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We don’t own none of this, ya hear!? Even the ideas kinda stolen from Chi, how’s that?

---Authors’ Notes---

Suekeiichi Kaiton
This wasn’t originally supposed to be a lemon, it was originally lime but I guess most people construe the first draft to be lemony. Oh well, nothing I can do about that. The original concept was only Ranma as a male prostitute in China and how it would effect his life, kind of an Altaverse thing, I don’t know how it turned into a Sailor Moon crossover. Well, now that I got the ball rolling, may as well play out the rest of the story — this will probably degenerate into mindless sex now that the label has been applied with help from Eric. Except this to become a lot like a lemon version of Chi’s ‘1/2 A Neko Moon’ only without the catgirls. If Eric and I really get rolling this could become a megacrossover. On a lesser note: Ranma is five years older in his fic to make it more plausible (i.e. Ranma-21, Kasumi-18).

Eric Freedman
Damn second billing! Anyway, I’m kinda getting sick of writing these Sailor Moon lemons where Ranma does nothing but boff every senshi repeatedly, but hey, that’s just the way Kaiton writes. He agreed to let me write a yaoi section this time, some change of pace I guess. Getting on with it this here’s a big fat lemon in every sense of the word. Read it and weep mortals! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ah, ah, aha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!! Burn in the fires of lemony goodness!!!!! (Kaiton sweatdrops)


1/2 Moon
A Sailor Moon-Ranma 1/2 lemon
By Suekeiichi Kaiton (Head writer, grammatical correction)
And Eric Freedman (Lemon section writer, lazy layabout)


The rain was falling outside the thin sheet of glass. Cars splashed through the street as the warm glow of the chandeliers and fluorescent lights illuminated the spacious lobby of the hotel Ms. Chisato Mizuno currently found herself inside on the cold autumn night. The people around her eyed the women with puzzlement, why would the expected recipient of the award tonight be standing outside the event hall? To her eternal shame and Ami’s secret mirth, Chisato was waiting for her date. She tapped her foot impatiently and regarded her watch for what seemed the thousandth time, he was later than he’d said. Defiantly she raised her head and cursed the heavens for making her the punch-line of their cruel jokes.

The man had stood in the shadows of the lobby in his prescribed spot, idly tapping his fingers as his client for the evening was late. The man known as Ranma Saotome stood from his lean and dusted off his tuxedo, picking away the small pieces of lint marring this normally immaculate presentation. His employer, one Madame Hasegawa, had carefully explained the customer’s stipulations: that he would act as the woman’s escort and if things continued as things were wont to do when he was around, she would pay extra for the night. Yes, it started as a typical night for Ranma, one which reminded him of his nights back in China with Madame Gao. He fumbled in his pocket for the photo of his customer. Dark hair, an ageless beauty at the age of thirty-five, Chisato Mizuno — imminent physician at Juuban General. Wait just a moment…the woman in the glossy Polaroid looked strikingly similar to the woman. His target acquired, the wiry martial artist stalked towards his prey.

"Dr. Mizuno?" Ranma’s deep voice rang briefly in her ears and the short dark-haired woman turned. He looked the woman up and down, thin and short at about perhaps 120 pounds and 5 feet in all. Her bluish/black hair was cropped short and a faint hint of blush and lipstick shined from her tanned skin, all in all a knockout and definitely another reason why Ranma liked his job. "I am Ranma Saotome."

She looked up into his eyes, crystal blue and glowing with an ethereal light, and quietly decided that she’d cough up the extra yen for the night. Ranma bowed to her and offered his arm, grinning eagerly with not a small hint of hunger in his eyes. Oh yes, Dr. Mizuno would definitely shell out the yen for a night in the sack with the twenty-one year old with his hand gently caressing her buttocks. She playfully slapped his hand away and patted him lightly on the behind, giving him a little smile before they entered the hall.

---The next morning---

Machiko Furusawa sat in her friend’s office at Juuban General, flipping through a stack of old magazines as she waited for the tardy Dr. Mizuno to appear. It was twelve in the afternoon and she had taken special time off from her job as Chemistry professor at Furinkan High School to find out all the juicy details of her friend’s night out. Once again she checked the ticking of her wrist-watch before the door swung open with a soft click and her friend entered draped in a white lab-coat. "So tell me what happen last night…I’ve been waiting here for an hour!" Chisato sat heavily in her chair, wincing at the soreness between her legs and sighing with the exhaustion of one who stayed up all night in the throes of passion; none of which escaped the notice of Machiko.

"So…tell me how it went…!"

Chisato paused long enough to light a cigarette and pull a long drag. "It was the most incredible night…some of the things he did I didn’t even know were possible. He was the best I’ve ever had, and young as well, I’d he whe wasn’t a day over twenty-five." Machiko grinned in triumph, she had known that a night out with the best male escort in Japan was just what her friend needed.

"C’mon Chisa-chan, give me all the juicy details!" The elder Mizuno was well aware of her friend’s perverted nature and blushed furiously as the mere thought of telling exactly what she’d experienced the night before, it just wasn’t right. "You knew I was going to grill you the next day…so spill it!"

The intercom outside squawked as a cool breeze drifted in from the still-damp air. The overhead fan whirled slowly in its eternal circle. Chisa poured a mug of steaming coffee from the hotplate near her desk. Machiko was on the edge of her seat as her friend began.

"He wasn’t just a prostitute, he was a skilled practitioner of shiatsu and an esoteric form of pressure-point related martial arts I’ve never seen before. By all rights he shouldn’t have been able to continue all night long…but he was still quite…virile…up until I left."

"He kept it up all night!?" She nearly screamed, if he had kept it hard all night long than he was definitely getting a visit from her, oh yes he would learn to know Machiko Furusawa very well indeed. "Did he…well ya know…" Chisato leaned back and winced er ser still sensitive and raw nether regions ground against the soft-yet-rough silk panties. She didn’t have the chance to return home after last night so she showered and changed at the hospital, it was a damn lucky thing she always had a spare set of clothes in her locker or she would have been in a fix earlier. "…come?" Chisa almost spit out her coffee. "Well did he?"

She was blushing under her friend’s questions, she was used to being celibate so talking so frankly about such a taboo subject was alien to her. "Yes, he came about six times during the night…"

"Six?" Machi whistled in appreciation. "I’ll have to get that stud in the sack. Do you still have his number?"

