Worship Fubuki's Feet (Sonic x Fubuki)

BY : TristyandShane
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Slender arms were folded underneath her sizeable bust, making her phthalo green dress look tight around her chest. Beginning to walk, elegance and grace in every step, and all that could be heard in the atmosphere was the mere tapping of heels against the concrete ground. Fubuki drew closer towards the beaten villain. When she looked down at him, her head and torso leaned forward, her head tilted to one side in the process while chin-length dark locks swayed gently to the side.

"Hm. Failed again, have we?" Fubuki started, stringing a smirk along her lips. "It's becoming a pattern now where you always seem to fall after every fight with Saitama...and then whine like a baby. Hilarious."

Her bodyguards weren't present this time.

"Damn it...damn...it...I lose...again," he grumbled under his breath.

The proud Speed-o-Sound Sonic found himself hitting his fist against the concrete ground after another defeat by Saitama again. He could feel himself burning up inside; heart racing; blood boiling. He was desperate to crush Saitama's skull, and yet, he knew he couldn't. His ninjutsu was broken; his sword now smashed into shards and scattered around him.

"He even bested my new speed technique with sidesteps again. He cannot be that much faster than me...no. I just need to figure out something else and try again. He won't beat me again," he confessed, talking like it actually mattered. "I need to train more...figure out new skills."

This was part of his daily routine after dubbing Saitama - his greatest rival. He wanted nothing more than to best him in combat, no matter how long it took. Sonic, there on his knees, wearing his trademark black latex outfit. The purple scarf torn off thanks to Saitama's stupid single punch attack.

"Hm, feeling sorry for yourself?" Fubuki checked.

Green hues were looking right down at the kneeling villain when she made fun of his plight.

"Hey!" Sonic spat, immediately shifting his position, now standing up to take a good look of this smug bitch. "I was not defeated. He just got the better of me this time. Who are you to talk to me like that?"

"Who am I to talk to you like that?" Fubuki repeated, pinching her chin with her index finger and thumb. A curious thought invaded her mind when she observed his face looking directly at hers. "There's a difference. I'm not dwelling on my defeat like a toddler," she remarked, as her green eyes dropped their gaze down towards his skin-tight, latex outfit. 

"I'm not dwelling on them. I am using him to work on my own craft," replied Sonic.

Oh hell no! Sonic wasn't going to be intimidated by her. He stared her down to the ground while she did her best to talk down to him, and in the meantime, his hands curled into small balls of fists. She was hitting him right where it hurt. His pride was taking a blow one after another, first Saitama and now Fubuki. 

"I'm not..."

"Mhm," she intoned, not taking any note of his excuses. "And what on earth are you trying to show? Your suit...is half torn...only protected by metal guards."

"You don't know what you're talking about. This outfit is built for speed. I can't afford to have any baggy clothing on me," he chanted, looking her directly in the eye now. 

Just by hearing her speak, he gritted his teeth.  He couldn't exactly pitch a fight with her because he still had to go to the weapon store to purchase a brand new sword. His suit was in tatters after the fight, but it wasn't like he was showing off on purpose. His slender body, smooth to the touch with hips wide enough that it was easy to mistake him for a woman. 

Extending out a hand, Fubuki tore a lone twig out of Sonic's black hair. She grimaced at the look of him, glancing downward and then up, taking in an eyeful of his slender appearance. While she tried to pretend she wasn't interested in him, Fubuki decided to make fun of him instead, whether hurtful or otherwise.

"You don't look like a fighter. No hero; no villain," she put truthfully, nitpicking him. "You look like something that'd worship a pair of feet. And not just anyone's feet, but a queen's...or a king's."

Clearly hinting at the ice queen, Fubuki.

Admittedly, the mere idea that he would want to find himself underneath someone else's boot was infuriating but intriguing at the same time. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he wasn't going to defend himself any longer. Worshipping an attractive pair of feet was...probably an inner kink. 

"Don't underestimate me...I am a dangerous villain, not a pet. Who would want to see the feet of someone like you?" Sonic taunted, finally talking words after his level of panting. 

But then, as he made out she was disgusting, his gaze drifted down towards her feet as if he wanted to see what kind of heels she was wearing. Words and actions were not matching up and leaving an easy opening for her to exploit. He said one thing, but his actions said another.

