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Chapter 1: Green Gang, It's a meme thang
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Heroes and Villains.
When anyone reads about these two, it's always the same story.
Evil shows up to cause havoc before the desired good appears to defeat the evil and get praised for being so called protectors.
but the world isn't truly black and white, some have endured 'evil' at the hands of heroes even if it's accidental during villain attacks or intentional.
But there has been moments in history where villains were redeemed and became heroes, Tanya Rothschild in Germany also known as 'Tanya the Evil' was infamously known for utilizing her quirk 'Magical Enhancements' which gave the girl flight, physical durability and explosive bullets that wiped away scores of police and German soldiers but during her final moments at the hand of another villain 'Being X' she fought alongside many heroes to defeat only to have perished moments after the other villains death.
Every Hero and Villain has an origin story, one that makes up the core of their soul.

That is how the story of Izuku Midoriya started.
Izuku was a normal child like most other children, he was excited to have a quirk developed alongside his peers and close best friend Katsuki Bakugo but that didn't turn out that well.
Izuku's quirk however didn't manifest early on like most children their age which the maximum time for a quirk to manifest was four years old but quirk study notes stated for the last 50 years, quirks don't magically appear at a specific age since some children develop quirks mostly mutation and transformation far earlier before the age of four but there has been times when quirks would develop at a far later date, there has been instances where people who unknowingly had quirks from the beginning but never figured it out.
The Young Greenette was often ridiculed heavily due to his supposed 'Quirkless' disability for the past year, Izuku and Katsuki Bakugou confronted each other at the entrance of the elementary school to which Bakugou started to verbally attack the greenette to the point where the child snapped and grabbed Katsuki Bakugo, the child who spearheaded the bullying against Izuku, then pulled away.
It was at that point when Izuku learned that he did in fact have a quirk which Izuku felt something was taken inside of his core to which when Izuku pulled away from Bakugou, sparks appeared on the greenette hands as if Izuku had the ash blondes potent nitroglycerin.
It was at that afternoon when Midoriya had gotten extreme trouble for taking away the quirk of their most promising student, so having police intervention which forced Izuku to return the quirk, black marked and expelled from the school at that very same day but due to that mark on the young child's permanent record had deeply impacted his future.
Due to that record, no school anywhere would accept a quirk stealing child within their program in fear of their students with the strongest quirks.
And due to the black mark and having unable to be taken in by any elementary and middle school, Izuku was forced to be home school and any resemblance of becoming a hero was swiftly smashed down into powder however that didn't stop the greenette at all but in fact had ignited the boys desire for heroism into a full raging inferno.

Years have passed since that time and a mysterious figure head had suddenly appeared in Japanese Underworld by the name of 'Green Boss' or 'Big Boss' or more panic inducing for the #1 Hero in the world 'All for One'.
Green Boss was the leader of another infamously known gang that seems to utilize their quirks to control aspects of the underworld regardless of laws put in place for illegal quirk use, they were called 'The Green Scarfs' 
What was mind baffling was that while the Green Scarfs undertook illegal activities such as drug running, drug creation, illegal weapons and technology along with other organized crime related crimes. 
They were also akin to vigilantes as citizens wearing some form of green, an associated color to the gang, has always been seen fighting against robbery's of banks, villain attacks and attacked known heroes that has a less then good record publicly.
So even the public is having mixed views of an obvious organized crime gang that seemed to do good, even the heroes can't seem to figure out an angle with such a gang.

Toshinori Yagi or more known as the #1 Pro Hero in the world; All Might. Had been going through panic attacks every so often whenever the news put out information of the Green Boss or All For One, especially since he started working at U.A two years ahead of his schedule.
But the panic caused by the potential reappearance of his former arch nemesis had caused the sickly skeleton to push forward from what Toshi had been putting off for a while now.