"Yes, Ranma gave me his work number and home phone." Chisa wiped the remains of her coffee from the stack of papers atop her desk.

"’Ranma’? Getting a bit personal with him, hmm?" Chisa withered under her friend’s eyes, the embarrassment was simply too much.

"He said I could feel free to call him whenever, he said he’d love to see me again."

"Yeah I’ll bet, you’re probably one of those women who goes completely mad when they fuck…" Chisa’s coffee went in a quick spurt from her mouth across the table yet again.

"I do not!"

"Oh don’t lie like that, Chisa-chan, we both know you’re a screamer." If possible, Chisa’s blush went from blood red to atomic rouge, she just wanted to hide in a hole until her embarrassing friend left. She wisely decided that coffee wasn’t a good idea until Machiko left. "So…how many last night?"

"How many what?"

"Orgasms you poor sheltered creature. How many times did Ranma take you to heaven?" Machi brushed her brunette ponytail behind her neck and adjusted herself, she was getting wet just thinking of this ‘Ranma’. "Don’t tell me you didn’t come!?"

"…no…" Chisa was almost hiding under her desk now, anything to save her from Machi’s questioning gaze and embarrassing questions. "I came…uh…sixty times…"

"S-s-s-sixty times…!!!! In one night?" Machi sat back in her chair and seriously began running over the calculations, that would mean that Chisa had ten orgasms for each of Ranma’s own. It was impossible, she had to find this Ranma and enlist his unique services.

"I lost count after that, he had me going non-stop for the last hour we were together."

"When did you stop?"

"Oh, about nine this morning." Machi facefaulted hard. As she pulled herself from the cold tile she promised herself that that night Ranma would be dancing the horizontal tango with her. "I came here right after I left his apartment."

"Waitaminute, you were at his apartment?"

"Yes, Ranma owns the penthouse in Tri-Gan Towers, South Tower. I’m telling you Machi he was amazing! He touched this pressure point on my chest that had me creaming for hours!" She blushed as she said it, but it felt good to lose herself in such salacious dirty talk and boast of her fantastic night. "He’s not like a regular escort, it’s almost like he’s searching for something, he actually made love to me, I could feel his love in everything he did…it was almost like he gave a part of himself to me, I can’t explain it any other way." It was true, that was part of the reason for his phenomenal success, he actually loved every woman he dated. There was something that was sensual about him, something very seductive but at the same time not sleazy at all - it was as if he actually cared. It sent shivers up Chisa’s spine just thinking of the look of absolute admiration and passion in his eyes as he rode her hard from behind.

"I think that last hour fried your brain, Chisa, listen to yourself!"

"If you go out with him you’ll understand what I mean."

"Well that’s what I plan to do, can you give me his number?"

---That night---

Minako Aino slipped from the window of her home and sped down the rooftops in senshi disguise. To anyone casually observing her trek, she would have appeared as a beautiful thirty-year old woman, not the naïve and horny teenager she was. Being the senshi of Love had its ups and downs, Minako was suffering from a buildup of feelings brought on by her powers supplemented by her already raging hormones. Her powers directly affected her libido she’d noticed the first month after she awakened. She’d bought her first little ‘toy’ a few weeks later but found it was no substitute for the real thing andat tat the tender age of fourteen, Minako Aino was deflowered by a thirty-year old professor of Psychology at Tokyo University. It wasn’t his fault in any way, she had used the disguise pen by that time and so had appeared as a twenty-five year old (his preferred age).

The night was quiet and dark as she slipped into dark alcove atop the Tri-Gan towers. She hid behind the ventilation system on the roof of North Tower, roaming eyes inspecting the goings-on in South Tower. After the first year of living with a bottle of sexual frustration under her skin, Minako had taken to voyeurism to chose her targets. Tri-Gan Towers, with it’s massive windows was the perfect choice, so far she’d fucked half the men in North Tower. She found it was convenient of Luna to issue disguise pens as they made her nights out easier, it wasn’t like any self-respecting man would think of bopping a fifteen-year old (although some can only fantasize) but she found they had no such qualms regarding a firm-breasted twenty-something. Blast the horny man with a dose of Venus Planet power and they could fuck her all night, which was precisely what Minako encouraged them to do.

It wasn’t that she was a slut, although many of her actions could be considered sluttish, it was just that she liked pleasure. Every few months her powers would explofterfter her period and she’d become so horny that it would drive her to unbelievable lengths to satisfy her lust. Thus, she roamed the night looking for cute hunks to proposition, her panties were soiled already with the ideas floating around in her sex-addled brain. There were so many positions to explore, so many men in the world and so little time each night.

Still, that was what brought her here to the Trigan Towers in the first place. Supposedly the Tri-Gan Towers housed an upper-class male escort service, of which the legendary ‘Wild Stallion’ was said to belong to now. Another part of her routine was the male prostitutes who never said anything about their clients and were more than willing to partake in some of the stranger ideas Minako posed. School gossip and the gossip column in the local paper were always good sources for the latest news in the escort service, as was the Internet. In fact, the Internet was where she had first heard news of the ‘Wild Stallion’ in China.

Supposedly he was the hottest commodity in Hong Kong and made millions of yen in just a few short years. He practiced an ancient form of sexual shiatsu and was said to have remastered the Kama Sutra into even more pleasurable positions. Tales spread far and wide that he was the consort to the President of China’s wife and daughter, that he had pleasured the Empress of Japan herself, his sexual prowess was second to none. After she first heard of his exploits, Minako’s mouth watered with the possibilities. It didn’t hurt that he was said to possess genitalia rivaling those of top stallions, hence his name.

However, ‘Wild Stallion’ disappeared from China soon afterward and Minako could find no trace of his whereabouts, even going so far as to use Ami’s Mercury Computer to search in classified and censored documents. Her hopes of bedding the ‘Wild Stallion’ were crushed. But, as her luck would have it, news traveled from China that ‘Wild Stallion’ had returned to his homeland of Japan. Unfortunately every two-bit operation boasted of having him but none were the real deal, it had taken months of sorting but she’d finally tracked him to Madame Gao’s, an escort service specializing in male prostitutes and was also among the most respected in the country. Madame Gao was said to have escorted women during the times of the Shogunate and boasted a reputation for pleasing the Empresses of Japan for generations. It didn’t hurt that it also had connections to the Hong Kong operation of which ‘Wild Stallion’ belonged to before.