During the time she noticed him look down, Fubuki elegantly lifted the long skirt of her dress, revealing what appeared to be a pair of knee-high pleaser heels. Usually, stilettos would be her choice, but for this occasion, Fubuki decided to wear heels that were deemed a killer. The woman wore an ankle-length hunter green dress; a white fluffy coat on the back, along with a pair of jet black pleasers. How much money she spent on herself actually showed.

"These are my new pair of boots," she mentioned, giving Sonic a presentation. "After all, you never know...-" she started, extending out a hand as she then placed the index finger under his chin, thus lifting his head. "I, myself, am an esper. Perhaps worshipping my feet could make you a better fighter," she persuaded. "So the next time you wonder why anyone would kiss my feet, then think again. A pretty boy like you should find himself in a better line of work." Her tone of voice was mature, fruity, and sensual, and she watched Sonic's eyes with her own every time she uttered a single word.

"And?" Sonic put, shrugging his shoulders. "Feet can't make someone stronger."

When Fubuki lifted the skirt of her dress up just enough for Sonic to see the heels that she had on, Sonic actually batted an eye. The knee-high pleaser heels stunned him for a second, as he felt captivated by their shimmering latex material. Sonic noticed just how well they complimented her slender feet; all black boots and not revealing a single toe. He didn't want to admit it, but they looked good on her. A real killer if there ever was one.

"Well they do look pretty new and they..." Sonic droned on, resting a hand up to her wrist while she lifted his head up with her finger. "Still, feet can't make someone stronger..."

"How would you know that? Trying to became a genius or something?" Fubuki questioned, watching him stare into her eyes with his dull grey hues. "Knowing you have a notiable feminine side that you greatly indulge in; I just knew you wouldn't be able to resist such killers as these." 

Sonic didn't want to believe what she was saying. It all sounded too crazy, even for him. Her tone of voice caused him to question his own thought process; wondering what he really liked. 

"You really think that would make me strong enough to take on Saitama? If you think that'll help then I will take your offer. I'll worship your feet...just so I can fight him."

"Oh, you will?" Fubuki started, blinking. Her lips still smirked, and now grew into a small, bittersweet smile. "Finally, we see eye-to-eye. If I am honest, my dear shinobi, you have engaged my interest." 

It might come across as undoubtedly evil, but Fubuki believed that using Saitama as a vessle for her foot worshipping kink would definietly intrigue Sonic. Sonic's obsession with Saitama was plausible, and Fubuki simply wondered if the shinobi had a secret, innocent crush on the bald hero. She wouldn't be surprised if he did. If she used Saitama as an excuse for her ultimate plan for foot worship? Fubuki wanted to choose Sonic as her subject; this meant that Sonic would work hard on her feet, or at least she merely hoped he would.

"All right then. As for this deed, how about I take you back to my home? You can clean yourself up, and then get straight to work," stated Fubuki rather smugly. "And if you're a good boy, I could even do something nice for you in return." 

Releasing her hand from his jaw, Fubuki retreated this hand to her fluffy white coat, keeping it held up against her back and shoulders. She never wore this jacket properly, and instead always had the polar bear skin draped down her back, not even bothering to slip her arms in the sleeves. The ice queen kept her stare watching the shinobi. 

"Well, follow behind and don't get lost," she stated the last few words rather sharply. 

"Fine. You lead the way and I will follow you," he answered as he watched her turn around. 

Those cold words and her icy demeanor didn't turn him away in the slightest, but Sonic was interested, seeing as he wanted her feet to make him powerful. It even looked like a kitten following behind its owner as Sonic followed her. 

Sonic didn't know that she was planning to use him for a much greater plan but he didn't seem to care about the possibility. He was captivated by what he witnessed already and he wanted to see more of those goddess-like pleaser boots. He had the perfect excuse of this just being a way to get to Saitama so he didn't have to realise what he was about to be doing.



Those knee-high black pleaser boots were removed, as well as the black stockings she wore underneath her lengthy, slender green dress. Bare feet were exposed, feminine musk present in the air. In between the toes were clean, and Fubuki even sported a pretty pedicure. Toenails were trimmed, too. Along with this feminine musk appeared to be a floral perfume, as if Fubuki routinely sprayed her feet with their very own deodrant. Really, nobody would be surprised if she had a separate deodrant for her feet. The bridge of her feet were smooth, showing a few veins burrowed beneath the skin. Pale white skin, resembling marble. There was even an anklette draped around her ankle, possessing snowflake-shaped beads. 

