It's Super Effective-Spare the Rod, Spoil the Mom

BY : Nightkoschei
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It's Super Effective - Spare the Rod, Spoil the Mother

Synopsis: Pokemon AU - An evil Ash sadistically punishes and trains his mother, becoming a different kind of master.


"I..I can't!"
The naked 33 year old woman groaned, her own juices flowing around her fingers and down the lower curves of her ass cheeks. Sitting on the floor, legs lewdly spread, the auburn-haired beauty had no less than three of her fingers stuffed into her straining cunt. Her glistening sex lips stretched thinly from the stress, her hand gently pumping back and forth.

Now her captor, her son's Mr. Mime, wanted her to push in a fourth. Towering over her, he again angrily motioned at her, clearly holding up four fingers in her face.

Hesitantly, she poked her little finger alongside the others, tentatively trying to cram it in the too-small opening. She moaned as the edge of her polished nail rasped over the delicate labia and the finger barely sank into her. A lancing ache instantly shot through her pussy. She pulled the little finger away, looking fearfully at Mr. Mime.

"'s too much!"

She was Delia Ketchum, the sweet, innocent mother of Ash Ketchum. Her beautiful boy, Ash, had finally come home from competing in the Indigo league, just in time for his 18th birthday. She had joyfully pampered him and cared for him and his friends, trying her best to support him and be a loving mother.

When he had said he was going to the Orange Islands on an errand for the Professor, she encouraged him. It would do it him good to see even more of the world, and he was so much like his father she knew she couldn't stop him anyway.

That's when everything went so wrong.

Feigning forgetting his pokedex, Ash sent Brock and Misty ahead of him and told them he would meet them on the ship. Returning home, he took great pleasure in ordering the Mr. Mime he let his mother keep as a helper to restrain her. Her smiling, loving face morphed into one of incredulous disbelief, then struggle as the pokemon she thought of as a family member roughly tackled her to the ground, pinning her and binding her with rope before hauling her to her feet, held firm by his strong hands.

Her mind blanked when Ash had ripped her clothes from her body, unable to move in the clutches of Mr. Mime. She was so distraught, she didn't even register his words when Ash told Mr. Mime to keep her restrained and well fucked until he returned. She was not to leave the house.

And so it had been; Pallet Town's milf was leashed like a bitch, constantly monitored. Mr. Mime cooked her food and tended to her hygiene, and as recompense he took many liberties with her hot, fuckable body. It all worked out rather well, since before her captivity she had begun sending Mr. Mime to do the shopping in town on her behalf. No townsfolk ever suspected anything was amiss. No one suspected Mrs. Ketchum was tied and leashed, restrained in her own house, a sex slave to her son and his pokemon.

That had been a month ago. Now the monotony was about to end; her son was returning home from the Orange Islands today.

"Mom! I'm Home! Mooooom!"
"..A-ash?! No!"

The front door banged open as Ash let himself in. He smiled at the sight in front of him. His startled, wide-eyed mother, leashed to an eyebolt on the living room floor, jumped. She quickly pulled her fingers from her stuffed, slippery pussy, Mr. Mime watching her closely nearby. The stretching ache subsided as she flushed in embarrassment, and you could still see her juices on her wet shining fingers.

The scent of her sex filled the air, and Ash smiled contentedly.

She used to refuse the bastard pokemon when he mimed in the air she should finger herself, until he started slapping her silly until she complied. Now she had gotten used to it the last few weeks, choosing simply to obey and spare herself some pain.

"No Mime, leave us for now!" Ash stopped his pokemon when Mr. Mime started to make a move on the cowering woman, angered she had ceased her ministrations. She awkwardly tried to cover her breasts while her splayed open legs snapped closed. "I want to talk to her."

Glaring angrily at Delia, Mr. Mime went into the kitchen to make food for his master.

"Ash, please!" she started crying, tears welling up fresh in her eyes. "It's been so horrible, I've been a prisoner in my own house the whole time you've been gone!" It had felt like years to her.

Ash grinned at her and she felt her spirits drop even further.

"H-honey, please, just...just untie me. I promise everything will be normal again, I love you Ash, don't do this to me please!"

"Don't worry Mom! I know it's been hard for you since Dad left-"
"Ash, please!"
"-so I'm going to take care of you from now on! You deserve someone to put you in your place after all."

"Ash!! Let me go right now, I am your moth-AHhhH!!" Yellow sparks lit up the room at Ash's silent nod, Pikachu sending shocking waves of electricity straight at Delia.

He let her convulse for a few seconds before stopping Pikachu. Delia sagged limply to the floor, looking at him sadly.

"Y'know Mom, I'm tired from traveling. I think it would be nice of you to suck my cock a bit."
"You! Ash, what is wrong with you!" She eyed Pikachu fearfully, the angry little rodent sparking from his cheeks. "I-I mean Ash, no please, I can't do that..."

"Drowzee!" Throwing a pokeball, Ash's wrinkled little yellow psychic pokemon materialized. "Use hypnosis!"

Turning his sleepy gaze on the cute, helpless mother, the ugly pokemon began rhythmically waving his hands, wriggling his fingers as the hypnotic waves washed over Delia. She wasn't mindless, but she felt...not quite herself. It was harder and harder to think.

"I wish I didn't have to do it this way Mom, it's not as fun. We'll work on your attitude together, it's going to be okay." She felt slightly less anxious. She didn't see how, but maybe it would be alright.

Ash walked up and stood next to his mother, towering over her. "Mom, you missed me. You want to suck my cock. You want to make me feel good."

"I...I..." Delia's eyes focused in and out. "'s wrong..."
"Mom, take out my cock. It's just like with Dad. Give me a nice, slow blowjob. You have to."

Looking passive, then distressed, then calmer again, Delia slowly raised a hesitant hand to his jeans. She fumbled distractedly with the button, so Ash quickly undid it for her. Biting her lower lip, Delia pulled the zipper down then grasped his pants and underwear, dragging them down off his hips, his erect cock popping free.

"I did miss you...and I want to make you feel good honey...." the waves crashing into her brain overpowered her with the strong suggestions. Still, she felt a certain...wrongness. She tried to push the feeling away as she slowly slid her lips down his length.

"Ohh that's it Mom. Deeper!" Ash threaded his fingers through his Mom's hair as he gently pushed her down, and she gagged a little when the head hit the entrance to her throat. He released her, reveling in the wet, warm heat.

Delia lovingly began bobbing her head, suckling gently at her son's rigid pecker. Sucking all the way to the tip, she popped off wetly and licked all around his balls, bathing them before sucking him back in, this time slightly faster.

She took her time, slowly blowing him into nirvana. After a bit, her spit mixed with precum started to get a little messy and leak around the corners of her mouth.

"Mom, you're making a mess. Swallow!" Nodding up at him with his dick in her mouth, she worked her throat and continued her task. She was so confused. She still felt afraid of her son, but at the same time loved him and wanted him to feel good.

20 minutes of leisurely, thorough blowjob later Mr. Mime entered the room carrying dinner, and Ash decided to wrap things up. He was hungry after all. He started to pump his Mom's mouth faster, he was close anyway and knew it wouldn't take much.

Gripping her ponytail tightly, he suddenly pushed her all the way down again, his cockhead worming its way into the entrance of her throat. Thick ropes of cum shot from his cock while she gobbled him down, the confused mother looking up wide-eyed at him, nose pressed into his pubic hair. She needed to breathe.

Sated, he finally finished shooting his load. "Drowzee, that's enough." The little pokemon complied, lowering his hands at last. With Ash's cock still embedded in her throat, lungs burning for air, Delia's mind cleared. Realizing with despair what she just did, she started squirming and trying to pull free, angry at herself, at Ash, at everything. She was just getting ready to bite Ash's cock to force him to let her go when he pulled himself out.

*Gasp! *cough "A-ash....w-what -" *cough "did you do?!" Her voice sounded thick, cum still coating her throat. She sucked in the much needed air and pushed away at him with one hand, the other clawing at her face. She felt like she was going to be sick.

"Oww!" Ash slapped his mother full palmed across the face, and Delia collapsed to the floor. How could her darling boy become so...evil?

"That was your fault Mom, you need to be more obedient." He pulled his pants up and sat down for dinner, watching his leashed mother as she coughed and started to cry again, hand to her cheek.

"Don't cry Mom, I'm going to help you. I know we can make you a good slut! That's why tomorrow we're going to the Orange Islands together."


As they crested another wave, the salty spray splashing onto her face, Delia reflected on her current situation. She had never been so humiliated in her life.

Ash had decided they would travel to the Orange Islands on the back of his Lapras, a large shelled aquatic pokemon. It could easily accommodate the two of them on its back for the 15 hour journey.

Unfortunately Ash had given his mother a special seat. Allowed a blouse and panties, she had been gagged and bound, her wrists and elbows tied together tightly behind her back, pushing her heavy tits forward. The cold ocean spray wet down her white blouse, making the thin fabric transparent and revealing her breasts, her rock hard nipples trying to pierce through the shirt. The strain in her shoulders ached and her blouse's buttons threatened to burst, but that was far from the worst part.

Her flimsy pink panties had been pushed aside and she was made to straddle one of the large, rough horn-like spikes on the shell. It was so coarse and so big, she cried and screamed when he had first forced her tender pussy onto the horrible thing. Her sensitive insides scraped around it with the crest of every wave, making her flinch and wince, her sex on fire.

Ash sat behind her, hands firmly on her hips, occasionally forcefully pushing her down hard onto the stubby protrusion. Poor whimpering Delia had her legs doubled up, ankles bound to thighs, with her legs secured to the shell with more rope. She wasn't going anywhere.

To a distant observer, they were simply two people traveling by pokemon. And Ash made sure to keep Lapras far from anyone, directing her to head for Nurse Joy's remote outpost island. He had agreed to meet Brock there.

"Comfy Mom? Lapras sure is great isn't she?" Ash sadistically pushed down on his mom's hips, rolling them in circles while she cried to herself, unable to answer through the gag. Her pussy felt like it had been sanded down, it had to be completely raw.


"And her shell is perfect for securing you, there's no way you'll fall off!" To prove his point, he turned Lapras head on into an oncoming wave, bouncing them. Delia's eyes widened and a tear leaked from the corner as the rough, overly large shaft jostled in and out of her a good 3 inches. Her impaled, split pussy and tied legs kept her safely mounted to the beast.

Changing his grip to her blouse-covered breasts, Ash gently squeezed the heavy titflesh while his mom blushed deeply.

"I've always loved your boobs Mom" Ash sighed contentedly. "These milkers were made to be hurt!"

Delia's eyes shot open at the last words, and she tried to turn to look at him. Suddenly, the sound of an opening pokeball announced the arrival of Primeape, Ash's fighting monkey pokemon.

"Primeape, grab Mom's boobs and crush them. Be as rough as you can!"

The pokemon jumped around in front of Delia. Shirt buttons flying, she suddenly found her blouse ripped open, the strong hands of Primeape exposing her. Gripping each tit painfully, the horrid creature crushed her mammaries with all his might, and Delia squealed into her gag, writhing miserably. Her pussy fluttered and squeezed around her shell dildo in agony.


"Sorry Mom, but if you're not tit-sore to some degree from now on then I'm doing something wrong."

