The College Experience

BY : Mattie-V
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Digimon franchise, nor any of the properties that are a part of it, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This piece was written to go with my pic Takari Afternoon Anal, which you can find over on my Twitter account (with free variants on Gumroad!) This is the first time I’ve posted any written smut—actually the first time I’ve posted any fanfic at all. So absolutely any feedback, be it complimentary or critical, is super appreciated.

“Takeru, you’re the guest, I should be paying for your meal!”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve been saving up for this visit. And I haven’t seen you in over a month, let me treat you.”

Eiko couldn’t help but chuckle at the “argument” her roommate Hikari was having with her boyfriend. The two were adorable really. She’d gotten to know Hikari pretty well since they’d started university, but she’d never seen the girl as excited as she’d been this past week, counting down the days until her boyfriend’s visit. Then as soon as he’d arrived off the train they’d run up and thrown their arms around each other like a scene out of a movie.

She could understand the excitement, though. Takeru had been doting on Hikari the entire day. Holding doors, carrying her things, meeting all her new friends, scarcely letting go of her hand for a minute, and now paying for dinner. It was nice to know chivalry wasn’t dead. Eiko had dated a couple of guys in high school, but none of them were this… gentlemanly. Honestly, it was so cute it was almost sickening.

Not that Eiko was jealous or anything.

As the group left the restaurant, Hikari pulled Eiko aside.

“I really hate to be any trouble,” the girl said, “but just for tonight, do you think Takeru and I could, um…”

“You want to have the dorm to yourself,” finished Eiko.

Hikari looked down and smiled bashfully. Eiko grinned, the girl really was too innocent for her own good.

“No problem, Hikari-chan. I’ll ask Biko if I can stay with her tonight.” She indicated another of their friends who had come to eat with them.

Though truth be told, a part of her was surprised the cutesy couple even had sex. Takeru seemed like a really great guy, without any of the rudeness, immaturity, or possessiveness of some guys she knew. She couldn’t really picture him as the sort of dominant, passionate lover that caused girls to smolder, though.

Their lovemaking was probably very sweet and gentle.

“Go ahead. Suck it.”

Hikari wasn’t sure why she was always so nervous to do this. Maybe it was how much he was focused on her. It was different once Takeru took control. He was never shy about taking what he wanted, she only had to hang on and enjoy his attentions. But down on her knees, it was all up to her to pleasure him. With him gazing down at her, she couldn’t help but be nervous about her performance.

A rosy blush on her cheeks, she opened her mouth and extended her tongue. Tentatively, she pressed her tongue against the base of the long stiff manhood before her and licked it all the way from shaft to head. She licked the head slowly a second time, letting it rest on her tongue for a moment as she looked up at her boyfriend to see if she was doing a good job.

Fortunately, Takeru never complained, and today was no exception.

“God that’s amazing, you’re so good Hikari.” he said. “And you look so pretty with my dick in your mouth.”

Hikari gave a whine of embarrassment in the back of her throat, the only sound she could make as she closed her lips around his shaft and began to move her head back and forward along its length, continuing to use her tongue as she did.

Takeru chuckled as he looked down on her with equal parts adoration and smug satisfaction.

“I mean it,” he said. “There’s no one on Earth as beautiful as you look when you’re sucking my dick.” He brushed a stray lock of hair away from her face and felt it silky-smooth between his fingers. Then he lowered his hand to rest against her cheek, cupping it softly even as it bulged from the length of him. “Hell, I can’t even believe it, but I think you’ve gotten even prettier and even better at this since the last time we did it!” Hikari instinctively nuzzled into his palm, but tried not to slow down or lose focus. Shy though she could be, she was determined to earn his praise.

She could never quite fit his entire length into her mouth; he was just a little too long and she had never learned to take him into her throat as she had heard some girls could. But she used her hand to pump the rest of him, and soon got the entirety of his length slick with spit and precum. Takeru groaned appreciatively.

“God, you give the best blowjobs,” he said.

It was no use pointing out to him that he had never had a blowjob from anyone else. She had tried that first time he’d had her do this for him, when he’d told her she was a natural at it. He had simply responded that “he could tell” and would hear no argument.

