The Hot Spring (Nami x Robin)

BY : TristyandShane
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So, that lie worked, Nami now had Luffy running for his money. Fibbing about loot in barrels miles away from the beach was a good idea, also starting up fights in back alley bars and having Luffy deal with the issue. Ah, such a blessing to have Luffy as their captain; dumb, oblivious, possessing a heart of gold. Good thing the rubber man wasn't here.

Catching sight of a certain dark-haired woman sitting at the deck of the pier, Nami pulled a smirk, as crimson hues just observed those long raven tresses dancing in the gentle wind. The beach seemed gentle today, and Nami wanted to take full advantage of the situation. Holding a hand up to her forehead, she used this hand as a shade for her eyes so she could glance up to the vibrant sky. A cheerful chime escaped her lips when she saw absolutely no problem today.

"Clear skies; no dark clouds...everything is perfect right now," she cheered. "I think I'll go see Robin right now and see what she's up to." 

Approaching the lone ravenette sitting by the sea, Nami reached up with a hand, brushing away tangerine locks from her view. Really, who'd even know Nami and Robin were scalleyways? Getting closer to her target, Nami let out a noticeable 'ahem' sound. This attracted Robin, but the ravenette didn't bother to look up.

"Mind if I join you, Robin? Just us and no boys around! What a relief!" Nami scoffed, taking a seat right beside the other woman.

“That does indeed sound wonderful," admitted Robin, a hum leaving her lips as she leaned back. She basked in the brilliant sunlight, relaxing. At this point, Robin didn't even take any note of Nami coming over, seeing as she had her eyes closed this whole time. "Sit anywhere you like, Nami."

"For once," she noted with a quip. "Annnd I love the beach. A sunbathe is always a treat; maybe a suntan as well."

Underneath this scorching heat, Nami leaned back, placing her hands behind herself on the ground. Constantly being half-naked as it was, Nami wore a simple cyan striped bikini bra along with a pair of blue denim trousers. Eyes watched the gentle tide in front of herself, and she idly scooted along the deck until her leg touched Robin's. Feet were bare, dipping into the lukewarm water of the ocean. 

"Us spending any time together doesn't happen often, next time I think I should just lie to Luffy so he'd piss off for a little while."

“Indeed,” she noted once more, and smiled ever so softly, her own leg, bare as it was, touched against the other. Robin could feel just how smooth Nami's leg was against her own, and sometimes she wondered how they'd even find the right spot to shave out in the sea. “Might not be a half bad idea, excluding the fact that we are lying to our captain right now.”

"Heh, yeah. Like he'll ever know about that," she quipped again, making sure to double check that he wasn't anywhere around. And thankfully, he wasn't. "Oh well, not our problem." 

Raising both hands, long ginger tresses bounced when she proceeded to brush tangerine locks out from her view. She could feel the harsh rays of the sun against her forehead and body, albeit her feet resting in the lukewarm water did wonders for the scorching temperature. Idly, albeit boldly, Nami cheekily placed her hand over Robin's, gently holding it. A large, toothy grin remained along Nami's lips. 

"So, how long have you been out here? Us girls barely have any time for ourselves. It's such a relief to have a dumbass for a captain," she voiced, letting out a long drawn-out sigh of pure pleasure. 

Robin shielded her eyes for a moment to check the position of the sun, only to shrug. “Maybe about twenty minutes or so-” Her gaze drifted down to her hand being held by the other. Her own lips pulling into a grin as she shifted back to relax, her grin was more lip than tooth, however. “That does help, and work wonders, doesn’t it?”

"Also, I remembered to sneak a few bottles from the bar," she informed Robin, having a hand search through her handbag, as Nami then pulled out three bottles of tequila and rum mix. "Not exactly gonna be a pineapple punch, but maybe we should get hammered while we're out here," she winked. "Good thing I stole these from the bar and now Luffy's dealing with the drama." 

“You best pray that he never finds out,” she answered through a chuckle, knowing their captain might be fuming but would never do anything about it. 

"Pfft, what's he gonna do - find another navigator, or even worse, just sail around without a map like he did before? Cuz he'd be doomed without one," she scoffed. "Just gotta be grateful that he ain't the sharpest tool in the shed."

Because really, Luffy could just gum-gum kazoomba somewhere far away from this beach. Pulling up a single bottle, Nami flicked off the lid. She set the bottle down beside herself, pulled out a carton of pineapple juice from her handbag, along with two tall glasses that were one litre high. These tall, thin glasses were just regular highball cups. Nami poured in two quarters of the rum and tequila mix, and then topped the liquid with pineapple juice. 