The stupid monkey jerked roughly on the fat tits, then gripped her nipples instead. Not letting go, he started punching each flattening tit straight into her chest, left, right, left, right. Her muffled cries grew quiet; the breathless woman had the wind knocked out of her. Her diaphragm continued to spasm as the powerful fists pummeled her.

"I've got to be a little more rough with you at first Mom, we've got to break you in." Ash hugged his Mom from behind while she shook, silently absorbing the blows. He could feel each breast-punch through her trembling body.

"Ice punch Primeape!"

Primeape's nipple-crushing fists suddenly lit up with frost, the frigid cold encompassing the poor woman's abused breastflesh with each punishing blow. The salty sea spray covering her chest started to freeze, and her poor nipples strained, unable to properly harden in Primeape's unforgiving grip. The penetrating cold instantly made her milk ducts ache deeply inside her chest. Delia clung to consciousness for 3 brutal punches then passed out, limply leaning back into Ash.

Primeape ground his closed fists through her breasts to her chest wall, watching her face.

Annoyed at her lack of response, he changed grip again and filled his hands with her motherly titties, crushing them once more, the flesh bubbling out enticingly. He'd at least keep tenderizing her until she awoke.

They still had another 12 hours on their journey. Maybe Ash would use thunder punch next.


Beaching his Lapras, Ash ungagged and untied his mom, and roughly pushed her off her makeshift saddle. Haggard, mentally and physically exhausted, Delia weakly flopped to the sandy ground.

She felt a final scraping pain as the infernal shell spike slid out of her tired, sore cunt. She hurt everywhere. Her opened blouse showcased her delicious breasts, which were throbbing horribly after a dozen hours of physical abuse under the bruisingly brutish hands of Primeape. Her tender pussy tube was well-abraded and would be hurting her for days, but at least it felt blissfully empty at last.

She grimaced as she rearranged herself, sitting in the sand, eyeing Ash warily. She wanted to close her shirt but the buttons had been ripped off, so she held it shut with one hand. With the other hand she fixed her panties, covering her reddened labia.

"I bet Brock's already here." Ash started saying, stroking Lapras' head before returning her to his pokeball.

She could try to run for it. She stood and started to glance around when the sound of an opening pokeball startled her.
"Drowzee, hypnosis!"

Ash put Delia's leash and collar back on her, the dazed woman hesitatingly standing and waiting obediently for her son, Drowzee's powers of suggestion making her more confused and pliable. Ash flipped her buttonless blouse back open and viciously pinched her nipples, slowly twisting them nearly 360 degrees while watching her wincing face. While twisted he pulled them straight up, her heels leaving the ground as a large portion of her weight was transferred to her teats, and she gasped. Primeape did a great job on the entirety of her breasts, but Ash sometimes liked to focus on the delicate tips.

Pleased, he released her and scooped up a little bit of sand. Pulling the front of her panties forward, he dropped the sand in and let the panties snap back into place. Grabbing the front and back with both hands, he yanked them straight up, giving her a complete wedgie, the kind a girl is good for.

"Uhhh ohh.. ouch!"

He sawed them back and forth, giving her a light rugburn between her delicate pussy lips right over her clit, the little nub dragged backwards and forwards over the wet sandy fabric. As he worked, some of the sand started to work its way up her tight tunnel, and a little even went into her peehole as she squirmed.

Spanking her once on her split pussy, leaving the panties pulled up high, he then took her leash in his hand and turned to start walking.

Made a little more aware by the stinging pain in her womanly charms, Delia tried to fight Drowzee and took an indecisive step away from Ash before he roughly jerked on her leash, choking her and making her nearly fall over. He walked briskly and she stumbled along behind him, Drowzee remaining by her side, panties still yanked high up over her hips with the wet thin strip of fabric abrading between her legs as she walked. She could feel the scratchy rough sand working itself deeper into her, and it felt like her clit was being sanded off. The farther they walked, the more pronounced her soft little whimpers became.

It appeared to be an abandoned island, except for one small hut fairly close to the beach. Ash had come here with his friends Misty and Tracey before, and they had run into the field-nurse Joy, who cared for the wild sea pokemon in the area. She lived isolated and alone, preferring the company of her pokemon Chansey to that of people.

Ash knew Brock had a thing for nurses, and made sure to tell him all about this heroic, vulnerable woman; a thank you to his friend for all his help.

As they neared the hut, the sound of slapping flesh and a woman's cries filled the air. Pushing open the flimsy bamboo door, Ash entered the hut.

"mmmph! *gasp You digusti-mmph!" Brock was plunging in and out of Nurse Joy's mouth, cutting off her words. She was on all fours on a table, putting her head at Brock's crotch height. Brock's vaporeon, a dog-like water pokemon he had stolen from Professor Ivy, mounted her from behind, his cock slamming into the naked Nurse Joy with reckless abandon. It was easy to see why Vaporeon had come to prefer Brock as its master.

Vaporeon's teeth were gently around Joy's neck.

"Careful Joy, you don't want to make me angry." Brock admonished her, plunging back into her sassy fuckmouth. "And remember no biting, or I'll have Vaporeon bite you."

"Oh, hey Ash, 'bout time you got here."
"Yeah well, we went by sea and took the long way. She needed some more training."
"Mrs. Ketchum! Ha! You told me your plan and all Ash but...well, seeing is believing as they say."

Extra watery cum ran in rivers down Nurse Joy's leg, her sopping pussy unable to contain all of Vaporeon's cloudy white fluid. To be fair, Brock had introduced himself to her as a pokemon breeder. She just misunderstood what that meant, like everyone else.

Tensing, Brock shot his spunk down Joy's throat and pulled free with a pop, smacking her face with his cock while she spluttered and glared at him.

"You're both- ah! - going to jail! ungh!!" Vaporeon kept pounding her, teeth at the ready, while Brock got dressed.

Taking some rope and a rag, he gagged and bound the kind nurse tightly, shutting her up and immobilizing her. Pulling Vaporeon from her squelching pussy, he put her in a hogtie. She wasn't going anywhere.

"You're going to come and live with me, Joy. I have a Pinsir back home I know you'd look good mounted on." She gulped, familiar with the large, spiked horns on the Pinsir. Surely he didn't mean...on those?

Brock pulled a pokeball from Nurse Joy's bag and presented it to Ash.

"Here's what you came for man." Throwing the ball, Nurse Joy's helper Chansey materialized, looking alarmed at the sight of its trussed up mistress.

"Hypnosis, Drowzee!" Delia felt the fuzziness in her mind clearing as Drowzee refocused its attention to the Chansey. She pulled her blouse shut again nervously, and pulled her panties back into place. She blushed realizing everyone had seen her labia.

The cloud that left her mind passed to Chansey, the pokemon falling under the influence of Ash.

"Sorry Joy, but I need to take your chansey. I need her to do the bong-bong-ding-dong-ding." Brock and Joy both looked at him blankly.

"I need her healing abilities!" snapped Ash.

"Chansey, I want you to use recover on my mom here. She's a little beat up."
"...Chansey!" In the corner, Nurse Joy's eyes widened. Did he say his mom!?

The pokemon, benevolent by nature, was happy to indulge in the healing request, especially with Drowzee freeing her mind of concern for her mistress. Glowing pleasantly, the Chansey gently touched Delia, allowing the healing energy to flow into her. Instantly the heavy throbbing in her maltreated boobs lessened, and the tiny scratches lining the inside of her sandy pussy healed over. The relief made her gasp.

The angry red coloration of her breasts lessened substantially as the deep bruising healed, before Ash put a hand on Chansey, startling it and stopping the process.

"That's enough. You're not to ever heal her completely." He remembered his earlier promise, there would never be a time from now on when his lovely mother's breastflesh wasn't sore.

*Slap! "ungh! s-stop!"

Just to make sure, he heartily slapped both tits at once into each other, his mother twisting away indignantly. Satisfied the jiggling flesh was still tender, he returned Chansey and Drowzee to their pokeballs. Delia knew there was no point in running, her son was her only way off this island. Besides, she doubted she could outrun his pokemon, and she definitely couldn't fight them off.

"Well buddy, I'm not going anywhere until tomorrow morning. You gonna hang out for a while?"
"Yeah of course! We have a lot of catching up to do! Besides, I want you to get to know my mom better."
"I was hoping you'd say that. I think you've had this long enough Mrs. Ketchum."

Grinning, Brock wrestled the remains of Delia's blouse from her, leaving the poor woman bare chested, clad only in her flimsy pink panties.

"S-stop! I don't want to-"
"Mom! If you aren't nice to Brock I'll bring out Drowzee again! Is that really necessary?"

"N-no, Ash, honey, please don't do that. I'll...I'll do what he says." Hating her words, she steeled herself. She hated it when her own mind was forced from her, it felt like more of a violation than anything physical they could do to her.

Sitting comfortably in a chair, Brock forced Delia to her knees, freeing his cock and unceremoniously pushing it past her lips. Resentful, she started sucking his knob, still a little damp from Joy's mouth, and spitefully swallowed down the little spurt of precum she tasted on her tongue. While she worked her mouth, Brock reached down and grabbed her panties roughly, and with a tremendous yank ripped them from her body. She yelped into his cock, the sandy fabric abrading her in farewell.

"Keep sucking, but stick your ass out and arch your back." Sniffling, she did as he asked, her bare ass exposed and mountable, head still in his lap.

"Go ahead Vaporeon, you know what to do."

A wet, slippery body splatted onto her back and she felt Vaporeon's slimy cock stabbing wildly, seeking out her tight pussy. Still hard with a fat knot from his earlier breeding with Nurse Joy, Vaporeon growled in pleasure when he hit home, sinking into her abruptly. It burned terribly, she still had sand up inside and it scratched all along her walls with the fat insertion.

"MMMmmmmph!!!" with a mouthful of cock she cried out and wiggled as Vaporeon started savagely pumping her tender box, immediately shooting rapid spurts of sloppy thin cum almost incessantly into her. This was actually a blessing, as the extra watery cum of Vaporeon started to rinse her pussy out, the sand flowing out of her with the stream dripping down her legs. His knot slapped loudly against her lips, battering her gates open, slowly sinking farther and farther into her until finally....pop! It slipped in completely.

Delia felt so full and a little lightheaded as the fat pokemon cock stretched her, the knot barely slipping past her tight lips. Annoyed at her distracted cocksucking, Brock smacked her on the back of her head.

"Hey, you have a job to do. Pay attention!"

She sobbed and sucked Brock's shaft more earnestly, running her tongue along the bottom. She almost involuntarily bit him when Vaporeon, getting more excited, pulled his knot free with a wet squelch, before slamming it back into her tight entrance again. And again. And again. Each thrust was now popping the knot in and out of her, sealing and unsealing her, the tight pussy quivering and spasming under the rough onslaught. It was almost comical how it sounded like wet suction cups.

So this is what she'd been reduced to? A breeding toy for her son and his friends? How had this happened?

She didn't have much time to think about it, for as soon as Brock came down her throat, Ash took his place. Vaporeon rested on her back, panting heavily, his cock softening slightly within her. Having near limitless stamina, he would wait about a minute until he got hard again, then start his pounding anew. Her cunt had stopped dripping with the knot plugging her, but as soon as Vaporeon would begin again and pull it free the accumulated cum would gush copiously onto the floor.

Ash sent out Mr. Mime and had him search for a mop. He ordered him to clean up the puddle occasionally, to keep the mess manageable. Some pokemon had better jobs than others. He'd make his Mom do something nice for Mime later as a thank you, it was her mess after all.

