The Armoured Hero: Paladin!

BY : Dragen
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Disclaimer: I don't own Boku no Academia or any of the associated characters, powers, items and such. They belong to Kōhei Horikoshi. I don't get any money in writing this.

Warning: Before you read this, you should know that for the first two chapters, there'll be no dialogue in the story. as they are world-building chapters. The prologue will explain the changes in the world and chapter one will have me telling you about Izuku's life in this new A.U world. Next, you should know that in this A.U world, women have quirks and men don't and women have more power whilst most men are treated like more or less second class. Needing to work harder than women to get better pay and jobs, and a lot of women believe that men are weaker than females, as women have quirks now. So, if you have a problem with this sort of story, please stop reading here.

I got the idea for this story from a story called, New World by RubyRubanRose656, which can be found on archiveofourown. 


(A New World.)

In a few Alternate Universes, in the year 2030, their worlds are changed forever when one child was born with the ability to glow. Now, over the years, children would be born with different abilities, these abilities would be known as quirks. For most Alternate Universes, both males and females are born with these quirks. But in this Alternate Universe, it is very different.


When the quirks appeared in the year 2030, instead of men and women gaining them, it was only females who gained them. In fact, over the years, the world saw the birth rates of females go up, within fifty years, women more or less outnumbered men. No one really knew where the quirks come from, or why there were more female births than males. Because of this, over the years,  the tables of how things were between men and women turned. 


Sure at first, things were rough, certain groups and people didn’t like that power was slowly going to the women. So they tried to stop this, in one form or another, but they soon realized that there was very little that they could do and was soon stopped. Now, whilst there was still the so-called equality between men and women, men were starting to feel what women felt for over a hundred and hundreds of years. Men got paid less and got overturned for promotion, whereas women had better pay and jobs instead of men. Just a few simples of how things got turned around over the years.


For once in the battle of the sexes, men had become the weaker of the two. And was feeling what it was like for women for so long. And it was all thanks to women gaining these supernatural powers, and there was very little that men could do about it other than to battle for their rights like women did for centuries. The main right they wanted was to be able to become heroes. As because they didn’t have these quirks, they were considered weak and powerless and would get in the way of the female heroes and so were denied this right.


So for over the next hundred and thirty years, this was the case.


It's not like there weren't any fights or wars over this, as there were. As far back as the world knew it, men had more power than women, in a lot of cases over women too. So, when the world began to change and more women were being born and a lot of them had quirks, it was no surprise that men would try to fight to regain their control and power. 


Unfortunately for men though, it didn't work out like before. Sure, they had guns and other weapons, but when you had people who could summon earth walls, women who could turn the weapon around on the men, just naming a few ways those with quirks could defend themselves. Don't think that all women were saved, because they weren't, as many women didn’t have quirks to fight against guns. The war for men to regain the power and control that they lost, ended up in a stalemate, with both sides losing too many lives. 


So, to prevent another war, it was decided that it huge man-made island would be created, where the men who hated the way things were could live and run the island as they like. They called the island, Otoko Island. On this island, they try and create better technology than anywhere else. One such technology that they were able to work on was artificial wombs, this technology was for them to have children and not rely on females to keep their family name going.


Sure, they have women on the island, those who had problems with how things were in the world and want a safe haven. But seeing how there were only a few women coming to the island, they needed ways to keep going, so they created the artificial wombs and get eggs from the women from the island or from egg donation from fertility clinics. 


As years passed, it was known that the people of Otoko Island have been trying to use gene splicing to try and give men the gene that made it so that women can use quirk, but as of yet, they failed to do so. But they haven’t stopped trying, but they didn’t put much work into it. Instead, they had other plans, but of yet, no one knew what it was.


Now, whilst heroes become a thing, some men tried to do so too, using technology to do so. But governments didn’t see them as heroes, instead, they saw them as vigilantes and any that were caught had to pay huge fines or go to jail. Although, as long as they didn’t create too much damage or get in the way of real heroes, most heroes would live the men alone.


So, this was the case, men could only become a vigilante, fearing that if they pissed off the heroes, they would get fined or go to jail. That was until the year 2160 when finally the law changed so that men were allowed to have the chance to become heroes in their own right, instead of vigilantes. 


But they found it harder than expected, they had to train harder than normal to get stronger to fight some of the stronger Quirk Users, but even then, they weren’t able to defeat them. And the children that wanted to go to Hero Schools, if they were able to get into one, they soon left as the schooling was too hard for them, it was something they couldn’t handle and so decided to leave the Hero Class and do either Hero Support where they built items for heroes and so had a hand in helping the world, or they went to another course altogether. 


That was if they didn’t get expelled for trying to take a sneak peek at the women getting changed, or trying to feel them up and the like. It was rare, but there were a few men who only wanted to be a hero so they could be near the women for sexual reasons.


With the fact that no man had yet been able to become a hero, they had more or less given up hope that a male would ever become one. But they kept the law there saying a male could become a hero, just in case a male did decide to become a hero and was somehow able to become one. 


That was until Izuku Midoriya was born in the year 2170, little did anyone know, but that he would one day get into a Hero School and didn’t decide to quit within the first few months like the rest of the males did in the past.


To be Continued!!

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