Reflections (at a Tori Amos concert)

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title: Reflections (at a Tori Amos concert)
author: cheebs!
rating: NC-17
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dedication: for Jen, who probably still hasn't read this four years along.

part 1


The shrill greeting cuts through my head like a knife. Resolving to myself never to drink that much again, I slowly open one eye. "Go away, Serena. I'm sleeping." I pull the blanket over my head.

"Nuh-uh! If you were, you wouldn't be talking to me, would you?" Her weight settles on the bed.

Can't fault her logic. I'm just amazed there was any... I shouldn't say that. I mean, Serena may be a major ditz, but she's one of the bravest people I know. She's also my best friend. And maybe, if I ever get the cojones to tell her, something more....

"Besides, Raye, Grandpa told me to wake you up. He said there's a lot to be done before the ceremony later." She pauses. "What ceremony?"

Still under the blanket, I mumble, "A wedding. But it's not 'til five. Go 'way." I turn over, trying to go back to sleep.

"A wedding! Oooooo, how romantic! Can I help, pleeeeeease?" Even though I'm not looking, I know she's clasping her hands as she begs.

"Perform it, for all I care. Now let me sleep!" I toss a stuffed rabbit (how appropriate!) at her and hear an 'ow!'

"That's enough of that. Now, get up!" Serena boldly rips the blanket from me. I'm glad I hadn't slept nude, as I often do on warm nights. The white cotton tank top and bikini don't cover much, and I feel myself blush. I don't know why. She's seen me transform hundreds of times, and I've seen her. That's Mars and Moon, though, not Raye and Serena. It shouldn't make a difference, but it does.

"Oops!" Her gaze lingers for a moment too long, probably just curiosity. She goes to my closet, grabs my bathrobe and throws it on me. "You'd better put that on before Grandpa walks in. Don't want to give him an eyeful!"

"Serena, you bimbo, he's my grandfather! He used to help me bathe, for Kami's sake!" Hey, I'll admit Grandpa's a bit of a lech, but he's not incestuous (I hope).

"Yeah, when you were five! You've developed a lot since then." She's right. I may be Japanese, but I'm sure not built like it. Years of martial arts training melted away what little baby fat I had, and being a senshi firmed up the rest.

"What are you doing here, anyway?" I ask her. "Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

Serena giggles. "Probably, but Mina and I are going to see Tori Amos tonight. I'm so excited I've been up since six. I tried to call you, but you didn't answer the phone, so here I am!"

I sit up and my head reels. My stomach threatens to lose whatever is left in it. Serena sees the queasiness in my face and a look of mild concern crosses hers. "Are you okay?"

I nod quickly, instantly wishing I hadn't as the remnants of last night's binge trickle from my mouth and down the flimsy undergarments, making them see-through.

"Oh, Raye...." She makes a clicking sound with her tongue. "I thought you weren't going to drink anymore." I open my mouth to speak and she cuts me off. "I don't want any excuses. What's done is done and you're the one who has to live with a hangover, not me." Serena sighs. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up. Put your arms up," she commands. I do, and she pulls off the fouled top, careful to keep it away from my face and hair. She stares brazenly at my bare breasts, commenting, "Wow, they're way bigger than mine." I try not to think about it. She helps me into my bathrobe and directs me to remove my panties as well. I comply mutely. She tosses the mess into the far corner.

Before we can leave my room the phone rings. I answer. "Hello?"

"Hi, Raye!" It's Mina, her chipper voice nearly as sharp as Serena's. "Is Serena still there? I called her house and her mom said she went to visit you."

"Yeah, she's here," I croak. "Hang on." I hand the phone to Serena as I flop face down on my pillow. "It's Mina."

"Hi Mina! I'm so psyched for tonight!" Serena bubbles over with joy. "I already picked out my clothes and I'm gonna put glitter in my hair and--" She pauses to listen for a moment. "Oh, no! Can't you get out of it? Yeah, I'll find someone else, it's okay. Talk to you later." She frowns as she hangs up.

"Whazzup?" I ask, muffled by my pillow.

"Would you please pick your head up?" she huffs. I do.

"What's up?" I ask again.

Serena's lips form an oh-so-sexy pout. "Mina can't go tonight. She's grounded for failing another Algebra test." Suddenly she snaps her fingers. "I've got it!" she exclaims, eyes shining. "Raye, will you go with me?"

"No way." I am careful not to shake my head this time as I am still dizzy from the last time. "Her music's okay, but I hate the way she sings. She sounds like a cat being strangled."

"She does not! Tori's voice is incredible. She just likes to improvise." Serena kneels down and clasps my hands in hers. "Raye, pleeeeeeeeease? It would really mean a lot to me!"

Looking into her azure eyes I feel my resolve weaken. Then, I remember... "I can't, Ren. I have to help Grandpa," I tell her, secretly breathing a sigh of relief.

There is a tapping on my door, then it slides open. "You decent?" Yuuichiro calls out. He waits only a few seconds as a courtesy before entering. The stench from my nightclothes (still in the corner) hits him and he visibly recoils in disgust. "Kami-sama, don't tell me you're drunk again," he groans. "Raye, if you keep going like this you're going to kill yourself."