Minako tensed as curtains on the top floor were drawn back leaving blinds to filter out the soft light from the penthouse. She watched as a handsome man around the age of her disguise pulled open the blinds and revealed himself to her. He was naked. He was naked and hot with muscles of a gymnast and the member of a horse. He was also gesturing for her to join him. He was at least a hundred feet away. Her rational mind flew out the window with what remained of her inhibitions as she leapt from the rooftop and down to his balcony; later that evening she discovered that he was indisputably the ‘Wild Stallion’ she’d heard so much about.

---The next day---

Ranma awoke to the distinctive slam of his apartment door. Apparently his companion of last night had just left, he certainly hoped she returned soon as last night was one of the best lays he’d had in years. Sitting up and stretching, he swung his legs out of bed and stumbled off into the bathroom for a good long soak. She had taken advantage of his large bath before she left, the steam from her shower and the furo still hadn’t dissipated. He reached a hand into the uncovered tub and found the water to be surprisingly warm, still, nothing to split hairs over.

After rinsing, Ranma sat back in his bath and contemplated exactly why he was still doing what he was doing. He’d sworn back in China to lessen the extent of his activities, even going so far as to tell Madame Hasegawa not to cal on him unless it was a customer of supreme importance, as Chisato Mizuno was. So after all that hassle, why did he flag that voyeur woman down last night? Well, it was certainly a good time, but why? Was he getting too used to the constant sex? No matter, he’d just continue to do what he did, after all wasn’t he the best sex partner in the world? Madame Gao had trained him well, he knew how to expertly pleasure anything male or female and, in cases that warranted it, the ability to paralyze the victim in pleasure.

This is not to say that Ranma didn’t also continue his martial arts, but he no longer practiced the Saotome school since his father was dead and could no longer teach him anything of value. His skills now fell into shiatsu, tai chi and ki attacks since he discovered that he could transform sexual energy into ki. He’d found that the more sex he had, the more ki he held in his reserves, and after almost eleven years in the business his ki levels were far beyond anything thought possible for a man.

Still, even with all his powers and abilities he was a twenty-one year old young man with a Chinese High School and University dioploma, neither truly that effective in Japan. He had more than enough money to last him for a few years, probably even for a decade, but he needed to have a steady job, it was a good thing that Madame Hasegawa had planned for the eventuality and compiled a list of possible jobs. He was now one of the elite, he wasn’t another two-bit prostitute, he was an escort to the rich and famous, well, that’s the way he thought. Theoretically he could just call in favors from a few of his more wealthy clients and live in the lap of luxury, but that was not Ranma’s way.

He would find a way…

---Hikawa Shrine (I think ^_^;)---

"Rei! Rei come down here please!" Rei Hino shut her chemistry notebook in exasperation as her grandfather called her from the courtyard. She was still dressed in her shrine uniform as she had been sweeping the cobblestones since she came home from school, now her grandfather was finishing up as she started her homework. No doubt it was another one of those perverted old men that wanted her to do a fire reading just so they could sneak a peek at her legs when she sat cross-legged. Honestly, didn’t they have better things to do than look up her skirt? Her soft footsteps padded down the stairs and stepped lightly into her sandals.

"Yes? What is it?" Her grandfather was standing proudly with a grin on his face — bad news in any case. "What is it this time?"

He waved his arms in a warding gesture, doing nothing for Rei’s already short temper. "A patron wishes a fire reading, he came to pay his respects and also left a sizable donation so I want you on your best behavior, is that understood?"

"Yes." She ground her teeth at the indignity of it all. "Where is he?"

"In the shrine, be sure to be on your best behavior, okay? I want no more fried customers out on the deck this time." The wizened old man turned back to his discarded broom and began sweeping the leaves anew. Rei huffed angrily and stomped over to the small hut where the sacred flame was kept, a tall column of smoke rising already from the makeshift chimney. She tightened the sash around her waist so the old pervert wouldn’t get too good a view and adjusted her skirts so he couldn’t detect that she wore no panties underneath her robes. No more free shows she told herself. Finally, her preparations complete, Rei calmed her ki and slid open the door.

The interior was pitch dark and heavy with smoke, apparently her grandfather had begun the fire much earlier than he called her, the gray clouds whirling around in the blackness until being forcibly sucked outside by the breeze. She couldn’t see her customer due to the roar of flames sprouting from the pit, the red haze obscuring his features, all the better for her that he couldn’t see her either. Calmly she took her position and tried to cool her anger.

"You’re going to have to focus on the flame as I call, the fire can foretell the future or illuminate the past, please pay attention." Rei scowled at her lack of response. "Very well, we will begin." She brought her hands together and breathed in the aroma of burning wood, pointing her index fingers together at the apex of the altar.

The flame reacted violently at her burst of ki, roaring like a forest fire and blossoming over the ceiling in a blaze of orange and yellow, before settling back to manageable but still oversized dimensions. Her brow broke out into a cold sweat as the exertion of focusing her ki took its toll and still no images arose from the wellspring of fortune. Just as she was about to give up and call the attempt a failure, her ki broke through the powerful flame and an image began to form in the air. The sweat was drenching her arms and legs, pooling atop her breasts and in the crevice between her legs. The effort for the reading was the most intense she’d ever felt, whoever the stranger was his past and future were in chaotic flux the likes of which she’d never seen before.

As the manifestation began to coalesce in the room, Rei blushed crimson and silently praised the powers that were that the fire readings didn’t have sound. The image that wavered above their heads was one of intense sensuality, a man and a woman in the throes of ecstasy so great that she felt herself begin to moisten in response to the large three dimensional porn film playing in the fire. The woman’s mouth was open wide in a silent scream of pleasure, the man humping her prone body so that droplets of their mingled sweat and fluids flew off her body with each thrust, each droplet falling from the flame and onto her hands and arms. With each pin-prick of essence falling from the mirage that landed on her body she felt the sensations of the woman, the feel of her partner’s thrusts and the agony of his withdrawal.

The stranger opposite her smiled in victory as the illusionary woman slumped in exhaustion as the man pulled out of her sex and sprayed his seed across her back.