"Go ahead. I haven't got all day," challenged Fubuki, as she extended out a leg, wriggling her toes in Sonic's view. "If you're going to be my kitten; you'll have to do as I say. Remember, I'm your queen."

Chin-length black locks bounced gently when she analysed Sonic, she tilted her head, and propped an elbow up onto the arm of the chair while she rested her fist against her jaw. Green eyes idly watched the shinobi during the time she leaned back into her wide, grand armchair. 

"Ugh," he grunted.

Sonic remained on his hands and knees.

Grey hues simply rolled in contempt, as the ninja extended out a hand, allowing his latex gloved fingers to trace along the soft skin of Fubuki's foot. He only felt along the bridge of the foot, however, before his face merely creased up at the sight. A low drawn-out groan emitted his lips, as his breath teased Fubuki's skin. His dull expression never shifted, and at this point, he was squeamish about even licking a toe. Fubuki's feet were slender, elegant, with a nicely structured forefoot.

"Well?" Fubuki questioned, furrowing her black eyebrows.

"I'm going. I'm going-" Sonic was still putting up his tough front towards her, even with his face in front of the sole of her foot. "If this helps me beat Saitama then I'll do anything." 

Reaching up to gently hold onto her ankle, Sonic lifted it lightly. He pressed his face against the sole of her foot and ran his nose along the underside. His warm breath teased her skin whenever he inhaled the floral musk. 

"Such a daring sight," remarked Fubuki, while she pressed her foot even more into Sonic's face, acting like she was stepping on him. "This...makes me feel powerful," she added, while she slipped the tip of her index finger into her mouth. "Why not use your tongue and show your queen just how tempting she really is?"

Now the true mission started to shine, where Fubuki wanted compliments and attention from her new subject. She made the attempt to experiment, as she brushed her toe against Sonic's feminine lips. Green hues never left his presence, and instead, she continued to tease him with her stare and not only her feet.

Grimacing, Sonic parted his face from her foot, and then glanced up at the dark-haired esper. 

"Do I...have to?" Sonic complained, as grey orbs inspected Fubuki's toes. "...Black toenails?"

All that could be heard in the atmosphere was Sonic's constant whinging, as well as the many beads that vibrated on Fubuki's anklette.

"My toenails are painted," mentioned Fubuki. One hand was currently buried in lengthy blonde locks, as Fubuki continued to run her slender fingers through smooth blonde tresses. "Kaijin is excellent at painting nails."

Her cold, stern approach never failed to make Sonic grumble. Grey hues flicked a glance from Fubuki to Kaijin, observing the dominant-turned-submissive villainess simply kneeling down beside the armchair. His eyes just narrowed, albeit his face stopped creasing. 

"From the monster association?" Sonic checked.

"Working for Fubuki was the best choice I ever made," commented Kaijin, originally known by her villain name: Super S.

"And she doesn't lick your feet?"

"Kaijin is my nail artist. She gave me a lovely pedicure before I met you," voiced Fubuki, while her hand lowered from the blonde woman's hair, now brushing a few blonde locks behind her ear. Green hues glanced downward, meeting those rose-pink hues of Kaijin's. "She doesn't lick my feet. Works for me in other ways."

Even Fubuki's dull expression never shifted; she remained smug and cold like she usually appeared.

"Mhm," he intoned.

"I used her whip; that's how she's in this position today," she informed him.

Leaning inward, Fubuki cupped Sonic's chin, lifting his head upward so that his grey eyes were staring right into her emerald hues. A small cackle rumbled within Fubuki's throat, as her thumb delicately caressed Sonic's soft jawline. Green orbs studied his feminine features, as well as those purple tick markings that resided under his eyes.

"And you, Speed-o-Sound Sonic, I found you laying on the ground...clothes torn in every area. Do you understand why I brought you back here, kitten? After all, you like to hunt like a cat, so you'll be taken in like one." Her hand rose up from his chin, and now fingers stroked through Sonic's lengthy black bangs.

"Is that all?" Sonic replied, not in the slightest bit amused.

Of course, the bossy ice queen would usually just call forth the high blizzard and rain to send this cocky shinobi to some other country, but when his tongue began to circle her toe, Fubuki merely pulled a cunning smirk. Her hand sent a light pat to his head, minding the black topknot in the process. Those long black locks felt silky, smooth, like he washed his hair on a daily basis with conditioner.

"That's a good boy. Keep licking like a splendid little kitten."

