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Disclaimer: This story is an 18+ Erotica so no minors are allowed to read the story, everything else is detailed on the tags.

Chapter 1: Wincest.
Note: Alright my doods! Here is another erotica for you and this one is based on a unique concept I found online which is in direct contrast to the infamous Death Note from the Death Note series.

The Sex Note instead of causing death like it’s counter part, it causes people to have sex with the user for as long as the user desires.

The idea and rules implemented in the Sex Note were ideas we and another called @1v2 had discussed and implemented so this story is heavily porn based and not much plot, but it is still a story.

Ok, I know Death Note doesn’t have as many females in the anime as it is so I will be using numerous female ocs just to increase the sexual potential of the series so if you guys have any ideas then don’t hesitate to submit them to me.

Now then, in terms of plot and porn, I’m thinking of continuing to proceed with the original death note plot but instead of Light being Kira, I will use an equally smart person and Light will actually be a good guy in this, despite all of the ‘Illegal’ Sex Fetishes he will be having as the story progresses.

And don’t forget that any and all of my mind control based erotica’s, I always add a more realism touch that adds to the plot of the story.

This idea is made by me alone because my co-author and beta reader were uncomfortable doing this with me so the upload schedule will be extremely slow so I apologize.

It was rather late in the country of Japan, more specifically, in the Yagami household.
Light Yagami was in his room tapping slightly on a studying notebook that he’s been writing in for the time but it wasn’t a traditional notebook one would buy at the local store.

The book was bright neon pink with the heading called ‘Sex Note’ now Light was an extremely bright young man who if compared to his friends at school, people would assume the brown haired boy was a poster child groomed for success.

A Loving Family.

Unparalleled Intelligence.

Amazing Social Standing.

Yet despite everything that Light Yagami was gifted with, he was not as perfect as he made himself appear to be.

The perfect person.

No, Light Yagami was a bad person, well atleast his own personal definition of a bad person because he wanted things that weren’t all that legal and being a virgin beta man who had game yet couldn’t manage to get laid.

The bright man was indeed incredibly handsome and popular, it was his tastes that were extremely questionable and lusted after things that would get the boy arrested…however during school today, he saw a bright neon notebook fall from the sky, having picked it up after the school day.

Now the boy was reading the ‘Rules’ that this sex note came with and it was odd but rather exciting since it was new and interesting, Light was talking below his voice when reading the rules.

“Rule 1: Any female name written within the death note will be overwhelmed with intense horniness and can’t find release until having sex with the user, any specific actions and timing of said female name must be included within 6 Minutes and 9 Seconds.

“Rule 2: any alterations to body and/or personality to that female will happen within 40 seconds once written but it must be written by that female's name for them to take effect.

“Rule 3: This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

“Rule 4: The Sex Note cannot be relinquished by the current owner unless willingly giving up ownership to another human, or upon the notes completion or the owners death, if willingly relinquished then all memories of the Sex Note will be removed.

“Rule 5: Only the owner of this sex note will notices the changes to the female written in this sex note, to everyone else it will seem like that is how the female has always been.

“Rule 6: If the personality of the female have not been changed and the relationship not defined, the female will treat the owner of this sex note based on their own thoughts/beliefs and how they see the relationship between the female and owner of the sex note.”

After speaking about the rules, Light obviously looked interested though disbelief of the notebook “This obviously has to be a joke right? This can’t be real” the brown boy said as he tried to close the pink book and throw it away, but the rules kept on his mind like a leach.

However the prospect that the notebook could be real was heavily enticing so the genius boy quickly grabbed a pen from the pen holder to place the tip onto the paper thinking on what the boy should write because Light Yagami had ALOT of likes and fetishes that’s rather criminal to society.

Now the young genius gripped the pen slightly, he started writing in the pink neon book.

‘Sachiko Yamagi - Sochiro Yagami has become as of late rather too tired and lacking performance in bed due to stress and tiredness from the job, so unable to properly have sex.

