Back to your senses

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Disclaimer: This is an alternate ending to a Netorare Hentai Anime called Saimin Jutsu The Animation 2nd. I don't make money or profit out of this. I don't even own any rights to this Anime. This is merely Fanfiction.

Sawa: Susumu, make sure you study properly.. I’ll be busy working away from home. So don’t laze around. Well, I’ll be going on ahead.


   ( It all started one morning at breakfast. The young man, Susumu Sakurai, is ordered by his mother, Sawa Sakurai. Sawa is a strict but fair mother, and her beauty suits her age. Not to mention the figure she has. Small wonder why Susumu wants her for himself. As Sawa leaves for work, Susumu gets out. But on his way to school, he is spotted by his Neighbor, Shino Takase, who just so happens to be his Aunt. She’s just about to take the trash out. Susumu couldn’t get his eyes off those boobs of hers. )


Shino: Ah, Susumu-kun. Good Morning. If you like to, stop by for some tea sometime. No need to hold back. After all, you’re like family Susumu-kin.


   ( Then a girl pops out from behind Shino. It’s her daughter Noriko. )


Noriko: Ah, Susumu-chan! Good Morning! Okay Mom, I’ll be going! *turns to look at Susumu* Next time, help me with my lessons, Susumu-chan!


   ( Despite her innocent nature, the way she runs. It’s like she wants Susumu to look at her unmentionables. As Susumu made it to school, the bell rings. A girl behinds him rushes towards the doors. )


Rie: You’re in the way! Stop taking your sweet time! Can’t you hear the chime? Why did I get him for a childhood friend!?


   ( The firm yet uptight girl is Susumu’s childhood friend, Rie Yuiko. As the day ended, He’s spotted by another woman in the apartment complex. )


Yoko: Oh, Susumu-kun. Just coming home? You know, I’m getting married soon. I’d like both you and Sawa-san to be there.


   ( That woman was his soon to be in-law, Yoko Kasaya. Her figure surpasses his mother’s. As Susumu is heading out, he’s spotted by a middle-aged man about to move into the complex. )


Shinta: Ah, good day. I’ll be living here starting today; my name’s Murakoshi. Nice to meet you.


   ( For some reason, that creepy guy is eyeing Susumu. It’s the next day. Sawa is about to leave for work. )


Sawa: Okay Susumu. I’ll be going now. I’ll be late so you’ll be having dinner at Takase-san’s. Give them my regards.


   ( As he leaves, he finds Rie at the elevator. As the elevator opens, Rie gets in but has the doors close, not letting Susumu in. For some reason, Rie is disgusted just by looking at him. Another day of school over and Susumu heads for Shino’s apartment for dinner. )


Shino: Welcome Susumu-kun. Come on in. Our other student just came home. After that, she had to go for some groceries. So could you wait a while? *turns around* What’s the matter Susumu-kun?


   ( Susumu is staring at the way Shino moves her behind as she walks. As Shino turns around, Susumu is chanting some sort of incantation. It placed Shino under mind control. Shino is in a dazed sense. )


Shino: I’ll… teach… the… student… about… sex…… I’ll… give… sex… lessons… to… Susumu-kun…


   ( Somehow, the incantation is not just placing Shino under Susumu’s mind control, but it’s also making her hot & bothered down there. However, she snaps out of it in a second. Shino is back to normal. )


Shino: Oh, that’s right. Why don’t I give you a lesson today? I’ll ask Noriko to do a little more shopping, so I’ll mail her by phone right away. *in a room* If we’re here, no one can hear us. Because the lesson might get loud. Noriko can’t interrupt us when she gets back while we’re like this. My husbands always on business trips, so I’m lonely. I’m glad that you asked me to give you a lesson, Susumu-kun. *undresses* But… is it really okay? For me to teach you?


   ( There in what appears to be a Piano room. As she’s done talking, Shino Undresses herself down to her ribbon lace underwear. Susumu nods in agreement. )


Shino: Really? I’m glad. *takes off underwear* Let’s begin…


   ( It looks like she’s back to normal, but it’s the mind control doing it’s job. Shino sits on the sofa and opens her legs presenting her pussy to Susumu. He’s staring at it so intensely which makes her embarrassed. Despite the lesson, Shino’s pussy is soaking wet with love juice pouring out. Susumu gets up and exposes his penis which amazes Shino to the point of taking off her half-lace bra. Her D-cup breasts are exposed. Shino begs Susumu to insert his cock in her pussy, but he plays with her clit with his cock for a bit before finally putting it in her. Seeing as it’s been so long for Shino, she barely takes his size. )


Shino: Ahh! It’s in. So thick… Thicker and longer than my Husbands… *moaning & gasping*


