Akaashi’s Rude Awakening

BY : Argleena
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Disclaimer: These characters are not my original characters, they are from the Haikyuu!! manga and anime and this work is not intended to be profited from.

This is a College AU in  which Bokuto, Akaashi, Kuroo and Kenma attend the same college. As 2nd years Bokuto and Kuroo room together in an apartment and as 1st years, Kenma and Akaashi room together in the dorm. 

Akaashi & Kenma's Dorm Room

Using all the stealth techniques he could conjure from his intense athletic training since childhood, Bokuto Koutarou crept quietly into the college apartment that his best friend  Akaashi Keiji shared with his tiny roommate and friend from high school volleyball, Kozume Kenma. He actually managed to open the door without a single squeak of the hinges. Considering his usually boisterous and energetic personality that many referred to as “loud or abrasive,” this was a momentous feat. Walking with feather light steps he quietly slunk through the living area and silently greeted a tired-eyed Kenma, who was seated on the sofa, looking to be deep into playing one of his handheld gaming devices. Kenma looked as if he was running on no sleep and had spent the majority of his night gaming. Glancing to the other side of the couch, which was covered in textbooks, notebooks, writing implements and a half opened laptop, it appears as if his best friend had also spent a large portion of his night awake and studying for his upcoming midterms, although he was nowhere to be seen at the moment. 

     Knowing Akaashi had been pushing himself with work and academics lately and how much he despised early mornings, this also meant that Akaashi was most definitely still in bed. After greeting the distracted gamer with a wave and smile full of mischief, to which Kenma’s only response was a single glance and raised eyebrow in Bokuto’s direction, he continued onward. Bokuto’s business was not with Kenma today. He continued his covert expedition through the apartment that wasn’t his own by turning toward the right and heading down the hallway towards Akaashi’s bedroom, index finger over his lips to indicate Kemna should keep quiet regarding his presence.

     Bokuto had known Akaashi since his own second year of high school, when Akaashi began his first year of high school at Fukurōdani and joined the volleyball team that Bokuto happened to be the Ace of. They played the next two years together, with Bokuto becoming captain in his third year and Akaashi becoming his vice-captain. Bokuto and Akaashi quickly became best friends, spending a majority of their time outside of school with each other. Akaashi was one of few people that could handle Bokuto’s extreme mood swings, especially on the volleyball court, and was able to cheer him up and bring him out of even his worst funks. He genuinely cared for the volleyball superstar and supported Bokuto’s dreams of going pro one day. Bokuto added excitement and adventure to Akaashi’s life. Due to his anxiety and more introverted personality, Akaashi didn’t easily make a lot of friends and tended to stand back in a crowd, but Bokuto’s enthusiasm was as bright as the sun, and it encouraged him to start enjoying some of the small joys in life that he was previously overlooking. 

     When Bokuto left for college his first year, Akaashi missed him dearly and vice versa, but they kept in close contact with Bokuto visiting home at least once a month. One year later Akaashi left to attend the same college as Bokuto after graduation. Currently Akaashi resided with Kenma as first year university students were required to live in dorms or the college apartments, while Bokuto currently roomed off campus in a two bedroom apartment with his best bro from high school (besides Akaashi), Kuroo. Kuroo and Kenma also happened to be childhood best friends, playing volleyball together at Nekoma and oftentimes against Akaashi and Bokuto’s team. The four all had become pretty close friends and even considered rooming together the next year off campus— although, Akaashi and Kenma were sometimes hesitant due to the boisterous antics the two older students often got up to when living together. They preferred the nice, calm atmosphere of their own apartment when it was just the two of them, however, since both pairs tended to spend a majority of their free time hanging out or studying at each other’s apartments anyways, future plans to room together just made sense. 

     From day one of meeting, Bokuto and Akaashi had become instant and loyal friends, with that friendship and their feelings toward one another quietly growing over time. In recent months, Bokuto had noticed that while he and Akaashi had been growing particularly close, he has been having all sorts of new, and strange yet exciting feelings when around Akaashi or even when simply thinking about him. He also noticed the same happening between Kuroo and Kenma as well, and the pairs had been spending an increasing amount of one on one time with just each other. Bokuto often considered that his feelings toward his best friend had grown into something more than just friendship, but was not yet confident enough to say anything to Akaashi for fear of changing their close knit friendship. 

