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Disclaimer: No money is made from this work, it is simply written for pleasure. This story contains strong themes of incest, do not read if you do not like.

    *No Money is made from this work, it is simply written for pleasure*           

                Dante Strauss was currently walking though the crowded streets of Magnolia. He smiled to himself as he made his way back to the Fairy Tail guild hall. It seemed like forever since he was back home. The job he just finished was another long one with it being a S rank job, but he was able to complete it with little trouble. Being one of the prominent S rank wizards of Fairy Tail, some of the towns people recognized Dante and waved to him as he walked by. It certainly was nice to be home Dante thought as he accepted the random greetings.

                Dante Strauss is one of the most powerful wizards in the fairy tail guild. Being an S rank wizard meant that not many in the guild could match him in power. The only guild members in Fairy Tail that could match him in power was Laxus, Erza and of course his little sister Mira. Gildarts was the only guild member that could outclassed him, well Gildarts and Master Makarov but Dante didn’t think it was fair to count Makarov. With his rank and power, Dante usually finds himself taking various S rank jobs which means he doesn’t spend that much time in Magnolia.

                Dante had a couple of reasons for always taking so many jobs that takes him away from his home most of the time. The first reason was fairly obvious, that being the money. S rank jobs are the hardest jobs around, but they also pay the most. Having a lot of money never hurt anyone. The second reason was that Dante needed to stay busy most of the time or the guilt of failing to protect his late sister Lisanna all those years back.

                Dante was the eldest Strauss sibling, being older than Mira by a year. It was his job to protect his younger siblings and he failed. Even with all of his talents and magical power he was unable to save his little sister. The other guild members were supportive when Lisanna died, Makarov even had a heart to heart with Dante making sure he knew that he was not to blame. While everyone meant well, Dante knew that they were lying to save his feelings. If he was only more powerful, then his sister would still be alive. It was his fault, he knew that, but Dante vowed that never again would he let something like that happen again.

                Dante also had a third reason for being away from home most of the time that started being a reason a couple of years ago. The third reason was that he felt he needed to stay away from his little sister Mira. He needed to stay away from Mira because of the temptation. Over the years Mira had become Fairy Tail’s sexiest babe, with her being a favorite model for Sorcerer Weekly. As Mira’s beauty grew, Dante found himself becoming more and more attracted to his little sister.

                Dante had always secretly had an incest fetish. Whenever he had watched porn late at night, he was always drawn to the numerous incest videos available. At first, he thought he merely liked the taboo of it but that started to change as Mira became more beautiful. Now most nights Dante dreams of fucking his own little sister. Whenever he sees his little sister, he can’t help but get aroused as images of her naked body flash through his mind. Dante knew this was wrong and he felt like a terrible older brother for having these feelings but no matter how hard he tried he could not get Mira out of his head.

                Still despite all of these reasons keeping Dante away, he was glad to be home. He missed his guild and fellow guildmates in addition to his actual family. Dante may desire his little sister sexually and tried to avoid her, but he still loved her and Elfman more than anything. After a short while Dante found himself just outside the guildhall. As usual he could hear the loud chatter of the guildhall even from outside it’s doors. Fairy Tail might be loud and crazy but Dante would have it no other way. Dante opened the doors to the guildhall and was soon greeted to the cheers of many of his guildmates, celebrating his return. He returned many of these greetings as he made his way over to Master Makarov who was sitting at his usual place at the bar.

                “Welcome home my boy. I assume the job went well” asked Makarov cheerfully as he took a swig of his drink. Dante smiled as he took a seat. He looked around for Mira, but it seemed she was in the back, probably cooking an order.

                “Of course it went well. I’m hurt you had to ask Master” responded Dante. Makarov laughed in response before he spoke.

                “It’s not that I don’t trust your strength my boy. It’s just all these other hooligans cause so much mayhem that half the time the council makes me fill out all sorts of paperwork to clean up the mess” responded Makarov.

                “Sure that may be the case but despite your complaining about the issue I know you enjoy it” responded Dante. Dante and Markov continued to make small talk for another few minutes before they were interrupted by Mira who had just walked up to them.

