Arcane Swordsman

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Disclaimer: This is a non erotica story that focuses more on story and plot then in sexual content.

Chapter 1: Life turned into a game.
Note: well hello my fellow doods! And welcome to another story forged by mine and my co authors endless pool of madness! Though typically we tend to watch or read stuff to get some idea for a new story but this time, I'm using an idea I've already done before. 'The Gamer' is a trope many possibly know and enjoy and I've made a story on that so if anyone likes the Rwby Fandom then check it out.

But anyway! This story is going to be HEAVILY influenced by a gaming anime called overlord.

Though if someone comments anything about Sword Art Online, I'll find you and slap you like Mickey Mouse bitch slaps Goku in Devil Artemis Super Friends.

I won't spoil much and to those who know the overlord anime I'm using for immense reference then, Good For You! You get a cookie 🍪

Anyway, this story is co-authored by my bestest mate @unlimitedblades and beta read by @ZergPsycho. 

Ok, just to let everyone know. I'm not taking ideas for classes both canon nor homemade. I've already settled on the ones I've found and put effort in.
So enjoy the story and if you have any ideas you want to share then comment them down.

Oh btw, I know some people will comment that Emi worked for Ketsubutsu rather than Shiketsu but the thing is, symbolism. A sort of rivalry between the Shota-Emi ship by working at rival schools. I think it's gonna be fun!

