From Hero to Streamer (Boku No Hero Academia)

BY : VitalGrove
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Disclaimer: I do not own “Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia” or any of its characters, only my Original Creations.

Disclaimer: I do not own “Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia” or any of its characters, only my Original Creations. The themes and scenarios displayed in this story are complete works of fiction and are not done with the intent to harm, inspire or corrupt any individual or group, nor are they done with the intent to provoke any sense of violence or malicious intent, sexual or not towards any individual being or group. The actions and ideas displayed here do not represent the thoughts or ideas of the author and are done entirely as a work of fantasy. Unless explicitly stated, all characters are above the age of 18.


Summary: Desperate to boost her popularity, Ochako has Deku call in a favour to help increase her ratings. When she shows up expecting a media campaign, she’s surprised to find that they won’t be taking pictures or doing an interview. She’ll be set up with her very own LIVE Stream! The surprises never cease however, when she’s joined by a very familiar face and a very unfamiliar aspect of his Quirk.


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“Wow, I still can’t believe I’m getting to meet you! I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been a huge fan ever since your first debut. Never thought I’d get to see a Hero of your calibre in my humble little office.”


Slightly overwhelmed by the exuberant manager walking by her side, Ochako didn’t quite know what to say in response to that aside from politely laughing, making sure to hold back her pace a bit while he continued to prattle on about what an honour it was meeting her and just how closely he’d been following her career.


Most of his words didn’t really register with the anti-gravity Hero as she tried to look like she was still paying attention while carefully making sure not to step on the poor guy. Honestly, at 5’3 she was never the tallest person in the room, but this man could give old Mineta a run for his money. He barely even came up to her knees, all dressed up in his miniature black business suit, slacks and white button down shirt while constantly having to dab a handkerchief across the grossly glistening surface of his forehead, the light practically blinding her as it bounced off the top of his dome where a massive bald spot held centre court surrounded on all sides by thinning tufts of black hair.


“Did anyone explain to you how this all works?”


His nasally, high pitched voice brought her back to attention but thankfully he didn’t seem to have realised just why she’d been so quiet as she coughed to clear her throat and shot him a sheepish smile.


“Well, kinda? I know I’m supposed to be doing some sort of media appearance, maybe some photos or something but, honestly? I’ve never really done anything like this…”


It was slightly reassuring the way he didn’t seem disappointed or surprised by her ignorance, calmly nodding his head with an excited grin plastered to his face.


“Of course, of course! Everyone's a first timer at some point. You were partially right, there will be a short session where we get to take some pictures, but for the most part you’ll be LIVE Streaming!”


“L-Live Streaming?” Ochako wondered unsurely.


“Yes, it’s all the rage these days! People love to get the chance to see their Heroes in a more personal, natural environment! At some point we’ll send in another Pro to help boost your numbers, but aside from that you just need to be yourself. Talk to them, answer questions, move about a bit and so on! The more viewers you manage to draw in and the more upvotes your stream receives the more popular you’ll be! And the more popular you are, the more attention we’ll send your way. That all sound agreeable?”


“Umm… yes? Seems pretty simple, I guess-“




His excitement almost made Ochako jump out of her tightly fitted jeans, the salmon coloured turtleneck she’d chosen for the occasion raising slightly over her navel and exposing a series of tan lines around her waist as they both drew to a stop outside an innocuous looking door.


“You’ll find your outfit waiting on the bed, I must insist you wear it. Our research teams put a lot of work into finding out just what catches people's attention and you’ll need it if you want to make the most out of this!”


“A-ah, okay, thank you-?” He pushed the door open and Ochako squeaked as his hand planted itself onto the expansive surface of her rear before shoving her forward with a surprising amount of strength.


“And don’t forget to dump your current clothes into the laundry bin by the door, we’ll make sure to have them washed and dried long before you’re finished! We go live in five, good luck!”


“Wait, so SOON-?”




The door flew shut in her face and Ochako flinched at the loud sound, mouth partially stuck open as she wondered about the sudden bout of rudeness before mentally waving it off as the man's overly excitable nature, shrugging her shoulders and nervously turning towards the rest of the room.


She was pleasantly surprised to find that the cosy, carpeted area she’d ended up in was really just a normal looking space, clearly modelled after someone's bedroom as a flowery looking single bed dominated centre view where it had been pushed up against a wall covered by a massive floor to ceiling mirror. Huge pink splotches were cutely dabbed randomly along the wallpaper occupying the other three walls with the occasional picture frame hung up for show. None of the images meant anything to her, but Ochako just figured they had been going for a certain aesthetic as she wandered closer and felt her boots sinking into a fluffy red rug.


All in all it was a sweet little room where the only thing that looked truly out of place to the Rescue Hero was the tripod and camera set up to capture a wide angle shot, designed to put special focus directly onto the bed and making it more than clear where she was supposed to spend most of her time. A large screen was hung up beside the camera with a few innocent looking wires dangling down towards a ready made cable hole and Ochako couldn’t help but nervously note the timer counting down which had already reached the four minute mark, butterflies stirring in her stomach as she realised that she had been too preoccupied with the room to remember that she was supposed to be getting ready.


Trying to push her anxiety down where it belonged, she quickly spotted and made her way over to the unwrapped, perfectly folded ensemble set in the centre of her bed where she carefully, almost fearfully unfolded the outfit she was supposed to wear.


Ochako had no idea what she’d been expecting from a supposed “uniform” for a simple popularity campaign, but a scandalously short French maid costume was not it!


Steam practically came pouring out of her ears as the sleek, silky black fabric sifted through her fingers, her cheeks on fire as she ran her eyes over the deeply plunging neckline tied at the bottom with crisp, clean lace. Thickly ruffled white sleeves that would only just barely manage to cover her shoulders while leaving the rest of her arms bare poofed out to the sides.


Dread filled her being as Ochako twisted it front to back, praying that she’d missed something as a widely flared skirt so short it was practically a belt whipped about before somehow drawing her hopeful eyes back to the bed where they dimmed almost immediately.


A sheer pair of knee high white stockings lay bundled up where they’d hidden underneath the outfit alongside a frilly black/white headpiece and three inch slip on heels, the gleaming silver buckles strapped to the tops almost mocking her as she glanced between them and her hands.


“… Maybe it’ll stretch?” 


Something in her chest told her it wouldn’t.


And as she stood there with a heart full of unease, the previously black light sitting innocently above the camera lens flickered red.


Still, there was no harm in giving it a try on the off chance that she really had missed something, and the still ticking timer at her back added a new sense of urgency as she shucked her shoes and quickly hooked both thumbs into the waistband of her comfortable blue jeans to begin shimmying them down her body, struggling extra hard to stretch them over her wide hips before finally slipping them lower to pool around her ankles.


The sweater came off next, tangling around her arms and causing her to flail as she valiantly fought to strip both it and her sports bra, the second piece getting an uneasy pause as she noticed the total lack of undergarments included in the set before a sharp, threatening ‘BEEP’ from behind made her look over in shock to find that she only had a minute left!


