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Thank you for all of the good reviews. Sorry that the last chapter was so short. Don’t worry though, this one is longer. I think. Well I think you all want to get to this one, so you will just have to guess what will happen in this chapter. Something tells me that you won’t care though. Ahah. Warnings: Male to male body touching. A lot more then touching too. The moment you all have been waiting for, who will sleep with who…enjoy.

Chapter 8: One time with you, an eternity to me L vs. Kira part 2

“Let him go Firota.”

My head, Firota’s head, and I think some of the skulls all turned to the entrance of the cave. Like a ghost. Or more so, like a demon that wouldn’t die. He was there. He had his hands balled into fists, and he was glaring at Firota.

Firota took his hand out of my pants and turned fully to him. He growled with anger. He was probably pissed because he had me, and now he didn’t. My own heart had stopped, my eyes glued on him. He looked over at me and smiled, and said, “He is mine to kill and torment.”

Ryuk’s voice boomed. He took a step forward and gave another growl to Firota who matched his and said, “You have taken my heart away before, and you will not do it again.”
A screech erupted from his mouth and he come forward. He charged at Ryuk. Ryuk spread his wings and flew away, taking to the sky in a heroic attempt to catch a gust of wind and drift off to somewhere else.

I jumped off of the table, seeing it as a chance to get away. I found my shirt, and put it on. Half way to the entrance of the cave though I realized that it was no use. I had no one to go to anymore. Ryuk was going to probably die when Firota catches up to him. I looked to the back of the cave. The door. Cerston. She would kill me. She could take me out of this world. I began to walk to the back.

“Where do you think you are going?” I heard a deep familiar voice say.

I turned back to face him. Not knowing what to believe. L stood there. He was like a light in the dark. I could tell that he was there, I could see his face, his expression. It wasn’t human. He gave a smile.

I took a step back as he came toward me. He was faster though; he began to run at me. ‘What was the use?’ I thought. I stopped and let him grab my arm and force me back. He hissed into my ear, “Shut up, and just come along.” He forced me to the edge of the cave. I took my first look outside for what seemed to be days. It was only really 1 and a half though, I thought.

L dragged me down the side of the hill. I thought that we would be on some ledge, but no, we were on a hill. It wasn’t even that steep either. We walked for a while too. The woods becoming deep within seconds. I let him take me where he wanted to. What else would I do? I couldn’t fight him. He was too strong for me. Especially now. So I let him take me to the pit of the forest. I let him set me down and push me forward.

I turned to him, not knowing what to say to the person I had killed, even though I had loved him. I still loved him. I did. I just couldn’t say it.

L smiled, an evil grin that told me I was the real killer. He knew the truth. I looked into those eyes that had once held real life in them. The eyes that had once seen green, happiness, and love. Now seeing black and decaying roses that smelled like rotting plants. I listened as he said to me in a hiss that tickled my eardrums, “I know your Kira. There is no hiding it anymore. YOU killed ME. You have made me this…” He pointed to himself.

My thoughts were that he was a synthic Ta, what Ryuk had said he would become. And that he would kill me when he realized this. I said this in a very low voice, “I don’t deny anything…” I couldn’t say more.

“So, you are my killer? You mercilessly killed me. You brought me back, then you lied to me…Why?” He had question in his eyes. He had brought out a knife. A small one. It looked to be rusty. By the looks of it, I could tell that he had found it on the ground or stole it from Ryuk. What could I do but stare at him? I know, I could tell him. I could tell him the truth. But the words wouldn’t come out.

I could see L watching me, waiting for my reply. He was fast to realize that he wasn’t going to get one. He scowled with anger that seeped out from his eyes that where hidden behind bangs of black. “Then I will kill you.” He lunged for ward as I stood there, not moving. If he was going to kill me, he could. I wouldn’t move, he could do what ever he wanted.

L punched me before he cut my cheek with the blade. He had done it to see if I would attack back. I didn’t move. I only went back because the force of the punch was so strong. I let my body fall, but I got back up. He grinned, “Fight back.”

I said nothing, only looked at him. He came at me again, this time, a long, blood-curdling scream came from me as he stabbed me in the shoulder with the knife. Not just a pussy stab either. He lunged it in, and then ripped it out. Damn it, it made me cry out in pain. I didn’t think it could hurt so much. My heart still hurt more though.