Rei was startled out of her masturbatory visions by the cascade of warm fluid that splashed her face. She opened her eyes that were half-shut in pleasure only to find her arms and face free of any such liquid, yet she could feel the thick caucus substance across her cheek and lips. She licked a bit of the invisible sperm only to find it was all a figment of her sex-starved imagination. Suddenly she straightened as the vision of flame grew even larger before her eyes, magnifying the panting, drooling, yet utterly satiated face of the woman lying prone under the man.

It was her face.

So shocked was she by the revelation that her concentration was broken from her ki and the fire was guttered instantly. The light was extinguished and she slumped forward in exhaustion that she didn’t even know was there, slumped forward into the arms of the stranger. She clutched onto his arms, her knees wobbling as she stood and stumbled with his aid to the sliding door. It was then that she realized her robes were soaked with sweat and her own excitement — if she dared step out into the sun he would know what had happened!

Only when he opened the door it was darkness that met her eyes. Night had fallen during the ceremony, casting the shrine in menacing hues. It wouldn’t be too long before the city lights turned on, dusk was rapidly giving way to pitch darkness.

"Thank you for the fire-reading, it was most…enjoyable…for me, was it for you as well?" The man let go of her arm and let her stand by herself, striding over to the long stairs leading down to the park.

"Wh-what happened? That’s never happened before!" She shivered as the chilled air blew against her soaked robes and clung to her bare skin. "What did you do?"

"Your ki control was very good but mine was better. I did nothing that you couldn’t do yourself with training, what you saw was the future just as it would haven ien if I allowed you to continue with your own technique." The man began to step down the stone stairway. "Your grandfather told me you had your ki under control, if you like I can help in your training." The streetlight behind him, one of the two rows on either side of the steps, clicked on with a buzz of halogen and his feature were finally visible…and recognizable as the man coupled with her in the vision.

"You seem a bit tired…I’ll come back tomorrow." He turned away from her and disappeared from view, leaving her speechless in the moonlight.

A few minutes down the street, Ranma sat down in a bar next to a bishonen blonde and ordered a vodka gimlet. The fire-reading had taken a lot of ki to pull off and control, so much so that he needed a quick recharge and a drink to calm his nerves. Still, the energy was worth it just to show that girl her future, her future with him, that is. It had come as a surprise to him when their futures proved intertwined, especially in ‘that way’, perhaps he wouldn’t abstain from sex now anyway. Besides, how else could he possibly fill his ki reserves with massive amounts of power? He liked it too he admitted, so if it was written in the stars that they would fuck, they would fuck like there was no tomorrow — he was actually looking forward to it now that he saw the shrine maiden naked. He would return tomorrow and maybe show her a few new tricks.

The bar was situated in a nice restaurant. Hazy with smoke and quiet despite the whispered conversations, it suited him fine. The bishonen next to him turned on his stool and Ranma got a good look at him, pretty face with a slim figure. The stranger’s eyes wandered down to Ranma’s crotch and the evident bulge still there from his meeting with Rei. He smiled.

"You wouldn’t happen to be looking for companionship tonight would you?" Ranma asked as the prettyboy’s eyes rose from his trousers; he suppressed a giggle at the man’s blush. "No need to be so shy there…I’m sure we can have some ‘fun’ if you want to, don’t you?" The blonde couldn’t be any older than he was and he did need to refill his ki levels…

"D-d-do you want to come back to my place?" The blonde stuttered out as he looked down at the floor.

"Sure." Ranma finished his drink quickly and paid for the both of them. Together the handsome pair walked out of the bar and towards the Crown arcade centre.

Later that evening, Ranma let Motoki’s body fall from his lap, satiated and tired from the night’s exertions. The pig-tailed man withdrew from his lover and lay back on the foreign bedsheets, sweat mingling with Motoki’s ejaculate and the stale scent of sake.

That evening Rei writhed about in her bed, her mind plagued by images of the stranger. Her face still felt warm from the illusion’s discharge, her skin electrified with life, her libido raging against her inhibitions as her fingers itched to plunge into the dark valley between her legs. Her black hair matted to her forehead as her hand parted the waistband of her bikini panty and curled into her shimmering, wiry pubic hair. She cried out in ecstasy as her digits wiggled into her, caressing the sides of her canal gently in the darkness of her room. Downstairs her grandfather smiled as one of his plans finally succeeded. He knew asking that stranger to train his granddaughter in ki manipulation was a good idea.

That evening Chisato Mizuno checked to make sure her daughter was asleep; Ami snoring softly under her multitudinous blankets. The elder woman clicked shut the door and walked briskly to her bedroom, locking the sliding door firmly behind her. At last she slumped to the floor, her hands pumping furiously between her legs and mewing softly in rapture. For a time only the barely audible sloshing of her fluids could be heard, followed shortly by a low frequency buzzing and her own frantic screaming.

---The next day---

The next day found Ranma walking down the glistening corridors of Juuban General, dressed in blue jeans and a black T-shirt covered by a dark plaid long-sleeve. He’d just finished two college entrance exams and was getting randy again. Which was one of the reasons he was at Juuban General in the first place, but there was another motive. No one paid him much attention as he wove through the convoluted trail through the gastrointestinal division and onwards to General Practice and OB-GYN. The nurse didn’t notice him either as he entered or slipped through the reception room, into the examining room which was in use at the time.

A young girl sat back on the table, her legs splayed across the stirrups with her plump pudenda pushed out as the older woman finished wiping the fleshy lips. A soft tuft of brown hair framed the tight slit and a thin trickle of fluid slid down the vinyl seat. He clung to the tope wall behind Chisato and watched as the girl wobbly stood and mooned him as she pulled up her panties. A few words were exchanged from doctor to patient and soon the girl hurried off with a downcast gaze.

"You really might want to lock the door from now on…" Chisa jumped at his voice and panned the room until he phased back into view, the Umi-sen-ken, what little he’d gleamed from a few old scrolls and the rotten remains of his father had proved useful. Her eyes soon changed from surprise to smoldering pits of hunger. "Not that I didn’t enjoy the show."

"You enjoyed seeing that girl strapped to the chair, helpless and exposed, didn’t you?"

Ranma smiled as he grasped her wrists and nudged her firmly against the door, pushing his knee between the brown polyester skirt and tickled her crotch. He pressed against her body, pinning her between a rock and a hard place if you’ll excuse the pun. She whimpered and shivered as his large hands snaked under her sweater and grabbed hold of one of her breasts, his thumb brushing against the nipple. Ranma’s fingers danced across her skin, pressing and prodding the juncture points that constructed the canals of her pleasure centres. She helped him pull down the silk undergarment so as not to soil the pair she would wear for the rest of the day as a climax shot from her clitoris and rocketed to her nipples and thick mucus spat out from her womanhood.

