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Chapter 1: Rejection

Note: Alright my doods! Here is the first ever base MHA or My Hero Academia Story on my profile, since I just started watching the fourth season on Crunchyroll so I decided to see if I can do a story on MHA.

This story is gonna be a technically quirkless Izuku, though quirks defined in the anime as Genetic Mutation Powers so Izuku in this story will be known to be extremely smart but not that confident due to the immense bullying of his childhood however such confidence will grow as time passes. Though anyway, what's more is that Izuku may seem more OOC then the actual anime but since he chose to stay quirkless and build up his own power base I would believe he would naturally become more confident in himself very early on.

Though anyway! I have a question for y'all, who would be good for romance to a Confident, Military Trained, Extremely Smart, Technology Building Quirkless Deku? I'm curious about your thoughts.

Ok now, my friend unlimitedblades is the Co Author of the story and has greatly assisted in the storyline and plot.

This story was made in google docs for grammar and spelling error and ZergPsycho has beta read this story so show him some love for helping out this story.

Enough of my ranting! It's time for me to start the story!

Not all men were created equal.

500 Years ago is when the age of quirks had appeared when a single newborn infant had been born with an angelic glow though as time passed, more and more quirks started appearing that slowly changed society that heavily caters these super power abilities, turning the age old hero genre into a living reality.

However as more and more people gaining quirks appeared, there will be a chance that someone wouldn't have gained to which in today's society has been labeled 'Quirkless', the Quirkless minority is a heavily discriminated to the point that the current Japanese government sanctioned many laws to protect the quirk citizens while leaving out the Quirkless.

So having little to no rights in both voice and mind, many dreaded the prospect of having no quirk when they are developed at the age of 4. But even then it was always a luck of the draw to see what quirk you'd possess, in the latest of quirk research it was more probable to claim a quirk from either parent, slightly rarer to claim both quirks in a genetic hybrid of both, or the rare aspect to develop a completely random quirk while the one of legend passed down from 2 Hundred Years prior. Capable of passing down one quirk to a successor.

However a single boy would cause the very foundation of the Hero Society to stand on its head, for he will solidify his resolve to build his own quirk using ancient methods...or just sell his soul to a demon...

Izuku Midoriya was on his knees after actively crying in the open after being torn verbally by his former friend and school bully, any who would see this would take pity to a quirkless teen but that wasn't the reason why the freckled teen was crying but it was due to the very man in front of the green quirkless school boy.

Toshinori Yagi was a very thin and sickly looking man with a massive scarring on his chest with near destroyed innards, Izuku's heroic actions to save not only his school tormentor but has done so without any regards to his own safety to which truly symbolized a hero in the making "Young Izuku Midoriya, Let it be known that my quirk can be passed down to you and you will become my successor to be the next symbol of-" The Matchstick started to say only for the green haired boy to slowly get up wiping away his tears to say "N-No thanks...Yagi-San" Izuku said looking up to see a complete disbelief.

"-I...I-uh...What?" Toshi exclaimed as when he expected the boy to jump in joy to receive a quirk much like he did back when he was in middle school only to be turned down swiftly, did that mean the Hidden Heroes advice did some work? "I'm h-happy you'd think of b-but, I've already taken st-steps to become a h-hero" All Might clocked his head slightly as anyone would, wondering what a quirkless kid could do to participate in the same ring as those with strong quirks.

But Toshi was happy that Izuku was determined to walk the same road so he smiled and gave a thumbs up "Excellent Young Midoriya! Best keep that mindset because heroics can be quite a cutthroat career. But I have one question. How do you intend to play on the same playground with other heroes?" The Sickly man asked only to throw up blood which caused the freckled kid to jump in fright "Ahhhhhh! Are you ok!?" 'Adorable. Just when he almost answered my question, his worry for my health outweighs his desire to answer...a real hero, Master, you'd be proud to have found someone so much like myself' Toshi thinks to himself just as he wiped away the blood from his mouth.