They spent most of the night fucking the poor mother senseless. Delia had no idea how many times she was forced to cum, or how many times she had been cum into. Vaporeon's unending pounding just pulled tired, borderline painful cums from her exhausted, weakly flexing pussy, not caring if she needed to rest or was hypersensitive. She felt filthy, like all her insides were covered with the white stuff. Brock and Ash fucked and came inside her mouth 5 more times each that night, with most of their down time in between making small talk and discussing pokemon, completely ignoring the woman getting railed by the vaporeon right next to them.

Finally ready to turn in for the night, Ash approached the sweaty slattern that was his mother. She was still being bred by Vaporeon, and she rested her folded arms on an empty chair, forehead buried in her arms while she cried.

"OooooohhhHH! G-god!!!" Ash had savagely kicked her dangling breasts, making sure she would still be hurting in the morning. Delia fell sideways off the chair, Vaporeon pulling from her wet cunt with a squelch, clearly irritated at the interruption.

"Time for bed Mom." Ash held up a length of rope. She would spend the night hogtied like Nurse Joy. "We gotta get up early tomorrow, I want to set out before sun-up."


Marched out in the wee hours of the morning, the sky still pitch black, a naked Delia found her arms forcefully pulled behind her back, her wrists quickly cuffed together.

"Time to head back home Mom, we got what we came for." Ash patted Chansey's pokeball, pleased everything had gone so smoothly.

"...if you say so honey." She didn't even want to look at him. With how rough he had been with her, maybe she had been better off enslaved under Mr. Mime. Maybe she'd get lucky and he'd leave her there alone again.

No such thing would happen. Ash would be there for his Mom always now, he wouldn't rest until she became a proper fucktoy.

As the large bird pokemon materialized, Ash put on his raincoat. They would be flying back to Pallet Town early while it was still dark, to minimize the chances of being seen. Flying would save them a lot of time, they could make it in 4 hours. Unfortunately it was supposed to rain along the way, but Ash didn't mind so much since he had his waterproof coat.

Delia was afforded no such protection.

Demoralized and degraded, she watched Ash hop onto the back of Pidgeot and turn to face her. She blushed as she watched him drink in the sight of her bountiful chest, completely exposed with her wrists cuffed behind her. Her pink nipples stood at attention in the cool morning air.

"Stay right there Mom, don't move."
Confused, she just looked at him then shrieked when Pidgeot suddenly launched towards her. Talons outstretched, the large bird closed its feet tightly around her sore tits, then with a powerful beat of its wings, launched towards the air.

"OOoooohhh God!! AHHhhH!!!" Delia shrieked as her feet left the ground. Not only was her entire weight now being supported by her poor globes, but Pidgeot's strong feet, crushing her tits, had talons on them. The sharp tips of the claws dug painfully into the sensitive mammaries, each with three on the tops and one center on the bottoms, threatening to pierce them. She hung squirming, facing backwards towards Pidgeot's tail, her feet dangling below. The wrenched up pinkening boobs were nearly in her face.

"OwWWW Ash! It- it hurts!!!" tears flowing, Delia clawed her hands uselessly behind her back while she kicked, the trio quickly gaining altitude in the dark sky.

Quickly learning the more she squirmed the more stress she put on her chest, Delia tried to still as much as possible, quietly groaning in agony while Ash comfortably sat atop Pidgeot. Periodically Pidgeot would fidget and re-grip her sweaty titties, letting her dangle precariously by one breast for an instant before closing its claws around the suffering fatsack once again. The brief moments of all her weight being suspended from one breast sent lancing pain through her, making her cry out piteously every time.

She could feel each powerful beat of his wings directly in her tits. About 45 minutes into their flight, she felt the first raindrops. An hour in, and they were cruising through a downpour over the ocean. Ash huddled closely to Pidgeot's back but he wasn't terribly uncomfortable. His mom, however, could barely see anything with the water flowing down her face. She shivered uncontrollably in the cold rain, her hard nipples rubbing annoyingly on the rough scaled feet of Pidgeot.

Pidgeot was having a harder time maintaining his grip in the rain, so in addition to re-gripping her tits more often he savagely tightened his talons, squeezing her bags until they looked like they were ready to pop.

"AhhhHHH!! Ash! Ash! The-Aghh!! The claws! Ash! They're sinking into me!!!!"
Unfortunately all the extra pressure caused the tips of Pidgeot's single back talons, one to each foot, to sink into the malleable breastflesh. They didn't penetrate deep, but having two talons pierce half an inch into your tender underboobs was not pleasant.

"Don't worry Mom! He's only doing it by accident! I'll have Chansey heal you when we land!"
"Ash! N-no- aghH!!"

Ignoring her, they continued their journey through the storm, the wind buffeting Pidgeot and slowing them down a bit. The sharp talons worked their way a few millimeters deeper each time they were gusted by wind, and the sharp tips ended up resting just short of her tender breastly centers. On the plus side, Pidgeot's grip improved and she didn't have to dangle from a single breast anymore. Delia wished she would pass out.

Approaching Pallet Town in the rain, they finally began their descent. Pidgeot abruptly dumped Delia into their front yard before landing himself a few feet away, Ash smoothly dismounting and returning the bird to its pokeball.

He didn't believe her about how deep the claws went, and so spent a moment to maul her breasts with his hands to verify her claims. Pushing hard, he pressed the heels of his palms into her boobs, rolling them in circles. His mom's bawling convinced him she was telling the truth, so he brought out Chansey.

Before long healing energies flowed once again into Delia, the puncture marks in her tits healing over. Closing her eyes she gasped in blissful relief, relief that was once again cut short by Ash, Chansey disappearing back into her pokeball.

...Only to be replaced by Farfetch'd.

"Use slam Farfetch'd, warm up those fat knockers!"

Before she could protest they were already 'warmed up', the wooden stick wielding pokemon suddenly jumped up from the ground and slammed its stick savagely into her still throbbing tits.

Delia sank to her knees instantly, and tried to twist away from the pokemon.


It got in a second blow, right across both nipples, before Ash returned it to its ball. Delia moaned, the throbbing coursing through her teats. As bad as it was, it was still better than the piercing ache from the flight.


"unh! unh! ohh! unhh!"
A week later in the morning, Mrs. Ketchum moaned wantonly, her legs splayed out, cunt throbbing. She was laying in her bed, or rather, what used to be her bed but was now 'their' bed. Her son Ash was pounding her pussy hard, taking the opportunity once again to relieve his morning wood.

"G-god Ash, we shouldn't *ungh!* do this!"
"Really Mom? You're still going on about that?"

She defiantly tried to push him off of her, but he just yelled for Mr. Mime, who ran over and pinned her arms above her head.

Gripping her hips, Ash stood up and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, then violently slammed back into her again. Her sex clenched involuntarily, her intimate flesh tightly embracing him.

"Ungh!" Delia looked hatefully up at her son, her cheeks flushing with sexual pleasure despite herself.
"There we go. There's no point in fighting me Mom. You can't win."
A tear threatened to leave her eye so she turned her face to hide it. She was tired of crying all the time, but she was an emotional wreck. He was right too, she couldn't hope to fight him off with his pokemon.

Her pussy lewdly announced their pairing, the wet slapping noises loudly filling the room. Slamming into her harder and faster, Delia's cunt writhed and twitched around his manhood, and her legs slowly wrapped around him. Ash was soon pumping his seed up into his mother, painting the womb that birthed him white with his own essence. It was so fulfilling.

Pulling out of her, Ash got dressed, letting Mr. Mime release her. Delia ran her fingers through her hair and sniffed. She didn't know how to get out of this situation.

"I'll have to punish you later for trying to push me away Mom."
"W-what? Oh come on Ash, it's just so-"
"Stop arguing. Get your ass up and make some breakfast."

She stared at him, would he really hurt her for such a little thing? She sighed, then got out of bed, heading to her dresser.

"No clothes Mom, you know that. I'm tired of telling you."
She knew he'd stop her, but she always tried anyway.

"...sorry honey." She still used the term of endearment with him. She couldn't help it, after everything he was still her darling boy. Her monstrous, wicked darling boy that she grew to despise more each day.

But her boy.

"You know what, since you're so insistent, I'll give you something to wear." Retrieving a spool of fine twine, Ash had Mime hold her while he began wrapping her full left breast around the base.

Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap

Pulling the slack out tightly, the reddening boobflesh swelled as the skin grew tighter, the nipple achingly stiff from the blood pressure.

Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap

"Oww Ash! Please don't!....ouch!"
Wrap, wrap, wrap

Her mushroomed titbag grew harder to the touch, the immense pressure completely unforgiving. Deciding it was acceptable, he tied off the twine and grabbed her right breast next.

Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap...

Both fattened tits were now nicely bound, the bases compressed so much you could barely see the strangling twine. Ash then started encircling more twine across her nipples and behind her back. Slowly her rock hard teats were pushed deeper and deeper into her bosom, disappearing from sight. Crushing them to her chest wall, the twine bisected her already bulging tits into halves, making her feel like they were exploding. The binding interfered with her ability to expand her diaphragm, so Delia was forced to take half-breaths, each intake of air pushing her chest forwards and making her crushed nipples throb.

"Ohhhh..." she moaned quietly, not wanting to give him the satisfaction but unable to hold it in.
"If you try to take the twine off, I'll have Pikachu spend the rest of the morning shocking you." Chills went down Delia's spine, she hated being electrocuted. "Now go make breakfast."

Trying to ignore her near bursting tits, she headed to the kitchen and put on her little backless cooking apron, which Ash allowed. Ass exposed behind her, she quickly whipped up some eggs and bacon for the both of them. Usually while she worked Ash liked to stand nearby while they chatted, occasionally reaching up to gently squeeze her breasts and tweak her nipples through her apron. Today that wasn't really an option, her nipples were otherwise occupied, so he just leisurely squeezed the swollen divided breastflesh, her strangled titties making her whimper. When she finished cooking, he pulled her apron from her, exposing her again, never tiring of how she flushed in embarrassment when he did it.

After eating together, she stood in the kitchen washing the dishes, wondering to herself what other perverse things her son would subject her to today. Her days were never boring anymore.

Walking up to her, Ash began to cut the twine from her, and she sighed audibly in relief. She had reddened rope marks encircling her breasts and across her inflamed, softening lust-nuggets, but they would fade. She grimaced as her chest instantly began tingling from the improved bloodflow, but she was so happy he wasn't going to make her stay that way all day. She took a wonderful full sized breath.

"Thank you Honey."
"Stop trying to get dressed in the morning Mom. I won't be so nice next time."
She sighed and nodded, not meeting his eye.

"Come back to the table when you're finished with dishes." Ash told her before leaving the kitchen. He may have left, but she felt the constant eyes of Mr. Mime on her from the corner. His sole job now was to watch her and keep an eye on her, never in a different room. He even followed her into the bathroom. 'Her handler' Ash had called him.

She finished cleaning up and dried her hands, stressfully rubbing her forehead. Stepping out of the kitchen, her eyes opened wider in alarm.

Ash was at the table, playing with his favorite pokemon; a light purple ditto. The gelatinous pokemon wiggled and flowed around on the table, it's stupid smiling face grinning at Ash. Ditto had the ability to assume the shape and form of anything, including living things.

Delia didn't even know Ash had a ditto, but she did know nothing good could come from him having it.

Nothing at all.