   ( Susumu thrusts his penis back & forth inside Shino’s vagina quite fiercely and Shino is moaning & gasping in extasy. As such, Susumu is rubbing and gripping Shino’s Breasts making her moan louder. Not only was this her first fuck  in a long time, but it’s her first time ever having her tits played with, and she’s loving it. Susumu is fucking Shino deeper and deeper than her husband ever did. But after what seemed like 45 minutes, they both can’t hold out any longer. Shino says to Susumu that it’s okay to cum inside. And he does, and so does Shino. Susumu bakes a Creampie inside Shino’s pussy. Shino is exhausted. )


Shino: Susumu-kun, the thickness of your cum is quite incredible…


   ( Susumu and Shino got dressed and left to the living room where Noriko is waiting. )


Noriko: Ah, Mama. Is the lesson over? Mama, how was Susumu-chan?


Shino: It was his first lesson, but he did so well. I believe that Susumu-kun is very talented.


Noriko: Rally? That’s great Susumu-chan!


   ( After dinner, Susumu went back home. His mother Sawa returns and notices him still up apparently waiting for her. )


Sawa: I’m home. Susumu, still up? What’s wrong?


   ( Just like with Shino, Susumu chants an incantation and made her seem like she needs a breast massage. Sawa says this and Susumu offers her a message. Sawa takes the offer and takes off her top exposing her D-cup breasts worn with her Adult-lace bra. Susumu grabs her tits and rubs them gently yet firmly. Sawa is feeling it good and wonders how he got so good at it but then she assumes that Shino taught him. Susumu lifts her bra up, Sawa’s tits are completely exposed and he plays with her nipples. Susumu has found Sawa’s G-spot. Her nipples are crisp but Susumu is making them feel better and Sawa begs Susumu to do it harder. He does just that but then goes back to rubbing her tits. Sawa loves the message but then her legs give out. She climaxes from the breast message and leans on Susumu while gasping. )


Sawa: Susumu, your message felt so good.


   ( The next day, Susumu is back at Shino’s place. Shino is already naked ready to teach another lesson. Only this time, Noriko there too. She laying on the Piano naked with only her socks on. Susumu is poking Noriko’s nipple causing her to moan a bit. Now he’s simply touching her belly. Noriko seems sensitive to being touched. Now he reaches her Groin and rubs her clit. Susumu is rubbing her nipple and playing with her clit at the same time causing Noriko to moan in extasy and as Susumu is fingering Noriko’s pussy, she’s getting wet. After a while, Noriko gives out and cums. Before she knew it, she’s in a warped room with her mother. )


Noriko: Mom…


Shino: What’s the matter Noriko?


Noriko: What should I do? I got a…… I got a cock…


Shino: My! How splendid… Noriko has also become an adult before I knew it.


   ( As it looks like, Noriko’s clit turned into a cock. Noriko doesn’t know what to do. )


Noriko: What should I do with this, Mom?


Shino: It’s alright Noriko. Since it’s a cock, if we make it cum a lot it’ll calm down.


Noriko: Really?


Shino: Really. Just leave it to Mommy. I’ll make Noriko’s cock shoot out a lot.


Noriko: Thank you, Mom!


   ( She doesn’t want to risk her daughter impregnating her, so Shino offers Noriko anal sex. She leans on the Piano keys and spreads her ass open. It’s Noriko’s first time experiencing this but she’s quick to get it. She inserts her new found cock in her mother’s ass. It just so happens that it’s Shino’s first time having anal sex despite her offering. Shino is taking it hard at first, but she’s taking it none the less. Shino’s ass is wrapping Noriko’s cock tightly and Shino tells her to start moving moderately. Noriko is worried that she’s hurting her mother, but Shino tells her that it feels good. They both are feeling it real good, but after what seemed like 1 hour, they are starting to lose it. Noriko cums inside Shino’s ass. The burning hot sensation is new to Shino. )


Shino: My daughter’s cum, Noriko’s cum… is going so deep inside my asshole… Hot! It’s hot! My insides are burning!


Noriko: Mom… Mom’s insides are squeezing me… My cock is getting pushed! *pulls out*


Shino: Ahhhh!!