                “Dante welcome home! Did you just get back” asked Mira in her usual cheerful tone. Dante took a moment to gather himself before he responded. His cock twitched a little as he gazed at his little sister and imagined her being bent over the bar, screaming his name while he fucked her.

                “Yah I just got back a little while ago. Truth be told though I am beat from the job, but I figured I should pop in to say hello before I head back home to rest” responded Dante.

                “Well that was nice of you to stop by. We all miss you when you are gone for so long” stated Mira.

                “Yah sorry about that. I just like the money these jobs bring in” responded Dante. Both Mira and Markov nodded at these words but they both knew of his guilt for failing to save Lisanna was also a factor. If only Mira knew Dante thought about his other reason for staying away. The three of them continued their conversation until they were interrupted.

                “Hey Mira whose this” asked a stacked blonde women that Dante didn’t recognize. She must be a new member Dante thought.

                “Oh hey Lucy, this is Dante my older brother” responded Mira. The women Dante now knew as Lucy looked at him in surprise before she responded.

                “What?! I didn’t know you had an older brother; I thought your only brother was Elfman” stated Lucy in shock. Dante chuckled before he responded for Mira.

                “Well I’m not shocked you didn’t know that. I don’t recognize you Lucy so you must be a new member” stated Dante.

                “Yes, that’s right, I joined a couple weeks ago” responded Lucy. She blushed a bit as she got a good look at Dante. With his short spiky white hair and well angled face, he looked quite handsome to Lucy.

                “It’s nice to meet you, Lucy. I’m one of the guild’s S rank wizards so the jobs I take usually take me away from here for a while, so it makes sense you didn’t know about me until now. That and the fact that Mira’s fame easily overshadows my own due to her modeling career” responded Dante.

                “Oh that makes sense” responded Lucy.

                “That’s not true Dante. Your plenty famous also, I don’t think I overshadow you” stated Mira.

                “That’s kind of you to say sis but as powerful as I might be the fans will always like the pretty girl more” stated Dante.

                “Haha I guess that part is true” responded Mira.

                “So Dante if you are an S-rank wizard and related to Elfman and Mira do you also practice take over magic” asked Lucy.

                “Yup that’s right. Take over magic is the specialty of the Strauss family” responded Dante. The four of them continued their conversation for a few more minutes before Dante excused himself. After he made a quick statement about needing rest, he departed the guild hall. A short walk later and Dante was at the home he shared with his siblings.

                Dante may have been tired from his job but a need to rest was not the only reason he left the guildhall so soon. He was horny from seeing his little sister and could not get the images of fucking her out of his head. Dante needed to release this pent up stress and he knew the perfect way to do so. Being the only one home, Dante entered his sister’s room and went straight to Mira’s dresser. Opening her underwear drawer, Dante pulled out a pair of Mira’s lacey white panties.

                Dante then dropped his bag he had been carrying on the floor of the bedroom. He reached into the bag and took out his favorite magazine, Sorcerer Weekly. With how often Mira modeled for Sorcerer weekly, the magazine had quickly become Dante’s favorite masturbation material. This was one of his favorite issues and he took it with him on every job. It was the July issue, and Mira had modeled in a tight green bikini. She was shown in serval different poses. One pose was of her bent over slightly while pushing her breast together, that was his favorite. Laying down on Mira’s bed with the page turned to the image of his barely clothed little sister, Dante quickly removed his clothing.

                His ten inch cock was already rock hard from the image. Taking a quick sniff of his sister’s panties, he imagined Mira wearing them. Dante then wrapped the panties around his cock and started to jerk off while starting at the image of his little sister posing for the camera. Jolts of pleasure coursed through his body. The feeling of Mira’s soft panties wrapped around his cock coupled with the image of Mira in a bikini was driving him crazy.

                He imaged Mira naked bouncing widely on his cock. God, he whished this fantasy was true. Dante was no virgin, but he imagined his little sister’s pussy would have no equal. She would be so tight and warm; Dante cursed the world that made such a sexy women his sister. He sped up his jerking, whishing that the panties wrapped around his cock was Mira’s pussy.

