Sweet tempation [Fate]

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“Would you like to spend the night with me?”

Choking on his tea from the unexpected question, hot tea burning down his throat, he turned sideways from the woman sitting in front of him to try and calm his coughing fit.

Cheeks flaring, Shirou glanced over the table at the usually quiet servant.

She was smiling, a rare occurrence in itself. But this time it was different from usual, as if she knew something that he was so desperately trying to hide.

Has he been that obvious about it? Were Rin and Sakura also aware of it? He was sure he had been careful.

As much as he wanted to, he could not help it. Living under the same roof as three attractive girls such as them would be difficult to handle for any hormonal young male. It had been different during the Grail War, being more preoccupied with surviving than taking care of his urges.

But now that it was all over and ever since Rider had started living with them it had been a lot more difficult.

The latter was not like Rin and Sakura. They just could not be compared.
No, while it was true that the two of them were attractive he did not feel the same kind of a pull as with the purple haired servant. She, contrary to them, was a woman, one he could not help but being drawn to.

Rider was a beauty, nobody could deny it. Even Tohsaka admitted being jealous of her. She had it all, tall, pretty face, with curves in all the right places.  

Now, though, he was speechless, blushing as he tried to hold her stare, waiting for her to admit it had been a joke, teasing him like she had grown accustomed to whenever they were alone.

But she remained silent.

The whole air around her had changed, and he did not know what to make of it. Book resting on the table, one hand on it, she fixed him with a look that he had never seen her with before, as if she could read his mind.

Clearing his throat, he scratched the back of his head, a tic he had developed in uncomfortable situations.

Still, he had to ask.

“Y-You are joking, right Rider?”


She tilted her head slightly, a predatory smile growing on her face.

“We are the only ones in the house right now, you can’t stop the pretense you know.”

As soon as her words registered in his mind, he grew cold inside, heart thumping loudly in his chest.

“I know what kind of desires you have for me.” She continued.

Mouth gaping, heat coming up to his blushing cheeks.

He had been caught.

She knows.

Mind in disarray, no longer able to make eye contact, the wooden table appeared to be a much more interesting object to look at at the moment.

He could try to deny it, but doubted it would work, he was a lousy liar after all.

Else, he could just admit his fault and ask for her forgiveness. Or again, maybe she was just playing around with him. Yes, that was it, he was sure of i-

“You are thinking too much,” She interrupted.

He yelped, startled as the woman who had one moment was on the other side of the table was now standing right next to him at eye level.

Previously sitting cross leg, he lost his balance, the surprise making him fall backward, but fortunately managed to regain control at the last second.

Taking a deep breath to calm his racing heart, he chanced a look at Rider, only to see her approaching him, on all fours like a predator.

He was helpless to stop her as she first passed his outstretched leg, brushing against it in her wake, never letting his gaze waver as she reached her destination, mounting him with both legs spread across his tight.

His breath itched, wide eyed, hypnotized by her beauty. Tilting his head to look up at her, they had never been this close before.

“What’s the matter?” She began, snapping him out of his reverie. “Isn’t it what you always dreamed of?”

He had no response for her, too mesmerized to even formulate a rebuttal. He could only see her now, feel her, smell her. The only thing separating their private areas being their clothes. The stimuli were too much and he was far too inexperienced to resist the temptation, his slowly growing erection testament a proof of it all.

“Tell me. In your mind, what are we doing?” She questioned in a voice so low and soft, almost innocent, which contrasted drastically with her next few words.

“ Are we fucking nice and slow or are you making me sweat for it” She continued.

She chuckles, as she embraces him. Her voluptuous chest flushes against his, his prominent boner pressing even harder against her core. Medusa’s lips were now inches from his ears. He was trapped with no escape possible.

He could not help it, his raging hard on now pressed firmly against the purple haired servant’s crotch, it was a natural reaction, one that he could no longer repress after hearing the quiet woman, a bookworm even at times, kind, mature and polite utter those words.

“I’m sorry Shirou-” She started with a voice even lower than previously. “but I’m not a ‘good girl’ ”

His hard on stretched against his constrict, his breathing growing ragged as he was now at her mercy, right where she wanted him to. It was hopeless, she had complete control over him.

A pair of lips planted a kiss on his neck just below his ears, before moving back, now face to face with him looking down at his glazed eyes, pupil dilated and throbbing cock ready for her and her only.

She leaned over, their forehead touching, her long hair cascading down her back, their lips millimeters away from each other. He could feel her hot breath on his face now.

“Trust me, I won’t look so sweet and innocent with your cum all over me”

It was a promise, a foreshadowing of what was to come in the following minutes.

“I’m going to ride you raw and you won’t care. I will show you heaven and hell. All you will be able to think about is getting back deep inside me”

She paused as if savoring the moment, before going in for the kill.

“I’m going to take all your reasoning and shred it for you” she vowed.

And then, her mouth was on his, and he stopped breathing. Little shivers of pleasure and panic shot through his body as the seductress deepened the kiss, parting his lips.

Her teeth tugged at his lower lip, her tongue sweeping into his mouth and then she’s kissing him open-mouthed, soft-lipped. Circling her arms around his neck, claiming his mouth, swallowing his moans and pushing him back on the wooden floor.

