A Quest We Can Handle On Our Own!

BY : Ragazzo
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“Wow, you’re going out again?! You really are so brave!”

Kids always seemed to be drawn to crusaders, and for Darkness, things were no different. Maybe it was the shiny armor, or the sheer look of toughness, but they always seemed to be so impressed and wanted to talk when a crusader was around.

“Yeah, that’s right,” she said, trying to play up the tough act, “I would go out and fight every day if it’s what I had to do to protect the townsfolk!”

The sparkle in the young boy’s eyes was enough of an indication that she had played the part well. “Wow! You really are so strong!”

“Yeah I know, I am pretty impressive,” she gloated, taking in all the positive attention. Toward the city gate she caught sight of Aqua, waving her over with an annoyed look.

“Okay well I uhhh.. Gotta go,” she said, side stepping and rushing over toward her party mate.

“Come on Darkness, I told you I didn’t want to draw a lot of attention to us,” she groaned. “What if Kazuma and Megumin see us and start asking questions?

“Oh, sorry,” Darkness replied through a giggle. “Just having a bit of fun. Come on, let's  get going.”

They quickly walked toward the town gate, Aqua nervously looking behind them just before making their way out into the wilderness. Even on the chilly overcast day, Aqua was feeling the warmth of the nerves creep up on her. They had done this a few times already and she knew she would enjoy herself once they arrived, but the walk through the woods to the camp was always nerve racking.

"So, Darkness," she said, trying to make conversation to distract herself from her hesitation, "I thought we had told the raiders once per week, but weren't we just out here a couple of days ago?"

"Well yeah, but.." darkness paused for a moment, trying to collect her response. "I mean that was the arrangement we made, yes, but I just figured that if we do an extra good job holding up our end of the bargain we can really ensure the safety of the townsfolk!" She was blushing quite a bit, making it obvious that she was just making excuses on the spot, but Aqua didn't seem to notice or mind.

"Oh yeah," she said, turning off the main road and onto the forested trail. "That does make sense! I mean they shouldn't be around much longer so there's no harm in putting in a little extra effort to help protect the town."

By now, they knew the winding trails through the woods to the raiders' camp like the backs of their hands. The first time they came looking for it, they got lost for nearly an hour. The second time, they got slightly less lost, and since then it had gotten a little easier each time. The quest had seemed mundane: keep the town safe from a party of raiders that had been seen a short ways away. They never would have guessed that they'd be coming back here so many times for what should have been as simple as fighting off a few raiders.

Aqua felt her heart skip a beat as she began to smell the familiar scent of meat roasting over open flame. In the distance, the sounds of pack animals and conversation began to reach them.

"I wonder how much longer they'll be here," she said nonchalantly, trying to quell her nerves with conversation.

"Hmm," Darkness thought, "it can't be much longer." There was a certain tone of sadness to her voice.

Aqua laughed. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" She asked through her giggles.

"Shush, you," Darkness replied, turning crimson in embarrassment.

"It's okay," Aqua said, still giggling. "I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I've been kind of looking forward to it today too."

They were nearing the camp now. In the clearing they could see about a dozen men tending to various tasks, not yet having noticed the two of them. The first time they had arrived at the camp, Darkness was shocked, first by how many members there were to the party, then by how easily they were able to arrange a meeting with their captain, Brom. He wasn't anything like their expectations of him. The charming manner in which he talked put them at ease, and he dismissed his guards, making them feel more at ease. We're here chasing a bounty, he had said. A man who is rumored to be hiding out in the caves nearby. He went on to assure them that they had no intention of going into town, but that he couldn't promise his men wouldn't attack the well paid merchants carrying expensive goods into town. After all, they couldn't just let all that money walk by.

Of course it was encouraging to hear that they wouldn't be attacking the town, but that wasn't enough. If they were to claim the quest reward they had to keep these raiders from injuring or stealing from even the travelers on their way into and out of town. She could tell that Brom was reasonable enough to be willing to make a deal if it benefited him, and she wanted to find a peaceful way to keep his men from attacking anyone while they were here.

Relief! She blurted out before she knew what she was saying. Broms eyebrows raised in approval and she could feel the heat of Aqua’s gaze on her back. I just mean, she continued, feeling her cheeks flush, that you and your party must have traveled a long way, and I’m sure you have long days and I haven’t seen any women around the camp and I just thought that we could provide some relief for your party while you're in the area if you'll promise not to hurt or rob anyone.

It took a bit of convincing to get Aqua to agree, but they really wanted to do this on their own. It's true that they could have gone and alerted Kazuma and Megumin who could have helped them take out the whole camp with a well placed explosion, but they wanted to prove that they could complete a quest on their own; that they could protect people and make money for the party. And just like that, they made a deal to return once per week to the camp to provide for the men who wanted some company. They had been around for three weeks now, though Darkness and Aqua had found themselves here quite a bit more often than the agreed upon once per week, taking any opportunities to sneak out of town when the others were busy.