   ( As Noriko pulls her cock out, Shino gushes out cum from inside her ass. Shino is exhausted as she enjoyed her first time having anal sex. Unfortunately, Noriko’s cock has not clamed down. So Shino offers a blowjob. Despite the bitter taste [It was up her ass after all], Shino licks the tip of Noriko’s cock and wonders if it’s the taste of her own ass. The smell is strong for her, like fermented coffee. Now she’s putting the head of Noriko’s cock in her mouth. As Shino is sucking Noriko’s cock, Noriko is rubbing her B-cup breasts. She’s loving the feeling of having her dick sucked, but she’s at her limit. Noriko shout’s “Mom!” as she cums inside Shino’s mouth. Shino takes the dick out of her mouth. )


Shino: Noriko, your cock is all clean now. *sits on sofa* But it looks like it’s still not calm yet. Noriko, I’ll let you experience my front hole. Here, come Noriko…


   ( Shino presents her pussy to Noriko. Noriko slowly inserts her cock in her mother’s pussy. Another new experience for Noriko, she’s inserting her dick in the place she was born from. Noriko is cuddling her mother but then Susumu comes in, takes his own cock out and slowly inserts it inside Noriko who still has a pussy. Susumu has taken Noriko’s virginity as blood is coming out of Noriko’s pussy. Both Susumu and Noriko start thrusting their cocks. )


Noriko: (moaning) No wait, Susumu-chan. Your cock feels so good! Your thick thing is reaching deep in me, and Mom’s insides are so hot and wet! It feels great!!


Shino: (moaning) Right now, Noriko, your cock is feeling the same thing Susumu is having… And your pussy is feeling the same thing mine is… I’m so envious…


Noriko: (moaning) Mon, again! I’m gonna cum again!


Shino: (moaning) Cum Noriko! With both the pleasure of a man and woman, Cum!


Noriko: (moaning) Mom! Susumu-chan! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!! I’m cumming!!~ *squirts cum*


  ( Noriko squirts out cum while Susumu cums inside Noriko. The sex is finally over. It may look like Noriko has grown a cock, but in reality, it's a strap-on dildo that squirts. Susumu heads home a bit late and notices Sawa at the Table with some groceries from the supermarket. Susumu speaks the incantation again and convinces Sawa to look at the squid on the table. Before she knew it, the room is warped and the squid comes to life. The Octopus is wrapping around her body tearing through her clothes. )


Sawa: No! Stop! My breasts are sensitive! Stop! No!


   ( The Octopus is squeezing her breast and the suction on one of the tentacles is sucking her nipple. Suddenly another tentacle is going inside her pussy rubbing her G-spot. And another tentacle is inside her anus. The tentacles from the Octopus is fucking Sawa too roughly and it’s too much for her. Sawa can’t hold out any longer and she cums hard. Little did she and the girls know, all their sexual experiences were hallucinations caused by an unknown assailant looking at the whole thing on his computer. )


????: So that’s how it is… Even you’re a sham. Looks like I’ll create a paradise. *chuckles*



   ( The unknown assailant has recorded all the sexual activity that took place thus far. )


????: The next pray, will it be the next door beautiful sisters? Well? Will you keep me entertained? *chuckles*


   ( Susumu is invited into the Apartment of Yoko Kasaya. But as Yoko welcomes him in, Susumu chants the incantation. The area becomes warped. Then Rie walks up. )


Rie: Onee-chan, did someone come up? Eww, Susumu!


   ( Rie also gets caught in the incantation. Both her and Yoko is under mind control. The next moment, Yoko is naked with just her knee socks on and she’s sucking Susumu’s cock hard with her D-cup breasts swinging back and forth. And her pussy is pouring love juice on the ground. Rie, who is also naked with just her thigh-high stockings on, just looks on. )


Yoko: Susumu-kun, your cock is delicious! I would have done this sooner if I knew… I wouldn’t have kept my virginity until marriage, I think…


   ( Rie’s body starts twitching as she watches her sister suck Susumu’s cock and starts masturbating. Then Susumu cums inside Yoko’s mouth. Yoko swallows his cum as she rubs her clit. Rie is hoping that she stops. Yoko gets on the floor and offers Susumu her pussy and he accepts. Then Yoko turns to Rie and tells her to watch her give up her virginity to Susumu. Yoko’s pussy is wet enough for Susumu to just jam it in her pussy causing her to gasp. Blood and love juice is coming out of Yoko’s pussy, and Yoko thanks Susumu for taking her virginity. )


Yoko: Rie, the moment your sister became an adult woman, did you see it? *Rie is tearing up* My pussy is getting spread. Your big thing is fitting tightly inside of me. So this is what it feels like to have a cock inside.


   ( As Yoko says this, Susumu starts thrusting back and forth. It’s hurting Yoko, but it’s not as bad as she thought it would be. The sensation for her is different than when she masturbates. More blood and love juice comes out as Susumu thrusts his dick over and over. Yoko is loving it and begs Susumu to fill up her pussy with his cock more and more. As Rie watches, Susumu is rubbing Yoko’s D-cup breasts and poking her nipples. There’s breast milk coming out of Yoko’s nipples [And she was never pregnant]. No more blood is coming out of her pussy, just love juice. And Rie’s nipples are getting erect just from watching her sister have sex with Susumu. Yoko can’t hold out any longer and she cums, and Susumu does the same. He cums inside Yoko’s pussy. More breast milk squirts out as cum flows out of Yoko’s pussy. Yoko gets up and turns to Rie. )


Yoko: Now, watch as I give service with my tits, okay?