"Get up on the table, whore, and spread your legs."
"Ash! You can't talk to me like that! I'm your....mother..." Delia trailed off as she eyed Pikachu nervously, the little rodent sparking at the cheeks.

"You were saying?" Ash looked at her coldly.
"N...nothing dear. Just, please be gentle."
"Whatever. If anything happens I'll just heal you with Chansey."

Unhappy with this reassurance, Delia climbed up on the table, sitting up and spreading her legs.

"Pull yourself open Mom." Flushing red all the way to her neck, Delia gripped a soft pussy lip in each hand and spread herself, exposing her pink womanhood to his gaze. You could still see a little bit of a white trickle of his cum from earlier that morning.

"I'm worried about you getting pregnant. We could buy birth control but...I prefer more natural solutions."

"Did you know Ditto's body has a slightly basic pH value?"

His intention dawned on her.

"A-ash, no, I don't think that-"
"Go on Ditto, get on in there."

Excited, the blob of a pokemon immediately made a break for her opened pussy, slithering within her, worming it's way in deeper and deeper.

"Oh! N-no! Ungh!"
It's thick, flowing body was very warm and Delia clenched, feeling the ditto pooling around her cervix, most of its body still outside on the table. Then her breath hitched loudly as Ditto pushed even further, slowly worming its way into the tiny, tight hole of her cervix.

"Ouch! It's - ow! It's going into me!"
The little hole dilated as Ditto impatiently forced it open slightly, slithering up inside of her womb. Soon Ditto could no longer be seen, the entire body up inside of her baby factory. A slight bulge below Delia's stomach testified to the mass moving and writhing within her while she bit her lower lip, looking highly uncomfortable.

"oh! g-god it feels so w-weird Ash! ungh!"
"Fill her up Ditto, get a good feel for what you're working with. You're going to be up in there a lot."

Dismayed, Delia groaned as Ditto expanded out, the visible bulge slightly reducing as Ditto traveled out sideways down through both of her fallopian tubes. Spasms and pain shot to her feminine brain, and her womb contracted around Ditto in agony. Ditto simply pushed back even harder, expanding slightly.

Ash pushed down roughly below her stomach, feeling Ditto's wiggling while his mom groaned. Ditto was gently tickling and massaging her ovaries from within her fallopian tubes, her cramping womb unable to expel the invader. Expanding more of its body back out of her cervix again, Ditto formed a small cup and completely covered her cervix from the inside out, then squeezed down powerfully. The entrance to her baby factory compressed uncomfortably, flattening within her like a small ringed doughnut.

He made her keep the squirming invasive Ditto inside her for about 10 minutes, deciding that was long enough for it's body's chemical composition to kill off any fertilized eggs. Ditto was not inactive in this time, constantly stretching and poking her, making her ache deeply in places she had never felt anything in before. It was terrible.

"Isn't this fun Mom?"
"No h-honey, it's not! Please take him out!"
"Ha, well, I do want to see something. Come on out Ditto!"

Delia moaned as the undulating ditto began to slither out of her, her cupped cervix released as her little womb hole stretched wider again, letting the pokemon pass. A feeling of blissful emptiness came over her as he flowed out onto the table.

"Good job buddy. Use transform and show me what Mom's womb looks like. I'm curious."

The pokemon began to change shape and morph, until it formed a perfect little model replica of Delia's womb. It was even complete with fallopian tubes and ovaries; a little pink model of a woman's reproductive system. Ditto's stupid smiling face was etched onto the cervix, looking up at Ash.

Ash picked Ditto up and placed him on his Mom's pelvis, getting an xray view of sorts of her. He smiled as she looked away, clearly disturbed by the perverseness.

"We're going to do this a lot Mom, this will be how we keep you from getting pregnant." Ash grinned at her, then his face turned a little more serious. "We're not quite done today though. Remember, I said I'd have to punish you."

"Oh please Ash, wasn't the twine enough-"
"That was for trying to get dressed again, and I was being kind. This is for pushing me away. Get back in there Ditto! Remember what I told you earlier."

"Ditto!" Ditto looked more excited than ever, turning back into his gelatinous form on Delia and flowing into her once again, spearing into her pussy as fast as it could.

Knowing Ditto was on a mission to punish her this time Delia tried to grab him and keep him out, but he just flowed between and around her fingers. She couldn't even get a hold of him!

In his eagerness to get inside, Ditto forced her little wombhole open to the size of a thimble, making Delia instantly cramp and tense up. Ditto filled her completely, her tender tissues protesting as the horrid little body started expanding.

"Form into the shape of her womb Ditto, but really push her this time. Expand!"
Once again at home in her most private of places, Ditto filled her womb and tubes again and kept growing, and growing. Her womanly flesh bulged within as Ditto grew about twenty percent bigger in volume, stretching her, making Delia scissor her legs together in discomfort. She clutched at her belly uselessly with her hands.

"ohhh! Owwww! S-stop!" Poking out a little from her cervix, Ditto formed the cup again surrounding her cervix but this time rough little somewhat-dull studs stabbed into her, pressing in deep indentations. They formed on the other side as well within her, sandwiching the tight ring of muscle, making her feel like it was clamped into a vice. A spiky, too tight vice. He pulsed and thickened in the hole, trying to further dilate her.

The same pointed studs began to form all over its body, pushing and digging into the lining of her womb all the way to her ovaries. Delia moaned miserably as her legs shook, her back arching prettily.

"Good job Ditto!" Ash pressed on her, checking the progress and making her squeal, her hand futilely clutching his wrist. She didn't try to pull it away though, too afraid of what he might tell Ditto to do if angered.

"Now solidify, turn to granite!"

Delia's eyes widened and she stared at him, then moaned as Ditto complied with the order. His body became very rough textured and extremely hard, and the heavy stone weighed her down. Delia basically had a 10 pound rock inside her completely supported by her sexual organs. Delia shifted in her discomfort, the unyielding stone perfectly form fitted to all her stretched nooks and crannies.

Ash debated making her stand up so she could really get a feel for the weight, but decided against it. There would be many future opportunities for such fun and games. Maybe ice would be better next time...

Unable to help himself, Ash pulled his mom's ass closer to the edge and shoved his cock up into her twat. Ditto only occupied her womb and up, so her wonderful pussy was open for his enjoyment.

"Ungh! H-honey, please, if you *ngh! shake me like that i-it hurts! Oww!"
Ignoring her, Ash pounded her hard, trying his best to punish her with his cock, the thrusts causing the heavy stone Ditto to sway back and forth within. He loved the sounds she would make when, still pounding her warm slippery cunt, he'd push down with both hands over her womb, grinding her wanton womanly flesh against the unforgiving studded granite.

He found the whole thing so hot he didn't last long. Grasping her nipples as he came, he twisted her titties roughly as he pumped into her. His cum had nowhere to go, her womb completely sealed off by Ditto, so it started to leak out onto the table.

Sated, he pulled himself free from his twitching, gasping mother. She was so sore... she didn't think she'd be able to walk anywhere for the rest of the day. Maybe he'd use Chansey on her?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the blinding light of two opening pokeballs. Crabby and the vicious stick-wielding Farfetch'd. Mime still watched intently from the corner, ready to spring into action if she tried to run for it.

Delia wasn't running anywhere, especially with 10 pounds of rock in her womb itself. She just cried and looked at the newcomers fearfully. Why did she deserve this?

"Crabby! Use clamp!" Ash pointed at his mother upthrust tits, and the crab pokemon scrambled onto her. Two large crab claws snapped out furiously at her breasts, trapping her smarting titbags in a crushing grip. They bulged obscenely, quickly taking on a reddening hue from their mistreatment, while Delia clutched at the claws with her hands, desperately trying to pry them loose.

"Oowwwww!!!!! AhhhHHHH!"
"Mime, get over here and make sure Mom keeps her legs spread!"

Obeying his beloved master, Mime approached the table and grasped Delia's near her knees, pushing her thighs wider and wider open until her hips started to ache. He held the writhing woman there.

"Do you know why I'm punishing you Mom?" Ash asked her.
"No! Honey, I know you're upset I pushed you this morning, but it's just not right how you-"

"It's because you're disobedient!" he snapped. "Who are you to say no to anyone? You're a whore that's made to be fucked, and ever since Dad left you've forgotten that."

"I'm your mother Ash! Please!" Tears flowed down her face, both from physical pain and the pain of his words. How did her baby become like this?

"Since you're a stupid whore, then what makes you a woman is what should be punished. Farfetch'd! Use flail on her cunt! I want you to hit her until I tell you to stop!"

"Ash!!! Noo!! *SPLAT! AGhHH!"

*Splat! "NghhH!!!
*Splat! "Nggyaaa!"
*SPLAT! "Ugghh!"

Mime kept Delia's legs wide open as Farfetch'd laid into her womanhood, the violent little pokemon smacking her again and again with his heavy stick. Her soft sexlips reddened as they shuddered under the onslaught.

*Splat! *Splat! *SPLAT! *SPLAT!

Mrs. Ketchum shook like a leaf as her cunt was punished. She started to try to fight, so Ash had to hold her arms down while Mime kept her from kicking. Over and over she was cunt-smacked, Delia crying out especially loudly when the stick would split her lips and smack her right on her clit.

Seeing an opportunity, Pikachu happily pounced on her face and shoved his tiny little mouse cock into her mouth. Screaming and crying into the little rodent's rod, she inadvertently stimulated the little pecker while Pikachu clung to her face with all fours, furiously pumping its hips. Bitter tasting cum starting to flow into her mouth and down her throat, and she choked on it each time Farfetch'd smacked into her pussy. Meanwhile Crabby was doing his best to make her meaty tits pop, re-clamping viciously over and over on the resilient painbags, the extreme pressure causing her nipples to be rock-hard and two slight blue veins to be visible just under the skin.

For his part the stony Ditto grew a little bored inside her womanhood, and so had taken to experimenting with her. He would soften little small parts of himself and try to expand and grow, looking for any give in her soft female sexflesh that could still be stretched a little further before hardening again. He liked it when her womb squeezed down on him, and so tried to provoke it by doubling in length the little studs digging painfully into both sides of her crushed cervix. He wasn't disappointed, and got an especially strong shuddering response from her when he formed little thin needles to lance straight into her aching ovaries.

*Splat! "Ngh! *sob"

"That's enough Farfetch'd."
Figuring the count was somewhere around 50, Ash stopped his pokemon. Farfetch'd looked at the brutalized cunt one last time and quickly pecked her right on the clit, the tendons in Delia's thighs standing out as she tried desperately to close her legs. Pikachu was still humping her face.

"Ditto, Pikachu, let's go, I want to get in some training today. Mime, keep an eye on her, she's not to leave the house. I suggest you clean this place up Mom, you're falling behind. Crabby return!"

While Ditto softened and began to exit her entirely punished womb, Delia wetly gasped in a breath of air as Pikachu hopped off her face. The little pokemon had a tiny cock, but it just wouldn't stop cumming! Taking deep breaths, small cum bubbles formed and popped out of sight at the entrance to her drenched throat, her tonsils whitewashed. Angry red marks on her breasts gave lasting testament to Crabby's grip, the flesh a dark pink threatening to turn purple. She groaned and stared blankly at the ceiling, everything hurting.

Ash stood in the doorway and called out to her "Remember Mom, this is what happens when you disobey. I'll let Chansey heal you when I get back! Have dinner ready, love ya!"