A whole toe entered his warm mouth, all while grey hues stared up at Fubuki in the process, Sonic proceeded to suckle on her toe. Both of his hands stayed flat on the floor, not bothering to grace her soles or touch her ankles. The flesh underneath his skin-tight black suit started to sweat, particularly behind those metal guards that decorated his slender figure. His eyelids closed, trying his best to avoid eye contact now.

"Hm? Looks like my kitten is keen on being teased," cackled Fubuki, while she released her hand from his hair, seconds before she leaned back into the armchair. Green orbs enjoyed the show.

A faint pinkish blush dusted his cheekbones. He grunted sharply, albeit the licking refused to stop.

"You want me to lick...these things? I'll lick them better than anything you've ever felt before," stated Sonic in between the suckles. 

Truth be told, Sonic still had that competitive nature in him but in a slightly different way. His tongue slid out along the tops of her toes, beginning to work his pink tongue on each one. He licked from her big toe across to her pinky, all while she got to sit back and watch him. However, the only missing thing was, Sonic didn't bother to compliment her like she wanted. Not yet anyway.

A low, drawn-out grumble could be heard in Fubuki's throat. While her toes were being teased by Sonic's nimble tongue, Fubuki didn't hear any of the compliments she was currently fishing for. 

"What do you say to your queen, shinobi?" Fubuki questioned, pouting her lips. "Your queen wishes to hear words as well." 

Foot still in Sonic's face, Fubuki delicately wriggled her toes during the time he melded his tongue into the gaps and over those pedicure-painted toenails. Wedging her forefoot into his mouth, Fubuki made her toes open his mouth some more. A curious idea entered her mind while she watched.

"I think you'd look better in a frilly maid outfit, don't you agree?" 

He was working his tongue between the gaps of her toes with thin trails of saliva being left behind. Sonic didn't notice her pouting until she asked to hear words. Sonic had never praised anyone before so this would prove to be difficult for him. Grey hues glanced down at the painted toenails, shortly after he parted his mouth from her forefoot.

"You have very lovely feet. Your toes are well kept and the taste is sweet on my tongue..." Sonic complimented.

That was the best he could manage for now while his hand idly felt her foot in the process. He pushed more of her foot into his mouth, the forefoot and beyond that point. Truthfully, Sonic wanted to protest the maid outfit, but her foot prevented him from doing so. He stayed silent about that suggestion for now.

"Lily!" Fubuki called out to the girl who appeared to be in the other room, and she clapped her hands twice after she called the girl's name. 

"Miss Fubuki!" Lily entered the lounge, having her hand in a salute position in front of her forehead. Violet hues darted their gaze from Fubuki to Sonic, and a mere pinkish blush dusted her pale skin in the act. "Miss Fubuki has a new subject...-" Lily mumbled to herself, swallowing a lump in her throat. "A-anything you desire, Miss Fubuki?" 

"A maid outfit is what I'd like, and I desire a certain shinobi to wear it," stated Fubuki, while her foot stayed trapped in that warm mouth, sinking beyond the forefoot. "Make him pretty for me. Do his hair, too." 

Green eyes glanced from Lily back to Sonic, as the esper wanted to see what his reaction could be...

She called in someone who witnessed this shameful display. Her foot in his mouth with his tongue wagging over her toes like a dog's tail. Embarrassed to be seen like this, Sonic knew it was now going to get worse. He couldn't pull her foot out of his mouth either, due to her pressing her foot into it. She had the control over that and now Sonic was going to be made to dress up for her amusement. A look of worry across his face.

Coming into the lounge with a full maid's dress hanging from a wooden coat hanger, Lily was out of breath when she came back down the flight of steps. Fubuki's house appeared to be a mansion, hence why her blizzard troops had to constantly walk around. Only Lily was present in the building at the moment, since it was her day off work. Lily enjoyed spending time with Fubuki, hence why she was here in the first place.

"Please," stated Fubuki, as she gestured a hand towards the sinful shinobi kneeling before her. As a way to help Lily, Fubuki pulled her foot out of Sonic's mouth, now witnessing a string of saliva hanging from lip to toe. 

A lolita dress; it appeared frilly at the base of the skirt, as well as on the short-sleeved shoulders. The chest appeared opened, possessing a v-neck collar that was originally ideal to show cleavage. The skirt was long, extending just below the knees. So, Lily went straight to work! She squeezed her eyes shut when she stripped off the shinobi's skin-tight suit, and even squealed at times she accidentally touched his skin. She was quick, soon slipping the maid's dress over his head, seconds before the bust and skirt of the dress covered his body.

