Stay For Dessert

BY : RoyalBlueRoses
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Vegeta considered leaving the living room where he'd been lounging, waiting for the woman to join him. She never followed him there, for whatever reason. He'd enjoyed the dinner she made for him, smoked salmon, delicate oysters, asparagus, blood red ginseng tea. They were aphrodisiacs, she was well aware of this while she cooked it for the two of them. Yet, he was still hungering for more. Perhaps a dessert? Vegeta approached the kitchen, still steamy with delectable scents, his nose taking him towards the curious woman he'd dined with. He found he did like her scent, as long as he disregarded Kakarot's, which lingered ever so slightly. She smelled warm, spicy, perspiration dappling the back of her neck where her high collar met strong shoulders. She was not as fragile looking as he was accustomed, her dark hair pulled up into a tight knot atop her head black as ink, very becoming of a saiyan woman–if she were one. 

He'd never really noticed much other than the loud voice of Kakarot's woman… until now, that is. Vegeta took another surreptitious glance at her from where he stood at the threshold of the warm kitchen. Chi-Chi was busy cleaning up the remnants of their home dinner date, her bottom swaying slightly as she hummed to herself. It was her turn to switch husbands, the kids were now at Capsule Corps., along with Goku – alone with his Bulma. Vegeta eyed her ample figure with narrowed eyes, attempting to find where fabric met flesh, and where the curves came to divots. 

"Did you need something?" Chi-Chi huffed, looking over her shoulder at him. She never really liked the nasty sneer that Vegeta always had, the pompous way that he carried himself. But, was his sideways smile really nasty now, that it was focused on her? Chi-Chi quivered, a shiver going down her spine as the dark stranger stood as if waiting to be invited in further. 

"I don't know, do you?" He said in a low, rumbling tone, licking the last of her delightful cooking from the corner of his mouth. 

"I know we have an agreement, Vegeta, but it's really not necessary to jump right in-" She began, sensing his lustful gaze crawling down the curves of her body. 

"Not at all, I just was looking for some dessert." He said in an almost purring tone, something she'd never heard coming from him, or Goku for that manner. She carefully set down the dish she was washing, and dried her hands on a towel. 

"Of course you're still hungry." She remarked, scoffing. He was, after all, a saiyan. Chi-Chi walked to the fridge and hesitated there, glancing back at him. "You can come back in, you know, take a seat...Vegeta." She said with a sweet tone, hoping the change in tone would encourage him. Isn't that how Bulma would talk? How does she deal with him?? She wondered, seeing how he entered the kitchen, arms crossed as he observed their meagre surroundings, then pulled a chair out, sitting down facing away from the table, his gaze situated directly at her.

"We have chocolate cake, cookies, muffins, pudding… pie, cupcakes…" Chi-Chi rattled off, rummaging through the covered dishes. 

"Give me some of that pie." He sneered, and Chi-Chi gave him a suspicious glance. 

"Apple, or Cherry?" She questioned. 

What's this beating around the bush for? Vegeta growled inwardly. 

"....Chi-Chi." He snapped seriously, and she froze at the harsh sound of her name rolling off his spiteful tongue, slamming the refrigerator door shut.

"WHAT?! Tell me what you want, or you can leave this house!" She shouted, tearing away her apron to reveal her frumpy garments. 

Frustrated. The air between them was thick with frustration; not knowing how to interact with one another appropriately to get to the same endpoint. Vegeta scowled, his dark eyes crawling back up her thick purple cheongsam that left very much to the imagination. 

"Either we get this over with, or you can forget it." He stated seriously, then his smirk grew once again as he recalled that it was the harpy vixen's suggestion. Chi-Chi frowned deeply at that, her fists balled up at her sides. 

"...Apple." He said flatly, grimacing. 

"Fine then. I'll give it to you." She said with a sly smirk of her own, brushing a long bang away from her cheek. Vegeta stiffened imperceptibly, his eyes widening a fraction as she turned, and bent down to retrieve something from the refrigerator. He shamefully ogled her backside, feeling his mind jumping back and forth between lust, and hunger. He simply couldn't decide what he wanted now, but perhaps he could have both? 