By now, the whole camp knew what it meant when they came walking down that forested trail and today as they entered the camp they could hear the conversation shift to their presence. The men who had been talking about their work were now sizing up the two girls and making conversations among themselves about them.

"Well there's a familiar sight," they could make out one of the men saying to another standing next to him.

"Yup," the other raider replied, "but I never get tired of seeing it!"

Aqua felt her body get hot with embarrassment and excitement. She never would have imagined herself liking this type of treatment but there was something about the attention of the entire camp that satisfied her in a way she never knew she was missing. They waved to some of the men as they passed through the camp and could see many of them were already getting hard. As they neared the Captain's tent, they realized there was a small crowd forming behind them as men from every part of the camp were beginning to make their way over to get in line for their turn with one of the girls.

Brom was waiting for them in the open sided tent, sitting in a beautifully carved wooden chair.

"Ladies, it is so lovely to see you here again," he said with a wide grin.

"Thank you," Aqua said, quickly adding "sir." The crown around them was growing and she could feel every eye in the camp on her body.

"Yes, sir," Darkness continued, "it is our honor to serve you, sir. Please give us any command you would desire."

He let out a small, satisfied laugh. "On your hands and knees, then," he said firmly, then adding "and lose those clothes already."

They did as they were told, both stripping naked and dropping to the ground.

"Good," the captain said encouragingly, standing up momentarily to drop his pants. "now, to me."

The two girls began crawling over toward the captain. Aqua felt her whole body blush from the gaze of dozens of men on her naked body. She looked over and saw Darkness excitedly wagging her ass back and forth as she crawled, happily presenting her pussy to the fervent crowd whose lewd remarks grew more bold by the second.

"I think I'm going for the blue haired girl today," she heard one of them say to another. "I'm gonna stick my thumb in that ass and see if she squeals."

I am the goddess Aqua, she thought, but to them I'm the blue haired girl who might squeal with a thumb in my ass. She couldn't explain what it was about that thought that turned her on so much, but it was undeniable. Over the past weeks she had made a very powerful discovery about herself: that she liked to be used.

As they drew close to the captain, he reached down for two leather collars that were attached by chain to the heavy chair. When they arrived, they each lowered their heads and he fastened the collars around their necks. Without needing any further instruction, they brought their mouths to his cock. The crowd around them grunted in approval as they began. Aqua ran her tongue up the length while Darkness took one of his balls into her mouth. She could taste the long day of work and the smell was completely intoxicating, sending a shiver through her body, starting at the top of her tongue and ending at her clitoris. Her pussy was burning hot by now, aching to be filled by one of these perverted men whose names she didn't even know.

She continued to pleasure the captain with her mouth, switching from one ball to the other, licking and sucking them, filling her mouth with the taste until it was all she could think about. She could hear the lewd sounds coming from Aqua and looked up to see her bobbing on his cock, fitting as much in her mouth as she could. Droplets of saliva were running down the shaft which she happily lapped up and spit onto his balls. The two girls let their tongues explore the length of his cock, occasionally meeting in the middle to kiss. His entire cock was glistening with their combined saliva when he suddenly let out a whistle and shouted "alright, line up boys."

Two lines began to form behind Darkness and Aqua. It seemed even the party of outlaws could organize and get along if it meant they all got a turn with the girls. Aqua hadn't realized just how wet she was until she suddenly felt one of the men reach down to explore her pussy and slide his fingers right in with no effort. She moaned softly in approval without taking her mouth off of the cock of the captain. Beside her she heard the muffled sounds of surprised moaning as one of the raiders plunged himself into Darkness, then a few seconds later felt the man behind her plunge into her as well. They both began whimpering and moaning to the rhythm of the men pounding them, continuing to suck and lick on the captain in front of them, lapping up each other's saliva and spitting it back onto the now dripping wet cock. Darkness was stroking his shaft and gently sucking on his tip when she felt the familiar pulsing of the raider behind her about to cum.

"Yes," she moaned, "fill me up with your hot cum. Please." And as if in response he began to let loose inside of her, squirting bursts of semen deep inside of her. With a gentle slap on her ass, he pulled himself out and was gone. Darkness felt the huge load about to begin dripping out of her when suddenly another cock was pressed up against her and then thrusted inside, keeping her full pussy from spilling any of the semen from the previous man.

This continues for long minutes, man after man coming up behind them and churning up their insides without a word other than the occasional lewd remark of encouragement. Nearly a dozen nameless men had sank their loads into each of the girls before the captain put a finger under each of the girls' chins, turning their faces up to look at him.

