Lenalee's Enslavement

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Chapter 0 - Lenalee's Enslavement


~~Lenalee’s EnslavementCommissioned by Simo09.

Lenalee slammed her boots down on an Akuma’s head, destroying it. She flew back up, moving as quickly as she could through the city. “Allen! Lavi!”

The female exorcist had been separated from her friends when a large group of Akuma had suddenly showed up.

Several level one’s came at the girl. Lenalee spun around like a twister, cutting them all down. She headed down toward an alleyway with a wolf man type level two Akuma flying behind her. She landed in the alleyway and turned around, getting ready to jump up again.

Back in the darkest part of the alley tentacles shot out, wrapping around Lenalee’s arms, legs, and stomach, pulling her back. Lenalee let out a scream. She was pulled up against a level two Akuma who held the form of a tentacle beast with a head.

The wolf Akuma along with a demonic looking clown dropped in front of her. “Well, well it looks like we’ve finally caught on exorcist. I can’t wait to see what she taste like,” said the demonic clown.

Lenalee tried to break the grip of the tentacles. She couldn’t let things end like this. She closed her eyes, clenched her teeth and pulled away as hard as she could. “Allen! Lav—mmm!”

Lenalee opened her eyes wide in shock. The tentacle demon behind her shoved one of its tentacles into her mouth, muffling her screams. More tentacles began to slide over the exorcist’s body, causing it to tremble.

“Hey, what are you doing, fool!” the demonic clown questioned.

The tentacles moved inside Lenalee’s jacket and skirt. Two tentacles reached all the way to the girl’s boobs that were still contained in her bra. They wrapped around the soft sacks, moving the nipples around with the tips of the tentacles.

Its other tentacles reached into her panties much to the girl’s dismay. The tentacles slid against the girl’s pussy and in between the cheeks of her perfect round ass. Lenalee struggled in the monster’s grip, hating everything about this including her body heating up. Her eyes narrowed as they begged for her friends.

“I want to have some fun with this exorcist first,” the tentacle monster said. It started thrusting its tentacle like a cock in her mouth. The rest of the tentacle rubbed against her skin, covering her in its juices.

Lenalee felt her body growing even hotter against her will. Her juices started to flow out of her. Her skin had become so sensitive she felt everything the Akuma did to her. She shut her eyes, lowering her head.


“It’s not like you get to fuck a female exorcist every day,” the tentacle said. The monster stroked its tentacles against the girl’s body even more. It shoved the tentacles that were in her underwear up her pussy and ass.

The intense feeling had Lenalee lift her head and screamed. The tentacle in her mouth shoved further down into her mouth, raping her throat. The Akuma tentacle dicks rammed deep and hard in her lower holes.

Lenalee’s body retracted. Her juices were flowing out of her, her inner walls tightened, her body burned in lust, and she moaned over and over again. The tentacle on her breasts swirled her tits around while pressing in her nipples. The tentacles on her legs spread them open even further.

Electrical waves of pleasure shot up her body. Her mind had gone hazy as she couldn’t help enjoying being raped by the demon. She let out muffle moans. “When my special juices touch human skin it heats up their body, making them completely weak. You’re total at my mercy to be a sex slave,” the tentacle told her.

All three tentacles that were inside of Lenalee poured their liquids inside her. Lenalee screaming, climaxing as well.

“Damn it, let us have a look,” the wolf Akuma said. He stepped up to the climaxing woman, shredding her clothes with his claws, revealing her entire body. Lenalee was so hot and bothered she didn’t even care.

The wolf man smiled at the sight. “Now give me a shot at the little exorcist.” The tentacle monster retracted its tentacle off her breasts and out of her pussy. The monster and girl’s juices flowed out of her. The wolf man Akuma shoved his dick inside Lenalee.

Lenalee arched her back and screamed into the tentacle that was pulling out of her mouth. Her eyes rolled up in ecstasy. When the tentacle finished retracting, Lenalee stuck out her tongue. Her body quivered in ecstasy.

The wolf man latched onto the exorcist’s hips. “I can’t believe she fell so easily. This is going to be good.” He brought his mouth down to the girl’s breasts. He lapped his tongue over the soft tits, getting Lenalee to moan. He covered the boobs in his salvia.

He thrust his gigantic cock inside of her. Lenalee turned her head to the side, crying out in blissful lust, feeling the large member push a side her walls. The rock hard member was covered in Lenalee’s pussy juice.

The wolf man lifted his head up and howled. He pounded in quick and hard that had Lenalee’s tits bouncing up and down like crazy. The wolf’s dick pushed into her stomach that only made Lenalee go crazier.

“An Akuma’s big dick is destroying my pussy,” Lenalee moaned.

“It’s fucking me so good, ah!”

“Who knew an exorcist could be such a slut,” the tentacle Akuma said.

“Ha, ha, ha, I love it, I love fucking slutty exorcist,” the wolf man responded. “Let’s make her into our personal slave.”

The tentacle that was still in Lenalee’s ass started to move. Her juices poured out of her as the Wolf man’s dick pounded inside her. The juices poured onto the floor. Lenalee felt her body heat continued to grow. All she could feel was her body being fucked and touch.

“Just look at that slutty face its making me want to cum,” the wolf man Akuma howled. His rock hard cock throbbed.

“Cum, cum, please cum inside of me!” Lenalee shouted.

The wolf man Akuma picked up its pace. “You got it you, damn exorcist!” He slammed fully inside, pouring it’s cum inside her womb. The large amount of cum overflowed her womb that expanded her belly.

The wolf then pulled out. His cum shot out of the girl. The feeling of the hot liquid coming out of her caused her to cum. “Heh, heh, now how about I put this thing in your mouth.” It stroked its rod a few times.

“Is all you two going to do is fuck that exorcist?” the demonic clown questioned.

The wolf Akuma looked back at him. “And so what if we do? Maybe you should give it a try. Her body is very fuckable.”

“No, I want to eat her!”

“Then shut up and wait for us to finish.” The wolf man Akuma turned back around to see the tentacle Akuma sat Lenalee’s face right in front of his cock. The tentacle had his tentacle dicks up her ass and pussy.

The wolf laughed. “Take it.” He shoved the head of his cock into the girl’s mouth, holding his dick in the middle. Lenalee moved her head on her own. She bobbed mouth across the shaft, losing completely who she was. “She’s really become nothing more than a cum dump. So much for the mighty exorcist.                                                                                                                                Too bad they all can’t be women it would be easy to overwhelm them.”

The tentacle moved around in Lenalee’s bottom holes while other tentacles held her arms behind her back and kept her legs open. Lenalee’s inner walls tightened around the tentacle.

“How many more loads do you think she can take?” the tentacle Akuma asked.

“Let’s find out,” the wolf responded.

“Little hammer, big hammer grow, grow, grow!” A large black hammer slammed on top of the demonic clown.

The wolf man Akuma looked back. “What’s going on?” Annala kept on sucking his cock, getting him close to coming when energy shot into his body, destroying him.

 The large hammer smashed the last Akuma into the wall behind it. It blew up, dropping Lenalee. The smoke soon cleared. Allen and Lavi walked down the alleyway with their weapon in hand.

 “Lenalee, are you alright?” Lavi asked. The two spotted their fellow exorcist naked on the ground with cum coming out of her to form a puddle underneath her. A lustful gaze shimmered in her eyes and her breath heavily. “Lenalee?”

 “Please, please fill me with your cocks,” the girl said. “I want you to shoot your hot loads inside me.”

 Allen and Lavi’s faces turned red.

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