"Good boy. Just sit and wait a moment." Chi-Chi said smoothly, pulling out the pie dish, and opening the oven door, then closing it, turning the knob to quickly broil it. 

"You want it hot, don't you? Cold just wouldn't do." She asked, cocking her brow at him as he shook his head quickly; his mind muddled with his surprise at the change in dynamic. 

"Yes." He clipped, crossing his arms and looking away from her. Chi-Chi chuckled softly, her hand to her chin as her deep brown eyes warmed on him, admiring his adorably flushed cheeks; something she didn't realize the stoic man was capable of having. 

"Bulma's right. You are cute." Chi-Chi giggled, and his eyes snapped back to her, bristling with offense. 

"I am not cute, you wench." He snarled, if he still had a tail it would be wagging angrily. His nose pricked, suddenly too distracted by the scent to be angry with her. His nose tingled and mouth watered with this new scent it had discovered, and he abruptly stood from the chair. 

Chi-Chi froze a little in place, gasping as he came forth, the small motion of his nose making her suddenly feel highly self-conscious about her own scent. Goku may have been lacking in knowledge about saiyan customs, but his primal nature was still present in small ways. He enjoyed her smell very much, and loved to sniff her all over on a daily basis. He was almost like a bloodhound when it came to finding where she had sat, or had last been. So there was no question in her mind that Vegeta also had heightened smell, and could most likely smell… everything

"Ah.. haha, yes the pie is warming up, you must be able to tell." She said with a studious wag of her finger, a bead of sweat rolling down her temple as he smirked at that, and kept advancing. 

"J-Just five minutes," She reassured him, her eyes growing impossibly wider.

"H-hot in here, isn't it?" Chi-Chi said anxiously, pulling at her collar. She pulled open the front closure on accident, and he stopped in place. Chi-Chi raised her brows. Oh, I see. She inwardly snickered, tugging open the second closure. She didn't feel embarrassed, after all, she'd better get her money's worth for the lingerie Bulma had gotten for her for this very occasion. She told her that Vegeta would just eat her up in it, and Chi-Chi was feeling more confident now as he stared. Vegeta's mouth parted slightly, his tongue tracing along the lower rim of his full bottom lip.

Chi-Chi loosened the next yellow snap, and peeled back a triangular fold of her cheongsam. Her body quivered with her anxiety, but she continued; encouraged by his hungry gaze. She removed the top layer, left with the undershirt and billowy pants below that didn't scream sex kitten at all. Chi-Chi quickly disposed of them, tossing her clothing on the floor, left in nothing but racy lingerie. 

Just as Vegeta's eyes fell to examine what she was wearing, there was a loud beeping from the oven. The woman fumbled to stop the incessant noise, turning the knob off, then looking around frantically for her oven mitts. Vegeta grew impatient, and came forward to fetch the pie for her, the warmth from the ceramic dish in his hands only a dull heat, whereas Chi-Chi would have burned her hands trying to fetch it. He retrieved it, and set it down carefully on the counter, the warmth and sweet smell of cinnamon and apple pleasing to his senses, but... it wasn't the same as what he caught a whiff of before

"I'm sure you'd like whipping cream, I-I'll go fetch some." Chi-Chi said hurriedly, but was stopped by his arm suddenly blocking her path to the fridge. Vegeta could wait a few moments to eat dessert, he had to have a taste of her , first. Once Chi-Chi rested her shoulders against the wall, he was finally able to get a good look at the timid woman. He gazed deep into her eyes, chuckling at how she nervously avoided his gaze. "Just what do you think you're--" She began, but was stopped altogether by his lips on hers. Chi-Chi gasped against the warmth of his lips, urgently pressing to hers. Vegeta placed his hand on the side of her face, and stroked it tenderly, pulling raven strands of hair away. Her eyes slowly fluttered shut, and Chi-Chi moaned softly, reciprocating his kiss. 

