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Chapter Title: No Thinkin' Thing

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Pairing: L / Light

Warning(s): Contains spoilers for manga 1 - some-number-lower-than-7 but still including the Yotsuba arc, and however that relates to the anime. This chapter ups the rating to an R, and made me edit the little warnings on my summary. If the idea of Light and Ryuuzaki having at it like argumentative bunnies disturbs you, just read the beginning bits with Matsuda, and skim... About twenty pages... Oops. Oh yeah, and spoiler on Watari's real name, courtesy of Wikipedia.

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Light and Ryuuzaki weren't fighting.

This seemed wonderful-- Matsuda was always happier when his coworkers got along, and the way the two geniuses would occasionally argue and insult each other with polite voices or smiles made him nervous. More than that, it unnerved him when they would walk into headquarters in the morning covered in fresh bruises or limping, pretending that nothing was wrong. He supposed they were just too alike to be able to live so closely together for long without getting violent.

But it had been almost a week now since Matsuda had snuck into Yotsuba, faked his own death to escape with the help of L and Light, and given up his position as MisaMisa's manager. Light and Ryuuzaki had shown up the morning after with more bruises and a few bandaids. Though he'd wondered what they'd done to need bandaids on their necks, it had still been normal behavior for them.

Until he'd noticed... They would talk about the case as much as ever, but if it was Ryuuzaki he was talking with, Light refused to talk about anything else. He was still polite to the detective, but it seemed cold. Before, even when Light was insulting Ryuuzaki, they had a connection you could sense.

Now it felt almost like Light was punishing Ryuuzaki for something. It made him think of a girl he'd dated for a while. She used to tell Matsuda she wasn't really mad at him, but she'd stiffen up if he touched her, and she'd smile in a scary way that meant she really was actually angry. He could never understand why, though, and she wouldn't tell him. It didn't make sense. If she wanted him to apologize, she should just explain what he'd done wrong in the first place.

Women were a real headache.

Matsuda realized he'd become distracted from his original train of thought, and shook his head abruptly. Chief Yagami glanced at him, and Matsuda tried to pretend he was really looking for clues on the Kira case the same as everyone else. Even if he didn't know what he was looking for... He sighed, and his eyes wandered to where Light was studiously scanning information on his own terminal, probably making amazing calculations and memorizing everything. Matsuda really admired people like that-- he knew his own strength was his determination and his enthusiasm for anything he did, but he was aware that his intelligence wasn't at all at Ryuuzaki or Light's levels.

After a moment, he realized that while Light kept his gaze unwaveringly on his screen, Ryuuzaki would occasionally break from eating sweets and scanning Kira information. The detective's black eyes would slide sideways to study Light, or down to the corner where he had a camera feed running, zeroed in on Light. Light seemed to be pretending not to notice, but his lips were sort of folded together, and sometimes when Ryuuzaki looked at him he'd get that same look in his eyes that Matsuda's ex had.

If Matsuda didn't know better, he'd think the two were having a lover's quarrel.

He laughed to himself. This immediately drew the attention of the others, and Matsuda hastily clicked at his screen as though he'd just been looking at something funny and was hiding it.

Chief Yagami gave him a disapproving frown, then shook his head. "I think we need a break. Ryuuzaki, would you mind ordering up food for us? I think I'll go to the roof while we wait. Fresh air sounds good..." He gave Matsuda a pointed glance, and Matsuda knew he was being summoned up for a private meeting where Yagami-san could reprimand him for his inattention without the others hearing.

Ducking his head and giving a pained, apologetic smile, he nodded and headed for the door. "I think I need some fresh air too," he lied.

Sometimes, he wished he could keep his thoughts inside his head where they belonged.


When they reached the roof, however, chief Yagami didn't turn on him with that disappointed look in his eyes that made Matsuda feel like he was ten years old again. He had his arms crossed, but didn't seem impatient or aggravated. Matsuda began to be confused, but hopeful.

"Matsuda... We've known each for some time." Chief Yagami spoke without looking at Matsuda, instead looking out at the view they had of the city far below them. Matsuda had a brief flashback to his fall from this very same building, and relief that his friends had caught him and he'd survived that night washed through him. He prudently chose to remain far from the ledge that chief Yagami was apparently admiring. Remembering his chief was talking, he snapped to attention again, hoping he hadn't missed anything. Chief Yagami glanced at him, seeming to understand that Matsuda's mind had wandered. "I know you well enough by now to know that you need a rest. We've all been putting everything we have into this case, but the Yotsuba incident must have been very hard on you. It's understandable if--"

"Sir!" Matsuda protested, horrified. Clapping his hands together, he bowed his head, prepared to prostrate himself on his knees if he had to. "Please don't make me leave the investigation, sir! I know I haven't been paying attention today, and I'm tired, but so is everyone else, and it-- well, it's more that I just can't figure out what's happening with L-- I mean Ryuuzaki, and Light-kun! I'll get back on the investigation right away, a hundred and ten percent!"

Years of being around Matsuda's tendency to nervously blurt information had adjusted chief Yagami to it. As such, he merely picked out the important details and ignored the rest. "With Light...? What exactly do you see happening with them? They've been getting along fine for almost a week now. We've been coming along in the investigation, and their bruises are almost gone."

"That's... well..." Matsuda shifted, glancing up before straightening awkwardly and rubbing the back of his neck. "That's part of the problem, chief Yagami-- I mean Yagami-san-- I mean sir. I think Light-kun is mad at Ryuuzaki. They're getting along too well."

Chief Yagami furrowed his brow, studying Matsuda, and Matsuda got the impression the older man was getting a headache. "You think that Light is angry with Ryuuzaki... because they're getting along better than they have since we began the investigation?"

"Exactly, sir!" Matsuda exclaimed. He caught on to how that sounded at chief Yagami's sigh, and his face fell. "I'm not kidding around. Light-kun and Ryuuzaki always understand each other-- you've heard them finish each other's sentences, right? The rest of us don't usually even know what they're talking about at first..." Seeing that chief Yagami was listening, but seemed like he was about to interrupt, Matsuda hurried on. "So lately, Light-kun doesn't pick at him. He hasn't told Ryuuzaki to stop eating sweets, he won't even look at him, and when Ryuuzaki ate that wrapper Light-kun didn't insult him. When Ryuuzaki tried to pull him off his chair with the chain getting more candy, Light-kun just told him to be considerate and wouldn't talk to him again. And when Ryuuzaki accuses him of being Kira, Light just tells him to stop mentioning his delusions..." Winding down, Matsuda waited hopefully for chief Yagami's reaction.

Frowning at the list, Yagami-san finally shook his head slightly. "To me, that just sounds like Light is finally growing up. Ryuuzaki can act strange sometimes, and Light resisting the urge to poke at him is just showing my son's character. Not to say this case is a good thing, but... I think Light is really revealing the sort of man he's going to be," chief Yagami announced, gruff pride in his voice.