L stabbed me in the leg, pissed because I didn’t throw anything at him. “Fight BACK! KIRA!” His voice was now different. There was a kind of panic in it.

He came at me again. Each attack that he would make would have little effect on me besides pain, and blood falling freely. I expected to go numb at any moment. Nothing did though. It all stayed in tact. I watched him as he walked up to me, me getting up off of the ground for the 6th time. He threw a knife to the ground, “Attack me. Kira, this is what you want!” He let his arms go to the outside of his body. His rib cage, everything wide open to me. To the world. I shuddered, I could kill him. No, I had had my chance once in this lifetime. I didn’t life it. I wouldn’t do it again. I took up the blade.

I held it up to my own body, “I can’t. I can’t kill you again…” I could feel the tears break free and begin their journey down my face and landing onto the decaying ground below. L looked shocked, “What!”

I took the knife and aimed it at my heart, “Is this what you want L? I will kill myself for you. Only for you…I can…I have done it before, I’ll do it now.” I watched him.

I expected something. I didn’t really know what, but something told me that I should do it. Push the blade into my body. I dreamt of it too. But he was different. I couldn’t tell what was the matter, something though. Something was going on inside of him. He looked at me with eyes that where long gone. Gone I thought forever, but then I saw it, I saw him. L, L was in there, he was alive, and he was fighting the thing. He could hear me. If I were to die, I wanted to die in front of the real L. I began to push the blade forward.

Something grabbed me. At the same time yelling for me not to do it. It said, “Light! DON’T DO IT!” I found myself with out a blade in my hand, and my back on the ground. I don’t think I could get up again.

L was on top of me, his face looking into mine. I could see the real L for a second, but that damned Synthic Ta was there too. He demanded vengeance. I could see him take over the body again and that same thirst for blood was back in his eyes. He picked up his knife again and I watched as his hands brought it up. He was yelling, normal voice, and the demonic voice that had taken over his body. He yelled out as he brought down the knife, “Now I kill you Kira!”

“I love you…” I said. I didn’t yell it. I just said it. But I guess it was enough to stop everything in the world from moving. Everything…I think even the world stopped. I close my eyes and say lowly, “I only wanted to love you.” I figured if he was going to let me say these last few words, I would say them.

His body seemed to go limp and he looked down at me and said in a cautious voice, “What do you mean?”

I sighed, “I love you…I did kill you, I only did it because I loved you so much though. That I thought you would hate me if I said it, IF I told you. God did I love you; I brought you here so that I could bring you back. We could be together…We could have been together...I’m so sorry…You can kill me now…” I looked down, the tears stinging and running down.

I felt the body on top of mine go slump even more. Then, I felt warmth. He had leaned down and his arms where around my body. I was in a hug I realized. The warmth felt so good, I brought my hands up, wanting to hug him back. The pain in my shoulder was like, I don’t really know, I would say, like a stab in the shoulder. I did hold him though besides the pain. I could feel hot tears come down onto my neck. It took me a few seconds before I realized it was his tears.

“L, is it you…” I asked. Please be him, Please be L.

L backed up a bit, “A little. I can’t really say, it is me, master…” He looked innocent all of a sudden.

I looked up, I was going to keep crying, but something told me to stop and suck it up. “Is the Synthic gone?” I asked, being careful.

L gave me a gentle smile, “Yes, how can I prove it though?” He was looking down at me with eyes filling with what looked to be tears. I didn’t think that he could cry though because he was an Ento…or something. I wasn’t sure anymore. The only thing I could care about anymore was if he was himself, and if he could be saved.

I said nothing to him. I didn’t know myself how to answer him. I could ask him more questions, I could give him a knife and say kill me, but the knife was too far away. And if he was back to being a slave, then he might kill me because I tell him to. “How can we communicate?”

He leaned down, “We are physically connected right now.” He slowly pressed his lips against mine. I could feel warmth, something I didn’t expect to still be lingering there inside of him. But it was. “I think I know how I can show you…” He said these words gently to me. I could feel the smile he gave to me press against my own face. I soon followed the smile to give him one myself.

“I don’t know…” I said very slowly as he began to kiss my neck. “Your not the real L.”
L stopped for a second, “For these few minutes, I am…You will see.” He looked down at me. I didn’t know how I knew, but he was telling the truth. Somewhere the real L was doing this, he was moving, talking. He was connecting with me. I could feel the tears begin again as he took his gaze away.

