The Gift

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The Gift

(a tale of love and trust)


Mamoru arrived home after a very long day. First his bike wouldn't start and he'd had to take the bus to school. His professor had singled him out for being late and assigned him a six page essay on the importance of promptness, due next week.

I wasn't even the last one into class! he thought to himself as he fussed with his keys, dropping them with a loud jangle. As he bent to retrieve them, he saw the lights inside his apartment go out.

Intruders! Shit! I moved into this building because it had better security. Well, they picked the wrong guy to fuck with, especially today! Silently he turned the already unlocked knob. "All right, motherfuckers! Come out with your hands up!" he shouted as he sprang into the entryway, striking a fighting stance.

The lights snapped on suddenly.

"Happy Birthday, Mamoru-kun!!!" everyone exclaimed.

"Happy Birthday, Mamo-chan!" squealed the blonde streak who threw herself against his chest.

"Thanks, Usako." His arms enveloped her and he kissed the top of her head. He looked around the room at his assembled friends. "Thanks, everyone. But my birthday was in August."

"We know," Minako grinned. "How else were we supposed to surprise you?"

"So, you're responsible, ne?" Mamoru smiled. I might have known only you and Usako would be crazy enough to try this. I thought you were burglars."

"Actually, it was all of them," Hotaru piped up. She looked super-kawaii in an orchid-colored gypsy dress. "You know, the inners."

"Yeah, Ami-chan even put down her books to help with the streamers!" Makoto jibed. Ami, in an uncharacteristic display, threw an ice cube at her. It landed in the ample cleavage her tight, green chenille sweater exposed. Blushing, she ran into the kitchen.

"Rei-chan blew up most of the balloons, 'cause she's so full of hot air," Usagi joked, still clinging to her love's arm. She wore a pink angora sweater and skirt set. Matching bows were tied around her odango and streamers of pink ribbon twined the length of her pigtails.

"You are so lucky she's not here to hear you say that," Minako said from her seat on the couch. "She'd probably whack you on the head again." She wore a white velvet turtleneck and blue leggings.

"Nah. She'd just stick out her tongue." Usagi turned back to Mamoru. "Rei had to go to dance class. She'll be back around seven."

"Dance class? On top of kenpo twice a week?" Mamoru shook his head. "She's getting as obsessed with her physical workouts as Ami used to be with her mental ones." A few bits of ice found their way down the back of his shirt. "Hey! I said 'used to be!' "

Ami, in a muted rose-colored dress that showed her figure without being too revealing, giggled mischievously. "That was for picking on Rei when she's not here to defend herself. This is for me." A plum-sized block of ice materialized in Mamoru's pants.

A slightly pained look crossed Mamoru's face. "Excuse me, everyone. I'll be right back." He ran into the bathroom.

Everyone burst into laughter after he closed the door.

"Ami-chan, that was just wrong. After all, he is the guest of honor," Michiru chided. She looked cool and elegant in a pale yellow dress. A teardrop aquamarine set in platinum sparkled around her neck.

Haruka sat next to her, in a royal blue shirt and beige trousers. Her single earring glittered in the fading sunlight that streamed through the window. "Michiru, stop. It was all in good fun. Besides, he deserved it."

Before anything further could be said there was a knock at the door.

Now, who could that be? Usagi wondered. Setsuna isn't coming and it's far too early for Rei to be here. She called out, "Mamo-chan, are you expecting anyone?"

"No," he shouted back.

Usagi went to the door and looked through the peephole. A violet eye, larger than life, glared back at her. "Yaaaah!"

"Princess, are you all right?" Haruka jumped to her feet.

"Yes, I'm fine," Usagi called. She opened the door. "Don't do that, bitch!"

Rei stood in the hallway, an evil grin on her face. "Nice to see you too, slut."

"You should talk. Why're you a half-hour early?"

"Caught a ride, no time to change," was Rei's answer as she glided into the apartment.

Rei's entrance drew a whistle of appreciation from Haruka. "I thought you were at dance class." She arched an eyebrow. "Hard to dance in that getup, ne?"

The 'getup' to which Haruka referred was an exquisite kimono of wine-colored silk, with pink and ivory chrysanthemums on it. A stylized phoenix graced the back. Rei's obsidian tresses were pinned up using black laquered sticks with gold flowers hanging from the ends. Her face was powdered white, her eyes were lined in black, and her lips were painted scarlet.

Rei shrugged at the older woman's question. "Not really." She paused, tilting her head to one side. "Exactly what type of dance do you think I'm taking?"

Now it was Haruka's turn to shrug her shoulders. "Dunno. My mom pushed me into ballet briefly, so I guess that's what I automatically pictured."