     Bokuto was fast approaching Akaashi’s closed bedroom door on silent feet with an inquisitive yet devious expression on his face. A week ago the two had agreed to reserve a practice volleyball court this morning so that Akaashi (who had decided against playing volleyball at the collegiate level) could get some exercise and practice as not to lose all his previously acquired athletic skills and so Bokuto could get even more practice outside of his team practice. He was taking big steps and striving toward his professional goals of playing volleyball as his career and playing at the Olympics one day. Not only that, Bokuto found that he loved Akaashi’s sets more than anything in this world. To him, no one could quite set the perfect ball for him other than Akaashi. Some have come close, but no one could match his Akaashi when it came to setting Bokuto the ball. They had this intuitive and magnetic connection on court that often made it seem as if Akaashi could read his thoughts, or at the very least always knew what Bokuto was thinking and right where he would be when it came time to spike the ball. Unfortunately, when Bokuto arrived at the court at their appointed meeting time, Akaashi was nowhere to be seen. 

     Bokuto and Akaashi had agreed to meet at the court that morning at 9:30 a.m. as Bokuto wanted to go for a long run to help build his stamina and warmup for their practice session beforehand. He was constantly training, even outside of training sessions with his team. While he could coax Akaashi into a practice session, there was no way Akaashi would rise before 8:00 am to get ready and go for a run in the morning. He valued his sleep too much (especially with his string of late night studying lately). Bokuto had waited at the court for over an hour for Akaashi, calling and texting his cell phone several times with no answer before deciding to head over to his apartment and seek Akaashi out himself. While leaving the athletic center to search for the absent Akaashi, he had bumped into Kuroo, who confirmed to Bokuto his suspicions, reporting that Akaashi had indeed stayed up past at least 2 a.m. studying. Kuroo had been at Akaashi and Kenma’s apartment last night watching and playing video games with Kenma, leaving at 2 a.m. himself to head home, with the two roommates still awake and immersed in their individual activities at that point. Amused and annoyed that Akaashi had once again over-exerted himself studying, overslept and then forgotten their plans, leaving him waiting, Bokuto decided to exact his revenge. Thus, he silently slid open Akaashi’s bedroom door, after listening to be sure he heard no movement from inside.

     When Bokuto entered Akaashi’s bedroom, he found Akaashi laid out on the bed, sound asleep under a pile of blankets, all except his bare right leg and a tuft of curly, dark hair peeking out from under the covers. As quiet as he could be, he crept toward Akaashi. He had to be careful, because Akaashi had surprisingly sharp senses. Even when sleep deprived and sound asleep, it would not take much to wake him up. A small misdirected gust of air, the sound of a breath, or a tiny creek of the floor were all enough to wake him. Bokuto knew almost all of Akaashi’s weaknesses, however, and he decided he would spare no mercy this morning, hoping this would teach Akaashi to take better care of himself by getting more rest. He would go for the unconscious boy’s most vulnerable spot. As quick as an owl scooping up its unsuspecting prey, Bokuto reached out and grabbed Akaashi by the ankle and targeted his wiggling fingers at Akaashi’s foot. 

     Akaashi shot straight up in his bed, but it was too late. Bokuto had already begun his tickle attack on the young man’s feet. Half paralyzed by the maddening sensation and now tangled in his blankets, Akaashi was unable to escape Bokuto’s iron grasp and let out a loud shriek of laughter. Akaashi then began to struggle with all his might, but in vain, to escape the torture being inflicted upon his sensitive feet. He was laughing hysterically with tears pouring down his cheeks. This was torture, pure torture for Akaashi. Akashi was no weakling. He could hold his own, against those bigger and stronger than himself, but when tickled he lost all control of himself and his defenses went down. One of the quickest ways (if not the only) to get Akaashi to “break” was to subject him to the agnogy of being tickled, on his feet and ribs in particular. 

     Bokuto continued his tickle assault as Akaashi bucked and tossed and turned, fighting to escape. He managed to break his ankle free from Bokuto’s superhuman grasp only to then be tackled and kept in place by the heavily muscled athlete and have him take aim for a new target, Akaashi’s ribs. One hand held Akaashi’s hands clamped together above his head, the other assaulted his sides. Akaashi struggled, and laughed, and cried for several minutes as he continued his fight to free himself from this madness. It was no use. Bokuto was too strong and Akaashi had been caught off guard. Akaashi had always been very sensitive to tickling, especially on his feet and ribs. He blamed it on his father, who was the exact same way. In fact his father and his father before him were all known to be particularly ticklish and all despised this devious form of torture. This especially wasn’t fair because his three best friends weren’t even ticklish at all, and often used this method against him to garner some form of agreement or “forced compliance” from him as not much else could sway him when determined. Bokuto knew he was walking a thin line by tickling Akaashi so aggressively, risking future banishment from the younger’s apartment for such antics. After several minutes of the tickle torture, which felt like hours to the one it was being inflicted upon, Bokuto let up when Akaashi began shaking from over stimulation and gasping for air, tears flooding his face from hysterical laughter. He was completely worn down by the surprise attack."