"It's fine Young Midoriya but please answer the question. If I know then I'll be able to do whatever I can to help. Because I can see a real hero in the making." The Skinny Matchstick assured as he really wanted to know what Izuku had planned, The Freckled Teen nodded as he began to explain "A-All Might? How much do you know about quirks? I m-mean, REALLY know about quirks"

Toshi clocked his head curiously unsure of where that came from but decided to indulge his future successors' questions "I know enough to make conversation, why?" "Well it's l-like this. Eventually Mankind is going to stop evolving at one point or another or some villain is gonna figure out a way to completely erase quirks-" Izuku started to explain to which Toshi thinks 'Extremely specific...' "-but the one thing that won't stop evolving is Technology, Technology doesn't devolve nor does it stop under normal circumstances. It keeps moving forward and advancing as time continues. I believe it's time for someone to use that technology and show that quirks aren't everything" Izuku said as he felt more determined to follow through with his current plans then looked at All Might who looked shocked but soon grinned? Izuku believes the sickly man was grinning.

"Wonderful Young Midoriya! Using anything to your advantage to be a grand hero! There are exactly 5 Heroes who must rely fully on support items and the most famous is a Quirkless Hero in America called 'Batman' perhaps the only hero in the world to have no quirk to fall back on. So anything is indeed possible!" All Might exclaimed however he stopped moments after as he had noted his own hypocrisy stating that Izuku needed a quirk when there was a quirkless hero in the states.

Izuku looked up to the towering skeleton and he felt a sudden surge of inspiration as he now started to feel tears fall from his face "Ok! I'm gonna head home and design the one thing that I know will make me a great hero! Thank you All Might!" Izuku said while running past the Sickly Skeleton who watched Midoriya run past him 'Heheh, the young are always in a rush..Well! I may not have found my successor but at least I inspired Young Midoriya-....Hm? Did Young Midoriya leave his back? Well he must've been too excited I guess I should follow h-'

The Secret Hero felt the back empty itself from the opening showing numerous objects, such as several pencils, pens, an eraser, a photo of Inko Midoriya to which Toshi assumed it was Izuku's mother, another photo of a mysterious woman almost Izuku's age she had strawberry pink hair that looked natural along with natural white like skin, she is wearing a very expensive school uniform that had a tan like over jacket with a white button shirt with a elegantly designed pattern skirt with several rings on her right hand however Toshi saw a dark calculating look within her eye almost reminding the hero of an old foe 'Curious...'

Anyway, The last thing that was dropped was a book that looks scorched and had the title of 'Quirk Analysis #12' on it so The #1 Hero bent down to grab that book to open it exposing a random page which caused the blonde man's eyes to widen immensely.

-Hero Analysis #212-

Name: Yu Takeyama

Hero Name:

Appearance: a youthful young woman with long light blonde hair, Slender body with C Cup Breasts and quite a bit of toned muscles

Age: 22

Personality: seems to care about the attention of a hero a lot more than she should, Yu Takeyama seems to act like more of a celebrity then a hero and has the arrogance of one especially since likes to take the glory from other genuine heroes, bitch, but for all of her faults, her greed, desire of fame and her gross use of sex appeal. She seems to have the mindset of an actual hero by avoiding destruction of property, defending civilians from villain attacks and will put herself in danger. Not sure if such is for selfish gain or selfless.

Support Equipment: Yu Takeyama's suit seems to increase and decrease whenever uses her quirk however that is all she has

Support Equipment Enhancement: Increase the defense weave of the suit to add a bonus in protection along with getting a malleable metal for gauntlets to add the power of a falling 18 wheeler.

Quirk: Gigantification: this quirk allows the user to greatly increase the size and mass of the user to giant like proportions however having seen first hand, she seems to be unable to control what size she can use and therefore can't manipulate her body in such a way. Leaving her to stick with her base form 162 Meters Tall or 5'3 and her super form 20.62 Meters Tall.

Ideas to Enhance Quirk: I would believe the best way to enhance this quirk is to help encourage or assist into training her gigantification so she can manipulate her size freely while not being limited to two forms then she can use that free manipulation for a wide variety of situations ranging from helping a small house form collapsing or cause a fissure to prevent lava from hitting civilian homes or even she can use her lower size just below full gigantification to carry extremely heavy objects that would otherwise cause harm to civilians.