‘The man gone to his only son with a proposal, Sochiro had a secret fetish of watching/knowing that his wife was having sex with his son, so Sochiro offered to let Light Yamagi to have sex with his wife whenever he so desires within the confines of their home, even ignoring the criminality of incest and underage sex.

‘Light Yagami accepted the deal under one condition to Soichiro Yagami and that was to make Sachiko Yagami his woman/sex slave to which Soichiro Yagami accepted.
‘Sochiro will continue to work at peak performance as he has already regardless of his knowledge of his wife servicing their son like some whore.

‘Sachiko Yamagi was fully accepted this and fully submitted to being Light Yamagi’s sex slave, Sachiko Yamagi will comply with any and all requests by Light Yamagi regardless of what it is, she will still act as a mother regardless of being Light Yamagi’s sex slave.’ 

Light panted heavily as he shakily dropped the pen onto the book as he fully written his desires into the form of a sentence, he initially planned to simply write his Milf Mother’s name and to test to see if it worked but he wanted to see if this happened because if it did then he would have placed an immediate outlet for his sexual energy ‘D-Did I really write that? S-should I go downstairs and see if it worked?’ The brown haired boy mentally thought to himself as he wondered if it went through.

But now a secondary thought occurs to the school boy and that pertains his younger sister Sayu Yamagi who was 13 years old, a desirable age for a young girl yet Light would never admit he lusted after very young girls especially lolis ‘I-I guess I should also write her name too, because she would be think what I do to mom would be very weird.’ Light thinks to himself as he shakily picks up the pen again to write his sister’s name into the Sex Note.

‘Sayu Yamagi - Sayu Yamagi has recently entered into a state of sexual maturity and had asked Light Yagami for a porn magazine so after learning from porn.

‘She gone to light and offered herself as a sex object for his pleasure because he was a fantastic brother for being their for her, she would effectively watch or ignore Light in any sexual situation regarding Sachiko Yamagi or other females regarding to her own desires. 

‘Sochiro Yagami was fully supportive of Sayu Yamagis desire to be a sex toy for Light Yamagis use and will ignore any and all criminality regarding sexual gratification between her and Light Yamagi’

And like that, Light shakily places the pen back into the holder after he fully committed to a house where his mother was his sex slave and his little sister acted as his sex toy for his personal use.

“God, I’m going crazy thinking this ‘Sex Note’ would actually turn my family into my personal toys” The brown haired student said as he ran his hand through his hair muttering lightly that the constant studying must’ve really affected his mental state before getting up and leaving his room.

It was around dinner time right about now and 40 seconds had passed so the brown eyed sexual boy was indeed curious if the Sex Note was real.

After entering the kitchen to find things as normal as a normal family was.

Sayu was in the living room watching the relatively handsome actor Hideki Ryuga in whatever movie he’s being played in, commenting how handsome he was and why no one in her class was like that.

Soichiro Yagami was sitting at the dinner table lightly eating the food that his wife had prepared for him, he looked far more tired then he usually does but recently a new mass murderer propped up and it was eating away at the police man’s time from home, the man’s wrinkled mustache face turned to see his eldest son walk over to sit at the table “Oh Light, Listen, I want to thank you for doing this for me, I know it makes me less of a man but knowing this is for the best keeps me going” he said which caused the brown haired boy to blink.

Having genuinely not known what the police father was about, Light said “Sorry dad, I’ve been studying for the past few hours. What are you thanking me for?” The school boy said while the older man grunted lightly, taking off his glasses to rub his eyes.

“I understand, you’ve been working hard so you may have forgotten, since the appearance of this ‘Kira’ character, I’ve been spending too much time at work to properly satisfy your mother so I requested you to take my place to please your mother. You accepted but you requested that Sachiko becomes your woman to tend to your desires whenever and wherever to which I’ve accepted. Remember?” The black haired older man said, which made Light who scooped up some rice with his chopsticks to nearly drop the food and the wooden utensil.