     When Akaashi caught his breath, he choked out in almost utter dismay, “What the hell are you doing baka!” Then he grumbled, “Just wait until the next time I catch you sound asleep,” much to Bokuto’s consternation. 

     “Weeell,” drawled a smirking Bokuto, “This was my payback for spending over an hour at the practice court waiting for you to never arrive and worrying me when you wouldn’t answer your phone. I called you 5 times and sent you 18 messages! I was worried because you always hear your phone and respond no matter how sound asleep you are or what time of day it is!”

     Akaashi drew in a sharp gasp of air, cheeks paling as he suddenly remembered his plans of meeting Bokuto for training. “Oh Bokuto-san!” he cried out in dismay. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t intend to oversleep and skip our meeting. I was just so tired from my boss giving me extra shifts at the library these past two weeks, all this studying I need to do for midterms plus my volunteer work for the Children’s Literacy Center’s upcoming fundraiser. All these late nights have really caught up to me and I was so exhausted I forgot to charge my phone last night.” Akaashi’s phone did indeed sit on the stand next to his bed, unplugged, 4 cm away from its charger cord, forgotten about in a haze of exhaustion early this morning when Akaashi crawled into bed. In his sleepy state he hadn’t remembered he needed to set an alarm for the morning, even if his phone hadn’t died. Akaashi felt truly awful for standing Bokuto up today, as unintentional as it was and his guilty feelings showed in his downturned expression. 

     Bokuto gave Akaashi a reassuring and understanding smile, however, desperate to cheer his best friend up. Although initially he felt a mixture of annoyed and amused, he understood the hectic and sometimes overwhelming demands that Akaashi was faced with. While Bokuto didn’t have to worry about money due to earning a volleyball scholarship or his grades too much because of his professional volleyball aspirations, Akaashi was not so lucky. He had to work part time to afford rent, food, books and tuition as well as to have spending money, wanting to take out as few student loans as possible. College and independent living was expensive. On top of that he was always conscientious about his academics and his grades and tended to run himself ragged to be sure he was performing at the top of his class. On top of this he still found time to volunteer to share his love of literature with children in the community’s child literacy program. And after all of that he still made time for his friends, Bokuto in particular. Akaashi was usually good at hiding his exhaustion and working through it, but sometimes it would catch up to him and Bokuto hated to see that affect his physical and/or mental well being. Bokuto reassured Akaashi he was not really upset with him, he just wanted Akaashi to take better care for himself.  

     Akaashi still felt guilty about making the older man wait and fell quietly into his old familiar anxious way of thinking. Bokuto was a popular and well liked figure on campus, whose attention was in constant demand from others. His bright personality and athletic skills drew in others by the drove, he even had his own “fan club.” Despite all that, he always carved out time for Akaashi. Quiet, boring and introverted Akaashi. He was grateful that someone so full of life and spirit as Bokuto continued to stay friends with Akaashi with his sometimes uptight personality, cold emotions and anxiety. It amazed him that he was able to keep someone as brilliant in his life as Bokuto. Bokuto gently nudged Akaashi to draw him from his internal crisis of thinking and back into the present. He reassured Akashi with simple and comforting words and a blinding smile that they were all good and they would make up their plans later. 


Although he did feel bad for making plans with Bokuto and then sleeping through them, Bokuto’s jovial and forgiving mood cheered him up. He soon after recalled the brutal tickling revenge Bokuto had just extracted and now wanted his own vengeance. Akaashi hated little more (besides maybe the crowded, loud, smelly frat parties Bokuto occasionally tried dragging him too) than being tickled. 

     Quickly and without warning, Akaashi was able to flip Bokuto off from on top of him where he had been pinning Akaashi down to tickle him. Bokuto may have much more muscle mass, but Akaashi was no weakling. His tall height and past as an athlete made him stronger than many his age, (although Bokuto was still larger than life), giving him an advantage in this situation when combined with his own surprise attack. The two began to playfully tussle around on Akaashi’s bed once again. This was nothing new really to these two who were close friends and who trained for years together and often wrestled around with each other. Bokuto was very tactile, often enveloping Akaashi in a hug or hold that required a good amount of wrestling around to be released from. They were best friends and constant companions, and this was just one of the ways in which they bonded with each other, except today it felt a little different. There was feeling thick and cloying, clouding the air in Akaashi’ bedroom, some new, seeping emotion pulled to the surface, previously buried down and locked tight.