Standing there, naked aside from her plain white panties decorated with a silly red bow on the front, anyone who could have been lucky enough to take a peek inside the room would have been treated to the majestic sight of her tugging the comparatively tiny maid costume over her head as she tried to squeeze her plump, curvy frame into its figure hugging form, her thick white ass jiggling from side to side while her fat tits bounced to the beat of her battling to force those sweet, rounded features through the expansive neck hole.


After what felt like hours but could have been at most a couple of seconds she managed to fit with an audible ‘POP’ before grabbing at the hem of her one piece uniform’s mini skirt and fruitlessly trying to drag it at least to the point it rested below her bum cheeks. It was too snug though, the shoulders straining around the tops of her arms while her overly ample breasts filled out the laced up chest to the point of bursting, pushing at the seams while a brush of cold air coasted along her bared, bulging cleavage and made her blush from head to toe as she felt her nipples soon stiffen to attention, jabbing out accusingly and impossible to miss as a high pitched whine built in the depths of her gulping throat.


“Oh gosh, no no no-”


She reached down for the stockings and tumbled forward onto the bed with her juicy, heart shaped dump truck waving in the air towards the camera as she absent mindedly pulled one up each leg, letting them go around her upper calf with a sharp ‘SNAP’ before reaching back to untuck the edges of her snowy underwear from where they’d been pulled into the depths of her crack as she slipped into her shoes with ease.


The sharp change in footing took a moment to get used to, the shoe heels forcing Ochako to balance slightly on the tips of her feet while keeping her legs straight and her backside pushed out, all while only just barely managing not to facepalm at the ludicrous sensation of her already cosmically short skirt rising up even higher, the heels angling her doughy rump just so the hem fell less than an inch below the middle of her meaty cheeks, abandoning the lower halves to just jiggle fruitlessly in the open air as she stumbled her way over towards the door with her clothes in hand.


“U-Um, e-e-excuse me?” Ochako squeaked, face burning and her heart in her throat as she tried to turn the handle and found it locked. “Hello?!”


A metallic ‘CLANG’ drew her out of the panic setting into her voice as she turned to the wall next to the door and noticed a metallic bin slide open, the director's words echoing in her ears just as a lazy, unbothered drawl echoed from the steely confines.




Heart hammering, Ochako took a nervous gulp of air as she calmed herself with the knowledge that whoever this was couldn’t actually see her. A faint blossom of hope appeared in her chest as she hunched over towards it and wet her lips.


“Um, H-hello- hi? I'm really sorry, but I think there’s been a mix-up. You see, I have these clothes-”


Yes, just put them in the compartment provided, thank you.


“N-no, you’re not listening, again I’m really sorry but this… outfit is too small? I don’t think you guys got the measurements right-”


Please just insert your clothes into the compartment provided, the Director will handle any other complaints you have towards the end of today's shift, thank you.


“No, that’s not the point, I need to talk to him NOW-”


Please insert your clothes into the compartment provide-




Ochakop finally snapped as her frustrations boiled over, bundling up her previous clothing and shoes before shoving them into the bin with an utterly unnecessary amount of force and feeling a burble of satisfaction as they banged loud enough to startle whoever was on the other end.


“Now, could you please go grab the director?”


“...The director will handle your complaints at his earliest convenience-


“Hah, thank you!”


-after business hours have concluded-


“Wait, WHAT?!”


Remember to wear all of the outfit provided. Good luck!


With another ‘CLANG’ similar to the first the bin slid seamlessly back into the wall before Ochako’s disbelieving eyes, her jaw dropping at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation as indignation burned in her bouncy, unsupported chest.


“GOING LIVE IN 10, 9, 8, 7-”


With a jolt she whipped round to see the light above the camera glowing an ominous red while a giant white countdown had overtaken the previous timer.


“-6, 5, 4-”


It was too late, she was out of time. With the door locked and no way to communicate with those on the outside, the Pro Rescue Hero Uravity rushed unsteadily over towards the bed, almost tripping in her high heels as she decided to make the best of a bad situation and don the rest of her outfit, the maids cap fitting to her head comfortably while she nervously spun around just as the timer hit “0” and the screen went blank.


She was almost relieved, daring to believe for a mere moment that something had gone wrong and she wouldn’t have to go through with this charade after all! Then the black monitor lit up in a rolling wave of text and Ochako’s heart sank at the online chatting box that took its place.


Down towards the bottom her eyes found a dark red symbol representing what could only be her viewer count, the big fat zero giving her no comfort as with a heavy heart she stared it down expectantly until the number flashed into a back stiffening one.


Ochako could feel the bead of sweat trailing down her temple as her cheeks stretched into an incredibly shaky smile.


“Uhhh… hi?”


Meanwhile, elsewhere…


“What do you mean she never showed up?”


Brow furrowed, Midoriya Izuku paused atop one of the many apartment buildings set along his patrol route to press the speaker of his phone closer to his ear, having to strain to make out what the incessant, annoyed jabbering coming from the other end was about.


So far from what he’d managed to gather, the employee who was supposed to collect Ochako from the lobby of the Hero Commissions main office building had never shown up, and by the time someone thought to send another she’d been long gone. A couple of workers manning the front desk supposedly saw her greet and shake hands with a squat man they’d thought of as rather sleazy, but seeing as how Ochako hadn’t been put off they’d barely given it a second glance.


On one hand, Izuku now knew, she hadn’t been ambushed, kidnapped or any other variation of forcefully taken against her will, not to mention that she was a perfectly capable Hero in her own right and would have surely raised hell if there had been an actual problem.


On the other hand, he’d had to pull a few important favours to get her this chance for a good press release, and if she didn’t show up soon she was going to miss out on her slot.


“Alright, thank you for letting me know. Get back to me if she does decide to show up, alright?”


With a grumbling thank you to the rather panicked man on the other end, Izuku hung up the call and rolled his eyes up to the heavens before looking back down at the screen and seeing zero calls or texts from the girl in question.


“Come on, Ochako…” He sighed. “Where could you have possibly gone?”


Back with Ochako…


‘This is fine, right? Yeah, this is… this is doable!’


To her most immense and relieving surprise, the Live Stream had been going… well? It really was just as she’d been led to believe. Even if it was in such a humiliating outfit which constantly left her sensitive flesh vulnerable to the open air, the hairs on her body shifting and standing up as a self conscious twist where she sat on the bed caused the edges of her skirt to ride up while she answered question after question about what her life was like as a Pro Hero, the slopes of her marshmallowy cleavage stained pink as she leaned forward uncomfortably while trying to make sure the insides of her plump thighs were covered up by the uniform and all the while explaining with amused exasperation that yes, the Pro Hero Deku was just as nice as he seemed on TV.


She’d even started to somewhat relax, barely even noticing how the viewer count ticked up and forgetting about the mirror at her back leaving her oddly exposed as she laughed at the sweet comments being typed out in chat and their bizarre spam jokes that were apparently called “copypasta”? It seemed like everyone was going out of their way to be as accommodating as possible and no one even seemed surprised by her surprising lack of clothing.