"Here - some pineapple punch or whatever ya call it!" Nami exclaimed, and then handed one tall glass to Robin beside her. "I hope ya like it as much as I do."

"I thought you didn't have any pineapple juice?" Robin reminded her, cackling.

"I just forgot I had any on me!" Nami jested. 

Accepting the tall, clean highball glass from Nami, the ravenette then tipped it up towards the other woman in a toast gesture. This was a toast to Nami in both gratitude, and amusement at her boldness. Even if she did know her words were true. Nami was like a ray of sunshine for herself, no wonder why Nami had tangerine was the same colour as the sun, after all.

“Well, you have my thanks,” replied Robin. 

"No biggie," she flashed a wink to Robin.

Pressing the rim of the highball glass up to her lips, Nami took a first sip of this beverage merely to have a taste, and before she knew it, she had necked down the entire drink in just two gulps. The pineapple juice was tangy against the tongue; the tequila was bitter and obviously was the matured kind of tequila, but the bitter tequila was leveled nicely with the spiced rum. During the time she drank this alcoholic beverage, Nami could feel herself practically baking in the sun. Her hand still held onto Robin's, tightening the grip in the process.

"This is great," she exhaled happily. "Especially since we haven't got anything else to do today...we could just get wasted here and now."

“We could!” Robin stated while her smile shrunk into a mere smirk. 

Setting down her highball glass beside herself, Robin's dark eyes idly watched Nami to the side. Slyly moving her free hand, Robin decided to use her powers to lift, and then by force of the wind, she pushed the tangerine-haired woman into the lukewarm water beneath them both. Now she just floated in the water, wading.

A scream escaped her mouth, and in the process, her highball glass fell into the water as well. Lifting her head from the water, Nami snarled up at Robin, ginger eyebrows furrowing. Those long ginger tresses were soaked; sticking to Nami's shoulders and back like glue, and the fringe was stuck to the side of her face. Wading in the water, Nami just grumbled for a moment, seconds before her eyes caught sight of a floating blue striped bra. Her bra had come undone; she was now topless. 

"What the heck, Robin?" Nami laughed, grinning. "You should have warned me first!"

“And ruin the surprise? Now where’s the fun in that?” Robin voiced out loud before catching sight of the now topless woman. At the scene, a faint pinkish tint painted her cheeks and she cleared her throat through a mild laugh. “Malfunction, did we?”

Nami didn't answer the troublemaker just yet. 

Swimming over to the deck, hands reached up onto the wooden planks, as Nami then proceeded to pull herself up from the water. Large breasts were now exposed, and her skin-tight blue trousers were soaked to the brim. Nami gasped, raising both hands, she drained the saltwater from those lengthy tangerine tresses, having her hair run down her shoulder and front like an orange river. Her bikini bra was drenched, now practically drying off on the deck. 

"Malfunction? Not at all - my bra just came undone due to the water pressure, that's all," she shrugged her shoulders. "But, fun?" 

Crawling behind Robin, Nami immediately untied the ravenette's bikini bra, and soon tossed this bra into the water below. Robin's bra appeared pink, decorated in a white floral pattern. It looked prettier in contrast to Nami's plain cyan striped bra. 

Nami laughed, "fetch!"

With lightning reflexes, the archaeologist shifted and pulled Nami into the water with her, seconds before she went on to dive after her own bikini bra, her own bare breasts were free to the warm air just like Nami's. Instead, Nami's bra was still sitting on the deck above them, whereas Robin was hunting hers down in the sea.

"R-ROBIN!" Nami squealed, wading in the ocean water yet again. 

Catching sight of the ravenette swimming in the blue, Nami zipped after her, diving underwater in the process. It was a good thing Nami could swim, otherwise she'd just sit at the very bottom of the sea. The cheeky tangerine gripped onto Robin's ankle, making the attempt to stop her from obtaining her bikini bra. 

"Nu-uh!" Nami droned, her voice muffled by the water pressure. 

Two hands sprouted from her ankle, curling around the woman’s arm. A smirk curled along her lips as she lifted the other up. 

“Rather cheeky, aren’t we?”

But rather than tossing Nami across the ocean, Robin pulled Nami towards herself and went on to give her a cuddle. 