Many would think nothing from virtual space was real and was a way for many to release stress from very hard days of work, school or a stressful social life but at the end of the day, nothing in virtual reality mattered in day to day life.
But 200 Years Prior, Quirks began to appear starting with a single infant in the country of China to have luminated a radiant bright light.
This was obviously a changing point in the evolution of humans genetics to which super powers were born, people are incredibly strong to the point they can lift skyscrapers with barely any effort or people can command sea life like Aquaman, one of the first 2 Dozen Heroes to emerge decades after the Age of Quirks Beginning or the Rise of Quirks. People will know what era one refers to when using that.
100 Years Prior to the present day, the Government of Japan had built the Department of Quirk Safety as to swiftly categorize and file all quirks that have been developed, Quirks are known to develop at the latest when the child is 4 Years Old but that's usually Emitter and Transformation Quirks with SOME mutation quirks being the exception, Quirks can also develop earlier to which requires them to meet with a quirk evaluation doctor to be recorded.
Izuku Midoriya is a rare case, he and his mother, Inko Midoriya, went to the quirk Evaluation Doctor for a screening test to determine if Midoriya had a quirk or was quirkless.
All children who haven't developed a quirk by the required visit to the doctor must go through the screening test.
The Doctor was glad that Izuku will have a quirk as he wouldn't have to suffer the injustice most quirkless faces in there lives, it was their disability of not having a quirk that causes the record high suicide rates to the quirkless.
That was years ago after Izuku's required screening at the age of 4 which since then there was no sign of a quirk manifesting, Now with no hope for an individual power to separate himself from others was now the epicenter of bullying.
Izuku Midoriya was seen as that one desperate kid who tried to fit in, but due to the 'act' of faking a quirk meant he was a prime target. 
Even teachers turned a blind eye to this even when Inko tried to raise the issue in numerous PTA Meetings but was consistently blown off with the usual response that 'Kids will be kids' this pissed the Midoriya Mother to no end that these horrible teachers will allowing such rough housing to occur under their watch.
Mitsuki Bakugo, Inkos best and only friend, had constantly recommended that she should take legal action against the school if they were turning a blind eye to her suffering child but the Greenette girl didn't have money to spend on lawyers, especially at a well renowned elementary school in the city. 
With no action being taken, Inko was forced to watch her child becoming more depressed after each day of his coming home with fresh wounds and bruises, no matter how much the mother wanted to help.
Izuku slowly retracted into his turtle shell as a means of protection which meant the boy couldn't have meaningful social relationships which soon molded the young man's mind into an extremely blunt one, one who doesn't mince words or beat around the bush. Izuku will call it like he sees it.
Now Izuku is 14 years old and his mental illnesses had grown more and more unstable to the point where the Greenettes mind has strengthened so much where Izuku is unable to properly express himself in social situations which usually leaves the Greenette to remain silent whenever in public, but when spoken too is when Izuku will just say what he has on his mind without beating around the bush but when the extreme happened, Izuku tends to be too happy to unsheath a Japanese Short Sword which was called 'Wakizashi' or 'Companion Sword' but that wasn't really doable since Izuku only wielded one sword.
Izuku's Skin Color naturally shifted to a deep pale tone which explains that he hardly ever leaves his room, the heavy black bags also showed long nights with little sleep and his body was unnaturally toned and muscular though that was explainable since the boy's body was controlled by the quirk.
Izuku's Super Power was what many who had spent years training and pouring blood, sweat and tears into strengthening their gifts, they would see Izuku's power as a direct affront to their efforts, a cheat, a freak of a quirk even among quirks. At some point some kid had blatantly called the quirk that the Greenette possessed 'An Evil Power' though that kid had pro heroes as parents and learned the meaning of hard work.
However, Izuku's quirk did eventually manifest and it's power grew more rapidly than any known quirk which caused many who bullied the young child to fear him which soon the bullying stopped only to be replaced with isolation.
But luckily Izuku Midoriya has at least ONE person who managed to remain loyal to the Greenette after years of verbal abuse, the one person many would assume to spearhead the bullying for the gaming child...Katsuki Bakugou.
Katsuki was always a vulgar child along with having an extremely explosive temper that was usually targeted by those that the light blonde boy would call 'Extras' which translated to Izuku's gamer thinking mind, they would be unmemorable NPCs with no redeeming qualities.
And for all of Bakugou's infuriating downsides and obvious superiority complex rivaling the gods, one thing was often and completely clear about the overly aggressive blonde. He valued something almost more than his ego and dream to be the next #1 Hero, The Bakugou Family valued something much more then ones ego, dreams or even rules.
A Bakugou can be like Mitsuki who has bouts of anger but enough control to be charming, engaging and fun to be around while Katsuki who was consistently angry and belittled those around him has shown the exact same trait of valuing loyalty of both those close to them and from close friends.
Izuku's quirk was called 'Pro Gamer' and it shifted Izuku's perception, physicality and abilities to that of an RPG game which was basic on paper but the exact nature of such power was more complex to the Greenette than anyone else actually knew, which the basic was that Izuku's physical body now incapable of being enhanced from physical training which meant no matter how long the kid runs on the treadmill, his stamina wouldn't change at all.
So many would consider this quirk a cheating ability as it can cause the user to undergo decades of physical preparation and training in the matter of a couple years so they tried to sabotage the Greenettes effort to go to UA only to be stopped at the front door by an angry red eyed explosive teen.
Especially when the bullying did get worse for about a week when the quirk finally manifested but it swiftly shifted when the red eyed boy stated that if anyone targeted 'Deku' would be ranted at how Deku's quirk vastly surpassed all of those extras and would be a strong hero just below himself.
Now years passed until both the boys had graduated Middle School and had begun preparing to attend the UAs entrance exam.