His whole body tingled as his back was pressed against the floor, her soft body following him in his fall. He was a complete novice, and it showed but it did not deter her in the slightest. On the contrary, she took delight in it. She had no issue taking control of the kiss, but at the same time she was not patient . She was demanding, forceful even, completely different from the usually quiet servant, sliding her tongue against his lip, drawing it between her teeth. She took delight in the surprised sound coming out from him,half moan, half groan.

Their hips were molded together, moving against one another. Lips swollen from her assault, they broke apart, ragged breathing and eyes full of lust, he whispered her name.

Or maybe he did not.

He did not care at the moment.

 She was kissing him again.

Knotting her first into his shirt, pulling him harder against her. All intelligent thought left his brain at that moment, his heart soaring as he swam in raw sensations only.  

Heat rose from every inch of his body, no  longer able to control it. There was nothing but the sound of her gasps drawing him in.

So lost in heaven, he had not registered the moment when she made short works of his pants, the only warning being the soft delicate fingers, gripping his organ.

He gasped, swallowed once again by his current lover, toying with his erection with expert hands.

Finally, she let him take a breather, lungs burning in search of oxygen, heart beating loudly in his chest he was almost disoriented from the experience.

Yet, Rider did not seem to be affected by it in the slightest. Rising to her full length, she made short works of her clothes, pulling her black polo turtleneck over her head and discarding both jeans and underwear in one go leaving her standing stark naked right above him.

Eyes glued to her core dripping with lust down her leg, his erect cock throbbed, a thick trail of precum dripping out of its tip.

As much as he would have liked to go on observing her naked cunt, Medusa had other plans for him. She took back her place on his lap, her hot and sticky entrance, rubbing against the length of his rod, as she leisurely gyrated back and forth against it, teasing him with the slow dance.

Still, even she appears to be at her limit and could not wait for it any longer.

Slightly raising her hips, she positioned the tip of his glistening head right against her entrance with one hand, the other resting against Shirou’s firm chest ready to ride him for all he was worth.

Pink pupils met his amber one as she unhurriedly began lowering herself on his shaft, observing him as she was giving her what he had been so afraid to ask for after all this time.

Yes, it was happening, his dick was finally going inside her sticky pussy.

Yet despite it all, a selfish part of him did not want it to happen like that, did not want to remain motionless as she had her way with him.

He wanted to be the one to stick it in by himself.

And so he did, hands reaching for her hips, he pressed her body down while simultaneously thrusting upward, sheathing his dick inside her in one go.

It had the desired effect, a gasp leaving the bewitching woman’s mouth for the first time. She threw her head back from the unexpected attack, body jerking slightly in ecstasy, toes curling, he could not be sure of himself for sure, but he was almost certain that she had enjoyed it.

Though, he himself was not faring much better. It was so tight and sticky inside, her flesh wrapping itself around his shaft like a snake, not letting it go. Biting his lips to prevent himself from cumming was not even enough as a small amount of precum coated her inside with his color.

It may have been a little too presumptuous from his part, he overestimated his stamina it seems.

Yet, when Rider came back from her high, the look she was giving him was foreboding enough.

A shudder ran through his spine.

He had never seen her like this.

There will be no more holding back, the glint in her eyes was telling enough, consumed by desire. She had let him have his small moment of reprieve, now it was her turn again.

She was on a hunt and he was her prey.

There was no warning, no signal before she raised her hips again and slammed it back down on his cock, riding him, milking him dry. If he thought she had been tight before it was nothing compared to what he was currently experiencing.

She mounted him relentlessly, one hand on his chest while her hips did the rest. Soon enough, pants, moaning and flesh eating flesh in an obscene symphony where the only sounds in the house.

Breast swinging along her movement, perspiration dripping down her body, she was magnificent as she took what she wanted, satisfying a desire they both craved for. It was beyond his wildest dream and he did not want it to end.

Up and down, gyrating from side to side, squeezing him from the inside, she did it all.

Cock now coated with her juice as he thrust back against her, groaning in delight, he surprised himself by how long he was able to last.

Yet he knew he could not hold on for much longer, not with this goddess of a woman in front of him.  Breathing unevenly, he tried to warn her of his incoming release, but she was either too lost in her frenzy to hear him, or she simply did not care.

Inexperienced as he was, he still knew that cumming inside could be an issue, heroic spirit or not.

Finally, as if reading his mind, she locked eyes with him, feeling his hard rod pulse inside her, swelling in his preparation from his orgasm. Balls tightening he mustered all his willpower to prevent himself from coming right there.

Still, instead of getting out of him, Rider sheathed him fully inside her, sitting on his laps. Leaning forward, so that their faces were leveled with each other, she stared down at him with a smirk on her face, pupil fully blown with desire

“You don’t have to hold back.” She started, voice raw with lust. ” Cum as much as you like.”

She continued, nearing closer to his face until her mouth rested mere inches from his ears.

“Make a mess out of me.”

He could not resist her.

He did not want to resist her.

The floodgate was open. His semen painted her inside white like a broken faucet.

Tooth curling, hips raising as he released his load in her baby chamber, he was on cloud nine and it did not seem to stop. At this precise moment in time, he was completely lost to the world, euphoria taking over his body.

Minutes passed by as his body started relaxing again. Deep breath, eyes locked on the ceiling, he did not think that such pleasure could exist in this world. Though, he might be all thanks to his partner.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t had my fill yet. You see where I’m going with this right, Shirou?

A pregnant silence, his flaccid penis slowly raising to his full mass again was the only sign that she needed.

The night was far from over.


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