The miko tried to picture the tomboy in a tutu and burst out laughing. When she was again able to speak, she apologized. "Sorry. I've been studying traditional dance for years, as part of my training. My class was chosen to perform at the Winter Festival. We had dress rehearsal today."

Exclamations of congratulations came from everyone.

"So, when were you going to tell us?" Mina asked.

"I assumed Usagi-chan had said something by now. I called her as soon as I found out."

Everyone looked at Usagi, who shrugged sheepishly. "I forgot?"

Rei rolled her eyes. "While you are all arguing, I'm going to change. Usagi, can I borrow something? I left my bag in sensei's car."

"I don't think you'll find anything that fits. We don't wear the same size anymore, ne?"

"So it'll be short and tight," Rei grinned. "What else is new? Be right back." She floated into the bedroom where she knew Usagi kept a few outfits. Moments later, a shriek was heard, followed by a yell of surprise. The door opened and the dark-haired woman ran out, cheeks flushed, dark eyes sparkling. "Sorry, sorry!" she called behind her, stifling her giggles. "U-SA-GI! Why didn't you tell me he was in there?!"

Usagi burst into laughter. "Oh! He must have needed dry pants after Ami's little stunt...." She quickly filled Rei in on what had happened.

"Beautiful!" Rei clapped her hands as she laughed. "Thanks, Ami-chan. I wish I'd been here to see it." Ami just smiled, satisfied.

Mamoru burst out of his bedroom, tucking his shirt. "What the hell was that, Rei-chan?"

Still giggling, Rei exclaimed, "Oh puh-leeze! Like I haven't seen you naked before. Anyway, it was an accident. I needed to borrow a change of clothes from Usagi," she explained.

He looked over her traditional attire. "Leave it," he said softly, "it suits you."

"The least I can do after walking in on you, ne? All right, but if it gets stained you pay for the cleaning." She turned her back to him. "Help me get these damn pins out of my hair?"

"Um, okay. Let's go into the bedroom. I need to ask you something in private," he emphasized for everyone's benefit.

The pair entered Mamoru's bedroom. Rei sat in front of the vanity Usagi had set up for her frequent visits. Mamoru stood behind her and began taking the ornaments from her hair.

"No. The pins. "


Rei reached up, felt around briefly and pulled out a black hairpin which had previously been invisible. "There's a few dozen of these holding my hair around the sticks. That's why I needed your help."

"Oh." He searched, and found two. Pulling them out, he continued. "Did Usagi tell you what she had planned for tonight?"

Feigning innocence, Rei batted her wide eyes. "I haven't the faintest idea what you mean."

"You mean you won't tell me."

"I've been sworn to secrecy, on my honor as a senshi." She grinned. "Besides, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise."

He groaned. "The last time Usako surprised me I nearly got food poisoning."

"Then it's a good thing Mako-chan and Hotaru-chan did all the cooking, ne? Are you done yet?"

"Last one, I think." Mamoru dropped the pins on the table. He pulled the ornaments from her hair and watched the silken mass fall, obscuring the firebird on her back. His sapphire gaze roamed over her, taking in her fragile features... her soft, red pout... the graceful slope of her neck... the subtle way her kimono curved over her breasts....

Rei watched Mamoru in the mirror. She followed his hands as they stroked her hair, seeking stray hairpins. Her lips parted slightly and her eyelids grew heavy as she remembered his gentle caresses... their passionate lovemaking... how he held her afterwards, as her legs and womanhood ached, and told her things she could no longer remember....

Reflections of amethyst and sapphire met and locked. In that moment, there were no more secrets, no more hidden feelings.


Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

"Usagi-chan, quit eating the jade shrimp!" Makoto yelled, slamming her fist on the counter. "You've eaten a dozen already!"

"Mako-chan, I'm so hungryyyyy!" Usagi whined. "You know they're my favorite. You should have made more!"

"Everything is your favorite, Usagi-chan," Makoto goaded.

"Just leave some for the others, please," Hotaru said. "We put a lot of hard work into dinner and it would be a shame if no one else got any."

"I think I liked you better as a shy, quiet kid," grumbled Usagi.

Minako wandered into the room and snagged a salmon hand roll from the tray of sushi. "Mmm..."

"Minako-chan, not you too!" the brunette groaned.

"Well, I'm hungry!"

"We all are, but we're waiting for Mamoru," Makoto snapped. "What's taking him so long, anyway?"

"He's helping Rei take down her hair. In the bedroom," Minako teased. "You don't suppose...."

"Don't even start, Minako. I trust both of them implicitly," Usagi stated, reaching for another shrimp.