She continued bobbing up and down his length, pausing only for more licking. His unbreaking gaze had quickly become too embarrassing to hold, so she kept her eyes down on her work. Not that Takeru minded. She was very cute when she was focused on something, especially with her pretty eyelashes lowered like that. The unbearably sexy sight of his cute little girlfriend dutifully pleasuring him—not to mention the heat of her mouth, the feel of her soft, sexy lips, and that tongue!—were fast becoming too much for him. In a split second he made a decision.

“Hikari, wait,” he said. She stopped instantly and looked up, allowing his dick to leave her mouth. He smiled at her. “I think I’m getting close. I really want to come on your face, but… I also kind of want to see you to swallow it. Do you think you could stick out your tongue for me while I finish? That way you can swallow whatever you catch in your mouth.”

If her cheeks were rosy before, her face turned positively crimson now. He usually told her to swallow it, but this wouldn’t be the first time he had asked to finish on her face. These were the most embarrassing moments of Hikari’s entire life, but nonetheless, she always agreed whenever he asked. Both at once was new, however.

She looked down, again unable to meet his eyes, and nodded. She gave him one last languid lick from shaft to head, and he hissed in pleasure at the parting gift. Then she looked up at him and opened her mouth, tongue sticking out, that adorable uncertainty only becoming more apparent in this new pose. It was all Takeru could do not to face-fuck her at that look, but he stuck to the plan. He fisted his hand in her hair to hold her in place, his other fist on his cock. Then he pointed it toward her open mouth and pumped it furiously. He was finished in seconds.

He came buckets, of course. Those first nights at college had been agony with only Hikari’s voice to keep him company, and he had become very well re-acquainted with his old friend Lefty while he imagined what he’d do to her once he got his hands on her gain. But as torturous as it was abstaining from even that pleasure, he had made a point not to touch himself for the past several days, saving it all for her. And now that several days’ worth of backed-up cum streaked across Hikari’s face, and lips, and tongue. She closed her mouth before any could drip out, and with a gulp, she swallowed it all. Then she looked at him.

“Was that good?” she asked. She wiped off just a small spot that was about to drip off her chin with her finger, then placed her finger between her lips and sucked it off.

Takeru stared at the sight before him wide-eyed, mouth agape, momentarily speechless.

“I take back what I said before,” he declared, “you do look beautiful sucking dick, but that was the sexiest sight I’ve ever seen! Hikari, you look so, so sexy covered in my cum!” Suddenly he was grasping her cheeks and pulling her up to meet him in a forceful kiss.

At first, Hikari was too taken by surprise to react. He broke the kiss to pull away and get another look at her flushed and cum-streaked face. Then he kissed her again, even more forcefully, this time pushing his tongue into her mouth. But this time, as she felt his tongue share the taste of his leftover semen, she pulled away in shock.

“Takeru!” she protested. “My mouth is still full of your cum! It’s… it’s dirty!” Takeru arched an eyebrow at her. “…isn’t it?”

Takeru only smirked.

“So what?” he said, licking his lips devilishly. “It’s still Hikari-chan.”

And with that declaration he pounced on her again, once more gripping her cheeks, his tongue once more pushing its way into her mouth. This time she melted into him, as she always eventually did, and her knees buckled.

“You’ve been such a good girl,” he mumbled against her lips, before interrupting himself to give them a quick peck once, twice, thrice. “And you did such a good job. I’m gonna have to give you a reward.”

Weak-kneed as she was, he effortlessly swept her off her feet and tossed her onto the twin bed.

“Wait!” she said. “Can I wipe this off now? I don’t want to stain the blanket.” Her face was still covered in cum.

Takeru laughed. “Oh, all right, here.” He grabbed a handful of tissues from the box Hikari kept on her desk and held them out to her. “You’ve earned it.”

As Hikari wiped his semen off her face, Takeru grabbed the waist of her flared shorts and yanked them down in one swift tug. He pulled them off and tossed them carelessly over his shoulder, not even removing her shoes first in his haste. Hikari squeaked in surprise at his actions, then finished wiping herself to get a look at her boyfriend admiring her soft, puffy labia.

