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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.

Just a one shot. I got this craving to make one. And I must say though, I am really sorry every one, but I have only read up to book 2. I want to read more, but I don’t have the time. And until I do, you all have to bear with me for this. I don’t know the future. I don’t want to. Haha, I don’t know the books future that is. But anyway, I hope you enjoy this. WARNING: If you do not like the thought of death, or the sight of sickness, do not read. Slashiness.

Chapter 1: A simple cut

I gave a twisted smile. I couldn’t help but think of him as he lies there. I had drugged him. Oh god was it hard too. I had even gone as far as shoving it down his throat. But there was one problem; I didn’t want him to sleep. I wanted him awake. I wanted him to see what was going to happen next.
I stared down at him a moment longer and then gently began to touch his cheek. He gave a low moan as I did so. What was the matter with me? I wasn’t like this. Why was I doing this? He was just a kid, like me.
I turned away, Ryuka giving me a grin that was always plastered onto his face, “What are you going to do with him Light?”
I looked at the shinnigami, “I am not sure.” I couldn’t place my finger on it. I couldn’t place my finger on him. I wanted to though. I wanted to kiss him. To feel him, for those odd, eyes to look at me in a different way. But no. I couldn’t. He wouldn’t. He only looked at me like I was a killer. I hated that. I turned from him and went over to my desk.
I got onto the computer, and I turned on the TV. I wanted to see if the news told anything about L being captured. After all, I had left a note for my dad to find. It would only state that Kira had taken L. I know, it was stupid, but then again, capturing L, then bringing him back to my house, putting him in my room, and then tying him up was bad too. It seemed to everyone that I was doing a lot of bad. Those idiots. I was doing good. And with L out of the way, I would be doing fantastic.
Ryuka had wondered over to L. He said softly, “Oh, he is a cute one.”
My head snapped back at him, “Leave him alone.”
“Why? You are just going to kill him, aren’t you? Can’t I at least tell the man one good thing before he dies.” The monster seemed to glare at me.
I sighed, “What ever.” I got out the death note. I lay it flat onto the table. It seemed to have lost most of its gleam. The thing that had made me happy. The thing that I could be god with. Now, it was more like my own hell. Could it be that Ryuka was right? That this book was causing this pain for me? I shook my head that was bullshit. I would be so much happier when L is dead. Or would I?
Ryuka laughed. I turned to him, “What is so funny?”
He answered with a “He is waking up.”
He wasn’t lying. He never really lied to me. He gave a grin as he watched L slowly open his eyes, the hold in his mouth making sure that the sounds that came out where muffles.
“Mmhfmem.” He muttered.
I looked at him, “Hello L.” I didn’t really know what else to say. There was no turning back now. What could I do to keep L from killing me? I had to kill him. This way, I could make my utopia. I had to. Some thoughts of L ruling it next to me flashed through my head. I tried to get rid of them, but they only seemed to fiercely burn deeper into the hell of my mind.
L’s wide eyes only starred at me. He seemed to smile. I could tell what he was thinking. I confirmed his thoughts, “You were right L, and I am Kira.” I hated to tell him that. Now I would have to kill him.
When I had said that to L. He had lazily nodded at me. He didn’t seem to want to make me mad. I gave a small smile, “Hard thinking? You aren’t in your normal position are you?” I gave a laugh to myself. He normally sat up on a chair, his knees almost kissing his face. Now, he lay on my bed, defenseless.
“Mmmmhm.” He tried to take out the bind, but I was making no move of helping him.
Ryuka said slowly, “Why don’t you listen to what he has to say?”
“Why? So that he can yell his head off when I do?” I noticed that I must have looked crazy talking to thin air, but I had not time to explain. Ryuka said back at me, “So? No one is home. Remember?”
I gave it a thought. Then, I walked over to L. I undid the bind. The first thing I expected him to do was yell. But he only said, “They are real?”
I nodded my head. He was talking to the shinnigami of course. I looked down at his hands.
His eyesight had gone down there earlier. This is when I realized that it was a smart thing to take off the belt. He had something in it. I would bet my life on it. But who cares, he would just end up dead anyway. I said to him, “The are. And this is how I was able to kill everyone.”
L smiled, “I figured as much. And I wont ask why. I think I already know.” He looked away, as if to be looking around the room.
I turned away, “I have to kill you L. I don’t want to, but I do.”
L didn’t say anything. He was quit, and seemed to accept what was coming. I couldn’t believe it. He was just going to lie down, wasn’t he? Why though? Why? “Are you going to tell me your real name?”
L smiled, “No.”
I felt an odd tinge run up and down my head. He was playing with me. Even now, at the mercy of me, he was playing. I looked at him and I went back over to my desk. I had expected this. I got out a rather large knife. I went back over to him.
L looked up at me, “You are really smart you know.”
I looked down at him, “I know. You are not exactly the easy one yourself.” I thought of laughing. The laugh would have made me not be able to kill him though. I played the card out, “I am sorry L. I don’t want to stab you. I will get dirty. Please tell me your name.”
“Does it matter? You are just going to die in the end as well.” He looked up at me and then out the window. “The second you got up, and came toward me, I had already pushed the button. Watari got the message long ago. They know it is you too Light. So in a way,” He gave me a pause. He was watching the frown on my face grown more and more frustrating, “I am saying sorry to you.”
I let the blade come down at cut across his cheek. He made a small cry, but held it in. I smiled as I saw him squirm under my blade.
L looked up at me and then blinked, “So kill me already, Kira.”
I gave another scowled. He was pissing me off. But for some reason, I couldn’t kill him; I couldn’t bring my blade down and then pierce that heart of his. “I love you.” I said so lowly.
L’s eyes were so big now. I couldn’t give him time though. My hand came down, and the knife went into him. I know how he would die. Or more like us. I could do that. Both minds would die tonight. If I killed him, I would kill myself. Then this whole thing would be over. It would have to be.
I took the knife out of him, and I lunged it into myself. Ryuka must not have seen this one coming. I could hear him give an astonished yell of surprise. But then again, I don’t think he cared. L was dieing on the bed, I was dieing on the floor, my body week as the blood was being lost and the pain surging in my body. Why? Why had I done it? Why? Was I that big of an ass hole?
I heard the words just barely being said but they were said by the black haired man that lay on my bed, “I love you too…Light.”
My eyes closed, I was dieing. This was the end. Good-bye everyone, future, life, family. Bye.

My body was being lifted. Pain seemed to dominate, but then I heard that voice, a voice. ‘You cant die unless I say so Light. I will be your eternal pain.’ No! I was being saved.

Well? How did you like it? Don’t hate me please. I am really sorry for the ooc. I didn’t mean to. I will make a better one. I just want to make sure I know more about the book. No hate mail please, and no flamers. And don’t tell me how the book goes. I need to find out on my own. But thank you for reading. Tell me if you would like to see this made into a story.

The new age begins, and I know that you are my number one enemy.

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