Everything that the brown haired boy had put into the sex note had came to pass especially when he joked around slightly thinking it was fake “I-Is that so?” Light said as he couldn’t suppress that.

The older man gave a nod at this “Yes, you’re doing me a huge favor for doing this and allowing me more time to focus on work. So consider this as my verbal agreement, don’t hold yourself back Alright? Your studies are very important for your future but don’t let that cloud yourself, you're young so let yourself go every so often” The detective said as he finished up with his meal then looked over to Sachiko.

Sachiko was a very beautiful slender woman with no noticeable signs of aging aside from some near unnoticeable wrinkles on her face, she was wearing a t shirt and pants that hugged her curves beautifully “Dear, I’ll be heading to bed early” he said to her which she smiled and nodded.

“Of course, have a good night and don’t forget to wear the ear plugs in case Light gets extremely frisky with me” She said as if it was normal to call out that her son was going to use her, Light couldn’t believe what he was hearing especially since she believed it to be incredibly normal.

Soichiro gave a nod to her “Right, good night everyone” he said before going to the master bedroom to fall asleep to regain enough energy to do his job tomorrow, The brown haired boy quickly regained his fleeting sanity, the genius high schooler needed to return to his room so he can properly process this.

“Light Sweetie, if your done with your food then come put them into the sink, me and Sayu are about to eat soon too so if you are feeling well enough, you can cum on our food so we can have your essence” The brown haired woman exclaimed the request to her ‘Master’ which Light nearly choked on some rice at the sudden request which he quickly got up to move his food over to the kitchen sink quickly bypassing her “No thanks mom, I need to get back to studying” he said quickly leaves the room though he hears his younger sister said.

“Ohhh…So he’s not going to dump his cum on our food? That was the best part for dinner” The young teen girl said as she got up from her place at the kitchen table while Sachiko sighed.

“I’m sorry Sayu, your brother has been working himself nonstop for the college entrance exams and the stress of a mass murderer is not helping him or your father. So don’t forget to sleep naked and leave your door unlocked encase your brother wants to have sex during the night, I’ll be doing the same in the guest room” The Yamagi mother said, Light was hiding behind the wall in the hallway looking obviously concerned before quickly going to his room.

Locking the door to the room, the brown haired scholar turned to go to the desk but what he didn’t expect was a red skinned woman with no clothes that showcased her slender figure, fat ass and her tits that dwarfed his head, her hair was lucious black with two red horns slicking backwards however Light couldn’t scream due to her looks and his boner was straining against his pants.

The woman turned around showing her EE-Cup Tits to him with darkish red nipples that looked like they were permanently hard, she had appeared to be reading his notebook on the desk “Well well! I finally get to see who picked up my Sex Note! And you're a cutie too! Ahh too bad I like…older men, heheh my name is Lilith, Lilith the Succubus. I owned the book you have on your desk” the woman who now introduced herself as ‘Lilith’ stated she owned the notebook.

Light gulped lightly as he was getting really horny from staring at her naked breasts “A-Are you going to punish me for using your notebook?” He asked as he was worried he would be harmed or punished.

Lilith gave a little snicker as she walked over to his bed with a sway to her hips before sitting down “Oh no no, I won’t do anything of the sort handsome, the moment my notebook touched the human world then it was free to be picked up by anyone. I’m quite fortunate that it was you that found my Sex Note.”

“So…your saying I can use this Sex Note as much as I want and I won’t be punished in the slightest?” Light asked as he was starting to grow a bit bold especially for a self proclaimed succubus.

Lilith smirked at him obviously pleased “Yes, I’m only here until the Sex Note is completed, destroyed or the owner which is currently you had perished. Whichever comes first. I had already read your writing and such a naughty boy going after his own family! I should tell you that all the effects committed by the notebook are permanent since it alters the human mind” she explained a bit before getting up and grabbing one apple from the plate on his desk. 