The Sickly Skeleton was at his desk staring intently at his mini tv that he had put onto his desk watching the news for any other potential while not even attempting to glance at the tests that Toshi needs to grade for the day before leaving for the night "All Might, if you stared any closer to the TV, you'd lose the pigment in your eyes" a male voice called out to which Toshi looked over to his right at the other desk to see who spoken.
The man next to the skeleton was a sickly pale looking man with deeply unkempt hair, a black matching pants and shirt with cloud white bandages wrapped around his neck and laid on his shoulders, deep black baggy eyes like he hardly slept at al, Shota Aizawa, the underground pro hero; Eraserhead and the unofficial vice principal to U.A Hero Academy.
All Might seemed to chuckle as he turned his eyes back to the tv learning of a growing hurricane heading to the western coast of the country "True, but I'm afraid...afraid this new All for One may be the original especially since I thought I killed him years ago" The Number 1 Hero exclaimed as he made his fear and worry known to the underground hero.
Shota was often known to be a no nonsense man and did everything by the logical book especially using subtle manipulation on his own class in 1-A Heroics to bring out the best in them, yet the strongest hero in the world showing blatant fear against a suspected dead man was completely illogical but at the same time logical especially the very same man dealt the skeleton an almost life threatening injury.
"If you thought you killed him then don't worry, from what I've learned of how you tore into All for One then even someone like him couldn't have an easy time walking away from that, if he is supposedly still alive then even regeneration quirks is going to be extremely difficult healing his wounds at least he'd be put under a ventilation system room so he could actually breath since he suffered such wounds to his lungs and throat." Shota exclaimed the logic behind the skeletons beat down of perhaps the strongest villain in history.
"Yet the news always claimed that whoever this new All for One is often seen overlooking the operates of this 'Green Scarf' full operations so whoever this is, even if the original, doesn't seemed bothered to remain anonymous" Toshi exclaimed as he usually remembered the original AFO user being extremely discreet with his operations and manipulates strings in the background however the Green Scarfs is blatantly operating in the open with hardly a touch of the original's subtlety.
"And from what you've told us about AFOs operation methods, it's obvious this new AFO is a new person especially since he doesn't seem to care about stopping chaos brought by villains and criminals. So calm down, you don't want to lose anymore muscle mass then you already have" Shota exclaimed as he too looked at the TV curious about any notable national news.
Toshinori seemed to sigh in relief as he was worried for the past two years about the return of the original wielder of such a vile quirk only to be told to calm down and look at the actions of the current holder of that quirk and while some similarities did show especially since both quirks were often known to deal in the less than legal operations.
The only thing that the sickly skeleton couldn't figure out what quirks did this new user have, especially since there's been no records recently in the past 3 Years of anyone who had lost their quirks which raises two theories both equally terrifying to the Top Pro Hero.
Theory 1: The NAFO(New All For One) has taken quirks from people and killed them to ensure they don't blab, however this theory isn't that believable as there would've been a mountain of missing people reports already.
Theory 2: People willingly give up their quirks due to a variety of reasons so that would mean no missing people or calling the police to say that their quirk has been taken. This one is the most plausible of the two theories. 
"I'm breaking news, I'm Akame Mitarashi, reporting live in the Musutafu Shopping District. The Villain 'Slime Man' has appeared, taking a 14 year old boy hostage" suddenly a breaking news coverage appeared on the tiny tv prompting both heroes to swiftly turn to it.
Seeing a dark slime man in the middle of the street while a 14 Year Old Kid looked like he was struggling to get out of the villain's liquefying body while seemingly using the boy's sweat to ignite explosion's.
"THOSE IDIOTS! WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY STANDING AROUND FOR! A FUCKING PARADE!? THEY NEED TO WORK TO GET THAT KID OUT OF HARM'S WAY!!" Aizawa shouted as he surged for the tv grabbing it and shaking it around looking pissed off as four fucking heroes were standing around with thumbs up their asses and not working on getting the hostage out the situation.
Toshinori gulped as he scoots the chair back slightly as there was only one time he had seen Aizawa snapped like he did now and that was when he addressed his former 1-A Class before expelling them all, not even before the schools orientation when he flipped his fucking lid.
