Best Intentions (NarutoxHighschool DxD)

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She was free. 

The curtains were drawn and the historical documentary they were supposed to be taking notes on was blurring away in the background. Rias Gremory couldn’t see any of it. Lost in her thoughts, all she could think about was how Issei had won, the marriage contract with Riser was annulled and, most importantly, she’d kissed Issei!

Such a thought should have sent her into a fit of giddy giggles. Instead, her smile only dimmed and her eyes turned wistful. Why though? Because she’d been the one to kiss him and he’d done nothing! It was like he didn’t even want to acknowledge it, didn’t even recognise just how important that kiss was.

Sure he was lustful and never failed to exclaim his appreciation of her body but there was no sign of any true returned affection towards the girl inside the curves. He was just too damn shy and Rias couldn’t help but think the kiss was the problem.

“WHO EVEN WROTE THIS SYLLABUS!? This thing’s a piece of complete and utter CRAP!”

The loud and exuberant outcry of her teacher immediately knocked Rias from her thoughts, sending her into a fit of snickers along with the rest of the class as for the umpteenth time this period he criticised the validity of the piece on Shinobi blaring out at the front of the room.

With shaggy blonde hair, whisker-like scars on both cheeks and some of the bluest eyes she’d ever seen it was no wonder that almost every girl in her class swooned at his antics. What was surprising was the lack of hostility from the minority group of males. No matter who you were, it seemed you just couldn’t dislike Uzumaki Naruto.

“You know, I am so glad we talked Sona-chan out of only accepting female Sensei’s. The lesson goes so much faster when you’re being taught by someone sooo… yummy.”

The tinkling, bell like laughter coming from Akeno as she paid no attention to the screen and only focused on their rugged looking teacher quickly had Rias rolling her eyes as she was once more subjected to her Queen’s infatuation, though a small grin did manage to slip out as she failed to disagree with her.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for his cheer and charming demeanour the first impression you got when looking at Naruto was that of a thug. He was certainly good at his job, but the tall, lean and absolutely ripped state of his muscles whenever he rolled up his sleeves or his shirt lifted from a hearty stretch would have been better suited to a cage fighter than a teacher.

With a softened curl of her lips the previously disheartened redhead observed her still wildly gesturing teacher, completely disregarding that this was supposed to be a lesson as he argued all the failed points of the documentary while the boys enthusiastically tried to get him to shut up.

He really was her favourite Sensei. Always kind, always understanding, always… helpful.

Rias didn’t even notice as her eyes narrowed further, staring lasers into Naruto’s profile as the soft brush of something tickled the conniving, devilish part of her brain while her smile turned sharp and mischievous at the thought that not once had she ever heard him say ‘no’ to anyone.

Akeno quirked her brow as she noticed her King’s expression from the corner of her vision, immediately recognising the signs that her best friend was about to do something brash and hot headed but understanding that no matter how bad an idea it was, Rias would do it anyway and it was better to just focus on the cheeky grin of her secret crush for the rest of the lesson.

The bell finally rang and a cacophony of groans rang out as Naruto had successfully distracted the class from the terrible material in front of them, a childish whoop of joy ringing out as he switched it off and collapsed back into his chair behind the desk while all the other students poured out of the door.

“Fufufu~ Naruto-sensei? Would you like me to open the blinds?” Akeno offered, mildly disappointed by him shaking his head in the negative before cheering up as he sent a grateful beam her way.

“Thank you Akeno-chan, but it's fine! The dark will help me get over this crappy documentary induced headache.” He grumbled, getting a lovely giggle from the big bosomed Great Lady of Kuoh Academy before she turned back to cock her head at her King.

The grin was gone, but mischief still shone clear in Rias’ eyes as she told Akeno to go on without her and to not wait up. Such an odd request immediately had Akeno humming in curiosity, but luckily for Rias she didn’t make a big deal of it. 

Instead she chose to make her way towards the door, sending a flirty wiggle of her fingers towards Naruto in goodbye and failing to cover her snort of amusement as he remained oblivious to her affections and instead smiled goofily, an overly-energetic wave of his own arm sending her off as she practically skipped back to the clubroom.

Turning back to try and figure out how to remove the tape from the player, the fox like Sensei failed to notice his very last student near silently gliding over to the door or the way she closed it in front of her, only attracting his attention with the heavy Ker-Klunk of the lock. The innocent air she put on as she leaned back against the door should have instantly had him on edge, but his natural obliviousness came into play and he only looked over curiously with a hint of concern in his gaze.

