Dragon Lord's Mates

BY : Niktoi
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Natsu stirred in his sleep, groaning and grunting while a strange feeling slowly came over him. Something dark and powerful. It was a nightmare unlike the dreams he usually had where he was stronger than anyone. Suddenly, his heart pulsated harder than ever, waking him up immediately..


“What the hell was that?” He muttered to himself while Happy snored beside him. “Thought I was having a heart attack there…” He added before suddenly widened his eyes. He slowly lifted his pants to look between his legs and noticed he was rock hard. That… usually didn’t happen.


He knew what having sex was since some people at the guild told him about it (mostly when talking about certain guildmates), but he was never interested in it. And the only woman he was sometimes a pervert to was Lucy. Him seeing her naked were the only times he was getting hard. But it nearly never happened outside of that, even less so during the night. Which was weird. However, after a couple of minutes, he shrugged it off and decided to go back to sleep. It would go away eventually, as usual.


It didn’t go away. It was even worse after he woke up! And he could barely walk to the guild while hiding the fact that he had a boner and that his pants were hurting! Luckily for him, Happy didn’t seem to notice on the way to the guild. The first thing he did was sit at the counter where Mirajane was currently serving drinks, and hoped it would go away.


Naturally, he didn’t even get into fights because of his predicament. He clenched his fists when Mirajane passed by to give a drink to a couple of guys sitting next to him; his thing twitched the moment he laid his eyes on her bouncing breasts. What the hell was happening to him? He never even paid attention to Mira like that before!


“Is he okay? He’s been weird since he came in her... “ Lucy asked Happy while she and the rest of their team looked at Natsu.


“Hmm… I’m sure he’s fine; I didn’t notice anything weird this morning,” Happy answered while biting into a fish.


“Are you sure you weren’t focused on something else?” Lucy inquired while her eyebrow twitched in annoyance.


“I have to agree with her. He didn’t even kick the door open like he usually does,” Erza pointed while eating a strawberry cake.


“He kicked Acnologia and Zeref’s asses; I’m sure there is no big deal he can’t handle. And knowing flamebrain, it’s probably nothing serious anyway,” Gray added while a shadow hidden under the nearest table was spying on him.


While they were talking, Natsu ‘s body heated up, still staring at Mirajane’s body and her chest, unfortunately hidden behind the cloth of a dress. He wanted to touch them, feel them… Maybe he could ask? Mirajane is a sweet girl, so she wouldn’t refuse, right?


“Whate hell am I thinking? She would kick my ass!” Natsu thought as he shook his head. He had never been a pervert, yet where was this primal desire coming from?


“Are you okay, Natsu? Do you need anything?” Mirajane suddenly spoke to him, breaking him out of his thoughts.


“W-Well… Actually, I’m a bit hungry. Do you have anything?” He asked while scratching the back of his head, trying to act as he usually did; even thoug he felt like he was going to have a freaking hole in his pants if this went on.


“Of course! Wait here,” Mirajane replied before walking away. “That’s weird, but… was Natsu staring at my boobs? I must have seen wrong; he doesn’t seem like the type,” She thought while shaking her head.


“So… how did your date go yesterday?” A voice inquired beside Natsu, making him spin his head to look at his right. Two of his guildmates were talking while drinking some beer.


“Better than you could imagine! Although the best part was when she came over at my place,”


“No way! At the first date? I don’t believe you!” The second one laughed as he took a sip of his drink.


“It’s the truth! And I’ve got to say she has the hands of a fairy, never felt this good in my life!” The first one gulped down the remaining alcohol in his drink.


“Come on, give me the details!”


Natsu nearly forgot his painful boner as he listened to their rambling. He had a date with a girl, then felt incredibly good after that? That’s what Natsu needed! Thinking about it, he had a vague idea of what a date was. Basically, it’s the same as hanging out, but with only one person instead of several of your friends, which was quite boring. However, there was one thing the Master told him: a date could lead to something much more entertaining. He didn’t know what he meant at the time, only that he wished he would go on a date with Mirajane, but now it was so clear!


A date could to sex, and that would undoubtedly please the thing between his legs. He was overjoyed he read a book about it or else he would have never learned what fucking even was. Although Erza explaining a bit to him was pretty awkward at the time. Now he was grateful. He was going to do something he never even thought of doing before… ask someone out!


He needed that relief more than anything, and he wanted to know how good it would be! It must be awesome if so many guys talked about it in the guild after all! However, there was an issue… Who should he ask out? He wasn’t really nervous about it since it was not that different from hanging out, but he knew not anyone would accept. He had to choose carefully…


Maybe Mirajane? She was sweet and caring, and he was pretty sure she would accept, but then again she always thought he was cute. Cute in a childish way, she probably didn’t see him as anything other than a kid, which he usually didn’t mind since she was the only one to never get on his nerves in the guild. He could go for her sister, Lisanna! They even pretended to be a family when they were kids, but Elfman is still protective of her even after all these years. He wouldn’t be able to do that with her with him in the way.


