Helping Her Relax

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Goushi was gently holding Karen down and he was softly kissing her on her face, wanting Karen to show that she was adorable. Karen blushed at the gentle kissing but then a moan left her lips when she felt Elsa’s tongue enter her cunt. Karen chastised herself for forgetting about Elsa being near her lower body because she knew that the young woman enjoyed mostly tease her there. Right now, Elsa’s tongue was doing exactly that, teasing as Elsa slowly licked Karen’s folds. It was enough to make Karen twitch but it wasn’t enough to drive her insane. “Elsa.” Karen moaned out the singer’s name and it made Elsa smirk into Karen’s cunt. She makes those sounds only for us. She thought, continuing to slowly lick up and down Karen’s pussy. 

Goushi kept his hands on Karen’s wrists, pinning her onto the bed. Goushi’s lips moved to Karen’s neck and the mewl that he was rewarded with made him smile a wicked smile. She’s making sounds for both of us. He thought as he brought his mouth to Karen’s ear and he gently bit down on the soft organ and that was when Karen nearly lost her mind, releasing a small whimper. Elsa gripped Karen’s thighs and it was the rough hold on her legs that reminded Karen that Elsa was down there. “Calm down, darling. We’re not going anywhere.” Elsa spoke softly to reassure Karen. Elsa then growled at Goushi. “What the fuck, Goushi? You startled her.” Elsa chastised Goushi. 

“Sorry but Karen should have known that I was going to bite her ear.” Elsa couldn’t miss the implied she likes it in Goushi’s words and she softly growled. 

“Well wait until she’s facing the mirror.” Elsa spoke and Goushi smirked into Karen’s neck. 

“We’re going to ruin you, baby girl.” Karen moaned at the words Goushi whispered into her ear. Karen’s moans were only loud because she had just got an O-ring put into her mouth. There was a blindfold over her eyes but she knew who was with her. Goushi enjoyed the pretty picture he was seeing, watching Karen drool because of the O-ring in her mouth. He also enjoyed the blush of embarrassment at her moans sounding loud because of the ring. He smirked, feeling Karen quiver underneath his gentle hold. “Calm down.” He whispered to her. 

Elsa continued to slowly lick Karen’s folds, wanting the woman to not cum just yet. Elsa felt Karen’s pussy twitched in her mouth but she then stopped, causing Karen to mewl. Karen could feel her eyes about to roll but when Elsa had stopped, Karen blinked away tears. “You’re being so good for us.” Karen couldn’t push Goushi off of her, not that she wanted to when Elsa approached her chest. Elsa grabbed one of her nipples while licking the one closest to her. Goushi kissed Karen’s cheek, happy that Karen didn’t mind them doing this to her because they wanted her to relax for once. We need her to fall apart. Goushi thought as he moved from his position to a new position, in front of Karen’s cunt. 

What Goushi loved about the O-ring was that while Karen knew that she was moaning, she didn’t know how loud she could actually get. Karen then felt Goushi’s fingers teasing her folds and she moaned. The vibrations from her throat made Goushi very hard but he could wait it out. Tonight was about Karen after all. He then heard Elsa’s giggle slightly devilishly and he turned his attention back to the girl. “What are you planning?” He asked her. He was not shocked when Elsa brought out a very dull knife. He watched as Elsa played with the knife for a little bit before she had decided that she actually wanted to use it. 

“Hey, Karen, I’m going to stick something in your mouth.” Elsa gave one warning before she gently pushed the knife into Karen’s mouth. The moment Karen’s tongue touched the blade, Karen went frigid, whimpering in fear. “It’s okay. I know what I’m doing.” Elsa pressed a kiss to the side of Karen’s locks, slightly calming her down. Elsa moved Karen so she could face the mirror and the blindfold was off of her eyes. 

Karen’s eyes widened, watching herself in the mirror as she whined because of the knife. Goushi smirked as he saw that as his cue. He then began to increase his pumping speed as he watched Karen’s face change from fear to teary-eyed overstimulation. 

But because of the knife, not that she knew that it was dull, she was scared to cum. She was scared that it would cut her mouth if she moved. Elsa enjoyed the sight of Karen’s quivering body as Goushi fingered her. Elsa smirked as she enjoyed the sight of Karen's teary eyes. She’s so overstimulated. I can’t wait for her to cum against Goushi’s fingers. Elsa thought, tweaking one of Karen’s nipples with her fingers. She was being very gentle with Karen because she noticed that the young woman’s fear of the knife had made her stiffen. Elsa felt slight guilt for not telling Karen that the “something extra” was something with a blade but Elsa would never use a real knife on Karen. Elsa pressed her lips into Karen’s neck, feeling the woman’s pulse. 

Karen’s hips rocked against Goushi’s fingers as he continued to pump his fingers in and out of Karen’s pussy. “You’re being so very good for us.” Elsa praised Karen with soft whispers, causing Karen to nearly cum but Goushi slowed his pumping speed as Elsa grabbed the handle of the knife, pushing it more into Karen’s mouth. When Karen felt the blade touch the back of her throat, that was it for her as she cummed against Goushi’s fingers, her entire body quivering. “That’s it. You're such a good girl, Karen.” Elsa waited for Karen to calm down so she could remove the knife. 

Elsa slowly pulled out the knife and when Karen had seen the knife, she then felt stupid for being that terrified of it. Karen could very easily see that the blade was dull to the point that she couldn’t even slice her tongue on it. As Karen messaged her jaw, Elsa put the knife in a cup that had disinfectant in it. “You scared me.” Karen was honest with Elsa. 

“Sorry, honey.” Elsa spoke softly. Goushi had slowly removed his fingers, not wanting Karen to suffer from overstimulation. Once Goushi had cleaned up his hands, he went back to lay on the bed with Karen and Elsa. “How was it?” Elsa started off the conversation. 

“It was mind-blowing.” Karen was very honest with her two partners and they both smiled at her. 

“Good.” Elsa spoke. 

“We just wanted you to relax for the night. You do so much for us.” Goushi finished, making Karen hug both Elsa and Goushi. 

“Thanks to you both. It was fun.” Karen tells them. Elsa smirked against Karen’s breasts. 

“Think we can do a repeat performance one day?” She asked and Karen giggled. 

“I’ll think about it.” Karen answered as she relaxed on the bed, getting comfortable. 

“Sleep well, darling.” Both Elsa and Goushi had said to Karen as the tall woman fell asleep happily.

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