“Rias-chan? Everything alright?” His concern grew and a frown came across his face as she began worrying at her lip with her teeth, suddenly looking uncertain before sending a weak smile his way.

Of course what he couldn’t know was that while this had seemed like a good idea five minutes ago, now that she was alone with him Rias was starting to doubt herself. A deep breath partially settled her nerves, while telling herself she’d come too far to back out now settled the rest.

Smoothing the Kuoh girl uniform’s short skirt over her thick thighs, Rias said nothing as she almost seemed to stalk over to her slightly bewildered Sensei, making him unconsciously lean back as she settled herself between him and his desk by parking on the ledge.

Bending forward with her hands holding onto the desk did a magnificent job of framing her ginormous chest and pushing it towards Naruto’s face, threatening to overtake him and forcing him to flick his eyes up to meet hers quizzically while doing his best not to blush 

as he shamelessly admired her curves using his peripheral vision.

“Naruto-Senseeeeei~ I need help and you’re the only one who can give it.”

How someone so blunt could sound so seductive, Naruto didn’t know, but that ignorance didn’t save him from the shiver traveling up his spine as he tried to ignore her juicy pink lips and wobbling shoulder boulders while focusing on her words.

“Uhh, what’s? I mean, that is... what exactly do you need?”

He almost flinched at his blatant weakness, scolding himself for his shameful thoughts while simultaneously being grateful that she either hadn’t noticed or chose to ignore his stuttering.

“I…” This was where she faltered, a blush blooming on her cheeks as she looked down shyly. “I need relationship advice and you’re easily the most open and understanding Sensei we have and I don’t know what to do and I don’t trust anyone else to help with this!”

The words almost bowled him over as they poured out in a clearly heartfelt rush, still understandable enough that even as he was waving her to slow down he could feel his chest puffing up in pride at being so heavily trusted by one of his precious students.

That pride swiftly drained out of him as he actually thought about what she had just said, scratching the back of his head despondently as he bent down to meet her eyes from where they were locked on her feet and offer her a sheepish smile.

“I’m sorry Rias-chan, I’m super happy you feel comfortable coming to me and it’s great that you trust me! I’m just, not really the most knowledgeable on this subject, ya know?” Those words immediately had her face scrunching in frustration, tugging at Naruto’s heart strings and making him fly into a panic as he waved his arms before crying out “But! Butbutbutbut I’ll happily give it my best shot, mkay? Don’t be sad, I’m sure we'll’ figure it out!”

At his words, Rias’ face immediately brightened from gloomy to grateful, quickly launching herself into a slightly edited version of events from the Riser incident while her Sensei’s face scrunched in concentration, crossing his arms and nodding along with the story to show he was paying attention as she waxed her heartfelt tale of misery, independence and battling adversity. By the time she was done she had Naruto enraptured, only losing pace in her therapeutic retelling of events as she came to the matter at hand.

“After all he’d done for me, I was just so grateful! I… I just… kissed him! And I don’t regret it or anything, but now it’s like it never even happened! He hasn’t said a word, or made a move or, or… anything…”

By the end it almost seemed like she would burst into tears, nibbling on her bottom lip once more as Naruto looked at her in sympathy. He hated seeing her like this, instinctively reaching forward to take both of her hands in his much bigger ones, making her jump at the warm comfort and look up at him in surprise as he smiled consolingly at her.

“Maaah Rias-chan, you’re an incredible young lady, you know that?” His kind, caring tone and protective hold, even on just her hands, sent goosebumps up her arm as her cheeks took on a rosy hue while she looked at him curiously. “You’ve been through so much for someone so young and you’ve done so well! Must feel like you finally caught a break, only to come home and have to deal with even more painful drama like this, huh?”

His words almost made her melt onto the floor, thumb rolling pleasurably on the back of her hand as finally someone seemed to have a clue of what she was going through.

“It’s not like I’m not grateful, because I am! I just wish…”

“Wish that you hadn’t left one battlefield only to come back to another one?”

She didn’t even stop to question just how true his words were or how he seemed to perfectly understand her troubles, too happy to have someone put her misery into words and earning the compassionate blonde a beaming smile.