   ( Susumu pops his dick out and Yoko places it in between her D-cup tits as she licks the tip of his cock. Now she’s sucking the head of the cock as she rubs the shaft with her tits. Rie watches in amazement. Yoko is getting wet again as she’s giving Susumu a titty-fuck. )


Yoko: This is my first titty-fuck, make sure you savior it. It may be meagre, but please bare with me here. *nipples pressed* It’s the first time I have fingers pushed in, but enjoy it plenty. But I’m sensitive, so be gentle okay?

Rie: This is a lie, right? Onee-chan stop!

Yoko: It’s alright Rie, Susumu-kun is loosing them up properly. I’m getting soaked see?


   ( The titty-fucking is getting harder and Susumu is pressing his fingers in her nipples. Rie is masturbating again. )


Rie: No way. Onee-chan’s tits, Susumu’s fingers are going in them.

Yoko: Susumu-kun, you don’t have to hold back~ Move your fingers and play with my tits. *more squirting* This is great too! Susumu-kun, you’re great! More.. get my tits soaked wet…


    Susumu keeps pressing Yoko’s nipples harder and more love juice and breast milk comes out. Rie is still masturbating, only this time love juice is coming out of her pussy too. )


Rie: Onee-chan.. getting off in such a way.. It’s too perverted..

Yoko: I can’t hold out any longer, I’m gonna cum from having my tits violated.. Susumu-kun, you too! Give me your cum! Cum together with me! Ahh! It’s coming out! My milk is being held back by your fingers!


   ( Yoko collapse to the floor and cums. Rie sits there defeated. The next night, Rie is walking down the street with a leash. On the other end of that leash, is her sister Yoko with a dog tail up her anus. Rie worries about what will happen if some one sees them. Rie is in disbelief that her once tidy, gentle, beautiful, and stylish elder sister is in such a perverted state. It’s too much for Rie but then she notices Susumu behind her. Rie is shocked to see a silhouette of two people before her. It’s Noriko walking her mother Shino. Shino is in the same state the Yoko is in. Yet for some reason, Noriko is also naked with only her shoes and socks on. )


Noriko: Good evening. Taking a walk too?


   ( Suddenly, Yoko and Shino are playing with each other like dogs. They are licking each other in public but Rie pulls the leash getting Yoko away from Shino. Shino gets on her knees, it seems that she needs to take a piss. And so does Yoko, yet not in a way that normal dogs would do their business. They aim themselves at each other and urinate at their faces. It’s already too much for Rie who is already in disbelief. Unbeknownst to anyone there, someone is taking a picture from a distance. The next day, Susumu and all 5 girls are in a classroom. Yoko is the Teacher and the girls are wearing sailor uniforms except for Rie who is wearing her normal school outfit. )


Yoko: Today’s lesson will be a small test in health and physical education. Well then, first off Rie-san.. Come to the front and masturbate.

Rie: Y-Yes… *stands up and walks* This is a joke.. Someone help me..


   ( Rie walks to the front of the room and exposes her C-cup breasts, then takes off her panties. )


Yoko: Make sure everyone can see..


   ( Rie agrees. She gets on top of the podium and spreads her legs. Yoko complements Rie’s pussy, and then tells the “class” that Rie is still a virgin, making the group chatter in amazement. Rie raises her face and reluctantly starts masturbating. After a little while, it’s starting to get good for her.  Rie is told by Yoko to not hold back. The “class” is getting into it and they too start masturbating as Susumu looks on smiling. The “class” is waiting for Rie’s moment of satisfaction. Rie is in disbelief that the girls are watching her masturbate, and she’s starting to get wet. Rie is asking herself why she’s feeling it so much. She’s masturbated before but she never felt this kind of sensation. )


Yoko: Seems like your close to climaxing.. Well then, let’s have Susumu-kun help. Let’s solve this problem.

Rie: What? …You don’t mean!?

Yoko: Susumu-kun’s cock is about to pop your cherry. You’re finally going to give up your virginity, isn’t it wonderful?

Rie: N-No way!


   ( Suddenly, the incantation comes out and Rie is under mind control, yet she actually tries to fight it. Rie offers Susumu her virginity. Rie’s pussy is wet enough because of the masturbating she did earlier. Blood comes out as Susumu jams his cock in Rie’s pussy. )


Yoko: That was a splendid tearing of the virginal membrane.. Congratulations Rie-san.