                Dante was so caught up in his fantasy that he did not hear the front door open. Shortly after Dante left the guild, Markov thought it would be nice if Mira had a chance to catch up with her brother, so he gave her the rest of the day off. Mira entered the home excited to spend time with her older brother who was always away. She figured she would look for him around the house after she changed into a new set of clothes since she was working all day.

As Mira walking to the door of her bedroom, she paused noticing that if was left ajar. That was strange she thought, Mira almost always closes the door to her bedroom. She was about to open the door when she heard a loud moan from the other side of the door. Still not understanding what was happening, Mira was curious and peeked through the small opening into her room. What Mira saw in her room caused her to bring her hand to her mouth and let out a surprised gasp.

                Her older brother was in her room naked and jerking off on her bed. Mira didn’t know what to do in this situation, so she looked closer to try and make sense at what she was seeing. Looking closer she saw her panties that Dante was using to masturbate. Mira at first thought this meant Dante was attracted to her but then reasoned that he just wanted a soft pair of panties to jerk off to and her’s was the only option. The words she soon heard her brother moan shattered that reasoning.

                “Fuck Mira your so God Damn hot. I want to fuck you so fucking bad” moaned Dante who still hadn’t noticed the face of his shocked sister who was staring wide eye at him through the crack in the door.

                Mira’s heart was pounding in her chest and her face felt like it was on fire when she heard her older brother’s moans. She could not believe it, her own older brother said he wanted to fuck her. This is so wrong Mira thought, something must be done. As Mira was thinking how wrong this was, she was shocked at what she was feeling. If this was wrong, then why was Mira finding it difficult to feel disgust or revulsion? Why was her pussy dripping wet?

                “This doesn’t make any sense. Why I’m I turned on” asked Mira to herself in a low enough tone that she was not discovered.

                Mira thought that she has to get out of here, but she found she could not move from her spot. Her legs were locked in place as she continued to stare at her older brother masturbating with her panties while thinking of her. Her body moved on it’s own and before she realized it Mira had one had massaging her breast while the other was under her panties rubbing her soaked pussy. When Mira realized she was getting herself off to the image of her older brother jerking off she tried to stop but the pleasure shooting through her body was too much to resist.

                “What’s wrong with me Why is this so hot” asked Mira as she continued to play with herself.

                Mira found that her gaze was lasered focused on her big brother’s cock. It was fucking huge she thought, the biggest she had ever seen. Her pussy throbbed as she inserted a finger. Mira held back a moan as she started to quickly finger herself. Mira was shocked when she started to imagine that her finger was her brother’s cock. While she knew that thinking such things was wrong she could not stop, it just felt so good.

                Dante still in his own world was quickly stroking his cock. His eyes were closed at this point, images of his sister beneath him as he ploughed her pussy raced through his mind. He was close, it would not be long until he ruined another pair of Mira’s panties. Thank God he thought that Mira never seemed to notice some of her panties going missing from time to time.

                “Fuck Mira! I’m cumming” moaned Dante as he started to cum inside his sister in his fantasy while in reality he erupted straight into Mira’s panties.

                Seeing her older brother cum into her panties and hearing him call her name while he did so sent Mira over the edge also. Mira saw stars as she fell to her knees, experiencing the strongest orgasm of her life. Luckily her moans were masked by her brother’s moans or else she might have been found. As her body was wrecked with pleasure, Mira was in disbelief this was happening. She had come home to find her older brother jerking off while thinking of her and instead of being disgusted she was on the floor writhing in pleasure.

                While Mira was still lost to her intense orgasm, Dante had calmed down from his own. Unfortunately one orgasm was not enough, his cock was still rock hard, and he was horny. At times like these Dante cursed his stamina, it always took multiple orgasms before he was close to satisfied. He set Mira’s now cum soaked panties to the side as he started to jerk his cock again while thinking of his sister.

                Soon after Dante started to jerk his cock once again, Mira recovered from her own. While still collapsed on the floor she looked into the room and was shocked that her brother was still going. From the looks of it he had cummed a lot into her panties, they looked soaked and yet he still had more energy. Mira’s pussy throbbed with this information. If Dante had this much stamina, what could he do to her body if he had the opportunity?