"Bitch," she whispered playfully. "Swim with me instead," she suggested with a cackle. 

Obviously, Robin seemed like the mature type, even when Nami wanted to mess around.

"You started this," stated Nami with a smirk. "But I had fun, I guess."




It was frequent for Nami to lie to the captain, and today, she was eyeing the perfect destination from the crow's nest on the ship. As a navigator, Nami could practically take the captain and crew wherever she pleased, especially since Luffy would most likely believe anything she says anyway. She spotted a ray of heat coming from the top of a mountain, and as the ship sailed closer to this place, Nami was gobsmacked when she spotted a full-blown Hot Spring with nobody in it.

"Oooooh, Luffy!" Nami exclaimed, sheilding her eyes with her hand while she surveyed their surroundings. Long tangerine tresses danced with the gentle airstream while hazel orbs glanced around the clear sea. No other islands were present around them, and of course, she had to take note of the sky as well. "We seem to be nearing a point," she started, clearing her throat casually. "Maybe we should rest up for the rest of the journey? And the skies are clear; the dark clouds seem to be heading towards Coco Village...oh well," she remarked with a cackle. 

Ah, Nami remembered Coco Village, and her step-sister Nojiko. Good times, good times. Ah, being part of the Arlong Pirates and stealing Luffy's money. That was so long ago, and yet they were good memories. Nobody probably noticed that Nami still swipes Luffy's berries at times, even though she's now part of the Straw Hat crew. After all, it seemed like Nami still carried a leaf she took out of Arlong's book: being a theif and a liar. 

"And Robin-" Nami called out, sending a wave to the ravenette nearby. "I wanna show you something!" 

The archeologist's brow quirked, and she felt her gaze drift up towards the tangerine-haired woman. Cerculean hues stared gently at her; tired eyes never knowing rest. Long raven locks bounced lightly when she looked up.

"Oh, do you now?" Robin stretched, and straightened her back, feeling her vertebrae pop as she did so. "Very well," she stated, moving towards her companion, and nodding to the other crewmates aboard the vessel in the process. 

Grace and station passed through her frame as she walked, bobbing and weaving through supplies towards the other woman. It took a minute, since the boys were about as organised as blind apes, but soon enough, Robin stood beside Nami. 

"Yes?" Robin checked, having her gaze drift over the ocean, trying to spot what the other might have seen.


An index finger eagerly pointed towards a large mountain in the distance, and she pointed right towards the crown. Nami's keen gaze never left Robin, and that large toothy grin never left her lips either. Nami was pretty much persistent whenever she wanted something, and now was the chance to grab something more valuable than the rotating Grand Line. Her free hand was currently holding onto a telescope, to which she then handed to the ravenette standing beside her.

"Take a look yourself. There's a Hot Spring in the middle of nowhere up on that mountain. Cool, right?" Nami exclaimed. "Wanna swim over there and leave these guys behind?" Hazel orbs looked around the ship, as Nami tried to look for a small dinghy they could use instead. "Or" catching sight of a plain old dinghy, Nami wound up pointing over in that direction as well. "We could use that to get over there."

"Swim over there after the horror you put me through at the beach yesterday?" Robin reminded the chittering tangerine, having a hand placed onto her hip in the process, all while her other hand wagged a finger right in front of the other woman's view. "You better stop with these ideas. You might be an excellent navigator, but you could still get us in some kind of trouble," she cackled.

"You don't trust me anymore?!" 

"Well, I do, and I also kind of don't," joked Robin. "My bra is still missing out at sea," she reminded.

The ravenette accepted the telescope, and then peered over towards the mountain her friend had indicated. Only to lean back and smirk ever so slightly. 

"I suppose that choice is up to you. You spotted it, now it should be your choice, yes?" Robin turned to Nami, then her eyes looked to the boys who were eagerly scanning for some place to make port. "That, and I suppose we'll have to let them know."

"Let them know? We can't just send them a letter in a bottle if anything gets out of hand?" Nami checked, her hand now planted on her hip, while her ginger brows furrowed. She then closed her eyes, seconds before letting out a sigh. "If we have to let anyone know, let a wimp know 'cause then they aren't gonna follow us."

Heading towards the dinghy, Nami started to tow the small wooden vessle into the sea below. She glanced around the span, checking if anyone was spying on her, but rather, the boys were running around like headless chickens to even catch sight of Nami doing anything suspicious. A dinghy looked like a shitty boat, however, the good thing was these small boats were good at hiding. Well, they were good at hiding temporarily.