“Class”: Congratulations!~

Yoko: Well then, next.. If you can have sex, you pass the test.

Rie: Such pain… and you’re saying I’ll cum? It’s impossible..


   ( Rie slowly starts moving her waist back and forth with Susumu’s cock in her pussy. Susumu just stands still. The movement then starts getting quicker and Rie starts moaning louder. Blood and love juice starts flowing out but not as much as when Yoko lost her virginity. It’s starting to feel good for Rie and the sex is starting to feel better. Now Susumu is holding Rie’s legs as he starts to move himself. Now Rie turns around and Susumu is doing it doggy style. )


Rie: Having sex with a guy like him.. My virginity stolen and now getting fucked, this can’t be happening..


   ( Rie’s body is starting to sweat. Her C-cup tits are swinging back and forth as Susumu fucks Rie from behind. The sex is hurting Rie, but not as much as she thought. And then finally, she cums. The next moment back at the apartment complex in a warped room, Sawa is finally having sex with Susumu. She’s complementing on how big he’s grown as she rids Susumu’s cock. Her D-cup breasts swinging up and down with every thrust she takes. While that’s happening, Yoko is fucking Rie with a strap-on. Rie is begging Yoko to fuck her deep and hard. Then on the bed nearby, Noriko is poking her mother Shino’s anus, then she jams her hand inside. Shino is able to take it. Noriko is spreading her hand inside Shino’s ass. Getting back to Sawa, she’s taking it very well, so much that breast milk is dripping out of her nipples. )


Sawa: Susumu! Susumu! Let me cum! Susumu, you’re too harsh! *moaning & gasping* This is… the best feeling! Give me that highest climax! I’m cumming!!~


   ( Susumu cums inside of his mother as Sawa herself ejaculates as well. Then Noriko and Yoko gathers around Susumu’s cock and starts stroking and licking it. And Sawa is kissing Susumu on the lips as Rie and Shino watches and masturbates. )


Shino: My-my Susumu, you’re pretty popular. Can I have a turn next?

Rie: Susumu.. what’s he so arrogant about..

Sawa: *kissing Susumu* One more time.. okay?

Shino: Nee-san, stop hogging him all to yourself..

Noriko: Yeah!~ I haven’t had his cock in me yet!

Yoko: If we have two of Susumu’s cock.. No five, then we won’t have to fight at all.

Rie: Onee-chan, as expected that’s a bit..

5 Girls: Susumu-kun, accept us!


   ( And Susumu does accept the 5 women who love him sexually, but sadly it’s not the truth. The sad reality is that the guy having sex with the women is Not Susumu. It’s actually that creepy new tenant, Shinta Murakoshi. )


Shinta: *chuckle* Don’t be in a hurry, the real party begins now. The night will be long. At any rate, you’re all already bound.. just like.. Susumu-kun.. *evil cackle*


   ( Sometime prior to the events of this story, Shinta invites Susumu into his apartment and puts him out-cold, stealing his likeness [somehow]. Then he bounds him in tight ropes and locks him in the closet. During that orgy, he opens the closet door a bit to make Susumu watch, letting him know that he has won….. or so he thought. )


Police: *BANG!!* Freeze! Hands-up! Get your goddamn hands up!!

5 Girls: *shocked* AAAAHHHH!!~

   ( The Police Special Assault Team [or S.A.T.] broke into the apartment and tackled Shinta to the ground. The loud bang somehow brought the girls back to their senses. They finally realized what they have been doing, and they don’t take it very well. )


Shino: Oh my god! *looks around* Have we… been…

Noriko: *scared* Mama… what just happened to us…?

Yoko: Nooo… my first time was…

Rie: So then… it wasn’t Susumu… after all……

Sawa: I… I… !! Susumu! What happened to Susumu!


   ( Then another male student runs in as the girls cover themselves. His name is Kyoya. )


Kyoya: Susumu! Where- There you are! *opens closet*


   ( Kyoya gets Susumu out of the closet and gets the ropes off of him. The girls are more shocked. )


Rie: Our bodies and virginities were stolen by… *turns to Shinta* YOU!!~


   ( Rie was about to attack Shinta with a lead-pipe laying around, but an officer holds her back. )


Officer: Ma’am, please calm down, we got him in custody now.

Rie: You ruined us all you Stupid Faggot Son of a BITCH!!~ *drops to knees* Waaahhhh!~

Yoko: No… Now I’ll never get married… Forgive me deer… *sobbing*

Shino: *hugging Noriko* How could you do this to us all, I’ll kill you if I see you again!