“Well, for what it's worth, even from a male’s perspective it doesn’t make much sense.” Rias perked up interestedly at his admission, seeing his rueful return grin. “It certainly sounds like he’s carrying the torch for ya, but I don’t know how you could make it much more clear that you were willing to return his feelings without writing it on his forehead. It’s certainly not you! You’re far too lovely, not to mention gorgeous, for him to be having second thoughts, especially after going through all that effort!”

At such words, Rias’ minor rosy tint exploded into a full blown blush at a compliment like that from such a mature man. Trying to hide the evidence of her rapidly beating heart, the Gremory princess began to rapidly nod her head to show she agreed with his assessment before rocketing forward, eyes sparkling wildly as he flinched back to avoid a spur of the moment headbutt. 

“Exactly! That’s what I thought! So there’s only one explanation left!” Naruto watched in concern as all that energy seemed to poof into non-existence, vanishing into thin air as she returned to chewing on her lip and looking down towards her lap while wringing her hands in embarrassment.

“It’s ok if you’re nervous or don’t want to tell me… Just know that you can trust me, with anything! Unless you murdered someone, then I’ll have to report that…” He chuckled awkwardly, a warm feeling in his stomach as he watches her expression lighten slightly at his pathetic attempt at humour.

“Well, you see..” She mumbled, forcing Naruto to lean forward so he could hear her clearly. “I think, maybe, it was the kiss?”

Neither one of them said anything for a moment.

A dangerous snort of amusement was covered up by a last minute cough from the blonde, still making Rias look at him suspiciously before he managed to successfully wave her off and regain his composure, though his lip kept trying to wobble as he held in his laughter.

“I don’t, *ahem* I somehow doubt that’s the reason, Rias-chan.” He tried to reassure her gently, but the busty redhead wasn’t hearing any of it.

“It has to be, there’s no other option! It must have been the kiss!” She argued vehemently, cheeks turning radiant as her thumbs twiddles erratically in her lap. “You see, this is where I need your help…” Her face tilted downwards while her wide, beautiful eyes looked soulfully into his own confused orbs.

I took a moment, but you could almost see the lightbulb in Naruto’s brain switch on as his eyes shot wide open and he began to heartily wave his arms in refusal.

“Nope! No, nuh, nup, nein, not happening! I’m a teacher, Rias-chan, and I’m not exactly an expert but I’m pretty sure that's incredibly illegal!”

His desperate yet muffled declaration, as if he was scared they’d somehow hear him and lock him up for even discussing the subject, meant absolutely nothing to the distraught school girl who instead chose to grab his hands in her own and hit him right in the weak spot, lip wobbling with her elbows pushed together, making her breasts really ‘pop’!

“Pleeeease, Naruto-sensei! You’re my only hope! No one will know, both of us have very serious reasons not to tell! I just need a little teacherly guidance and then we’ll forget it ever even happened! Please, sir?”

The second he hesitated, Rias knew she had him. Like a python being given leeway from its prey, she tightened down on him, a flutter of her eyelashes here and a mournful wiggle there had him immediately crumbling into submission.

An ecstatic ‘Squee!’ heralded the dropping of Rias' teary eyed girl act and she bounced and clapped her hands, doing wonderfully interesting things to her breasts as she jiggled and snatched his wrist before hauling him forward.

In her excitement however, she just might have misjudged how much strength she put into that pull. While she hopped back to sit fully on his desk with her legs kicking free in the air, Naruto was sent flying through the air to crash against her, stopping his forward momentum at the last moment by shooting his arms forward to stabilise himself, coincidentally trapping her in between his muscular limbs while their body’s rested chest to chest, him between her legs and his face mere centimetres from her own.

It was all too sudden, too abrupt for the both of them as they descended into a tense, awkward silence. Wetting his lips, Naruto decided to finally take the lead as he stared down into her far too wide eyes.

“Soo… How do you want to do this?”

Rias had a moment of clarity as the situation caught up with her, realising just what was happening as she gulped nervously and resisted the need to look down again.

“Ummm, I… I guess I’ll just kiss you? Then you can tell me what you think?”

She certainly didn’t sound sure, but Naruto certainly didn’t have any other bright ideas. A hesitant nod of acceptance gave Rias the green light to gather herself and prepare for what was to come.

Her heart was beating furiously in her chest, both sporting blushes as her neck began to stretch and her face grew even closer to his own, closing the short distance between their lips as she tipped forward far enough to lay a quick, chaste kiss on his mouth.