Vegeta rumbled softly when he felt her plush lips moving against his, and traced his tongue along her lip, making another gasp come from her as he took control and deepened the kiss. He leaned in close, pressing his body against her, he began feeling her, rubbing his calloused palms down the smooth sides of her waist; enjoying the slight of friction beneath his hands as he felt the lacy undergarments. Chi-Chi whimpered under his touch, squirming as he squeezed her hips and rendered her mute with his kisses, pulling her leg up by the thigh so he could wedge himself between her legs. Chi-Chi's entire body quivered, the heat she had felt growing in intensity as he ground himself against her. She gulped upon feeling the hardness she'd caused grinding against her, stoking the fire in her veins furthermore. Her hands managed to find his chest, shaky as they were. Chi-Chi was feeling and admiring his hard musculature, finding it curious that Vegeta didn't need to lift her up to kiss her like Goku always did. That small, insecure part of her mind reminded her that this was not Goku. Her arms unexpectedly straightened and pushed him back from her so that she could breathe, panting against the wall. Vegeta glared at her, startled by her sudden refusal. 

"I don't rut like an animal in my kitchen, Vegeta. Maybe you and Bulma do, but I don't!" She began, growling. 

"Plus, the pie is getting cold." She huffed, her reddened cheeks blatantly revealing that she'd gotten too hot and bothered, and was coming up with whatever excuse she could to delay intimacy. Vegeta sighed, and decided to entertain her, adjusting himself in his jeans as she turned around to fetch the whipped cream. He supposed he didn't mind so much, he did enjoy dessert, and the more he pleased her by behaving like a 'good boy' the closer he'd get to his prize. Is this how Kakarot behaves? Like a child… pathetic. Vegeta thought absently as he examined his former rival's wife's round buttocks. She wore a lacy cage of frustrating straps and stockings, just as Bulma always had. He didn't mind the gauzy adornments, he saw a woman in lingerie like a present, just waiting to be opened. He just couldn't wait to see the flesh underneath. 

Chi-Chi turned around and presented him with a bowl of homemade whipped cream, taking a spoon and folding the fluff in on itself. She smiled blissfully, and set it down besides the pie, once again humming away as if forgetting he was even in the room. Vegeta huffed, and began unbuttoning the jeans constricting his unrelenting erection, dropping them on the floor, then peeling away his tee shirt as well before taking a seat in the chair again. Chi-Chi covered the entire pie with cream, smoothing it over the brown, bubbling top with a knife. She then took a large spoon, and turned towards him with a clever grin. He was already sitting how a good boy should, her teeth scraping her bottom lip as she eyed the thick bulge making a tent in his grey boxers as he waited for his dessert. 

Chi-Chi took her time assessing him, licking the knife slowly as her eyes trailed up his golden abdomen rippling with muscle, a smattering of smooth, pale scars deserving her healing kisses covering him from his waist, to just below his thickly corded neck. Vegeta gulped, watching how her creamy thighs caressed one another as she slowly walked towards him, pink tongue gathering up the white foam from the knife, then running the side of the blade against the red flat of it. Vegeta's throat bobbed, sweat running down his back as he felt his groin only growing more taut with her teasing. Chi-Chi giggled, tracing the knife across her full breasts, making white marks on her already porcelain skin. 

He licked his lips, so close to uttering the cursed words of begging, please, please… I need it, now.. The shameful words whispered in his mind, and the corner of her mouth quirked up as she sensed this. She'd come so close now, he could taste it. The sweetness of cream, vanilla… the spiced musk emanating from her peephole panties, where diamonds dangled above delicate floral stitching, a wet thatch of hair almost visible beneath black panties, with a tiny opening that revealed a glistening pink morsel to him. Vegeta's fingers dug into the wooden chair beneath him, wetness growing at the apex of his shorts as he gazed hungrily at her. 

"Eyes up here, big boy." Chi-Chi said, and Vegeta winced as he felt a startling sensation on his chest, she was aiming the knife at his chest, poking there threateningly. The audacity of this woman, he thought before becoming quickly distracted once again. Now that she was so close, he could truly admire her breasts in a lace harness, her dark areolas just nearly visible through the thin fabric. "Bad!" Chi-Chi snapped, and swatted him with the knife, hitting him on the meat of his thigh with the flat of it. Vegeta tensed, a spell of momentary confusion causing him to freeze as his excitement due to her, and the small snap of pain muddled his senses. 