Shoulders slumping, Matsuda felt the rightness of chief Yagami's argument, but couldn't help thinking he'd noticed more than that... Still, what else would it be? Light and Ryuuzaki weren't dating-- Light-kun had MisaMisa, for one. Matsuda couldn't imagine being gay with a cute girl like MisaMisa waiting for him. Though Light didn't really seem interested in her... But that was just him focusing on the case, right?

Unable to read Matsuda's mind, chief Yagami patted Matsuda's shoulder and started for the stairway. "It's nothing to worry about, Matsuda. Enjoy them not fighting while it lasts." He chuckled dryly. "Even I might start to get aggravated, if I had to stay chained to someone who suspected me even slightly of being a criminal. Light's doing well-- amazingly well, under the circumstances. I wish Ryuuzaki would just take off those handcuffs... But this is his investigation. We have to remember that. Especially without the police to back us, we need to work together if we're going to catch Kira."

"Yeah... Poor Light-kun, though," Matsuda sighed, following his superior. "I guess being angry really is normal. I forget that he's just a kid sometimes..." Putting his worries behind him, Matsuda hurried to catch up with chief Yagami. He had just been misreading the situation, obviously. Light was only trying to keep a little distance with the detective. If he had to be chained to another guy, Matsuda considered, he'd probably end up with a temper, too. It might even make him too uncomfortable to act like he really liked MisaMisa, he realized. Everything was perfectly explainable.

Worries put to rest, Matsuda was smiling as they returned to the investigation room.

Still, when he felt the chill emanating from Light that seemed to somehow drift only toward Ryuuzaki, Matsuda began to feel a little sorry for the world famous detective. If this was Light being grown up about the situation, he was going to make a scary adult.


Unbeknownst to Matsuda, Lightís freeze-out against Ryuuzaki was even worse when the two were alone.

Walking into their suite that night, Light crossed unhesitatingly to their shared bedroom, pulling Ryuuzaki behind him without acknowledging his existence. Ryuuzaki balked, digging his feet in and looking wistfully toward the fridge in their kitchenette. "Light-kun-- if you could head that way-- I wouldn't mind a bite of cake, as I won't be sleeping in any case..."

Dragging a reluctant detective after him by a chain without actually appearing to notice him was a difficult feat. However, Light managed.

Opening the door to their bedroom, he immediately closed it in the older man's face while pretending not to see him and still ignoring his words. Luckily, said door bounced harmlessly off their connecting chain.

Pushing the door open, Ryuuzaki chewed his thumb, used to this pattern of existence now but still confused by it. He tried again. "Would Light-kun mind if Watari brings me the cake, then?" His hand was jerked from his mouth by the chain losing its slack, as Light had walked to his dresser without pausing. Shuffling after, Ryuuzaki sighed silently, unlocking the cuff when Light held his arm out as though by coincidence. Changing his own clothes quickly, he re-secured their locks when Light was done. Light immediately turned toward the bed.

"Light-kun, I need to turn off the lights if you're planning to sleep immediately," Ryuuzaki pointed out.

The younger man glanced at the light switch as though he'd just thought of that on his own, and flicked it off without a word. Stretching out as if Ryuuzaki wasn't there, Light pulled the covers back on his side of the bed and got in them.

Refusing to get into the bed yet, Ryuuzaki hovered at Light's side, staring down at him and furiously gnawing his thumb. The last time he'd seen Light like this was in his original surveillance of the younger man, covering his room in cameras. The boy had the ability to act completely alone, to pretend he had no awareness of company at all.

Had Light known, back then, that he was being watched? To have avoided suspicion to that degree, he must have.

"...Light-kun is a good actor," Ryuuzaki murmured, hand dropping. Straightening, he put his hands casually in the pockets of his pyjama pants, watching Light's face intently. "In five days, you've only acknowledged me when we're directly discussing the Kira case. During this time, you communicated with the others as you normally would-- occasionally, even being more polite or praising than usual. This shows childishness, the ability to deceive others and manipulate them to your own desire, and great strength of will. My certainty that you are Kira is at forty-five percent."

After several moments of silence, Light sighed, opening his eyes to stare up at Ryuuzaki without surprise. "Believe what you want. I'm tired of being called Kira. I'm tired of your attitude about me in general, actually. You decided out of nowhere that you're attracted to me, and if you're going to be accusing others of childishness and trying to manipulate others, look at yourself, Ryuuzaki. I've told you to stop attempting to kiss me, I haven't returned your attraction, I've attacked you for kissing me, and you keep persisting." Sitting up again, Light gave every appearance of being calm and reasonable, meeting the older man's eyes directly. "I've spent a lot of this time thinking on why I responded, last time. It's obvious when I think about it from a distance-- I'm still a young man. Normally I can think myself out of any sort of physical problems that occur because of that, but it's possible that the adrenaline from our fight just translated to the appearance of desire, especially with hormones being what they are. Do you understand?"

Rolling his eyes to the ceiling for a moment, Ryuuzaki processed that reasoning, then looked down at Light again. "That does make sense," he agreed. Light appeared to relax slightly, but his eyes were cautious. Ryuuzaki tilted his head slightly. "According to your logic, you have no attraction to me unless we're fighting, when your body can become easily confused," he clarified.

Light nodded. "That's exactly it, Ryuuzaki. You-- Ryuuzaki," he warned, pressing back against the headboard and narrowing his eyes.

Leaning over him with one hand on the bed, the detective slipped his hand to rest along Light's jaw, thumb stroking against the skin of the younger man's cheek. "I'm testing your hypothesis. If you're right, you won't have any reaction, and my pursuing you is pointless. Correct?"

Light's jaw muscle tensed under Ryuuzaki's hand, indicating the other man gritting his teeth. "Of course," Light agreed. Apparently deciding that surviving one kiss would be easily accomplished and worth Ryuuzaki giving up, Light tried to keep his hands still on the blanket over his lap.

He was only half-successful. When Ryuuzaki closed in to brush his lips over Light's, the young man reached instinctively to block him, defensive instincts hardwired. Resisting the urge to shove Ryuuzaki off, however, he settled for keeping his hand at the older man's shoulder.


The kiss wasn't as easy to ignore as he'd expected. Apparently, Ryuuzaki had had some experience with kissing-- Light couldn't imagine who it would be with, though.

He tried to keep still and unresponsive as the detective kissed him, but pretending Ryuuzaki wasn't there was much easier when he wasn't drawing his tongue along Light's lower lip, or caressing his knuckles slowly down Light's throat. Swallowing and feeling his heart beginning to beat erratically, Light gripped Ryuuzaki's shoulder to help his control.

Ryuuzaki seemed to mistake the gesture for encouragement, however, sliding his hand to the back of Light's neck and pressing closer for a deeper kiss. And, Light thought, he couldn't really let Ryuuzaki win at that.

Meeting the detective's tongue, Light tried to turn the tables on him and win his way into the older man's mouth instead. Tilting his head for a better angle, he gave a determined sound and tightened his hold on Ryuuzaki before dragging his nails down the other man's back. Ryuuzaki tried to get closer, setting his knee on the bed, but the sheets and Light's legs got in the way.