“So wet for me already,” he sang. And indeed, she was. He pushed his index finger inside to test just how wet, and Hikari gasped. Takeru grinned, stroking her insides a few times just to watch his woman writhe, then pulled his finger out again. It was covered in her juices. He stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked it clean, just as she had sucked his cum off her own finger moments earlier. “Mmm, I’ve missed that taste,” he hummed.

Hikari whimpered, half in longing, and half in nervousness at what form the “reward” he had mentioned would take.

“Don’t worry, Hikari-chan,” said Takeru, reaching over to his fallen backpack and zipping it open. “I’ll fill you back up soon enough.” He pulled out a condom and ripped the foil packaging open with his teeth, spitting out the strip that came off in his mouth. He was already back to full mast again, so he rolled the condom onto his shaft right away, then tossed away the rest of the packaging.

“Shouldn’t I take my clothes off?” asked Hikari.

“We can get naked later,” he brushed her comment aside. “I’ve waited long enough for this. Right now, I’ve just got to fuck you Hikari-chan. I’ve just got to.” This close to the goal he’d waited all month for, the playfulness was fast fading from his voice, and a dark hunger shone in his eyes. He hooked his arms around her legs so they rested in the crooks of his elbows and lined up his cock until it was just pressing against her entrance. “And you better be ready,” he said, his voice low and dangerous, “because after a month without your body, I’m gonna fuck you as hard and as deep as I can.”

Hikari whimpered.

He drove into her with one quick thrust, too impatient to ease into it. Hikari gave an involuntary gasp as she was suddenly filled with Takeru for the first time in weeks.

“Oh god!” Takeru groaned out, “I have missed this pussy!” He began to thrust into and out of her, hard and deep as he had promised. Hikari’s body shook with each thrust, and with each shake she heard herself squeal from somewhere in the back of her throat.

“That’s it, make some noise for me,” Takeru encouraged her. “Let me hear what I’m doing to you.”

Naturally, she couldn’t help but oblige. As Hikari watched his cock thrusting in and out of her, she felt her lips part without even thinking about it. What had been muffled squeals filled the air as cries of shock and pleasure. She never could say no to him.

“That’s my girl,” smirked Takeru.

His thrusting hadn’t slowed. His cock was so slick with Hikari’s wetness now that each thrust produced an audible squelching sound that Hikari found obscene, and Takeru found beautiful.

Goddamn, you’re so amazing.” Said Takeru. “Your pussy’s so snug around my cock. It’s like it was made for me, Hikari.”

Hikari didn’t know how he managed to talk during this; she could scarcely catch her breath. All she could do was to cry out even louder at his words, her faced flushed even darker at the possessiveness in his voice. And the sight of it lit a fire in Takeru’s belly. This wasn’t enough, he wanted more of her. More!

Takeru shifted his weight forward, onto the balls of his feet, and pushed Hikari’s legs up and forward to her chest. Her lower half was folded over her top in a mating press, her legs sticking straight up into the air. Then he dove into her body, driving his dick deeper still inside of her, until he was fully sheathed, all the way to the hilt. And when her lips inevitably parted again, he clamped down on them with his own, swallowing her screams and forcing his tongue into her mouth, taking everything he wanted from her. He wanted to leave his mark on her, leave an imprint of his love and his lust deep within the body he craved so much. One hand released her leg, only to snake its way up under her top. It squeezed her small breast, fingers sinking into soft flesh with a grip so hard it was sure to leave marks on the outside to match the one his dick was leaving inside.

Hikari wrapped her arms as tight as she could around Takeru’s neck, tried to hook her free leg around his back, but his thrusting never slowed and her leg kept sliding off. Not just her body, but the whole bed shook now. And every time Takeru’s length was completely sheathed within her, his full weight pressed right down onto her mound. The sheer force of her boyfriend’s attentions on so many different fronts was finally too much for Hikari.

“Takeru,” she was just barely able to gasp, managing to free her lips. “Takeru, I—I—”

“That’s it,” said Takeru. “Good girl, say my name. Say the name of the man who’s making you come.”

That did it. Helplessly, Hikari wailed out Takeru’s name as she came. A wave of pleasure crashed over her, the walls of her pussy spasming around his cock.

Takeru allowed himself only a second to admire his handiwork—her face flushed and sweaty, eyes squeezed shut and tearing up, lips puffy and bruised—before he was kissing her again, this time showering little pecks on her panting lips.