Noriko: *sobbing* Mom! My body is ruined…

Kyoya: Susumu, can you stand? Here, take my shoulder.


   ( As Kyoya is helping Susumu up, Sawa runs to her son and cries as she embraces Susumu. Sawa feels ashamed at the fact that he saw his own Mother, Aunt, Cousin, and 2 Neighbors in such a sick perverted state. )


Sawa: *crying* I’m sorry! …… I’m so sorry, Susumu!......

Kyoya: Officer, any chance you can call in some Ambulances? Susumu needs physical therapy, and the women here need emergency check-ups.

Officer: Already on it! *picks Shinta up* Let’s go scumbag!

Shinta: No! Damn-it! *sobs* NOOOoooo!~




   ( Susumu and the women are sent to the Hospital via Ambulance. And Shinta is sent to the Nearest Precent and brought in for “Heavy” questioning. Oh, and they also confiscated Shinta’s computer and other supplies. The women may have to spend a week or so in the Hospital, they have to call in a Gynecologist to get the women fixed up from the inside, get them clean of any sexually transmitted infections and even provide abortions in case even one of the women became impregnated by Shinta. Susumu spent nearly a week bound in that closet with no food or water. He only needs 3 days in the Hospital, but he has to spend 4 more days at home in recovery before going back to school. Kyoya sits down with Susumu and asks him how he ended up in that closet. Susumu explains that Shinta asked Susumu for help moving his belongings, however all his belongings are already in place. When Susumu was about to ask Shinta what’s going on, Shinta knocked him out with a Black-Jack. Then he drugged him out cold and Shinta bounded him in ropes and placed him in his closet. When he came too, he finally noticed the reason why Shinta did what he did. Sadly, there was nothing he can do about it in the condition he was in. But even Susumu didn’t expect the police to break in a start a raid, he was thankful though. Kyoya had the conversation recorded in case it’s needed in court and Susumu has to come in and testify. Now Kyoya goes to the Hospital where the women is getting treated. The women are gathered in a big space in a separate ward. Some [If not most] of them are still emotionally broken, but they are willing to talk to Kyoya seeing as he was the one who brought the Police in and rescued Susumu and the Women. )


Shino: We never got the chance to thank you for… saving us so… Thank you.

Rie: But.. How did you know about what has been happening to us?

Kyoya: My Father is Chief of Police. He was looking out the window at work and This happened.


   ( Kyoya pulls out a photo. It’s a picture of the Girls “Taking a walk” with what looks like Susumu, but it’s actually Shinta. The Chief took the picture and took action. )


Kyoya: He showed me the photo and asked if I recognize anyone in it. And there was Rie. I’m classmates with her and Susumu. Father kept Shinta under surveillance up until that night when we raided his apartment and got you all out of there.

Yoko: Did that Pig know about our circumstances too?

Kyoya: If he did, he would not have cared. He’d go after you all regardless.

Noriko: So… what’s gonna happen to us.

Kyoya: I spoke to the Doctor about that, You all need at least 2 days of treatment before you all can leave here. And you all will be given medications. The 5 of you were violated psychologically, emotionally, and sexually. The Doctor did fix you all up right?

Yoko: It does feel like I was never deflowered.

Kyoya: It’s the best they can do I’m afraid. If only they can restore your virginities. Listen, you girls may have to come to court to testify against Shinta. But let’s leave that in the back-burner. What are you girls gonna do in terms of Susumu?

5 Girls: ??????????

Kyoya: Maybe that question was too much for you girls.


   ( Kyoya bids farewell to the Girls and leaves the Hospital. The women talk amongst themselves trying to figure out what to do next. After a day and a half, the women have been discharged from the Hospital however, they didn’t go back to their own homes. Instead they decided to pay the REAL Susumu a visit. As the women sat on the sofa, Sawa [Still feeling defeated] embraces her son asking him if he’s feeling alright. He says yes and tells them about his medical situation as well as what Kyoya told him. As such, Sawa told Susumu that Kyoya spoke to them too and that they all might have to go to court and testify against Shinta. )


Sawa: Listen my child, given everything that has happened between all of us, us girls believe that we all could use some… special comfort.


   ( As Sawa states this, all 5 girls have stripped down to their stockings and knee-socks [except for Yoko, she isn’t wearing any kind of inner footwear]. Susumu doesn’t have a clue what’s going on here, But then Shino explains things. )


Shino: You never intended to see us all in such a shameful state of affairs. This was never your fault.

Noriko: You were a victim like all of us.

Yoko: We have been cured, but not cleaned.

Rie: We could only ask you for this sort of thing.

Sawa: Susumu, my darling son, we must ask. Make us all sexually clean again. Please?