"S-Shota...I think you should calm down..." Toshi tried to get Aizawa to calm down but learned very quickly that saying calm down ended up pissing the guy off even more.
"THOSE IDIOTS ARENT DOING A FUCKING THI-" Shota yelled even more only to stop when the TV continues.
"Hold up!...I've just been told by local police that three figures are approaching the slime villain, they are not heroes from what I've been told but two of them had broken off from the one in the lead who's still approaching the villain." The News Reporter exclaimed as she tried to look closer, even blinking her eyes as if something was in her eyes "That's strange..., I'm sorry folks but I'm having a trouble time focusing in his face, almost as if I can't see any distinctive features aside from his overly long green hair. Fugaku, zoom in" she ordered the cameraman who moves the screen towards the Main Street to where the man was located.
The man was no taller than 5'8, wearing neatly pressed dress pants that looked illogical in a combat setting, the man's shoes may look like the appearance of ordinary dress shoes but trained heroes can see very well that those shoes were made for combat.
His undershirt was a plain white button short sleeve shirt with a dark brown sweater vest over it with a bright green tie.
His hair was longer and fluffier than most women's hair especially tied into a ponytail almost reaching his back hip however what was strange on the screen was the fact that the man's face was blurred, even in a live event, this was impossible unless..
"That can't be...this kid, he has a quirk that prevents his identity from being exposed" All Might exclaimed as his eyes widened to which Shota to which he swiftly calmed down along with setting TV back down, he also started watching the whole scene with complete concentration.
"I have a feeling...that's not the only quirk he's showing" The Tired Hobo exclaimed cryptically to which the sickly skeleton whipped his head towards Eraserhead almost curious "I've been tasked by Nezu to track the movements of the Green Scarfs for the past year, not only is their Green Boss as elusive as the members themselves, they also cover their tracks so well it's near untraceable. What concerns me is that any evidence we can find is not applicable in court, at most such evidence can be situated as circumstantial which again isn't really regarded well" 
All Might nodded as that was a high predicament as some of the crime families of Japan often needed to remain out of the spot light to operate yet the Green Scarfs is more open which some would think and somehow still managed to remain free despite a full year of investigation by heroes and police alike with little to no evidence to pin them on nor can 'Fake' evidence be submitted, like what some American Politicians do.
"Update! It seems that the vigilante that named himself...All for One?! Is this right?! Apparently, the leader of the green scarfs gang has begun his attack against the slime villain in an attempt to subdue the villain and retrieve the hostage! I repeat! The vigilante All for One has begun his attack!" Akame exclaimed before squealing slightly as a massive shockwave shook the camera as the Greenette matched the explosive power of the explosion.
All Might seems even more sickly than physically possible as his face drained of all of his color as his eyes widened at the screen while the homeless Hobo was staring with narrowed eyes "I don't get it...why would the boss of a crime gang expose himself in broad daylight? That's the pinnacle of illogicality..." 
"That's the point Shota, his quirk blurs his face on TV, even if we manage to arrest him then we can't pin him in any crimes related to his gang especially since his quirk makes hard physical evidence pointless with a quirk like that. It's a perfect move to beat a villain and not worry" The Injured Hero exclaimed as his eyes narrowed more almost like they were glaring and his skin almost turned bone white.

-Earlier, Musutafu Warehouse District-
A sleek black car slowly drives up to one of the many warehouses that make up the storage section of the large city of Musutafu. The owner of the four warehouses in this street of the district was mysterious but no one complained when shoving a large bundle of yen in their faces for no questions asked.
The door to the car opened with a leg of class black dress pants before pulls himself up from the car exposing a very muscular build that almost threatens to rip the shirt, his muscular arms are extremely toned and littered with slash scars. 
He has a hat which is a normal basic black truckers hat on his head which he uses to sometimes cover up one of his eyes for dramatic effect whenever he spoke, when he did, people usually feared him and respected him.