He smiled as the fluids spattered noisily to the linoleum and pooled into thick clots of white cream on the green tiles. He touched a single point near her collarbone and another orgasm rocked her body. After eight climaxes she sagged against his still-clothed body. He gasped in delight as she finally took the initiative and sank to her knees, opening the fly of his jeans.

Chisa sucked noisily on his tool, gasping and groaning as his hand invaded her body from behind. She couldn’t possibly take his entire length in but she did manage about half of the thick cock before her throat constricted and she gagged. It was a good thing that it was her lunch break or else someone might have walked in a seen her in such a state. Also, if her nurse had left for the day that meant she could scream to her heart’s content instead of biting her tongue and stifling her cries. Chisa nearly drowned as he came, the goo forced down her throat causing her to cough and hack as the monster spurted all over her floor, but she wouldn’t let any go to waste and lapped the remnants from the sterile Formica.

"Not that I’m complaining, but what exactly brings you here at this time of day?" Their lovemaking was finished and both were dressed again, sitting at her desk.

"I’d like to ask you about getting a job…"


After his afternoon tryst with Chisato Mizuno, Ranma stopped back by his apartment to drop off the clean outfit Motoki had loaned him that morning. He’d said that he worked at the Crown Arcade in downtown Juuban, so Ranma planned on swinging by and dropping off the bundle. The sun was out when he left as were the schools, no doubt his new student, Rei, was just getting home. He would wait awhile before arriving to give her at least some time to relax. And so he strode off down the sidewalk towards the bustling centre of commerce.

The door opened and a wave of sound effects and yells punched him in the jaw. Motoki was manning the token counter and redemption centre, running back and forth catering to the needs of the pre-teen crowd. Taking pity on his friend and lover, Ranma dove headfirst into the mob and valiantly helped disperse the customers.

After all the children went off to play their games, Ranma handed him the bundle and they began to talk. Little did they know that behind him two predators were planning on their next catch…him.

"You do it!"

"No, you do it!"

"I’ll do it if you do it too!"

"Alright then, we’ll do it together!"

Just then two hands pinched Ranma’s buttocks, giving him a start and making Motoki laugh his ass off at the surprise on his lover’s face. Behind the prone martial artist two girls giggled in sublime delight, their gaiety matched only by the blushes each had plastered over their faces. He turned to them, intending on seeing a straightforward woman, instead he saw two girls, a blonde and a brunette, laughing at him.

"Uh Ranma, these are two of my very best customers, meet Usagi Tsukino and Makoto Kino. You two, this is my friend Ranma Saotome." Both parties bowed to each other.

"Hi, I’m Usagi, nice to meet you Saotome-san." [He still isn’t as handsome as my Mamo-chan!]

"I’m Makoto but you can call me Mako-chan if you like, Saotome-san." [Oh my God! He looks just like my old boyfriend!] Ranma shook both their hands. Ignoring the little pink hearts in Makoto’s eyes.

"You can just call me Ranma, okay?"


"Hai." The two girls seemed to be fun-loving normal girl to his eyes, but Ranma was convinced something was off about them, he was getting very weird aural readings from both — similar to the vibes he got from Rei and the Mina woman. He didn’t even need to mentally undress Makoto, he’d seen her in all her glory while she was spread-eagle on Chisato’s chair that morning. He knew he’d seen her before.

Usagi was a different story, he was reading tremendous amounts of pure ki being generated by her and sucked into the brooch she wore on her chest. He wondered if the brooch was some kind of ancient Chinese Amazon artifact, he’d had experience you see. Still, there was nothing threatening about her except the amount of energy in her body and even then she didn’t seem to be able to control it, so there was no danger.

---Warning! Warning! Hardcore yaoi material ahead!!! You have been warned!!!---

"Ranma could I see you for a moment?" Motoki took off his apron and handed it to Usagi, the bubble-headed blonde quickly donning the article and standing behind the counter, Makoto following suit. He sometimes asked them to fill in for him if he had work to do, in return sometimes he’d keep the arcade open extra-late just for them. He took Ranma’s arm and led him to the storage room which in turn led to his office. As soon as they were among the boxes of food and prizes, Motoki shut the door tightly and pulled Ranma in for a kiss.

Ranma was taken aback by his lover’s forwardness since they met last night but soon his tongue snaked into Motoki mouth and he ran his hands up under the blonde’s shirt. They continued the kiss for a long time, each one trying to pry the other’s fly open, until Ranma pulled abruptly away and grinned evilly at his friend. He sank to his knees and ripped open Motoki’s jeans, freeing his manhood from the confines of his boxers and rubbing it lightly to full erection.

While not as impressive as Ranma’s, Motoki’s cock was six inches long and about an inch thick, more than enough for most people. The pig-tailed man grinned as he took the prick into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the crown and nibbling ever so gently on the fold of foreskin underneath the purple head. Unlike Ranma again, Motoki didn’t have the resistance and so he spurted his load in the warm sucking mouth almost as soon as the stimulation began.

Ranma swished the thick cum in his mouth experimentally and swallowed with evident relish. He could afford to lose that load, he had another method to try. Without any warning he tackled the blonde to the floor so his bare ass hit the cold tiles then grabbed his legs and pulled Motoki’s crotch up to his mouth, leaving his flailing legs to hang over the pig-tailed man’s shoulders.

---Big time yaoi ahead!!! Last warning!!!---

"What are you doing?!" Motoki’s cry was lost as he felt Ranma’s thick fingers pull open his ass and a thick digit enter the still tender hole. Instantly his cock stiffened and bobbed before his lover’s eyes. Not one to pass up an opportunity, Ranma pulled the cock into his mouth again and sucked hungrily as he shoved two fingers up the blonde’s tight asshole, alternating his strokes with a twirl of his tongue on the prick throbbing in his mouth. "Stop it! I’m going to…!!!!" The blonde’s pleading was useless as Ranma expertly finished him off, sucking up the cream like a vacuum cleaner and letting Motoki’s body sag back to the floor.