"I think it's time to clean up a bit before you finish off the rest of my men, don't you think?" He asked and they both excitedly nodded.

"Yes sir," Aqua replied eagerly. "Please, Darkness, allow me to clean you first!"

"But of course," Darkness replied with a giggle and a nod. She was proud to see how lewd Aqua had become in such a short period of time. She lifted herself from her knees and bent over in front of her friend, presenting her pussy which was wide open and dripping with the cum of the dozen men who had already used her. The crowd of remaining raiders behind them was cheering them on. As Aqua brought her lips to her friend's pussy she could smell the sweat of the men and taste Darkness' juices. She began to suck as Darkness pushed the massive amount of semen out of her pussy. Gulp after gulp, Aqua tasted the mixed cum of the men as it coated her tongue, the inside of her mouth, and the back of her throat. She drank until her belly felt full and kept drinking until there was nothing left inside of her friend. Pulling away, she was panting from the long gulps; her breath tasted strongly of sperm and sweat and she nearly came right there from that taste alone. Once she had caught her breath, the two girls traded places and Darkness similarly drank load after load from Aqua, mixed with the strong flavor of her goddess juices.When they had finally finished, the two girls returned to their places in front of the captain.

"Are we ready to continue?" He asked both the girls and the men behind them. The men all cheered and Aqua moaned in affirmation, but Darkness hesitated for a moment before asking

"Sir. I would like to relieve myself before we continue please."

"You'd like what now?" The captain asked, his eyebrow raised.

"I, um," she was having trouble forming sentences with her mind filled with pleasure from the taste of Aqua's creampies. "I have to pee, sir."

"Ah," he nodded in approval, "of course my dear."

"Thank you sir," she said. She almost turned and got up to find a spot outside of the tent before realizing she was still held by the collar and the captain didn't seem to be making any movement to remove it.

"Uhm, right here, sir?" She asked, feeling her face growing hot.

He leaned close and slowly repeated her words back to her. "Right. Here." Before adding "but one thing first!" He lifted his foot and gently placed it atop her head, slowly pushing it down until her face was pressed against the ground. She was now on her hands and knees, face to the ground, beneath the foot of the raider captain, with her ass pointed straight up toward the men behind her who were now whistling with approval.

Soon enough she felt her piss begin to dribble down her leg and then a full steam shoot behind her, giving the crowd a full view. As the puddle began to grow she heard the group hollering words of encouragement. Her whole body was hot with embarrassment. She knew she should be feeling shame at what was happening right now, but instead she felt pleasure. She was nothing but a plaything for these men. They're embarrassing me for their own amusement, she thought, and now I'm about to let every one of them use me like their property and fill me with their seed. The thought felt like it should have been a bad one, yet it only made her feel hot with excitement and pleasure. I'm just like them, she thought. I'm a filthy pervert just like them.

"Thank you," she shouted from under the captain's foot. "Thank you everyone for watching me! Please allow me to serve you more now!"

They happily obliged, filling her and her partner with load after load of cum. They continued sucking the captain's cock which each of the men had their turn unloading their semen into one of the girls, stopping only periodically to drink the cum from each other's wombs, until there were no more men in line.

Once the last man had finished using them, the captain again lifted their faces to look at him.

"You've done so good today," he said. "Now would you like your final prize?"

Again they both nodded vigorously in excitement. He grabbed Aqua by the back of her hair and brought her head down hard on his cock, shoving her lips to the base. She felt her throat stretch with the thickness of his cock. With a new fervor, he began pumping her head up and down on his cock, using her throat to pleasure himself. She choked and gagged, letting out more spit than she knew she had in her, until she felt his cock swelling with cum. He pulled her head up so just his tip was in her mouth and began to spurt his cum into her mouth. A little at first, then more, and then more. It kept coming out until her cheeks were puffed out, her entire mouth filled with cum.

"Now," he said, "don't forget to share.

"Yes, sir," she tried to say through the mouthful of cum, but it came out as a couple muffled syllables. She put her mouth to Darkness' and opened, plunging her tongue into her friend's mouth. The two of them kissed for what felt like minutes, their mouths completely coated with the thick slippery cum, allowing the taste to fill their heads, until finally they both gulped it down. Brom was laughing with approval while the two girls slumped to the ground, too exhausted to get up and put their clothes on. They were paralyzed with pleasure and exhaustion.

"Hey, Darkness?" Aqua said, fighting back the urge to fall asleep.

"Yes?" Darkness replied, sounding equally tired.

"What do you think the others would say if they knew what we were doing here?" She asked.

"I don't think they understand," Darkness said through a yawn. "They would probably judge us harshly, but what we're doing is just and good. We are protecting our townsfolk as best we can."

Aqua felt herself losing the battle against sleep and just before drifting off, she managed to mumble "I never knew I could love protecting people this much.."

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