Goodnight Moon

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Goodnight Moon

Rating: PG

Pairing: L / Light


Warning(s): I wrote this while under the influence of a severe cold and meds. Just sayin'. Ooh, additional warnings: Contains spoilers for manga 1 - some-number-lower-than-7 but still including the Yotsuba arc, and however that relates to the anime. This is also only faintly slashy, so that kind of earns a warning, and also makes me sad at myself.


Light considered himself a fairly superior individual. He had always been above annoyance at the imperfect habits of lesser beings, and even as a young child he'd prided himself on his self-control.

Because of this, it was just shy of three AM when he finally broke.

"L." With a slight shock, Light realized that his control had slipped to the point of allowing real emotion to enter his tone-- he'd intended to chastise his eccentric partner of necessity and then go peacefully to sleep. After all, they'd had a variation of this battle every night since Light had been allowed to leave the observation cell. Really, he should be used to it by now-- was Ryuuzaki ignoring him?

Taking a breath, Light furrowed his brows and tried again, this time keeping his voice a carefully projected combination of smoothly prompting with just a dash of mild reproach. "L, I know you can hear me."

For a brief reprieve, the genius detective slowed his incessant typing. An instant later, however, it resumed. "Yes, Kira-kun?"

Light's jaw clenched. Forcing calm into his voice, however, he attempted a flat smile. "That's not fair, L. We're alone in the room, and you don't really think anyone is spying on us-- you're the only one who observes the monitors in your suite." Feeling L's gaze slide to his back, as he'd curled on his side to get away from the sound of fingers upon keys, Light frowned slightly. "...You and Watari, then. Either way, we're the only ones in here-- I should be able to risk calling you L. If you've been trying to hide your identity from Watari you've done a poor job of it," he joked, throwing a disarming smile over his shoulder. As expected, he met a pair of pitch-dark eyes. Those eyes blinked-- in surprise at being caught?-- and returned to the screen.

L's typing hadn't even paused.


"...Following your logic, Light-kun, you no longer need to keep up your own facade. If you may call me L in our room, I may call you Kira-kun." Keeping his tone bland, L watched Light on his notebook screen, though the four camera angles weren't needed to feel the annoyance radiating from the normally controlled brunette.

Admirably, Light still kept his tone only mildly condescending when he replied. "Come now, Ryuuzaki. That doesn't follow my logic at all. You are, at best, less than one percent convinced that I'm Kira, while I know for certain that you are L."

Nibbling his thumb consideringly as he continued to type quickly with his left hand, Ryuuzaki tilted his head. "...So we are arguing percentages, Kira-kun?" Adding a slight lilt to his voice as he baited Light, Ryuuzaki turned his head to stare once more at the younger man. "You yourself are not one-hundred percent positive that you are not Kira. You submitted yourself to my observation--"

"I already explained that!" Light burst out, immediately closing his mouth and tensing at the realization that Ryuuzaki had just won a point. Ryuuzaki felt a corner of his mouth quirk, but easily resisted the faint urge to smile. Though Light's control was admirably strong, it couldn't come close to the iron will of L.

"Of course," Ryuuzaki agreed without intonation, clearly doubtful. "You forgot your time as Kira while you stayed in the cell."

"I was never Kira," Light returned sharply. "The stress of your conviction that I was is what drove me to believing I might be. It's a ridiculous idea, Kira is obviously aware of his own actions."

"...I also believe that Kira is aware of his actions," Ryuuzaki agreed quietly. At Light's quick glance, he widened his eyes slightly.

Frowning, Light looked away again, glaring at the wall in the moonlight. "...At least you stopped typing."

Smiling faintly at Light's way of admitting their argument had become circular and in L's favor, L made his voice its most innocent. "I wasn't aware it was bothering Light-kun. Light-kun has such perfect control, to have hidden his annoyance so well."

Giving a short, sharp and unpleasant laugh, Light ran his hand through his hair. "Fine, you win, Ryuuzaki. Now turn off your notebook before I kick it off in my sleep."

"..." Believing Light might, L reluctantly turned his notebook off. "This isn't your admission that you are Kira?" he asked, just to see how badly Light would react.

Light turned his glare on Ryuuzaki, and the detective blinked thoughtfully, realizing that the percentage of looks containing that level of malevolence had declined markedly since Light's internment in the cell.

"Of course it isn't. It was my admission that insisting my memory loss had nothing to do with Kira is impossible to argue with someone as stubbornly hard-headed as you, who would merely continue to insist that I was either fully aware of my actions as Kira and forgot them or retained my memory and kept up a flawless act in spite of being chained to you constantly--" Light took a breath. "--As you well know." Ryuuzaki assumed it was only Light's superiority that kept him from adding more childish insults. He resisted another smile.

"Ah, I misunderstood," Ryuuzaki commented blankly instead. He closed the cover of his notebook and set it aside, remaining in his usual crouch with his hands loosely on his knees.

"..." Light frowned, turning to look at Ryuuzaki. "Has anyone ever told you that you're impossible to like? I'm a friendly, sociable person that everyone loves and admires. I find it difficult to believe that even if you tried, you could make others think you were anything but frustrating and bizarrely eccentric."

Ryuuzaki blinked, turning that in his mind. "...Does Light-kun truly like the people who 'love and admire' him, or does he merely remain pleasant and amicable to keep those around him who may be useless from seeing who he really is?"

Light gave an uncomfortable laugh. "You make me sound like a sociopath, or a split personality," he replied. "Someone who could keep up an act like that around the people that love him really could be Kira."

"Yes..." Ryuuzaki curled his toes together, then looked away. "Goodnight, Light."

Not entirely sure he'd won that argument, Light studied Ryuuzaki, then closed his eyes firmly and pulled the cover more securely around himself. "Goodnight... L."

Letting a small smile curve his mouth, Ryuuzaki waited patiently until the breathing pattern of his roommate told him the younger genius had finally succumbed to unconsciousness.

Placing one hand carefully on the bed between them, Ryuuzaki leaned over Light, close enough for the strands of his hair to curl on Light's cheek. Close enough to take in the scent of soap and anal-retentive fastidiousness of Light's skin. "Goodnight, Kira," he murmured into the shell of the sleeping man's ear. "I look forward to our arguments tomorrow."

Twitching in his sleep, Light made to brush the ticklish sensation away with one hand, but L had already returned to his side of the bed.


Whoo! It's been around six years since I last wrote fanfiction, I think. It's still surprisingly fun!

Title is based on the song Goodnight Moon by Shivaree (featured on the Kill Bill soundtrack), and also on a play of words (the kanji for Light's name being Moon). I love puns and wordplay. It makes me ridiculously pleased. I have other drabbly DeathNote ideas in my head, so I may or may not write them up later. This only took about an hour and a half so... Not too shabby. Comments are appreciated, but I don't think this is flameworthy. Or at all challenging to anyone... Damn.

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