Pulling back, Rias couldn’t help but think it was far too… anticlimactic.

“That, hmm, wasn’t bad?” His bass filled rumble rocked her back into the present as she failed to meet his eyes out of embarrassment. “You were just a bit… stiff.”

Incapable of finding the words to respond, the busty instigator of their situation just nodded and pushed forward to try again.

Again, it wasn’t anything special.

“That was better, but not quite there yet.” He took a deep breath, kindly ignoring her clear mortification as he loosened himself up. “Here, let me show you.”

Rias had barely been able to comprehend his words before his whole body shifted between her legs and two big, tanned, warm hands were cupping her cheeks. Her heart dropped as his lips pushed onto her own, not aggressively, but far more confidently than the way she had kissed him. Also unlike her, Naruto didn’t pull away immediately.

Instead he stayed there, gently applying pressure to her sweet pink lips as her eyes grew wider and wider, almost bulging out of her skull before something just seemed to click between them and Rias perception of the world vanished.

The classroom didn’t even exist anymore. It was just her and Naruto, locked together as her bones turned to jelly and her lips began to massage his own. All her worries fell away as her fingers curled in the front of his shirt, gently pulling him closer as her eyes turned glassy and a haze fell over her mind. 

Scared of forcing her too far too soon, Naruto pulled back to evaluate just how she was doing, licking his lips to take in the delicious taste of her that lingered as she hummed drowsily.

“There, how was that?”

He’d be lying if he said the blown away look on her face didn’t send smug satisfaction shooting up his spine. However, he didn’t get to bask in the feeling for long before he felt an insistent pull on his tie and the arousal stirring brush of her lithe leg against the back of his own as she tugged him closer with what could only be described as a lewd lick of the lips.

“I think, I’ve almost got it. Just one more should do the trick~”

She found no resistance on his end, whatever sanity remaining before that last lip lock evaporating into thin air as they eagerly met once more, this time throwing caution to the wind as their lips writhed together. The nip of his teeth on her skin had Rias gasping, making room for his thick and eager tongue to invade her own mouth and tangle with her smaller, wetter one as she mewled and arched into his chest.

Time lost all meaning to the two of them as the lines blurred and their limbs tugged at one another. Naruto’s fingers ran through her hair while Rias’ fingers dragged down his chest. Her leg wrapped around him and pressed him closer while his palm stroked her bare thigh and pushed her skirt scandalously far up her leg, though that only made the whimpering noble even wetter and hotter for his touch.

Neither one knew how long they’d been there and with Naruto’s tie askew and Rias’ hair tousled and sticking out at all angles, there’d be no hiding what they had been up to if anyone found them. The harsh slamming of a door somewhere down the corridor brought that fact to the forefront as they jerked apart, hands still clutching at each other as the fear of discovery helped them regain their composure.

Looking wondrously at each other, the couple tried to smother their manic giggles and snorts, holding each other warmly before Rias flicked her eyes over to the clock and took note of the time.

“Ohhh Shi-”


“-t, I need to get going, I’ve got club activities!”

A tinge of disappointment twitched inside Naruto as he tried to ignore just how hard he was after their little makeout session. He didn’t let it show though, ever the gallant gentleman as he helped her hop down off the desk as they began to straighten themselves out.

“Well, Rias-chan.” He coughed awkwardly, Rias grinning happily at the flustered state she had left him in. “I hope that helped. Be sure to let me know if you ever need anything else, mkay?”

Those were clearly dangerous words to utter, a cheeky grin breaking out across the redheads cheeks as she began strutting towards the door, putting a clear and tempting swing in her hips before she looked back over her shoulder into his eyes.

“Oh yes~” She purred. “It was very informative. I might just come back for a refresher course later. You know, to make sure it really sunk in…”

“Mah, Rias-chan” Naruto chuckled from behind his desk. “You should really take care when playing with fire, ya know.”

Such a warning only made her grin widen, flipping her hair as she turned the lock and sent a saucy link back towards him.

“Maaaah, Naruto-kun, what if I like the burn?”

Her laughter at his gobsmacked expression followed her out into the corridor, twirling away on cloud nine as he was left shaking his head in amusement.



Issei was worried. All of them had noticed the odd change in their king recently, but no one really knew what was going on. It wasn’t anything major. Sometimes she’d be lost in thought, ominously similar to her attitude before Riser had burst into their lives but without the clear sadness. In fact, she almost seemed wistful, eagerly looking forward to something none of them had a clue about and disappearing randomly off the radar.