Robin followed closely behind, and snickered at Nami's attempts at being stealthy. This caused the Devil Fruit user to walk over, and push the dinghy off the railing and into the water faster than a heartbeat. There was no time to be fiddling around. 

"Might as well get it done now, right? They're far too focused on docking to notice anything," stated Robin. 

It was clear that Robin was more than willing to join the tangerine-haired woman on this quest to go to the hot spring now. It was, after all, better than being stuck on this smelly old ship. Nami was practically saving her life right now with some actual excitement. 

Much like at Syrup Village and then at Baraite early on in Nami and Luffy's meet, Nami was outed by numerous foes about how she stole all kinds of treasures around those parts. And yes, one of those weirdos happened to be Zoro's brother. When Luffy found out about Nami stealing his money, well, was he going to beat a girl? Hell no! When Nami catches sight of loot she likes, she'll take it, including the berries. This treasure right here was a grand trip to the Hot Spring over yonder. 

Leaping right into the dinghy, it wasn't long until they both made it to the unknown island. Sweaty like a dog, Nami climbed the rocks, pulling herself up higher until she landed right on the edge of this Hot Spring. Eyes widened at the sight of the gorgeous blue-tinted water; there was even a hint of green hues coming from the rock and plant at the bed of this spring. Curiously, Nami dipped a finger into the water, and thankfully, the temperature was hotter than the lukewarm sea. Her gaze averted towards the sky for a spell, seeing the white clouds and clear sky up close. 

"This is so pretty! A jackpot, huh?!" Nami exclaimed, taking a dip into this lagoon shortly afterward. At this time, Nami wore her usual cyan striped bra and a pair of denim blue trousers like at the beach yesterday.

"Quite the eye, Miss Navigator. I'm not in the slightest bit surprised that you found this place up on the crow's nest," snickered Robin. "Not that far away from the ship either." 

In the role of Robin, she was dressed in a simple tied together top as a replacement for the floral-pattern bra she lost yesterday, along with a shawl around her waist to imitate a skirt. Robin glanced around the span, finding rock practically everywhere. Brown orbs merely rolled in contempt when she watched Nami dart up the mountain like a hooligan. As Robin glanced around the span, her own hues were seeing this place's history. A natural Hot Spring with mild elements of obsidian...this had at one point been an active volcano. Or maybe it still was. 

Fortunately for Nami, she didn't really care whether this place was a volcano or not, but regardless, it felt pretty blazing on the surface. If it were to be an active volcano, it would surely explain why there were no villages or even people on this forsaken island. Like, who would live on an island with a full-blown volcano sitting at the end of the village? Everyone would get burnt to a crisp if they lived there long enough. But for history's sake, there was indeed dust and burnt tree bark scattered about the ground underneath this mountain; there was even burnt bark flaked along the water by the shore, but of course, Nami never noticed.

Sitting in the Hot Spring, Nami had her arms resting on the walkway, head flung back on the rocky surface. That cheerful grin never left her lips - this was pure paradise, for a time. Trousers were still embracing her legs, now soaked inside-out, and her bikini bra was becoming loose. 

"Ahh, with you here...I wanna do just about anything foolish," stated Nami, closing her eyes shut. "We can do...anything."

"Such as?" Robin questioned. 

Shifting to the edge of the pool, Robin dipped her feet into the hot lagoon, having the water rise all the way up to the calve from where she was. Curiosity as to what it was Nami wanted to do caused her to stare intently at the woman. Saying little to nothing for now, and instead just grinning slyly. Waiting for her answer.

"There are no boys around," she answered, still wearing such a bright grin along her lips. 

Nami didn't catch Robin staring at her, considering Nami continued to stare up at the sky. The clear sky was so close, along with a few white clouds that merely enclosed the blue. It wasn't close enough to touch, but it was close enough to analyse every detail. Reaching out with a hand, Nami offered her hand to Robin if she wished to take it. 

"Why don't we...cuddle for a bit? Or kiss, if you ain't scared enough," she teased, now looking directly at Robin.

"Scared?" Robin offered, glancing to Nami's hand and taking it, lacing the two limbs together. Fingers entwined delicately. "Now, why would I ever be scared to kiss you?" Robin teased, wading closer towards the tangerine. 