It was Saturday morning.

Delia hated Saturdays.

As had become a Saturday custom, at dawn Mr. Mime crept to the bed and gently woke up his master, lightly shaking Ash so as not to startle him. Delia remained peacefully asleep next to him, her eyes covered by her padded sleeping mask. If they moved quietly, they could usually not disturb her from her slumber.

Their intentions were not benevolent.

Smiling, Ash lifted the edge of the sheets, and Mime gently set Ditto on the mattress. The little blob pokemon shrunk into a teaspoon-sized puddle and slithered silently beneath the covers towards Delia. She slept on her side, with her knees slightly pulled up. Arriving below her ass, his eyes were sinisterly fixed on the apex between her legs, her soft labia gently pinched closed by her thighs. The little pokemon grinned.

Thinning out to the narrowness of a thread, he ever so slowly wormed his way between her labia. As small as he could possibly make himself, the thread flowed into her slowly, and she shifted in her sleep, her sensitive flesh tickling slightly. She remained, however, unconscious. Ditto was a little uncomfortable, not liking how tight and little this space was. Not moving and fully inside the length of her thigh-pinched sex, front to back, with less mass than a teaspoon of water, Ditto secreted a clear lubricating oil. It was warm and she muttered into her pillow sleepily.

Then Delia felt her cunt explode.

Not giving her any time to adjust, he burst his body out into a fat, eggplant sized thickness, nearly instantly taking on the form of a wicked studded dildo. In less than a second, Ditto had stretched the entire length of her cunt to barely short of ripping, worse than if she was being fisted. He knew exactly the limits of this woman's sexual equipment. They could stretch her to birthing levels with some time, but this was the maximum he could do so suddenly without tearing her tender pussy.

This was her Saturday alarm clock.

"UNGH!!! GYYAYAAA!! Gawwwd!!" Delia, pumped full of adrenaline, howled and rolled around on the bed, her eyes instantly watering under her mask from the extreme stretching. Achingly full, sure she was ripping open, she cramped up and squeezed down tightly on the rough rasping studs. She immediately knew what was going on, she had dreaded this when she went to bed last night.

"AHH! NGHH! STOP!!!" She clutched at her her labia uselessly, Ditto had shortened himself and retreated just past her entrance, so she couldn't get a hold of him. He was slightly flexing his body side to side, the poor woman squealing with each change in direction, toes curling. He puffed himself up a little wider and lengthened, her abused womanhood having a little more give to it as it opened up, the protesting muscles practically creaking under the strain.

Then he was gone. After ten seconds of brutal cuntal stretching, Ditto shrank down to his teaspoon sized fluid and flowed out of her, her pink walls instantly snapping shut then gaping open about an inch. He darted out from under the sheets and slithered out through the door. Since the oil he lubricated her with was also part of his body, her pussy immediately dried up.

Delia, gasping and hyperventilating, throbbed. Her pussy was tightly contracting and opening in a sort of spasming sexual PTSD. The elastic girly sexmeat would slowly tighten back up. She ripped her mask off and hugged her knees, sobbing.


"Morning Mom! Time to get up, it's Saturday you know!" Ash was sitting on the bed, laughing at her. She knew very well what day it was, and was not happy about it at all.

"Damn it Ash!" she was still crying. "W-Why does that-that monster! have to wake me up like that?" She glared furiously at him, angry tears leaking around her eyes, her face flushed.

"Because I like it, that's why. Sheesh, you're always so grumpy in the morning."

She glared at him, but didn't continue to argue. He had a tendency to assign her those awful punishment sessions on the slightest whim, she had to walk on eggshells. Calm down. Calm down.

Pulling her out of bed, Ash led the disheveled, bow-legged woman to the shower, pushing her into the cold spray while it warmed up. He got in himself shortly after, fingering her a bit to make sure she was tightening back up and watching her wince. She was pretty snug with three fingers, a few more minutes and she'd be back to her normal tight self.

They washed up and Ash thought about how much fun he'd been having with his mother. He gently cupped her face in his hands, spending a few minutes just kissing her, Delia fighting down the revulsion while Ash reveled in it. Releasing her, he let her start shaving her legs and any stubble she had near her pussy.

Standing in front of the mirror, he made her put on her make-up and do her hair. His pokemon had been working hard and deserved the best from her today. Saturdays were the day of the week Ash rewarded them for a hard week of training, and let them use his mom's throat.

That this was a normal Saturday for her now depressed her. She tried not to think about it. Or how she'd woken up. Or the shower. Or what was about to happen to her. With red eyes looking back at her in the mirror, she applied her dark eyeliner, mascara, and shadow.

While they did their morning rituals, Mime set up the large table in the backyard. The yard was surrounded by a tall wooden fence, protecting their privacy. Ash wasn't too concerned, they lived fairly far from the closest neighbor anyway. Still, he had posted private property signs and had a pair of growlithe patrol outside around the perimeter to chase off any possible visitors.

The table Mime brought out was specially made, with two smalls buttons in the corner that adjusted the legs, allowing the surface to be raised or lowered. Mr. Mime was the one who generally operated the device. The table wasn't the only attraction though. Ash had set up jumping hoops, balls, and a sandy mini arena as well. He thought of Saturdays as a kind of pokemon appreciation day; his mom was just part of it now.

Emerging from the house wearing only a pair of black high heels, diamond stud earrings, and a carefully tied white ribbon around her ponytail, Delia sadly climbed up onto the table and lay on her back, facing the sky. Mr. Mime grabbed her hair roughly and yanked her up the table another foot, pulling her head over the edge, then jerked it back. Her neck arched painfully and her soft lips slightly parted, a humiliated tear rolling out of her eye and into her swaying hair.

She looked like a high-class broad robbed of her dress, all dolled up prettily in her make-up, jewelry and heels. Ash was so happy he could give his pokemon such a treat.

Mime tied her down, securely running rope from the table's legs to her slender ankles, and then doing the same with her wrists, pulling out the slack. He also ran rope above and below her heavy bust and around the table, so she couldn't sit up. Grabbing her ponytail, he tautly tied it to an eyebolt mounted on the bottom of the table, preventing her from raising her head.

All she could do was lay there, her head hanging off the edge, waiting to be used.

Mr. Mime brought Ash his coffee and breakfast, and Ash took a seat at the smaller round glass table in the shade. He took a swig of the warm, tasty coffee.

"I'd get you some coffee too Mom but I think you're going to have plenty to drink." he joked.

"Ash, I hate doing this, please, please, let's do something else honey" She knew it was pointless, but she tried nonetheless.
"Mom, that's not fair to my pokemon! They've worked really hard this week, they deserve a reward!"
"Come on out guys!" Ash said with a mouthful of bacon, throwing his belt of pokeballs. Mr. Mime also started throwing pokeballs, releasing some of the male pokemon Ash had caught but didn't keep on his person.

When the blinding white lights finally subsided, no less than thirty pokemon were running around the yard. Large, small, water, fire, so many different kinds. Some ran to the hoops to play, others ran to the little arena, and most immediately headed towards a despairing Delia.

Mr. Mime always got first round with Delia on Saturdays. Ash figured it was only fair since he relied on the loyal pokemon so much to care for his mother. He was already ready to go; staring at Delia's tits, he was pumping his cock with his hand, getting it hard. Pressing one of the buttons, Mime slightly raised the table, until Delia's face was at the same level as his crotch.

His long pink cock bobbed in her upside-down face, and Delia shook her head, refusing to look at him. Mime was always so rough with her, she hated him. She absolutely did not want to suck his cock, it never ended well for her.

Annoyed, Mime grabbed her fat nipples angrily and started twisting them, Delia's eyes squinting closed. Rolling and pumping her twisted titties, she moaned but kept her mouth clamped shut.

Leaning backwards, Mime yanked her nipples straight up, her womanly globes pulling into cones, straining. Her torso couldn't rise up from the table at all, and another tear rolled up her face.

"Mime, mime mime!" Mr. Mime called out to one of the other pokemon, and Delia felt little feet land on her stomach. With her head arched back over the table edge, she couldn't see what it was.

It was Farfetch'd, the stick wielding duck. Heeding Mime's call for help, he took aim and...


The heavy stick slammed into the extra-sensitive white undersides of her tits, exposed by Mime's tug of war. The soft titbags wobbled like a shockwave had passed through them, and they would have bounced and shimmied all over her chest if Mime's ruthless fingers weren't anchoring them by the tips. Against her will she cried out.

As soon as her lips parted, Mime instantly slammed his cock straight down her throat, her arched backwards neck giving him a straight shot to her gullet. Choking and spluttering, you could make out the bulge in her throat. Mime held himself there, not moving, still tugging up on her nipples viciously, enjoying the moment. Poor Delia writhed and spluttered on his meat, the need for air steadily growing. Her narrow throat tube ached horribly, it felt like she had just abruptly swallowed an entire summer sausage.

Mime suddenly pulled his cock free, and she gasped for air. Given only a split second, she sucked in one lungful before he slammed back into her, throating her with earnest.

*Whap! *Whap! *Whap! *Whap!
"Mnnggh! MMmmg!!"

Farfetch'd resumed beating her tender fuckbags, Mime never releasing her nipples. They still stretched to the sky tautly, jiggling heavily with each heartless blow. Her cries pleasurably vibrated directly into Mime's cock, the convulsing throat massaging him.

Ash watched, smiling. He could always *Whap! count on his buddy Mime to get things started *Whap! right. Better to open her throat up early on. *Whap! *Whap! *Whap!

Delia's shuddering boobs were on fire, but she had more immediate concerns. She seriously thought she was going to pass out from the lack of air, and she felt so nauseous she thought she might throw up if he ever took his cock out of her throat.

*Whap! *Whap! *Whap!
Working her hard, Mime sped up faster and faster, brutally pumping her face like it was her pussy. Tensing, pulling on her nipples as hard as he could, wrenching them farther from the generous boobflesh, Mime slammed home one last time. Her lips wrapped around the very base of his cock, ballsack cradled by her nose. He started cumming heavily, wiggling and rolling his hips side to side, watching the bulge in her throat flex and stretch, the poor woman gurgling and crying.

Feeling outdone, Farfetch'd redoubled his efforts, whacking her welting boobs with tremendous force. The thunderous cracks rang out through the yard as he really did a number on her, not a centimeter of flesh left unblemished. Delia's eyes started to roll back in her head.


Just before she passed out, Mime suddenly pulled out of her throat.

*GASP! *cough! "G-gawd *cough *WHAP!! "G-Unggh!!"

Farfetch'd got in a last whack on her beatable mammaries before Mime released her nipples. Her stretched out titties wobbled back into shape, most of the painful welts on the undersides hidden from sight. Before she had taken two breaths, Ash's Bulbasaur lept up onto the edge of the table, spearing his veiny light green cock right into her hot fuckmouth.

Eyes watering, Delia once again was treated to the first person perspective of a pokemon's cock pumping into her face. At least Bulbasaur, though thick, couldn't quite reach her throat.

Farfetch'd wanted to keep smacking her sore fatsacks around but Bulbasaur's body was now blocking the way. Annoyed, he flew off. He'd be back later on when it was more convenient.

Still in a state of panic, Delia tried to focus her mind and calm down. She knew Ash was probably going to punish her later for giving Mime a hard time. Hoping to spare herself some future pain, she vowed to try to give good blowjobs to the other pokemon. A determined look in her eye, she suckled on Bulbasaur's cock like a whore, swirling her tongue around the shaft before sucking him in deeper.

