Sailor Futa

BY : InfamousDX
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Author's Note: for this story i'm strictly using the names from the DiC dub of Sailor Moon since that's what I grew up watching and what i'm most familiar with, so apologies to any fans of the Viz dub(which frankly i'm not a big fan of as the voice-acting just does not do it for me)who prefer the original Japanese names.

It was a familiar sight in the Negaverse-Queen Beryl gazing into her crystal ball and trying to think of her next plan to drain enough people on earth of their energy in order to power the Negaverse, but those Sailor Scouts always had to get in her way and she'd already lost several of her soldiers with only Malachite remaining. As she gazed through images in her ball something caught her eye, several people engaging in what looked like nude wrestling? People in the negaverse had no concept of what sex was as they didn't procreate in the traditional way, even though romantic relationships were a thing, people were born through dark magic so there was no need for sexual activity of any kind. So this sort of thing was all new to Beryl, but regardless she took notice of how much exertion this activity put out and immediately got an idea for the next way she could gather energy from the humans.


Malachite listened to her plan, they would come out with an aphrodisiac disguised as juice that would make whoever consumed it incredibly horny and want to engage in sexual activity with the next person they saw, then the energy would slowly consume those engaged in sexual activity and once they orgasmed they would lose all of their energy and pass out into a sexual coma. It was the perfect way to get a lot of energy pretty quickly. The plan seemed simple enough, with any luck those pesky Sailor Scouts would consume the juice as well and be far too busy having sex to stop their plan, at least that's what Malachite was hoping for.



The plan seemingly went off without a hitch with adverts for the new drink being advertised everywhere, TV, radio, newspapers, bus stations you name it and the effects were already coming apparent with people consuming those drinks and screwing the first person they saw, sometimes they didn't even wait to get to a private place first, people were fucking in movie theaters, back alleys, restaurants, libraries etc, however there was one side-effect of the juice that the Negaverse hadn't intended-women who drank it were growing large dicks, they weren't sure how that happened but regardless their plan was still working, and the effects of the juice had no boundaries, kids were having sex with their parents, siblings were banging each others brains out, it was quite a sight to behold. Meanwhile at Crossroads Junior High Serena and her friends were unaware of what was going on until her teacher Miss Haruna was having a drink of the juice while talking with Molly after school, she offered Molly some and she accepted. Soon both women went through a transformation as they both grew huge cocks above their pussies which tore through their clothing, both ladies got intense looks of lust towards one another and before they knew it they were both engaged in a torrid sexual affair.


Haruna made the first move, pouncing on her gorgeous student like a cat burglar and mashing her rock hard dick against that of Molly's. Molly swooned in her sexy Italian accent and bumped and grinded against her sexy teacher as she felt her own dick swell up with blood. Haruna grabbed some lotion from her desk and squirted it over her hands and rubbed both dicks making her and Molly hiss with pleasure, she grabbed the heads of both cocks with one rotating her wrist in a corkscrew motion that resulted in both of them feeling incredible pleasure, she then used her other free hand to insert her fingers up Molly's anus, Molly yelped at the unexpected intrusion but quickly grew to love it as Haruna found her prostate, Haruna then shoved a vibrator up her own ass and turned it to max and went back to finger-banging Molly's chute, it wasn't long before both of them had explosive orgasms with their angry-red cock-heads spewing cum upwards like Old Faithful all over one another's bodies and the vibrator shooting out of Haruna's asshole like a bullet and lodging itself firmly in the chalkboard behind her. After several minutes their orgasms subsided and both ladies licked cum off one another marveling at how delicious and fruity it tasted(another side effect of the drink no doubt), both women felt themselves getting tired as the energy drained itself from their bodies but their horniness was enough to keep them going, both women soon got into a 69 position with them licking one another's cocks like an ice-cream cone and fingering each others pussies and clits, both had their own technique, Molly's was sloppy and akward due to this being her first time giving a blowjob so she was trying to do it fast to make up for it, Haruna meanwhile was being very slow and sensual, torturing Molly as much as possibly by slowly dragging her tongue across her cock making the girl feeling like she was in both heaven and hell at the same time. Soon enough both spewed delicious cum down one another's throats and like the last orgasm this one went on for several minutes, the women felt even more drained then before as the Negaverse worked it's black magic but they were still up for one more around with both wanting to engage in some fucking. Haruna shoved her meaty cock up Molly's tight teenage virgin pussy(fortunately for her Molly had already lost her hymen due to getting a bit too enthusiastic masturbating with a fuzzy pen one day) while Molly shoved her own meatstick up Haruna's tight asshole with women fucking one another while twisted like a pretzel, Haruna reached out and grabbed two vibrators, putting one up Molly's asshole and the other up her own pussy with both cranked up to maximum. Both ladies marvelled at the intense pleasure they were feeling as their cocks both felt like they were being suffocated by one another and the vibrations were making them feel like they were going out of their mind with pleasure. Their pussies were drooling with their juices and their cocks were flowing with pre-cum, soon they could both hold back no longer and had their most epic orgasm yet, with this one being both a double-orgasm and a multi-orgasm all in one with both women filling each other holes with more cum then they thought was humanly possible in an orgasm they thought would never end, 5 minutes passed before their cum finally stopped flowing and both passed out into a coma as the negaverse finished draining them of their energy.