It took a moment, but Robin easily sank further into the water, pausing just beneath her sizeable bust, and she sighed in delight at the scorching sensation. It did feel quite amazing being outside; on top of a mountain; in a Hot Spring underneath the burning sun. The shawl having been discarded to make for a makeshift headrest only moments prior.

"Hm...I was just teasing," admitted Nami, huffing in defeat. "Okay, Miss Archaeologist, you're never scared...even if it's to kiss me. You've discovered islands; temples; tombs, and even people that're way scarier than this."

Using her free hand, Nami gently cupped Robin's chin while the ravenette waded closer into the boiling water. Cocking her head to one side, Nami analysed the other, observing the spring water coming up to her bust. For Nami, the water reached her bust as well, albeit never coated it. Too bad for shorter people, they'd likely drown in this Hot Spring. Nami moved her head forward, seconds before she caught Robin's lips into a gentle, serene kiss. It was more of a peck, as Nami then moved away quickly, pulling a cheeky grin along her lips afterwards.

"Like that!" Nami put, blushing only the slightest bit.

Eyebrow twitching, Robin merely hummed in response, while her cyan hues just stared at Nami. Robin leaned into the brief kiss before she dared to ask. "You call that a kiss?" Robin teased the other, but wasn't about to let her get away that easily.

An extension - a third arm, grew from her forearm - and gingerly cradled the back of Nami's neck, pulling her in. The kiss, while much the same, lasted twice as long. Sensual, passionate, deliberate. Only when her lungs screamed for air did she finally pull back, and her sly smile only grew wider as the hand she'd used her power to create, had sprouted another, and undone Nami's bra in the distraction.

Wow, things were starting to get real.

Hazel orbs dropped their gaze down towards her exposed bust, as Nami caught sight of bare bosoms staring directly at Robin. Swallowing a lump in her throat, Nami rested a leg over the other under the water, trying her best to put pressure on her intimate area. It never helped that she was still wearing her blue denim trousers, now damp through due to the spring water. After that kiss, and Robin's saucy endeavour, Nami felt...tingly downstairs...and she didn't want that to become noticeable.

"R-Robin?" Nami stuttered, pouting. "Damn, this Devil Fruit's made you...crafty...l-like a fox!" Nami scoffed, taking note of the newly sprouted limb that now graced the back of her neck. "I feel...kind of in prison...but it's such a good feeling...being in prison with my best bud."

Leaning in, Nami caught yet another kiss from Robin - a third kiss - and this lasted a lot longer than the last two. Nami, being horny and cheeky like per usual, slipped her tongue past Robin's lips and into her warm mouth.

A raven brow shot skyward, but only for a moment before she allowed her tongue to curl around Nami's, dueling with her friend's own pink muscle. As the hand cradling her neck disappeared, she used her power to form two more, that soon groped and fondled the ginger-haired woman's breasts. Kneading them in tight circles, or even shifting to pinch the aroused buds of her nipples. She'd caught the thief staring many a time, and figured she'd test the waters. See where the other would take this, or how far.

“You know, the next time you wish to invite me to a Hot Spring, you could just take me to dinner…” Robin mentioned, cackling. "That'd be a lot nicer, don't you think?"

"Oh, but that could always happen after our date," winked Nami.

"Right," put Robin. "Is that so?"


It was true, Nami was always constantly staring at Robin, but that was probably due to a loooot of things. They were both the only women in the crew for a start, and it was always nice to spend time with another woman, especially since there were a ton of males around them at all times. Well, that, and excuses. Everything was an excuse from Nami's mouth, though.

Letting out a shivering mumble at the feel of her breasts being fondled, Nami started to shiver, all while two shy hands hooked their thumbs into the rim of Robin's halter neck cropped top. These thumbs were hooked in from the midriff of the top, and soon enough, Nami pulled this bathing shirt upwards to expose Robin's breasts in return. An eager pink tongue stuck out, as Nami playfully, and yet shyly, teased the erect bud.

"Y-you could be a little more gentle, you know," she whinged, soon using her teeth to BITE Robin's nipple like a brat.

Robin moaned heavily, head pitching back as Nami bit one of her nipples. 

"I'll only ease up if you admit to what you know to be factual," she stated, as the hands grew mouths on the palms, and playfully bit down on the erect nipples they held. "No excuses; no lies," she continued.

Letting go of Robin's bud, Nami squealed at the sudden bites on both nipples, and she hung her head backward, as her voice screamed up into the clear sky. This screaming could potientally call over a which she didn't want! Drool trailed down her bottom lip, as saliva dripped onto her own bare breasts and those devil hands.