Wanting to reach her throat but falling short, Bulbasaur humped her face hard then stopped, grinding his pelvis into her until his little balls slipped into her mouth as well. Delia, surprised, stared wide-eyed, her lips pressed to his body, the peckerhead barely squeezing into the entrance of her aching throat, like a cork in a bottle. Proud, but frustrated he couldn't hump her like this, Bulbasaur pulled his balls back out and went back to fucking her wetly sucking mouth.

Bulbasaur was in heaven. He rutted into her face like a rabbit, then started cumming. The bitter fluid washed over her tastebuds, and it had a strong aftertaste of asparagus. As he filled her mouth she swallowed it down, recoiling, sending it to join Mime's seed in her stomach.

*cough "ugh...d-disgusting..." *cough

She opened her watery eyes to see who was next.


It was past lunch time, and Delia was drenched in cum. Most of the pokemon preferred to pump their seed directly into her mouth, or throat if they could, but there were a few that were more...messy. Cum ran all down her face, ruining her make-up and drenching her hair. Everytime she opened her mouth to accept a new cock, thin strands of cum joined her glistening pink lips together. Some thick, some watery, she must have choked down two dozen copious loads by now, each tasting a little different depending on the pokemon.

Her stomach, now a cum cesspool, gurgled and felt full. A lot of pokemon could cum multiple times, and in large amounts... If she took in consideration that the other 29 pokemon were recovering while she was getting facefucked, she doubted she would ever get a moment's rest. She would have to keep swallowing their cocks until Ash called them off.

Sandslash, the short shrew pokemon jumping up and down angrily by her head, was next. Mr. Mime, ever nearby, worked the controls and lowered the table down, her head almost bumping into the ground. She tiredly opened her hot mouth, jaw muscles aching, a large spit and cum bubble briefly forming.

Sandslash was on her in a heartbeat, precum already glistening on the tip of his oddly ball-less cock. Of the frigid Alolan Islands, this sandslash was an ice pokemon, his fur and spines a light blue. Not given any rest, Delia started working her tired mouth again, lips wetly embracing his rigid meat. His skin felt colder than an ice cube in her mouth, and she quickly found out he was one of the rarer pokemon that could cum almost non-stop.

'He must have like a...sperm bladder or something' she thought to herself, her oversexed brain making her snort amusedly. She regretted it, instantly some cum sucked up into her sinuses, her fatigued eyes watering heavily.

Tits once again exposed, Farfetch'd fluttered over. Fear dropped like a rock in her stomach when she felt his little feet on her again.

*Whap! *Whap! *WHAP!

Gurgling pitifully, Delia couldn't stop him as he worked over the tops of her tits this time. *WHAP!!Her jiggling flesh danced across her chest, pummeled from above, seemingly as if he was trying to beat her straight down into the table.

Sandslash's ice-cold cum started flowing from the corners of her mouth in little streams, running down into her hair. With her head inverted, some of it ran up into her nasal cavity, pooling there, the cold giving her a headache. She was supposed to swallow as much cum as possible, if not all of it. Shuddering, she tried to swallow faster, but she could only gulp down cum so quickly without tossing her cookies. And that would end in disaster for her.

*Whap! *Whap! Farfetch'd concentrated on her nipples a bit, seeing if he could make her rubbery pink tips darken. To Delia, pain overflowed from the crested peaks and filled the rest of the breastmeat below.*Whap! Whap!

Sandslash accidentally pulled out of her mouth, humping her chin, and you could see Delia's cold breath as she gasped in and out, her rising nipples rushing upwards to meet the harsh blows. Some of the pooled cum blew out of her nose, but it didn't last long. Sandslash got back on target and was spurting into her fuckmouth again, her cold lips starting to turn blue. She felt like she was drowning in cum, which wasn't far from the truth.

*Whap! *Whap! *Whap!
"Hold up buddy." Ash stopped Farfetch'd from smacking her now deeply red nipples, the little pokemon looking confused.
"I've got something I think will help you." He turned and went into the house.

While his mom spluttered and choked down more cum, now busy swallowing Drowzee's wrinkled fat cock, Ash returned and fit her with nipple clamps joined together by a short chain. The sharp little teeth bit into the sore beaten nips, making her moan loudly. He tightened the little wingnuts on them, making them tighter and tighter, until he heard her muffled squeak.

"Now you can get to those undersides again, Farfetch'd. I know she likes getting hit there."
"And use this." Ash handed him a short heavy metal rod, much more solid than his little stick.

Using one arm, Farfetch'd pulled up tightly on the chain, her clamped teats stretching her breasts once more up into cones. Like with Mr. Mime, her sensitive and tenderized underboobs were revealed, the heavily-welted and weighty curves jiggling slightly below her straining nipples. He took aim, getting ready to wallop his new steel rod into the enticing breastflesh.

*WHAP! "MGHG!!!" His new weapon punished her to devastating effect, cum instantly shooting up out of her nose and around the corners of her mouth, still stuffed with Drowzee's cock. Drowzee just kept pumping away.

*WHAP! *Whap! *WHAP!
Delia frantically sucked on Drowzee, trying to get him to finish so she could beg for a reprieve. Farfetch'd however had started a slow rhythm of beating his way down the entirety of her dark red undertits, starting just below her nipple clamps across the areolas and working his way down, welt on top of welt.
*Whap! *Whap! *Whap! *WHAP!!

*gulp "A-ash, p-please!" Delia gasped wetly, her raspy voice thick with cum. She had just swallowed Drowzee's load and only had a moment before her throat would be plugged again. *Whap! "UNGH! G-gaaawd!" *Whap!! "Ngh!!!"

Mr. Mime was already raising her table up, seeing the next pokemon approaching.

"Don't let h-him" *Whap! "ungh! keep hitting me" *WHAP! "theeERE!" Her trilling voice rose an octave. *Whap! "i-it hurts!" Whap!!! "it hurts so much!!" *Whap! *sob *Whap! *WHAP!!

The areolas looked pretty well-flogged. He took aim slightly downward, allowing for a little overlap. WHAP!

Ignoring her, Ash walked over to the little mini arena to practice battling. Whacking things was the only thing that brought the simple-minded Farfetch'd happiness, she could be so selfish sometimes. The whole point in stealing Chansey was so he could heal her after stuff like this.

Delia's begging cries were quickly silenced by a large Nidoking, who decided she would look better with his huge bumpy cock skullfucking her. He grabbed her head in his powerful hands.

"N-no!-Mrggph!" *gurgle

She hated Saturdays. Midnight was nine hours away.


Since Ash was head of the house now he needed to address the household income. He often made a substantial amount from his wins as a pokemon trainer, so money, while tight, wasn't a big issue. Besides, they lived modestly. Still, a more regular source of cash would help.

One day a naked Delia was tending to her backyard garden, the tall wooden fence shielding her from the eyes of any passerby. Mr. Mime always kept a hold of her leash in the backyard, but she was much more compliant with Ash after a dozen of his punishment sessions with her. She really was becoming a lovely woman. Only the barest hint of defiance could be seen in her eyes these days. She had given up.

Wearing only gloves and a cute straw hat, she worked on her hands and knees diligently, her heavy breasts jiggling and swaying beneath her. She truly was the milf of Pallet Town, especially now that she was denied clothes and so subservient. She still enjoyed her life overall, taking pleasure in the simple things she did around the house, like the gardening today. And if she didn't anger her son, she felt more sexual pleasure than pain. He could even be a little sweet sometimes, though he made sure that her hefty tits were always sore. He liked her that way.

Well, her regular 'womb cleansings' with the invasive Ditto to sterilize her fertilized eggs weren't pleasant either, but she could manage. It was the punishment sessions, and her Saturday throating marathons, that she dreaded the most. She was positive they would be permanently damaging if it wasn't for Chansey's healing. She shuddered at the thought. She couldn't imagine having a punishment session now, it was her time of the month, a time when her feminine charms were naturally sore, and she was sure the extra pain would be horrendous.

Ash joined her in the garden, listening to her hum to herself for a moment while he watched her ass. She looked fantastic bent over, her little pussy pouting up at him alluringly.

'I should make her wear thigh-highs' he thought to himself, then shook his head. Focus.

"I'm glad you're in such a good mood Mom, cause I have great news!"
"Oh? What is it Sweetie?" she wiped her brow and sat back, folding her legs sideways and setting down her little spade. She sipped from her water bottle, waiting for him to speak.

"We're going on a little trip! I just got off the phone with Professor Oak, and he needs some help with pokemon research! I figure if we set off right away, we can be at his lab before sundown."

"You want me to go with you?" Delia frowned. Ash was very protective of her, he generally never let other people near her other than his friends. She grew suspicious. "What could I possibly do to help?"

"Don't worry Mom, I'm sure we can find something you can help with. Besides, I want your company." He looked at her sternly, and she knew she didn't have a choice. There was no arguing with Ash...not without dire consequences.

"Um...okay" she looked nervous but nodded. "I'll just go get dressed then..."
"I've set the clothes I want you to wear out on the bed. Hurry up so we can get going. We'll stop at the greenhouse along the way and order some fertilizer, I know you've been wanting some for your garden."

Happy with that at least, Delia let Mime lead her to her room and remove her leash, allowing her to get dressed.

She couldn't believe the outfit Ash had chosen for her.


"I-I'm r-ready to go, Honey..." a visually upset Delia rejoined Ash, leash in her hand. It was obvious why she was unsettled. Ash had bought her what looked like a child's size pink sundress. The flimsy fabric stretched tightly across her full bust, her braless nipples clearly visible. The hem of the dress came up very short, barely covering her pussy and the lower curves of her ass cheeks could be seen. She was not given panties.

Coupled with her white flower-thonged sandals and make-up, she looked both cute and arousing.

"You won't need your leash Mom, just stay close to Mime and me. Remember, if you misbehave I'll have to punish you later." Delia squeezed her thighs together at the thought. She didn't want her most sensitive flesh to be brutalized yet again, especially now.

With that the trio set off down the road, Mime never far, ready to grab her if needed. There was no danger of her running, she knew she couldn't possibly escape. Even if they ran into somebody else, Ash could just use his Drowzee's hypnosis on them to make them ignore her. It really was hopeless.

After walking down the road a few minutes they veered off down a lightly-trodden dirt path, straight for the small woods near their house. This was a longer, less traveled route through the woods that led to the greenhouse, and Ash opted to take it.

Within the woods, Ash kept an eye out for pokemon, eager to train. Delia watched apprehensively when they were suddenly ambushed by an angry Beedrill, but Ash quickly subdued and captured it using Pikachu. Grinning, he brought out his new pokemon.

The large vile insect buzzed noisily in the air, flying in circles. Delia eyed it warily.

"I hate insects..." she muttered, and Ash smiled at her.

"How can you say that Mom? He's just guarding us now."
"I just like the cute cuddly pokemon better."

Laughing, Ash beckoned Beedrill over.
"Maybe you just need to bond with them more. Bend over and we'll see what happens."
"Ash! No! That's disgusting!"

"Do it! Don't make me say it again!"

Heart dropping, reaching a new low, Delia bent over and braced herself on a nearby tree. Reaching behind with one hand, she pulled her skirt up and back, exposing her ass and pussy to the Beedrill.

"Beedrill, I want you to fuck her! Show her a good time!"