I let him take off my pants, as I took off his. His shirt was being removed in a fast way. The way a human would. I looked upon muscle and ripples of smooth chest. My own body being turned me on with the powerful look he had, and yet it was delicate. It was so tender.

Perhaps not a real dominate one, but the dominated? I grinned a bit. So that is where he lay in the position now? I began to pick my own body up, so that we sit in each other’s laps basically. Kissing each other as if the other will leave and never return. Two loved ones that had tasted something and don’t want to let go. “Never let go.” I whispered, hoping he would hear my words deep inside.

L seemed to moan into the kiss as I rubbed his body. Tickling things on him that shouldn’t be, but needed to.

His hands wondered down my body, which was exposed and had been for some minutes now. We both naked, him trying to get a good look, but being deprived that because he was too selfish and wanted to taste me more. It had to be the real L. Like I was something sweet to him, something so good, like his cake that he would eat all of the time in front of me. I was okay with this though. His hand reached my Unit. (Unit penis) Grasping it was the first thing he did, my reaction to this movement was to gasp. I did this and that allowed L to get a better ground in my mouth. He forced his tongue in, and I had to say this, I didn’t mind.

His rhythm made me sad when he moved away from my mouth. His lips and body bending down to move to a different area of my body. He took me into his mouth and began to suck. It started out gently, like a girl’s lips, but began to become more stern and strict like a man’s.

L moved up and down on me, my moaning becoming louder and more hearable. Him becoming happier himself because I could feel the sounds coming out of his mouth as they vibrated along on my unit. Like hums that felt good and tickled. I could feel the burn and I soon felt like I should have been doing something. I placed a hand at his entrance. I eased a finger in.

He paused for a second, but I could tell he was getting use to it. He seemed okay with the fact that I was preparing him while he sucked at me. I moved them in and out and soon added another. My pace becoming faster and faster as I added and moved my fingers in and out. I only took them out and stopped when I felt my unit reach its limit and it burst into L’s mouth.

I could tell he knew I was going to do that, because when he looked up, he smiled and said in the most sexiest and most seductive voice he could muster, “I like that taste…So sweet...” I could feel my face burn and he repositioned himself so that he was on his back. I moved between his legs and positioned myself in front of him. I asked him; unsure of it he really wanted to do this, “Are you sure?”

He looked at me and smiled, “More then ever…Light.” His words where enough. I could feel myself get hard again, and I was soon at the point of thrusting myself into him. My back was in pain too. That was still there. It felt horrible, but it was becoming more and more hard to keep track of it because L was something that demanded my full attention. Like always. I gave it to him.

I let myself rest inside of him for a moment. Him getting used to the feeling of me being there, inside of him. He smiled at me. He didn’t have to say he was ready, I just knew.
I began to slowly move in and out. The feel of him, he was so tight, and warm. It felt so well caved in around the edges of my Unit. It made me moan as I thrust in and out of him, his legs hanging over my shoulder. His moans and grunts making me even more into it. I wanted to fuck his brains out, but I couldn’t. One: Because I loved him. And two: Because I really didn’t have the energy, nor the pain tolerance right now. I instead took it slow, painfully slow.

L was moaning and even began begging. I thought it was so cute. I took his Unit into my hands and began to pump it. I smiled as I saw beads of sweat on his face come down.

Within a matter of seconds from that point on, we were both cuming and giving a shout of each others names. Me saying more then a name, “I love you…L please don’t leave me.”

“I wont…” He said slowly as I began to ease out of him. I could tell that he was so tired. Myself was probably the same way. I let him lay in my arms. I stocked his head with my hands and shushed him. He was quiet for a while, and then he leaned up and gave me one final kiss. He then said slowly, “I won’t…” His eyes closed and I could feel his breath go into an even sleep. Or what I thought was an even sleep.

I dressed myself, then him. He wouldn’t get up. I tried my best, but he wouldn’t open his eyes nor would he say anything.

Ryuk found us before we could even do anything else. I thought he might have been dead. He looked kind of bloody though. I looked at him. The first thing I wanted to do was kill him. But I soon found his hand extended, and him holding something out to me. It was the Kistame. I took it in my hands, but then I turned back to him and flung my arms around him.

I didn’t know if he realized right away that I was hugging him, but he did return my hug after some delay. I said to him, “Thank you for saving me.”

He laughed like he always did and said to me, “I thought you were going to die from L. Looks like you saved him though.” He looked around me.