Way to put this Hero Down: 'if Yu Takeyama ever went rogue and basked too much in her glory and ego and must be taken down, these steps must be taken even if not accepted. Yu is a strong hero due to her size and increased strength which All Might alone can handle but realistically would have business somewhere else.

'Firstly confront with no less than 6 Heroes with elemental manipulation which earth will be a must, confront Yu in public most likely gaining attention from the crowd so this alone has the capacity to stop a potential fight as wouldn't want to damage her rep.

'However if she does proceed to ignore orders of surrender then force her to gigantify as this will pose an immediate threat of both the possibility of destruction of property no less than 10 Million Yen worth of damages but the real prospect of forcing civilians into the line of fire, I'd rather not include civilians as Yus rep will plummet to the underworld if she harmed anyone outside of the heroes plus people will get hurt from debris or by running into the line of fire.

'If this incident continues to exceed then lure into very very tight places to which she either has to destroy the buildings and cause one or several of Japan's Top 10 Heroes to come knocking or must revert to her base form to fight only to be swiftly taken down.

'If the first option is to happen then she will break down the tall buildings then use the chaos of the debris to manipulate the earth and force to stop moving when she tries to break her feet or legs out from the ground then use the opportunity to bind her hands. However there is a chance she will break out and depending on the power of the earth user, a top hero will have arrived at the scene.

'If the second option occurs, then Yu Takeyama will be swiftly detained as she has no experience in hand to hand combat as she had focused solely on her quirk. Easy to detain.

'However, these are only speculations and if events occurred during the capture of then reworking of the plan is an absolute must and the safety of the civilians must take first priority'


Power: A: 5 / 5

Speed: C: 3 / 5

Technique: D: 2 / 5

Intelligence: D: 2 / 5

Cooperative: D: 2 / 5

-Hero Analysis #212-

Toshinori was beyond impressed by the amount of perception put into the entries almost as if he was naturally talented in observation. 'I should take this book to Nezu, hopefully he will know what to do with this. However, I need to get this bag back to Young Midoriya' All Might thinks to himself as he starts picking up the bag's contents then starts running after Izuku.

15 Minutes Passed and Toshi looked like he had a foot in the grave as he was panting extremely hard and blood dripped from his chin as he threw up a few minutes ago, while yelling in his head on how Midoriya managed to stay ahead of the Strongest Hero 'Quirkless my ass! That boy must have a speed quirk and no one knows!' The Skeleton thinks with rage only to stop in front of a near run down apartment complex like it was close to collapsing if one just stared at it funny.

Toshi stared at the complex and was about to move on as his first thought was that someone so bright couldn't have lived in that dump only to see a mop of unkempt green hair dashed in the 5th Floor into a room.

The Sickly Man just groaned as he felt that he was working more than he should for a promising hero 'Ok, another thing to report. This complex doesn't seem to fit the necessary human living standard. I should probably get in contact with the lease owner' The Dead Man thinks more before walking towards the flights of stairs that seems to go on forever 'Toshinori Yagi...dead at 53 and due to stairs...I can see that on my tombstone because I'm going to die climbing these'

*Pant* *Pant* *Pant* Toshi panted like a dog who's been in sweltering heat for hours as he climbed the final set up stairs on his hands and knees, for a man known for his strength, this was an all time low for All Might and was lucky no one could recognize the near dead man in his sickly state, 15 Minutes of Continuous running especially since All Might was already sick enough outside of his buff form but now 5 flights of stairs. Toshi has already passed his time limit and hasn't been physical ever since his injury.

" be...on the...fifth...floor!" All Might shouted as his anger started bubbling as he felt this whole affair with Izuku was tedious, He slowly got up onto his feet having remembered the Apartment Number '507' clearly though he stopped as he saw a young woman from the photo of earlier, the one with strawberry pink hair, an expensive school uniform and a lab coat over it.

She looked over curiously at the sweating deadman though it soon shifted into a deep hated glare almost instantly 'what the?...why does she look so familiar to All For One, the gaze is almost identical to him "Good Evening Ma'am!" Toshi exclaimed happily even raising his right arm due to the left carrying Midoriya's forgotten bag "...Evening Sir" she responded with a high pitched but very beautiful voice almost sweet like honey with a sweet smile to match, it was that shift in personality is what caused the sickly man to narrow his eyes, again her personality and facial movement was shockingly similar to AFO(All for One).