Usagi paused, her prize halfway to her open mouth. Her blue eyes grew wide as saucers. She moved her hand a fraction of an inch toward her mouth and Makoto growled. Quickly she replaced the morsel on the tray with a squeak.

Ami walked in, blushing. Minako noticed first. "What's wrong, Ami-chan?"

"Haruka just invited me back to the house for a menage-a-trois." She turned scarlet from the tips of her ears to her slightly exposed chest. "I hope she was joking."

"She does have a thing for blue-haired water elementals," joked Hotaru.

Minako looked at her watch. "How long can it take to pull out those damn chopsticks? Don't they have any consideration for our stomachs?!"

"Mamoru did say he needed to talk to Rei," Ami reminded her.

Usagi smiled to herself. So far, so good.


Meanwhile, in the living room...

"Haruka, you're incorrigible," Michiru chided.

"Some would say my sense of humor is my best feature," the blonde woman replied with a smirk.

"Mmm...I was thinking more along the lines of your tongue."


"Because what you do with it is nothing short of magic." Michiru snuggled against her love. Suddenly she looked very serious. "Who are these 'some' who prefer your sense of humor?"

"What? Michiru, I was just kidding." Haruka had an uneasy feeling that her little joke was about to backfire.

The aqua-haired beauty burst out laughing. "You should see your face. I really had you going there, didn't I?"

"'re so bad. You'll get yours later."

"Why not right now? We're alone," Michiru whispered in Haruka's ear, her breath hot and sweet. Her tongue darted out and gently licked the other woman's ear. She nuzzled her lover's neck. "I love you, Ten'ou Haruka."

"And I you, Kaioh Michiru." Harkua tenderly drew Michiru's head to hers. Their lips parted simultaneously. The blonde's tongue slipped into her love's mouth slowly, tasting her lips as it went. The tip danced with Michiru's tongue.

Michiru moaned lightly and tangled her fingers in the short, sandy hair. Her other hand ran down Haruka's back. Her nails dug in slightly, making the blonde shiver. Haruka's hand dropped down to the other woman's chest and squeezed the nipple that protruded through her dress.


Meanwhile, back in the bedroom...

"Sorry...." Rei started, but Mamoru stopped her.

"Thinking of old times?" he asked. She nodded. "Me too." His voice held a note of longing.

"It wasn't meant to be. It took me a while to reconcile with that, but I'm okay with that now. Still," her voice became wistful. "It was good while it lasted, ne?"

"It was wonderful. You were wonderful." His eyes grew soft as he remembered their first time. She was so young, so vulnerable. Yet she didn't cry out...unlike Usako.

Rei picked up Usagi's hairbrush from the vanity and began to untangle her raven locks. "Mamoru-kun, why don't you rejoin your guests. This usually takes a few minutes and, knowing Usagi, she's staaaaaaaarving by now."

Mamoru laughed. "Usako's always starving. See you in a few."

Rei stared through her reflection, reminiscing. He was so patient and gentle, it barely hurt first time. Usagi, I hope you know what you're doing. Putting down the brush, she pulled various objects from her sleeves: a feather, a jar of honey dust, bottles containing scented oils, and a small black box. She untied a leather pouch from her waist and deposited everything on the night table.


Meanwhile, back in the kitchen...

Minako and Usagi peeked, wide-eyed, around the doorway to the living room. "Why don't they just go home?" Usagi whispered.

"Right. They're all over each other," Minako whispered back.

"It's sweet, ne? I mean, they really love each other."

"I hope I find love like that someday," Minako sighed.

"If you don't stop spying on Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama, someday may never come," Hotaru spoke from their rear.

"That's okay, Hime-chan," Haruka said, muffled by aqua hair. "They can watch. They can join, too, if they want to."

"Haruka!" The aquamarine-tressed vision pushed the blonde off. "Maybe I don't want them to join us."

"Only 'maybe'?" Haruka teased. "I'm not enough for you anymore?" Her lip trembled.

"Stop. You know you're the only woman I'll ever love. You're the only one I want to spend my life with." Aqua met green, speaking volumes.

Mamoru walked into the living room. "Sorry, everyone. That took longer than -- oops. Didn't mean to interrupt."

Michiru waved his apology aside. "It's all right. We were just...occupying ourselves." She blushed.

"By all means, feel free to use the bedroom," Mamoru joked, causing her to blush further.

"Hmm...Rei's still in there--" Haruka began, only to be cut off by an elbow to her side. "OW!"

" 'It was all in good fun,' ne, Haruka?" Michiru grinned.