A large explosion is seen in the junkyard that is formerly known as the Takoba Municipal Beach with pieces of junk, metal and other crap flying in the air with blackened ash in the sky.
A man wearing a black basic t-shirt, grey shorts with grey shoes and white cream like bandage scarf wrapped around the shaggy long black haired man who seemed like he was homeless and needed a nap badly.
The Homeless looking guy was walking near the Takoba Municipal Beach while holding a bag with a mixture of tampons, chocolate and the latest comedian's magazine. The man sighed as he stopped momentarily to look at the ashen cloud dissipated into nothing.
'What the hell?...oh god dammit, I hope it isn't a villain. It's my day off and one rare day off that lets me stay away from Emi due to her period...god why couldn't she be the type to hide when her menstrual cycle starts..' the man thought as he walked towards where the explosion occurred.
The Bandage Wearing Hobo reached the beach to blink as he saw the whole beach looking good as new, aside from numerous trash slightly embedded into the sand but what was strange was that he saw two kids no older than 14 were laying on the sand where their heads were touching from the top.
The ash blonde boy was wearing nothing but a pair of sandy colored cargo pants and shoes which does add towards the kid's possible illegal use of his quirk but the hobo assumed is his way to do community service which was incredibly hard to do these days, getting kids to do community service until either they become heroes and use the concept to claim more fame or forced to do so as punishment.
The ash haired kid was panting hard and sweated a lot as if he exerted himself to much "and that *pant* Deku...*pant* is how *pant* you clean up a *pant* large section with no *pant* effort" the red eyed kid said with a cocky grin while panting from exhaustion, the shaking from his arms indicated overuse.
This 'Deku' is the paler kid of the same age who seemed to actively stay out of the sun, he had a plain green track suit with a hoodie over his head and deep black bags under his eyes, the bandage scarf wearer almost looked anxiously as the green kid had a small short sword strapped to the kids back which looked painful of laying on it but the kid was obviously too young to possess a weapon unless it was registered to be connected to the kids quirk.
"Cleared? Yes. Cleaned? No. All you did was cause a lot of garbage to litter the sand again and I'd rather not ask my personal maids to clean it up" Deku exclaimed with no hesitation but clear certainty which was extremely uncommon for children, and the fact that 'Maid' was used meant this kid must've been from a really rich family.
"Oh come on! Yuri-Nii and Beta-Nii said they don't mind since they were created just to serve, you said so yourself!" Bakugo whined as he didn't like picking up the little pieces especially since they just cleared the beach from almost all the giant broken down machines "Yes, but remember since we are training as heroes then It will be fine if we did the work and not let anyone else do it for us, I still have my pride dammit!" Deku said with a huff as if he refused to throw away his pride to ask for help when completing his goals.
The disheveled man raised an eyebrow at their conversation which seemed to have made a small incision to the ability of 'created' more precisely, the kid 'created' maids so it meant this 'Deku' has a life creation quirk which were extremely powerful, and their potential is rated as the #1 in the world, above the likes of fire which is known for its destructive capabilities