So when they started making requests, Ochako didn’t really see the harm. Simple things like “Show us your angry face!” Or “Can you touch your nose with your tongue?” that seemed funny at first but slowly started to… escalate.


69ZooLane: Are you and Deku dating?

BigRedHashira: Neh, neh, how long’s your tongue?

Poro77: lmaooo, WeirdChat

Guest4462: Try and touch your chin!


She easily ignored that first one. The others though… 


“Ehehehe, my chin? I don’t really think…”


Like sharks smelling blood the chat ramped up its encouragement, the messages flying by so quickly Ochako almost didn’t have time to read them all as she unsurely chewed on her lip.


‘I mean, it’s weird but there’s no real harm, right?’


Inexplicably she had to wipe her palms against the bed spread beneath as her nerves turned them clammy before mentally shrugging her shoulders and figuring, why not?


With her heart beating faster Ochako ran the tip of her moist pink tongue over both peach coloured lips and, tentatively, began pushing forward as far as she could, wincing slightly as she felt the thin trail of saliva being left behind until the stiffened tip couldn’t stretch any further.


“Awaah~ I shink thish ish ash har ash I can gah?”


The saliva started to dry on her chin as Ochako focused her eyes onto the screen and saw the messages flying past even faster, creating almost a blur before one user triggered a storm.


Mirukoko: We can’t see, you need to come closer!


Like someone had opened the floodgates the rest of her Chat took up the chant until the only thing she could make out was endless walls of spam begging her to move closer to the camera.


The nervous twinge in her chest returned with full force but she couldn’t exactly tell them no at this point, could she? So with that decided, Ochako hopped up unsteadily onto her heels and began awkwardly waddling across the floor, flushing with embarrassment as her skirt fought against her hands to try and float up over the crotch of her panties while her voluminous breasts jiggled with every step.


Finally, with less than a foot between her and the camera, Ochako bent her knees to doubly make sure she’d made it into frame before repeating her previous motions and unrolling her soft looking tongue from behind her lips.


“Haa? How’sh tha?”


The blinking red light atop the camera burned into her eyes accusingly as she felt the smallest drop of drool build at the corner of her lips while her chat went crazy, complimenting her on just how impressive it was she could stretch that far. With every kind word she became a little less embarrassed about the silly little display she was making, even giggling as she twisted her head from side to side to make sure they got every angle of her dripping wet muscle.


GenzoLorenzo: @Ochako did you know you can’t do that while trying to touch your elbows and looking up?

xXSniperCatXx: There’s no waaaay man

Kankurohoe: She’s not gonna fall for that…

ThirteenFanBoy: Prove him wrong, Uravity-sama!!!


Still with her tongue out and her eyes wide, Ochako watched the chat descend into anarchy as they fought back and forth about whether or not she could do it, the outpouring of comments telling her to try, almost fought back by the ones saying only an idiot would believe something like that.


‘Why are they getting so worked up over something so stupid? Should I… should I just do it, get them to calm down a little?’


The lens of the camera twisted almost unnoticeable without the slightest hint of sound as it zoomed in on Ochako’s upper half, giving the lucky viewers at home a closer look at her round pink cheeks and her equally coloured cleavage as she wordlessly leaned forward and brought her elbows up.


Kerokerokawaii: Wait, there’s no shot…


‘What was it? Tongue out…’


The light danced over her juicy, peach coloured lips.


‘Elbows together…’


Her brows furrowed as a single, glittering strand of spit dangled from the top of her tongue while Ochako twisted her wrists around to face her shoulders while bringing her elbows together in front of her chest, completely unaware of the way her viewers had gone dead as they witnessed with bated breath the way her magnificent creamy melons were pushed up and out to the point they were practically spilling from the top of her dress as she flexed and pushed to try and make the two tips touch, her lips quirking up at the corners in success as she finally managed to make contact, giving a celebratory bounce that teased all of her steadily climbing fans with a flash of pink areola.


‘Then just… look up!’


Thousands of tents pitched at the exact same moment.




Her viewer count erupted. Not that she could see the monstrously spiked number, nor the hundreds of messages pouring in saying it was one of the hottest things they’d ever seen, ridiculing her for falling for such a simple trick while they drooled over the way her depraved ahegao made her look like a complete and utter whore, those fat tits just begging to be groped and sucked while spit pooled behind those luscious looking cock pillows and her uvula dangled clearly in the back of her throat just waiting to be punched by the head of some meaty, smelly cock. 


Then the door cracked open and like the dumb, busty bitch she was Ochako twisted around and rolled her eyes down to see who it was…


With her tongue still dripping down her chin and her tits held up practically on a silver platter.


“Well, they told me who I'd be working with but I can’t really say I believed them. Good to see you’re already in the swing of things though?”


Almost like the force that had been keeping her pinned in by her surprise was blown away by those measured, amused words, Ochako’s tongue snapped back into her mouth while the rest of her exploded into a blush that put all others to shame, her skin so pink her guest thought she might be about to faint as she choked out her familiarity.




With his shaggy blonde hair and a big, fluffy white robe in place of his martial arts Hero Outfit, Mashirao Ojiro chuckled at her surprise, the Pro otherwise known as “Tailman” giving her astonished posture a relaxed wave in return even as she seemed like she might short circuit.


“W-wha-what are you doing here?!” She squeaked as her arms folded over her chest and her figure curled to the side, body language screaming her self consciousness as he ignored her shame and kicked off his slippers before strolling deeper into the room, tail floating serenely behind him as he went.


“Oh? I thought they told you? I’m your co-star for your first stream!”




Now that he mentioned it, she did sort of remember the Director saying something about that.


“Yeah, just a familiar face for the viewers to help boost your numbers and support you through any first day jitters. Though looking at these numbers…” He gave an impressed whistle, sending an unexpected thrum of pride through her chest as she puffed up at the amazed look on his face. “Doesn’t look like you really even need it!” 


“Oh, ehehehe, well, it’s not like it’s hard. Just… ya know, talking?”


She was rambling, Ochako knew that, but she couldn’t help it. She’d gotten used to the camera with time, but there was something about having someone else, someone she knew, in the room with her that reminded the zero gravity Hero just what she looked like.


“Uh hu, sure looked like a lot of talking when I got in.” Ojiro teased as she flinched, her fingers coming up to nervously push together as she thought of how silly she must have looked.


“Ah, um, funny story actually. You see, someone in chat was talking about how you can’t-”


“No need.” He raised a hand to cut off her rambling. “You don’t need to explain yourself to me, it’s not the weirdest thing I’ve walked in on. I’ve done this a lot.”


“You… you have?” Still unsure, Ochako relaxed at the nonchalant way he completely waved off her concerns.


“Of course! Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of what I’ve done as a Pro, but my Quirk’s not exactly tailored for prime time or high ratings, you know? Gotta make up that extra fan following somewhere.”