 “Good job, pretty girl,” he murmured between kisses. “Good job. You come so beautiful for me.”

Takeru eased his weight off her and let his hand fall from her breast. Hikari released him from her grasp, arms flopping heavily down onto the bed. Her eyes fluttered open to see Takeru pulling off his condom and walking around to stand by her head. He gripped his cock, practically throbbing, and aimed it at her face. Without needing to be asked, Hikari opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue again. Looking down at her, all it took was a few hard pumps before Takeru was moaning as he came—not as much as before but still forcefully enough to shoot straight into Hikari’s mouth.

Hikari swallowed, and Takeru released his cock to pet her head. Her small chest heaved as she took in a deep breath.

“That was amazing, Takeru,” she sighed.

Takeru grinned.

“Oh, I’m not finished with you yet.”

“You’re not?” asked Hikari. “Aren’t you… tired?”

“After a month? For your body? I could stay up all night.”

He leaned down and kissed her again, long and deep.

“And since it has been so long… what do you say we make tonight extra special?”

“Extra special? Like… like how?” asked Hikari, still a little dizzy from the orgasm.

“What do you say we make tonight the night I take your ass?”

Hikari blanched. That sobered her up.

This wasn’t the first time Takeru had brought up this topic. He had first broached the subject months ago.

“Y-you want to put it in my ass?” she had stammered in disbelief.

“Sure!” said Takeru. “If there’s a part of Hikari-chan I can make love to, I want to make love to it. You’re not just a single hole for me to fuck, you’re Yagami Hikari. I love every bit of you and your sexy body! Your legs, your pussy, your beautiful little breasts, your nipples, your amazingly soft lips, your tongue, and your absolutely gorgeous ass. I love it all!”

Hikari couldn’t understand how someone could sound so sweet and so dirty at the same time. Takeru reveled in her body, delighted in it like something to consume and conquer. But far from feeling belittled, somehow the way he did it made Hikari feel treasured, like she was something he truly cherished. He was an angel and an animal all at once—and when he spoke that way, Hikari didn’t know how she could possibly turn him down.

So Takeru had begun to train her. He started off slow, to ease her into it. Using his fingers to tease her tiny hole, little by little he gently stretched it out. Hikari had been mortified at the idea of him putting his fingers in there at first, but she had to admit it hadn’t felt half bad once she got used to it. Before long he had bought her a small anal vibrator to keep inside while he plowed her pussy, and then a butt plug. Finally, before they left for university, he bought her a dildo and instructed her to use it while thinking of him—and to use it to keep preparing her ass for him.

Now, Hikari blushed as she remembered every time he had explored the dirtiest, most embarrassing part of her body.

“Have you been practicing like I told you?” Takeru asked.

And all the times she had done so herself, just because he had told her to.

“I… yes, I have,” she answered.

“Good. I want it all, Hikari. I want all of you. I want all your ‘firsts’ to be mine, no one else’s. Don’t you want that, too?”

Hikari blushed some more and looked away.

“…I didn’t say I didn’t want it.”

But that wasn’t enough for Takeru.

“Tell me what it is you do want,” he insisted.

Hikari grabbed her throw pillow and covered her face. He’s going to make me say it! It was so dirty, she thought she might die of embarrassment. But… it was Takeru…

“I… I want you to put it in my ass…”

Takeru smiled.

“Put what in your ass?”

Hikari whined from behind the pillow. She was no good at dirty words.

“Your dick!” she wailed.

Suddenly the pillow was yanked from her grasp and tossed to the side. Takeru looked down on her, grinning like a little boy about to get his favorite treat.

“Good girl.”

Hikari cried out in shock as he flipped her over onto her belly, then pulled her hips up and back so she was basically presenting her ass to him. She turned her head to see him smiling at the sight. He looked like he was appraising her. And he looked like he appreciated what he saw.

“God, you have got the cutest butt, Hikari-chan,” he said. He trailed his fingers gently over the soft curve of one cheek, causing Hikari to shiver. “I’ve always thought so. And I’ve wanted to do this to it for… well, let’s just say for a really long time.”

Takeru gave her ass a squeeze. Hikari sucked in her breath. She could feel her heart rate picking up. Takeru turned to reach into his backpack again and pulled out a bottle of lube.