"I-I...what?!" Nami squinted, looking directly at the crazy Robin. "What's to be factual? That we're on top of a volcano?! It's not even active anymore; just a rubble of rock now!"

"If you really think I do not notice you staring - every chance you get - you'd be quite wrong, Nami." 

Again, those teeth sank down. Rough, but not hurtful, as a tongue dragged lazily around those buds. Eager to work the truth from the tangerine-haired woman. Eager to hear her admit what Robin had figured out. 

"Admit to me, and I'll be sure to make you scream my name," she hissed.

"That's what this is all about? Really?"

Nami finally came to realise what Robin meant this entire time. It was the staring, and quite frankly, Nami merely rolled her crimson hues at the whole fuss. At the biting on her nipples, rough as they were, Nami struggled to sit still and she only found comfort by pressing her breasts against Robin's. This was a way to dull the playful twinges on her nipples, by putting pressure onto them herself.

"So, I stare at you a lot," she confessed like Robin wanted her to, and then a usual cheeky smirk graced her lips, hazel orbs were now staring directly at the ravenette. "Why not, Robin? At least it ain't any of the guys staring at you," she jested, teasing. "Besides, I charge 200,000 berries for every stare I get on my body! And you know what? Some of the guys actually pay up," she quipped.

Now that her breasts were pressing into the other's chest, Nami was close up to her face, and all the tangerine did was give a gentle, playful nibble on Robin's bottom lip. Her arms wormed around Robin's torso, as hands cupped the woman's backside.

"It isn't the stares themselves, Nami, I do appreciate them, but it is the hunger within them. If you wanted me, all you need do is ask. After all-" she glanced down to their hands, and smiled ever so softly. "It isn't as if we aren't comfortable with one another...and often enough sleep in one another's quarters."

"I guess I can work with that," scoffed Nami, and then she cocked her head to one side, the smirk still detailing her expression. "I've always wanted you, Robin, and not only for sex, but for other stuff too. We're more than best friends, so there's no harm in making out every once in a while, huh?" Nami winked, still having her breasts pressing into Robin's chest, albeit those grabbling hands soon moved upward, feeling up Robin's bare back.

"Good," answered Robin.

Robin pondered Nami's words for a moment, analysing them and the thief's expression for what felt like forever before she smiled. Eyes narrowed playfully, cyan hues stared. 

"I would like that. A lot, though, I suppose, if you mean it I will make you prove it. Wine and dine me, and all that," she chuckled softly, knowing how much the other coveted her berries as much as she coveted their friendships, or even Robin herself it seemed.

Her hands lowered, causing their breasts to press together. Stiff buds rubbed against each other, and she remained, eyes holding the other's gaze firmly. 

"I hope you invite me to another spontaneous date. And remember, the booze is nice, especially the weird cocktails you make," added Robin.

Nami shrugged, "I can do. I always manage to swipe booze from somewhere."

Raising a hand, Nami brushed a few long raven strands from Robin's face, trying to find fault as a way to see Robin's eyes clearly. As a way to keep Robin close to herself, Nami coiled a leg around the woman's waist.

"I can take you out after this, if you'd like," she put, biting down onto her bottom lip gently. An index finger lazily traced all kinds of shapes onto Robin's shoulder, mostly used as a coping mechanism to think...and to avoid eye contact. "I don't really want this date to end, you know? Let's make it last longer than it should!"

“I suppose that’s fair, but if we stay in here any longer, we’re going to prune,” remarked Robin. "I suppose we can arrange it lasting longer, just depends on what you have in mind to do so."

Leaning in, the ravenette caught another kiss from the other. The mouths on her palms soon disappeared, and then those extra extensions she called arms vanished. Using her real arms, Robin wrapped these arms around Nami's torso, thus keeping the ginger-haired girl close.

Luffy and the other boys could easily experience the next few deadly swings of the Seven Warlords without Nami and Robin, if they end up returning to the Grand Line before they even notice them missing that is. No matter how many times the government send these Warlords of the Sea out on dangerous patrol missions, and no matter how many times they wind up defeated; the government would always make them re-appear until they have nobody else to send out. Really, a cycle of patrol death. Patrol death? At least it'd make Luffy, Zoro, and the other boys busy bees for the time being, all during the time Nami and Robin share kisses and cuddles in some random mountain's Hot Spring.

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