Stuck in a Death Game

BY : NightLover145
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Kohiruimaki Karen was looking around the area she was in Sword Art Online. She had already gone through the agonizing speech of Kayaba Akihiko, the creator of the game. The man’s words had struck a chord within Karen and she didn’t want to be in the game any longer, but because she couldn’t leave, she was walking around with her true face while keeping her avatar name, which was LLENN. Karen was wearing a pink combat uniform with a knit cap that looked like it had bunny ears. 

Karen checked her inventory and she grabbed out her sword. She then checked her >> Swords Skills << and she sighed. I am only at Level 1 because I haven’t really played the game yet. I can die very easily. Karen gulped at the thought. 

Karen knew that she didn’t want to die but she also didn’t know what she was doing. She had never even played SAO before. She has heard about the beta testers but she wasn’t one of them. 

SAO was Karen’s first game and now she has to play it to survive? Karen frowned at the thought, her long black hair falling over her shoulders. Karen could feel her eyes glistening with tears as she didn’t want to do this. She didn’t want to be in the game anymore but there was no way to leave as of this moment. She needed to win if she wanted to go back home. Karen whimpered. “How do I even play?” She asked as she wanted to learn how to play in order to survive. 

Another female player approached Karen and the taller girl wondered why she had been approached. It might be because I’m still here in the middle of town. She thought, sighing sadly. “Are you lost? Have you ever played any game like this before?” She asked Karen and the girl shook her head. “You’re a newbie, huh. That’s okay. I will protect you as I help you.” The player promised. 

The female player taught Karen how to play SAO as she wanted the taller girl to understand the mechanics of the game. “I’m guessing my inventory is where my weapons and my items are?” Karen asked. 

The female player nodded her head, her light brown hair swaying in the gentle, blowing wind. “Yep, that’s correct.” She was glad that Karen was quickly catching on but she hated that the girl had to learn about the game mechanics so quickly. This is for her own good. The other girl had realized this, seeing that she had taught Karen all she knew in less than four days. 

Now, it was the fourth day and the two people were about to have a practice spar. “Are you sure that this won’t kill us?” Karen questioned, concerned about sparring against someone when the practice button wouldn’t work any longer. The girl smiled softly at Karen, glad that she was concerned about her. It is that concern that will make her both useful and useless to her future team. She thought as she approached Karen with her sword. 

“Let’s find out, shall we, LLENN.” The girl spoke softly as she rushed at Karen. Karen squeaked as she jumped out of the way, immediately making Karen’s mentor giggle at Karen’s non-combat ways. “Kid, you have to fight me. If I was an enemy, I would have killed you by now.” She warned Karen and the young woman whimpered a little bit. 

“O-okay.” Karen responded as she picked up her sword, ready to fight against her mentor. However, she couldn’t stop her hands from shaking as she gripped the sword handle tightly in her arms. I have to get better. She thought as she frowned, hardening her features so she couldn’t let her opponent read her. 

“That’s a good posture.” She spoke and Karen rushed at her, her sword aimed for her mentor’s arm. The girl smirked as she was waiting for this posture of Karen’s. This girl hates fighting but she knows basic techniques. She thought as she wondered what Karen was going to do when she got closer to her mentor. She didn’t have to wait long as she noticed Karen’s arm moving and her eyes widened. This girl. She thought, with a smirk forming on her face. She was very proud of Karen because the girl was processing very well.

In another location, another female player was using a rapier as she swung at monsters, easily killing them with less than ten strikes. Another person was with her but he was idly standing by, waiting for the other player’s instructions. Once the young woman had finished looting the dead monster, she fell back and she smirked at her companion. 

“Are you done with that?” He asked her and the woman giggled for a bit but the man was patient. He had dealt with her in real life. He knew how she worked. Just give her a few moments and she will respond back with words. He already knew so why the fuck did she still scare him? 

“Yes, I am done. I have...collected all the things I’ve needed.” The girl answered. She then looked at her inventory. She then Dropped a few potions for her companion, which he quickly picked up to put in his inventory. 

“Where do we go from here, Pitohui?” He questioned Pitohui and the woman smirked. 

“Well, M, we go fight.” M paled at her words. She’s really into this death game but she does understand that if we lose, then we actually die, right? He thought because he definitely didn’t want to die but Pitohui was his boss so he would follow her orders. It doesn’t mean that he had to like it, however. M knew that if Pitohui didn’t find another reason to live, then Pitohui would just keep on getting into deathmatches. 

He didn’t have any fear that she would lose but he was very concerned about her mentality at the moment. He knew that Pitohui wanted to enjoy the bloodshed but he would have never thought that they would have gotten trapped inside of a fucking game where bloodshed seemed to be the only option to even survive. 

“Come along, M.” Pitohui called out to him and he sighed, obediently following after her.

After their spar, Karen and the unknown player were resting. “That was pretty good for your first sparring match, kid.” Karen huffed as she glanced up at her mentor. 

“Thank you.” It felt awkward for Karen to say those words for a sparring match but she found out that she did enjoy sparring matches. But, the same would not be said for deathmatches. Karen knew that she would never enjoy those because it meant killing another human being. 

Karen never noticed the glint in her mentor’s eyes as her sword still laid in her lap as the woman never put it back in her inventory. 

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