“Ready?” he chirped.

 Hikari grabbed the pillow he had discarded and put it back at the head of the mattress so she could bury her face in it again. Then, hesitantly, she gripped her two cheeks behind her and spread them.

Hikari couldn’t see, of course, but if she had turned around, she would have seen Takeru bite his lip at the vision before him. He struggled to contain a groan. He wanted to pounce on her, wanted nothing more than to bury himself inside of her tight virgin asshole as quickly as possible. But no, all in due time. He did his best to contain his excitement.

Some of his excitement Hikari could feel, however. He nudged her legs apart with his knees, creeping further between them, and ground his rapidly regrowing erection between her ass cheeks.

Hikari shivered, What’s he waiting for? But then she flinched as she felt cold lube drip down the cleft of her ass crack, spread by the motion of his grinding phallus, and shivered for a different reason.

“Got to get you nice and ready for me,” whispered Takeru. Then he gently pushed his right thumb inside of her.

Hikari gasped. For a second, with her nerves braced, she thought that this was it, that he was putting his dick in. But no, of course it wasn’t big enough for that.

It’s okay, she forced herself to steady her breathing, lifting her head off the pillow just enough so she could breathe in through her nose and out through her mouth. It’s just his thumb. You’ve had his thumb inside before.

Still, going straight from empty to filled with thickest digit wasn’t nothing. She could feel her anus stretch, but she wasn’t surprised to find that it wasn’t hurting her. The training they had done together so far had given Takeru enough experience to know how she liked it best. Somehow everything he did to her always wound up pleasuring her as much as it did him. He moved his thumb in tiny circles inside of her, increasing the circle’s radius bit by bit, just a millimeter or two with every rotation. When he used his other hand to grab her left ass cheek and keep it spread open, Hikari released her grasp on herself and gripped the sheets at her side instead. She was still nervous, but she’d be lying if she said it wasn’t at all pleasurable. She could feel her opening stretching further and further, but never pulling so taught that it crossed that threshold into pain. And Takeru, he got to enjoy the sight of her tightest hole stretching ever closer to the size he needed while he whispered reassuring nothings to her.

“I think you’re ready for me, Hikari,” he whispered. He plucked his thumb out, giving Hikari a jolt. “And I think there’s no reason for me not to take you raw.” Hearing no argument from Hikari (Raw! she thought. He’s going to be inside of me raw!) he poured a little extra lube over his cock and lined it up with her asshole. Hikari felt the spongy mushroom of his dickhead press against her entrance, and then, with one more push, Takeru began to work his way inside.

Hikari felt a flash of white heat as Takeru filled her. She was being stretched wider than she ever had before—and she had thought the dildo was a lot! A part of her wasn’t sure she could handle it. Somehow Takeru felt so much bigger entering through the back than the front, but she took a deep breath and tried to steady her nerves as she felt him settle inside of her.

“Incredible,” he breathed.

“Is it all the way in?” she asked, breathless herself.

“What?” Takeru laughed like she had said something ridiculous. “Hikari, don’t be silly, that’s just the tip!”

Hikari gulped.

“There’s a lot more of me for you to take before you’re finished,” Takeru promised, then began to push further to demonstrate. Hikari felt her tight flesh yield as another inch she wasn’t sure she could take wedged inside of her—and then another inch after that! The dildo had done nothing to prepare her for this sensation. There was a heat and a life to the cock filling her up that no plastic could ever compare to. Not to mention the weight of the body behind it that dwarfed the now meager-seeming force her hand could provide. Takeru was a man, and if she had ever doubted it, she would never forget it again.

Takeru felt like the king of the world. Not since he had first claimed Hikari’s virginity had he felt this intoxicated. The ring of her sphincter was almost unbearably tight, gripping him so hard it almost hurt. Not to mention the psychological aspect. His sweet, kind little Hikari willingly surrendering the last unclaimed part of her body, a dirty, taboo place he knew she’d never even considered touching before he had told her to… it made him want to go feral on her. It took all of his willpower to hold himself back as he watched the tantalizing sight of her pert, sexy ass cheeks swallow up the last inch of him.