The Hobo sat on the concrete stairs and watched these two kids banter back and forth about pride, trash and attending U.A High which was logical for most children their age to become heroes but it was a lot darker then they can assume 'these kids, they indeed have potential. Heaps of it, it would be illogical of me to just let these kids practice on their own as well as it being illogical of me to claim favorites when they undoubtedly enter 1-A..But my gut is always right in these situations and they would do great things if given enough of a push' 
The Bandaged Hobo gets up from the stairs and walks down towards the two "you know, I saw that explosion earlier and i must tell you that quirk use without a hero's license is illegal and that would be a logical choice but seeing it used for community service...well, I suppose I can say that there wasn't a kid playing out with his quirk" the hobo said with a straight face and a monotone voice.
The Red Eyed Kid looked over with a deep sneer and uncontained anger clear in the boys eyes which meant he was rough around the edges but he had a good heart especially since most kids who wants to be heroes usually don't do community service "Who the fuck are you Dead Eyes?" The boy didn't yell which meant he thought that the hobo didn't get enough sleep, therefore lowering his voice so as to not give the man a headache.
'Kid is perceptive, despite the vulgarity. He's actively trying to control himself...that's different then most of the kids that I get in my class..also Dead Eyes? That's a new one' Dead Eyes think to himself then gave a very tired grin "names-" he tries to introduce himself only to be interrupted when the Deku spoke up "-Shota Aizawa, quirk: Erasure, the erasure quirk is unique even among heroes and belongs to the not so well known underground hero." 
Shota, as he was named, nodded and grinned a bit towards the Greenette as not only did he discern the man's hero identity but learned of his quirk too, he was more observant than the ash blonde kid "Correct kid, your perceptive." Shota said with a hint of respect in his tone as it was required for anyone capable of figuring out his job so easily.
"Thank you, Hero Observation and Analysis is a hobby of mine" The Green Tracksuit boy said with a matter of fact tone like he was proud of his hobby, Shota nodded as his grin fell into his usual straight line and hidden behind his mass of bandages around his shoulders.
"I heard you two are looking to be heroes, by chance, are you looking to attend UA?" The Dry Eyed Hero asked as he was curious on where the two would go to achieve their dreams of being heroes, Bakugo looked up? To meet with Dekus eyes as if they were speaking to each other telepathically, maybe that was the green kid's quirk but the sword isn't related to telepathy nor was life creation.
Red Eyes looked back at the hobo with certainty "we intend to join UA and we won't settle for less because I refuse to be anything less and Deku's pride won't allow himself to achieve anything less." 
'Well...I don't normally take on personal students, but with those eyes shows determination...except the green one, that is something akin to boredom. Their goal however has much to be desired since half of it is based on pride...well at least there's half to work on' Shota thinks to himself as he scratched his right eye then said "listen, I find it admirable that two promising young heroes are working twice as hard as your pears to achieve your slightly misguided goals to be heroes. So if you are truly serious then meet me here tomorrow at 7am Sharp, if either you are not there or both by then, then don't expect to be trained nor should you expect to be heroes." Aizawa turned around as he heard loud chattering about something like 'a once in a lifetime opportunity' or something.
The Hobo walks towards the stairs again the sits on it to face the two kids who gotten up from the sand and ran over to him except for the green one, he's much slower which would contribute to his boredom "Ok Hero, I just have one question" the explosive teen asked which the Dry Eyed hero nodded as to proceed, Katsuki asked the hero "why do you want to train us? While I happy for the chance and opportunity to achieve my dream to become #1, but why? What do you get out of it?" Shota raised an eyebrow as he would wonder why he would ask a question if only he didn't know the answer, unfortunately the underground hero did in fact know why. A lot of heroes these days only cared for their image and wanted to be seen operating as heroes except for All Might who seemed to work anywhere and somehow got cameras on him.
Though Shota wondered why himself because it was illogical to give out training for possible hopefuls with only a chance to get into the U.A High School, but there was something in the hero's gut that told him that these two will not only excel but surpass most heroes and that alone was enough for Shota to overlook his own illogical actions.
"Call it a gut feeling, when you two do enter UA then you'll understand why I get this feeling of great potential from both of you. I teach 1-A Heroics and one of my privileges as an instructor is that I can expel any student I deem unfit for the course. This year, I've expelled my whole class because they weren't capable of being heroes." Shota explained honestly though left out the time where three boys had tried to gang rape a young girl in the class which resulted in a school transfer and three arrests, but they didn't need to know that.
Katsuki looked over to his right to meet the eyes of a faded green set from the hooded boy before they both looked back at the scarfed hero "Alright then, at this point forward until the day you graduate UA or gets expelled from my training or from UA, you will call me Aizawa-Sensei." Aizawa said as he watched the explosive teen stand rigid as to trying to fully show that he was willing, while Deku looked more bored than possible as like he didn't much care for the training 'Well, I know of a way to learn what this kid has that makes my training boring for him..' "Alright, I don't know either of you and since we will be in close contact with each other. Introduce yourselves and give me some trivia facts about yourselves" Shota asked as he crossed his arms and listened intently to his new students.
Katsuki looked over at the Greenette and made a physical motion to go first for him by moving his shoulder only for the track suited kid to shake his head which gave off the assumption of going last.