The married women and the one already in a couple wouldn’t be much better since he figured they wouldn’t probably even think about accepting. Erza… better not think about it. Way too scary! Lucy… Of course! She didn’t romantically love anyone as far as he was aware, they were very good friends plus he was the one that introduced her to everyone! Besides, she always got his dick hard whenever he saw her naked, so his body already liked her! It was decided then!


“Looks like he is coming over,” Gray pointed out as Natsu walked up to them.


“And he seems to be happier,” Erza added while smiling in relief as Natsu grinned.


“You still got your clothes, stripper?”


“You wanna fight, flamebrain?!” Gray immediately replied to the taunt while Natsu chuckled.


“Sorry, but I have better things to do than kick your ass,” Natsu answered, surprising Gray and Erza before he looked at Lucy. He suddenly turned serious as he stared into her eyes, making her blush.




“Lucy, go on a date with me,” He finally said. The entire guild hall went silent as they quickly spun their heads around to look at the two of them.


“EEEEEH?!” Lucy shouted with her mouth gape open and her arms in the air, her blush having disappeared because of the shock.The guild quickly followed by screaming too.


“DID NATSU ASK A GIRL OUT?!” Most of them shouted while steam started coming out of Lucy’s ears as her head was spinning, still unable to register the information.


Gray and Erza had her eyes widened as they stared at them. Gray was the one who couldn't believe his eyes the most while Erza gained a small smile before saying that she knew love would bloom.


It was like this for the entire guild. Some were partying while others kept screaming “I told you so”. Some were getting their hearts broken as they witnessed someone asking Lucy out before they could. And Makarov and Guildarts, who were drinking a bit further away both shouted out “That’s my boy” while laughing. Happy was choking on his fish.


“So? What do you say, Lucy?” Natsu asked while some people started listening to their discussion, waiting for the answer.


“W-What? I-I don’t understand…” Lucy mumbled while her cheeks turned red. Was Natsu really saying this? Was he actually asking her out? “Y-You know what a date is, right?” She asked, making sure she wasn’t getting misled like that time with Virgo.


“Of course I do! So wanna go or not?” He asked again as Lucy gasped, her face getting redder and redder as time passed.


“I-I… Well... I mean…” How was she supposed to answer that? Nobody ever asked her out before! And she never expected Natsu to do it! Why did it make her so happy? Why was her heart beating so quick? She didn’t want to admit it, but that time when she thought Natsu had a thing for her… she felt overjoyed. But now she couldn’t be wrong, he openly said what he meant! He wanted a date. “Y-Yes! I want to go on a date with you!” She bulrted out, unwilling to let this chance pass by. This again stunned most of the guild while Natsu grinned.


“Great! Let’s go then!”


“What? N-Now?!” Lucy inquired before he grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the guild while running. Meanwhile, the guild members stared at the now closed doors of the guild building.


In the end, Lucy had no choice but to accept going on a date with him immediately. However, she did manage to convince him to wait for her to get changed. Wanting to make herself beautiful, she also took a quick bath, then called Cancer to help her arrange her hair. Finally, she put on a black dress which showed her cleavage, and was opened on the right lower side, revealing her bare leg. If Natsu asked her out, then that meant he was attracted to her, and she wouldn’t hesitate to use her natural charms. She was still a bit embarrassed and shy about it though. Before going out, she also used her most expesive perfume.


Natsu gulped as his body suddenly heated up when he saw her come out of her house. She was gorgeous, and the skin she showed made his blood flow faster, his primal instincts calling out to him. He wanted to touch her everywhere, taste her body, make her his, make her his mate! He… didn’t know where it was coming from.


That date was actually more fun than he thought it would be, but Natsu was still pretty impatient and waited for nothing but to end it and get to the better part. 


“T-That was great, Natsu. I loved it, and I wouldn’t mind if we did it again…” Lucy blushed as she looked away. They were now in her room since Natsu insisted on accompanying her there; although usually the guy would only walk her to her front door. She accepted since it wouldn’t be the first time he came in uninvited. “A-Are we supposed to kiss, now? My heart is beating so fast! I don’t know if I can do it!” Lucy thought while her legs were shaking.


“Hey, Lucy,” Natsu said, making her look at him. The instant she did, he pressed his lips against hers, making her widen her eyes.


Lucy nearly fainted in shock at the sudden turn of events. First asking her out, and now kissing her? Was this the same Natsu? And why was this kiss lasting so much?!