Makoto poked her head around the corner. "If you three are done, dinner is ready. We're eating buffet style, so hurry before Usagi-chan eats everything."

"I HEARD THAT!!!" Usagi shrieked through a mouthful of food.

The girls shared a hearty laugh at their princess' expense.

Rei finally came out of the bedroom. "What's her problem now?"

Usagi came running out of the kitchen and hid behind the dark-haired girl. "Rei! Rei-chan, they're teasing me again! Even Mamo-chan!"

"And you want sympathy from me?" Rei pulled away and faced Usagi. "You better not have polished off the jade shrimp. I heard Mako-chan all the way in the bedroom."

Usagi's lip trembled as her vision blurred with tears. "You too?"

A sweet smile replaced Rei's evil grin. "You know I'm just kidding." Her delicate finger caught a single tear as it fell from her friend's eye. "I'm sorry. I forget how sensitive you are sometimes."

"We all do." Mamoru came up behid Usagi and put his arms around her. "Forgive us?"

"Of course." The blonde turned her head and gave her prince a long, passionate kiss.

Rei took the hint and escaped to the kitchen, a wicked gleam in her violet eyes.


After dinner the friends assembled in the living room.

"So, where are the presents?" Mamoru rubbed his hands together greedily, making his friends laugh.

"Presents? Who said anything about presents?" Minako teased. "Usagi-chan, were we supposed to bring presents?"

"Yeah, I don't remember anything on the invitation about gifts," Makoto chimed in, taking her cue.

"Oops." Rei put a hand to her mouth.

"What?" Usagi, who was sitting next to her, inquired.

"His's in my bag..."

" sensei's car," the group finished.

"Rei-chan, you're picking up Usagi's worst habits," Makoto teased.

"That's okay," Mamoru reassured her. "I know you've been busy. It can wait. The rest of you better have something for me, though."

Hotaru jumped up and went into the coat closet. She emerged with a large bag full of gifts. "I've been elected to give these to you, so here's mine first. It's from Setsuna-mama, too."

"Thank you, Hotaru-chan." He opened the package and took out two custom-made silk shirts, one black and one sapphire blue.

The next gift was from Michiru--an oil portrait of Endymion and Serenity as they were in their past life. They stood on a balcony of the Lunar palace, kissing, with Earth rising behind them.

Haruka's present was next--a black leather biker jacket. "From one biker to another, ne?" She grinned lopsidedly.

Minako took her gift from the bag and handed it to Mamoru herself. She whispered in his ear, her breath hot and sweet. "It's for Usagi to wear, but I think you'll appreciate it more.

He peered into the gift bag and immediately flushed. "Thanks, Minako-chan. I think we can find a use for this later."

Ami's present was last. "I couldn't think of anything you really needed, so I got you a movie. Usagi picked it out." It was an American movie--The Muppets Take Manhattan.

"Ehh, thanks, I think," Mamoru said slowly, well- acquainted with his soulmate's odd tastes.

"Mamo-chan, it's cute!" Usagi exclaimed. "Can we watch it? Pleeeeeeeeease?"

Mamoru scratched the back of his head. "I don't know, Usako. Everyone may not want to." He looked around the room. Seeing no objections, he sighed. "Go ahead, put it on."

"Cool! Everyone, you'll love this." Usagi jumped up and popped the tape in the VCR.

"Together again. Gee, it's great to be together again..." The music was cheesy. The puppets were corny. They were enthralled.


Nearly two hours later....

"They're finally getting ma-a-a-a-ried," the 'wedding guests' sang.

Usagi, who sat between Mamoru's legs, leaned back against his chest. His arms embraced her. She folded her hands over his. A single tear ran from her eye.

Michiru leaned her head on Haruka's shoulder. A sweet smile of longing crossed her lovely face. Haruka put her arm around her love's shoulders and hugged her. The aqua-haired beauty snuggled against the blonde's side.

"Piggy, I thought Gonzo was going to play the preacher," Kermit whispered onscreen. Piggy turned to him and gave a half-assed, nervous laugh.

"Cute!" Minako, Makoto, Ami and Hotaru exclaimed as one.

Rei sat silently, her kimono spread in a circle around her. She watched the future monarchs of Crystal Tokyo surreptitiously.

"Because you share a love so big," the onscreen priest sang, "I now pronounce you frog and pig."

Kermit and Miss Piggy kissed. The lovers around the room did the same.

Finally the credits began to roll. Haruka stood (a little too quickly) and stretched her arms over her head. She yawned. "Everyone, it's been fun, but I think Michiru and I are going to go home now. We're both a bit...tired."

Hotaru rolled her eyes. "Mako-chan, can I stay with you tonight?"