The Vulgar Teen sighs then speaks up "My name is Katsuki Bakugou however Deku likes to call me 'Katsu' or 'Kacchan'. My quirk is called 'Explosion' and as the name entails; allows me to create explosions by utilizing the nitroglycerin that's in my sweat so during days where I sweat a lot gives me a lot of ammunition while days that are cooler means I have little ammunition. My goal is to become the #1 Hero of Japan and surpassing All Might, my hobbies usually consist of doing small hero acts like doing community service, cooking really spicy food-" Bakugo was introducing, or more like bragging, himself only to be interrupted by the mysterious green.
"Katsu has a talent for spice, he and Auntie Mitsuki are constantly yelling at each other who can make the spicier curry rice. While I enjoy it, I'd rather not have my tombstone say 'Death by Spicy Curry'" the Greenette said with a grin, a tired one, which was directed at the ash blonde, the explosive user just chuckled.
"Anything else you'd like to share?" Aizawa said as he would prefer to move this along because his shorts is buzzing a lot and his wife must've gotten an early leave from Shiketsu which meant an extremely grouchy and pissed off wife at home, even more pissed off since he wasn't home with a new set of pads and some chocolate for her to munch on to alleviate her anger.
"Well...*Mumble*" Bakugou started to said though mumbling about it which caused both Aizawa and The Greenette to raise an eyebrow "speak up brat, I don't have all day to listen to your young generation problems" Shota said with an annoyed expression only for him to wince due to a headache when Deku commented "you sound like an old man already done with the worlds youth.." "Shut it!" The Pro Hero exclaimed even more annoyed before moving back to Bakugou "Spill it"
"Agh! Fine! I'm in a relationship ok!? Fucken hell!" The Explosive Guy...exploded when he was forced to reveal a relationship he had for 2 years with only one person having known, Shota raised an eyebrow as he felt curious about the kids personal life but decided that was their business and didn't warrant a full investigation nor was the dry eyed man keen on learning more of his potential student.
"Right...anything else I should know?" Shota asked as he etched forward with a curious look wanting to know anymore potential disturbances, the ash blonde boy only shook his head which was a good sign to the hero "Good, now you 'Deku'-" Shota began to ask the greenette only to be interrupted and left quite shocked from the boys tone "Call me that again and I'll gut you like a fish, Katsuki is allowed to call me that. You'll call me Izuku or Midoriya. But Deku is off limits" Izuku said as the pro hero shivered slightly from the exuded murderous intent from the green kid.
'Shit, I haven't felt such murderous intent since I faced against Stain last year, it'd be best for my own safety to just do what the kid says since he seems like the guy who cares little for most around him' Shota said as he compared the murderous intent from the green kid to the infamous Hero Killer who had debuted last year.
"Enough with the threats kid, just introduce yourself and save us some time because as heroes, we don't waste time when there's a hostage situation or a collapsing building with civilians in it" Shota said with logical facts as heroes wouldn't have time to operate leisurely when lives of the civilians were at stake.
Izuku nodded at this showing that he understood the harsh realities of being pro heroes and the lives that are connected to it 'it seems this kid knows the truth about being heroes that isn't the immense payroll and celebrity status...good, a lot more to work with..' Shota thinks to himself before nodding at Midoriya to begin introductions but the primary purpose for that with the greenette is to learn of his quirk and figure out why he felt bored with the prospect of learning from a real hero.
"Izuku Midoriya, I don't typically like most things but what I do like is; Katsu, Katsudon the food, Gaming, Soda, Experimenting with my quirk, my quirk. I have a lot of dislikes and I won't hesitate to remove what I don't like.
"My dislikes are; Bullies, Haters, Arrogance from the ignorant, interruptions to my gaming, people who beat around the bush, Pink, Number 32, Vegetarianism, Ducks, Mimes, Cricket-The Sport not the insect, Kristin Stewart the Actress, Moths, Monday's, I'd tell you more but we'd be here all day and neither of us don't have that kind of time..well more you than me" Izuku introduced himself while adding a subtle jab at Shota's age which didn't go unnoticed to which he thinks 'This fucking kid...' 
Eraserhead grunted as he rubbed his right temple feeling a massive headache coming on especially when dealing with children.
"Ok, your quirk? and with your attitude I suspect it's powerful...and it better be good especially with that jab to my age.." Aizawa said with a slight grumble to his tone but glared when seeing Katsuki was struggling to not laugh out of the unspoken promise of complete suffering, Izuku however just gave a tired grin that showed he enjoyed what was happening.
The Green Hooded Boy finally spoke up after trying to think of a good way to introduce his super power " is powerful, very powerful but you won't understand unless you are familiar with its counterpart so Aizawa-Sensei ever play any RPG games?" 
Aizawa raised an eyebrow while curious on why the kid is asking him if he played computer games but remembering RPGs didn't solely have its platform on PCs, despite Aizawa having two jobs that he absolutely loved and a wife who, unadmitted, he loved with all heart. Aizawa always found time to play Assassin's Creed which followed a theme he himself did as a pro hero so it was the dry eyed heroes favorite game series "Yes, I happen to be a fan of the Assassin's Creed Franchise. Maybe because it reminds me of myself. But why?" Aizawa answered then asked as his gut had finally screamed that the question was deeply intertwined with gaming itself and that sounded bad.
"Then you understand, more than most kids or adults alike...My Quirk is called; Pro Gamer, it's basic but yet complex, simple yet powerful. Some say that the simplest of abilities can be the most powerful in the's why many with strength quirks find an easy time succeeding in the heroes field. My quirk changes my perception, soul and mind into that of an RPG game." Izuku informed the pro hero about his quirk which caused Aizawa to raise an eyebrow at him, though curious on how 'powerful' Midoriya was with this 'Quirk'
