Jealousy From an Esper (Bang x Tatsumaki x Fubuki)

BY : TristyandShane
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Disclaimer: This fanfiction was written purely for fun and not for profit. One-Punch Man is owned by Spike Chunsoft.

Something was strange, very strange, as Tatsumaki's green hues cast their gaze onto the ceiling above her. The small imp-like girl fumed, because along with the creaking from the ceiling, she could also hear rather audible moans coming from above this ceiling. Above her was Fubuki's bedroom, after all. Darting up the staircase, afloat with her psychic energy manipulating her gravity, Tatsuamki kicked the door down to Fubuki's chamber. With the green hue that enclosed her small figure, Tatsumaki controlled this psychic energy, and eveloped the same green hue around a nearby lamp that sat on Fubuki's bedside table. With this lamp afloat with herself, Tatsumaki tossed this lamp onto Bang and caused it to break the second it hit his head. Tatsumaki caught sight of Fubuki underneath Bang, her legs coiled around Bang's waist.

"Get away from her, you old creep!" Tatsumaki challenged, fuming a vibrant reddish hue that made her face look like a tomato.

Bang flinched as the lamp crashed into his well-muscled back, interrupting the rhythm that was putting Fubuki into an utter carnal bliss, her eyes rolled back into her pretty head as she writhed and shook under him, helpless under his "deep-four-stroke"-technique, stimulating her in ways her brain could not quite prepare for. His grey eyebrows rose as he looked at the green light enveloped woman in the doorway.

"Do you mind? This is our alone-time. You aren't invited, Tatsumaki," he retorted, keeping his cool, however.

His cock was still deeply impaling her younger sister, making her moan despite him not even moving over her at this point. Fubuki's legs shook as she tried to pull him further into her.

"Not invited? Are you the reason Fubuki hasn't been returning her phone calls?!" Tatsumaki argued, hands placed on her small hips.

Approaching Bang, the small female used her psychic energy to enevelope the same green hue around him, as Tatsumaki then pulled Bang into a separate room - the bathroom. Pulling a devlish grin, Tatsumaki shoved Bang into the empty, clean bathtub. Still afloat, the esper hovered over him, and then sat on his crotch, having his erect manhood pierce into her own moist folds. Due to wearing a skimpy black dress with no underwear underneath, Tatsumaki was able to lift her dress using her telekinetic powers. Her small hand rested on his face, covering his eyes.

"And how does this feel, huh? Better than Fubuki's? I should be the one attracting all the men - not her!" Tatsumaki groaned, moaning about shit like per usual.

Bang grunted, bouncing into the bathtub, and then feeling the silky smooth caress of the girl's clothing as they shifted to give her access to him. His cock was rockhard, having completely dominated her younger sister's pussy for the last few hours, and now she sank down onto him with all her heat and tightness, causing him to grit his teeth. 

"Urggh! You are - urggh - jealous of your sister's love for me, Tatsumaki!" Bang hissed, his hands gripping her small hips to feel her descend down onto him, not arresting her movement at all, but savouring her incredible heated grip on his manhood.

"You shouldn't have started fucking her then! This is all your fault, Bang!" Tatsumaki spat, while her body started to bounce.

She still had Bang's body enveloped in the same green hue as before, and so, if Fubuki wanted him back, she wouldn't be able to. Tatsumaki's pussy claimed him now, complete virgin pussy despite Tatsumaki was around 28-years-old. Curly green locks bounced gently when Tatsumaki started to rise and then drop; riding Bang's wet-coated cock. Due to her vulva being tiny, her moist lips were spread apart fully, having Bang's large cock stretching her out from entrance to g-spot. At this point, her hand covering his face caused two fingers to slip up his nostrils during the time she bounced.

"So, admit it, who feels better?"

Bang grunted under her, feeling her grip on his cock as she hooked her fingers into his face. He hissed up at her, "It's not my fault that your sister fell in love with me, Tatsumaki! If you wanted to stop her you should have stepped in earlier. Not now, that I have fucked her for a few weeks already!" Bang grinned. 

Despite his predicaments, Bang slipped one hand free from her telekinetic grip to slide it onto her incredibly tight ass, groping the cheek under her skin-tight black dress, thankful that she wasn't wearing any knickers. 

"You are...undeniably tight, but you attack without forethought. If you let me go, I would be able to form a more fair appreciation of your craft," he mentioned. 

