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I apologize it took me this long to update. Some jerks broke into my apartment and stole all my stuff. They did catch them, but none of my stuff was found (sob, sob). Anyway, this isn't really what I had in mind when I started to write the third chapter but since they the preliminary stuff was taken and I couldn't remember exactly what I had jotted down, this is what I came up with. I hope you guys like it. I'll also be updating my Viewfinder fic soon. Also, I'm sorry I didn't get much of a change to review it. It is what it is. Thank you.

His tongue darted quickly into the bellybutton, making Hisoka contract his stomach muscles; at which the older man laughed. He trailed his tongue up the torso, gave a fast lick to each nipple and then he dove into Hisoka's mouth. While kissing the boy, he poured some more oil into his hand. He parted slowly from the kiss and delighted at how the younger stretched his neck as much as possible to prevent the separation.

"You look like a little bird wanting to be fed. What are you hungry for?"

Hisoka's brain could not register the teasing. All he wanted was release form the tension within. Collapsing his head back onto the pillow, the looked at Tsuzuki with big, wanting eyes. He wanted to say something to the older man but his voice was on the verge of breaking.

Seeing the frustration and the reddish rim of the eyes, Tsuzuki finally took pity on the boy. He positioned himself between the legs; his weight fully on the boy. On hand wrapped around the back on the boy's neck and the other snaked between the parted thighs.

He cupped the boy's scrotum and gently bounced it with the tips of his fingers. Looking into big green eyes he breathed, "They're so heavy. And I bet they look plump. Ripe..."

The boy closed his eyes. He couldn't bear the intensity of the purple eyes or the sultry voice.

A lick on his ear sent him trembling. Tsuzuki's wet lips played with the lobe. Darkly he whispered, "They're ready to be eaten." A shiver ran up and down the boy and his fists gripped the sheets tighter. Tsuzuki's lips then fastened on the pale neck while his finger playfully fingered the puckered entrance. Peeling himself from the boy, he sat back, leaving his finger inside. The young one gave a pitiful moan at the loss.

"I love seeing this," he whispered, "seeing the first finger go in. How that pink, little opening at first resists and then how it pulsates for more." Slowly, Tsuzuki pushed his finger all the way in; admiring how it disappeared inside Hisoka. He set a steady rhythm, pumping in and out before pushing in with a second finger. Hisoka raised his legs and opened them as much as he could. Tsuzuki began to brush up and down the creamy cock again. He knew the boy would explode any second so he withdrew the brush and his fingers.

He boy shook as if throwing a tantrum and almost began to cry. His eyes now begged for mercy. Quickly, Tsuzuki reached into the drawer and produced a ring with a trail of pearls. He dipped the pearls into the remaining oil and then drizzled a bit of it over his cock. the slipped the ring onto his cock right at the base of the head. The fit was comfortable, not restraining. He then loosely wrapped the pearls along his lenght and fastened them at the base with a small strap.

It seemed impossible to the older man that those green eyes could get any bigger, but they did. The boy's teeth took hold of a corner on a pillow. Tsuzuki smiled at this. He gently lifted the boy's legs to his shoulders and slowly brought his body down. "Your knees do frame your face quite nicely, Hisoka." he teased.

Hisoka felt like stuffing the pillow in his mouth when the older man began to push his erection inside him. He wanted to move somehow to alleviate the strain but the was trapped by the heavier body on top. Thins arms finally found their way around the older man; their long fingers pushing into strong flesh.

When the head was finally in, the older man bit down on the pillow. He then began to push in the rest of his erection very slowly, so that the younger man could feel the bump of each pearl.

Hisoka both wanted to spread and tighten his legs at the same time. He wanted Tsuzuki in deeper but also wanted to accentuate the bumpy feel of the pearls. Solving his problem, Tsuzuki bent his legs and spread them further.
The older man did not thrust right away; he stayed in, swirling his hips. The deep breathing and soft pants from the boy urged him on. When he felt both were on the verge of coming, he stopped.

Hisoka opened his eyes in alarm. It was feeling so good, why did he stop? Purple eyes caught green and when the boy was getting lost in his gaze, he thrust into him. The boys eyes went wide. Shakily he grabbed the older man's shoulders.
Tsuzuki bent down to kiss him and then began pumping in and out of Hisoka. He varied his speed. At times he went fast, making the boy feel all at once. He would then go very slow, bringing his erection out inch by inch so that they both could feel the moving of the pearls up and down his lenght. Hisoka liked the feeling. The friction from the necklace made his insides hotter than usual. Wanting to see the boy in ecstasy, Tsuzuki began a steady pace while taking hold of the younger man's erection.
It didn't take long for the boy to come and he followed soon after.

"So Hisoka, did you learn your lesson? You shouldn't try to poke around another's room trying to look in their drawers. You never know what you'll find"

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