“Such a good girl,” Takeru cooed, rubbing his hands along her sides to soothe her. “You’re so brave, taking all of me like that. It’s all the way inside of you now, Hikari-chan.”

Indeed, she could feel the soft flesh of her buttocks pressed flush against his thighs, his balls resting against her labia. Takeru leaned forward, his cock grinding the inside of her already stretched walls, and lovingly tucked a strand of sweaty hair behind her ear.

“Is it too much for you to handle?” he asked. “Do you need to rest a minute?”

This pricked Hikari’s pride.

“No,” she said. “No, you can keep going. I can handle it.”

“ ’attagirl!” said Takeru. “In that case…”

Suddenly Takeru was scooping her up under her legs and hoisting her into his lap.

“Ah!” Hikari cried.

“I’m gonna start moving!” he told her.

And move he did. Using his hands to support her, Takeru jogged his legs to bounce Hikari in his lap. He reveled in the feeling of her tight tunnel of flesh sliding up and down the length of his cock. Hikari whimpered every time he started to slide out, then cried out every time he slid back in. It was like music to Takeru.

“How does it feel, Hikari-chan?” he demanded. “Tell me how it feels to take my dick in your ass.”

Hikari could barely think, the unceasing sensation of pleasure mixed with pain overwhelming all higher thought. So she just said the first thing that came to mind.

“It feels… strong!” she shouted.

Takeru quirked an eyebrow as he kept indulging in his girlfriend’s ass.

“Strong?” he asked.

“You’re stretching me so much!” she tried to explain. “You’re so deep! I—I never knew, you’re so long, and hard, and… strong!”

Takeru couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I have got the sweetest girlfriend,” he bragged. He leaned his chin on her shoulder and licked the salty sweat from her neck. “Mmm, she tastes sweet, too!” he nibbled and suckled on the spot, making sure to leave a mark.

Before long, the vice-like grip of Hikari’s anus became too much for him.

“I’m gonna come now, Hikari,” he warned. Then, as lightly as if he was deciding which hat to wear, “I think I’ll come inside!”

He took the two fingers of his right hand and furiously rubbed at Hikari’s well-soaked clit. At Hikari’s sweet high moan, he knew she was relaxed enough, so he wrapped his left arm around her belly and shoved himself as deep inside her as he could. As Hikari clenched down in shock, Takeru came hard, shooting his hot seed inside her with a feral roar.

Hikari was unprepared to discover how much she loved the feeling of his seed filling her. It was a warmth a started deep inside her but spread throughout her body, and it was all Takeru, claiming her like never before. That and Takeru’s rapidly rubbing fingers drove Hikari right over the edge behind him. She screamed as her orgasm tore through her, tears escaping down her cheeks as the wild sensations she had felt all evening finally overwhelmed her. She collapsed into Takeru’s arms, exhausted.

More than a little tired himself, Takeru gave his girlfriend a gentle smile. Shifting slightly, he managed to get Hikari in his arms bridal-style so he could stand up and place her down on the bed.

Through a post-orgasmic haze, Hikari was dimly aware that Takeru was slipping her shoes off for her. She had been so caught up in the night’s activities, she had completely forgotten they were still on. She rubbed the bleariness from her eyes.

“So how was that?” asked Takeru.

“That was…” how to describe it? The pain. The pleasure. How wide he stretched her. How deeply he filled her. How far beyond her limits he pushed her. The fact that there was no part left of her that she hadn’t given to him… oh, who was she kidding?

“It felt good,” she admitted.

Takeru nodded, not the least bit surprised.

“I think I’ll have to do that more often from now on,” he said.

“If you want to,” said Hikari. Takeru laughed, then leaned down to give her lips a sweet, chaste kiss.

“I love you, Hikari,” he said.

“I love you, too.”

The pair shucked off their sweaty clothes and climbed under the covers, Hikari with her back snuggled up against her boyfriend’s—her man’s—long, strong chest. Takeru wound his arms around her, giving her breasts an appreciative squeeze, earning a giggle from Hikari. Before long, their exhaustion got the better of them, and sleep began to lay its claim. Before drifting off, the last thing Hikari heard was Takeru whispering in her ear:

“You’re mine, Hikari. All mine.”

And she fell asleep with a smile.

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