"Shit!" Light bit Ryuuzaki's lip in retribution. "That hurt, your knee is as bony as the rest of you..." he chided in annoyance. Ryuuzaki chuckled, and Light wondered if he'd ever heard the other man even come close to laughing. Their kiss resumed before Light could properly analyze that, and Light moved his legs to allow Ryuuzaki to sit on the mattress with him.

Realizing what he'd just done, Light made an annoyed growl into Ryuuzaki's mouth and pressed the older man back into the covers. Using the blanket still twisted around his legs to keep Ryuuzaki down, the young genius bit at the detective's neck again. Satisfied that he was on top where he should be, he pulled Ryuuzaki's hands from his sides and held them trapped against the bed. His mouth returned to Ryuuzaki's and he smirked into the kiss. "You're losing," he warned, rocking experimentally against the other man.

Ryuuzaki swallowed audibly, heart beating hard against Light's chest and body arching from the bed. "No," he demurred, eyes intent on Light as the younger man lifted an eyebrow mockingly. "Kira will never win," Ryuuzaki clarified with slightly breathy certainty.

Light's grip tightened convulsively on Ryuuzaki's wrists, honey-brown eyes flashing with annoyance. "Don't call me that again," he warned.

"Why not...?" Ryuuzaki asked, straining against Light's hold to kiss him. Light pulled his face out of reach, struggling with the desire to hit Ryuuzaki. "...You could call me L," the detective offered.

That did the trick, as Light's remaining control snapped. His face contorted with rage as he rose on his knees to punch Ryuuzaki. Ryuuzaki, waiting for this opportunity, surged into the opening and followed Light to his back. Unwilling to let the fight degenerate into normal violence, he attached his mouth to Light's throat and slid his hands quickly into the boy's shirt, uneven nails tearing down Light's exposed skin.

Cursing, Light felt his hips thrust off the bed and against Ryuuzaki, arms wound tight and clinging to the detective's back as he exposed his throat to the older man's lips and teeth. "Ryuu-- that hurt!" he gritted out, panting.

Ryuuzaki licked a developing hickey apologetically. "Bad?" he managed.

Baring his teeth in a vicious smile, Light pulled Ryuuzaki down for another kiss before sliding his hands across Ryuuzaki's back to trail at the hem of his night pants. Unable to currently follow the warning signals, Ryuuzaki made an encouraging noise and sank into the kiss. "You tell me," Light purred, voice gone husky and seductive. Ryuuzaki shivered at the tone-- then, eyes widening, attempted to escape. Still grinning, Light dug his nails into Ryuuzaki's skin, one leg twisting around Ryuuzaki's to keep the detective from fleeing. Tearing his nails from Ryuuzaki's lower back to shoulders, he raised a line of claw-like welts on the pale skin as Ryuuzaki hissed in pain that went far beyond pleasure. "Well?" Light asked innocently, smirking in a vindictive way.

"That... was not what I'd planned," Ryuuzaki ground out, wincing at the stinging, burning pain from his back.

Narrowing his eyes, Light pushed Ryuuzaki back enough to give him a very suspicious look. "'Planned'?" he repeated. "I haven't been talking to you for a week. Even you couldn't plan this." Ryuuzaki merely stared down at him with the carefully blank expression Light had come to associate with the detective attempting to find an escape from a bad situation. He kneaded his nails against Ryuuzaki's back to get the man to wince and break his concentration. "Ryuuzaki. What exactly did you plan?" he asked, voice low and seemingly reasonable. His reason couldn't currently reach his eyes, however, and they remained dangerous and ready to be angry.

"...If I could get you to allow me to kiss you, there was a twenty-five percent chance that Light-kun would return the gesture... favorably," Ryuuzaki explained guardedly.

Light frowned. "That's a ridiculous calculation, but understandable enough, I suppose. I 'responded' before, and you aren't completely horrible at kissing. Was that the entire plan?" he asked, eyebrows arching. Becoming conscious of the older man's weight against him, he gave a subtle shift, unwilling to admit the awkwardness of their current position-- Light and Ryuuzaki's shirts pulled to their chests, sheets twisted impossibly around their entwined legs. He wondered why everything hadn't seemed so ridiculous a minute ago.

"..." Ryuuzaki's mind performed near-visible calculations, probably taking into account their current positions and if edging for the side of the bed would be worth the risk of exposure. Deciding to attempt the opposite tact, he collapsed his weight more firmly against Light, face cradled against his neck. "...Watari was also informed to turn off the live video feed to our room if the situation suggested we might... engage in intercourse," Ryuuzaki admitted.

Having closed his eyes to listen more intently to the detective's words muffled against his own skin, Light tensed. His eyes opened again. "You told Watari to stop watching if were having sex," he stated.

"...Light-kun keeps repeating when I speak," Ryuuzaki murmured. "Perhaps his hearing-- ow," he finished mildly, wincing as Light hit Ryuuzaki's ribs with a closed fist.

"I'm trying to wrap my considerable intellect around the fact that you did something so unbelievably stupid," Light snapped. "Now he's going to assume, isn't he? All we did was kiss, and if he actually listened to you, he's in some room thinking we actually-- that I--"

"Had intercourse," Ryuuzaki supplied helpfully. Light punched him in the head this time.

"Call him and tell him he can keep watching," Light ordered, aggravated and blushing faintly. "Because nothing is going to happen. Ever, Ryuuzaki," he added icily. "Maybe you can try hitting on the next Kira, and they'll go along with you."

"...The next Kira?" Ryuuzaki asked curiously, unable to let that slide. He lifted his head enough to study Light's face. "Are you admitting--"

Light covered Ryuuzaki's mouth with his hand, glaring up at him. "I would accuse you of really being a masochist, but you obviously can feel pain. The next time you ask me that, however, I'm going to think that you enjoy being attacked."

"..." Ryuuzaki leaned up on one arm, brushing aside Light's hand and watching him more seriously. "At least this was contact. No one before you has simply ignored me, Light-kun. I didn't know how to react, and I was... bored. Talking to you allowed you to win, but even that became preferable to the silence."

Sighing silently, Light frowned, waiting for Ryuuzaki to move. "That was the point, Ryuuzaki. Your ego is at least as large as mine. We don't like being interrupted, being ignored or losing. Honestly, though, I'm just getting tired of you-- we can't have any privacy, so the closest I can get is to just ignore you."

"What did you think I would do when you provoked me that way?" Ryuuzaki inquired.

"...I hadn't thought that far," Light lied, glancing aside.

"..." Ryuuzaki blinked. "Light-kun... that sort of lying doesn't work on me, either," he reminded. "You wouldn't start a plan you hadn't analyzed."

"I assumed we would fight, then," Light explained in mild irritation, giving Ryuuzaki a challengingly mocking look. "It's what we usually do."

"And the last time we fought," Ryuuzaki ventured. "Do you remember what happened then?"

"Of course I do, Ryuuzaki," Light replied, eyes narrowing in warning. "But for every fight before that, it ended when we were too tired to hit each other, or were forced to stop."