Even now when walking into the club room, Issei could tell something was off. His beloved Buchou was the only one there, stiffening at his entrance and seeming to withdraw inside herself as he approached with the report she asked him to fetch. This was, unfortunately, a common reaction to his presence lately. This time though? He had come to a realisation and a reason for why she’d been so distant.

“Yo, Buchou! I got the report from the Student Council you wanted. Where is everyone?” He pasted an easy going grin over his features, intending to ease his way into the very awkward conversation to follow.

“Ahhh, *cough*, Issei! Thank you. T-the others a-a-arrrrre out at the moment. I had a bunch of different tasks for them to take care of soooo you’re free to GO!” The yelp at the end of her stuttered and stammered explanation made Issei jump in fright as she blushed crimson to match her hair, gripping her hands together until the knuckles turned white as she refused to look him in the eye.

“Uhhh, B-buchou? Are you ok?” He murmured in concern as she seemed to twitch in her seat.

“M-me? I’m fine! Absolutely fine! Whyyyy do you ask?” She huffed, seeming a tad out of breath as Issei nervously dropped the papers in front of her.

“You, uhhh, don’t seem fine? You’ve been acting kind of odd recently, We’re all kind of… worried?”

So great was his concern for his master, Issei didn’t even blush as her teeth sunk into her lip before pulling back and running her tongue over the injured skin.

“I’m great, really, I’ve just been awfully busy lately. Tha-ahhhhhh-t’s all!” She jolted in her seat as Issei’s eyes narrowed further.

“Right…” He murmured before coughing into his fist and straightening his spine. “Listen, Buchou!” 

Rias’ eyes shot up at his tone, quirking an eyebrow as a drop of sweat slid down her temple and she tried to keep her cool, waving him to go on.

“Well, things have seemed a little tense lately… between us, I mean…” He lead off awkwardly, making Rias’ eyes widen as she realised where this was going. “I just figured that we should talk about what happened… you know, a while back.”

Shy, awkward and looking anywhere but at the girl in question, Issei didn’t notice the way his Master’s eyes fluttered before she returned to looking at him like a deer in the headlights, panicked before slapping a comforting smile on her face.

“Ahhh, I know what you mean!” He looked up in relief as she took hold of the conversation, eagerly listening before her words turned his smile brittle. “You moved in with Asia-chan! How’s that been going?”

“Ummm, yeah it’s great, but I was talking about-”

“You know! She’s been doing so well lately, you should take her out as a treat! I’ll pay, you guys just have fun!” Her enthusiastic encouragement drained the wind from his sails as he weakly grinned at her.

“I mean, if you really want me to-”

“I do! I'm sooo busy here, I don’t have time for anything else, I’m relying on you to make sure she’s happy ok, my cute little pawn?” She gave a shaky smile as Issei seemed to physically stop himself from sighing, nodding with a despondent grin before slowly turning to make his way out of the clubroom.

The very second the door closed behind him and the sound dampening runes took affect, Rias threw her head back and screamed. Her hands shot below the desk and her strength was put to good use hauling on the two greedy handfuls of blond hair she found there harder between her legs, grinding her bare pussy on Naruto’s face as he slurped and licked away at her dripping honey pot while her legs hung over his shoulders and her ankles crossed on his back.

“Hnnngh, you bastard! That’s it, eat me out you hungry fucker, I wanna cum! I wanna cum all over my dirty teachers face while he tongue fucks my pussEEEEE~”

She orgasmed again, smothering Naruto in her bulging thigh meat and squeezing his skull as he fearlessly pushed himself deeper, grinding his nose on her clit as she bucked wildly on her chair and her chest heaved, desperate for more air to let her squeal her appreciation of his tongue scraping along her innermost walls while her toes curled behind him.

Letting her ride out her orgasm on his face, Naruto waited until she’d exhaustedly slumped back in her chair, having gone completely limp as he returned to lapping up her sweet tasting juices which covered her mound and thighs.

Eventually satisfied he’d sucked up every last drop, with a few nips and love bites left behind on her inner thighs to mark his place, Naruto pushed himself to his feet to expose his glistening, shirtless torso as well as Rias’ completely bared bottom half, skirt and knickers gone from sight as her thighs continuously rubbed together and her hips twisted in her chair.