'Ok, now I understand. Though not on that level since Assassin's Creed is basically an assassination oriented game but Hizashi told me he played World of Warcraft, and from what he told me. Midoriya's entire power base is based around his levels' Aizawa thinks to himself as he becomes more curious on the extent to Izuku's power and wonders if there were limits and if there were more abilities this quirk gave "I see, though I understand to some extent...what is this quirk based on? Like World of Warcraft or like League of Legends?"
The Green Gamer clocked his head then began to think as to what game he had played to compare his quirk too, since 'Pro Gamer' was quite unique in gaming structure though Izuku did have a clear game to compare "Well, I'm not completely sure but I believe Dungeons and Dragons to be a good similarity and Norse Mythology being mixed in" 
The Pro Hero nodded in understanding with the explanation as he himself, while adamantly refusing any involvement due to embarrassment, had played Dungeons and Dragons back during middle school. However the term 'similarity' didn't get lost to Shota 'so I assume that this quirk is based around the medieval ages? Does it include magic and separate races? Well I assume Midoriya is human...well instead of guessing what he's capable of off, he should tell me.' "Alright Midoriya, what level are you and what can you do?" The Hobo asked as his attention was fully on the greenette.
Izuku looked over at Katsuki who nodded back saying it was ok for another to know the inner aspects of his ability so then the greenette began to explain his power in-depth "Very Well, My Level is 100, I learned very quickly that when I'm asked to do things from people it turns those requests into quests to which I can complete for exp like you do for any game to get stronger but this quirk is different, I gain levels yes but unlike most to which I just accumulate levels and gain skills from that however these levels must be placed into classes.
"Classes from what I've learned so far are jobs to which I can specialize in and from any fantasy setting game, I can focus on Physical Melee, Physical Range, Stealth or Magic. And from the last time I've seen the job class list, there are over 2 Thousand Classes to choose from" Izuku informed to which as he continued with his quirk explanation, Aizawa's eyes widened as the man didn't believe such a quirk could be that powerful especially with such a high capacity of customizing his own power 'Sweet God, I have a feeling Midoriya could even give All Might a run for his money..but I need to know more especially the classes the kid has' The Dry Eyed Man thinks more as his eyes narrowed back down to a serious look.
Izuku continued with his explanation though finding himself feeling happy that someone was so interested in his power outside of those who feared him and his obvious potential "I've chosen the Physical Melee but I'll inform you of my classes at a later, anyway these classes are what makes up my entire build and these classes are divided by ranks, Base, High and Rare.
"Base which is the basic of classes while having no prerequisites to speak of, and classes of this rank are obviously the weakest, however some basic classes will be required to obtain more advanced classes." Izuku explains the basic classes to which Aizawa nodded in understanding as everything needs a start before they advance.
The Green Gamer continued with his explanation "The next stage of classes are 'High' which are an advancement of classes which includes stronger classes, 50% of these classes have prerequisites though half of the high classes don't have prerequisites"
Aizawa kept nodding that it was reasonable as some classes would need to be stronger than other classes but he wondered what this 'Rare' rank is though he assumed it to be the most powerful of classes, Izuku then smirked when he got to the fun bit "The Final Stage for job classes is called 'Rare' the most powerful of all classifications, all rare jobs have a prerequisites to be completed to be claimed which some are easy to fulfil like claiming another class, another way to claim a rare class is by killing a specific monster or the most difficult path which grants the strongest of rare job classes is by following a specific theme"
"What kinds of themes?" Aizawa asked more curiously than before and looked over to find Katsuki also enthralled with the information.
Izuku nodded at the question "Well, during a fantasy setting and from what I said before on a specific field. Certain themes include the knight build which is taking job classes with the knight in the title or you can follow a necromancer build to focus fully on instant death magic and undead creation, There are more themes but I have yet to figure out what they are, This field of rare classes are dubbed super rare. So here we are. That is the bulk of my quirk yet even just a small part of it." 
Aizawa raised an eyebrow which he conclude that a gaming quirk wouldn't be complete without items yet the kid didn't say anything about items so it was mentally concluded that Midoriya didn't wield any items to be noted "Very well, quite a versatile quirk you have, the very ability to customize your own power is indeed extremely powerful and including given skills from those classes and items. But I have a question: do you believe you can expand your quirk? Quirks are detailed to be a muscle to be strengthened during excessive use" the hero asked as he needed to know if he was capable of strengthening an already powerful quirk.
The Explosive Blonde had spoken up for the first time during Izuku's explanation of his quirks ability "Naw, Deku has been working for the past year to move past Lv100 yet he's never leveled up so I think we hit a dead end" Aizawa nodded as that was normal when strengthening ones quirk.
Some quirks were naturally stronger than others which may seem to be almost impossible to have a road block yet no one understands that the most powerful of quirks will have a dead end to which some may think it's impossible to pass unless getting help from professional heroes, Shota has often been asked to help his students with their quirks.
The Hero nodded and begun think on ways to help Izuku with his power but every thought was met with an impassable wall, however even if such a quirk had no way to strengthening itself overtime but there is a way to which Shota can help Midoriya while focusing much on Bakugou "I believe I have a way to help the both of you, like I said, tomorrow morning 7 Sharp, if you are late then don't come at all. I only train those serious about being heroes" The Underground Hero said as he got up from the stone stairs then walked up them to leave, leaving the two boys alone while mentally preparing himself for tomorrow.