While the two were engaging in intense fucking Serena, Amy and Lita had all walked in on them, neither Molly nor Haruna seemed to notice, the girls all did a double-take and their jaws hit the floor when they saw what was happening. The two fucking was enough to process but both of them having dicks as well was just the cherry on top of the erotic cake. The girls were blushing like crazy, Serena had always secretly found Molly attractive but was much too shy to admit it in front of any of the other scouts(especially Raye who would no doubt tease her relentlessly about it)unbeknownst to her Amy and Lita were both thinking the same thing and their teacher wasn't bad looking either, but they couldn't worry about that now, somehow they knew the Negaverse was behind this and they had to get to the bottom of it.


Once the scouts informed Luna(Amy ended up doing it as Serena and Lita were much too embarrassed to talk about sex in front of the cat)she suggested they find the source of the juice and take it out. Amy used her computer and discovered that the juice was mostly being distributed from a building downtown that also doubled as a porn studio, Malachite had decided to speed things up by getting actors to do pornos to quickly drain more energy from people, it didn't take much for him to mind control the humans into doing his bidding. Getting in the building would be tricky as all the women there had big cocks and Malachite would sniff out any female who didn't have one, luckily Serena had her trust Disguise Pen to get her into the building.


"Disguise pen, turn me into hot and sexy futanari!" Serena proclaimed as the pen worked it's magic on her and she grew a huge 12-inch cock above her pussy, Serena marveled at how impressive it looked, the disguise also made her look older as she had porn-star quality boobs and a hot bubble-butt, her outfit was a sports bra that accentuated her breasts and a pair of tight black leather shorts that showed off her ass and her cock. She was let in the building no problem and showed to the porn studio, what she saw next though nearly made her faint, she saw her own mother sporting a massive dick and getting fucked in the ass by a sexy platinum blonde who called herself Crystal Pistol, her mom was shrieking with pleasure as Crystal shot a massive load up her ass causing her mom in turn to shoot a huge fountain of cum into the air for several minutes before passing out into a coma. Serena quickly recognized Malachite in the directors chair with the cameras(which weren't even turned on) and sprang into action going over to Crystal and shoving her cock up her pussy loving her tight and wet it was around her, Malachite had so many ladies in today they he didn't notice anything unusual about this. Serena couldn't believe she was using a cock to fuck another woman but it was necessary to maintain her cover and she found she liked it quite a bit, Crystal's pussy gripped her like a vice resulting in Serena dumping a massive load of cum inside her, but the weird part was despite orgasming for several minutes her cum just seemed to vanish into the ether once it went inside Crystal.