Stroking her cheek with one palm he used the other to wipe at his face, gathering the offerings that hadn’t already dried up and offering it up for Rias to taste herself. Naruto’s cock hardened even further as she eagerly obeyed the unspoken instruction, sliding her moist tongue happily over his palm before wrapping the cute muscle around each and every digit so she could suck them clean, making him groan at her animalistic gaze as she bobbed her head relentlessly.

She did her job diligently, fervently covering every centimetre before lazily sucking on just his thumb while he stroked his fingers through her silky hair. His grip turned more demanding as she mewled, pulling free of her mouth with a pop and holding her by the back of the head as she was dragged forward to nuzzle her face pleasurably against his bulge.

A content hum flew from her lips as he cupped her cheeks to drag her up onto unstable feet, only to make her squeak happily as he abruptly bent her forward over the oaken table which dominated the back of the clubroom. 

The electric tingle of her rock hard nipples rubbing across the cool, rough surface was perfectly balanced by the palm which cupped her mound from behind, warming and petting her naughty little kitty as he glided his fingertips up her spine and she pushed back needily into his palm.

“Hmm, look at you.” He purred, sending goosebumps up her arms as she shivered and raised her ass suggestively. “You’re doing such a good job of being my good little student. So obedient, so eager to please!” He teased her as she gently shook her ass, making it wobble enticingly as his hand pulled back to push the very tip of his finger into her quim.

A sorrowful groan echoed off the table as his finger was pulled back, a ragged gasp of pleasure bursting forth as the missing digit came back as a heated smack against her bared pussy, dying the skin there a lovely red to match the thin patch of crimson curls she had hidden at the top before returning to its soothing massage.

“But I know better, don’t I?” Naruto’s growl sent her teeth sinking into her lip, a trail of drool sliding from the corner of her mouth to land on the table as he gripped the jiggling globes of her behind and ground his rough, trouser clad crotch against her pussy and ass cheeks.

“I know you’re really just a horny little kitten, untamed and eager to rub your naughtly pussy on anything you can reach. Look at you!” His hand slammed into her ass meat, leaving a bright red handprint as she groaned and began slamming back against his pelvis.

A deep moan of humiliation rumbled from her throat as he pulled his hips back and let the cool air slide across her sopping mound and thighs, making her shiver as he pulled one meaty cheek to the side and RAMMED two fingers up her pussy. The sudden penetration after all that teasing had Rias screeching like a banshee, her pussy erupting into a gushing river of fem-cum as she exploded all over his hand and her thighs, splattering his trousers and staining his shoes with the rogue drops of her pleasure

A beast like growl burst from his chest and Naruto couldn’t resist the temptation to take his juice slathered hand, grip Rias Gremory by the chin and throat before pulling her back and up right to grind her rump on his dick as he twisted her head to force his way between her lips where she began to eagerly suck on his muscle, trying to give his mouth some bastardised version of a blowjob as she fucked her face on his tongue before crashing sloppilyagainst him.

Wet, aggressive and utterly filthy was their kiss, uncaring of their need for oxygen as they meshed together, only breaking apart so Rias could moan at the feeling of him mauling her still uniform covered top half, manhandling her tit flesh and pinching the nubs of her nipples through her hilariously thin bra as she panted and turned to lick at his chin.

“Come on baby, please? I need it, I need Naruto-sensei’s big fat dick in my tight, dripping little pussy! Please, sir?”

Her words struck his very core mercilessly as Deja Vu washed over him. That only spurred him in to sink his teeth into her ear briefly before jerking her around to face him, barely taking in her giddy, hazed expression as he reached down to throw her over his shoulder with a joyful squeal, spanking her on the backside and making her giggle as he made the brief journey over from the desk to the window.

Her playfulness turned to confusion as he patted away from the bedroom hidden in the back, then to helplessly aroused shock as Naruto stood out of the way and dropped her onto her feet, perfectly angled to lean forward onto the window sill while he stood behind her and to the side.

 If one were to look, they’d see a normally dressed Rias, graceful Great Onii-sama of Kuoh academy looking out into the distance with her hair in disarray and her face flushed, eyelashes fluttering wildly as she wiggled against the grip on her meaty hips while listening to the ominous and arousing sound of Naruto's zipper descending.