“Same here…” I looked back at Ryuk though, “What happened?”

“We fought, I ended up getting the Kistame back though. Then after that I left.” He gave a grin that was his true trademark. I missed it. It was good to have it back though. I walked back over to L; he lay there, looking like he was sleeping. I knelt down.

Ryuk was one of the slow ones because he said to me, “What did you do to him Light? He looks exhausted.”

I must have been blushing because next thing I knew Ryuk was laughing and saying to me, “Light…you devil…” He was mocking me now.

I turned back to him, “Shut up!” I was so embarrassed, but I don’t think he knew what had gone on. I held the Kistame in my hand and firmly said, “Get up L. Please…”

He did. But he was back to how he was the first day I had met him after his death. He was nothing. He was an empty shell again. Only, this time, he seemed emptier. He looked at me. For a second he held my gaze, and then he fainted.

Ryuk knew what happened right away. He turned to me and said, “He is worn out Light…Too worn out…”

I looked back at him, searching his face for an answer before he could give me one. I didn’t get such luck though. So I waited for him to tell me the saddest news besides death, “L has turned into a Kinto…a dead walker that has no energy. Or very little. He might die Light…” He only looked down, not knowing how to look me in the eyes.

I looked over at him, “He can die?” I didn’t want to believe it. I was told he couldn’t. I looked back at Ryuk, anger growing inside of me now, “You said that he couldn’t die!”

“He has become more then an Ento Light! He had become a Synthic Ta! He should be dead now, his body too weak to even go on. The mind should have exploded. No though! He is still alive…” He yelled it at me.

He took a death, “We can still save him. We just have to get to Life Note faster, that is all.”

He looked up at the sky. The sun was going to set. He glared at the beasts that were soon to take over the night and he yelled. I covered my ears. The birds and creatures around us made terrified noises that they didn’t want to be caught by the Shinigami.

Ryuk noticed me and walked over, “I am sorry Light. Do you want to get some sleep tonight, and then, we will fly tomorrow. If we don’t take any breaks, we should make it there…by tomorrow night. Don’t worry, L will live.”

I looked at him, his reassuring words made me tired and happy at the same time. I took his words and nodded as I smiled to him and said as I gave him a hug goodnight, “Thank you again.”

Ryuk laughed gently and then walked away, perching inside of a tree, watching and making sure we were safe as we slept.

I took my place next to him. Next to L. I held him in my arms, the cold of the night really coming at me, but not that much anymore. I smiled slowly as I whispered into his ear, hoping he could hear me, “I love you…I won’t lose you again.”

I felt my tears begging to come down my face again and I could feel a pain come on me. It was a physical pain; it was more of a mental pain. God did it hurt. It’s like when you know you have someone, so close, and then you lose them, and then they come back, only you lose them again. And no amount of tears can make them come back, nor make the pain go away.

I found myself saying to L before my eyes shut and I fell into darkness, “Crying as if two lovers that had something, they loved, and had lost again. I think I can only be with you in death my love…”

The end of chapter 8. Tell me how you liked it. I have thanks to give to people, and I think you all need some new definitions. Hmmmmmm, um, lets see, don’t those endings just get to you? Makes you want to read the next chapter. Ohmigosh, I should tell you this ahead of time but my stories are not really happy ones. I hate to tell you all this, especially all of you optimistic people, the world, and life itself is not happy. I do not make fairy tails to make you happy. They should really touch you, make you think. I wish I were good enough to make those kinds of stories. Maybe in time I will. But till then, you all have to cope with my immature ass. Oh and, there might be another volume to this. Well, see you in the next chapter, bye bye. (There are suppose to be spelling errors. I did some on purpose.) TheLustofkilling and I think that is it. Well bye.
Ento: The walking dead that obey its owner.
Kistame: The gem that binds master and servant.
Kinto: When the dead walker becomes too weak to go on it becomes a shell of nothing.
Lakten: A shinigami weapon that can kill almost anything. It can only be used for good, and used for the right reasons.
LifeNote: A person that has a book called the life note and can bring back humans or things from the dead for a price. The price is life.
Winsters: A flying demon that roams and rules the skies of the Shinigami realm. They come out at day rarely. They are most active at night. They manly stick to the skies.
Actids: Volcano’s that spit out acid instead of magma.
Rytos: Bugs from hell that dwell in the shinigami world.

I fear that now we are together, you might be the one to fall.