Despite his reassuring words as that was the exact same reason she was here, Ochako still shifted uneasily as he finished traversing the room to end up right by her side as she couldn’t help but notice how even with the heels he was a good foot taller than her. It seemed that he’d still kept growing out of high school while she’d never budged an inch.


The flickering of chat caught her attention and thankfully gave her a new topic to switch to as she ignored just how big he seemed beside her.


Ordersixtynine: Holy shit, is that Tailman?!

SylvesterStallion: I didn’t think he did shoots with newbies

GiZmO: This was sooo fuckin worth missing Nejire-chan’s stream


“Wow, you’re really popular…” Ochako trailed off as the lines of text resumed blurring while Ojiro just shrugged like it was no big deal.


“Yeah, well like I said. I’ve done this a lot. Never pulled numbers like yours though. Speaking of, should we get started?” He asked, clapping her on the shoulder and making her chest wobble as he reached over to the tripod and plucked the camera into his waiting hands.


“Umm… started?”


“Of course! Talking and answering questions is fine, but most people watch these things hoping to get a show, right?” He prodded, flipping the camera around so that he could aim it at her startled features while flipping open the screen to see what the viewers saw.


“A show?”


“Yep.” He popped the ‘p’ while fiddling with the settings until he found them satisfactory before grinning reassuringly. “I figured we’d start things off nice and easy with a bit of roleplaying, ya know? Something nice and fun since it’s your first day. Sound good?”


He didn’t wait for her answer before spinning the camera around to face himself and smiling amiably into the lens.


“You like that idea, Chat?”


Overwhelmed and definitely out of her depth, Ochako watched in bewilderment at the ease in which Ojiro played to her viewers and then the way the Chat started fangirling in their excitement. By the time he’d flipped it back, she was standing there with her lips moving but no words coming out until there was really only one thing she could say.




Ojiro grinned.




He held the camera up to about his head height and boldly stepped forward as it shifted to account for the perspective change and gave all of her ecstatic viewers a fresh POV as he pointed it down into her anxious features, catching every nibble of her teeth into that scrumptious looking lower lip while making sure to capture the perfect frame of those divine looking milk jugs she called a chest.


“Now, I was thinking that since you already went out of your way to get the uniform ready, we should do a little Master/Servant role play.” He didn’t ask her, he told her, either completely missing or utterly ignoring her unease. “So I’ll be the wealthy Manor Lord returning to his home after a long day at work, and you’ll be the shy new member of staff meeting me for the first time. Ready?”


Ochako gulped as he pushed further into her personal space, the heels making it difficult to back away as her face came even with a chest broadened by thousands of hours of martial arts and Hero work, the muscles underneath his robe peaking out to give her an eyeful while she squirmed. Her heart was beating faster, mouth feeling far too dry as the respectful, amiable light she’d seen in his eyes all the way back since their first year of US together shifted into something far harsher and more stern, her surprise at how easily he seemed to get into character tempered by her now overflowing unwillingness to meet his gaze. Like she was back to being a little girl in trouble with her dad rather than the Pro Rescue Hero she was now.


It also didn’t seem like he was willing to wait.


“So, you must be Miss Uraraka, yes?” He asked her brusquely as she realised that they were starting now.


“O-o-ohh, ummm, ahaha, y-y-”


“Well, out with it girl! I haven't got all damn day!” 


He snapped, making Ochako jump as her nerves went haywire and her posture turned skittish with the clearly angered tone of his voice.


“S-sorry!” She squeaked, cheeks burning as she felt his stare burning down into the top of her head. “A-and y-yes, I am?”


“Are you asking me or telling me?!” He sneered down at her in condescension as Ochako’s hands clenched.


“Telling you!” She tried to be firm but it came out as more of a yelp, though Ojiro didn’t seem to mind as he snorted.


“That’s better.”


Surprisingly, alongside the shame, his words brought a new feeling as pride surged through her chest and Ochako unthinkingly stood up straighter, losing herself in the scene slightly as she puffed up her chest.


“So, you’ve been hard at work, yes?”


The feeling was short-lived.


“Umm, yes?” She responded tentatively, wincing as she felt his irritated gaze back on her face while she studiously kept her own focused down at the carpet.


“How long have you been working on this room?”


Her tongue stilled in her mouth, Even as she could feel him impatience growing by the moment, Ochako didn’t know what he wanted her to say. Did he want her to make it up? Or, or-


“A-a few hours?”


She knew as soon as the words left her lips that the truth was the wrong thing to say.


“A few hours…” He muttered softly and Ochako watched, kind of impressed at his acting, as Ojiro’s face started to grow from red to an angry looking puce. “A few HOURS?!”


His bellow felt like it rattled her bones as Ochako ‘Eep’d!’ and ducked her chin down into her cleavage, the fabric of her skirt bunching up between her fingers as he raged so hard she felt a fleck of spit land atop her cheekbone, though she dared not move to wipe it away.


“You've been in here for goddamn HOURS and it doesn’t even look like you’ve started you stupid, STUPID girl!”


His anger, disgust, the sheer contempt in his voice was enough to make Ochako whimper in the back of her throat as unbidden tears sprouted to life in the corners of her eyes.


“I-I’m s-s-sorry Oji-”




He roared and this time Ochako did look up, eyes wide and suspiciously shiny as his curled lip tugged at her navel.


“Apparently we need to start from the ground up, you useless, stupid girl, since CLEARLY you don’t know a damn thing about this job!”


The words struck a chord inside her chest as a small, tucked away part of her mind focused on the fact that she really didn’t know anything about her new job, while the rest of her just quailed under Ojiro’s rage.


“To start off, you do NOT get to use my name! It is not Mr, or Mashirao, or OJIRO! You will refer to me as either Sir or Master, is that clear?”


“Y-yes-” She whimpered.




“YES SIR!” Ochako squealed back, eyes tightly clenched as she lifted her head and belted out the words while he snorted.


“Good. We’ll start with the bed.”


Her eyes unclenched as she looked up owlishly, shying away from his unamused features and ignoring the camera entirely to the point she forgot it was even there to instead look where he was gesturing.


“The bed?” She wondered before flushing as his sneer returned.


“Yes, the bed, you do know what a bed is, don’t you?” He mocked, fanning the flames of her humiliation. “Look at it, it’s a goddamn MESS!”


Happy to look at anything other than his disappointed expression, Ochako turned in confusion to glance at the ordinary, feminine looking single bed. The longer she looked though, the more she could make out the smallest signs of a depression in the cover or wrinkles in the sheets where with a cold certainty she remembered that she had been sitting there just minutes before.




“Yes, oh.” He drawled. “I don’t need to explain to you how to straighten out a bed, do I?”


She bit her lip so hard it almost bled, not wanting to risk opening her mouth in case of more embarrassment as she rapidly shook her head.


“What was that? I couldn’t quite hear you…” He rumbled as she wetted her lips.


“No, Sir.” She mumbled.