"Fat chance," I mumble. Serena elbows me for that remark and my stomach rumbles threateningly.

"You know, it'd break Grandpa's heart if he knew how you spent your nights," Yuu continues.

"And who's going to tell him? You?" I laugh contemptuously. "He'd never believe you."

"You're right, he wouldn't. His heart needs glasses as well as his eyes. Well, maybe your father would be interested in what I have to say. Your reputation does reflect on his, after all."

I clench my jaw and narrow my eyes. "You wouldn't dare."


About a month ago I got picked up for being drunk and underage. (And for causing a small building to burn down. Oops. Maybe I shouldn't practice when I'm trashed.) For some reason the police called 'Daddy Dearest' to bail me out. He gave me the usual crap about how I was a mistake and an embarrassment to the Hino name. At least he waited until we were in the car before he started hitting me. Truthfully, it doesn't even hurt anymore. After having your heart crystal ripped out, being burned, slashed, crucified, etc. -- you name it, I've endured it -- not much does. It's just the principle, now. I won't let him hit me without landing a few blows of my own.

But hey, I'm no idiot. My father is a powerful politician and there's no way I'd dare lay a hand on him while in public, especially in a police station. I waited and when he struck me I grabbed his fist. I twisted his arm so sharply I nearly dislocated his shoulder. He looked at me with pain and fear in his violet eyes (the mirror image of my own), but his strength in anger prevailed and his feet took over the task of 'teaching me a lesson.' The only lessons he's ever taught me were violence and promise-breaking.

My mother died nearly a month after my fifth birthday. A few days later I went to stay with my grandfather. 'It's only for a few days, Raye, I promise. I'll come for you next week, Raye, I promise. I have to go away on business, for a week, but when I come back I'll get you, I promise.' One week became many. Weeks turned into months. I did not see my father again until my sixth birthday. On that night he told me he was giving me a special gift : I would be able to live with Grandpa, and study the ways of the temple, rather than have to travel all over with him. Some gift.

People wonder why I can be such a bitch. I learned from the best.


Yuuichiro's voice snaps me back to the present. "Serena, get her cleaned up and get her out of here. We've got enough trouble lately. The last thing we need is a rumor about a drunk miko going around town."

Serena nods. "Don't worry, I'll keep her out of trouble." She grins wickedly.

"You are not dragging me to that concert," I state emphatically.

"Sorry, Raye, I'm under orders!" She smiles at me beatifically. "Now, go take a shower." She points toward the private bathroom I had built last year, complete with hand-held shower.

"Yes, mistress," I say meekly, hanging my head in mock shame.

Serena giggles as she swats my behind. "Git!" I stop dead in my tracks and she spanks me again.

The sweet sting of her handprint lingers and becomes sore when the water hits it. My legs are unsteady and I nearly fall, so I sit on the stall floor. The cool tile is like ice against my most sensitive parts. I shudder as the sensation travels up my spine, raising goosebumps and causing my nipples to harden.

I lean back against the wall. The hot water courses over my curves like a lover's caress. My knees fall apart slightly, granting it further access.

The door makes a soft swoosh as it is slid open. "Who's there?" I call out.

"It's just me," Serena answers. "I needed a tissue. Sorry, I should've knocked."

"S'okay," I murmur. Her mere presence sends shockwaves through me.

Her shadowy figure sneaks closer to the stall. My heart beats faster than I ever thought possible, threatening to leap from my chest. Her white fingers curl around the curtain and move it imperceptibly. Well, if she wants a show, I'll give her one!

I grab my bath sponge and lather it, starting to wash at my neck. The soap runs down and catches in the violet-hued tuft between my legs. I bring the sponge to my breast,circling around the dark pink nipple until it hardens. I pinch it lightly and surprise myself at how loudly I gasp. I take the sponge to the other breast as well, this time rubbing its roughness over the hard little bud. Oh, it feels sooooooooooo good, but I know of another hard bud that needs soothing. I run the soapy mesh down my taut stomach, down to my aching womanhood. There is a sharp intake of breath from my audience, and I wonder if she aches as much. The thought nearly sends me over the edge. Not yet, not yet. Ecstasy is sweet, but teasing Serena is sweeter.

"Serena? Are you still there?" Her response is incomprehensible...has she been playing? "Can you wash my back for me?"

"Okay." She nearly rips the curtain from the rod in her excitement and I can't resist calling her a klutz. I instantly regret it seeing the sadness flicker in her bluer-than-blue eyes. As her eyes roam over me, the sorrow is replaced by... admiration? Lust? I'm not quite sure, but it dies quickly.

"Sit forward," Serena bids me. I comply instantly. She pulls my soaked mass of hair over my shoulder and her hand brushes against my breast. I shiver as a delicious feeling spreads through me. If she notices, she does not react.

She slowly soaps my back. Her fingernail traces the red Mars sigil on my right shoulder. "Cute. When did you get that done?"

"Last week, I think."

"Another blackout?" she asks.