Extra story: Preview for: Harem Nights stories
Come; join us as we tell stories in the night. Before bed so that your dreams can be full of love, and heartfelt meanings. In the Harem Nights, you will hear tales of men and woman falling in love with soul mates of theirs. Many can enjoy the tales…and some may even be true. So, come and sit with us as we tell the tales of our past, our future, or just made up.

The tale of two men
Once there were two brothers. They lived a life as poor men, but they didn’t mind much. The both would help each other with work that each would have on the fields. They had no wives because both brother thought love was a silly thing. They thought that it would only get in the way with their work and such meanings to them selves.

One day though, the brothers were out to the market. They were walking and both decided to go into a different part of the market. The meat side for the eldest brother, and the bread side for the other. So both went their ways and agreed to meet back here, in the middle of the entire market.

While the younger brother was looking for bread, the eldest brother was looking for meat. The eldest brothers name was Shou and he was very handsome, like his brother who looked like him. His younger brothers’ name was Chi. Shou and Chi were the same except for one thing, their hair. Shou’s hair was brown, while Chi’s was blonde.

Shou was on his side of the market when all of a sudden, someone ran into him. He fell to the ground, taking the person with him. The person landed on top of him. He looked into the person that lay on top of him. She gave a startled cry and then got up again. Shou got up as well. He looked at the girl. She was beautiful. She had blue eyes, and a cloak over her body. She looked to be hiding. Shou held onto the girl, “Who are you?” He asked.

The girl only looked at him. She then said, “Lo.” Then she began to run away again.

Shou thought he was in heaven. The girl’s voice was that of an angel, and she sounded so pretty. She herself was beautiful. In seconds, Shou found himself in love.

A few minutes later Chi was wondering around, looking for some good bread. He found some and bought it. He smiled at himself when he thought of how good it would be when him and his brother would eat it. He turned around and was about to begin looking for his brother when all of a sudden, someone ran into him.

The person pushed him aside. He turned to them and they turned back. It was a girl. She looked young. Her eyes met his and he looked into them. They were a wonderful shade of blue. Her cloak covering her hair and body. He smiled at the girl and her beautiful face, “What is your name?”

“Ve.” She said simply, then she ran away.

Chi just stood there, smiling at the girl as she ran off, disappearing into the crowd of people. He soon found that he too was in love.

The two brothers eventually found each other and began to walk home. The walk home was almost silent, except for the fact that both of them were humming a tune of their own.

Finally, when they reached home and told each other of the food they had gotten, Shou asked Chi this, “Why are you so happy?”

Chi looked down really quick, ‘If I tell him that I am in love, then I will have broken my promise to him.’ He smiled up to his brother, “I am just so happy about the bread.” He began to walk away, but turned to his brother and asked him, “How come you are so happy Shou?”

Shou thought for a second, ‘If I tell him that I am in love, he will be mad. I can’t do that to him.’ He smiled, “The meat, it is really good. Is it not?” He frowned for a second.

Chi smiled at his brother, “It is good.” He walked out of the room. When both brothers saw that the other was out of site, they both sighed in sadness. “How will I ever find her again?” They both asked air.

Later on that week, Shou couldn’t take it. He went back into the market, not telling his brother were he was going. When he had gotten there though, he did not find the girl called ‘Lo.’ So he waited. He wasn’t sure why, but he had the feeling that the girl would show up.

After a few hours, he was about to leave when all of a sudden, someone came up to him. He looked at the person. The cloak covered her face, and her body was slender and petit looking. He smiled, “Lo.”

The girl looked up, “You remember me.” She smiled softly.

“Yes, how could I forget such a gorgeous creature?” He took up her hand and kissed it gently.

A whistle blew in the far off distance. The girl’s head spun around. She looked frantically around. She turned back to Shou, “Don’t forget my name. Meet me on top of Flower hill tomorrow.” She spun and began to run. Shou was so happy he only watched as she ran away.

Then he began to go home. When he got there, his brother was nowhere to be found. He sat at the table, thinking of Lo, the gorgeous beauty from the market.

Chi was in the woods. He had no clue where his brother was, but thought that he would go and collect some wood in case it got cold tonight. He had an arm full when all of a sudden, a twig snapped behind him. He spun around, startled.

The girl stood there, blue eyes watching him. He smiled at the girl, “Ve, is that you?” He asked her.