Makochan nodded. "Sure, if you don't mind the fold-out couch."

Mamoru stood up. "I hate to throw you all out, but...."

Minako put up a hand to stop him. "No need, Mamoru-kun. I know you're anxious to use your gift." She giggled knowingly.

Usagi blushed slightly. "Minako-chan!"

"Oh, like it's a big secret! Usagi-chan, you're twenty. You can stop acting like the innocent little girl you haven't been for a long time." Mina stood up. "Girls, we should go. These two want to be alone, ne?"

Makoto also got up. "Have fun, you two. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Hotaru turned to Rei. "Do you need a ride? I have lots of room in my car."

Rei shook her head. "I'll walk, thanks anyway."

Mamoru looked a little worried. "Rei-chan, it's late. It isn't safe."

"I can take care of myself, Mamoru-kun," she reminded him as she smoothly rose to her feet.

"Thanks, everyone!" Usagi hugged her friends one by one. "Drive safe!"

As the women filed out of the apartment, Rei paused and turned to Usagi. "Usagi, I need to talk to you for a moment."

"Okay." The blonde gave Mamoru a peck on the lips. "Why don't you get comfortable. I'll join you in a minute, ne?" she whispered, giving a coy smile.

Mamoru nodded, then went into the bedroom. He did a double-take when he saw the items on the nightstand. So that's what she was doing after I left. He chuckled softly to himself. He undressed, leaving only his black silk boxers, and lounged on the king-sized bed. Curious, he picked up the black box and was about to open it when the doorknob turned. He replaced the box on the table.

Usagi entered, carrying Minako's gift. "Should I bother changing into this?"

"If you want to. I like it," he said softly.

"Okay. But first, I'm going to blindfold you." She sashayed over to the night table and opened the black pouch. She pulled out a violet silk scarf and tied it around Mamoru's eyes. "Can you see?"


She laughed deep in her throat. There was a soft click as the door closed. He heard another soft chuckle. "Mmm, this is nice. But, I don't think I need it." She dropped the satin and lace garment to the floor.

Mamoru felt sharp nails run down his tight abs, sending shivers down his spine. The same hands slowly pulled off his boxers. He stood at full attention.. Soft lips planted a kiss on the tip of his hard member. "Usako," he moaned as lips and tongue caressed his length. He nearly shot his load as the tongue swirled around his head and dipped into the tip. As he pushed himself deeper into her mouth his hands tangled in her long hair. It felt...wrong...too fine...too silk. Under the blindfold, his eyes widened in realization. "Rei?"

There was soft laughter which buzzed through his cock. With a cry he forced her off and sat up against the wall.

"We've been found out, Usagi."

He ripped the scarf from his eyes. Rei sat on the edge of the bed, beside his legs. Her kimono hung loosely. "Surprise," she grinned.

Usagi lit the last of the red candles scattered throughout the room. The scent of roses filled the air. She walked slowly towards the bed, unbuttoning her sweater and slipping it off. She undid the button at her waist and her skirt dropped as she made her way, leaving her clad in a white lace-trimmed bra and panty set. She untied the pink ribbons from her odango, allowing her hair to flow to the floor. She knelt behind her jet-haired friend and threw her arms around her neck. Her chin rested on Rei's shoulder. "Happy birthday, Mamo-chan. Remember that conversation we had a while back, when we discussed our fantasies? Well, Rei and I had a little talk--" Rei caressed Usagi's cheek "--and she consented to you joining us." She took Rei's hand in her own and brought it to her lips. Her other hand traveled beneath the kimono.

Mamoru looked on, speechless, as his fiancee nuzzled the other woman's neck. His hand traveled unconsciously to his stiffening member.

Rei watched him through eyes half-closed in pleasure. "If you just want to watch for a while, that's okay, but I really wish you'd join us." She breathed in sharply as Usagi bit her neck. The wine-colored silk was peeled first from one alabaster shoulder, then the other. It pooled around her on the bed, revealing her nude form.

"I-I-I don't think this is a good idea," Mamoru stammered. His hands flew to his sides.

"Suit yourself, love." Usagi was muffled by Rei's back. She worked her way down, planting light kisses on the red latticework of welts that covered it. "Won't bother us in the least. We've been lovers on and off for nearly six years."

The information hit him like a brick and his mind reeled. "Six...years?"

"Mmmhmm." Usagi stopped to speak, causing Rei to whimper plaintively. "Back when we broke up for a while, I was really upset. One night I slept over at the jinja and we fooled around a bit. I guess we both liked it." Both women giggled at the thought. "It doesn't mean I love you any less, Mamo-chan. It's just...well, I love Rei, too."