The most unique about this man's monochromatic look was the vibrant green sash tied around his hip
The Muscular Man closed the door to the car which drove away, the hatted man walked towards the warehouse's open entrance where two figures stood at both ends of the entrance.
They both looked like biker thugs with leather jackets with spikes and ripped jeans however what sets them apart was that the one on the right had bright green dyed tips on his hair while the left biker had a bright green scarf.
It's because these two members, along with the muscular man, are members of a highly regarded gang in the Japanese Underworld, The Green Scarfs.
Both saluted the approaching muscle figure with the right man exclaimed slightly loud but respectful "Welcome back Lieutenant Steel, the boss is awaiting your report with the Shinjuku Group" 
"Understood Tenzaki, I'll make sure he doesn't wait long for it. Anything to report upon my disappearance?" The Muscular Guy named 'Steel' asked the right gang member 'Tenzaki' for an update.
"Shunsui nearly got beans shot into him when he tried to peek in the girls showers, Lieutenant Todoroki nearly froze him solid with her scary ice quirk. I swear I could see the freezing haze coming from her." Tenzaki exclaimed, shivering from the female ice lieutenant.
Steel raised an eyebrow as he never did believe that Miyuki Todoroki was the kind of girl who went on a blood filled rage with her unsurpassed ice manipulation quirk "Understood, make sure Shunsui is properly healed. He's a good negotiator, just below Miyuki" The Lieutenant said as he walked into the opening.
The Muscular Man walks through the warehouse hallways especially since it's been refitted to mimic a large house, for a few minutes the hatted man walks towards a fancy looking door with the name plate 'Boss' on it.
Steel walks towards the boss's door then knocks three times on it to indicate a high ranking member of the gang wanted to speak "Come in John" a slightly deep but muffled voice called from the other side granting John Steel entry into the room.
"Yes Boss" John said, opening the door and going inside the room which is pretty empty for a gang boss outside of the wood desk filled to the brim with papers, finance reports, products distribution reports, recruitment papers, negotiations and more. 
The Boss of the Green Scarfs was often joked about by being a minimalist as compared to the other 5 Crime Gangs that control the underworld.
But that was how he always acted, especially since he gave more portions and cuts to his own gang rather than take it for himself like most crime bosses, however those bosses only skimmed the top otherwise there'd be mutiny.
John looked to his side to see another person in the office which was the other Chief Lieutenant of the Green Scarfs, her outfit was akin to a working woman's which included a bright green pencil skirt though no one besides the other two figures in the room that the skirt held no flaw for her powerful quirk, she has a button up white blouse and a green bow tie.
Her hair was a beautiful pure long snow white color and tied onto her head to mimic a birds tail, her eyes were unique which was a bright teal color and the only known person to have that eye color was the one and only #2 hero in the world Endeavor.
Miyuki Todoroki, elder twin sister to Shoto Todoroki, the 'Pride and Joy' to the second ranked hero. 
Miyuki was one of the top negotiators of the whole green scarfs gang and being the second smartest girl with her just falling below her own boss's natural intelligence "Welcome back John, I hope the Shinjuku Group hasn't proven to be too difficult" she exclaimed with a faint smile like she often does, chilling and cruel, much like ice.
"I wish that were the case Miyuki, they have proven to be more of a thorn on our side this time" The muscular gang member exclaimed with a tsk showing his annoyance for the whole matter.
"Oh? so John?" A third voice called out, sweet and soft spoken but incredibly alarming as such a tone caused both Lieutenants to stare at the chair of the room, a boss chair that has its back turned to them.
Both Lieutenants despite being well liked by their boss but even then his tone and personality always caused them to be weary of him despite giving the man, their boss, their complete loyalty even if he tends to get frightening.
John Steel gulped down some air before speaking up with his report even he was unsure how the Green Scarf's boss would handle something like this "Uh..Sir, Shinjuku Boss Man Hizuren is starting to get ballsy with us especially since news of us become laxer with our territory, they are starting to withhold ingredients from our products department and demanding renegotiations for a more favorable deal on their end. They even refuse to allow our men into their territory until such negotiations take place." John gave his report before gulping down another lump of air.