Faceted eyes glinting, the massive bug quickly flew straight at her, a flexible twisting ovipositor worming its way out of its abdomen. Landing on her back, the scratchy insect legs made her skin crawl and it roughly pushed the bulbous tube up into her sex.

"Ungh! God, it's so groooooss!"
The Beedrill began pumping its abdomen, it's simple insect brain committed to its one given task. A slimy secretion oozed from the ovipositor, coating her walls and lubing her up, and Delia shuddered in revulsion.

"How's it feel Mom? Do you like Ditto better?"
"Ash! This is so...wrong ugh! It's so slimy!"
"Beedrill lay eggs Mom. I hope you're ready to incubate!"
"Oh my god!!! Ash no!!!!"

Still Delia did not try to fight off the Beedrill. She had to obey her son, but god she hated this thing. The body had a fine nearly invisible fuzz on it that irritated her back, and her skin crawled as she felt it squirm, the Beedrill's nasty insect head clicking near her ear. A fine gel of tiny insect eggs, almost like caviar, started to spurt into the horrified woman.

While this was going on, no one noticed an adolescent wild Heracross in the bushes sneaking up on Delia. Smaller than an adult, about the size of a bulbasaur, it was a beetle pokemon with a large, bi-forked horn on its head. It watched avidly from behind the leaves. Whatever that Beedrill was doing looked like fun. He didn't have an ovipositor, but he liked the noises this human was making. He wanted to try it too!

He charged forward at Delia, and Beedrill was startled and took off from her. The ovipositor pulled from her wetly, a few globs of eggs dripping from the tip. The eggs would never survive in her snatch and weren't fertilized anyway, but Delia was still beyond grossed out at the feeling.

Before she knew what was happening, the young Heracross rammed her with his horn, the hard, long shaft instantly punching up her pussy tube to come crashing against her cervix.

"AHH! Wh-What is that?!? OWW!" she squealed and tried kicking at the Heracross, who angrily stood on its hind legs, lifting Delia into the air by the pussy.

"Mom! Listen to me!" Ash shouted at her. "I think it just wants to mate! But it's doing it wrong..." Ash suppressed a laugh, clearly amused.

"Ouch! Ohh just, battle it already! Stop it Ash, ouch!"
"That's not fair Mom, he just wants to play. I want you to let him do what he wants, I'm sure he'll be on his way when he's finished!"

Ash's mom couldn't believe her ears. This thing was wild, what if it hurt her?

Then it hurt her.

Still standing on its hind legs, the Heracross decided Delia wasn't making enough noise like she was with Beedrill. Using Headbutt, he started bouncing her up and down on his horn, each bounce harder and more powerful than the last.

This was a nightmare for Delia. Heracross' horn split into two at the tip like a Y, and not only did this spread her snatch achingly wide as it traveled, but the points dug mercilessly into the flesh on either side of her cervix. The pancaked ring, nestling into the crux of the Y, flattened savagely with each bounce, quickly bruising and knocking the wind out of her. She instantly felt sick to her stomach.

Delia whimpered pathetically while Heracross worked, quickly smashing all of Beedrill's eggs she had inside her into a mush. She could feel some of the mush being packed up through the hole of her womb, and she felt nauseous.

'Yeah,' thought Ash. 'It's good for her to broaden her horizons.'


"3 bags of fertilizer? Sure, I can have that delivered to your home! Is there anything else I can get you?" Florinda, the owner of Pallet Town's greenhouse, smiled warmly at her old friend Ash, her large flower pokemon Gloom by her side. A ruffled looking Delia joined them, having just returned from the shed outside. She had been using a hose to rinse out the disgusting Beedrill eggs from her sore twat, working quickly so as to not be caught by any employees.

"Yeah Florinda, we do need something else. Chansey!" The healing pokemon materialized, looking quizzically at Ash. "Use recover on Mom."

Delia sighed contentedly as her well-abused fuckhole healed, only a small ache remaining. The pokemon was trained to stop short of completely healing her. Ash returned Chansey to the pokeball, and Delia looked apprehensive. He always did something to hurt her boobs after healing her. He was probably waiting until they left Florinda's presence. She started trying to think of an excuse to tell Florinda for why she had needed healing. Maybe she could say-

"I want to buy some of that aphrodisiac you derive from Gloom. You know, the stuff you've been experimenting with!"

Ash's mom looked alarmed. Don't tell me Florinda is just like Ash...

"Sure thing! Want to try it out first?"
"Yeah, I think she's ready." Ash grabbed the shoulder straps of Delia's dress and suddenly yanked it down, the pink garment pooling onto the floor.

"A-ASH!!!" Delia instantly flushed in embarrassment, and began to raise her hands to cover herself.

"Gloom! Use vine whip and string her up!" Florinda barked at her pokemon. Long green vines sprang from Gloom's sides.

*Whip! *Crack!
"Ungh!!!" Delia's fatsacks danced across her chest, angry red welts instantly appearing. After cracking into her milkbags, the vines instantly wrapped around each breast, squeezing tightly and lifting the poor woman high up into the air. Gloom had wrapped the vines around the entire breast like coiled springs, sinking them deeply into her while squeezing them into cones. Her proud tit tips could cut glass from the pressure.

"H-honey, please..." she looked at her son for help imploringly, kicking the air and clutching at the constricting vines garroting her tits. They were already extra sensitive to begin with from her cycle.

"Stop talking. As you can see Florinda, her boobs are just great."

"Yeah, she's definitely a keeper. Gloom, go ahead and inject her."

Lowering the wincing woman closer to the ground, Delia's toes were just barely off the floor. The ends of Gloom's vines, still wrapped tightly around her tits, lined up with her nipples. Panic registered in Delia's eyes as she watched the vine tips sharpen into fine points, and Gloom punched the thin spikes forwards, stabbing them downward into the pointed nipples. Three inches of sharp needle instantly disappeared into the aching breastflesh below, right through the sensitive pink tips.

"ahh UhhHH!!"
Since her tits were a bit elongated with the cone shape he was squeezing them into, Gloom slowly lengthened the needles spearing into her, much to Delia's vocal displeasure. He wanted the sharp tips to pierce the entire length of her mammaries, down to the very breastroots just short of her chest wall.

At last perfectly skewered, tears wetting Delia's cheeks, nose runny, Gloom began pumping aphrodisiac into her. A half-dozen small subneedles grew out sideways about an inch within each of her milkbags, internally pincushioning them. They began spraying the powerful hormones.

"Owww AhhhaahH! S-stop it!!! Ohhhhh!"
Slowly massaging her tits with the gripping vines, Gloom then retracted the subneedles and slowly pulled the main spikes from her teats. A small droplet of blood capped her nipples as they exited.

Looking with disdain at the small blood droplets, Florinda wipes her nipples and quickly snaps two tiny rubber bands around each, tightly stopping the blood flow. Delia just whimpered, she knew she wouldn't be lucky enough to get healed a second time.

"An injection like that should last 48 hours. I'll send a few vials of the stuff with some syringes to your home with the fertilizer. Let her go Gloom."

"Great! Thanks Florinda."

Delia stood on shaky legs and cradled her breasts tenderly. "I can't believe you did that to me..." She had been pierced so unnaturally and the throbbing was intense. She could feel an underlying tingle as the aphrodisiac started to take effect.

"Come on Mom, we need to keep moving if we're going to get to Professor Oak's lab!" Ash picked up her pink dress and threw it at her.


Delia had never been so horny. Breathing heavily, she could barely walk; she kept trying to rub her thighs together and her juices flowed in a small stream down her legs. She would have happily fucked anything Ash demanded of her, but, cruelly, this was the one time he left her completely alone. Despite the rubber bands her nipples still strained against the thin fabric of her dress, swelling with arousal and looking like stiff pebbles.

They finally arrived at Oak's lab. She practically ran through the front door, desperately looking for a bathroom so she could touch herself in private.

"Mom, stay with me. I don't want you touching your pussy at all, you hear me?"

She would have blushed in humiliation if her face wasn't already flushed from arousal. Even after all that happened to her so far, she was still embarrassed that her son, of all people, forbid her from touching herself. She was to remain frustrated for the time being.

"Welcome Ash! And nice to see you again, Mrs. Ketchum!" The older Professor Oak greeted them warmly, ushering them into his lab. Bidding them take a seat, he ominously locked the door. Delia remained standing, afraid of both flashing her pussy and leaving wetness on the seat.

She always liked Professor Oak. He had always treated her with the utmost respect and courtesy. She wasn't sure what she could do to help him and Ash with pokemon research, but she would do her best to help him while hiding the sinister abusive relationship she had with her son. She just wished she wasn't so damn horny. Beneath her dress, her heavy breasts still throbbed from the brutal injections, her banded nipples still tightly pinched.

"Allow me to get to the point, Mrs. Ketchum." Oak began. "Your son informed me how things have been tight with bills lately, and it just so happens I've recently received a substantial research grant I'd be willing to share if you can assist me."

"Thank you Professor, but may I ask-"
"Quiet Mrs. Ketchum. I'm speaking to you, not the other way around. If I require an answer, I will ask Ash." snapped Oak. Delia blinked in shock at his abrupt words. What-

"As I was saying... we will be studying human-pokemon cross breeding. Now don't be alarmed, if we do manage to secure a viable pregnancy it will be terminated. This is simply a study into whether such a thing is possible. We will be testing as many different types of pokemon as possible, and I expect you to report here once per month during your ovulation, until the study is concluded. The study can be terminated at any time by either myself or Ash."

With each of his words Delia felt a rising sense of dread and panic. She was to be bred?! With as many pokemon as possible?! In the hopes of making her pregnant?!

And she was ovulating now...

She looked hesitant to speak, and looked at her son imploringly.

"What is it Mom?"
"Honey, please, I don't want to do this..." she started to cry a little, unable to help herself.
"Shh Mom, just calm down. You won't be giving birth to any half-human freaks, I promise. But you know by now you were made to be fucked, there's nothing wrong with you pulling your weight around here and bringing some money in."

"But Ash, I could go to work, or..."
"No. This is what you are for. The discussion is over." She squinted at him but said nothing, sniffing and dabbing her eyes.

Oak cleared his throat. "Well, shall we get started?" Leaning forwards, he grabbed the top of Delia's dress and tugged, the sound of ripping fabric filling the room.


*Ungh! *ungh!! *ungh!!

Delia's moans filled the lab, her clenching pussy cumming again and again, courtesy of the aphrodisiac wreaking havoc in her system.

Following her instructions, her arms were folded behind her back, pushing her heavy bosom forwards. A muscular buff machoke was forcefully fucking her while standing, his two double dicks penetrating deeply up both her cunt and ass. In his iron grip Machoke gripped each of her funbags and used them as handholds, lifting her up by her tits and dropping her back down onto the thick meat of his two cocks.

"Ungh! Ohh Ow Ungh! Ungh!!" It felt like the meathead pokemon was going to tear her boobs from her body as his fingers sank savagely into the sensitive titties, still sorely tenderized from both her vicious injections earlier and her monthly cycle. Her stretched ass and pussy felt so full, and each time they slammed down on the cocks she quivered, despite the pain. Delia wheezed and came again, her drugged body betraying her.

Ash sat nearby playing on his phone, looking up at what was going on occasionally with mild interest. Professor Oak, clipboard in hand, watched avidly, notating the decibel level of Delia and the specific measurements of Machoke.

