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Tsuzuki kissed the boy sweetly before turning him over. His fingers traveled down the lenght of his bony spine; his mouth descended hungirly and traveled the same path. Unable to give full voice to his pleasure, Hisoka mewled and tembled as he felt Tsuzuki's tonge retrace the steps of his lips. Knowing the sensitivity of the boy's neck, the mischevious violet-eyed man attacks it repeatedly with soft bites and licks, oversensitizing the skin. Hisoka can just barely stand the feeling. It's pleasurable, but it's and odd kind of pleasure. He's unusure wether he wants his partner to stop or continue. Fortunately for him, with a last lick, Tsuzuki stops.

"Did you like that Hisoka," he asks while kissing the boys cheek and slowly tracing his hands up and down the boy's ribcage.
All he gets as an answer is the sound of Hisoka's heavy breathing. "I could've have sworn that you did like it," he says and once again kisses the neck now earning a grunt as a response. Chuckling, Tsuzuki kisses his way down Hisoka's back until he comes to the tailbone. Just there, at the beginning of the crevice that leads to his prized treasure, he once again opts for mischief. He incessantly licks the spot of the tailbone where the buttocks begin to part. He alternates between small playful licks and rubbing his tounge harshly on the spot. Hisoka instinctively grinds himself on the bed, konwing that there is much more pleasure to come. Now the older man alternates between drawing circles and dipping his tonge further into the crevice. The boy arches his back and moans softly. Unrelenting in his slow pace, Tsuzuki continues his torture until the younger man begins to quiver. The frustration of denial has him almost in tears. "Hush," is all Tsuzuki says before he gives each buttock a soft bite and kiss.
From the drawer, the older man retrieves a small bottle. Hisoka sees this from the corner of his eye apprehensively.

He once again kisses the soft mounds and rests his head on the boys lower back. He fills to the top the dropper head of the bottle of oil. He then positions the tip at the top of the boys crevice and slowly empties out its content. Hisoka gasps.
The languid, sticky trail of the oil traveling to his opening and filnally behind his testicles is maddening. He grinds down onto the bed more furiously. Panting,""
Tsuzuki once again fills the dropper and discharges the oil in the same manner.
"How does that feel, 'Soka? Is it warm? Is it tickling you?" he teases.
"Please, Tsuzuki, do something..." the boy beggs.
Holding the boy down as best he can, He refills the dropper and, drop by drop, empites the oil on the back of the boy's testicles. ""
"What, 'Soka?" the older man laughs.
Arming himself with the sticky liquid once more, Tsuzuki parts the round cheeks exposing the small entrance.
"Tiny and rosy," he says in wonder. "I bet I can't even get my pinky in there, so..." He places the very tip of the dropper inside the passage and...
"AAAAHHH," Hisoke cries in pleasure. He completely arches off the bed at the feel of the oil traveling inside him. He is overloaded with the strange sensation. His erection now weeps profusely. Tsuzuki begins to press the mounds together to then spread them apart, accentuating the viscosity of the oil.
Hisoka's frustrated voice implores him, "Please, Tsuzuki. I can't take it. I want to finish"
Wrapping his hand around the boys erection, Tsuzuki brings him to completion with a strong and steady pace.
The older shinigami tastes his partners essence; licking his fingers as if it was his favorite frosting.

"Better, 'Soka. But, I'm not done yet"
He carefully inserts a finger into the the boys opening. The in-and-out of one is replaced soon enough by two. Once the puckered skin is more pliant, he scissors and rotates the fingers to further spread the passage. When he finally adds a third finger, he begins searching for the tiny bundle inside.
"Oh, Gods," Hisoka nearly screams. He wasn't expecting that. "That's good, right 'Soka?" he chuckles.
Sensing the boy is ready, he retrieves another item from the drawer.
"What is that," Hisoka pants.
"A surprise," is all Tsuzuki says with a grin.

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