"Come now All Might, you're supposed to be the Top Hero yet you can't even figure out that your sworn enemy's daughter is right in front of you" she said as she grinned a bit too much, exposing her neatly cared for teeth.

Toshinori sputtered and coughed up some blood but unlike Midoriya who shared concern to the skeleton's health, AFOs daughter only grinned at the sight of his crimson blood to which added another similarity "...When did he have a kid?" Toshi asked curiously as he prepped to go beyond his limit at the consequence of shortening his time limit but felt it was necessary that his Arch Nemesis child was looking for revenge.

AFOs Daughter only shrugged as she pocketed her hands into the lab coat "I'm 15 Years old, almost about to be 16. So I guess dad had me 15-16 years ago? Well whatever it is in your 'Heroic' mind All Might. I'm not here to avenge or defend my shitty dad. I'm here to live my life how I see fit" She exclaimed as her eyes bore deep into Toshinori's shocked blue eyes though she continued "I was expecting to start my own gang of loyal warriors to serve my every whim-" 'exactly like her father' Toshi thought suddenly though silently felt glad that AFOs spawn didn't proceed.

"-But, I met someone who showed me that every darkness has a light hidden. And believed I was my own woman and I have the capacity to drop far from the apple tree" she finished explaining then turned towards '507' to where Izuku went into, The Daughter turned her head to face the near deadman "so I aim to help him with anything he desires, because that's what I believe I can do for my hero" then returned her gaze back to the door and opened it.

"You coming?" She called after walking through it only to step a few steps into the apartment "what?" The sickly man responded as he got over his initial shock that his Arch Nemesis's Daughter was branching to a separate path.

The Strawberry girl raised an eyebrow as her calculating cobalt cobalt blue eyes kept staring at the hidden hero " give Izuku the book bag?" "...oh! Uh..yes! Escort me to Young Midoriya" All Might said as he walked through the door only to be hit with an unknown scent that caused him to internally gag though gave off a disgusted face 'Ugh! What is that smell! smells like moldy cheese' Toshi looks at the floor seeing lots of debris on the carpet almost as if it wasn't cleaned in months then comes numerous empty soda cans.

Toshi stopped momentarily to look at the table to find a cracked photo of a beautiful woman with long green hair who was hugging Izuku Midoriya closely, the hair and eyes were identical 'so she must be Young Midoriya's Mother, but why is the photo cracked?' Toshi then continued to follow the Younger AFO, for a third time Toshi was beyond shock at what he found.

The living room was beyond what any self respecting mother would consider an appropriate living space.

The kitchen was so dirty with numerous dirty dishes littering the counters, with substances coating the counters that Toshi did NOT want to know what happened.

The living room is incredibly dirty with piles of trash consisting off ungodly amounts of empty soda cans, numerous empty pizza boxes along with wrappers of numerous candy bars though the only clean thing in the living room was three sets of uniforms hanging on a door, both looked like Izukus when All Might first met him while the second was the exact same outfit the girl was currently wearing.

The Tv looked regularly cleaned which had been playing some anime of a boy in a orange jumpsuit shouting 'Dattaboyo' or something, there's an American game console called 'PS10' on the entertainment center with 3 Controllers on it 'What in the living fuck is this!? Why are AFOs Kid and Young Midoriya living in this trash heap?! Where is a parent?' Toshi thinks even more as he felt extremely concerned about these kids' health.

"Shiori.." The Woman who suddenly introduced herself as Shiori which caught Toshinori off guard "Shiori Shigaraki, I feel you'd need a name to be more comfortable" Toshi nodded glad he didn't need to continuously blurt out his sworn enemies evil name "Young Shigaraki, what happened here? Where is an adult? This is in no way acceptable for growing children to live"

Shiori nodded as she tiptoed over the trash that litters her home "As you know, my father is a piece of shit so he wouldn't care what living situation I'm in. We have a third roommate, his name is Kotomaru Irishi, Koto-Kun! Get up, we have a guest" Shiori called out prompting another member of the apartment to shoot right up from the couch with a piece of meat lover's pizza in hand.

