Break ups are a beach

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Break ups are a beach

“No! Don’t you fucking ‘just listen’ me you bastard!” Sora all but shrieked down her cell phone as she paced angrily around her bedroom “time after time you’ve blown me off whenever we had plans and now I find out it’s because you were with other girls! After you seemed so desperate to have me all for yourself you go and cheat on me?! I could have been with Tai you know? A guy that actually respects me for who I am and doesn’t expect me to just be his piece of arm candy but no, I just had to give you a chance, I could have had a guy who actually wants to touch me straight after soccer practice and doesn’t look at me like I had just climbed out of a dumpster!”

“But you were always so sweaty after your soccer stuff, I have an image to maintain!” Matt feebly retorted making Sora honestly laugh more than anything

“You know what? I’m more pissed at myself for this so fuck it, you can go and have your whores and precious image, I’m done!” the brunette then snapped before hanging up the phone and throwing it down on her bed, Sora then planting her face in her hands to muffle a scream of frustration as she leaned back against her bedroom wall

Barely a minute later Sora’s phone began to ring again making the brunette growl with frustration, expecting it to be Matt calling back in an attempt to either ‘talk sense into her’ or give another half hearted apology she didn’t even think to look at the caller ID as she snatched the phone from the bed and answered the call “you know what? You were shit in bed too!”

“....what did I do?” a far more feminine voice answered prompting Sora to check the caller ID, her eyes widening and heart dropping when she realised that Kari had been the one to call her rather than Matt

“Oh fuck Kari I’m sorry! I thought you were Matt!” the brunette explained before sighing heavily and sitting on her bed “we broke up, it was bad”

“How bad?”

“He was cheating…a lot, I blew up on him and,well it’s over now”

“Awwww babe, I’m sorry, listen, me and TK are heading out to the beach today and I was calling up to invite you, I understand if you’d rather be alone today but the invitation is still open, some sun and sand might do you some good after what happened” the younger girl suggested

Sighing heavily Sora was about to turn Kari down wanting to just wallow in her frustration before deciding a few seconds later that she deserved to relax and have some fun after what had just happened, Matt was the one who deserved to stew in his mistake, not her “let me grab my bikini and I’ll be ready to pick up in five” Sora explained with a small smile before hanging up to get ready

Standing from the bed Sora headed to her closet to dig through it, having the perfect bikini in mind as she rummaged through the section of her close that she had reserved for her skimpier clothing, throwing out pieces of lingerie and other slutty attire until she found what she was looking for, an incredibly small golden bikini set that brought a smile to her face “perfect” she purred as she promptly proceeded to strip down and get dressed in the bikini before admiring herself in the mirror “they’re going to love this” she breathed as she massaged her breasts through the bikini top

Just because her now ex boyfriend was shit in bed it didn’t mean that she didn’t get to now have some fun with his much more caring little brother and his girlfriend who, unsurprisingly, far outskilled Matt when it came to sex in every way shape or form

Letting her mind wander to the last time TK had fucked her Sora then jumped at the sound of a car horn outside alerting her that he and Kari were there to pick her up, the brunette quickly heading out to the car smiling as she found the couple equally swim suit clad as her, Kari wearing a very revealing bikini just like her and TK wearing a very flatteringly tight pair of swim shorts that showed off his natural flaccid bulge

Climbing into the backseat Sora was quick to start fully explaining and venting what had happened as TK set the car into drive, pulling out onto the main road to start driving towards the nearby beach “you know, Matt is my brother and all and I love him but he seriously sucks when it comes to relationships, yes he’s talented but he needs to drop the rocker attitude and grow up” TK stated greatly annoyed by Sora’s retelling of Matt’s words towards her and how he had been putting his own image over Sora’s needs

“Some people are just addicted to the rock and roll lifestyle” Sora sighed back before leaning forward between the two front seats to kiss TK on the cheek “thanks for not being like him, at least one guy in your family knows how to treat a woman”

“Hey on the bright side we can finally start fucking again!” Kari then beamed “we haven’t seen you naked since you and Matt started dating!”

“Yeah, he said he didn’t want an open relationship, turns out he just meant me”

“Well we should make up for lost time then” Kari then stated as she undid her seatbelt and told TK to drive a little slower, the younger girl then clambering into the back of the car making Sora yelp as she climbed on top of her to pin her back in her seat, cupping the older girls face with a giggle Kari then leaned in for a loving kiss which Sora eagerly welcome, having greatly missed the taste of Kari’s lips and tongue letting the younger girls tongue dominate hers as Kari’s skilled hands moved to explore her body, making the car journey a lot more fun for them and giving TK a show whenever he glanced up at the rearview mirror