I nod. "At least I woke up alone that time." There have been a few occasions where that wasn't the case. Yuuichiro was one of the first I couldn't remember. Evidently I got royally smashed and went to his room. He said I had nothing under my robes, so I must have planned it...I didn't have the heart to tell him I often don't. He's still hurt and angry over the whole thing.

Her fingernails run up my side, snapping me from my reverie. She giggles evilly. "Wakey-wakey, Raye. Want me to do your hair?"


Her nails scrape the nape of my neck as she gathers my raven tresses. My whole body quivers at the intimate contact. She rakes my scalp and ice travels in waves to the very center of my being. I bite my lip to keep from crying out as a slow, sweet release overtakes me. My entire body seizes up, my inner muscles seeking a nonexistent lover to hold.

As abruptly as it started, the orgasm is over. The only sign of its passing is the weakness in my knees. Just as abruptly, Serena pulls her hand from my scalp. "I think you're still a bit drunk, Raye," she says quietly. I cringe inside, realizing she knows the effect she just had on me. She seems so innocent at times...I can never be sure what is meant and what is an accident. I suppose this is the latter.

"Yeah, maybe," I mutter, mentally kicking myself for letting her get to me. I hang my head slightly as she rinses my hair, allowing the soapy water to flow over my face and bring me back to the here and now.

Her gentle hand tips my chin up, while the other wipes suds from my eyes. "Keep your chin up, or you'll drown, silly," she giggles. "You and both must like the shampoo in your eyes."

Why, oh why, did she bring up Rini? The little girl is just a cruel reminder of what the future holds...the happy, loving, royal couple with their beautiful, still a soldier in their service, and alone....

The water shuts off. "You're done."

I blink a few times as reality reasserts itself, going from a grey haze to the brightness of light reflecting off the white tile. I feel a bit sad, knowing that my brief intimacy with Serena is over. I wrap my bathrobe around me as Serena bundles my hair into a towel. Even through the red terrycloth I can feel the cooler air as we re-enter my bedroom. My nipples harden in response and I shiver. I manifest my fire briefly and dry off.

Serena goes directly to my closet and goes through a multitude of outfits. Finally she pulls out a black minidress with a flared skirt. "You're wearing this tonight," she states in a tone which will not accept argument. "Do me a favor and wear flats. I feel short enough without you towering over me in heels." I resist the urge to tell her how much I love her petite size as I agree with a nod of my head.

I go to my dresser and take out my clothes for the day: tight black jeans and a turquoise cropped tank top, the better to show off my tattoo and figure. I drop my robe to the floor. Serena makes no effort to turn her face, her eyes roaming over me, devouring me. I slip on red satin panties decorated with black lace...a g-string, really. I hear her breath catch from behind me as I shift my hair, giving her a clear view as I adjust it between my asscheeks. One leg at a time I pull on my jeans, wiggling slightly to get them over my hips. Another set of hands pulls my hair up and out of the way. Having her this close to my half-nude body excites me more than the shower did. My nipples grow harder still, and my clit responds in kind.

Her breasts press against my bare back as she reaches over my shoulder and grabs a hair ribbon. Her hot breath on my neck nearly drives me crazy as she gathers the silken mass together. I glimpse her in the mirror as her nails again rake my neck, this time more purposefully. Then she stops, the coy little minx, and her hand flies to cover her mouth. Her azure eyes widen in...shock? fear? I can't be sure. "Raye..." she stammers, "I...I have to go." With that she bolts out the door, fast as the rabbits she loves so much.

"Serena, wait!" I call after her, but to no avail. I start after her, then remember I am still topless. I grab my top and pull it on as I dash through the hallway, praying to my gods that Yuuichiro and Grandpa are nowhere around. Heedless of the crowds of worshippers and numerous sharp stones, I run after the twin gold streamers...but I am too slow to catch her in my hungover state. She reaches the stairs before me. Gasping for breath, near to crying, I stop at the top. "Serena!!!" I call after her. Her voice floats up to me: "I'll see you at six!" I stand there a minute, hands on my knees, and catch my breath. A summer breeze kicks up suddenly, lifting my hair and drying the tears that slowly roll down my cheeks.

A soft hand lays itself upon my shoulder. "Raye," Yuuichiro asks softly, "are you all right?" I nod slightly, unable to speak without crying. The sobs come anyway, choked and muffled. He wraps me in his arms, so strong and safe to guard me from prying eyes as he guides me back to the house. Halfway there, he scoops me up and carries me get there faster, I suppose.

He carries me all the way to my bed and puts me down gently. He kneels and takes my left foot in his hands. I am puzzled until he dabs at the sole with a handkerchief; it comes away stained scarlet. "Does it hurt?"

"No," I answer quietly. I don't want to tell him I didn't notice the puncture until now.

He folds the cloth and wraps it around my foot tightly. "It isn't deep, so it should stop soon." His brown eyes are soft with an almost brotherly concern. "Raye, go back to sleep for a bit. I'll wake you in plenty of time to get ready for tonight."

I nod, laying down. I close my eyes as he pulls a light blanket over me. The last sound I hear is the door sliding shut behind him.

~ end part 1 ~

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