"Hmm, I know you like both her holes Machoke but this is a fertility study!" Oak said. "Go ahead and put both cocks in her pussy."

"P-professor, w-wait-! Ungh!!!!" Reaching down with one hand, Machoke pulled his second cock from her ass and slowly forced it up alongside its brother in her wet twat. Delia winced and groaned at the aching insertion, her tender sexflesh stretching wider to accommodate the massive amount of cockmeat. Her womb suddenly tensed in another vicious cramp, making her whimper.

Gripping her nipples, Machoke lazily started bouncing her on his cocks again, this time jerking her around solely by her pink teats.

"Ahhh ahhhh!"
Her hands shot up to clutch at his hands, before she slowly forced her shaking arms back behind herself again. Ash raised an eyebrow, he had told her to keep her arms behind her back. Roughly tugging on her, Machoke accidentally ripped off the rubber bands crushing her nubbins, so he had to re-grip, using his thumbnails and gripping a little tighter.

Unable to hold out any longer, Machoke shot long stringy ropes of cum from both cocks, his balls twitching as he filled her to the brim. Lifting her off of himself, he unceremoniously dropped her to the floor in a heap.

"Thank you Machoke. If you would please hang her here." Grunting in the affirmative, Machoke lifted Mrs. Ketchum by one leg and secured her upside down to two ankle manacles on the walls. Her head swung a mere 3 inches from the floor, pony tail dragging, arms still folded behind her.

The wall mounted manacles were mounted wide apart, splaying her legs and exposing her overworked sex below. Taking a freezing cold speculum, Oak abruptly pushed it into the softly crying woman and began to crank it open to the maximum.

"There there Mrs. Ketchum, let's take a look here. There's a good woman."

She could feel the chilly lab air in her cunt. Oak peered down at the puddle of cum swirling around her cervix.

"Yes, that should do. We'll leave you hanging for about two hours, then we'll test your pregnancy. That should be enough time for the probe."

Delia sniffled, but said nothing. She wasn't supposed to talk to the Professor, she had already done it a few times and knew Ash would punish her for it later. The image of the horrid Ditto entered her mind.

"In the meantime, Ash tells me he would like to begin a lactation program. This might sting a bit." Kneeling down, Oak took out two syringes. Delia felt the sharp skewering sting of too-long needles piercing her chest for the second time that day, this time as her tits dangled towards her face. At least it wasn't through her nipples.

"We'll give you a few more injections for the next couple of visits. The best way to ensure success is to stimulate the nipples immediately afterwards."

Throwing 4 pokeballs, a small litter of hungry growlithe puppies whimpered and pawed at her hanging breasts. Two went up on hind legs and latched onto her nipples. They began to suck hungrily, disappointed when nothing happened, but not giving up. The other puppies fought and struggled to try and dislodge them and take their own turn, their paws and sharp little claws smacking into her boobs. Hanging upside down, Delia had a great view of the whole proceeding, feeling demoralized and like a breeding bitch. Growlithe puppy spit would occasionally drip from her nipples in front of her eyes as they suckled hungrily.

"Don't worry, next time you're here they'll get at least a little bit of milk."

Two hours later, Oak put the puppies away, her chafed and chewed nipples sore, hard, and yielding not a drop of motherly cream. She could feel a tingling deep in her breast tissues, no doubt the hormone injections working their magic.

Returning to her splayed out cunt, Oak lowered a long skinny probe down through the speculum directly into the hole of her cervix. Pushing it deeply inside of her, she felt it bump the back end of her womb, Oak pushing down a little harder to make sure it was fully seated.

After a few minutes, Oak removed the probe.

"Looks like it's negative Ash. Machoke failed to impregnate the bitch."
"Sorry Professor, but that's kind of expected isn't it?"
"Right you are Ash, right you are, it will be nothing short of miraculous if she manages to get pregnant. Still, we must test on!"

Glancing at the time, Oak figured he had time for one more test today.

"Machoke, get Mrs. Ketchum down please and bring her over there" Oak pointed towards a large soft rubber mat on the floor.

"Sweetie please" Delia looked at her son from across the room, Machoke releasing one restraint then the other before setting her on her feet. She felt dizzy from being set upright, the blood rushing back out of her head. "Isn't that enough for one day?" her voice cracked.

"Just one more Mom, there's a lot of pokemon to test so we really shouldn't waste our visits to the lab. Did you know they keep discovering new pokemon every day? We might never finish!"

Machoke led the shaky-legged woman to the mat, forcing her onto her knees, spreading them apart. Arms still folded behind her, Oak promptly pushed her head down to the floor, smashing her cheek against the mat.

"Remain on your knees Mrs. Ketchum, ass up. Higher now. Really arch your back."

She was forced into a sort of doggy position, face and chest to the floor, ass high up in the air. The pose put a terrible strain on her back and neck, Oak making her bend as far as possible so that her substantial breasts lay crushed beneath her.

"Looking lovely Mrs. Ketchum, this is one of my favorite breeding positions." Oak patted the pathetic woman on the head, then stood back up. Taking a moment, he stepped on her upper back with his shoe, smashing her breasts beneath her sadistically. Delia just whimpered as he rolled her in small circles, then he let up and walked to his wall shelves of stored pokeballs.

What emerged from the pokeball next made her flinch in fear. A massive Luxray, an electric big cat pokemon, stood majestically on the lab floor. He sniffed the air, picking up the scent of Delia's lewd, wet sexflesh. His cock already began to stir.

"Luxray, you are to mate with this woman. Don't go easy on her, treat her like you would another luxray."

The big cat seemed to almost smile in a toothy grin, then he pounced onto Delia's offered ass. A massive red cock was extending out from its sheath, but it wasn't just a cock. Like all cats, it was a spiked cock, with stiff, backwards facing barbs.

"ohhh ohhhh ahhHHH g-god!!" the fat cock squeezed into Delia, her wet sexlips wrapping themselves around the cock tightly. It was a tight fit and by no means an easy insertion...but her real troubles began when Luxray pulled his cock backwards, slowly getting into a rhythm.

She instantly knew this was going to be the worst fuck she'd had to date. The abrasive barbs, not sharp per se but stiff and prickly, hooked and scraped savagely all along her tender tissues, scouring her fuckbox with each painful thrust. Squealing, she began begging the professor, disregarding her ban on speaking to him.

"God please Professor please ow! get him Ouch! off me please please it- Ahh! AHh! it hurts please STOP HIM UNGHH!" Oak shook his head at the blubbering cock sleeve and looked at Ash, like one looks at the parent of a misbehaving child. The irony. Ash shrugged.

"Sorry Professor, she's still learning. I promise she'll pay for it later."

"Ungh! OHhhh! Ungh! Aiii!!" Slamming into her wetly, Luxray's punishing cock did its best to wring both pleasure and pain out of her, though undoubtedly the pain exceeded the pleasure. It was so unbearable as it was, Delia had no idea how she would have been able to cope with it if she hadn't been heavily dosed with aphrodisiac. Each powerful lunge into her pushed her down into the mat, and Delia struggled to remain in her ordered position.

Growling possessively, Luxray suddenly discharged a shock into her body. Apparently Luxray were known to shock their mates into submission. While Delia wailed, Oak had an idea. As Luxray fucked her, scrubbing out her suffering fucktube, Oak retrieved a bare copper plate. He eyed Luxray warily, wanting to time this right so he wouldn't get shocked as well. Moving quickly, he knelt down while Machoke roughly grabbed her hair and wrenched her head back, lifting Delia's chest a few inches from the floor. Her eyes squinted shut and her mouth opened in a silent cry, her spine protesting the strain.

Oak quickly slid the copper plate under her hanging mammaries, the nipples barely grazing the cold copper. Machoke then shoved her back down to the ground, holding her cheek to the mat while she hyperventilated. Her heavy breasts smashed flat against the conductive copper, the grunting woman panicking at the implications.

"nonono please *ungh! don't!!! NghH!" Smiling wickedly, Oak clips a positive electrical lead wire to the left side of the plate, and a negative lead to the right side. Then he taped those leads to either side of Luxray's head.

The next shock unleashed hell on poor Delia. While her clenching cunt felt like it was being scraped raw by the bristling cock, Luxray let loose another round of voltage. This time it was all redirected down the path of least resistance and traveled down the wires to the copper plate on the ground...on which Delia's heavy knockers rested.

Her delicious milkbags lit up in fiery breastpain, her sensitive chest absorbing the cruel concentrated current. Her pink nipples, crushed flat to the surface, felt like they were sizzling. In reality, Luxray was using hardly any of his power, but he did enjoy the squeaky little noises this woman made. Her arms shot out sideways, desperately trying to lift herself from the plate, but Machoke held her down firmly.

When the shock finally abated, Delia started weeping anew and bucked her hips back to meet Luxray's punishing thrusts. The move was involuntary, a result of the aphrodisiac, and the barbed cock punished her terribly for it.

As the big cat kept fucking her, her pain addled brain tried to resume functioning. Moaning, she forced herself to fold her arms again behind herself, sure she was in a lot of trouble. Finally she began to feel the spurts of cum squirting into her. She thanked her lucky stars, it was finally going to be over!

"Oh! nngh! it's finally...ngh!! he's cumming! AHH!!!" Luxray roared, drowning her out, and released another shock, this one stronger than the others. Her jolted tits soaked it all up, and Delia wondered when it was her breasts were replaced with these two boiling hot sacks of liquid ache. She wailed.

Luxray stayed embedded in her for a few minutes, his cock slowly shrinking, and Machoke released her head. Luxray would try to dismount and walk away but the barbs resisted him, dragging her back with him. Eventually he tired of waiting and decided to force the issue, jumping off of her and scouring the entire length of her fucktube one final time.

"Good boy Luxray, return." The massive cat disappeared into the pokeball, leaving just a broken Delia laying on the floor. She had drawn blood with her nails from her arms during her ordeal.

Another bright light, and Ash was sending Chansey over. "You'd better fix her up Chansey, I think she struggled with that one." Delia just looked at her son hatefully. How could this be her life now?

The soothing healing from Recover only lasted an instant, not even abating a quarter of her soreness, before Ash interrupted the process and returned Chansey to the pokeball. He was angry with her after all for continually violating the rules.

Delia once again was subjected to her upside down inspection, the growlithe puppies happily suckling and gnawing at her dangling barren teats. Her nipples were so overstimulated from the electricity earlier that their little chewing teeth felt like knives to her. She just bit her lip and tried her best to be silent. When they finally probed her, the pregnancy results came back negative.

"Well, looks like that was all for nothing." Oak said cheerfully. "It's okay my boy, you can't let these sorts of things get you down!"
"I know, Professor! But I think Mom and I better be heading home. I promise to bring her here every month, maybe more if you just want company."

"Take care Ash. And Mrs. Ketchum-" Oak looked at Delia, whom Machoke was taking down from the wall. With her runny mascara, disheveled hair, and cum-leaking pussy, she looked like she had been through a war zone. "I suggest you become more obedient, you're embarrassing your master."

"Apparently we still have work to do." Ash said quietly, glaring at his mother.
"I-I'm sorry Honey. Please, don't be too angry."

She gingerly walked to his side, her aching body making her slightly bow her knees inward. His face softened slightly when he saw her sniffle, looking wretched and sad. He took her hand and smiled.

"We'll get there! I know! Let's go get ice cream before your punishment tonight."

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