“Good. Get to it.


Ochako didn’t need any more convincing, more than happy to move away from the sheer aura of disappointment and aggression he was putting out as she scampered unsteadily over towards the bed, wobbling on her heels and accepting the fact that her skirt must have been exposing more than she would have wanted in favour of quickly escaping his wrath.


Except, she hadn’t. He dogged her every step of the way and she could feel the hairs on her arms rising as his breath tickled the nape of her neck. Usually such a task would have been easy, but her amplified nerves and his stern presence made her hands shake, an inconspicuous tremble in her slightly bowed together knees as with a start she noticed just how far down the bed seemed.


A faint breeze along her inner thighs reminded Ochako just how tiny her skirt was and butterflies stirred in her stomach as she shifted back and forth indecisively, too scared to bend forward and risk her clothing riding all the way up but knowing how ridiculous it would look if she crouched to make a bed.


Once again, Ojiro didn’t seem willing to wait.


“Tch, why is it so impossible to find good help these days.”


She winced at his disapproving words before flinching as a big, rough, warm hand, covered in calluses from endless training and fighting pressed between her shoulder blades and pushed. A familiar feeling of weightlessness not so unfamiliar to her Quirk overtook Ochako as she lost her balance and shot her hands out ahead of her, yelping as her tits almost spilled from the confines of her top while her weight landed behind her knees against the mattress. 


The mechanical sound of the camera zooming in tickled the air and even without looking at the chat you could feel the viewers excitement as they all got a first hand look at the beast that had been teasing them ever since Ochako had first appeared in that tiny little skirt. With her massive, shelf like tits and wide, breedable hips, it came to no one's surprise that hiding underneath that slutty little mini skirt was one of the fattest asses in the Hero industry, a contender to beautys like The Alien Queen: Mina Ashido or even Miruko that even beneath those boring, plain white panties it had enough juiciness to set some of the more sensitive viewers off right there! The snowy fabric could only stretch so far after all and jaws dropped as they got a good look at the way the edges dug into the middles of those ever so slightly tanned cheeks, the tinges of pink telling them that Ochako know fine well, even without looking at the mirror ahead, what they were looking at and it was making her blush from her hairline to her feet as they ogled the backside and saw how the bottom of each fleshy loave dangled out from behind her underwear.


“S-S-Sir?” She whimpered as his own hand drifted down to lightly brush along her hip, sending a shiver up her spine as it gently settled on her waist and just held her.


“What are you waiting for, Miss Uraraka?” His throaty growl made her eyes widen while his tail shifted excitedly behind him. “You have a job to do…”


The muscles in her legs twitched as her knees pressed together and Ochako thought she might start hyperventilating she was breathing so fast, her mind screaming at her to get up and slap him even as her stomach fluttered and her arms didn’t seem to obey.


Then the fingers on her hip started to tighten.


‘It’s n-not that bad.’ She sharply inhaled before reaching out to start smoothing down the sheets. ‘Just play along, then tell him you’re not comfortable!’


That didn’t solve her problems now though, and with every stretch of her body as she tried to straighten out all the wrinkles Ochako grew more and more aware of the thousands of eyes currently watching her meaty arse as it bobbed and swayed with her motions, the attention almost like a physical force pushing down on her shoulders as she tried not to lean too far forward and have her chest mess up all her work.


All the while, Ojiro’s fingers continued to brush and knead against her hip through her dress, digging into her soft flesh as every push and prod burned like a beacon in her awareness.


“There you go, get it alllll out…” His voice shifted abruptly to soft and seductive in her ear and Ochako almost melted before he leaned forward and the warm bulge of something stirring behind his robe ground into the cheeks of her bum. 


Good girl.”


Her eyes rolled back and she shuddered, that damnable warmth filling her chest like it was a bucket before overflowing and beginning to dribble down, running all the way from the base of her throat to the forbidden space between her legs as her thighs ground together to try and snuff the sudden rush of heat from her loins.


‘W-what’s happening?’


Even in her head she sounded breathless, her fingers twitching uncontrollably with the urge to do something as she finally finished smoothing out all the wrinkles and looked up.


It was mesmerising, the image burning itself into her brain as she examined a woman she didn’t even recognise, cute rounded cheeks a deep, ruddy red and her eyebrows drawn together as a small bead of sweat tickled her forehead while her pupils dilated and left her looking dazed. Almost absentmindedly they flickered up and the fire between her legs grew as she found Ojiro exactly where she expected him, directly behind her with his jaw clenched as he kept the camera to his eye and didn’t miss a moment of her meaty backside grinding itself against his crotch, his robe parting below his neck where it’d loosened to show off the hairless, thickly defined mussels covering his torso.


“Ahh~ mmph, S-Sir?” His hand stilled as the whimpered words tumbled from her lips. “I’m, I’m finished.”


She didn’t mean just with the bed. It didn’t feel like acting anymore, or a fun little scene between friends for their fans. It felt real and heady and it was filling her brain, making it difficult to think as Ojiro moved back perhaps an inch to give her room to stand up before grabbing her by the shoulder and twirling her around on one heel.


A gasp left her lips as she suddenly found herself pressed against that warm, bare chest, fingers splayed across his pecs as cologne filled her nose. Perilously balanced on one foot and desperately clawing at his bulky frame to try and stay standing, Ochako wasn’t nearly prepared enough for the thick, trunk like leg that pressed forward and wedged itself between her own while she gave a wordless shout of surprise followed up quickly by a startled moan as her panty covered crotch bumped and ground up the bare skin of his leg.


Like the dangerously exposed tip of a still charged wire, Ochako’s pussy sparked as it rubbed against his skin until with a mortified whine she felt her juices beginning to soak into the fabric, outlining the shape of her lower lips and staining her underwear a dirty grey while the rest of her body melted into his arms, legs essentially collapsing and placing more pressure on her thoroughly purring kitty while she scratched at his chest.


“Huwaah! O-Oji-MMPH!”


The sudden mashing of his lips against her own made Ochako’s eyes widen, the whites visible all the way around her pupils as her chest inflated from the shock and pressed her nipples so far forward they almost tore through the fabric of her dress to get to his skin, throbbing hotly as they scraped against his muscles while she dazedly opened her lips to allow his tongue access to the inner sanctums of her mouth, its fleshy length pillaging her moist pink cavern and lapping away at the sweet tasting juices pooling behind her teeth while her own trembled unsurely before tentatively rushing forward to try and push him away, failing spectacularly as he playfully batted her down before exploring her gums from corner to corner and licking around her teeth.


He held the camera out to the side as she whimpered and turned it towards them so that the Stream could have a nice clear view of their lips clinching together while loud, wet, indecent sounds came from within her mouth, their wrestling tongues visible as they pushed against the insides of her cheeks while her eyes fluttered and she unthinkingly began to slurp on the saliva he funnelled into her cavern.