Both sat back for a moment, Motoki regaining the ability to move his legs, Ranma sampling the sperm in his mouth once again. No sooner had Motoki regained his footing then Ranma kissed him again, pushing a small amount of his own semen into his mouth. Seeing that the blonde was taken unawares, Ranma pushed Motoki back against the door with a thump and pulled his jeans down all the way so that Motoki knelt with his arms and head against the door with his ass upraised.

Noting what position he was in, Motoki began to protest until Ranma’s hand once again spread his ass cheeks. The pig-tailed martial artist pulled his own jeans down to his ankles and freed his massive erection from the harness strapped to his leg. With his cock swinging at a ninety degree angle to his stomach, Ranma opened his mouth and let the frothy sperm splatter on his shaft. Rubbing the fluid all over to ensure lubrication, Ranma thrust into Motoki with one stroke.

He felt like screaming at the enormous tool lodged up his anus but stifled his cries when he remembered Usagi and Makoto just outside the door, so he took it like a man — although he did enjoy it as well. No sooner had the thrusts begun than his cock exploded to full rigidity again, pulsing and ready for action again. For a timey thy the sticky wet sound of Ranma’s thrusts could be heard in the small storage room.

Motoki couldn’t hold back his cries any longer so just settled for soft mews of pleasure as the cock ravaged his insides, his own member was coming repeatedly he couldn’t stop his orgasms. His ejaculations were dripping down the door and pooling on the floor, it would be a hell of a mess to clean up. Suddenly Ranma lifted him from under the knees, bringing his body parallel to the other’s washboard stomach, and carried him — spurting and crying — into the office. They locked the door soon afterward.

Usagi’s eyes perked up at the sound of the door slamming shut. She finished giving the change to the little boy and closed the register, asking Makoto to take over for a second while she went to the bathroom. When she opened the storeroom door the first thing she noticed was the thick musky smell hanging in the air, it kinda smelled like…!!! She turned around and sniffed a little bit more, wanting to make sure it was semen she smelled in the little room. As she closed the door the glistening fluid dripping off the steel caught her eye.

It was sperm, no doubt about it, she knew from experience with Mamoru what semen smelled, looked and tasted like. She kneeled down by the closed door and wiped a sample of the still-warm liquid off with two fingers, bringing the digits to her mouth and licking clean the milky white cum. Definitely semen, but whose? A dull thud from inside the office and a cry gave her the answer. Sneaking quietly to the door, Usagi leaned down and looked through the key hole.

Motoki’s desk was set to the left of the door, facing the opposite wall, and the blonde was currently draped over the oak surface as Ranma pounded into him from behind, pulling most of his long member out of his partner before thrusting all the way back in again. Usagi gasped at the spectacle before her eye, Ranma was extremely well endowed, extremely well endowed, extremely well endowed, but besides that Motoki was gay! Motoki was gay and Mamoru always used to hang out with him…used to ‘sleep over’ at his house a lot…were they lovers? She was powerless to look away, almost as if her eyes were riveto tho the strangely erotic scene going on behind closed doors.

A cry erupted from Motoki’s throat and a thick spurt of cum flew from the general area of Motoki’s crotch (it was hidden from her eye by his arm) and splattered against the wall. Soon Ranma began mumbling something and he stiffened suddenly, his cock still buried deep inside Motoki and the blonde man screamed and came again. Usagi felt her panties grow damp from the scent of sex and the activities before her eye and held her handkerchief between her legs to sop up the spillage. Ranma grunted and pulled out, his cum pouring out of cockcock like a faucet and spattering the floor with white drops of thick cream. It was finally too much for her and she retreated to the bathroom, nearly tearing off her skirt and panties and sitting on the bowl, the steady drip of her fluids echoing in the washroom. A few moments later the door opened and Motoki’s voice rang out from next to the stall.

"I can’t believe you did this to me." There was a rustling of cloth.

"Well, you can’t say you didn’t enjoy it, can you?"

"No, but now look at us, we have to get cleaned up!" Ranma chuckled.

"Hey, hey now, Moto-chan you’re the only one that needs to really get clean. I’m pretty clean as it is."

"Sure, why don’t you gloat some more?"

&sagisagi sat on the bowl and stopped touching herself, it was a western style bathroom with openings at the bottom of the stalls to see if it was occupied, evidently neither man noticed the sneakers or skirt and panties in the stall nearest to them. The sound of the faucets turning on masked the noise of her slim fingers pistoning in and out of her tight snatch. Another odd facet of western bathrooms was that the rooms were normally covered in white of black tile, rendering the entire wall reflective like a mirror. Leaning to the side and peeking through the thin opening between stall wall and tile, Usagi could see both men naked in front of the janitor’s sink. They had locked the door.

Ranma was clearly the cleaner of the two with only a thin sheen of fluid on his stomach to attest to his extent in the activities. Also Usagi noticed that a thin stream of jizz dribbled out as his squeezed the base of his shaft over the sink.

"Quit being such a showoff!"

"Hey, if ya got it, flaunt it." Ranma ran the warm water hose over his genitals and rinsed the remainder of Motoki’s cum from his member. Usagi began thrusting faster as he pulled back the foreskin and made sure to carefully wash every inch of his cock.

Motoki really did look like a mess. His entire front was covered in his own semen and his back with Ranma’s. His firm ass (Usagi used to fanaticize about it) still leaked a bit of semen from the sizable amount Ranma deposited up there.

"You know this really hurts!"

"Just get an ice pack, you’ll get used to it eventually." Ranma finished with the hose and dried himself off, handing the water to Motoki who began scrubbing off the residue. Usagi bit her finger to stifle her cry of orgasm as she came all over her hand, but now with both men naked and either drying or washing, it was too much eye candy for her to pass up to opportunity to masturbate. It had been a long dry spell since Mamoru left, not that they ever had sex mind you, they’d only gotten as far as heavy petting before he flew off to America. Sometimes she worried about him, alone with all of those pretty American women with their sizable chests, how would he look at her after seeing them, not to mention that he hadnrespresponded to one of her letters in a few months.

"I don’t think I want to ‘get used to it’."

"Fine, next time I’ll let you do me, okay?"

"Uh…whatever." Usagi watched as Motoki washed his penis and washed the semen from his chest. Ranma was finished drying and was getting dressed, Usagi watched, fascinated, as he tucked the hanging phallus into a harness strapped to his leg and pulled on his boxers. She licked her suddenly dry lips. Was it getting hot in here or was it just her?