Shaking his head while Light talked, Ryuuzaki sat back, one leg on either side of Light's waist and dark eyes calculating. "No, there was another reason for your actions. It fits another pattern..."

Light sighed. "Whatever, Ryuuzaki. Get off me, and go tell Watari that you've given up--"

"...You were provoking me on purpose," Ryuuzaki explained, tone amazed. "My orders to Watari stand."

"Ryuuzaki-- what?" Light demanded, glaring again as Ryuuzaki pushed him back to the covers and slid one leg back between the boy's. His heart rate picked up nervously, but Light gamely ignored it in favor of putting one arm against Ryuuzaki's chest to keep some distance between them. "I'm not in the mood, Ryuuzaki."

"In a fight, you wouldn't need to take responsibility," Ryuuzaki murmured, kissing along Light's neck and ignoring the restraining arm.

Not following, Light frowned, allowing the kisses while he thought. His arm ended up trapped between them, and Ryuuzaki his fingers along Light's still-exposed sides. He snorted at Ryuuzaki's inability to stay focused on the conversation. "Ryuuzaki, I'm still waiting for you to make sense," he reminded. "What exactly was I avoiding responsibility for?" he asked dryly.

"Wanting me," Ryuuzaki asserted. He attempted another kiss, but Light held him off with one hand, the other resting on the covers for lack of a non-Ryuuzaki place. "Now who's got an ego the size of Kira's?" he inquired. "That's an amusing train of logic, but if I were going to provoke a fight so I could feel justified or blame you for the consequent sex, there are easier ways than spending a week not talking to you. I thought I already established that I'm not attracted to you?"

Ryuuzaki gave Light a look that made the young man keenly aware of their age difference.

Resenting anyone that acted like they in any way knew more than him or thought he was being childish, Light responded with a chill glare, muscles stiffening. "That look really isn't helping your case, Ryuuzaki," he informed the detective. "Attraction is the farthest thing from my mind right now." Still, the thought insinuated itself into his mind. Had that been even part of the reason for shutting Ryuuzaki off? He'd told himself that the detective had just finally gotten too annoying to talk to, but really, he hadn't done anything worse than usual. The only difference was that Light had been left aroused and frustrated, and he had most definitely had Ryuuzaki to blame for that. Had he just been attempting to make Ryuuzaki as unsatisfied as he'd been? Or worse-- had he wanted an excuse for a fight that couldn't be directly linked to him, that would cause Ryuuzaki to start the brawl, and give Light an excuse to be angry and self-righteous about getting something he had wanted all along...?

It didn't feel entirely true. But, like the accusations of being Kira, neither did it seem entirely false. The logic was sound, but Light hadn't made the decision consciously. It was convoluted and emotional, and not at all the clean, twisting plots of genius manipulation he preferred.

Honestly, if this was his subconscious' best attempt at a plan, he was glad it didn't have more control over him.

Refocusing on reality, Light opened his mouth to lie about the conclusion he'd come to-- then realized that Ryuuzaki wasn't above him anymore.

Eyebrows drawing together in puzzlement, Light levered himself to his elbows to find the other man.

It didn't take long. Apparently certain of his logic, Ryuuzaki had merely relocated himself while Light was distracted inside of his mind. Face hovering above Light's still-exposed stomach, Ryuuzaki waited until he was certain he had Light's attention again.

Keeping Light's gaze, the black-eyed man placed a light kiss on the skin just above the hem to Light's pajama bottoms.

"Ryuuzaki-- what--?" Light asked, frowning and unable to ask an appropriately annoyed question. Ignoring him, Ryuuzaki moved lower for his next kiss, using the seam of Light's fly as a guideline. If Light had been able to think perfectly clearly, he might have realized he'd never been quite so aware of the curious design in men's sleepwear that dictated the path to a man's crotch never be guarded by more than, at most, a button. Swallowing as his heart began to beat again, Light licked his lips. "Ryuuzaki. We were about to argue-- I haven't conceded the point," he got out. The slight waver to his voice made him angry, which helped him almost regain his focus.

And then Ryuuzaki opened his mouth against the cloth.

As the damp heat closely enveloped Light's barely-trapped member, Light's fingers clenched against the sheets. Eyes closing as his mouth fell open, the younger man struggled to stay in control. "Ry-- mm..." Shaking his head, Light tried to push Ryuuzaki away to think better. His hand betrayed him to wind itself in the detective's coarse hair.

Rewarding that instinct, Ryuuzaki curled his fingers around the hem of Light's pants. Regaining enough sense to realize what that might mean, Light shot his hands out to keep himself decent. An instant too late, the young genius cursed as both pants and briefs were pulled to his ankles. "Ryuuzaki--!! That's going too far!" he snapped, covering himself hastily with the blanket and kicking at the older man. As his feet were still trapped, the attack was unsuccessful, and Ryuuzaki ignored the attempt in favor of crawling back up along Light's body.

Heart beating frantically with the adrenaline, Light scrambled back toward the edge of the bed, but his pants hampered his movements and his elbow slid on the loose sheets. "Shit--" Ryuuzaki took advantage of Light's slip to trap him again, nipping at his neck and resting his arms above their heads.

With this new position and Light's current state of undress, the hardness pressing into him against the thin layer of Ryuuzaki's night pants was unmistakable. Pulse climbing into his throat in panic, Light fought back on pure instinct, unable to kick but tearing at Ryuuzaki's back with his nails and thrashing beneath him.

Making a small noise when Light's fighting drove his hips against the older man's, Ryuuzaki closed his eyes, face buried protectively in the crook of Light's neck. "Light--"

The unexpected friction against his bare length broke through Light's rage. Ryuuzaki's voice was little more than a distraction as he gasped a breath and arched against the detective again. Fingers that had been intent on ripping Ryuuzaki to shreds a second before now clung to him like an anchor in the waves of teasing pleasure that shot threw him with the feel of Ryuuzaki's hardness pushing against him.

Dizziness and heat pulsed through Light in time to the rush of his own blood, and rational thought was abandoned in favor of primal instinct.

Time passed in a flurry of kisses, bites, and touching his mind had trouble following. Light's pants and shirt were discarded, and Ryuuzaki's clothes soon followed. The detective had the presence of mind to unlock their cuffs, and the chain was tossed aside with their shirts while Ryuuzaki bit Light's chest and the boy retaliated with a new set of scratches across Ryuuzaki's bare shoulders.

Light's world narrowed again to Ryuuzaki's hips rolling into his and the pleasure that was almost enough to satisfy him. He felt that there was something else they should be doing, but until he was suddenly bereft of the slender detective's weight pressing him down he couldn't think what.

"Ryu...?" he asked, dazed. Brushing his hair back with a shaking hand, he frowned to discover Ryuuzaki rooting in the drawer of the bedside table. "What are you doing?"

"Finding... hmm..." Obviously frustrated, Ryuuzaki shoved aside a clutter of candy in the drawer. "There." He pulled out one of the unused bottles of massage oil and held it up delicately between two fingers.