Their boss was incredibly shrewd as both a negotiator himself but also a man, no one screws him over and walks away unscathed, learning that someone was starting to step on the toes of the green boss was a collectively bad idea from the start since the very man can hold a grudge.
"I see...Old Man Hizuren has grown courageous...if not, he certainly got balls of steel to be...undercutting me...I don't typically appreciate that...both of you understand this right?" The man spoke again yet not a single trace amount of negative emotions.
No Anger.
No Frustration.
No Annoyance.
Nothing yet both John and Miyuki stood there worried beyond all hell especially wondering what kind of revenge he plans in dishing out to the Shinjuku Crime Gang "Of course boss, even if we are more lax than the other crime gangs in the Shizuoka Prefecture. We can still turn up the heat against rivals and those who cross us. What-....what do you have in mind boss?" Miyuki explained then asked, obviously scared of the man's way of dishing out revenge, it was the primary reason why no one in the underworld crossed the green scarfs.
"John...I want you to give out the order to Beta Squad...have them burn down the Shinjuku's warehouses, only one of them now, tell them that we will destroy the remaining of their inventory if they try to be as courageous as they have been today then if they try to retaliate or demand anything from us again aside from peaceful negotiations...let's just say, the Shinjuku group may not be able to 'run' anymore..." He ordered to the male lieutenant but at the final part of the sentence, the sweet sounding tone was replaced with a dark and dangerous growl of a hidden monster.
"U-Understood boss, I'll call Kisame now to launch the attack on Gouken City" John exclaimed fearfully as he was afraid of this but decided not to voice any objections as that would only delay the order, the black haired man pulled out a phone to dial someone on speed dial.
A few moments later a deep gurgle voice was heard almost like the figure was underwater especially with how muffled the voice was "Yeah?" The voice said not displeased but it wasn't pleased either.
"Kisame, you and beta are being sent to Gouken City to deal with the Shinjuku Group, burn down one of their inventory warehouses but only one. The boss has been really specific that we only burn down one." John explained through the phone to the captain of one of four dangerous squads in the gang.
The sound was silent for a time as the sound of rushing water came through exposing the fact that Kisame fished himself out of a large water source before speaking once more, even clearer and his voice was deep, husk like but powerful sounding "Of course, that's what Beta Squad specializes in. The boss has no worry assigning us this mission. It will be done by sun down." The line cuts indicate that the other had ended the line.
In the green scarfs gang everyone has a mixed bag of special skills and quirks, some quirkless.
However four specialized squads were formed based on quirks and skill sets to be used in specialized operations. 
Squad Alpha was created for the sole purpose of inflicting as much casualties and property damage as possible, therefore highly used during gang wars.
Squad Beta, the same squad Kisame leads, is known for subterfuge aka background property damage such as destroying specific targets like enemy gangs storage unit.
Squad Charlie is known for swift and quick high priority assassination, how one goes through such assassination is usually dependent on the squad itself but it's called on when an enemy gang REALLY ticked off the green boss and takes a shot at their leadership.
Squad Delta is often called on during information gathering missions then whatever is found by Delta is usually given to the remaining squads. This squad is the most used during guild operations since Information is blood of the gang.
John ends the call then putting it "Order's been delivered boss. The Shinjuku Group will think twice before attempting demands again" he said with another gulp, the warehouse attack will be seen as a warning to the other gangs which says the green scarfs are not to be taken lightly regardless of their lax control over their territory.
Light chuckling can be heard from the chair to which it turns around exposing the man himself.
He has long fluffy moss green hair tied into a pony which seemed odd for a man, his green eyes were beautiful but at the same time exhibited a dangerous gleam that said he wasn't one to be crossed.