"Eat your pie first, bad boy." Chi-Chi said, and took a heaping spoonful out of the dish, the whipped cream like a cloud atop the glazed apples. Vegeta dug his fingers into the chair, his eye twitching with rage as she dared to boss him around. 

"What do you say?" She intoned seriously, and held the knife now over his heart, racing against the cool metal. 

"I say… this is fucking ridiculous, woman, just let me--" pain . His eyes widened, looking down to see that she had scratched across his skin with the knife. His eyes widened impossibly larger with the indignation, then he gasped as Chi-Chi took the knife, and licked it. "Mmm…sweet and salty go so good together," She purred, filling her mouth with the delightful pie and moaning. Chi-Chi started moving her thighs together; spreading her growing moisture by using the rough fabric to stimulate herself. Chi-Chi licked the spoon clean, closing her eyes as he watched with heated frustration. 

Vegeta's chest rose and fell, the tiny scratch beading with blood as he found his arousal didn't budge at all from her abuse, in fact, now he was feeling even more ravenous for her. Something about the way she dared to attempt to make demands of him, dared to harm him.. it made him hungry to see how far she would go. 

"Could I... have a taste?" He finally panted out, defeated, yet Chi-Chi smiled at his gentle wording. 

"All you had to do was ask me, Vegeta." She responded, and dipped the spoon in, pulling up a hefty amount for him, just dripping with wet, translucent glaze, streams of melted cream running down the golden brown crust. 

"Open up!~" She said, a bit of cream falling onto her chest, and running down the side of her perspiring breast. Vegeta slowly opened his mouth, and Chi-Chi giggled, squatting slightly to spoon feed him. Vegeta allowed her to slide it in his mouth, which now burst with flavors. He moaned through his mouthful of dessert, making her beam with joy at his approval. 

"How is it?" She asked, pulling the clean spoon from his mouth. Vegeta licked his lips, then chuckled lowly. 

"It's alright." He shrugged, and she balked at that, standing up straight with her hands on her hips, the knife tightening in her fist. 

"Oh really?" She snapped back, "Just alright?" Chi-Chi growled, holding the knife out now a few inches down from before, now at his nipple. She played with it, using the sharp tip to fondle his sensitive brown nipple. 

"I dare you to say it again," She threatened, Vegeta feeling a laugh from deep in his belly at her threat.

"Cut it off, I don't need it. Yours though, you do." He said without fear, leaning back as if encouraging her. She made a sharp exhale of breath, and pressed the tip of her knife into it and twisted. Vegeta bit his lip, but remained unaffected; enjoying the game she was playing. He wasn't afraid to be gouged, but he knew she didn't have it in her to really harm him. Chi-Chi pulled the knife back, crossing her arms over her breasts and making the cleavage deepen. 

"You're lucky that was just a warning." She remarked flatly, her own nipples erect beneath the thin fabric as the cool knife rested up against them.

"What's next?" Vegeta asked almost eagerly, licking his lips. Chi-Chi smirked, and set her heel between his legs, making him jump back a tiny amount as she placed her pointed heel so near to his groin, revealing what the peephole in her panties didn't conceal. 

"If you finish all of your food, you may have a taste of me." She said softly, and Vegeta nodded, staring at her glistening pink clit, now glazed with her juices.

"Yes." Vegeta clipped. He just wanted to nibble and suck on it, his mouth watering as her spicy scent hit him, and his softening erection hardened up once again. 

"Good boy." She cooed, and placed the pie dish on her knee, taking another heaping scoop out for him. He ate the pie obediently, enjoying every bite until just a few more remained. Chi-Chi moved to feed him, but the pie fell off the spoon, and landed on his chest with white splatters, bits of apple rolling down his abs. 

"Oops. I'll clean that up." She said, and set down everything to attend to him.

"Stand up." She ordered, and he stood, the dessert seeping into the hem of his boxers as he did. Vegeta's breath hitched as she began to lick his chest, gathering up the cream, and morsels of dessert as her hands rested on his hips, gripping him to keep him still as she bathed him with her tongue like a mother cat. Chi-Chi knelt to clean down further, moaning as the salty taste of his skin mixed with the sweetness deliciously. She licked up his abdomen, moaning softly as she did, Vegeta staring down with glassy eyes filled with his desire. 