Eyes widening, then narrowing in realization, Light watched Ryuuzaki dangerously. "What exactly do you think you'll be using that for?"

Ryuuzaki blinked, staring at Light as though he must be joking. "...Lubrication, Light-kun. This is your first time with another man, isn't it?"

"Of course it is-- I've always liked girls." Ryuuzaki arched an eyebrow, and Light gave an annoyed sigh. "You know what I meant. I've never had an attraction to men."

"Is Light-kun admitting to his attraction now?" Ryuuzaki asked. Light gave him a warning look.

"Logically speaking, this is only happening because of the stress of the case, and the fact that we've been chained together for over a month," Light argued flatly.

Curled up only slightly from the discomfort of being exposed, Ryuuzaki studied the younger man. "I don't believe that's the truth in my case. I've always been more aware of a person's mind than their body. If I were chained to Matsuda, for example..."

Light grimaced. "I don't even want to think about that."

Ryuuzaki nodded agreement, dark eyes fixed unwaveringly on Light. "Light-kun is my perfect match," he asserted quietly.

"..." Light stared back at Ryuuzaki uncomfortably, as the man's more serious side somehow still made him nervous. He fought the urge to look away and instead faked a smile and an awkward laugh. "Come on, Ryuuzaki. That sort of flattery only works on girls. Besides, that's ridiculous-- your 'perfect match' is the one person you suspect of being the original Kira?"

Ryuuzaki nodded slowly, thinking. "I have to admit, I wish I had met you under different circumstances, Light-kun."

Not certain how to react to that particular conversation or statement, Light looked aside and searched his mind for a distraction.

Reaching out, he snagged the bottle of oil from Ryuuzaki's too-delicate grip and smirked at him. "Thanks. I would have forgotten about this-- and I wouldn't want to hurt you."

Ryuuzaki widened his eyes and started slightly. "...I have to advise you against that. For your first time-- I have more experience, Light-kun..."

"I'm a genius too, Ryuuzaki. I think I can figure this out," Light drawled condescendingly, flashing a mocking look at the detective and twisting the oil open. Wincing away from the scent, he coughed. "If you were expecting all this to happen, why didn't you have Watari leave something that didn't smell this strong? It was okay for the massage, but..."

"...I was worried that too much preparation would cause you to become more angry with me than willing to go along," Ryuuzaki admitted, blinking.

"..." Light frowned, staring directly at the older man again. "You have protection, right? I know I'm clean, but even if you haven't had any activity in a few months, I don't know where you've been before that. You seem to think you're also an expert on this sort of thing, which doesn't exactly lead me to trust your habits..." As he spoke, Light allowed his voice to become more obviously sarcastic.

Ryuuzaki arched his eyebrows. "I assure you that I am also clean, Light-kun. Though if you want, I can have Watari email me a copy of my last testing for you to read. I'm sure he wouldn't assume anything--" Dodging sideways, Ryuuzaki avoided Light's kick. Catching the offending leg at the ankle, Ryuuzaki turned his gaze to Light's sullen and aggravated face. Looking away again, he turned his head to place a light kiss on the top of the boy's foot.

Jerking his leg involuntarily, Light laughed. At the sound, both men stared at each other in surprise, Light holding the back of his hand to his mouth. They each tried to decide if Light doing something so unplanned was more or less startling than his being ticklish.

Cheeks slightly pink, Light cleared his throat, looked down at the bottle still in his hands and pulled his foot free. "I don't think an email will be necessary. Though you do expect a lot of trust out of others, for someone who won't even tell me his actual name." He glanced sidelong at Ryuuzaki to see if the barb would work.

It did-- though not in the way Light had intended. He blinked as the older man crawled toward him across the bed. Irritated at the return of the clenching nervousness in his stomach as Ryuuzaki came closer, Light managed not to flinch away. The feeling wasn't quite fear, but Ryuuzaki being so serious made Light react on a level he didn't understand.

The kiss didn't help to ease Light's tension. He tried again to stay on guard, but something about Ryuuzaki's mouth on his made it annoyingly difficult to think. With effort, he kept his hold on the bottle of oil and remained leaning back against one elbow.

Ryuuzaki's hand trailed in a leisurely path down Light's chest, flowing across his stomach and dipping lower. Sensing the detective's gaze still on him, Light closed his eyes to avoid whatever expression the older man might have.

Unfortunately, closing his eyes sharpened his remaining senses. Fingers tracing through the light hairs low on his stomach made him swallow hard, and when Ryuuzaki's hand finally wrapped around his length Light arched involuntarily with his mouth parting.

He recognized the feel of Ryuuzaki's lips against his neck, kissing up and lingering beside his ear. The detective's voice made him shiver in surprise as the dark-haired man's hand slid expertly along Light's quickly hardening cock. "Light-kun... I'll give you my name when it's safe," the voice murmured. Which could only mean when he'd agreed to speak of his parents-- when Light was proven beyond a doubt to be innocent.

Light's own suspicions that he might really be Kira spiked through him. Gasping, Light's hand clenched around the bottle of oil and he opened his eyes to glare at Ryuuzaki. "Stop. Stop accusing me of-- ah..." He gritted his teeth against a moan as Ryuuzaki tightened his hold gently on Light's erection, shifting his grip and running his fingers over a more sensitive spot. Annoyed at the distraction and breathing more heavily, Light smacked Ryuuzaki's shoulder with his free hand, even as his head lolled slightly against his will at the pleasure pulsing through him. "Don't do that when I'm trying to-- mm-- be mad at you," Light tried to snap. Realizing that his voice had come out more sullen and breathy than irritated, Light frowned suspiciously at Ryuuzaki.

"Hmm..." Ryuuzaki's dark eyes had an intimacy and interest in them that made Light's breath catch in his throat. "I like you better when this is how you show anger," Ryuuzaki observed.

Light rode another wave of pleasure, eyes fluttering closed and another quiet moan escaping him. Holding onto Ryuuzaki's shoulder tightly as the older man continued to stroke him, Light swallowed and resumed his glare. "What-- hah-- what does that mean?" he demanded. "I'm perfectly angry..." Aggravated past endurance by Ryuuzaki's near smile and composure, Light pushed and rolled them over, mindful of the open oil. "This is supposed to be mutual, right? I can do that much myself," he pointed out with a smirk. Nipping at Ryuuzaki's neck, he gasped again when Ryuuzaki refused to release his hold on Light's erection. "Taking hostages," he muttered accusingly, thrusting into Ryuuzaki's hand without meaning to.

"Too much time spent around criminals," Ryuuzaki agreed unapologetically, his free hand sliding appreciatively along Light's back. "Planning to surrender...?"

"Ah... never," Light asserted grandly, pressing against Ryuuzaki for a fierce kiss that began with teeth as much as tongue or lips.

Aggression ebbed as pleasure rose, and Ryuuzaki abandoned his "hostage" in favor of holding onto Light as the younger man slid against him, grinding their hardened lengths together.