Quickly taking a peek to see if there’s anyone out there, Naruto’s face took on a wicked hue as he rubbed his throbbing purple helmet against the entrance to her pussy, drizzling honey over the end of his shaft as the familiar heat of her tunnel glided over him.

“Oi oi, isn’t that your cute little Kouhai?” He chuckled, holding her bottom half still around his tip as she jerked and her eyes flew over the spread out grounds to see Issei’s slumped posture as he kicked a pebble along his path.

“I think you owe him an explanation, don’t you Rias? Go on, tell him the truth and I might just fill you with that big thick cock you love so much!” He laughed as she trembled, tensing her thighs as he slid his length between them and moaning as his sawing schlong slid between her lower lips.

The Gremory Princess helplessly licked her lips, already humping backwards while applying as much pressure as she could to her lover's big dick as he gently fucked her thighs and her eyes locked on her old crush’s back.

“I’m sorry Issei…” She whispered, flexing her spine as Naruto bounced harder off her rump. “I’m sorry I couldn’t wait for you to work up the nerve to talk to me, and i’m sorry I moved on instead of trying to talk to you.”

She gasped before moaning wantonly as Naruto re-angled his hips to more directly rub against her opening, listening to him groan as her knees bent slightly so she could push down against him desperately.

“I’m sorry I kissed Naruto-sensei! I’m sorry I kissed him behind your back, again and again! I’m sorry I sucked his amazing, girthy cock under his desk while you tried to ask him for advice on your essay!” 

Her eyes started to roll as Naruto’s thrusts sped up, thumping off her rear as the apologies refused to stop.

“I’m sorry I stripped for him and let him fuck my fat, slutty tits! I’m sorry I let him cum on my face and chest! I’m sorry that while you were fulfilling contracts I was in his bed, on my hands and knees while he took my virginity and pumped me full of his thick, yummy cum~”

That was apparently too much for the blond teacher as he refused to wait any longer, moaning hotly as he sank his tremendous length into her tight, molten pussy while she squealed happily, loud enough to draw Issei’s attention from his place below her and forcing her to plaster a fake smile once more on her face as she hissed and panted through her teeth from the feeling of her guts being rearranged, ass meat clapping against Naruto’s lower stomach and thighs as he pummeled her from behind and her servant smiled up at her happily, infatuated with her very being while she was violated.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t love you like I love Naruto-sensei… I’m not sorry you’ll never get to fuck me!” She hissed through her teeth as Naruto sped up behind her, sinking his nails into her hips as he fucked her even harder and she waved cheerfully to her pawn.

“I’m not sorry that I love the taste of his cum! That he fucks me sooo good I have to get Asia to heal me so I can walk straight the next day, or that I love the feeling of his jizz in my womb and dripping down my thighs as I assign you your jobs for the day!”

She folded her arms on the window sill, burying her face into them and moaning as Issei turned around with a pep in his step and began to jauntily make his way home. Turning her head, Naruto almost slowed down at the pure, unadulterated need in her eyes as she stared into his very soul.

“I’m not sorry he loves me~” 

They smiled warmly at each other, even as Naruto huffed and puffed while his strokes grew longer and deeper, making her moan wantonly without breaking eye contact. 

“I’m sorry I’ve been lying to you guys, haah, I’ll tell you soon! I’m so sorry Akeno, I know you had a crush on him, but he’s mine!” She cried and threw her head back as he slammed brutally into her depths, setting off a chain of mini orgasms as she spasmed and clenched rapidly around his length, breathless and unable to complain as he yanked himself free and spun her around to slam her back against the nearby wall, wasting no time and making her gulp down air needily as he lifted one of her legs up onto his shoulder, displaying her flexibility and slamming his way back up her beaten cunny as he groaned and began thrusting away once more.

“I’m such a bad friend for stealing him from you! I’m such a bad king for lying and betraying your trust like THIS!” She positively howled as Naruto’s pendulous balls slapped against her reddened ass cheeks and her nails tore the skin on his back, only spurring him on as he pounded her more furiously and began to nip and suckle at her neck.

“I’ll make it up to you! I know i’ve been hiding the hickies he leaves on my neck but I’ll make it right!” Her fingers slipped through the shaggy blonde mane on top of his head as she forced his face away from her formerly creamy, unblemished throat, now littered with bruises as he slobbered on the flesh covering her pulse and making him look deeply into her eyes.

“I’ve been a bad, bad King! But I’ll be better! He’s mine, he’s mine and he’ll always be mine!”