His outfit consisted of a short sleeved button up white undershirt with a dark brown sweater vest and a bright green tie, it was an outfit a boss of an organized crime gang would be proud of.
He was Izuku Midoriya, The Green Boss, The New All for One and Leader of the Green Scarfs.
"Good, at least now everyone knows that we aren't to be crossed regardless of how we run our turf. But in any case John, Miyuki. I'm feeling claustrophobic right now...shall we take a walk?" He asked as he got up showing off his black dress pants.
John nodded as he brought out his phone "Of course Mr.Midoriya, I'll call Tatsu and have him bring the car around" The muscular gang member was stopped when Izuku raised his hand "No, I asked for company on a walk. Not be driven around" The Boss said as he walked around the desk heading for the wooden door.
Miyuki and John looked at each other confused but with both shrugging their shoulders then followed behind their boss.

20 Minutes had passed as the three walked in the busy streets of Musutafu, the Greenette seemed relaxed for whatever reason especially with his small smile as his eyes darted from businesses, some of which Izuku 'Legally' invested in.
Jonathan Steel was the first to speak up his mind at his boss's relaxed demeanor "So Boss...why did you want to go on this walk? You don't typically allow your fears get the best of all really" 
Izuku stopped momentarily as he begun to think of the reason before shrugging off "Believe me or not but I have a feeling something is going to happen that will set off a chain of events, something that will out the green scarfs and I feel I had an obligation to be at the front to figure out what this feeling was" the way Izuku worded it sounded like he was fully committed to meet whatever challenge head on.
'Heh, that's the boss. Tough as nails.' The Todoroki woman exclaimed with her faint smile growing slightly larger, she nodded and giving her input "Well Boss, if you feel something is going to happen, just know everyone in the green scarfs will stand by you till the very end" 
The Green Boss gave a large smile silently and felt glad that everything he had done had inspired immense loyalty in his men "Of course, I wouldn't expect any less from them." 
A large explosion is heard and seen in the distance towards the Musutafu Shopping District and people scream in fear for their lives.
Izuku Midoriya stared at the explosion with a sharp glare before walking towards the location with the two lieutenants following behind him "Miyuki, you are on damage control, an explosion of the caliber will leave behind fires. John, the heroes will undoubtedly be incapable of public safety so your in charge of using your quirk to get the people to a safer distance" 
"Yes Boss" the frozen woman exclaimed as the three approached a large group of people watching to which she swiftly went ahead, bypassing several cops which they tried to hold her back only to see her walk towards several fireman and she had haze exude from her form causing several fires to swiftly be put out with ease. 
Unparalleled Ice Control; the ability to have absolute control over the ice element but only by freezing the water rather than controlling it, it's so power Miyuki can even freeze moisture and water molecules in the very air to create ice from nothing or in the current, put out fires.
John swiftly conjured forth his quirk, a highly defined purple skinned man with flowing purple hair, his lower half seemed to be a copy of the same pants the hatted man wears. 
Star Platinum; The ability to create a physical shadow construct utilizing high physical stats and combat ability, it was given the name Star Platinum due to John Steel's love for music. But Star Platinum has a hidden ability within it that only Izuku Midoriya has witnessed.
Star shoots into the air beginning to utilize it to get people to back away due to safety concerns and people thought the construct was a hero's quirk so they began to fall back 
John however despite being physically stronger then what he looks like but he knew his limits, he looked over towards the slime villain which caused another round of explosions which the remaining flames was swiftly put out, he knew he couldn't withstand that type of fire power without sustaining heavy injuries.
Izuku however walks calmly passed the cops and the four heroes who stared at him especially since the wooden hero 'Kamui Woods' tried to bind him in his tree branches only to stare in complete horror seeing as the green haired man effortlessly phased through his tree bindings as if he was a ghost.
"Who the hell are you?" Kamui asked in obvious fear as the man didn't stop his leisurely walk towards the slime villain before stopping completely.
Izuku turned his head towards the heroes with a faint smile "Me? Well I go by many things but for me All for One..." 

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