"Um...his body is scarred...like everywhere?" Lily mentioned, while a droplet of sweat appeared over her forehead. "Gross-"

"Don't belittle the scars of battle. I trained myself to the bone on days and this was the end result," grunted Sonic.

It was true, Sonic had scars all over his body but his skin was still smooth like a dolphin's skin. Not a single hair anywhere on him and his figure looked closer to a woman's than to a man's. He just looked feminine. As a result, the dress fitted him perfectly. Sonic was so cute that anyone would mistake him for a girl. 

"T-this frilly looking thing isn't good for speed. How am I supposed to move around in this?" Sonic grumbled, furrowing his black eyebrows. 

"You won't be running anywhere when you're here," stated Fubuki. She watched the commotion take place, and during that time, she shook her head. "You don't need to worry about a thing. We'll keep your suit safe."

And when Fubuki made promises, she kept those promises. 

"You don't want me to run? There is no way I can do that. My speed is everything to me," grumbled Sonic, making out he wouldn't ever be leaving this place.

Standing behind Sonic, Lily removed the hairband from his hair, causing long black tresses to fall down his back. Sonic's hair felt silky, smooth, and funnily enough Lily liked touching it. Her hands collected locks of black hair, soon tying these locks into a ponytail. She used one of her hairbands in his hair, too, which had a lily flower decorated atop the band itself. It was true, he looked so girly, and Sonic had the body for women's clothes. 

"Well, I'm done here!" Lily stated. "He looks...better now...heh..."

"There. I've done what you asked so far. You said this would help me beat Saitama. What else do I have to do?" Sonic argued, pouting his lips. "Saitama can't see me like this." 

"You just have to keep on worshipping my feet like a good boy, don't you? The power is within them!" Fubuki fibbed, as she slipped her toes passed Sonic's lips another time. "I'll tell you when you have to stop...and then I'll let you run away back to your silly little Saitama plans," she mocked. 

Still sitting back in her armchair, her forefoot was lazily wedged in between those pretty lips of the shinobi's. She chuckled sharply, as she pulled her foot out, now beginning to caress his lips with her toes. 

"You should learn to shut up, otherwise Saitama just might see you like this. You don't want him to see you in that frilly maid outfit, do you?" Fubuki quipped, practically insulting the shinobi at this point. 

"S-Saitama..." Sonic gasped behind those toes pressing against his lips. "S-Saitama...see me like this?"

But maybe he'd like that, which probably explained the erection showing up between his legs, very faintly rising in the skirt of his dress, barely able to be seen.

Jaw dropped, Sonic couldn't believe that he was going through this again. He was sitting on his knees with her foot rubbing against his lips. Her toes teased his lips wih a few wiggles, which only forced his tongue to slide back out to lick them again. Everything in his mind was telling him that this was all a lie, but he couldn't stop himself. The way she talked down to him and the way her toes felt against his lips - it was all teasing his inner kinks. Lily was just standing there watching the whole foot worshipping display take place.

"No. I wouldn't want my rival to see this. I'll take my time getting stronger like this so I can beat him," he gulped. 

He opened his mouth again and took four of her toes inside, excluding the big toe.

"That's just what I thought," answered Fubuki, smile gracing her lips.


"I knew that would be your answer, shinobi," stated Fubuki. "Then, if you don't wish for such an outcome to happen...you will have to keep me happy. But do not frown, I will send you back into the wild when you've satisfied me enough."

Of course, Fubuki was as strict as they come; she wasn't a woman to take lightly. The foot that still caressed Sonic's lips, Fubuki smiled, as this foot then trailed down to Sonic's jaw. Fubuki wanted to hear him talk some more, whether it was his evil plans for Saitama and whatnot. Green hues admired the job that Lily composed, and particularly that pretty lily flower in his hair.

"What is it you desire most? Please be gracious with your answer," she put.

Really, he didn't know what his desires were when she asked such a question. Sonic only wanted to beat Saitama as of late so there was nothing else on his mind. The foot was simply rubbing against his chin while he sat there on his knees in this new outfit. Sonic ran answers through his head before he blurted out the first good idea he had in mind.

"What I want? I want to continue training here. Yes. That's just it. I will keep this up until I know i'm strong enough to beat Saitama. You don't have a problem with that do you?"

"No problem at all," she remarked.

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