Bang dug his fingers into her small buttock, leaving red marks on her marble-white skin.

At that response, Tatsumaki merely spat out with laughter. "Yeah, right! If I let you go, you'd just run back to Fubuki and forget I ever existed!" Tatsumaki argued, beginning to spit in his face. "Just like that baldy; you're all the same...lusting over my sister like she's some goddess, and then leave me in the background just because I don't measure up to her!" Sounding like a child was her specialty, especially now, that Tatsumaki was riding his cock during the time she threw her toys out the pram. Her anger caused her to ride faster, practically milking Bang's cock at this point. "If you had just left Fubuki alone...she wouldn't have fallen in love with you, old man!"

Bang chuckled under her. 

"You are such a petulant child, Tatsumaki," he hissed. 

Gripping hold of her hips firmly, as Tatsumaki pushed down to milk his cock; his hips went on to thrust UP, at the same time, thus pulling her down HARD onto him. His massive cockhead kissed up to her cervix, with enough force to make anyone see stars from the incredibly intimate forceful touch! Bang felt her body on top of him as he impaled her like this, sweating under her as he was fucking her back savagely at this point.

When Bang started to take more control over Tatsumaki, the green hue that enclosed his form started to fade, leaving him no longer controlled by her. The rough force of his hips made Tatsumaki feel weak, and she rested her head on his chest during the time he ploughed up into her moist canal. Gasps escaped her lips, even growls. 

"I...I...I'm not a child!" Tatsumaki argued, hissing weakly. Cream oozed from her vulva, drooling down his cock and balls, mixed in with Fubuki's cream as well. "Y-you're...a dirty old man!" Tatsumaki fought back, weakly, while her fingers were still buried in his nostrils.

Grinning up at her, not able to see her with her hands still partially covering his face. 

"Oh yeah? Then how come you cry like a child?!" Bang emphasized his point by DRIVING his hips up, again slamming into her cervix, harder this time, enough to make her body rigid with the overload of forceful sensations. For a fleeting moment she understood the blissful expression on her younger sister's face as his cock was buried in her.

Despite how many times Tatsumaki tried her hardest not to give in, drool trailed down her bottom lip, and her green eyes rolled into the back of her head. This was Fubuki's exact same expression earlier in the bedroom, when Tatsumaki stormed in and tossed a lamp at Bang's head. Exact same time. Moving her hands downward, sharp fingernails started to scratch along Bang's chest, feeling his grey chest hair along the way. 

"You idiot...I will PUNCH you when this is over! For fucking Fubuki...and for telling me I'm just a child-" Tatsumaki continued to challenge, albeit weakly, submissively, and now quiet.

Storming into the bathroom door appeared to be the woman they were talking about, Fubuki was clad in a white furry dressing gown, and she rolled her eyes in contempt when she caught sight of Tatsumaki on top of Bang. Of course, Fubuki took one good look, and then she just exited the bathroom like nothing had happened. If she tried to argue with Tatsumaki, then the imp would the fight like always.

Bang sank both his powerful hands to her hips, now steering and controlling her as he impaled her from beneath over and over, watching her stunning lithe body bouncing and tensing over and over as his cock controlled her every sensation. 

"That's it. Now the only other noise I want to hear from you is you screaming out as you cum. You understand, don't you?" Bang pulled his knees up, the bathtub shaking as he fucked her hard like this, watching her bounce, his cockhead pressing to her cervix over and over again like a jackhammer.

Beneath the bathtub started to shake and creak, and cracks began to form on the ground underneath it, forming on the ceiling on the downstairs room. This was going to be the last time Fubuki will ever be allowed to bring a man back to their mansion, that's for sure! The small green-haired woman started to scream into Bang's chest, her moans muffled by his sweaty chest against her mouth. She was practically just laying there and taking it now, much like a stupid whore. It wasn't long until Tatsumaki pushed her weight up, and proceeded to ride his cock like before, albeit weakly at first. Tatsumaki just grumbled, spit trailing down her bottom lip.

"Shut up, old man," she fought back, challenging him.

Bang held onto her hips as he lifted her off her cock, her body too weak to resist now. 

"Now, now, Tatsumaki. Let's not be like that. Remember who just made you cum so hard you screamed like a baby?" Bang reminded with a dirty grin, stepping out of the bathtub and then hauling her out of it as if she was actually a child. The green-haired esper was almost weightless in his muscular, strong arms as he carried her back to the bed. "Fubuki-san, honey. Would you mind moving aside a little? I think this one needs a bit more of a treatment," he grinned at Fubuki.