"Hey Motoki…" Ranma whispered and pointed at the skirt and panties in one of the stalls. He pointed them out to the blonde and both went white…they’d been talking like that with a girl in the bathroom?! Usagi listened as Motoki finished washing in silence and dressed quickly. Soon both hunks were out the door and back in the office trying to clean up and Usagi was left alone with her fingers up her pussy. She continued her ride towards another orgasm with only the images and memory of the two thick cocks within reaching range and finished herself off quickly, her thin milky cum falling into the toilet.

"Usagi-chan?" Makoto knocked on the thin steel of the stall door. "Are you alright?"

"Uh…" Usagi fanatically wiped herself and pulled up her panties and skirt. "…Yeah, yeah I’m done." She flushed the evidence of her pleasure down the toilet and stepped out, eyeing the janitor’s sink for traces of semen.

"Hey, what’s that smell?" Makoto sniffed the air near the large sink. "Smells kind of like the weird candle you used to burn in your room when Mamoru came over…" The brunette didn’t know that the smell was really Mamoru’s semen that spilled on her rug, the candle was just a weak excuse but it held rather well.

"I can’t imagine what it is…heh, heh…really it’s probably just a chemical the janitor uses." Usagi picked herself up from her facefault.

"I guess so…" Her hand was resting on the rim of the deep sink, her pinkie finger almost touching a puddle of Ranma’s sperm leftover from before.

She washed her hands carefully and walked back with Makoto to the counter where Motoki and Ranma were standing, each with a fierce blush from being caught red handed. Usagi blushed as well, though they didn’t know it was her in the bathroom, before rushing off with a vague excuse to play games. Did Mamoru have a relationship with Motoki? Was it possible?

"So, Makoto-san, Motoki tells me you practice martial arts." Ranma gave the girl an appraising look, one with irritated Makoto who though he was doubting her abilities. She looked back and him and let her eyes roam over his body. Firm muscles, defined but not bulging, pretty face with just a subtle hint of scarring near the neck, killer tight ass, she noticed the muscles in his legs tensing and relaxing continuously — indeed Ranma was a martial artist of the highest caliber.

"I can see you do martial arts as well Ranma-san, would you care you spar?" Ranma looked her straight in the eye and looked away just as quickly. Motoki knew that Ranma’s response was sure to enrage Makoto to undreamed of heights. He braced for the explosion.

"I don’t think that’s a good idea, Makoto-san, you still have a lot more training to do before you can take me on." Ranma looked back and noticed the vein bulging from Makoto’s forehead. Knowing he’d put his foot in it this time, Ranma quickly came up with an appropriate countermeasure. "But if you really want to better your skills, I can train you until you are at my level." Mako-chan’s eyes went from burning in hatred to cute little pink hearts again. Oh yes he’d appeased her feminine dignity, but now what was he supposed to do?

"Would you really?" Makoto clasped her hands together and leaned in close to Ranma, entwining her arm in his. "When can we begin?"

"Uh…I’ll tell you what, why don’t you meet me in the park tomorrow after school and I’ll see what we can do, okay?" She squeezed his arm even tighter and began to rub her cheek against his arm, her legs already entwined with his. "Uh…Makoto-san could you let go of me?"

"Sure!" She jumped away as if realizing for the first time how far ahead of herself she’d gone. She blushed at the residual warmth of his body against hers. "Tomorrow in the park, right? I’ll be there!"

"You ry doy don’t know what you got yourself into, do you Ranma?" Motoki truly felt sorry for his friend, after all he’d suffered the admiration of Makoto once before.

"What are you talking about?"

---Hikawa Shrine, minutes later---

Rei sat impatiently in the hut where the Holy flame burned. It was one thing that she couldn’t get her new ‘sensei’ out of her head last night and all day today, but to have him late for the first day of their studies was inexcusable! She grit her teeth and rubbed her thighs together, in turn rubbing her swollen pussy lips together in their own fluids. She blushed when she realized the normal uniform of a shrine maiden filled her with excitement being around him. Without panties and bra, there was a greater chance he would see something she wanted him to, especially with her robes looser than usual. Just a slight movement down from the waist and her chest was exposed, if she stood up her robes would separate at the crotch and expose her neatly shaven snatch. She’d done it especially for him that afternoon.

It was already getting dark when she’d entered the hut, no doubt it was almost nightfall by now, so where was he? The frustration was killing her! Rei Hino, the Queen of T*A Academy, was losing it over some guy, was ready to prostrate herself before him and give up her body. Angrily she couldn’t wait any longer and parted the robe skirt with her hand and plunged two fingers into her vagina.

"Good. You are ready." Ranma appeared opposite her behind the fire and she withdrew her hand, embarrassed at her behavior. She was blushing so hard it seemed her face might eclipse the holy flame. "Don’t be embarrassed, Rei Hino, we will see all of each other sooner or later."

"Oh, so that was your plan all along, wasn’t it? Pretend to train me in ki manipulation but instead you fuck me, is that it?" She was getting angry, more at being caught than at the thought of wrapping her legs around his waist as he-

&quo"Hino-san," Ranma replied, fighting back laughter, "you misunderstand. Fucking you is the training." Her anger diffused immediately as if a bucket of icy water was upended over her head. "Why else did you think I used that image in the fire, I could have chosen some time in the future where we weren’t making love, but I chose that one scene to cause this reaction." He hadn’t moved and yet she could almost feel his hot breath at her ear. "Should be feeling hot breath against your ear."

"What the hell is this!? What kind of training is this you hentai pervert!?" She stood and got ready to transform and blast the pervert with a Mars Fire Blast when she was forced against the wall by an unseen force. She struggled against the wave of force that pinned her body but all for naught as Ranma calmly rose from his seated position and extinguished the sacred fire with a mere gesture. "Let me go!"

"Hino-san, probe the unseen wall with your senses and tell me what you see."

"Why should I-"

"Just do it!" She sagged against the wooden boards and focused on her ki, willing the fierce power of her soul to smash the barrier and free her so she could kick the perv right in the balls! Instead of seeing Dark Dimension energy, all she saw was genuine life energy pouring out of the stranger and trapping her against the hut. "Do you see I mean no harm?" It was true, she saw no angry red ki nor any depressive green, only blue, white and…yellow. Yellow was the predominant color, the blue and white swirling around and changing from one to another in rapid succession. The yellow coloration would explain why she was reacting to his attacks by only getting steadily hotter and wetter, yellow was the color of lust and sexual energy. She ceased her struggles and felt the weight lift off her.