Rei leaned back against the blonde, offering her neck. "I love you too, but you're talking too much." She ran her scarlet nails along Usagi's bare thigh.

Usagi gasped. "Oh, you're in for it now." She pushed the slightly larger woman down, on her back, and straddled her hips. She bent forward and kissed Rei, enjoying the sweetness of her berry lip balm. The blonde curtain of hair nearly obscured them from view. Usagi grabbed the nearly-empty bottle of jasmine-scented oil from the night table. She poured some into her hand to warm it, then began to gently massage Rei's full breasts.

Rei's rose-colored nipples hardened as Usagi pinched them. She arched beneath the princess, moaning deep in her throat. "Suck them," she urged. Usagi leaned forward and flicked her tongue over the hard buds, teasing first one, then the other. Rei's moans turned to soft whimpers as she thrashed.

Mamoru watched as Usagi slid off the other woman and peeled off her wet panties. She threw them to him with a mischievous smile. He held them to his face and inhaled her sweet honey. He scarcely felt the scarf leave his other hand. When he looked over the white satin he saw his lover binding Rei's hands to the headboard. She slipped them loose easliy.

"No, this won't do." Usagi chewed her lip pensively, then grabbed the leather pouch. "Are they in here?" Rei nodded, too aroused to speak. The blonde fished in the pouch for a moment before pulling out a pair of lined, red leather cuffs. She used these to fasten the raven-tressed beauty to the bed.

Usagi picked up the feather and honey dust from the table. Using the feather, she left a trail starting at Rei's neck...between her supple breasts...across her washboard stomach...down, down to the smooth mound between her legs. An evil grin on her face, she stroked her victim's swollen netherlips, avoiding her clit.

Writhing in excitement, Rei let out a sharp cry when the blonde turned her attentions to Mamoru. On hands and knees Usagi posed in front of her prince. "Like what you see?" she purred. He could do no more than groan and nod. She crawled over to him slowly aisseissed him -- a hard, passionate kiss that took both their breaths away. She kissed him again, softer, on his neck. Her lips caressed his well-muscled chest, pausing to suck his flat, male nipples. She kissed her way down to his erect manhood.

Mamoru groaned as Usagi's mouth encircled his shaft. His hands rested on her head as it bobbed up and down. He nearly shot his load as she took his full length down her throat. "Usakooooooh...."

"Not yet." With one last flick of her tongue over his head, Usagi sat back on her heels. She looked to her captive, whose dark eyes took in everything. She noted with satisfaction the growing wet spot between the woman's legs. "Enjoying the show, Rei? Ready to join in?" Not waiting for an answer (and not really expecting one) she licked the sweet powder from her neck.

Rei pulled against the cuffs as the blonde's tongue followed the sweet trail down her body. She cried out when Usagi bit and sucked on a birthmark just inside her right thigh.

"You liked that, ne? Let's see how you like this." Usagi ran the very tip of her tongue over Rei's throbbing clit.

Rei screamed as her first (long-awaited) orgasm of the night ripped through her. Her shudders shook the entire bed, knocking it hard against the wall. Her legs snapped reflexively on her tormentor's head. They were forced apart again by Usagi.

"Now, now, we can't have that, ne? And we certainly can't have you disturbing the neighbors." Usagi grinned wickedly. "Mamo-chan, why don't you put something in her mouth so she can't scream." She reached for the pouch again. "I'll take care of her legs." Pulling out two lengths of rope, she secured Rei's ankles to the legs of the bed. "Comfy?"

Spread-eagle and helpless, the dark-haired woman strained, testing her bonds. She nodded slightly. Her chest rose and fell quickly with her excited breath.

Trusting violet eyes focused on Mamoru as he knelt by her dark head. "Are you sure you're okay with this?" he asked softly.

"Yes," she whispered. "Whatever you desire...Master."

Usagi laughed at the expression on Mamoru's face. "Oh, yeah, I told her about your other fantasy, too. Now do you understand why I refused to be your sex slave?"

"You mean you two do this on a regular basis?" he asked, incredulous.

"Of course. Why else would I let her treat me with such disrespect?"

"I have to give you some reason to punish me, ne?" Rei grinned.

"Speaking of which..." Usagi lightly slapped Rei's exposed womanhood and rubbed it. "I never gave you permission to cum. In the name of the moon, you will be punished." She picked up the black box from the nighttable and opened it. "Appropriately, Minako gave me this for my birthday. I don't think she expected me to use it in this manner, though." She took the Venus Butterfly from its case and played with the power a few times.

Rei whimpered at the familiar hum. "Don't, please...don't...."