Chi-Chi settled on her knees, then looked up at him hesitantly as she fingered the waistband of his shorts, where moisture was seeping. Vegeta thought of a delightfully evil idea, and took the spoonful out of the pie, pulling open his shorts, and dropping a large wad of cream in them. 

"Oops." He sneered, and Chi-Chi gawked at him in disbelief. "Will you lick that too?" He asked, and her dark eyes blazed up at him. 

"How… how dare you…" Chi-Chi seethed, seeing red. 

"You disrespectful man…" She growled, standing up quickly. "I kneel for no-one." She huffed proudly, and Vegeta grinned. She was a princess, after all. Perhaps only of a tiny earth kingdom, but as a Prince, he could respect that. 

"As you should." Vegeta countered, then took her quickly by the shoulders, and spun her around to sit in the chair. 

"Here, your throne, Ox Princess." He said smugly, and pulled down his boxers, allowing the annoyance pressing up against the fabric to bounce back against his abdomen. Chi-Chi gasped as she marveled at his cock, sopping with white whipped cream, stunned into silence. 

"Now, be a good girl and clean it up." He said roughly, taking her by her bun, and pulling her face closer to him. He was tired of playing games, Vegeta knew now with all certainly that Kakarot's woman was worth mounting, rutting with, and being filled to the brim with his royal seed. She hadn't experienced sex with a saiyan retaining all his faculties, one that knew how to give her pleasure with more than just one organ. 

Chi-Chi looked up to him and blushed, then concentrated on his confection covered erection, opening up her mouth to lick the cream from him. Vegeta hissed through his teeth as she started out hesitant, then became more eager, taking him inside her mouth. He placed both hands on her black bun, and used it to direct her motions, groaning as he finally hit her throat, holding her head there, and jerking into it. Chi-Chi made muffled gulps and strangled for her breath, gazing up at his thrusting abdomen as he stared down at her, and smiled as her hair fell from the bun beautifully, making her look more youthful. 

"Show me…" 

Chi-Chi's cheeks reddened as he clutched her face, pulling her back, and seeing how sugary saliva and pre-cum dripped off her tongue in milky streams. He wanted to save her dessert for later, and let her go free, Chi-Chi wiping her mouth clean. He suddenly knelt, and pulled her hips closer to his face. A prince knelt, especially once knighted by a woman's thighs. He gripped her thighs, and pulled her close to his face to bury it in her warmth. His tongue found the peephole, and darted through it. Chi-Chi squirmed and moaned loudly in surprise, not expecting him to dive in so suddenly. Vegeta stroked her clit with his taste buds all firing off in ecstasy, enjoying her foreign, musky taste with just a touch of sweetness. He dug his fingers in, and tore open the panties to her surprise. Vegeta went to dive back in, but was suddenly surprised by a knock on the head, as she flung the spoon at him. 

"Those were expensive!" She shouted, looking as if she were about to cry. 

"Did you pay for them?" He snarled, and she looked meek. "Well, no, but they were a gift from—" He stopped her. "Yes, a gift. To do with, whatever I want to, correct?" He growled, just over the glistening pink flesh that was making his rage grow with every moment she chose to argue, instead of honoring their agreement. 

"Y-yes…" Chi-Chi responded coyly, and Vegeta's eyes glinted up towards her with approval. 

"Anything." He purred, and she slowly nodded, her legs tightening around his neck. He gave her an approving lick, gripping her thighs, he began dining on her once again; gently lapping at the moisture gathered in her center, his tongue grazing her heated interior. Vegeta grunted, and grew more frantic with his desire, dipping his tongue inside of her, and nuzzling her with his nose and cheeks, feeling coarse hair surrounding her unbelievably wet center that kept producing more moisture no matter how much he swallowed it, panting into her flesh as her thighs muffled his ears from moans and cries of approval, even shouts to kami weren't spared in her excitement. 

