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