After making sure they’d had a good, looong look he returned it to facing forward and they cheered as the mirror showed them how Ochako’s body had melded to his own with her plump thighs squeezing around his leg, his knee pushed out just beneath her ass cheeks as he reached down her back and scrunched the hem of her mini skirt between his fingers to pull it out out of the way, leaving nothing between the viewers at home and Ochako’s fat, meaty arse which subtly wobbled with every twitchy jerk of her hips as he forcefully grated her mound against the top of his thigh.


“Mmm~ schlep, ga~ HA! Mmmmphwa~ Sir, STOP!” Somehow through the gasps and moans, Ochako managed to pull herself away from the predatory dance of his lips, pink faced and glassy eyed as smirked at her curiously and continued manipulating her lower half to rub against him. “This, it’s, it’s inappropriateGLURK!


Her nostrils flared and Ochako choked as that had been relentlessly groping her rear flew up to plunge itself into her mouth, stretching her lips and straining her jaw around those rough, beefy fingers as she spluttered around him while spit seeped from the edges, dribbling down her chin and splattering onto the slopes of her big creamy tits while her juices dribbled down towards her ankles.


“Inappropriate?” He sneered, playing the role of an arrogant Lord to perfection while her tongue rolled between his fingers. “What’s inappropriate is a maid who can't do her job. If you can’t do the simplest of tasks, I’ll just have to put you to work elsewhere. Understood?!”


Taking her gargles as an affirmative, Ojiro pushed the camera into her face and made sure to capture every coloured splotch of her heaving and gagging around his fist before he pulled the throat slime coated fingers out of her gaping mouth and cracked her across the face with a sharp, stinging ‘SLAP’, more shocking than anything as she yelped accordingly before feeling him grip her shoulder and push.


Her mound slid off of his leg with a sloppy squelch as she slid down towards the floor, her panties budged up between the swollen, puffy lips of her pussy as her doughy cheeks landed in a squat on top of her heels and he began tugging at his robe.


It parted, the fluffy white garment sliding down his arms and falling to the wayside absentmindedly as Ochako heaved for breath with her eyes closed, struggling to regain her bearings before being fanned with a sweltering, humid heat quickly followed up by two heavy, fleshy thuds that slapped themselves atop her face.


“Open your eyes.”


She couldn’t disobey.


With a mounting, shameful anticipation, Ochako forced her eyelids to slide apart and show her what was waiting, the breath disappearing from her lungs as her mouth fell open and wordless sounds of disbelief sat on the tip of her tongue. Sat there, draped along her face on either side of her cute nose were two of the longest cocks she’d ever seen, nine inches of their veiny, fleshy exteriors glinting in the light as she choked down a shocked breath and smelt their sweaty aromas burrow into her sinuses.




“Yeah. Two.” He finished the thought for her, licking his lips as her warm breath caressed his privates while his large, tennis ball sized nuts swayed against her chin. “Mutation Quirk~”


He drew his hips back and Ochako whimpered as a greasy tip scraped along both sides of her face before mashing the spongy tips against her tightly clenched lips, their insistent pushing finding no purchase as she clamped her teeth together and refused to let them in.


Ojiro just tsked beneath his breath, zooming in on her scrunched up face that looked more like a pout than anything as his dicks rubbed all over her nose and cheeks, leaving thin, glistening traces of pre-cum behind as his tail twitched impatiently.


“Come on my slutty little maid…” He coaxed, gritting his teeth as his tail tensed and began to raise up.


“Open…” It flew. “WIDE!”


With the tension of a coiled up whip being released through the air Ojiro’s tail slammed down between his legs while the tip snapped, flicking between Ochako’s knees like the tip of a serpent's tongue to strike with pinpoint accuracy against the cute red bow at the front of her underwear, coincidentally in the same spot as her already excited, swollen up clit, as evidenced by the gravity girls rolled back eyes and banshee like shriek as what felt like a lightning bolt slammed through her lower half and all the bundled up, humiliated tension filling her core released, pouring out of the hole between her legs as she squirted like a sprinkler and flooded the insides of her legs.


Ojiro saw his chance and took it, aiming one meaty pole between her spread lips and thrusting with such force that he went straight past her tongue and into her throat, burying himself balls deep into her clutching, still screaming gullet with a messy, grotesque ‘SCHLURK’ and a groan while his other shaft tapped against the outside of her cheek.




Merely muffled, Ochako’s rebellious shouts were reduced to nothing more than phlegm flinging grunts as Ojiro pinned her back against the bed by the top of her skull and mercilessly started to thrust, gasps of pleasure fleeing his lips with every pump as her wonderfully tight throat coiled around him while ejecting an endless river of spit around his girth, coating his balls and adding a loud ‘SPLAT-SPLAT-SPLAT’ every time they struck her chin.


“Hnngh, that's it, you wanna keep this job? Then you’ve got to be an obedient little maid and TAKE IT!”


Ochako gargled around him with her eyes crossed lewdly as his size burned its way down her throat, the aftershocks of her surprise climax still causing her hips to twitch back and forth while his salty taste coated her palette and the tears blurred her eyes.


“Fuuuck yes, come on you slutty little Servant girl, such a GOOD little cock sucker, with the way you’re deep throating that dick I might just keep you around after all!”


The words were crude and disrespectful, but Ochako couldn’t resist the hot flush of pressure and pride she felt at having such a clear effect on him, her crossed eyes which couldn’t decide whether to roll back or slide shut narrowing in determination as she hollowed her cheeks and slapped his veiny under shaft with her tongue, even as her lungs started to burn and the need for air became more pressing.


Seeing her eyes beginning to lose focus Ojiro drew back, basking in the sensation of her fleshy walls stroking him all the way from base to tip before he slipped out with an obscene little ‘POP’ and slapped himself down against her gasping, spluttering features, smearing himself all over her nose and cheeks while she looked up at him in a daze.


“You want to suck more cock?” He threatened, stroking his shaft and keeping himself on edge while she whimpered and pushed against him “Then underwear. Now.


She fumbled to obey, arms weak as he continued to beat himself off above her face while she pushed her knees together and began sliding her soiled underwear down over her thick thighs, having to shuffle awkwardly when they pooled around her ankles before plucking them up and holding them in her hand uncertainly.


“Hold them above your head, stretch them out between your fingers and show me everything.”


They both knew what that meant.


Show us everything, show all your fans just what kind of mangy, depraved slut you really are.


Ochako choked in the back of her throat but obeyed.


Threading her hands through both leg holes she held her ruined underwear above her head and spread them apart, showing Chat the giant wet spot that left her with more wet panties than dry while the pretty red bow bobbed in front of their very eyes.


Like many of their fans, for Ojiro, it was too much.


“You fucking whore!


The hand furiously beating his cock lost all rhythm before Ochako’s wide, startled eyes as Ojiro grunted through his teeth and pushed forward, ignoring her startled look of dazed acceptance as he took the tips of both cocks and wedged them between her big, pouty lips just in time for his nuts to seize and send cum gushing out like a busted pipe.