"Mamo-chan, shut her up," Usagi commanded.

Mamoru kissed Rei, and her lips were as soft and sweet as that last kiss, years ago. Her tongue snaked into his mouth, surprising him with her boldness. He bit it gently and she withdrew it.

As Mamoru's eyes roamed over her his cock hardened to its full eight inches. He noticed her subtle curves had filled out over time, turning her into a sensuous beauty. As he watched her sexy mouth opened for him. "You want this, ne?" He rubbed his head against her inviting lips. Her hot, wet tongue darted out and licked him. With a groan he forced himself into her waiting mouth. She went to work immediately, running her tongue up and down his shaft.

Satisfied that her slave was sufficiently gagged, Usagi turned the vibrator on low and stroked its tail along Rei's outer folds. She was rewarded with a loud, if somewhat muffled, moan. She slapped the purplish bite mark inside Rei's thigh hard, eliciting a shriek of pain.

"Slave," Usagi addressed the other woman, denying her the simple dignity of a name. "For the remainder of this night, Mamoru is your master. His pleasure takes precedence over all else, including any agreement you and I may have. I have told him of your preferences, but he may do as he likes. Do you understand?"

Mamoru withdrew from her mouth. "Answer her," he ordered.

"...yes..." she rasped out with great effort before taking him back into her mouth.

"You will not speak without permission. Do you understand?" Usagi smacked her flat stomach and raked her fingernails over the sore spot.

Again she was commanded, and she replied in the affirmative.

"You will not cum without permission. Do you understand?" Usagi flicked her finger hard against her captive's erect nipple. She pinched and twisted it roughly.

Again she responded positively.

"If things get too intense, the safeword is 'nasake.' Neither of us will do anything that will really hurt you. Oh, and for that orgasm earlier..." Usagi strapped the Butterfly to the other woman, positioning its tail over her love button. "Time for punishment." She turned it on, low at first.

Mamoru's hard shaft vibrated with her cries of pleasure. After a few minutes his moans matched hers in intensity if not pitch. "Shit...ah...I'm gonna cum.... I want you to swallow every drop." Her head bobbed in reply, sending him over the edge. His hot seed exploded in her mouth. She sucked him dry and licked the last drops from his head.

With a sadistic smile Usagi pushed the switch to high. Her slave writhed on the brink of release. Tears of frustration ran down her face. He pulled out, and she bit her lip to keep from screaming in pleasure.

Usagi put the control down between her victim's legs. It just barely touched one thigh, tantalizingly out of reach. She bent forward and kissed Rei lovingly. The salty taste of ejaculate clung to her lips and tongue, giving Usagi an idea.

Reaching into her subspace pocket, Usagi retrieved the Lunar pen. "Moon Power! Turn me into a hermaphrodite!" In a flash of light a phallus erupted from her groin. She straddled the other woman's shoulders and thrust into her mouth.

Usagi's unexpected transformation pushed the dark-haired woman beyond the point of no return. She bucked wildly, straining against her bonds, as intense orgasms wracked her trussed frame.

The blonde withdrew from her mouth, scowling. "I thought we had an understanding, slave. You weren't going to cum without permission, ne?" She slapped her cheek hard enough to sting without bruising. She leaned back and turned the vibrator off. "You will be punished later. I'll leave the manner up to your new master." Usagi unhooked the leather cuffs from the bed but left them on the woman's wrists and clipped them together. She untied her legs, giving her temporary mobility. "But, right now I'm going to have some fun. Face the wall and kneel." She complied mutely. A red leather collar was snapped around her swanlike neck and hooked to her cuffs. A rope was passed through the rings and tied low on the headboard, forcing her to bend forward.

A final time Usagi delved into the leather pouch. This time she pulled out a ball gag, which she buckled tightly about her slave's dark head.

Usagi gripped Rei's hips and slid easily into her slick tunnel. She gasped aloud at the unfamiliar yet delicious sensation. Kami-sama! Is this what it feels like for Mamo-chan? She stayed still, eyes closed, feeling tiny ripples start and stop as her lover teetered on the brink.

"No, Rei. Wait." Please, wait. Usagi withdrew, causing Rei to cry out a complaint. She leaned forward and unsnapped the red collar from the ivory throat. "Sit up."

Wild, violet eyes looked at Usagi fearfully. The first silver tears fell as the blonde unbuckled the cuffs, then the gag.

Usagi felt a hot drop on her arm. "Rei-chan, what's wrong?" she asked upon seeing the other woman's face.

"Princess," she hiccupped, "have I displeased you?" Her eyes remained downcast.