                Mira stared lustfully at her big brother’s cock while her mind was racing. The reasonable part of her mind was telling her that what she was feeling was wrong and she has to get out of here before she crosses a line. That part was however being quickly overpowered by the throbbing in her pussy. So what she thought if that was wrong if incest was wrong? Mira had never been so turned on in her life and her better judgement was leaving her. Deciding to act now before she thought better, Mira stood up and threw open the door to her bedroom. Dante quickly noticed Mira now and he tried to cover himself up as he tried to explain.

                “Mira! This isn’t what it looks like I swear” yelled Dante in panic. He had been caught. Mira now knew his great shame, she must hate him. He was so distressed he didn’t notice Mira giggle as she walked up to him.

                “Really? It’s not what it looks like, because from here it looks like you ruined my favorite pair of panties” responded Mira in a teasing tone.

                “Yah I know and I’m sorry it’s just” Dante started to say still not picking up the fact that Mira did not appear upset at all. Dante was cut off when Mira placed a finger over his lips in order to quite him.

                “Shhh, it’s okay” responded Mira who was now sitting on her bed next to her older brother while he was naked and his cock was still rock hard.

                “I-it is” asked Dante. He was very confused at the moment; his brain was a mess trying to understand.

                “Yes, I understand. My big brother was horny and needed to jerk off. It looks like you could use some help” stated Mira. Her heart was beating out of her chest, her pussy was dripping wet. She smiled as she noticed Dante’s cock twitch at the implications of her words.

                “W-what? Mira you don’t mean” asked Dante in disbelief. Surely, he misheard her. There’s no way Mira meant what he thinks she meant. In response Mira stood off the bed and kneeled down in front of her big brother. Her mouth watered as she had a close up view of his ten inch cock.

                “I heard you call my name while you were jerking off. Would you like it if your little sister sucked your throbbing hard cock” asked Mira in a lustful tone. Again Dante’s cock twitched at his sister’s words. Mira reached out and wrapped her hand around her big brother’s cock. Dante moaned loudly as he felt his sister’s hand begin to jerk off his cock.

                “Oh my God Mira! This must be a dream” moaned Dante not believing this was real. Dante was starting into her sister’s eyes as she looked straight at him while she continued to jerk him off.

                “Hehe it’s not a dream, this is really happening. Do you want this to happen” asked Mira sweetly as she continued to jerk off her older brother. Her pussy was dripping with how hot she found this situation. The pair of panties she was wearing was soaked completely.

                “Y-yes! I’ve been dreaming about this for so long” stated Dante in elation.

                “Well then just sit back and let your little sister take care of you” responded Mira as she brought her head right next to the tip of Dante’s cock.

                Dante couldn’t believe his fortune as he looked at his goddess of a sister kneeled in front of him. Mira started to lick the tip of her brother’s cock; the taste was unreal she thought. She had sucked cock before but none of them tasted this good. Dante moaned loudly as Mira bathed in cock with his tongue. The entire time Mire was still stroking Dante’s cock as she enjoyed licking every inch.

                “Who knew my big brother had such a big cock” stated Mira in a teasing tone as she continued to pleasure her big brother.

                Fuck Mira! That feels so good” stated Dante. Mira’s lust increased with the praise.

                “That’s nothing. I haven’t even started yet” responded Mira.

                Dante only had a moment to process Mira’s words before he lost the ability to think. Mira opened her mouth wide and started to take his cock inside her mouth. He moaned as he felt his little sister’s mouth wrapped around his cock. This was already the best blowjob he had ever received, the pleasure he was feeling was unreal.

                Mira was having similar thoughts as she orgasmed the moment her brother’s cock entered her mouth. The taste of her big brother’s cock coupled with the taboo of the situation sent her over the edge. Despite having an orgasm, Mira started to bob her head up and down her big brother’s cock. Her moans of pleasure sent vibrations straight to his cock that were driving Dante crazy. She had always liked sucking cock but blowing her older brother was another level of pleasure.