She couldn’t find the energy to fight as he forced her skull back and dumped his load down her throat, the slimy cock snot draining itself into her tummy while she retched around him and drowned in the feeling of her stomach expanding to handle the excess of sperm.


“Don’t, spill, a, single, drop!” He emphasised each word with another thrust, squeezing out the last few strands onto her tongue before pulling himself free of her lips and shoving the camera into her face.


Ochako stared down the mechanical lens not knowing just how many people were watching as she clamped her lips together and fought to swallow the final mouthful of Ojiro’s cum, her throat flexing as it seemingly refused to go down before with one mighty gulp she swallowed it all.


Or so she thought.


With a panicked stare and quivering, slime coated lips, Ochako dropped her panties and clapped both palms over her lips as with the sound of draining sewage her spunk filled stomach sent it racing back up her throat, and when it couldn’t escape her lips it chose to go out through her nose, exploding from her flaring nostrils and spilling all down her lips and chin in thick white strands while she sneezed and snorted like a choking pig in the slop.


“Tch, silly, stupid girl.”


Ochako made a “Hlurk’ sound as fingers threaded through her hair and tugged her back up onto her feet, quickly twisting her around before she could collapse back down to the carpet and throwing her forward across the bed onto her hands and knees where she collapsed face first into the sheets with her tits pancaked against the mattress.


The bed shifted behind her as a new weight was added and Ochako shuddered at the hand that found her hip before she was shocked by the camera being nowhere to be found as Ojiro’s smiling face popped into her vision.


“Hey, just checking in to see how you’re doing?” He whispered.


Ochako stared, nose still burning from the cum lodged in her pipes while he took her silence to mean she was doing fine.


“Awesome, you’re doing great by the way, most of the Heroes they get in here to do this stuff don’t handle me half as well as you did! Just remember, if it gets too much don’t be afraid to use the safe word they gave you. Alright?”


Ochaok felt like she might sob.


‘Safeword?’ She croaked in her head as he sidled up behind her and pressed forward, the meaty heads of his cocks rubbing against her naked ass cheeks while her quim drooled down her inner thighs. ‘D-did they give me a safeword? I-I don’t-’


No matter how much she racked her brain, Ochako couldn’t remember being told anything about a safeword. All the while as she continued to flounder, Ojiro’s hips were busy taking aim and pressing both tips in towards her folds.






He missed the naked terror in her eyes as instead of looking towards the mirror he focused between her legs, using one hand to pull a nice juicy ass cheek out of the way to expose her drooling quim before letting it go to ‘CLAP’ back into place while he wrapped his hand around the upper parts of both his shafts.


“W-wait, what are youHNNNNGH!”


He nudged forward and the tightened entrance to Ochako’s tunnel started to burn, valiantly resisting the foreign intruders trying to squeeze their way inside as he moaned and she grit her teeth from the pain, groaning desperately as the sensation robbed the breath in her lungs and the words from her throat.


“Mmmft, good! HNGH! GOOD! GIRL! Nice, and… tight!


He shunted forward and Ochako’s body instinctively tried to reel back as she squealed through gritted teeth only to feel Ojiro’s hand return to the back of her skull as he pressed down and slammed her into the mattress.


“Face down, ass UP!” He crowed, salivating at the way her tunnel tried to crush him like a vice while her muffled screech echoed out from below. “Like a good maid should be!”


Her arms flailed as he kept feeding inch after inch of his cocks into her guts, leaning in over her back and feeling her pillowy backside cradle his abs while he moaned and squeezed harder on the back of her skull, the maid's headdress part of her costume somehow staying on as her silky brown hair slid through his fingers.


And for all of it Ochako couldn’t breathe. Her vision was completely cut off, her voice couldn’t make it out past the sheets and her own meagre, worn down strength was no match for Ojiro’s trained muscles. All she could do was kneel there, feeling her hot pink nipples throb as those two girthy meat pythons slithered their way towards her womb, scraping along her tunnel and stretching her so far past her limits she feared she might rip as her cliche black heels beat helplessly up and down.


“That’s it, keep SQUEEZING!” He ordered, taking his hand off of her head and slamming it down on her plentiful rear with a thunderous ‘SMACK’ that caused her entire backside to shake from side to side while the force rippled throughout her flesh.


She did, what else could she do aside from what he said and start working the muscles in her core to massage both cocks, not realising his hand had left her skull  as they trudged all the way up her cunt before burying themselves against the gates of her cervix, his hot, titanic nuts swinging forward to smack her pussy on the lips as he threw his head back and moaned at the feeling encompassed all the way to his balls.


It was only after he’d rested their, basking in her innermost depths, and started to pull back that the electric sensation of the stretched, burning sensation in her cunt bleeding over into a mish mash of pleasure that Ochako reflexively spasmed and lifted her head up, eyes unseeing as she filled her lungs to the brim before crying out in rapturous agony as he rammed forward and pushed it all out again, his hips meeting her cheeks in the cacophonous ‘SLAP’ of two humans coming together while she came so hard she saw stars!


He didn’t stop to give her a break or let her ride out such a violent climax in peace, instead immediately setting to working his body back and forth as he sawed himself out of her cunt while she wailed like an alley cat. Every push saw him clapping against her rear and the bed frame shook as it caused her entire curvaceous body to jiggle, trapped in palace as she bit and clawed at the sheets while Ojiro drilled her guts, watched the pressurised pussy juice come exploding out around him and pulled back just to start the cycle all over again.


He was like a machine, tearing through her silky tunnel and moulding it to his size as she fought to focus her eyes and look forward to the mirror, gurgling in the back of her throat as she saw a whore looking back, eyes all red and puffy with the bed sheets between her teeth and her dress flipped up over onto the small of her back. She caught the glint of the camera through the haze of pleasure which masked any sense of discomfort amongst her brain and without even attempting to second guess herself she arched her back further, lifting those wildly jiggling cheeks tanned red from the beating given by his hips higher up into the air, thinking that if she was going to be rutted into the dirt like some mangy bitch she might as well put on a good show.


Ojiro certainly noticed.


“Mmph, that’s it, you fucking love those cocks don’t you? You think loose little servant pussy like this deserves to be fucked? WELL?!”


His hand came down on her other cheek this time with another slap that set her teeth on edge as Ochako screamed into the sheets and let loose and other gushing wave of pussy cream, soaking both of their thighs in her juices as his palm came down on the back of her neck and forced her to let go of her impromptu gag and respond.


“Yeeeeessss~” She wheezed, eyes rolling in her head as the unending ‘SLAP-SLAP-SLAP’ of his hips smacking her arse and his balls tapping her clit melted her brain into warm, fuzzy goop.


Her thighs started flexing and Ochako dined on the way his body responded to the movements of her hips, with every time she eagerly slammed her pussy back to gobble up his cocks dragging out a lurid moan and an approving squeeze of the ass as he met her buck for buck before hunching forward and pouring the heated intensity of his gaze into her soul.