   ( The girls were getting teary-eyed, but Susumu understands where this is going. See a while earlier before the girls left the Hospital, they were figuring out how to move on from this. They feel that although they have been cured, they are not cleansed from the inside. Although reluctant, they decided to give themselves to Susumu even if it’s just for one night [After all, one of them is already married, and another is about to be married]. So Susumu gets up and strips down to his socks. Noriko goes first, she kneels down in front of Susumu and licks his shaft. )


Noriko: *sucking* So big and hard… I’m rubbing myself down there Susumu-chan… *gets on the flood* Susumu-chan, come in me… *spreads vagina*


   ( Noriko gasps as Susumu inserts himself inside Noriko’s pussy in the Missionary position . Susumu is being careful seeing as Noriko and the girls just got treated. But Noriko assures Susumu that is okay to go harder and deeper. She’s determined to get Shinta out of her body by having Susumu cum inside of her. )


Noriko: *moaning* Susumu-chan… It feels good… More! Keep fucking me more!... Ah!~


   ( Shino, Yoko, and Rie masturbate as they wait their turn for Susumu to purify them. Yet Sawa just sits there waiting. She volunteered to be last, perhaps she has something special planned for her son. After what seemed like 45 minutes, Noriko has had enough. )


Noriko: *moaning & gasping* Susumu-chan! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna Cum!~ Ah!~


   ( Noriko lets herself go as Susumu ejaculates deep inside of Noriko. Noriko lays there exhausted in a satisfied look. But now it’s Shino’s turn. As Susumu lays there catching his breath, Shino kisses him for a bit as she gently gets Susumu hard again. Shino straddles herself around Susumu’s waist. Her pussy is wet enough for his cock to be inserted. )


Shino: Ah! Thank you for cleansing my daughter. But now it’s my turn… Ah!~ *moaning*


   ( As Shino is riding Susumu’s cock, Susumu is groping Shino’s D-cup breasts. Shino is loving it, and she leans down to kiss Susumu. )


Noriko: Darn! I forgot to kiss Susumu-chan. I’ll do it when I leave.

Shino: *moaning & gasping* Susumu-kun, You’re such.. a wonderful nephew… Ah, so good! …so deep! *deep gasp* I’m gonna cum! I’m climaxing!~ Ah!!~


   ( Another 45 minutes and this time, Shino has been purified by Susumu. They share one more kiss before they separate, and Susumu needs a moment to catch his breath before the next girl jumps in. Yoko was about to step in, but Rie insisted that she be next. Susumu always felt that Rie hated him, but perhaps the recent events made her reconsider her feelings toward him. )


Rie: *embracing Susumu* I’m sorry… for hating you… If I knew you were incapable of something so… disgusting… I… *kisses Susumu* That bastard made me dirty down there… *teary-eyed* Please clean me…


   ( Rie and Susumu are face to face as she inserts Susumu’s cock inside her pussy. As the 2 move their waists against each other, Rie goes back to kissing Susumu and she’s locking her arms and legs around him, and Susumu is holding Rie from her hips. )


Rie: *moaning* Susumu… you’re so good at this… it feels great… keep making me feel good… *kissing*


   ( Susumu may not have been the ideal man for Rie, but she’s seeing Susumu in a whole new light. But it’s another 45 minutes and Rie is losing it. )


Rie: *moaning* I’m gonna cum! Susumu, I’m climaxing! Ah!!~ *gasping & embracing* Susumu, I’ll never… mistreat you… again…


   ( Susumu cums deep and hard inside Rie’s pussy. Rie shares one more kiss with Susumu before she lets go of him. One more moment of rest before Yoko steps in. She kisses Susumu as he’s resting, then she rubs her breasts on Susumu’s face. )


Yoko: *light giggle* You always were so adorable.


   ( Then, just like with Shino, Yoko straddles herself and inserts Susumu’s cock inside her pussy and he gropes her breasts around. Only this time, there actually is breast milk coming out. Yoko speaks out. )


Yoko: I should explain… *moaning* This is… a hormone disorder… I’ll be fine… Just make me feel good… Ah!~


   ( Well, that explains that. But as Susumu is fucking Yoko, all that breast milk is splashing on Susumu. Yoko is having fun with this despite knowing why this has to be done, the girls want this issue to have a clean end. Sawa is walking towards her bedroom. )


Shino: Nee-san, where are you going?

Sawa: I have something special for my son.