Kotomaru Irishi was an incredibly toned and shirtless buff man almost unrealistic to a middle schooler about to go into Highschool which The Hidden Hero immediately thought that the muscular body was hinting at a quirk even with the pizza, those muscles showed no signs of deterioration. Koto had deep brown hair closely resembling chocolate and his eyes were equally brown. With the addition of having no shirt to expose his bulging muscles, Koto seems to be wearing basketball shorts.

"Oh hey! The Pizza Guy is here, a lot quicker than yesterday. So where's the pizza? You'd best not skip on my bell peppers" Koto exclaimed as he cracked his knuckles intimidatingly though but Tagi instantly knew from the stance was that the buffed man didn't truly mean it "Koto, This isn't our usual Pizza Guy, this is Yagi-San, Izu-Kun left something at school and he was kind enough to bring it back" The Multi Quirk girl exclaimed as she reached out for the bag, Toshi gave it to her who merely dropped it towards the door with the uniforms.

"Oh? Thank you !" Koto said with a bright grin and surged forward, hugging the pro hero with untold strength 'Ugk! Does this kid have some type of strength quirk? But he has the mindset that reminds me of myself when I was his age, a total teddy bear' "T-Thanks Young Irishi! Please let me down." The Skeleton exclaimed fearing that the young man would break his back and end his career without knowing it.

The Teddy Bear let's the Pro Hero down then blinked as he felt a stickiness on his back and assumed it was the rubbed off grease and tomato sauce from the slice Koto had in his hand "ok, Young Shigaraki, Young Irishi. What happened here?" All Might said but now with full seriousness as despite having known these kids for a good 15 Minutes, he's starting to feel concerned for their living habits with obvious no caretaker around.

Shiori looked at Koto who merely shrugged as having no problem with answered though shoved the entire pizza slice from his right hand into his mouth in a single thrust, though it was the girl who spoke "Well, We weren't living here until 2 Weeks Ago but Izu-Kun's mother...Inko Midoriya was reported to have been raped and murdered during a villain attack at a hospital in town. Izu...was really hurting due to that and with literally nothing done by the government! All they sent was money for their apology!" She exclaimed and started ranting about how bad the hero system was to allow a villain gang to escape after committing a Heinous act.

"Izu-Kun needed emotional support so I agreed to move in with Koto-Kun, since we knew each other for a few years so it was only right to be there when he needed us. So here we are. With the government writing us three off as legal adults too old for foster care and an orphanage. They send us weekly allowances as if they think that is enough to cover their mistake" The Strawberry girl finished her explanation with a huff almost attempting to stomp over to the room that she and Izuku remade into a workshop however didn't want to look rude to the #1 Pro Hero.

All Might was concerned as this was a behavior of both Villains and Vigilantes in an attempt to either break society or try to forcibly change the hero system "Well Young Shigaraki, I am sorry for your situation. I truly am but this is no way for an aspiring hero to live so if you'd allow me, I'm going to bring in someone who has a high intelligence quirk and he knows what more he can do for your situation" The Skeleton informed hoping they'd take his offer.

Koto glanced at the Multi Quirk girl who merely returned the gaze both seem to being speaking mentally or perhaps they were together long enough where they can anticipate each other's thoughts then the girl spoke "You'll have to ask Izuku first, he's technically the head of the house so it's only right for the head to decide" Toshinori nodded as he looked over to the two of three doors that were open then started walking towards it hoping his fears don't increase anymore leaving the two 15 Year Olds alone.

Koto whispered to the AFO Girl "You know, Izuku-Kun seemed happier when he came home so should I assume it was Yagi-San that helped relight that fire?" She responded with "Yes, I suspect Yagi-San is going to attempt to get into contact with some pretty high government official to try and recruit me and Izuku." "What should we do?" He asked unsure of what to do at this point, Koto may not be as smart as Izuku and Shiori but he made up for the lack of high intelligence for his strength stat to be on the similar level even mistaken to be called a strength quirk.