Half an hour and a lot of heated groping and kissing in the backseat later the trio arrived at the beach, Sora having to fix her bikini top and pull up her bikini bottoms as she climbed out of the car as Kari had seemed insistent on pulling them off of her “ok, you guys go find us a spot and I’ll get us some drinks” she told them as she spied a kiosk near the parking lot

Thankful that what money she had managed to stash into her bikini top was enough to cover three drinks Sora then went to look for where TK and Kari had set up on the sand, searching around for several minutes before finally catching sight of them far off in the distance a good ways away from anyone else and upon reaching them Sora was hardly surprised to find Kari laid out on her front completely naked next to TK with her bikini strewn out on the sand next to her

“Don’t tell me you guys got started without me” the brunette teased she set Kari’s drink down next to her and passed TK his

“Hey we have plenty of quickies day to day but I’m not that quick” TK quipped back taking his drink “Kari thought that since no one can really see us over here she’d go for an all over tan”

“Don’t act like you don’t like seeing my ass” Kari smirked giving her ass a shake before moaning as TK reached over to grope it, making Sora purr at the sight before she decided to follow Kari’s example, peeling off her skin tight bikini before moving to sit naked next to TK

“You know the last time Matt took me to the beach he was adamant on me keeping my swimsuit on so that no one would check me out” Sora sighed as she leaned over to rest her head on TK’s shoulder “thanks for not being like your brother” she added before leaning in to kiss him

Smiling at the sight of her boyfriend giving Sora a tender loving kiss Kari moved up to join them, sliding up next to Sora tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention before capturing her lips herself, not being anywhere near as sweet and tender as TK was as she pushed her tongue between Sora’s lips to start wrestling it with hers, all while her hands explored the older girls body, one hand cupping and massaging her breasts whilst the other slid down her front to cup between her legs

Humming as she felt Sora’s cunt was already hot and wet Kari started to pump two fingers inside of her tight little fuck hole whilst breaking the kiss “fuck she’s so wet, TK take your pants off and show her how a real man treats a girl” she breathed before ducking down between Sora’s legs to give her weeping pussy a few loving licks whilst TK rid himself of his swim shorts exposing his fat heavy cock

“Oh fuck” Sora moaned as Kari ran her tongue across her heated slit before gasping loudly as the tongue was then quickly replaced by TK’s cock, making her eyes roll back as TK pushed her back to make her lie back down on the beach towel whilst he took his place fully between her outspread legs “oh god yes, you’re so much bigger than Matt”

Biting her lip at the sight as her boyfriend started to take deep slow strokes into Sora’s welcoming pussy Kari leaned in to show her breasts some affection, squeezing and massaging one of the older girls tits whilst lavishing the other with her tongue and lips making Sora moan louder and clutch desperately at the younger girls hair making her purr against her nipple

“Oh god! Oh god yes deeper!” Sora pleaded clutching at TK as one of his hands joined Kari’s on her chest, the older girl going through total sensory overload as her body thrummed and ached with sheer pleasure, TK’s cock filling her and reaching depths of her insides that Matt never could or ever cared to try to, her groin and lower abdomen bulging around his girth as every thrust against her cervix made her see stars “TK! TK I’m cumming!” she cried out as her back started to arch, her toes curling tight in the air as TK took his cue to fuck her harder sending her plummeting over the edge into complete and utter bliss

As Sora began to violent shake and spasm with pleasure Kari moved her mouth lower, kissing down Sora’s stomach until she met her groin, running her tongue along the bulge her boyfriend’s cock made before lapping at her clit making Sora seize even harder as her orgasm got that much stronger, making her black out from sensory overload for several seconds nearly making her miss the feeling of TK’s cock erupting deep inside of her giving her the womb filling creampie she had been craving for too long, making her feel blissfully full and overflowing her pussy before he then pulled out allowing Kari to lap up what poured out of her

It took Sora a good minute to finally come to her senses and when she was able to move again Kari was still hungrily eating the cum out of her “mmmmph fuck, come here…” she moaned as she sat up, taking hold of Kari’s hair and using it to pull her up into a sloppy tongue filled kiss, sharing the cum that was already coating the younger girls tongue as Kari positioned herself to press her cunt to Sora’s turning the heated make out into a joint scissoring session for TK to enjoy watching as he sat back on the beach towel

“Fuck…fucking love you guys…you always….know what I need” Sora panted between heated kisses from Kari before breaking their make out session to rest her forehead against the younger girls to look lovingly into her eyes “can I stay with you two for a while? I have a feeling Matt might come over to try to win me over and I don’t want to deal with that for a while”

“Of course, you know you’re always welcome at our place, do you want me to call Matt when we get back?” TK replied

“No, give it a few days first, let him stew and maybe actually realise what he did wrong, I want you two all to myself for a bit first as well” Sora replied before resuming the heated make out with Kari, making the younger girl moan and giggle as the girls worked their hips harder together

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