Off Duty

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OFF DUTY: A Series of Uke!L Kink Tales

Summary: AU. Professor Yagami punishes a young college student for being a ‘know it all’, but gets a surprising intrusion.

Warnings: Minor, humiliation and questionable N/C. No beta here.

Professor Yagami Part 1


“Well is their anything you should say in your defense?” Light slowly touched the round prominent pink nipple rubbing it between his index fingers roughly. He received no verbal reply from his student, only a glare laid in his wide black eyes.

“Haughty students are not appreciated in my class…you are no exception Ryuuzaki.” Sticking out his tongue he licked at the redden nipple. Unbuckling the younger mans pants revealed a clean pair of white underwear and a slight tent. Light smiled to himself as he undid his own pants revealing the outline of his thick size behind tight blue underwear. Ryuuzaki eyes fell upon Lights hands that were taking off his blue underwear showing an impressive size long and thick, he gulped in nervousness. Light smirked at the tied boy in front of him, knowing well that his cock had now frightened the younger man.

“It doesn’t matter how much of a genius you are for being a 14 year old in a university. I can tell you are not ready to handle the ‘big’ boys yet. ” Light chuckled, but did not catch sight of Ryuuzaki rolling his eyes at him. With both hands Light began to stroke himself steadily, he sighed at his touch as he stared at the pale naked boy that lay upon his desk arms tied on his back and legs spread like an eagles wing. The delectable sight before him was just too much for Light. His pale porcelain skin was the fairest he had ever seen and his small slim figure had such soft thighs that were inviting to the eye.

“You should be thankful, that I’m preparing you for this. I’ve caught the Rugby coach Aiber eyeing your cute ass of late.” Light continued jerking himself off as he spilled some of his pre cum on the boys white thigh.

“You know you have the cutest boy tits I’ve ever seen…I wonder if they can get me off again.” Light climbed over the boy, his large limp dick trailing up Ryuuzaki’s leg to his stomach. Ryuuzaki shuddered at the feeling that disgusted him, but physically aroused him. His professor was a bright man, but also beyond good looks and perfectness he portrayed he was also insane man. As Ryuuzaki looked up above him, he saw Light rub the tip of his cock on top of his nipple he was entranced by the perfect face above him full of mad lust.

“Professor Yagami you have gone too far, this is unethical! Forgive my childish comments during class-AHHH!!!” Ryuuzaki felt his teacher push his skin to create tiny mounds on his chest. Lights once limp dick came back to life as he rubbed himself on the boys’ chest.

“Yeah…ah…fuck…so nice…” Light moaned above the trembling teen whose face had turned a deep shade of red.

With a swift movement he backed down off the already sweaty Ryuuzaki, he flipped the boy over. Light licked his lips in approval, turned on by the sight of the lovely ass before him. With both hands he grabbed both round butt cheeks and began to gently massage them, he was surprised by the sigh Ryuuzaki made. He pulled at the boys butt cheeks to see a dark pinkish hole.

“What an adorable little hole you have my sweet. My own pinky would fit tightly in there.”

Suddenly Light jumped from the sound that was heard from his office door.

“Professor!! Professor!! I forgot to turn in some papers for today!! It’s me Mikami!!”

Light sighed, annoyed by the intrusion of his lovesick student Mikami. Perhaps if he stayed quiet the young man would leave, Ryuuzaki would dare not speak up. Mikami had an unusual personality. Especially when the subject was himself. Although Light and Ryuuzaki were never in good terms among others. Any attention Light gave towards Ryuuzaki which was common, made Mikami hate the young boy genius even more. Light had heard from one student that Mikami supposedly had a shrine dedicated to him and a closet full of pictures and articles of Ryuuzaki with ‘DIE’ written all over it. It was a rumour, but Light wouldn’t doubt it. In that time and space Mikami was still knocking to Lights annoyance.

Quitely Ryuuzaki turned his head to the side and whispered, “Professor did you lock the door?”
“Of course I did!” Light glared at the wide eyed boy.
“AH! Professor you must have been sleepin-.“ Mikami walked in shocked by the site before him.

To Be Continued…


AN: This story has another part or two coming up. I am always opened for suggestions!I just want more fics where L is taking it up the ass people!!

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