Crystal then got suspicious when no energy readings were coming from Serena, she then identified her as one of the scouts and transformed into a nude succubus with two huge red cocks, Malachite ordered her to subdue Serena by any means necessary and she obliged, jamming her red cocks up Serena's ass and pussy like a jackhammer and firing huge cumshots up her holes, Serena found herself loving this and felt her cock getting hard again and she had an explosive orgasm from her ass, vagina and cock all at the same time as her dick spewed cum like Mt St Helens firing everywhere. Fortunately the other scouts and Luna(who had seen this kind of thing before as sex orgies and ladies with dicks were frequent back on the Moon Kingdom, she herself had participated in several of them and had many fond memories of Moon and her mother Queen Serenity tag-teaming her ass and pussy with their massive cocks and shooting huge loads inside of her for what felt like ages and the two of them alternating giving her amazing blowjob until she could hold back no longer and erupted all over both women like a volcano, with mother and daughter then having a hot make-out session where they snowballed Luna's cum and then fucked one-another in a 69 position shooting countless loads of cum in one another while the other scouts watched and jerked off one another shooting cum all over the place until they all passed out together nude) burst in and attacked the demon just as she was trying to cram her cocks down Serena's throat to make her swallow her cum in order to hypnotize her, Mercury used her bubbles to fog up the place and Jupiter and Mars both hit the demon with their electric and fire attacks stunning her, then Venus used her love chains to ensnare the creature, but she then started firing cum out of both of her cocks while aiming it at the scouts, there was so much that the scouts ended up inadvertently swallowing some which put them under Crystal's mind-control. She then ordered them to attack Serena, they obeyed and suddenly grew huge cocks above their pussies and ripping through their uniforms, Serena quickly transformed into Sailor Moon and tried to dodge the scouts but they successfully pinned her down and started cramming their cocks into her every orifice, Mars pushed aside her uniform and jammed her cock up Moon's ass, making her scream like someone had just jabbed her with a red hot fire-poker, Jupiter followed suit, forcing her dick up Serena's tight-virgin pussy(which like Molly's had thankfully no hymen due to Serena getting a bit too enthusiastic with an exercise bike one time)meanwhile Venus and Mercury both crammed their cocks into Moon's mouth filling it up and making her gag.


Moon started struggling but surprisingly found herself getting incredibly turned on by all of this and soon stopped resisting, after all she had fantasized about this exact thing happening to her many times before(and sometimes she could swear she had memories of engaging in this kind of activity before) and part of was glad it was happening even though she was hoping to free her friends from the mind-control. Moon did her best to accommodate the cocks invading her throat with the two scouts moaning with pleasure feeling their cocks rubbing up against one another in Moon's divine hot wet mouth while Mars and Jupiter roughly pounded her two holes like sledgehammers. Soon Mercury and Venus could hold back no longer with both crying out loudly and spewing cum down Moon's throat like there was no tomorrow, she was just barely able to swallow it all as the two sexy ladies passed out from their orgasms. Mars and Jupiter then both hissed and grunted loudly as Moon's tight pussy and ass clenched their cocks tightly as she had another incredible double-orgasm from both holes shooting big wads of jizz from her cock everywhere, causing both cocks inside her to shot huge blasts of splooge in her like a busted fire hydrant, finally after several minutes both girls passed out from sheer exhaustion, Moon was tired and still standing with Crystal dumbfounded as to how she was still standing and not brain-washed yet. Moon thought fast and decided to try a new technique to disable Crystal, she pointed her wand at her magic dick and proclaimed "Moon Healing Semen Blast!" as golden cum sprayed from her dick like a firehose and splattered all over the transformed Crystal, who started to revert back to her normal human form as a result of the cum, after fully reverting back to human she passed out from exhaustion(though her cock was still intact, as her dick had actually been part of her and wasn't a side effect of the juice). Malachite vanished into thin in frustration, annoyed at the scouts having foiled yet another one of his plans and wondering how he was going to explain this failure to Queen Beryl.


Shortly afterwards the effects of the juice wore off and all the women lost their cocks and nobody who had drank the juice had any memory of anything that had happened(And fortunately their cocks did not produce any sperm so there were no unexpected and unwanted pregnancies to deal with)the other scouts woke up wondering what had happened and Moon told them. As all of the ladies went back to Serena's house, they admitted to kind of being bummed they didn't have cocks anymore(and with all of the juice destroyed after Crystal was de-transformed they couldn't use that to grow anymore) but Serena had a solution to their problems-the disguise pen, it could give all of them cocks whenever they wanted, Luna objected to the scouts using the pen for their own pleasure... at least until they extended an offer for her to join them, as the pen could temporarily turn her human again, Luna quickly got over her own morals and immediately joined the scouts in their sex orgy, all of the ladies were spouting massive cocks and looking at Luna like she was a piece of meat now that she had her old body back at least for tonight. Many cries and shrieks were heard all night long as every girl paired off with another fucking them in all three holes and shooting countless loads of cum off in every girl's orifice until they all passed out in a sweaty naked and cum-soaked heap on the bed. One thing was for sure, this was definitely not the last time they would be doing this.

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