Vegeta felt her plump muscles flexing around his face, and tasted her climax with a burst of hot liquid dropping down his chin. He cleaned up her mess until Chi-Chi was sated, her head reclined as her eyes were half lidded. 

"Oh my… Vegeta…you know how to eat more than just apple pie.." She responded softly, Vegeta standing and thumping his hot flesh up against her wetness. 

"Enough, harpy. I'm tired of just tasting." He cut out harshly as he stroked along her moisture with his cock, looking down to see her untouched breasts still trapped in the black lace harness. Chi-Chi regained her senses, and gulped as his nude flesh raked along hers eagerly. Vegeta groped her large breasts, grunting in his throat as he pulsed between her legs, teasing her entrance. 

"I'm ready, you can put it inside of me now." Chi-Chi trembled, biting her lower lip as she gazed at the man, prepared to make her a sullied wife, grinding his cock against her shamefully wet pussy. There was no going back now, she was so ready for him, she had to have him, and he her. 

"I wasn't asking for your permission," He grunted, and pulled his hips back, the round head pushing at her entrance, before slipping in easily as if her reservations were absolutely nothing. Chi-Chi gasped with delight as he filled her entirely, her walls stretching to fit the new man inside of her. 

"Fuck, you're tight." He grunted, and pushed harder to reach deeper, moaning at the sheer strength of her clenching walls around him. Chi-Chi whimpered and hooked her legs around him as he lifted her from the chair, holding her tightly by her bottom as his teeth attacked her sheer top, his impatience to get inside of this woman making him neglect her beautiful breasts. They landed against a wall, and he held her up by his hips as he tore open the sheer top, Chi-Chi clutching around his neck as she squirmed beneath him. 

"Gorgeous," He breathed as her breasts spilled out, and began to jiggle temptingly in time with the jerks of his hips, as his groin was slicked with her moisture, and slapped against her sloppily as he began to suck on her dark maroon areolas. 

"Oh, ohh, Vegeta!" She cried, clutching his head to her breast as he writhed between her legs, she gripped his mane and made him moan in turn. Their hard rutting against the wall made a set of spoons start to shake, then fall off the wall. Chi-Chi giggled and Vegeta nuzzled her approvingly, not stopping his thrusts even if the cozy kitchen was destroyed in their mating. He focused only on the sensation of Chi-Chi's pussy gripping him, the sounds and scent she made, and the taste of her nipple in his mouth as he sucked and bit gently down. 


Her long nails scraped across his scalp, and down his back as she came upon her climax effortlessly, shuddering beneath him.  Vegeta didn't let her orgasm stop him, the fluctuations of her walls massaging his cock as it dragged along the soft ribbed interior and back. He plunged in firmly to her moisture as she screamed out in bliss, and Vegeta with her as a heavy load of his cum flooded out to further drench her walls, jerking his hips hard against the woman to drive his semen instinctively into her womb as she clung to him weakly. 


Vegeta drew back at last, pinning her to the wall, and grinning upon seeing her pussy spread open, dripping with his and her cum combined. "Now, how was that compared to Kakarot?" He asked her cockily, smirking as she tried to regain control over her body. She had boasted after all that Goku would beat him, but in a game of rutting? Doubtful. Chi-Chi finally regained leverage, and was able to put her feet on the floor.

"It was alright." She remarked flatly, flicking her long hair back from her face. Vegeta grit his teeth in rage, glaring down at her with disbelief. "Just alright!? Your two orgasms make that seem a bit far fetched." He snapped, and Chi-Chi balked at that. 

"Puh-lease. A man who's truly confident in his performance, doesn't count orgasms." Chi-Chi scoffed with a roll of her eyes. 

"And look at this mess! Couldn't we have done this in the bedroom instead of trashing my kitchen? Really, I--" "Shut up." Vegeta snarled, and picked her up so suddenly she had no way to stop him as she was slung over his shoulder. 

"Put me down! You caveman!" Chi-Chi shouted, pounding her fists on his back. Vegeta chuckled as he walked back to her and Goku's bedroom.

"Oh, no... I'm going to recant that rating now, did you think we'd just have dessert and that'd be the end of it...?" 



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