   ( Yoko is riding Susumu harder and he’s fucking her deeper. But with another 45 minutes passed, the 2 have reached their limit. )


Yoko: *moaning & gasping* Susumu-kun! I’m climaxing! … I’m gonna cum! Ahh!~


   ( As Yoko cums, more milk squirts out of her nipples. Susumu cums hard and deep inside Yoko’s pussy. Susumu needs more time to rest, having sex with 4 girls in such time can be very exhausting for someone like him. Only his mother Sawa is left, but the girls are getting dressed ready to go home. Susumu was able to stand up and put a robe on. He’s seeing the girls off. )


Rie: Thank you again Susumu. I’ll see you at school. *embraces Susumu*

Yoko: I must explain things to my Fiancé, though I can’t say whether or not he’ll understand. Thank you so much Susumu-kun.

Shino: I’ll never forget the good deep you’ve done for us Susumu-kun. But start getting some more stamina, because we may end up having sex again. <3

Noriko: *kisses Susumu* Thank you again Susumu-chan. But now, your Mother needs you. Love her, just as we love you.


   ( The girls went back home leaving Susumu with Sawa. After a little over an hour, Sawa asks Susumu to meet her in the Bedroom. Susumu walks in and sits on the bed. Then, in walks Sawa wearing a white high-garter belt with white stockings and white lacey gloves. It’s as if she’s wear half of a wedding dress. Sawa gently approaches her son. )


Sawa: I was saving this outfit for a special occasion, but this is more important… for both of us. *embraces Susumu* We are Mother & Son no matter what, but I can no longer feel such safety… unless it’s with you. *kisses Susumu* Just leave everything to me, my son.


   ( Sawa gently strokes Susumu’s cock and puts it in her mouth. She’s giving her own son a blowjob, but after a while, she gets on the bed and presents herself to him. )


Sawa: Come inside me Susumu. *spreads pussy* Right in here.


   ( Susumu understands and he approaches his mother while gently inserting his cock in Sawa’s pussy. Sawa gasps as they are finally connected. Sawa is giving Susumu a loving look. )


Sawa: You’ve become a fine young man. Now… make me yours. *moaning* Ah!~


   ( In the same sexual position that Susumu was with Rie, Susumu and Sawa are kissing each other as they are moving their waists with one another. Sawa however, is embracing Susumu a bit harder than Rie did, as if she doesn’t want to lose him ever again [She almost did when Shinta did what he did]. Sawa releases the embrace and places Susumu on his back. Sawa is riding her son. )


Sawa: *moaning & gasping* I’m sorry you have a mother like this… But I assure you, I will only do this with you. *kisses Susumu*


   ( Susumu lasted longer with Sawa than with the other girls. After what seemed like over 1 hour, the 2 have had enough. Sawa is begging Susumu to cum inside if her. )


Sawa: *moaning & gasping* Susumu, I’m gonna cum! Cum inside Mommy! Ahh!~ *cummed inside* Susumu… Mommy loves you… *kisses Susumu*


   ( Susumu and Sawa kiss each other as they lay exhausted in bed beside one another. Susumu has succeeded in what the girls asked. The girls are finally able to move on from such a terrible ordeal. The girls now have a sexual claim to Susumu’s body, but his heart belongs to Sawa. And it looks like Susumu is just fine with that. )




   ( A week has passed. Susumu, Rie, and Noriko are going back to school. Sawa went back to work. Shino’s husband returned but then left on another business trip 2 days later. And Yoko went on a small trip with her fiancé to a hot spring resort. As they returned, everyone involved received a summons to court. This is it, They have to go to court and Testify against Shinta Murakoshi. He is charged with Kidnapping, Drug abuse resulting in Rage, Illegal penetration on 2 minors, and other related charges. Also [Big Surprise!] Shinta lied in his application for an apartment in that very same complex. Shinta Murakoshi… is a Registered Sex Offender! Everything he owned, he received via unofficial websites from the Dark Web. Shinta must answer for all of that.

    On that day, Susumu and the girls appeared in court and spilled the beans on everything. They explained how Shinta kidnapped Susumu and molested the girls posing as Susumu using drugs and other illegal products. Even Kyoya showed up and presented the photograph his Father took as an exhibit in court. When called to the stand, Shinta didn’t answer any questions. He exercised Article 38 [Japanese equivalent of America’s 5th Amendment], but that only made things worse for him. Deliberation took almost no time, justice was swift on this one. The Judges find Shinta Murakoshi Guilty on all counts. He is sentenced to 70 years in Prison with no chance at Parole. At his age, he’ll be dead by the time he gets out. The girls and Susumu celebrated, not only was Justice served but they got their Revenge. )


Shino: We’re finally free!

Rie: Yeah, no more nightmares.

Noriko: So, how are we gonna celebrate this?

Yoko: I think we know how…

Sawa: Yes, I agree…


   ( The girls all turn to Susumu giving him an exotic look. Good thing Susumu brought Energy drinks because this may be a long night. But that’s a story for another time. )



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