The girl smiled sweetly, “You remember me?” She took a step closer.

Chi walked up to her, dropping his kindling. “How could I forget you?” He kissed her hand and smiled.

A whistle blew in the distance. Once again, the girl looked behind her, frantically looking side to side. She turned to Chi, “Remember my name…meet me on top of Flower hill tomorrow.” She turned, and ran.

Chi was so absorbed in the girl, he didn’t notice her frantic actions, but her words rang in his head. He turned and went home.

When Chi took a step into his house, his brother was already home. He looked to his brother, “Shou, were where you today?” He asked his brother.

“I was in the market, I went there to meet…a man about some fruit.” He hid his real sentence with a fast cover up. He looked at his brother, “You?”

Chi thought for a second, “I was looking for some wood, but, it is damp…” He turned away, “I think I will go back out tomorrow.”

Shou smiled, “So will I.” He watched his brother walk away, glaring as he left the room.
The next day, Shou left a few minutes early, meeting Chi next to the door. Chi looked at his brother, “You are leaving a bit early, aren’t you?”

Shou smiled at his brother, “And you?”

“Well um…” Chi couldn’t find a reason to go out looking for sticks for fire early. Because he and his brother knew that it would still be damp from the night. So he just leaned against the wall, “What about you?”

“I want to see if the merchant is still there.” He smiled again, knowing that something was up with his brother, “You are lying to me.” His smiled faded, and he looked on at his brother.

Chi looked at his brother, mortified, “No, no I am not! I only wish to go for a walk!” He turned away from his brother. Then, he ran out of the house, running to the woods.

Shou only grunted at his brother, “Bye.” He said in a cocky way. He began to walk up the road toward Flower hill.

Chi too began to curve his path and take the wooded path to Flower hill, “Wait till he sees the girl that I have fallen in love with. He will die with shame!” He began to walk faster.

Shou and Chi were both walking up the big hill, each coming from a different direction.

They were both bent on getting to the top first. So that they could get the girl, that they thought they were sworn to love and then marry to flash off to the other.

They both reached the top at the same time, and there they both saw each other. At the base of the giant flower tree, sat the girl. Both boys looked at the girl and said, “Lo.” The other said “Ve.”

That was when both brothers saw each other. They looked at each other and began to say each other’s name, a hiss coming from the others mouth. They both felt anger for the other that they had never felt before for the other. Shou ran at Chi, Chi ran at Shou. They meet each other in the middle. They stood silent, not moving for a second, and then Chi punched his brother. His brother fell, but got back up.

Soon, both were there, punching each other with all of their might. It wasn’t really the fact that they both were really there; it was because the other felt betrayed, and left behind. They both felt like they were played because they had gone behind the others back.

Chi found himself under his brother, feeling the weight, and knowing that he was too weak to do anything. He waited for the punch, hoping that it wouldn’t hurt.

“Do you remember my name?” Said someone. Both boys looked up.

The girl stood there. She watched them. Her smile was faded, and her body looked even more fragile then before. She waited for the answer.

Both boys said the name that they knew. When they heard it said by the other, Shou rolled off of his brother. He began to laugh.

Chi looked at his brother, as if he were insane, “What is so funny?”

“I almost killed you over a girl.” He began to cry, “A girl.”

Chi looked at his brother then at the girl. The girl smiled, realizing that the younger brother now understood.

Both brothers embraced each other. Shou was first to say, “Sorry, if you wish to love, love. I have not the reasons to hold you back.”

“Yes, you may as well. I was silly for thinking that both of us could go with out loving someone at the same time. It…was silly.” Said Chi next to his brother. They both turned and looked at the girl.

The girl smiled, “For love is something that has to be there, you have to have it. Don’t deny each other from it.” She smiled as she began to dissolve. Being taken away by the wind, leaving the two brothers alone.

“Lo.” Said Shou.

“Ve.” Said Chi cooing in.

Both brothers began to walk down the hill, laughing. “Love.” They said in unison. For now they understood: You can bring two people together, the same or different, and you can always get love.

The end. This is just one of the stories inside of the book. I was thinking of a good bedtime story, and I thought of a bunch of these. Tell me if you like them. Harem nights may become a series, or separate stories. I think they will be separate. The only problem I have with them is that I have to use characters from anime, or that already exist. That is hard. But anyway, tell me if you like them and want to see more. No flamers. Thanks.

The Silence Sealed In Tears.

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