Just You & Me (Tatsumaki x Fubuki)

BY : TristyandShane
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Walking into Tatsumaki's bedroom, Fubuki's eyes widened when she caught sight of Tatsumaki floating in the air, and while the floating never bothered her, the oversized bodypillow did. Her big sister was cuddling a pillow that was twice her size; she was three-foot tall and cuddling a six-foot tall pillow. But really, the pillow wasn't a problem, it was the image on Tatsumaki's pillow that caused Fubuki to gulp.

"Big sis-" Fubuki hesitated, blinking.

"What are you doing in here, Fubuki?" Tatsumaki groaned, as bright green eyes glanced off to the side, very idly looking at the taller woman in the doorway. "Had a nightmare or something? You can stay in my room, just so long as you don't call me the little sister or something stupid."

"That's a nice...pillow..." Fubuki remarked, donning a look of confusion on her face. "Isn't it that casual hero, Saitama?"

"Mhm," she intoned.

"I'm beginning to wonder if you can sleep while you float."

"It is a pillow of B-Class Baldy, but that's just so I can crush him to death while I sleep. I mean...uhm...hug him. But don't worry, Fubuki, I can hug you instead."

"I'd love a hug from you, big sis. I'm in no way jealous of your bodypillow, but rather, I am amused."

"Well, no need to be worried about my pillow when we can cuddle instead," she shrugged, still implying that Fubuki was either jealous or worried.

Lowering herself in the air, Tatsumaki sat on the edge of her bed and used a hand to pat the large space beside her. It was during the night hours, past midnight, but that never bothered Tatsumaki right now. It was late, but any time in the day was good to spend with her sister. Short green locks bounced gently when she looked up, up at her sister's face. Fubuki appeared to be wearing a simple tank top with a pair of pyjama shorts. Tatsumaki was wearing something similar, albeit the top half was a plain t-shirt instead. 

"I was hoping you'd say something like that, big sis," she chuckled. Taking a seat next to Tatsumaki on the bed, Fubuki swathed a single arm around her sister's torso, pulling her into an embrace. "Just you and me."

Embracing her sister tightly, Tatsumaki coiled her slender legs around her sister's own while she pushed her sister's face into her small chest, giving Fubuki the softest pillows to lay her head on. "Now are you all comfortable, sis?"

"I am, big sis," cooed Fubuki. 

Arms wrapped tightly around Tatsumaki's slender torso, as Fubuki nuzzled her head into her big sister's lithe chest. One hand moved down, grabbing the blanket as Fubuki then draped this blanket around herself and Tatsumaki. 

"Like this...we're a burrito now," scoffed Fubuki.

"We are indeed a burrito. A sexy burrito in fact. Now, Fubuki, why don't we kiss each other as well to see how my new cherry lipstick tastes?"

"Your...new cherry lipstick? Um..." Fubuki hesitated, swallowing a lump in her throat. Moving her head inward, Fubuki planted a kiss directly onto Tatsumaki's lips. When she pulled away, she licked her bottom lip, thus tasing that cherry flavour. "It's...nice. What brand?"

As the kiss broke, Tatsumaki licked her lips as well. Hands rose, as small palms rested on Fubuki's warm chest, right above her breasts. "Brand? None! I made it myself with magic, of course."

"You...make your own lipstick?" Fubuki moved closer, pressing her sizeable chest against Tatsumaki's lithe torso, thus sandwiching the older esper's hands. Fubuki bent her knees under the blanket. "What other flavours do you own?"

"I have peppermint; chocolate; strawberry - you name it, I have it." Tatsumaki replied, making herself out to be super talented and successful. "Why do you ask?"

"Hmm...maybe you could lend your little sister a lipstick? Peppermint sounds nice for a girl like me!" Fubuki hinted. "Is that okay with you, big sis?"

"Or hear me out, Fubuki. You can keep kissing my lips every day to get a taste of me on your lips, and that's all you'll need. Unless your scared to, sis."

"Kiss...you every day instead? Don't you think lipstick suits me, big sis?"

"Why would it, Fubuki? You're too young to wear make-up," put Tatsumaki, acting like Fubuki's mother like per usual. "You're still my little sister, not a big girl yet." 

"Oh? I see..."

"But don't worry, Fubuki; you'll be where I am one day." 

"That's a surprise coming from you, since usually...you'd prefer it if I stopped following you all together," mentioned Fubuki, remembering old times, and especially the day when that crazy Super S villain tried to whip Fubuki to death. "Perhaps you've changed your opinion about me? Did I do something...to impress you, big sister?"

But Tatsumaki pulled a simple shrug, and soon, she changed the subject.

"You'd look good with lipstick on your cheek if it came off from my lips, Fubuki. But that's just my opinion. If that's not what you want, though, I will go back to hugging my pillow and you can leave me in peace."

"Oh?" Fubuki lifted a hand, and booped Tatsumaki's nose with her index finger. She tilted her head, shrugging her shoulders in the process. Chin-length black locks swayed in the motion. "Hm, I suppose that'd be nice. You can kiss my cheek if you'd like, big sis."

Of course, because Fubuki didn't want Tatsumaki hugging that damn pillow.

"Exactly, as you should. You should stay with me and let me give you a night of ectasy," she stated, wagging an index finger in Fubuki's face like she was the most sensible person between the two. A pinkish blush dusted Tatsumaki's cheeks in the process. "No bald scum can ever get between us."

Fubuki ran a thumb across Tatsumaki's cheek, feeling the hot flush in her face. "I'd like that, big sis."

Moving inward, Tatsumaki planted a kiss directly onto Fubuki's cheek, painting a cherry-pink lipstick mark over ashen skin. When Tatsumaki moved her face away just enough to get an eyeful of Fubuki, her lips pulled a wide smirk. A waxy, creamy substance was now printed on Fubuki's face, despite temporarily. 

"You look so pretty, Fubuki, especially now."

"Hm? I don't feel any different."

More like Fubuki was practically claimed by Tatsumaki now.

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