Glancing between them, Light managed a superior smirk before kissing Ryuuzaki again. "Mm... Mine's-- longer," he panted smugly.

"Not a... contest," Ryuuzaki pointed out brokenly. "Stubborn like-- ah-- Kira..." he moaned.

Biting Ryuuzaki's lower lip in retaliation, Light became distracted with pulling the bit of skin between his own lips and sucking it instead, groaning frustration into another kiss. "...You're-- just as stubborn...!"

Ryuuzaki's argument was briefly lost in another game of tongues. When he could breathe again, he blinked dazedly at Light. "...I'm wider," he stated.

Light attempted a laugh, but it was broken into gasping pieces as he pushed more frantically against Ryuuzaki. A moment later, Light groaned, hips jerking against Ryuuzaki as hot liquid spilled between them.

"..." Turning his head to study Light as the younger man gasped and shuddered in the aftershock of orgasm, Ryuuzaki licked his lips. "I won." His own hardness remained stubbornly pressed into their stomachs.

"Nn... Depends on rules of the game," Light argued distractedly, voice thick.

Over the scent of sweat and semen, a heady reek of herbs and flowers erupted.

"The oil--!" Cursing, Light jerked back, but his tortured muscles protested the sudden move and he ended up collapsing awkwardly to his back on the covers.

Saving the bottle from spilling its remaining liquid to the bed with Light's move, Ryuuzaki studied Light's form contemplatively. He smiled.

Unaware of his danger, Light remained where he was, stretching his limbs out with any self-consciousness erased in the lingering pleasure of endorphins in his system. Eyes closed, he wrinkled his nose. "The bed's going to stink, Ryuuzaki. Think... mm..." He yawned. "We can get to the laundry room without the monitors catching us?" He cracked one eye open to find Ryuuzaki calmly and pragmatically spreading oil on three of his fingers. Not functioning at his usual lightning speeds, Light frowned slightly, gaze following Ryuuzaki's hand as the detective next wrapped his hand around his own still-stiff member and spread the oil there as well.

Realizing he'd been staring, Light jerked his gaze away and stared at the wall, feeling flushed. He should have assumed Ryuuzaki wouldn't just be taking a cold shower after all of that-- the man needed to release the pressure. Light cleared his throat so he could talk without fear of his voice reflecting any of his thoughts. "...I won, actually. You're left doing that, but I..."

The slick sounds of skin rubbing over skin slowed and stilled, and Light heard an unmistakable note of amusement in Ryuuzaki's voice. "What do you think I'm doing?"

"...You're..." Widening his eyes and then narrowing them, Light glared at Ryuuzaki again. The detective was attempting an innocent expression, but there was no real way to succeed at looking innocent when Light could read his eyes. "I'm not letting you on top just because I came first," he stated suspiciously.

Setting the empty bottle aside on the dresser, Ryuuzaki nodded. "The chain's off, Light-kun. If you want to, just run for the bathroom."

"..." Light rolled his eyes toward the door and contemplated the effort that would take. Managing to lift his hand enough to straighten his sweat-dampened bangs, he frowned at Ryuuzaki. "If you try to force me and I say no, it would be rape, Ryuuzaki. Do you want to give Kira a real reason to kill you? He was trying enough with you just chasing him."

Ryuuzaki stretched out alongside Light. "Is that a threat, Light-kun?"

Light frowned. "You know it wasn't. Just a question."

"Light-kun would not report the crime if I were to force him," Ryuuzaki stated, tone logical and unemotional. "You would see it as a weakness in yourself, and not something to tell others. Therefore, Kira would have no way of knowing unless you, yourself, are Kira." While he spoke, the detective drew his fingers with apt interest down Light's chest. When his fingers touched the sticky substance drying there, he jerked his hand away slightly and held it like he was thinking about running to wash up. Apparently deciding it would have to wait, Ryuuzaki wiped off the substance on a clear patch of Light's stomach and reached curiously toward the boy's smooth thigh.

"You're twisting your logic again." Snorting at the detective's obvious distraction, Light flicked his fingers against the side of Ryuuzaki's head. "And I know you well enough to know you wouldn't force me. So, we may as well clean up and sleep--" Eyes closing, Light gasped and pushed up against Ryuuzaki's hand, which had curled around his formerly limp member without preamble. "Cheating," he hissed at Ryuuzaki when he could think again, glaring at the older man.

"'The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war'," Ryuuzaki quoted in English.

"I don't think this is the sort of situation that idiom was referring to-- ah--!" Light's annoyed response was cut short by Ryuuzaki drawing his fingers over the more sensitive spots he'd discovered in their earlier foreplay. "Will you stop that?" he snapped. "I'm trying to arg-- mm--" Unable to think past retribution, Light gritted his teeth and wrapped his own fingers around Ryuuzaki's currently half-limp penis. A satisfied smirk curver his mouth as Ryuuzaki's eyes closed and the older man's mouth fell open in surprise. The predatory look in the black eyes when they opened again, however, was the opposite of what Light's instinctive vengeance had intended. Gulping, Light released Ryuuzaki to try holding him off, but the detective's lips pressed against his and Light's arm only hesitated an instant before sliding around Ryuuzaki's shoulders.

The devouring kiss and Ryuuzaki's pumping hand began to melt Light's distrust, and he almost began to believe that this was all Ryuuzaki had in mind.


Watching Light until the boy began to look less defensive, Ryuuzaki worked to keep a hold of his own hormones. The on-again off-again fighting and foreplay had his control at a breaking point.

Still, he waited until Light's hand at his shoulders was relaxed and only tightening occasionally from the pleasure. Kissing Light again, Ryuuzaki slid his fingers from around Light's cock, curling his hand between the young genius' legs to roll the flesh-covered balls between his fingers. Light's nails dug slightly into Ryuuzaki's shoulder before the younger man apparently decided that this was harmless enough and relaxed once more.

Ryuuzaki risked taking the last step and sunk a long finger into the tight warmth of Light's body.

Muscles stiffening convulsively around Ryuuzaki's intrusive digit, Light broke off their kiss to curse and shove at the devious older man in an attempt to push him off. "Ryuu-- what are you--"

"Light-kun," Ryuuzaki gritted out. Apparently hearing the emotion in Ryuuzaki's normally flat tone, Light stopped arguing briefly to glare challengingly at him. It was an improvement. Ryuuzaki gave his finger an experimental wiggle and it slid farther in. "You need to relax, or this will be painful for you. Please--"

"Nothing is going to be painful. You're going to move your hand, now, and go to your side of the bed," Light asserted mutinously, clinging to his own control of the situation.

Ryuuzaki pretended to consider this, then shook his head. "I think, Light-kun, that that would drive me insane. And as you need me to lead the Kira investigation, it seems--"

He was cut off by Light's nails digging sharply into his skin, and the young man giving him a furious look. "Stop mentioning Kira!"

"..." Bewildered by Light's sudden anger, Ryuuzaki studied Light intensely, memorizing the reaction and Light's expression to analyze later. "...Of course." For once, Ryuuzaki let the subject drop without prying for more information, in spite of the fact that he hadn't even been accusing Light that time.