When Tatsumaki was laid down onto the duvet of Fubuki's double bed, Fubuki glanced up from the book she was currently reading, as her own green orbs flicked their gaze to the grumbling brat beside her. Fubuki just huffed, and then shuffled to the other side of the bed, as she then glanced back to her book, reading. Fubuki still wore her fluffy white dressing gown, while her legs were underneath the duvet. Tatsumaki grumbled, staring up at Bang with her legs spread apart. She never wanted to admit it, but Tatsumaki actually enjoyed this treatment she received from Bang, and in the process, Tatsumaki folded her slender arms over her chest while she waited.

"Well?" Tatsumaki snapped, green hues still watching Bang. "Don't look at her; look at ME!"

It was obvious that Fubuki was no longer interested in having sex this evening.

Bang grinned, watching Fubuki's huff as he pushed Tatsumaki down onto the messy duvet. He licked his lips as he pressed his cock down into her, again, kissing up at her cervix with the massive mushroom head. He spread her legs wider, pushing her down, pinning her under him, and then, teasingly, pushed his hands over her face, covering her eyes as she had done to him. He grunted as he impaled her, looking up at Fubuki, smiling as he filled her older sister with his massive member, straining the brat out!

Squealing out, Tatsumaki started to flail her arms, gripping her small hands onto the strong hand that covered her eyes. Her legs started to kick, too, kicking Bang's abdomen and chest. To which, Bang probably didn't even feel due to Tatsumaki's light weight. Her powers were the only strong aspect of her, whereas her body wasn't all that strong, lithe even due to being the strongest esper alive. Fubuki didn't pay much attention to Tatsumaki's screaming, and in fact, she found her old earphones and decided to plant them into her ears, now listening to music while she read her book. But now, Tatsumaki was gripping around that strong hand, fingernails scratching along his rough skin. Her vulva continued to cream, continued to embrace his cock in a sloppy kiss.

"AR-ARGH!" Tatsumaki squealed, sticking a toe into his mouth while she kicked her legs. "Don't...don't hide my face, you prick!"

Bang watched her younger sister's face, seeing how bored and disinterested she was, now that she had been filled up by his seed, gotten dozens of orgasms and had her mind scrambled somewhat by the sensations. Fubuki was Fubuki, after all, only after what she wanted. Seeing Tatsumaki struggle was almost endearing to her, as she was taken down the very same path. He licked his lips as he rolled his hips and PUSHED into Tatsumaki, forcing her tightness WIDE around his massive cock, spearing into her as she flailed and scratched to no effect on him. He had her pinned and he would keep her there as long as he felt like it.

No matter what, Tatsumaki wasn't going to apologise to Bang for how she was misbehaving beforehand; she was always a rude little shit regardless of the situation. Well, apart from the time Genos gave her a glass of orange juice. But that was only once. Her lithe, small figure proceeded to bounce backwards and forth, gliding along the bed in response to Bang's forceful thrusts. Not to mention that Tatsumaki no longer had the green hue enclosing her form, and so she was practically just powerless until this whole fuckfest was over. Fubuki glanced up from her book for a split second, while her green orbs caught sight of Tatsumaki rocking along the back, causing the bed to squeak and shake just like the bathtub did. She watched for a little while; her face creased up during the time she watched.

"Bang - GRRR!" Tatsumaki continued to scream, and soon enough, her legs curled around Bang's waist when he pounded her. "Harder, old man!"

At that command, Bang slammed into her harder, driving into her, then shot his hips forward and PRESSED into her womb, penetrating her cervix, completely overloading her lithe form. He impaled her with enough force to cause another well of pleasure to burst inside her. As he looked into Fubuki's green-coloured eyes, and then GEYSERED his load into her older sister's spasming pussy, Bang flooded Tatsumaki with his virile seed.

"Yes! That's it, you little brat! Take it!" Bang hissed down at her, still covering her eyes.

At the sight of Tatsumaki receiving a good pounding from Bang, Fubuki merely rolled her eyes in contempt, then continued to watch the scene take place. Really, this was more entertaining than the romance novel she was currently reading. Fubuki moved onto her side, elbow pressed against her pillow as her hand rested on the side of her face. She watched intently, not really saying anything.