"Leave them. Best not to involve ourselves in their conversation" Shiori explained as one of her quirks allowed her to have a distinct 'feeling' that allows her to read situations with spiritual clarity "I have a feeling Yagi-San will be able to reignite Izu-Kun's Fire"

All Might knocked on the door labeled 'Workshop' with it marked into the wooden door hoping that the green haired teen was within, now more determined to be the hero and help these kids in their situation "Young Midoriya! It's Toshinori Yagi, we met on the roof and asked if you can be a hero without a quirk. May I come in? I have something very important I need to say to you" Toshi remained silent for a few minutes hoping to speak to his newly decided protégé.

"Come in!" Midoriya called from inside the room which the pro hero entered to see perhaps the only room that's cleaned bi-daily.

The room was modern with metal walls and floors equivalent to a military lab/work shop, metal tables and counters with numerous gitz and gadgets lying around on the tables to which some looked like crude made grenades, and guns.

Izuku was sitting at a metal counter on the far right wall from the door which was located on the left corner, The Quirkless teen seemed to looking at something that was written on a sticky note though Toshi knew that the note looked important because of how emotional that Izuku was staring at it then the teen looked over at the old man "You said you had something to say Yagi-San?"

The Old Skeleton couldn't get a word out as he saw a look of determination despite how serious the situation was "Uh...yes! I do, I'm thinking of bringing in someone with a high intelligence quirk to survey your situation and would make the most logical call but I'd like your permission first" Toshi asked as he hoped for a yes.

Izuku remained silent for a moment while staring at the skeletons eyes looking for anything but the truth though for a moment the quirkless kid smiled and nodded "Sure, sounds good. Tomorrow's Saturday, so what Pizza would your friend like for lunch?" The Intelligent Student asked as he wanted to prep for guests for tomorrow, Toshi narrowed his eyes as Izuku immediately asked for dinner but didn't comment on getting the house cleaned which meant either Izuku was so focused on creation as the Pro Hero instantly thought of when he first looked at the room that the boy wasn't even capable of cleaning up after himself except for places to work at.

"Pepperoni will be fine, but Young Midoriya I just wanted to know if you're ok continuing this path. If doing so then you must continue until you can't" Toshi asked even knowing that Izuku Midoriya would still want to follow his dream especially since his only family was gone.

The Quirkless Teen looked down at the sticky note again then extended it towards the hero "This is what I drew up when I was 7, it was something I thought of as a joke but as I keep thinking about it. I feel it's the only way to proceed" He said, giving the skeleton a good view of the note which looked like a suit crudely drawn by a child because it was, though on the top said 'Nano Suit' and on the side was the abilities that this suit had.

'Super Strength- 3,000lbs Minimum

'Super Speed- 60-70 Mph Minimum

'Cloaking- Light Refraction

'Armor Mode- Enough to stop a .50 Cal Armor Piercing Bullet

Toshi was highly impressed that a small kid managed to put this together but wondering how much more can be edited and added if Izuku had done 'Should I give this to Nezu? Maybe he can put together enough money to get the materials. I could fund him myself but I'm not sure how much the technology alone will be so this kid may end up raping my wallet...' Toshi in the end gave the sticky note back to Izuku who looked at it again before a thoughtful look then grabbing a pencil from the counters corner then a sheet of paper to start drawing something, it looked like a far more detailed drawing of the Nano Suit.

'Hm, I'll see how he progressed tomorrow. But first. Need to get back to UA' All Might thinks once again.

-Location: UA Academy, Principal's Office Waiting Room-

All Might was sitting in a waiting room within the UA Academy for well over 20 Minutes which seemed to be understandable since UA in the middle of the school year even though the skeleton hero had gotten an offer to teach at the school in hopes to pass on his knowledge and try to find a potential successor, which the second part wasn't needed.

Having been rejected the first time, Toshi found a second potential user closely linked to Izuku Midoriya so the walking dead man was wondering how lucky he was that day to find a potential successor...twice.

"Yagi-San? Nezu-Sama is ready to see you" The Receptionist who was a young beautiful woman with silver hair called out to the Pro Hero, So he nodded at her while getting up then entering the Principal's Office showing not a human sitting at the desk but was a creature with pure white fur and had a combination of animalistic genes of Dog, Bear and Rat along with an X-Shaped scar over its right eye and held what seemed like a permanent smile, The Skeleton has never seen the bear creature not wearing a smile "Ah! Toshinori Yagi-San, it's a pleasure to see you again. Did you come to accept my offer? If so we can work quickly to integrate you just before we enter the second semester" The Creature said with excitement? In his voice however Toshi only shook his head at the white fur creature.