"How do I know you won’t just want to rape me?" She closed her robes and tightened the sash so he couldn’t sneak a peek. "Your ki’s pretty lusty."

"Did you see any red ki mixed in? You would see it if I wanted to rape you, you’d see it in my aura; no, I want to show you how to capture and control this level of ki." Ranma helped Rei up off the floor and both resumed their seats in front of the sacred flame. "I am a ki master, I have learned all the ways of gathering and harnessing ki but for various reasons I find lustful ki easiest to control. Your grandfather asked me to train you in ki gathering and manipulation which is what I intend to do."

"You mean you want to fuck me."

"In extremely simplified terms, yes."

"Why should I let you do this to me?" Rei didn’t want to give her body to someone just because it would help her with an obscure martial art, she wanted her first to be with someone she loved and who loved her back.

"You will, the future told you. That image I played for you yesterday wasn’t wrong, we seem fated to sleep together."

"How do I know you just didn’t create that image as a part of some elaborate plan to get me in bed?" Ranma facefaulted and spit out a wad of sand.

"Why would I go through so much trouble just to get you in bed? I have plenty of other choices, why would I waste all this timasinasing after you?" Ranma made the fatal mistake of pissing Rei off, seriously.

She exploded off the ground and leapt over the flame, grabbing hold of Ranma’s neck and wringing the life from it with both hands. She kicked him hard in the balls which caused him to dry retch, giving Rei the perfect opportunity to latch his mouth onto her breast. "Are you saying I’m not worth chasing after? How can you say no to these?" Ranma didn’t answer as Rei’s breast was blocking his windpipe. "And how do I know you’re not just one of those perverts who plans this kind of thing and is willing to waste all this time?" Again, Ranma couldn’t respond as his mouth was full of Rei’s teat.

[What the hell am I doing? It’s almost like I want him to take me…] Suddenly Rei felt something warm and wet brush against her nipple. [But I sorta do…he’s so handsome and dreamy…besides I know we’re going to end up together anyway.] Ranma began to suckle at her breast with vigor, the pain from her kick to the testicles wearing away, and grasped the other in one hand and snaked the other under her robes. His tongue was spinning around her nipple, only making contact with the areola as she felt his fingers on the vanguard of her sex.

"Draw in your ki, Hino-san, draw the power from everywhere." Ranma took his mouth off her nipple for a moment to speak before going back at it, his sucking punctuated by her moans and screams. Through the haze of her pleasure, Rei tried to gather her ki, willing the flood of power from deep within her soul.

To her surprise she found more ki available than she’d ever held before, the power much stronger than any she’d ever felt. Suddenly it came to her, she was drawing the ki from the stranger’s body as he was connected to hers skin to skin. She moaned so loud as the next wave of power rolled over her that she climaxed more forcefully than ever in her life,. Her liquid spurting out from under her robes, drenching his hand and landing on the trodden dirt of the hut floor, soaked up fast by the dry soil. Exhausted, Rei collapsed against Ranma, a golden glow surrounding her body as a new door had opened to her.

"Y-you haven’t even told me your name yet." She clung to him as he helped her into the house and to the stairs.

"Ranma Saotome at your service, miss. You’ve done very well for your first day, I guess it’s because you already had fine control over your ki. Rest for a few days and we’ll train again later this week." He helped her sit down on the wood of the steps and arranged her robes as to be presentable to her grandfather. "Goodbye, Hino-san." He turned towards the door and opened the sliding screen before she stopped him.

"Ranma-sempai, call me Rei." He looked back at her, unable to believe she’d accept the strange nature of their relationship so easily and nodded, giving her a smile as he left.

"Goodbye, Rei."

---Ranma’s apartment---

He walked in and threw his long-sleeve shirt on the sofa. Soon his shirt, pants, and underwear joined the pile on his floor as he walked into his bathroom, eager to sit back for a long soak in the furo.

The day was pretty good he’d say, got laid twice, corrupted the youth of Juuban, took his college entrance exams, yeah it was a normal day. He washed and rinsed quickly eager to get in the hot water and when he finally did, he was stunned to notice a leg underwater. His eyes followed the shapely leg up to a firm thigh, then to a fiery bush of blonde hair, next to a pair of luscious breasts with rosy nipples and finally to the smirking face of 'Mina' as she lay back in the tub. He cursed himself, he’d been so deep in his own thoughts he hadn’t noticed her ki in the bathroom.

"Hello there, Ranma. Aren’t you glad to see me?" The twenty-year old blonde moved through the water towards him, her full breasts floating in the scented water, and embraced him from behind as he tried to escape. "Why are you running away?" Her hands crept down to his manhood swinging between his legs. "Don’t you want to fuck?" Minako really liked Ranma, he was a free spirit just like her not to mention very skilled in lovemaking and unattached to boot!

"Not right now, okay Mina, I’m kinda fucked out."

"Oh…hard day today?" She wrapped them both in a bathsheet and led him to bed.

"Not really, it’s just that I fucked two people today, brought two more to climax and got kicked in the balls."

"Oh your poor testicles." Minako bid him lie down on his back before she flipped his member from between his legs to lying across his stomach. "Let Miss Mina here kiss it and make it all better." She began to kiss his testicles soon afterward and felt his hands grab her ass and his hot tongue open her labia. "Oh yes!" She sat up, bringing her full weight down on his mouth and he began to eat her out properly as she fondled his horse cock. Speaking of which the member in question was rising to full height so tall that Minako could suck at the head without leaning down.

Minako really, really liked Ranma a lot. She wasn’t even on her period but she’d been horny all day long thinking of him and his big prick. She climaxed violently, her stomach muscles clenching in exquisite pain as a torrent of her mucus sprayed into his mouth, all over his face. Oh yes, Mina really loved Ranma now, all she wanted to do was stay with him forever coming for eternity. She felt his hands lift her up and position her at the head of his angry-looking purple cockhead and pushed her down. She felt the delicious thickness fill her entirely, leaving no room for anything else while one of his fingers invaded her ass.

She rode him for close to an hour, coming almost every ten minutes, her juices squirting out to land on the sheets, until he warned her he was almost ready. She spun on his cock, creating the most wonderful of sensation, turning so they we

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