In response, Light gave him a startled and then suspicious look, distracted briefly from the alien feel of a finger stroking inside of him.

"'Of course'... You won't ask me why?" Light demanded, eyes narrowed. Ryuuzaki noted that Light had begun to calm in spite of himself, and that the younger man's glare had less focus than usual. He added a second finger, drawing them both out and plunging in again. A muscle in Light's jaw clenched against showing his reaction, and a bead of sweat trickled down from his temple into sweat-dampened bangs as Light's eyes briefly closed.

Kissing Light in reward, Ryuuzaki trailed several more light kisses along the younger man's jaw and lingered with his breath warm against Light's ear. "Kira isn't here right now, is he?" Though Ryuuzaki only meant that Light did not currently remember being Kira, Light shivered at his words and relaxed slowly in his hold, muscles finally loosened up enough to allow Ryuuzaki's fingers more room.

Ryuuzaki's third finger slipped inside, and he swallowed the small noise Light made in a deep kiss.

Finally, Light was allowing himself to respond, hips twitching slightly in time to Ryuuzaki's movements. His hands rested on Ryuuzaki's shoulder and upper arm, and an occasional murmur of pleasure would escape his stubborn control.

Ryuuzaki wriggled his fingers experimentally inside of Light and brushed a spot within him that caused Light's hips to buck from the bed, whimpers overtaken by a surprised moan.

Dark eyes absorbed every movement, and, satisfied, Ryuuzaki withdrew his fingers. The younger man opened his unfocused eyes questioningly at the sudden loss of contact, frowning at Ryuuzaki and apparently ready to fight. Smiling slightly, Ryuuzaki gave him a reassuring kiss. "Don't worry, I'm not stopping."

Light's frown deepened into something perilously close to petulance even as he tried to regain his breath. "Wasn't-- wasn't worried," he protested. "Don't care anyway-- mm..."

Ryuuzaki prudently cut off Light's blatantly false argument with a kiss as he draped himself full-length along the younger man. With only a bit of encouragement required, Light opened his legs to allow Ryuuzaki more intimate contact, arms sliding instinctively around the darker-haired man. Pulling away briefly, Ryuuzaki tugged one of the pillows across their bed, convincing Light to lift his hips after only a brief argument and positioning it to keep Light in the needed position.

In the moment that took, Ryuuzaki saw some of the blissful haze fading from Light's brown eyes and realized that waiting longer would delay everything in another fight. Unwilling to risk that, he stole another kiss and ground his hips against Light's.

Groaning, Light clung more tightly to Ryuuzaki, legs winding instinctively to hold him closer. Ryuuzaki's own control faltered, and he became lost for a moment in the simple pleasure of heat and friction from rubbing against Light.

A moan from Light recalled him to his original purpose. Untangling himself with reluctant effort and several more kisses from Light's stubborn hold on him, Ryuuzaki used all of his remaining will to resist sinking against Light once more. He had the feeling that this was an opportunity that would only occur once, and he wouldn't waste it without finishing inside the younger man.

The thought alone almost undid him, and Ryuuzaki swallowed hard as he probed for Light's entrance. Even with preparation, the ring of muscles resisted Ryuuzaki's intrusion for several frantic seconds before giving way, and both men cried out as Ryuuzaki pushed inside. Shaking from the sensations of the tight warmth pulsing around his length, Ryuuzaki hung his head, moaning Light's name.

Nails in his back brought him back to himself, and he blinked distractedly to see Light's face twisted in pain. "--sorry," he murmured. "Just..." Abandoning the apology, Ryuuzaki kissed Light instead and began to move.


At first, Ryuuzaki's intrusion meant nothing but an agony of over-stretched muscles and an uncomfortable sensation of being pried open. Faster than Light would have expected, the steady rocking of Ryuuzaki's hips against his began to translate as something intoxicating to block out the initial pain. He realized that it wasn't so much being pried open as filled when he was used to being empty.

He found that he could affect Ryuuzaki's perfect rhythm, and made it a game to dig in his nails or buck his hips against Ryuuzaki's for the sudden gasps and harder thrusts it earned him.

Ryuuzaki's fingers gripped Light's hips harshly after one of his playful tortures, and Ryuuzaki met the dazed challenge in Light's eyes with surprised pleasure. "Light-kun... You won't win. I have... a secret weapon..."

It took Light longer than normal to process the meaning of Ryuuzaki's words, and by that time Ryuuzaki had shifted subtly.

The next three strokes of Ryuuzaki's body hit directly on the bundle of sensitive nerves buried within Light, and Light was lifted screaming from the bed, clinging to Ryuuzaki with fingers and legs at the overload of endorphins.

When he regained enough awareness of the real word to feel his body, Light realized dazedly that he'd broken through Ryuuzaki's control. The older man's hips were jerking hard and fast into his, and Light's body had been responding without his mind present to meet the sharper motions and tighten around Ryuuzaki whenever he withdrew as though reluctant to lose him.

The pleasure was a building pressure inside of him now, riding an edge of something almost like pain. Closing his eyes to let his mind go, Light for once gave himself over to his body. He reacted when it wanted to and allowed it the mindless noises it wanted to make.

At one point, he thought he might have heard his own voice pleading shamelessly. A moment later Ryuuzaki groaned Light's name again and kissed his neck before he finally came as silently as possible.

Knowing what that liquid warmth spreading inside of him was combined with Ryuuzaki's last mindless thrusts to push Light over the edge, and the pressure broke into a flood of sensation that drowned his mind once more.


It was several minutes before he could think again, and Light opened his eyes with effort, wondering if he'd lost consciousness when he lost the ability to think.

He heard Ryuuzaki's voice, and blinking a few more times allowed him to focus on the older man's face. "Mm... wha...?" he asked with effort. Filled with scorn at that complete inability to be coherent, Light closed his eyes again and forced his mind to work properly through force of will, fighting against the afterglow. "...Couldn't hear you. What'd you say...?"

Ryuuzaki chuckled against his neck, and Light frowned at the suspicion of being laughed at. "Asked... if you were okay, Light-kun."

"Oh." Light let his eyes sag closed again. "Is that all..."

Ryuuzaki's weight shifted, and only from that did Light realize that they still had two separate bodies. Somewhere in the sex he'd felt they must have become smashed together, though that didn't follow any logic he was aware of.

With effort, he could even tell where their separate bodies were.

One of Light's legs was draped lazily over the covers, the other still curled around Ryuuzaki's thigh. His arms were still keeping Ryuuzaki close. When he breathed, he could feel that the other man was still buried inside of him.

Face flushing at that realization and getting dizzy from the new rush of blood when they'd just had such a workout, Light frowned in embarrassment and glanced aside. "Ryuuzaki-- you're still..." He lifted his hips slightly to illustrate.

The detective groaned quietly against his neck and gave another feeble thrust. "Light-kun-- not so soon," he admonished.