“Yes?! Yes this nasty, pathetic cum hole you call a pussy has no business being near my high class cock? Or yes, my new, greedy little maid who barely even knows how to straighten a bed likes being fucked on her hands and knees like a common bitch while her boss beats her ass like a DRUM?!”






Her head rolled back and her tongue slipped out to wag between her lips as Ochako’s mind short circuited and she felt the sweat dripping off his body to land on her back.


Both both both both both-


“Both what?!” He hissed.


“Both MASTER!”


Her walls spasmed around the double barrel shotgun of two twin cocks ruining her cunt as Ojiro hunched further forward, turning the camera away from her jiggling ass cheeks as they clapped against his stomach to instead look at the mirror where Ochako’s tits had slipped free of her dress, the edge sliding down beneath both magnificent milk jugs which bounced against the bed where the viewers could see them being flattened against the mattress.


“Beg me, beg me to keep fucking the dirty, out-of-shape hole of some low born cretin or I might just pull out!”


“NO!” Her cry pierced the sounds of their rutting and her brows drew together in concentration as she battled to force the words out.


“Please please please Master, don’t stop fucking your poor, useless Servant’s ugly little maid pussy! I need it Master, I need them in my stomach, I need them in my face, I want to smell them, to TASTE them! Please Sir, don’t stop fucking meeeeeee~!”


Her voice trailed off into meaningless squeals as Ojiro, invigorated by her words, pulled himself all the way back until both lengthy shafts had pulled free of her dripping lips while she sobbed in pleasure and despair for him to come back, a gasp of surprise leaving her swollen lips as he took Ochako by the hip and flipped her over onto her side before straddling her lower leg, lifting the other onto his shoulder and placing the camera out of the way where it could capture her entire profile, complete with her cock hungry expression, glazed eyes, fat tits and gaping pussy before he wrangled both well lubricated cocks and positioned one at each hole.




Ochako’s groan made her nipples bob as she bit down on her lip and tensed at the sensation of just one dick returning to her pussy before with a shot of adrenaline she felt the other mashing itself against her asshole, the tightly clenched hole squeezing even tighter to try and reject the cunny slickened head from stretching her anus wide enough for it to slip inside. Her eyes found the camera as it succeeded, letting go of her lip to breathe quickly, roughly as she failed to look away from the lens as if speaking directly to all those watching.


“Oh gosh, oh gosh it’s in my ass, Master, MASTER, it's too big, OH GOSH IT’S STRETCHING MEEEE, MASTEEEERRRR!”


Ojiro pushed forward with a gasp and sheathed himself into Ochako’s guts, immediately setting to work in thrusting as her gooey pussy caressed him and her asshole tried to strangle him. He grabbed the camera once more and held onto her leg with one hand as he spread her legs wide enough to get a good look at both his cocks stretching open her holes, widening the shot to capture her shameful look of depraved, sinful pleasure at having both orifices pillaged while he quickly resumed hammering his way into her body.


Every thrust of his hips made her grunt like a beast and Ojiro zoomed in on her chest as the force he was delivering to her lower half travelled throughout her body, reaching all the way up to her tits and making them jump up hard enough to smack against her saliva coated chin before swinging back down against her stomach. They were so plump, juicy and soft looking that he couldn’t resist letting go of her leg to have himself a feel, getting a fresh yelp of delight from her parted lips as he buried his fingers into that silky tit flesh and squeezed hard enough to leave marks, her fat spilling from between his fingers as her engorged nipple slipped between his thumb and index for him to rub and twist as she came once more.


“Sooo biiiiig~” Ochako wailed in the back of her throat, chewing on her lip as she writhed beneath his punishing pumps to the feeling of having her insides rearranged on both ends, the dick in her back door adding a delightful burn that echoed throughout her pussy as she shoved her chest forward into his grasping hand.


“I’m never letting this tight little pussy leave my service, I’m going to keep you right here, on the same bed you couldn’t be bothered to clean so that I can watch you make it all nice and pretty before throwing you on top and watching as you eagerly pull your ankles behind your ears, all the while pleading for me to fuck you back into the ragged, cum hungry whore I know you can be before I dump my sperm into your holes and make another mess so you can clean it up all over again!” 


He gasped out the words and his hips moved faster, but even as she clamped down on him tighter and felt her cunt muscles flex like they were trying to milk him, one thing stood out to her as the most important.


‘He’s gonna cum inside? No, he can’t cum inside, it’s not safe, it’s not a safe day!’


Or that was what she wanted to say. Instead, all that came out was-


Inside, inside, ah~ah~ah, inside?”


“That's right, here it COMES!”


His rhythm became thunderous as Ochako’s cries synchronised with his grunts until with a commanding, resounding ‘SQUELCH’ he buried himself as far as he could go in both of her holes and groaned. Both nuts jumped where they lay atop Ochako’s thick thigh and she could feel them seize as they forced their load up into both schlongs, expanding them slightly as the chunky ball fulls of spunk travelled through each pipe before exploding out into her body.


Her eyes rolled back as she felt both cocks grow even bigger to account for their delivery and her whole body seized as molten hot cum began to splash against her insides, filling her up with warm, creamy splooge that caused her guts and bowels to bloat while she moaned like a sorrowful cow. She didn’t even react to the camera he pushed into her face, capturing every inch of her expression as she felt what it was like to be double creampied before lowering down her body to look at the deed itself.


“Aaaaand…” Equally out of breath and red in the face he gave her holes the few last jerks of his hips while the tension fled his body. “Scene!”


Once more his entire demeanour shifted and cheerful as could be, Ojiro dragged his slime covered cocks out of Ochako’s body, making room as she shivered and began to leak his load, the nut cream dribbling slowly out of her slit while bubbling out of her asshole as he whistled appreciatively and shot her a thumbs up.


“Phew, that was great, you really killed it!” He said, giving her a congratulatory pat on the thigh as his legs swing their way back over the edge.


She didn’t move a muscle, still desperately panting for breath as every now and then a spasm would wrack her body. He didn’t seem too worried about her though, getting to his feet and running the camera over her figure before turning it towards himself.


“What did you think Chat, pretty good for her first time, right?”


Ochako listened as his footsteps seemed to carry him away towards the screen and somehow she found the strength to roll herself over and peer at it from there.


SAYGERONIMO: Fuck me that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!

CrimsonSage: What a fucking slut lmaoooo, imagine needing a Hero and this dumb bitch shows up to help, rather just give myself to the villains

TouchingmeeeeTouchingyoooouuu: Awww, I busted too early


“Wow, Ochako! You broke 10k viewers on your first Stream! That’s crazy!


She just closed her eyes and focused on breathing, trying to ignore the sticky feeling of cum squelching between her ass cheeks and the sweat staining the sheets around her. At least it was over…


“Okay, Chat! For those just tuning in, not to worry, we’ve still got a long Stream ahead of us! Me and Ochako are just going to take a short breather and then get back into it with something a little more casual! Remember to hit the follow button to help her out!”




Her fingers twitched as another spasm sent cream spilling from her mound.



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