Light loved apples but he felt hungry for something more carnal.

The Demon quickly stuffs the apple into her mouth to chomp on it entirely “Ahh~ I love human apples, far juicer then the Pleasure Realm and certainly fucking better then the Shinigami Apples” 

The brown haired boy looked abit annoyed that this hot bitch was ignoring him “Hey listen, I still have questions, does the sex note have any limitations?” He asked the woman who simply gazed back at him with her glowing yellow eyes.

Lilith plopped in another apple into her mouth munching on it “Hmmmmmm No, not that was discovered, so long as these ‘Carnal Pleasures’ are actually doable and possible then you can achieve anything whatsoever with any female you so desire. It’s how our relationship works”

“Relationship?” Light asked as he slowly approached his desk to sit down opening the sex note back onto the first page.

Lilith nodded as she sat down on the bed again “Yes, the mutual relationship between me, The Succubus, and you, the human, You use the Sex Note to fulfill every fantasy, kink, fetish and carnal pleasure you can possibly think of and I’ll feast on the sexual energy that you and your partner produces, it’s what sustains a Succubus for long periods of time and there’s no limit to how much one can consume. So you can use the sex note to as much as you want and in doing so, I get to eat off your sexual energy.” Lilith explained the little relationship between a Sexual Succubus and a Horny Human.

Light is seemingly starting to understand the situation now as this note was indeed real and supernatural with it, and him, being tied to a demonic entity formed from sexual pleasure and lust “Ok, do we have sex as well?” The Genius Boy looked over to which she simply grinned and shook her head at him.

“Nope, not my type kiddo, I prefer my toys as MEN, You are just teen in puberty. I would very much like to have a romp with your father though, but unfortunately you’ve already concluded that he’s too tired and exhausted to be my toy.” The Succubus said as she lays down keeping her gaze on the boy obviously curious “But now with everything out of the way, I’m starved for some sexual energy so when are you going to start fucking your hot milf of a mother or use your little sister as a portable fleshlight? Come on! I’m hungry!”

Light began to tune out the ‘Succubus’ while he starts tapping the paper of the sex note trying to think what else he could add “Hey, if the sex note permanently changes the human mind, could I affect it in ways where I can appear to own things that aren’t actually mine?”

Lilith raised an eyebrow as she was curious on where he was going with it “Yes, and this doesn’t typically have to include a specific woman, as this would be seen as general mine manipulation, you can cause everyone to believe you own that particular thing. Why?” She asked the bright schooler.

Light nodded at her then starts writing into the Sex Note.

‘Light Yagami is allowed full and complete control over the Yagami Household and anything done by Light Yagami is accepted as normal’ 

Light wrote down before closing it and yawning lightly to which he slowly started shedding off his clothes to become fully naked while the girl looked down to see Lights' impressive 14 Inch Cock erect in front of her “Mmmm! What a delicious dick? Too bad you're not older than I would simply let you mount me whenever you desire. I hear that my pussy is wetter and tighter than a human woman and my tits are so firm and Malleable that they can’t stop grabbing it.” Lilith exclaimed, licking her lips while explaining what the boy was missing out on.

Light simply sneered then kicked the red skinned demon off of his bed which she yelped in surprise before getting up slightly glaring at him “Ok ok, that was payback for my taunt, I got it. And I assume you’ll be depriving me of my sexual energy to feast on because of that”

Light gave a smile as he gets on his bed to get underneath the covers that hides his toned body “Yep, consider this payback for your teasing plus I need some time to fully become accustomed to this and luckily tomorrow is a Saturday”

Lilith nodded and quickly got onto the bed to start cuddling with the brown haired man who looked obviously uncomfortable but also equally horny “Right, best to ease into things, most humans that gets a Sex Note would rush into things before getting themselves killed”

Light would agree as he was overly cautious but was even more cautious because what he plans on doing would have severe consequences if they were to ever get out.

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