"What? Oh, Rei...." Usagi's azure eyes softened as she gently wiped Rei's cheek. "Don't you know you never could? I just want our first time like this to be beautiful, like you." She cradled the tear-streaked face in both hands and kissed the pouting lips. "You must know I don't really enjoy dominating you. I do it because it brings you pleasure, and that brings me pleasure. For once, I just want to make love to you." Usagi gently pushed Rei back on the bed and settled between her legs. "I love you, Rei."

"And I love you, Usagi." Her midnight orbs met Usagi's azure ones, bespeaking love that knew no bounds.

Usagi concentrated for a moment, causing small ridges to form along the length of the phallus erupting from her blonde curls. Rei's eyes flew open as she was penetrated, gasping as her mind reeled in pleasure. She wrapped her legs around her lover and arched upward. The full seven inches slid in, filling her completely. A high-pitched whimper began in the miko's throat as Usagi slowly pulled out except for the bulbous head, then quickly thrust in to the hilt. Try as she might, Rei could not meet the other's rhythm. She finally gave up and was content to be thoroughly fucked.

Mamoru had been watching all this time, recovering from his intense orgasm. As he regained his strength, so did his cock regain its hardness. His hand strayed to it from time to time, until he was back to his full eight inches. When he was ready he knelt behind Usagi.

In a rare moment of clarity, Rei's eyes focused on the form behind her flaxen-haired lover. His finger went to his lips and she nodded slightly, breathless.

Before Usagi's mind could register what was happening, Mamoru gripped her tiny waist and slid into her tight womanhood. She moaned softly as he moved within her. His steady, insistent rhythm threw her off hers. She cried out an incomprehensible plea as he thrust. Her eyelids grew heavy with passion and her lips formed an 'O.'

Rei felt Usagi throb and grow within her. A wicked gleam in her eyes spread to become a wicked smile. She bucked her hips upward, meeting Mamoru thrust for thrust. With some effort she bent at the waist and took Usagi's pert breasts in her hands. She kneaded them gently, pinching the pale, hard nipples.

Caught in the middle, Usagi twisted and pulled Mamoru's head to hers. Their lips met in a brief tangle before another pair brushed against her chest. A wail escaped her throat as she came hard, shooting hot cum deep into the raven-tressed woman beneath her. Usagi's inner muscles tightened, gripping and pulling Mamoru deeper.

The sudden hot rush within only heightened Rei's pleasure. She shrieked as her body stiffened and locked in another orgasm. Through the rushing in her ears she was dimly aware as Usagi cried out again. Their cries filled Mamoru's ears as he continued to pound away. The look of sheer ecstasy on Rei's face... Usagi's velvet sheath tugging at him... the scent of their lovemaking permeating the room.... It all became too much for him. With a loud groan he shot his load into the blonde. Spent, he collapsed on her back. The sudden weight was too much for Usagi and her knees gave out. Weakly, Rei tried to roll to one side as they landed on her, but was too slow. "Get off...can't...breathe..." she forced out.

"Oops," Usagi giggled lazily. "Mamo-chan, get off."

"That would be impossible right now," he teased.

"I meant off of me."

"Oh." With what remained of his strength Mamoru levied himself off the women and flopped onto his back beside them.

Without his weight adding to the problem, Rei was able to push Usagi's limp body off. "It wouldn't have been so bad if you hadn't eaten so much earlier," she teased.

"Like you're one to talk. You were just as much of a pig as I was," Usagi retorted.

"Ladies," Mamoru interrupted, "not now. Don't spoil the beauty of what just happened with your petty bickering." Mumbles of apology came from both.

Mamoru drew Usagi to his right side, and Rei to his left. "You've given me a gift I'll never forget. My only question is, why?"

Usagi answered first. "Because I wanted to give you something special. I wanted to give you the most beautiful gift I could, and I wanted to make your dreams a reality, if only for one night."

Rei replied simply, "Because she asked."

Usagi whispered something in Mamoru's ear that made him smile. "I haven't forgotten about her insolence. There's plenty of time for punishment tomorrow," he said in reply. Besides, I've got a riding crop I need to break in."

Rei's eyes widened slightly, then settled down to nearly closed. "Okay," she murmured, tired. "'Night." Exhausted, she snuggled into Mamoru's shoulder and was soon asleep, her hair spread over their nude forms like a blanket.

"Happy belated birthday, Mamo-chan," Usagi said sleepily. The spun gold of her hair mixed with the black silk of the other woman's as she, too, pillowed her head on Mamoru. She fell asleep quickly, a sweet, satified smile on her angelic face.

Mamoru closed his eyes and he was soon dreaming of tomorrow and what pleasures it would bring.

~ end ~

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