While Tatsumaki received his virle sperm, she couldn't exactly feel the hot spunk fill up her canal, but she could feel his sperm swimming inside her womb. Due to how lithe Tatsumaki appeared, her belly bulged outward, making her look full and bloated with his cum. She pulled his hand out from her view, as eyes were now watching Bang's expression, and yet, while Tatsumaki snarled up at him, she wound up biting his hand.

"That wasn't HARD ENOUGH!" Tatsumaki spat, spitting right up into his face.

Bang winced as she bit him, delivering a slap to her face in retaliation, his cock lodged deep in her, making her taunt stomach bulge precipitously, as he glared down at her.

"Look - your sister is watching you getting knocked up. Is that HARD enough for you?" Bang taunted.

Rolling his hips, Bang BURIED his cock into Tatsumaki, straining her pussy to the point where her mind was nearly lost in the intense sensations. He smiled at Fubuki as she watched the scene unfold.

"You know, I never thought of this before-" Fubuki mentioned, while a bittersweet smile graced her lips. "I didn't think about getting Tatsumaki involved before, and she's right, it does sound intriguing to say the least," she added with a small laugh following afterwards. "I wonder if she'll be pregnant after this..."

At how dominant her sister's words sounded in Tatsumaki's ears, the brat continued to scream, and immediately delivered a hard slap around Bang's face in the process. Tatsumaki hissed, spitting in his face again, and this hiss was followed by a moan, as Tatsumaki felt the cock practically destroy her moist canal at this point. Her hands still gripped Bang's hand, then moving up to his muscular arm, keeping a firm grip on him while he pounded her.

Leaning inward, Fubuki moved a little closer to Tatsumaki, and then planted a little kiss onto Tatsumaki's third temple. "Enjoying this, aren't you? You should have said something sooner, big sis."

Bang rammed the green-haired girl under him over and over as she flailed and cursed. He was enjoying this thoroughly, and with the younger sibling now brushing some green strands out from Tatsumaki's face, he could see the expression on her face clearer, driving into her over and over, filling her utterly, his cock not known as the "7th enlightened cunt-buster" for nothing, after all. Bang held her down as he dominated her, with her younger sister toying with her defiance, dripping sultry words in her ear.

" time, let me fucking join in!" Tatsumaki argued, screaming at her younger sister now. "If you're gonna have sex under this roof, you should LET me know about it before you even do it, understand?!"

In response to that, Fubuki merely snickered, and then nodded her head. Her elegant fingers delicately brushed along the side of Tatsumaki's face, flicking any curly green strands out from her face, especially with Tatsumaki constantly rocking backwards and then forth along the duvet. She still wore her black dress, and it was now completely soaked through with sweat. The imp-like woman swung her head back, while hands dropped to her sides, as fingers gripped a fistful of the duvet beneath her. She groaned out in pleasure, feeling Bang's cock completely own her now. To think he used to be a playboy when he was younger, no wonder why he had a cunt-buster of a cock.

"I-I'm...I love this, Bang!" Tatsumaki squealed, tongue sticking out of her mouth, as she struggled to catch her breath. "But fucking hell, you two annoy the shit out of me!"

Smiling as she broke under their minstration, Bang's cock destroyed her pussy's defiance, her baby sister's voice eroding away her confidence and attitude, leaving her to cum unhindered like this, straining under him as he flooded her womb with his load, dominating her as he looked into his girlfriend's eyes.

"I told you - you would love seeing me fuck your sister, didn't I?" Bang grinned at Fubuki as he leaned in, kissing her, all while he impaled Tatsumaki under him as he bred her, locking her into this family and this relationship for a long time to come.

Kissing back, Fubuki leaned upward, now sitting on the sheet of the bed. Draping her slender arms around Bang's collar, Fubuki planted a second kiss onto his lips, tasting the saliva that built up during the fuck session.

"I know," she simply replied, and then shrugged her shoulders. "I can see that now."

Tatsumaki grumbled, catching sight of her younger sister practically embracing Bang at this point, and she made an attempt to kick him in the face. That was Tatsumaki, forever trying to ruin her sister's relationships just so Tatsumaki could be hers instead. After Tatsumaki kicked Bang, she rose up her torso, and then watched the two kiss. A snarl along her lips, Tatsumaki donned the same green glow as before, and then took control of a nearby object in the room, soon smashing this object over Bang's head again. Cum drooled down her inner thighs, dripping onto the duvet of the bed. Fubuki's bed, that is. 

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