"You're the one who didn't get off of me," Light pointed out mildly, voice more thick and tired than filled with the annoyance he had been attempting.

"Mm..." Ryuuzaki agreed.

As more of Light's awareness returned, the young man wrinkled his nose. "Ugh-- that oil... We need to get the sheets clean before we can sleep," he muttered. "...And I want a shower."

"...We could share a shower," Ryuuzaki offered.

Light turned his head enough to give what he could easily see of Ryuuzaki a suspicious stare. "Why?"

"...Does everything I do need a reason?"

"I don't know if it needs a reason, but I do know it has one," Light responded. "And if that reason is to try anything on me in the shower, think again. I get the next turn."

"..." Light sensed Ryuuzaki trying to come up with a solid argument against that suggestion. "...Light-kun is too weak right now to try anything," he offered. "Maybe separate showers are best."

Resisting a smile, Light pushed lazily at Ryuuzaki. "I'm glad you agree. Get off, the longer you lie there, the heavier you get. I think all of that cake you eat is catching up to your metabolism."

"Light-kun is admitting a weakness?" Ryuuzaki asked, voice feigning innocent shock. He moved just enough to look down at Light with slightly widened eyes.

Dropping his hands from Ryuuzaki's back to the detective's bony sides, the younger genius gave Ryuuzaki a 'you're pushing it' look. "No, only that if you stay there much longer, I'm going to have to punch you to save myself," he responded smoothly.

Ryuuzaki studied Light. "...Sex usually seems to make people more... pleasant, Yagami-kun."

Light snorted. "If you expected that to make me act nice toward you, you miscalculated. I feel good now, but I'm well aware that the pain will kick in soon, and I'll probably be limping around the building. Besides, I hate to sleep in a dirty bed, and I feel filthy. Also, I hate the smell of that oil. If we hadn't spilled it I would try to burn it. At least the one I used on the massage wasn't so-- flowery," he commented distastefully.

Ryuuzaki lifted his gaze to the wall as though reconsidering something. "Hmm... Perhaps less intelligence is sometimes preferable..."

"Then I hope you and Misa are happy together," Light told Ryuuzaki evenly. "Move, I want my shower."

Finally relenting, Ryuuzaki slid out of Light and rolled to the side, watching as Light sat up and worked to hide the twinges his strained muscles were already giving him. With determination, Light managed to stand on his own, swaying against the bed before straightening with a wince. Liquid began to trickle from between his thighs, and Light felt his face heat again at the realization of what it was.

"...The chain, Light-kun," Ryuuzaki reminded.

Blinking, Light looked around the room. He finally saw one cuff laying on the covers across the bed, along with several scattered articles of clothing. His eye was caught briefly by a stain on the pillow that had supported his hips, and he gave Ryuuzaki an annoyed glance.

The detective appeared to have noticed the same thing that Light had, as he was staring intently at the pillow. Ryuuzaki was curled up again, nibbling in deep thought at his thumb and not appearing to realize he'd reverted to his usual habits.

"Take your shower, Light-kun. I will contact Watari about clean bedding. I can review the shower tape while I wait," he explained as though it were meant to be reassuring. "The chain will be there when you finish, as well as clean clothing. I may have broken several of the buttons on your previous night shirt."

"'May have'..." Light grimaced and rubbed his forehead, but the strong scent of sweat and sex decided him against staying to insult Ryuuzaki more. "Fine, do whatever is necessary," he replied shortly. He paused before giving Ryuuzaki a dangerous look. "And I recall that you didn't say you turned off our room cameras, only that you told Watari not to watch. If I find out you've been reviewing those particular tapes, I'll ignore you for a month, and to hell with the consequences."

Ryuuzaki blinked at him, mouth frozen on his thumb, and seemed to process that threat seriously.

Satisfied, Light headed to the door as normally as possible given the awkwardness of his current situation. When he was almost out, he heard Ryuuzaki speak as though to himself.

"Light-kun is learning more effective threats."

Light gave Ryuuzaki a last, sardonic glance before leaving without a reply.


By the time Light emerged from his shower, new clothes were awaiting him in a neatly folded pile on the bathroom sink.

Ryuuzaki was outside the door holding the chain delicately and finishing a candybar. He passed Light without a comment to go into still-foggy bathroom, and Light was handcuffed to the towel rack while the detective got himself clean.

Too tired to do more than casually bicker with Ryuuzaki, Light shuffled with him into their room, and they collapsed on the clean sheets with the window open to allow the crisp October air inside.

Light fell asleep within minutes, and Ryuuzaki, to his great surprise, found himself following only half an hour later.

His last thought before he sank into unconsciousness was relief that he and Light would still be able to fight. Even more than delicious cake or a solved case, his arguments with Light were the highlights of his day.


Early that morning, Quillsh Wammy, commonly known as Watari, performed his usual check of the monitors.

When he looked in on the room Light and L shared, he thought for a horrible moment that Kira had won, and L was dead.

It took him a second glance and the zoom function on Camera 23 to make sure that he was in fact alive.

For the first time in Quillsh's long memory, Ryuuzaki was sleeping on his side, stretched out beside the sleeping murderer. Light's hand was buried in Ryuuzaki's dark tangle of hair, and their foreheads were touching. He'd known Ryuuzaki to fall asleep curled defensively, or even to pass out when he'd pushed himself beyond human endurance, but despite the transient nature of Ryuuzaki's other strange habits the young man had always been an insomniac.

Quillsh leaned gravely back in his chair. This fascination L had with Light might be a more serious problem than he'd originally thought...

Unfortunately, nearly unlimited wealth and excellent sniper skills wouldn't enable him to save L from himself.


This chapter gave me issues-- it was originally supposed to have a ton more in it, but I realized that I was having a huge problem naming it because there were two really climactic things I wanted to happen, and it just wasn't working out. Plus, by that point it was already something like 16 pages without the intro, and in the end it's 24 without this bit. I'm a little aggravated though because I really want to get to the next chapter, and the end ones, and this chapter has fun arguments in it but it kept bogging down and feels jerky to me and grr. "Arguing, making out, arguing, making out, arguing and sex" is what this one is... Anyway, if you'd give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down and why, that'd be appreciated-- I'm really not as satisfied with this as some of the others, but I don't know if it's just worrying about the sex scene or what. Sigh. I've read it through about three times tweaking it. As a side note, I thought sexy music like Zeromancer, NIN or Orgy would help me write the lemon scenes, but it turns out I write those better with bouncy techno and hyper music. Weird.

(This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing is by Trace Adkins. Yes, it is country. It's also completely adorable. And a nice alternative to naming the chapter "Closer" by NIN, which I think has a slightly different feel...


Yami Bakura: Originally it took about a week to write them, but life's been interfering, added to the fact that the first chapters were random snippets and this latest is almost 25 pages. So this one took a month. What I'm trying to say is "I have no idea".

Enslavement_Thesis: I'm in love with a few DN fics that are up, too, and I'm very flattered if you include me even anywhere near them! Sorry for the wait.

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