"I've already accepted but I am waiting for the next school year so I can start fresh with a set of new young minds but I'm not here for that. Nezu-Dono, I found 3 Aspiring Heroes an hour ago. And one of them has the capacity of being my successor" The Sickly man said only to cough out some blood though luckily it didn't come out like the hero was puking.

Nezu raised an animal like eyebrow at the Number 1 Heroes words curious on who would even get All Might himself to say they could be heroes so these three must have very powerful quirks and ideals plus All Might originally agreed to teach the heroics class as a way to find a successor to pass on his quirk 'One for All' "hm, is that so? Aha! Of course you'd find such gems hidden in rocks. If your asking to recommend them to UA then bring them here tomorrow so I can interview them and they can fill out a recommendation forms" Nezu explained as he started shifting papers around his desk most of which looked like recommendations papers from numerous pro heroes and many with very powerful positions both socially and politically along with quirks.

"Actually Nezu-Dono...I want you to come with me to meet these three personally and specifically one of them. His name is Izuku Midoriya and I feel you'd really relate to him intelligence wise" All Might said as he didn't want to explain their situation since it was their story to tell, no his, and Nezu was the most understanding due to his history and coupled with his massive inhuman intellect, the rat would be the best to examine Izuku and his housemates.

Nezu stopped just as he grabbed three forms that said 'recommendation form' however the dog creature spoke up curiously "Really? You never ask me this so these three are so special that I wouldn't believe it unless I see it for myself, is that right?" The matchstick nodded at him knowing that was his exact thought.

"hmmmm...Very well! We can visit this 'Young Midoriya' tomorrow. However I want to know why because while I agree that these three and their special quirks could certainly make them fantastic heroes, there's another reason" Nezu said as he dropped the forms from his hands then clasped them together as he often did to symbolize his seriousness while his face didn't change expressions.

All Might only sighed loudly knowing that the non-human would've figured out the hidden reason why he wanted those three in UA "yes yes, damn you and your intelligence quirk...I fear that these three may end up taking the law into their hands and become vigilantes. I saw what their home life is like and Young Midoriya held...a distant stance of our current society. So I fear he may become a second 'Stain' but unlike the First Stain who's slaughtered almost 86 Heroes at this point. Young Midoriya is more dangerous than the hero killer because hole Stain is street smart...Midoriya would far outclass him instantly" Toshi explained that he feared more on what Izuku Midoriya and his natural intelligence can achieve.

Nezu nodded at this having understood the base character of the one who Toshi believes is the main head of these three potentials, plus the white creature figured out what made Stain and Izuku different but almost the same was the IQ, one was street smart and knew more about heroes. While the other was naturally gifted in Intelligence and that natural gift can swiftly overcome any gained IQ with only time "I see.." Nezu could only say along with a shiver on his fur also coming to the same conclusion that All Might came to and naturally believed that it was far more terrible than anything Stain can do.

"Ok Toshinori-San, I'll bring Aizawa and Loader for security reasons plus they can give some greater insight on these three potential heroes" Nezu offered to which the skeleton nodded "Thank you, I'm grateful"

Now Toshi held the means to gently push Izuku and his friends onto the path of real heroes and hoped that they wouldn't turn it Vigilantism or worse...Villainy

Alright my doods! He's my first ever My Hero Academia story, I apologize if some of the characters are OOCish, I'm not perfect but anyway like and comment down on how much you like the story and if you have any ideas to add to the story then don't hesitate and comment down. If it's good then I may use it and I'll give you the shoutout.

Shiori Shigaraki is property of my good mate Kmon13, I asked for an oc and he recommended a child for All for One since the OFA quirk is passed down, I felt it was balanced by doing so for the other.

Kotomaru Irishi is property to my best mate and co author of the 'Iron Man' Story, unlimitedblades. So show this guy some love because he's been really active and helpful in putting this story together with me.

Anyway, I have a question. Later on the story primarily during the first week UA Arc I'll be doing something though that isn't involved with the question. I want to know who would fit with Izuku romantically? Send some ideas.


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