Katsuki seemed to grin as he walked onto a chance to be trained by a legal pro hero "Awesome! This is it Deku! I finally got our chance!" The ash blonde exploded in excitement even jumping into the air due to said excitement.
Izuku Midoriya remained silent for the time while adjusting the small blade on his back belt though even he was happy for an opportunity to be trained, but having a trainer for him wasn't really needed for his quick had already reached the summit of its ability which is something hardly anyone could claim that they reached the apex of their power "Yeah, though not sure if this is good for me, what if Shota Aizawa can't figure out a way to help me?" The Green Gamer said as he turned to face the explosive teen.
Bakugou looked back over confused as Deku often referred to him on strengthening his quirk but learning very late that it was next to impossible to push down the greenettes limits nor have they figured out a way to bypass them "He IS a hero, even said he trained the next generation of heroes. If anyone would know of a possible way to strengthen you Deku, it'd be a UA teacher" He exclaimed, slamming his palm into Izuku's back to help reassure the gamer.
Izuku nodded at the possibility but held that he reached the end of his power "Right, but anyway, I need to head home and get Demiurge to include the beach meeting into my schedule tomorrow" Izuku said as he turned around to start walking up the stairs to leave the area.
Bakugou watched the green teen leaving the beach before thinking to himself 'Now, I have a chance to surpass Deku...sorry but if I plan to be #1 then I can't force myself to remain in your shadow so I'll use Aizawa-Sensei's training to propel myself forward and surpass you' 
Katsuki heard a ding coming from his pants so he pulled out a phone from a contact called 'Handjob' which its contents is.
'Hey Boom, Dad ended training early today, want to get some ice cream?' 
The Ash Blonde Boy smiled at the text and responded that he would be at Chilled Screamers now considering his training had finished for the day.

Alright my doods! Here is the story. And some may comment that this isn't like most gamer stories because it's not meant to be, it's MY version of a gamer story and using a specific anime/game as reference and the foundation for the gamer.

Anyway, if you have any ideas you want added into the story then comment down.

Give some positive things to say because me and my co author had worked extremely hard to put this story together especially with IRL stuff happening.


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