Natsu’s body heated up as he tasted Lucy’s soft and sweet lips, but that wasn’t enough. Going with the flow, he pushed his tongue inside her mouth, wrapping it around hers. He grabbed Lucy’s waist and her upper back before bringing her closer to him. He explored every spot of her mouth’s insides while the blonde squeezed his shoulders and crossed her legs, having a tingly feeling between her legs


Before she even knew it, she was returning the kiss as if it wasn’t her first time. With the boy’s arms wrapped around her body, she felt safe. She slowly started forgetting the embarrassment from earlier as lust took over her body while she couldn’t be happier of having a dream realised. She had found someone to love romantically, and it was Natsu!


Suddenly, something squeezed her butt, waking her out of her trance. She managed to break the kiss only for Natsu to lick her neck as one of his hands squeezed her butt and the other went for one of her breasts. Both of them were soft, and because of their size, Natsu almost felt like his hand would sink into them.


“W-Wait… Let’s not go too far, okay? It’s too soon!” Lucy stuttered while blushing.


“It’s not. It’s going to be fine, Lucy,” Natsu replied, as he moved behind her and grabbed both of her breasts from behind.


“D-Don’t!” She whimpered as she bit her lip, feeling warmer by the second while the pink haired boy squeezed her boobs and planted kisses on her neck. What he wanted was to taste her whole body, and she didn’t know how to refuse. She still felt like it was too early for her, but when she thought about how long she had known him and how many times someone else saw her naked or tried to rape her, she was a bit glad that she would finally do it with him and nobody else.


Natsu moved her dress out of the way, revealing her bare large chest before grabbing her nipples and rubbing them. Lucy crossed her legs, holding down her moans and trying to hide the fact that she was wet, but it was impossible. She knew she couldn’t really resist him anymore. As if he had felt that, Natsu suddenly ripped her dress in half, making her yelp in surprise before throwing her on the bed.


“So forceful…” She pointed out with a heavy breath as she laid on her back. She still had her panties on, but she knew he was going to see her most private place soon.


However, before that, he undressed and kneeled right above Lucy’s chest, showing her his cock up close. The blonde girl gulped as she took a good look at it.


“Ah… It’s the first time I see Natsu’s…” She thought as she stared at his member. And she could even smell it because of how close it was.


Lucy’s soft and delicate fingers wrapped around his cock as she moved her hand back and forth. Lucy’s body heated up again as she admired her partner’s manhood, never thinking she would touch it today. And she could guess how good it would feel to have it inside her, its power was quite noticeable. She moved her hand faster before Natsu’s cock throbbed. It suddenly released thick and sticky white goo all over her face. She closed one of her eyes as Natsu breathed out in satisfaction. While looking at her hand, covered in some of it, she couldn’t stop herself from tasting it.


“So, you want it now?” Natsu asked, trying to hide his excitment as Lucy nodded hesitantly. “Awesome! I knew you wouldn't let me down, Lucy!” He exclaimed as he took her panties off. Lucy spread her legs, showing a full view of her pussy.


“I’m showing it to him… Natsu can see all of me!” She thought as her heartbeat sped up.


Natsu grabbed her thighs, feeling her soft flesh in his hands before plunging his sword isnide her in one move. Lucy screamed in pain as her pussy was stretched so suddenly by her partner’s girth. Blood dripped out of her pussy as Natsu looked at her.


“I-I’m fine…” She muttered before he started moving back and forth.


He finally got what he wanted for this entire day. Her insides felt like heaven after his penis had to beg for relief all this time. Her womanhood was clenching his member while he moved, mixed with the warmth he truly felt like his cock would melt. Even though he was a fire dragon slayer, he felt hot for once!


Lucy’s moans bounced around the walls of her room as her womb was hit with each one of the boy’s thrusts, shaking her body to the core. She never knew such pleasure existed, but here she was. The better they both felt, the faster Natsu thrusted, earning even more cries of pleasure from the blonde who could barely believe this was real.


And a few minutes later, electricity went through her body as she reached climax.


“I’m coming, Natsu!” She screamed with her eyes wide while a black smoke filled her eyes for less than a second before fading away.


Not even a second later, the boy shot all his load deep inside her pussy, filling her with thick semen; the sudden feeling was enough to make her faint because of the seeming fever she had, but still held on in the end. Natsu pulled his dick out, which got flaccid again, much to his joy. He was free!


“Finally! That feels so good!” He exclaimed while Lucy smiled, thinking he was happy about their moment. “You look tired, Lucy, going to sleep?” He asked, feeling like himself again.


“You should sleep with me tonight…. It would be natural after this amazing date after all,” Lucy purred as she let out heavy breaths.


“I’m not complaining!” Natsu rejoiced as he quickly laid beside her, resting his head on her soft breasts. Even if he was rid of his boner, he still liked her body a lot. And it didn’t seem to bother her. However, right before he could fall asleep.


“It was even more than amazing! Glad you acted quickly! But we will need more!” A low and rocky voice suddenly exclaimed into Natsu’s mind.

“Who the hell is that?!” The boy widened his eyes while looking at the ceiling and with Lucy asleep right under him.

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