     Akaashi had always found Bokuto very handsome, along with 95% of the general population. Bokuto was a beautiful specimen of a man, who stood tall and strong with muscles heaped upon more muscles. He had thick thighs and an ass that made many mouths water. His wild silver and black hair, golden eyes and athletic abilities made him one of the most attractive men Akaashi had ever seen. Not only that, he was also a sweet, brave and caring individual, as well as an inspiration to his fellow teammates. Akaashi had always been afraid to tell Bokuto of his attraction to him as he didn’t want to spoil their friendship, which he treasured. Also, Bokuto was such a legendary Ace, who had so much more vivaciousness and charisma than him. Why would Bokuto want such a young, inexperienced, cold, anxious introvert that was actually quite insecure, when he could get almost any one he wanted? Akaashi felt he was way out of Bokuto’s league. Little did Akaashi know, Bokuto harbored similar feelings of attraction toward him.

     Bokuto had always loved and cared for Akaashi in some form since the day he met him and continued to care for him to this day. Soon after Akaashi graduated high school,however, Bokuto realized he was beginning to have deeper feelings for Akaashi. There was something about the glimmer in Akaashi’s eye whenever he was excited to see Bokuto and the secret smile on his lips that he seemed to have just for Bokuto and his few friends that made Bokuto’s head spin and heart flutter. He was so beautiful with his porcelain skin, ocean colored eyes, and silky curls. Everywhere he went Akaashi’s beauty seemed to draw attention. His tall and lean but strong figure was just perfect and Bokuto wanted to spend all his time holding Akaashi and snuggled up to him, being close with him. Bokuto realized he was falling in love with the younger man, but was hesitant to push for a romantic relationship as he didn’t want it to affect or destroy the close friendship he had developed with Akaashi over the past several years. He also wondered what an intelligent, beautiful and strong person like Akaashi would possibly see in a hyperactive, over the top, bumbling, clumsy fool such as himself. Akaashi was perfect. So smart and an exotically beautiful man. He could surely have almost any individual he desired. 

     The two continued to play-wrestle for several minutes, until they grew out of breath. When they slowed to a stop, suddenly the mood shifted. Bokuto had managed to get the upper hand and was leaning over Akaashi who he had pinned down gently by his hands, on his back in the bed. Their eyes connected and they froze, face to face, struggling to push back their true feelings, scared of their own perceived shortcomings and fearful of rejection. Once a confession was made, they would not be able to turn back. Akaashi, being timid and generally inexperienced with love, was not so successful in locking down and hiding his feelings fully and Bokuto wondered at the look of love currently shining in Akaashi’ eyes.

 “ Could it be?” Bokuto thought amazedly to himself.

     Bokuto, never one to be accused of being a coward, released Akaashi’s wrist that he had been holding down to prevent the man from escaping during their games earlier. He brought his hand slowly down to rest on the wide-eyed, young man’s jaw, running his thick, strong fingers gently across Akaashi’s cheeks, jaw, then lips. Akaashi gasped and raised a trembling hand up to Bokuto as well. Clasping the older man’s cheek, he took a trembling breath. “ Could it be ?” he wondered nervously to himself. “ Could it be that Bokuto feels the same way as I do? ” Slowly, Bokuto brought his face closer to the man beneath him. Giving the other the time and space to pull away if he didn’t want or wasn’t ready for this, Bokuto gently placed his lips gently against Akaashi’s.

     The kiss was ultimately relatively chaste, but both men’s hearts felt like they were pounding out of their chests. As Bokuto drew away from the kiss, both just stared at each other in wonder. Akaashi’s lips tingled and his head was abuzz. He had never felt this way from a kiss before. Bokuto felt a warmth bloom in his chest he had never yet experienced. Both men smiled at one another and looked adoringly into the other’s eyes. At that moment, they knew they had found their greatest happiness, and it would be in one another.

     Kenma had been listening to the commotion coming from Akaashi’s room and let out a smirk and chuckle at the thought of the surprise tickle attack that he could obviously tell Bokuto had blindsided his roommate with. After a while, the commotion had simmered down and there was silence. Taking a break from his game he stood and stretched. Wondering what they were up to now, he set his game aside and decided to check in on the two and maybe see if they wanted to get some lunch together with him at the ramen shop down the street and possibly some apple pie for dessert. He approached Akaashi’s room, but froze in surprise in the doorway. There was Akaashi, seated in Bokuto’s lap, engaging in kiss after passionate kiss, while the two ran their hands under each other’s shirts. Slowly the look of shock transformed to a satisfied smile on Kenma’s face. He was happy for the two and glad to see that both had finally admitted their feelings to each other. Kenma could tell they had both been holding down their attraction to each other for several months if not years now and he hated seeing his closest friends suffer so much trying to hide and deny those feelings. He decided to allow the two some privacy in the apartment and grabbed his (Kuroo’s actually but claimed as Kenma’s) oversized hoodie, switch and keys to go visit his own best friend turned relatively new lover. Kuroo would be elated to hear the news about his two other dearest friends coming together, while Kenma looked forward to garnering some kisses and cuddles of his own, plus a nap in his loves strong, warm arms. 


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