She cried as the crest of her greatest orgasm yet approached, tingling throughout her womb as Naruto’s arms began to shake from where they gripped her hips and ass, holding her down to pound up inside her pussy as his nuts started to clench and his shaft began to twitch.

“He’s mine and I’ll never let him go! But maybe~” Her arms pulled him back into her neck so he could kiss and inhale her scent, all while her eyes began to glow a menacing red to match her hair as she looked over towards the crack in the door and a wicked grin lit up her features.

“Maybe I’ll let you share him~”

She giggled and gasped happily as his teeth locked around her throat and out of her or anyone else's vision, his eyes turned to slits while glowing an ominous orange. The grip on her hips tightened and fireworks began exploding across her vision, Naruto’s thrusts taking on an almost supernatural power and grace as his dick arched and slid all the way up her tunnel to kiss gently against her womb.

The crest grew taller, building and building upon her pleasure as she was pressed against the wall and forced to suffer the truly agonising pain of not being able to cum. She just knew. She knew her body needed him, deep inside her and warming her from the insides out. She wanted it. She hungered for it. Her leg tightened on his shoulder and her hands pulled the hairs from his scalp.

“ShhhhhhYEAH! Right there, do it Sensei! Give it to your precious little student, I won’t tell a soul!” She cried, a cross between demanding and begging.

“You gonna take it Rias-chan? You gonna take your Sensei’s big, thick load in your greedy little pussy? What would your family think if they saw you like this? I’m gonna go to Parent’s Night and look your mommy and daddy in the eye, knowing I did my best to knock their sweet baby girl up! That's what you want?” He seethed, losing the timing of his thrusts as he simply pinned her bodily to the wall and frantically threw his hips forward.

“MORE THAN ANYTHING!” She screeched like a banshee, eyes rolling in her skull while her tongue beat against her teeth with every jarring thrust.

“I want you to shake my Father’s hand with the same hand you love to wrap around my throat when you’re pounding my nasty little cunt! I want my Mother to smell your cum wafting off my big hot tits while my Brother pats my head in the exact same spot you use to force me down on your cock till I choke!”

Those words were the last straw, his thrusts faltered as he exchanged speed for pure power and depth, needing nothing less than the deepest part of her cavern to dump his load as he ran his tongue from the hollow of her throat to her bottom lip before forcing her to look him in the eyes.

“I’ll make them watch! I’ll bend you over in front of them, fuck you till you break and dump my load all over your face and tits before making your Mom lick you clean! Here it cums you slutty little school girl fuck puppet, take my cum! Take it, take it, TAKE IT!” With that final howl the dams burst, Naruto’s nuts squeezing and churning out a bucket full of jizz through multiple flexes and pumps of his cum pipe to the point where Rias’ whited out, the sheer sensation of her womb being forcefully expanded pushing her into near unconsciousness as she dribbled down her shirt while a shower of pussy juice rained down on her expensive carpet.

Naruto gave a full body shudder as she squirmed and clamped down his dick, tongue mindlessly lapping at his lips like a dog while her cunt flexed around him, massaging and drawing out as much of his load as it could while his fingers dropped down to fondle and play with her quivering ass meat and his balls jerked emptily against her thigh. 

The smell was intoxicating, their sweat mixing as the salty stench of his load moulded with the sweet drippings of her mound while her smooth leg fell from the heights of his shoulder to wrap around his waist. Their lips met in one final, caring swapping of spit as he ran his palm up and down the back of her leg and they fell into a paired trance, simply existing together.

The almost silent schlick of the door fully closing went unheard as Naruto gathered the ruined heiress in his arms, manually wrapping her legs around his waist and depending on her instinctive need to hold him close so that she wouldn’t fall. Plopping himself down on the nearest sofa saw him sinking into the plush upholstery while Rias sank back down onto his wilting shaft, a wrangled moan her only response as she sleepily snuggled deeper into his chest while his big strong arms pinned her to him.

They sat there, lightly dozing in a sloppy bundle of sweat, spit and cum, probably ruining the very nice couch underneath them as they simply luxuriated in one another's company. 

“Hmmm~ Naruto?” A cute, sleepy murmur filled with warmth sent said man's lips into an upwards twist as he flexed his cock inside her.

“Yes Rias?” He hummed.

“I don’t care how much cum is in me right now, get your feet off my coffee table.”

“... Yes ma’am.”

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