                “Oh my God Mira! Your mouth feels so good” stated Dante. He looked down again and the sight nearly caused him to cum. His little sister who he had been lusting after all these years was sucking his cock and by the looks of it, she was doing so gladly.

                While Mira continued to move her head along the length of her older brother’s cock, she reached down with one had and started to finger herself. Dante throbbed in her mouth at the sight of Mira begging to finger herself while she blew him. The only sounds that was heard in the bedroom was Mira’s slurping as she continued to suck her brothers cock. Both brother and sister added their moans of pleasure to the sounds of Mira’s slurping. After a while of Mire blowing her older brother, she released his cock from her mouth with a loud wet pop.

                “Why did you stop” asked Dante in a pleading tone. He was desperate to feel his little sister’s mouth wrapped around his cock again.

                “I thought I should show you my real skills, are you ready” asked Mira.

                “What do you mean? OH MY GOD” yelled Dante.

                Mira didn’t give Dante any time to speak as after she finished speaking, she dove her head back onto his cock. She slammed his cock all the way down her throat. Dante was in heaven, in one swift motion his sexy little sister had deepthroated his entire ten inch cock. No other women he had been with was able to do what his sister was doing. Mira steadied herself before she started to move her head quickly and forcefully along her big brother’s cock.

                Mira’s slurping filled the air in increased volume as she skull fucked herself on her big brothers cock. Spit and drool were dripping down her face and chin, her face was an absolute mess. Despite this Mira loved every moment. She was chocking herself on her big brother’s cock and could not stop her quick pace if she wanted to.

                Dante could barely think straight with the pleasure his sister was giving him. Finally after all of these years of thinking he would never fulfill his incestuous fantasies, it was happening. His little sister was deep throating him with all the speed and strength she could. He looked down and didn’t see his little sister, he saw a dirty whore. He smiled as he thought this, not just a dirty whore. His dirty whore, his sister was his and he would no longer deny himself his desires.

                Mira continued to skull fuck herself on her older brother’s cock. Her chocking sounds echoed loudly to the immense pleasure of both siblings. As Mira continued to deep throat her older brother, she thought that this was not going to be a one time thing. Their relationship was going to be changed forever and Mira welcomed being her brother’s fuck toy. With how eager Mira was fucking her skull on his cock it didn’t take long for Dante to reach his limit.

                “FUCK MIRA! I’m going to cum” stated Dante.

                Mira hearing this and feeling her older brother throb widely in her mouth moaned loudly before she slammed her head all the way onto his cock. With his cock all the way down his sister’s throat Dante started to cum. Rope after rope of his hot sticky cum was sent straight down Mira’s throat as he exploded inside his sister’s mouth. Mira’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she tasted her older brother’s cum. His cum tasted amazing and knowledge that it was her older brother’s cum she was tasting caused her to cum as well.

                Brother and sister both moaned loudly as Dante continued to dump his load straight into his sister’s mouth. Mira greedily swallowed everything her brother gave her, making sure to suck as hard as she could to milk as much cum possible from his cock. Mira was going to become addicted to her big brother’s cum and massive cock at this rate she thought. She hoped that Dante would be ready for more even after cumming so much down her throat. Mira needed her big brother’s cock deep in her pussy. She had zero thoughts about how she should not do such a thing. Screw what society thought, Mira was going to get fucked by her older brother.

                After the most powerful orgasm of his life, Dante finally was able to think straight again. Mira released his cock with a loud pop. She stood up and leaned over her brother on the bed, causing him to lay down. Mira opened her mouth to show her older brother that she had shallowed every drop of his cum. That knowledge was more than enough for Dante to become erect again, Mira smiled as she felt her older brother’s erect cock poke her.

                “I see you are still hard. Do you have any other ideas how we could take of that big brother” stated Mira in a lustful tone. She barely had time to register what happened as Dante immediately flipped her over, so he was now laying on top of her. The look he was giving her was driving Mira crazy, she needed his cock bad.

                “Oh I can think of a few things sis” responded Dante in an equally lustful and wanting tone as he looked down at his sexy sister. He was going to fuck her brains out.

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